NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 2, Episode 13 - Travels with Andy - full transcript

Sipowicz disagrees with Sylvia over their wedding arrangements, for he wants to travel to Maryland for a quick one, whereas Sylvia wants a traditional Greek Orthodox service. Shortly thereafter, Simone and Sipowicz investigate an execution-style murder of three people at a fast food restaurant and the investigation leads them to travel upstate to look for a possible suspect. While there, Simone tests his homing pigeons by releasing them, hoping they will make it back to New York. Meanwhile, Lesniak meets an old high school boyfriend of hers, now a doctor, while investigating a rape case with Martinez, who develops a case of jealousy.

Hey. Morning.

Hey, how's
it going, Andy?

Sylvia made some Greek stuff
for dinner last night.

Usually gives me
an upset stomach.
I sailed right through it.

Hey! That's a good sign.

Good morning, Greg.


You were up and out
so early. You didn't
have court today?

No, I met Papa
for coffee and yogurt.

I told him.

How'd he take it?

He's thrilled.

So he took it okay?
Oh, he's already planning
the engagement party.

Theo Janni, my uncle,
will perform
the thaktilithia‐‐

The which?
It's the blessing
of the rings.

He blesses our commitment
before the family icon
of Saint Sophia.

And the wedding‐‐

Oh, Andy, an Orthodox
wedding is... so beautiful.

Yeah, I'm sure it is.

You'll need a koumbaro.
It's a sponsor.
It's like a best man.

Each of us gets to wear
a crown of white flowers.
And the incense and the choir‐‐

My father wants to meet
with us so he can get
an early jump on everything.

Sylvia, before we get
too far into this,
can I say one word?



You and I can get married
real quick in Maryland.

[ Laughs ]
Oh, yeah.

You're serious?

It'd be nice and private.
Just the two of us.

Like some sailor
running off with a hooker?
It doesn't have to be that.

I don't think you know
how much getting married
means to me.

It means a lot to me, but do
we have to make some production
where we both wear flowers‐‐

I don't think of it
as an ordeal. I don't...
wanna take my vows...

in some marriage mill
that smells like booze
and cigarette smoke.

I have to go.

I was just looking to provide
another angle on things.

Well, you certainly did.

[ Grunts ]

[ Car Blips Twice ]

[ Chattering ]

We need to keep
this area clear.
What's the status?

We got two males
and a female D.O.A.
in the kitchen.

Female's white.
One of the men
looks Hispanic.

This is Mr. Bagley over here.
He's the day manager.

He found the bodies when
he opened up this morning.
Okay. Thanks.

[ Siren Wailing ]
[ Helicopter Whirring ]

[ Chattering ]
[ Man On P. A., Indistinct ]

One shot each
in the back of the head.

Looks like they were
kneeling when they got it.

Got a receipt
from Jack's Jewelry.
No address.

There's some scrape marks
on the back of his neck.

They've been dead
at least four hours.

Shell casing is from a .45.

That gun's got a loud bark.
Maybe somebody might
have heard it.

I'll notify C. S. U.
and start the canvas
with Medavoy.

All right. The day manager's
out there. I got him.

All set. Let's go.

Fifteen Boise says okay.
Fifteen Boise, go ahead.

[ Whistle Blows ]

Mr. Bagley?

I'm Detective Simone.
I‐I just can't
believe this.

I‐I mean, to murder
three people like that.

There's never
any business here
at nights.

The most there could have been
in the register is 120, maybe.

Let's go talk over here.
What can you tell me about
the victims?

A‐Arnulfo was t‐the busboy.
He was a real hard worker.

Got a last name on Arnulfo?
No. The green card thing
was kinda shaky.

He got paid cash.
What about the others?

Angelo D'Lia and Cindy Bloom.
He was the night manager
and chef.

He took courses during
the day. Hotel management.
He's got any family?

No, I got it that Angelo
was a homo. O‐Or maybe
one of these nonsexual guys.

And Cindy Bloom?
Just a real nice kid.

Still in school.
Hard worker. Lived at home.

