NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 1, Episode 12 - Up on the Roof - full transcript

The mob hit man who killed Giardella and who Laura can identify, is trapped on the roof of the building with a hostage. Martinez works on his first detectives case, which involves a fake ATM machine taking peoples money. Meanwhile, Fancy and his wife prepare to face a court date when a foster child they've been caring for is ordered back into custody of the real mother who's just been released from a drug rehab program. Sipowicz and Kelly investigate a shooting of mobster Tommy Linardi, whom had taken over the late Angelo Marino's organization, in which turns up a notebook that Marino kept which has Janice's name in it. Janice asks Kelly for help who decides to steal the notebook to protect her from further investigation to Marino's murder, while Fancy again locks horns with Inspector Lastarza over the handling of the case.

- You gotta move this now.
- I ain't done unloadin'.

You're allowed five-minute access
to the site. Then you gotta move.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Don't move the truck nowhere.

Come on, Detective.
Let's get real.

It's a posted five-minute zone.
He's past his access.

- I can move around the block and come back.
- You ain't movin' nowhere.

What's he supposed to do, go around
the block every five minutes?

I don't care
if he drives off a pier.

In other words, what you're sayin' is
because this is a Marino buildin' site...

you're turnin' that man's
constitutional rights into dirt.

- Hey, I can drive around the block.
- And you're looking out for them?

What is that, a 12-yarder?

How much do you kick back to Marino?
For each load, 250?

Don't put me in the middle
of this, Detective.

See, everybody knows
what's goin' on over here.

This is payback for what happened
to that cop.

If you ask me, I wish Giardella
gets what's comin' to him.

This way life can resume
being normal around here.

But in this situation, what you're doin'
is inconveniencin' an innocent wage earner.

You know, you're right.
Watch your head.

- Watch your head.
- Hey!

Hey, Tubesteak,
shut it off! Hey!

Now I'm inconveniencing you.

You're makin' a lot
of enemies, Detective.

Shots fired over at Fifth and Second,
Detective. They tried to whack Giardella.

- Hey, turn it off!
- Tell MarinoJohn Kelly says hello.

You see, this is gratitude.
- Would you hold still.

This is how they treat 26 years
of loyalty.

They shoot at you and nearly cut
your throat with broken glass!

You asshole, Kelly!
You're the one jammed me up!

What's the matter, Alfonse? You havin'
a little trouble with your boss?

- You wanna make a statement?
- I'll make a statement, scumbag. Drop dead and rot.

- I didn't see anything.
- Whoa, mister. You oughta come to the emergency room.

Why? So I can take a number
with the rest of the welfare cases?

I'll go see my own doctor.
No, no, you want a statement?

Alfonse Giardella says
all bets are off.

From now on, it's every man
for himself. You hear that?

That's a start.

- This man's assigned to your squad, isn't he, Lieutenant?
- That's right.

- He's under your command?
- He's under my command.

So, am I to assume that this vigilante
campaign has been undertaken on your order?

My officers don't need an order
from me to do their jobs.

Kelly's not doing his job. He's harassing
Marino, pure and simple. I want it to stop.

Detective Kelly is issuing citations and
making arrests when he sees infractions...

Look, look, look.

I admit,
we got different agendas.

But I can't have Kelly going around
shaking all Marino's trees hoping...

Alfonse Giardella
will fall out.

As I say, I don't intend to discipline
my officers for doing their jobs.

You've got no straddle here.
You rein the guy in or you don