This is terrible!
What kind of world is this?
A kid like that?

Uh, Mr. Bagley, I'm gonna need
addresses and phone numbers
on D'Lia and Cindy Bloom.

I got them inside.
She was a sweet kid too.

Her parents are gonna
be very upset by this.

My God, can you imagine?
And think about the murdered
people themselves getting shot.

That is a tough break.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

Yeah. Okay, I'm on it.

Hey, James.

We just had an attempted
rape called in.

Sixty‐four‐year‐old woman.
They're treating her
over at Bellevue.

The cop has a name
of a bus driver who may
have seen the guy.

Why don't you work
with Adrianne?

‐ Let's do it.
‐ Okay.

‐ Yeah, I'll take care
of that with you.
‐ Andy‐‐

These are Cindy's parents,
Albert and Estelle Bloom.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

Sipowicz and I are working
the case. We should all go
in this room here and talk.

Can we get you something
to drink? Coffee?

No, no. Nothing
for us at all.

Didn't want Cindy working there.

All types go in there.
All types.
Oh, it was only part‐time.

Have you come up
with any idea...

who might... have
done this, Detective?

It was a robbery.

We're trying to determine
if the perpetrator might...

have had a relationship
with one of the victims.

Can you think of anyone
your daughter might...

have known who might be
capable of doing
something like this?

Well, there is someone,
not really a boyfriend but
someone that she used to see.

He was a rough type.
We weren't fond of him.

And we heard that once
he'd been in trouble
with the police.

[ Breathes ]

She stopped seeing him
about a month ago.

You know his name?
No, he still phoned her.

I answered once.
It was him.

His name is Harry Benson. Wait.

There. That's him there.

I kept that picture
because it was...
so good of Cindy.


Y‐You think he did this?

We'll look into it, Mr. Bloom.
Do you have any idea where
we might be able to find him?

He's a mechanic,
and he works for, uh,

Myerson's Muffler Shop
in Long Island City.

It is so horrible to think...
he might have done this.

You guys here
about the rape victim?

You got a name
on that bus driver?

His shift's over in two hours.
He said he'd stop at the squad
when he's through.

That's her doctor
right over there.

Excuse me, Doctor.

I'm Detective Martinez.
This is Detective Lesniak.

Adrianne, hey.

[ Laughs ]

You two know each other?
We were friends
in high school.

You don't look any
different. You look great.

I'm Paul Druzinski.

Listen, Doc, we're here
on the Eunice Stevens assault.

She's in pretty bad shape.
Her blood pressure was 220 over
110 when they brought her in.

Minimum, she's got
a concussion.

We're gonna have to do
a scan to check if her
injuries are more extensive.

You do a rape kit?
Yeah. No evidence
of penetration.

‐ Can we talk to her?
‐ Keep it short.
She's in the last cubicle.

Could you get that
rape kit for us?
Yeah. Sure. No problem.


Why don't you, uh,
take this one, all right?

Mrs. Stevens,
I'm Detective Lesniak.
This is Detective Martinez.

Oh, I didn't see him
real good.

That's okay.
Just tell us
what you remember.

Anything you remember
will help.

Well, I‐I was...
walking home.

And he came up. And he‐‐
He pushed me from behind.

Then he started hitting me.
He was so strong.

He tore off my stockings.
And I grabbed my spray
from my bag and I‐‐

I sprayed him in the face.

You carry Mace?

Yeah. I sprayed him
and he ran off.

Did you get a look at him?
Uh, his hair color,
features, tattoos?

No, no, no, no, you see,
he had‐‐

He had these nylons
over his face.

It was horrible.
It was like a mask.

But I did see his hands.

He was a black man.

Do you remember
how he was dressed?

He was wearing
a‐a red and black...
baseball jacket.

[ Cries ]

Why would he wanna
do this to me?

Do you have any family you
want notified? We can have
them brought over if you want.

Thank you, no.
What about friends, neighbors?

Uh, Mrs. Krasnow
moved to Las Vegas.

I don't know
anybody anymore.

Well, okay, you
rest up now, Mrs. Stevens.
We'll keep you posted.


Feel better, all right?

The complaint report
didn't say anything
about a can of Mace.

Maybe someone took off
with it. I'll check with
the cop who took the report.

Okay, here's the kit.

How do you think she's gonna do?
We'll know more
in 24 hours.

Too bad we finally
see each other under
these circumstances, huh?

It's still good to see you.

We better get going.

See ya.

You know, once in a while
they let me out of here.

You wanna get
together sometime?

Why don't you give me
your phone number?

All right. I'll call you.


I talked to Benson's boss.
He said he left for the day.

He gave me this address
in the precinct. I called
and all I got was a machine.

Let's take a ride up there.
Maybe we'll get lucky
and run into him.

Kinda a long shot.

I feel like taking a ride.
We got nothing else right now.

Okay, I'll take a ride.

You think this guy
raped an old lady?

What'd you see from
your bus, Mr. Glover?

I knew this guy
had done something.

That's why I radioed when
he ran in front of the bus.

He had this look like
he just done something.

What did he look like?

He was an Indian.
Indian? Like Cochise?
Or from India?

From India.
He wasn't black?

Y'all got this brother under
custody and now y'all trying
to put him with this, right?

No, that's not it.
We don't have anybody.
Just the victim's description.

I look at people eight hours
a day and I know my races. Dude
I saw was an Indian. You mind?

What was he wearing?
He was wearing
a red and black jacket.

‐ What kind of jacket?
‐ Kinda like a baseball jacket.

Did you see where he went?
No, I got a schedule
to maintain.

Mind looking at some photos?
Long as they're Indian photos.
Dude I saw wasn't no brother.

I don't know.
Maybe we are
wasting our time.

Let's give him
another ten minutes.

Yeah. Ten minutes.

[ Sighs ]

What is up? Is there
something wrong, Andy?

I had this thing
with Sylvia.

Like an argument?
Uh, it was‐‐

I think it was more
like a disagreement
kind of a thing.

Just nothing major then?

[ Sighs ]
I don't think so,
no, I‐‐


Maybe the guy went
around the back, huh?

I'll go check with
the doorman there.

I've been waiting for you.
[ Siren Wailing ]

Hey. You seen
this guy around?

Guy is an asshole.
[ Laughs ]

Everybody's got
a little good in them.
You seen him or not?

Yeah, the guy
is right there behind you.

Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey!
You don't want to make
me chase you. Bobby!

Stop right there!
W‐W‐W‐What's going
on here? Hey.

Spread 'em!

All right.

So what were you running for?
I had no idea
you guys were cops.

If I'd have known that, there's
no way I would have taken off.
I got nothing to hide.

Have a seat.

So how long were you
seeing Cindy Bloom?

So that's what
this is about?

She was one of three
people who were murdered.
That's what it's about.

Oh, God.

‐ What happened? She was shot?
‐ We didn't say that, Benson.

I just can't believe this.

When was the last time
you saw her?

Now it's me? You've been
talking to her parents?
They tell you about me?

Why do you think her parents
would say anything?

Well, I'm not Jewish, right?
They didn't hide how
they felt about me.

I didn't hold that
against Cindy.

Cindy still called me.
It wasn't all over
between us.

So you were still
seeing her?

I didn't wanna cause
her any hassles.
Where'd you sleep last night?

At my place. Alone.

If I was involved here,
I'd have some kind of story
for you, believe me.

You ever been in trouble
with the police?

Five years ago
I was in on a burglary.
Auto parts store.

I've been clean since.

Look, I never did this
or anything like this.

I felt for Cindy.
That's the God's
honest truth.

Those Indians must be
a pretty law‐abiding race.
Not much here.

Take the time and look
at all of them, Mr. Glover.


This could be him.
Could be?

Yeah. This guy's
wearing a T‐shirt.

My guy had a jacket.
Made him... bulkier.

Rajiv Patel.
Yeah, I'll run him
through B.C.I.

Your apartment,
where you say
you were sleeping,

any of the neighbors
see you come in, leave?

Maybe. I don't know.

Did you hear anything
that night? Music,
arguments, anything like that?


Well, I'm not surprised.

'Cause we got a witness
who picked your picture
out of a photo array...

that puts you getting out
of a car a block away
from that coffee shop...

on the night of the murders.

You got a witness
who says that?

That's what I said.
We got a witness.

So the road forks for you
right here, Benson. You
start telling us the truth,

or we're gonna make it
hard for you all the way
down the line.

You probably know from being
a lowlife turd, if you start
talking too late,

we don't care anymore.

So what's it gonna be?

I didn't do it. I didn't want
you thinking maybe I did.

That's why I said
I wasn't out there.

Cindy and me, we've still
been seeing each other.

Her parents didn't want it.
We kept it quiet.
So you were out there?

You saw her that night?

I saw 'em all.


That busboy,
whatever his name is.
That fag there, D'Lia.

I had a couple of coffees
with her. I left around 12:00.

You left them dead.

No, I'm telling you
there was nobody there
when I left!

‐ The place was empty.
‐ [ Knocking ]

Can I talk to you guys outside?

Just got a call from a police
chief from upstate from
a place called Cannonsville.

They got a local guy
in custody on a gun charge.

They found deposit slips
and canceled checks from
the Sunrise Diner in his car.

He'd seen something
on the news and called down.
I want you guys up there.

How long they have this guy?
Well, he's being arraigned
tomorrow afternoon.

So you gotta be there
about what, mid‐morning?

‐ How far away is this place?
‐ They said it's about
a four‐hour drive.

‐ Can we get someone to sit
with Benson until we get back?
‐ Yeah, sure.

I don't have it here.

We got a problem
on the Stevens case.

I thought the driver
gave you a photo I. D.?

I run his name through,
and it turns out...

Patel's record was sealed
when the charges against
him were dismissed.

‐The photo should never
have been left in our file.
‐We lose the I. D. in a hearing.

Spoke to the cop
who made the collar.
Guy had the same M. O.

He was busted for assaulting
an elderly woman. Knocked her
down. Bruised her pretty badly.

‐ She dropped the complaint.
‐ Could be a rape.
She didn't want to admit it.

We got an address
on this Patel?

Get some surveillance photos.
See if your witness
makes an I. D. off one.


Detective? Paul Druzinski.
Says you're expecting him.
Ah, thanks, Donna.

He didn't waste
any time, huh?

Hey. How are you?
Hey. Fine.

‐ Hey, Detective.
‐ Hey.

Am I interrupting? I can wait.
Actually, we were talking
about the Stevens case.

How is Mrs. Stevens doing?

Not as improved as we would
have hoped, but I'm still
optimistic. You ready?

You know, I think...

I've been
in a police station
about twice in my life.

I think I talked to a doctor
without being billed
about twice in my life.

I'll tell you what,
I won't bill you
if you don't arrest me.

‐ You got a deal.
‐ Good to see you again.

All right.
Have a great time you two.

Thanks. Good night.
Good night, Donna.

[ Door Opens ]



I'm gonna have to wake up
around 3:00 a. m.

Simone and I
are going upstate.

A place called Cannonsville.
You ever hear of it?

Me neither.

I, uh‐‐

I should be back
tomorrow afternoon.


Uh, if, uh‐‐

If I take a shower when
I get up, it's not going
to wake you up, is it?


I can take a shower now.
Maybe that'd be better.

It doesn't matter to me
when you take a shower.

[ Sighs ]
Maybe we should talk a little
more about this wedding thing.

There's nothing
to talk about.

And I'm very tired.

[ Exhales ]
Well, good night.

[ Simone ]
God, it's beautiful out here.

How about this temperature?
I mean, what is that?
Global warming? El Niño?

You realize we haven't seen
another car in 15 minutes.

Yeah, these farm roads
are great, right?
There's no traffic.

I don't know. I think
we should've stayed
on the thruway.

See, it's this thick, red line
here all the way through.

This road, it's not
even on here.

The guy on the phone
said that this is
the shortest route.

[ Sighs ]

Pop the radio on.

Nah, they got
nothing on the radio
in places like this.

I'm gonna pull over.

Take a little break.

Get out of here.
Shoo! Go on. Beat it.

Take off.
Get out of here.

Come on, Andy.
Give me a hand.

What are you doing?
What's this?

I know they're pigeons, but
what are they doing in the car?

These are my racing homers.

Thought it would be a good
chance to give them a little
cross‐country workout.

Go ahead. Grab one.
[ Scoffs ]

Grab a pigeon.

Do they bite?

This way.

There you go.

Hey, you know what to do, huh?

See you in Brooklyn!
Go on. Beat it.
Get out of here.

[ Laughs ]
They're going home?

They'll be there
in a couple of hours.

Lucky them.

Come on. Let's go.
This stuff stinks.

[ Chuckles ]


You fellas made
real good time.
Sam Burns.

Bobby Simone.
Good to meet you.
Uh, Andy Sipowicz.

Come on into the office.
You take that turnoff
on Route 12?


You go through
some pretty country
that way.

We're not really up here
to see the country.
Well, that's a shame.

We're pretty proud
of this area. You ought
to see it in the fall.

Vermont... has nothing on us.

Chief, we're on a tight
schedule here. Could we
just go over what you got?

I understand this guy got
picked up on a gun charge?

No, actually, he was picked up
for having no taillights.

My man spotted a sawed‐off
shotgun sticking out
from under the seat.

Actually, this is the stuff
that I think links him
to your case.

Deposit receipts from
the Sunrise Diner.

I heard about those killings
on the radio.

You did some good work here.

These slips put him in
the Sunrise Diner. I just
wish they were dated.

This guy make any statements?

The boys from Chester been with
him for a couple of hours about
a robbery‐homicide of their own.

I figured I'd give them
until what? Noon.

No, look, we don't
have a lot of time here.

‐ We got people in New York
waiting for an answer.
‐ Can't you give us a shot now?

No, I don't think that'd
be fair. These boys
got here at daybreak.

First come, first serve.
Isn't that right?



For the local paper.

You boys are
big news up here.

Yeah, we'll be back
in a couple of hours.

I gotta make a quick call.
Can I use your phone here?

Two hours, huh?

As we were coming in
to town, I saw a couple
of antique stores.

What? It's busy.
What'd you say?

Maybe we should
check them out.

Wait a minute.
Antique stores for what?

Yeah, summer quilts,
Royal Doulton, Hummels.

We could find some
great stuff up here.

We gotta kill
some time, Andy.


Ah, Lieutenant. Um‐‐

You know how I can
reach Sipowicz and Simone?

Yeah, the Cannonsville
police station upstate.
What do you got?

Uh, well, you know
that case they caught.

I traced a receipt
we found on a young
Hispanic victim...

to a jeweler on Canal Street.

Uh, the jeweler remembers
selling this Arnulfo
a gold cross...

with an inscription on it.

H‐He gave me a photo
out of the catalog.

Good. Have Donna
fax that to Andy
and Bobby right away.

Okay. Cannonsville?

‐ Lieutenant?
‐ Come on.

We set up
the surveillance on Patel.
Here's a couple of photos.

You see he's wearing
the red and black jacket
like the victim said.

We tried a photo array on
the bus driver. He picked this
guy, Patel, out, no problem.

‐ So when can Miss Stevens
view a lineup?
‐ We're waiting on the doctor.

The bus driver
puts him running
from the crime scene.

That's enough
to bring him in.

[ Fancy ]
Yeah, Stanley, how you
doing? I was trying‐‐

Hey, what's the scoop?

I, uh, got you
the extra, extra pepperoni.

You know how long
I've been here?

Yeah, well, we gotta
keep you here pending...

what our other detectives
are looking at i‐in
trying to clear you.

How's it look for me?

I‐I can't really
get into it, but, uh,

it shouldn't be too long.

But basically you think
I should be optimistic?

Can't hurt.

I'll, uh‐‐
I'll check on some
more magazines for you.

Well, when she gets in,
tell her I'll call
her back around 1:00.

No, it's not an emergency,
but I'm gonna be delayed.

No, there's no place
I can be reached.
Yeah. Thanks.

Anything in the case
that you see, just let me know
and I'll take it out.

She's in court.

Check this out, man.
Beautiful cameos.

Yeah? Uh, I don't
really know about
those things there.

My wife, she really
liked cameos.

Hmm. I don't know
about Sylvia. I mean,
what she'd like.

That's something you
ought to find out.

Yeah. But we're
very different.

You know, uh,
what she likes
and what I like.

We're getting married.

That's great, Andy.
Congratulations, man.

Yeah, only,
she's mad at me now
and I'm stuck up here.

It's probably
not a good idea
to count on anything.

What's she mad about?

The wedding. She wants
this big Greek deal where
I wear flowers on my head.

I was thinking
of something
more quick and private.

Ah, the whole thing
might be off.

How you doing?

I stopped by the Quick Mart.
Willie said he thought
he saw you two wander over.

Dorothy's got some nice
doodads here, don't she?

Yeah. Those boys
from Chester, they done?

Yeah, they just wrapped up.
That's what I came to tell you.

Okay, great.

I'll, uh‐‐
I'll catch up.

Thank you very much.
You're welcome.

Some shell casings in‐‐
[ Phone Rings ]

Right over here.
Detective Lesniak?

Doctor Druzinski called.
Says it's urgent.

I'll meet you in there.
Okay. Let's go in here.

How long I have to be here?

Shouldn't be that long.
Just wanna clear
a few things up.

I have an attorney, Mr. Shastri.
I could call him.

Uh‐huh. Well, as I explained
to you, Mr. Patel,
you have that right.

But then we'll have to wait
for him and this thing
will take a lot more time.

No. I have work to do.
And I know
I've done nothing.

‐ James?
‐ Yeah.

I just spoke with Paul.

‐ Dr. Druzinski.
Mrs. Stevens had a stroke.
‐ Bad?

They don't think she's gonna
make it. If she does, she
won't be able to make an I. D.

‐ You tell Fancy?
‐ Mm‐mmm.

But we got this guy,
Patel, here. Maybe
we can get him to go.

All right.

Okay, so the first
thing is, Mr. Patel,

where were you between
8:00 and 9:00,
yesterday morning?

Those hours I would
have been in my office.

We have a problem. We know
you were near 10th and "C."

You were seen running away
from something over there.

Uh, actually, I was near there.
As I recall, it was around 9:30.

I installed a sound card at
a customer's place of business.

As I was walking to catch
the bus, I heard some yelling
and screaming.

I thought it was some
crazy person with a gun.

I've seen people with guns
in that area. So I... ran.

We're gonna need the name
of that customer you saw.

Yes, um, his name
is Mr. Jaday.

H‐He will tell you.
I should have told
you this right away.

I‐I thought, uh‐‐
Well, I don't know
what I thought.

You know what I think, Rajiv?
I think you're lying.

I think you assaulted
that old lady there.
Tried to rape her.

That is nonsense.
That's crazy.

We got witnesses that'll
put you there. We know
you've done this before.

I have no record.
You can check.

We know about you, Patel.
How can you say
such a thing?

Where is this woman?
Let her tell it to my face
I did this terrible thing.

Rajiv, you're only
facing an assault charge.

Admit this and with your
record being clean like
it is, you may get probation.

Otherwise, we do D. N. A. tests.
Do you know what it means
if we come after you on rape?

Do any test you like.
How can I admit
to something I did not do?

If you're innocent,
let me see your jacket.

Why? I‐I don't have
to give you my jacket.

No, no, you don't.

But if you don't
give it to me, I'm sure
gonna think you're guilty.

Nice going, James.

I'm gonna send this
to the lab. Get it
tested for Mace.

If it comes back positive,
it'll help, but it
won't lock him in.

He don't know that.

[ Sipowicz ]
When'd you get back
from New York?

I haven't been
to New York.

We got people
who saw you.

I don't care.
I haven't been there.
Bite my ass!

One more "bite my ass" from you
and you're gonna be gumming
your food, douche bag.

Settle down. Now look, we found
deposit slips in your truck
from the Sunrise Diner.

How'd they get there?

Dickhead, I got
nothing to say to you.
I got this to say to you.

I looked at three people
that you shot down like dogs.
And I am gonna get you.

[ Laughs ]

Wear that for a week.

How long you gonna be able
to keep this guy
in on the gun charge?

He goes before the judge
tomorrow. I can ask him to make
it high, but he'll set the bail.

We just got this fax
in from your precinct.

I'll give Medavoy a call.

Riker live near here?

He lives with his mom and dad
on Route 61. I can show you
on the map.

I'll be right back.

[ Dog Barking ]

All right.
Okay. Hey.

[ Growls ]

Take it easy. Settle down.

Hey, calm down, big fella.


Hello, sir.
Are you Mr. Riker?

Mr. Riker,
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
This is Detective Simone.

Can we have a few moments?
You got a warrant?

They had a warrant.
They didn't find
a damn thing.

No, sir, we're not here
to search the premises.

We're just wondering
if we could talk?


Thank you.


‐ How you doing, ma'am?
‐ What's happening
with my boy?

He's still being
interviewed, sir.

Interviewed? That's a new one.
Who by? Oprah or Geraldo?

What can you tell us
about your son's activities
over the last few days?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Has he been away
or at home?

‐ I'm gonna get a lawyer
and sue you bastards.
‐ Why would you be suing us?

Picking on our boy.
He's a good boy.
He helps us out.

How does he help you,
ma'am? Money?

He can make money
whenever he wants.
Knows how to weld.

He buy you that big
television set there?

What of it?

Well, sounds like
a really good boy. Yep.
He buy you anything else?

Um, see that microwave
in the kitchen?
He gave me that.

Oh, well, that's nice.

How about personal things?
Those things that really
warm up a mother's heart.

‐ That cross?
‐ Yeah.

‐ When did he give you that?
‐ He gave me this
just yesterday.

That's a real beauty,
but we're gonna need it.

Oh, no. Oh, forget it, mister.
My son gave me this.

That is stolen property. It was
taken during the commission of
a crime. We need the cross.

You two get the hell‐‐
Let's not get carried‐‐

Angus, no!

I got the bat.
I got it.

Would you calm down?
Calm down!

Oh, Angus.
[ Crying ]

The only reason I'm not locking
you up is because you're just
trying to protect your son.

We're not holding
you responsible your
good boy is a scumbag.

[ Whimpers, Cries ]

We're gonna
need this, ma'am.
[ Cries ]

I talked to the lab.
They found traces of Mace
on his jacket. He's it.

That was the hospital.
Mrs. Stevens is dead.

Ah, man, that's gonna
make it a homicide.

Mm‐hmm. If we tell Patel,
he'll lawyer up.
And school's out.

[ Exhales ]

There are 50 different
kinds of Mace.

The kind of Mace Mrs. Stevens
sprayed on her attacker...

is the same kind
we found on your jacket.

It is over.
I don't know what
you're talking about.

You want some advice?
Start thinking how to minimize
your time in prison.

Realize you're going
and the only question
is for how long.

Maybe you have a problem.
Maybe it's some kind of
a sickness. Maybe you need help.

You give us a statement
and we'll let you
talk to a doctor.

Explain to him
about what you've done.

I've done nothing. I think
I should call Mr. Shastri.

That's his attorney.

Well, that takes it
out of our hands,

but I want you to know
we have the evidence
to convict you.

Rajiv, start working with us
and start helping yourself.
Start telling the truth.

Did you try
to rape Mrs. Stevens?
No, God, no. No.

So what did you do?
Try to rob her?

No, no, I‐I don't
need the money. I‐‐
I earn good money.

I pushed her. I‐‐
She fell down.

I slapped. That's all.

Open hand, l‐like this.

I‐I don't know why
I do these things,
b‐but it was nothing.

Look, I‐‐
I don't want
to go to prison.

If I am ill, would they
put me in prison?

Rajiv, why don't you write
everything down about
the incident with Mrs. Stevens?

From the first thought you had
about doing it, to when she
sprayed you and you ran away.

Try to make us understand
exactly what you did.

Come on. We're going
to take a little
ride down to New York.

I'm not. Get your
damn hands off me.

Keep your mouth shut.
Maybe we'll get you a bottle
of Yoo‐hoo for the road.

I just spoke to our local
magistrate. Convinced him
we should drop our charges.

He's all yours.
Thanks a lot
for your help.

We appreciate everything
you've given us.

You should come back by here.
A week here would
do you a lot of good.

[ Laughs ]
Shut up.

I'll stick him in the cage.
Start the paperwork.
All right.

This is wrong.
So is doing it with sheep.
I'm betting you did that too.

Run him through.
I'll deal with Fancy.
Hey, nice work.

Greg, you're the man.
The neck chain tip
is what got him.

All right, it's the end
of the trail, Riker.

It's your last chance
to think about making
a statement.

Cutting some kind
of a deal.

Hey, if I ever had
the chance...
to cut anything,

I'd cut your damn throat.

You'd cut my throat,
huh, scummer?

Let me tell you something‐‐

Where you're going,
everybody you meet...

is gonna be looking to lay
you open or lay you down.

[ Shouts ]

[ Door Opens ]

Where's the other guy?
He go for the rubber hose?

We've got some new information
on the case, Benson.

So you're free to go.

All right. So I waited here
all day and night for nothing.

Well, we take a triple homicide
very seriously here.

And frankly, you looked
very right for it.

But I wasn't.


Look, we don't like squeezing
innocent guys, but sometimes
it does happen.

So, uh, if you ever
find yourself in a jam,
we owe you one.

When I told you I was sorry
about Cindy, I meant it.


And I meant
what I said about
owing you one.

Hey. I vouchered Patel's
original statement.
I'm just finishing the DD5.

Great. Thanks.
Hey, good work
on the Patel case.

Thanks, Lieu.

How about we go have
a drink and celebrate?
I'm buying.

Can I take a rain check
on that? I have plans tonight.

So I guess it went okay
last night with that doctor?

Yeah, we had some fun.

You renewing a thing you had
going in high school?
Not really.

Paulie and I didn't go out.
I had a boyfriend. He dated
a girlfriend of mine.

I see.

She dumped him for another guy.
I thought that was a dumb move.

Now's your chance.
Who knows?

I'll see you tomorrow, James.

Okay, have fun.

Nick? Yeah, Bobby.
Yeah? All of them?

Great. Great. All right,
thanks. I'll be there
in a while.

Good night, guys.
All my birds made it back.

That's great.
[ Clears Throat ]

I'm gonna take off.
I still got some things
to settle at home.

Sure. I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night, Detective.

Did you eat?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Why don't you sit down?
We should talk.

Sylvia, on the wedding‐‐
I've given it a lot
of thought and I‐‐

Now, I want you to understand
what my feelings are.

A big wedding. It's what
every girl dreams of.

And it had a very special
meaning for me‐‐

No problem.
That's what I want too.

No, I overreacted.

We can have a lovely,
small wedding.
Maybe up in the country.

No, I was just in
the country. I think your
father's got the right idea.

Something big
here in the city.

Are you sure
you really want that?


I mean, uh, how many chances
am I gonna get to wear
a crown of flowers?

[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]


What's this?

Just open it.

A cameo.

I love cameos.

I never had one, but I've
always wanted one. And how
could you have known that?

It just seemed like you.

It's, uh, Aphrodite.

She's the Greek
goddess of love.

You know what she's
meant to inspire?


I'll show ya.

[ Laughs ]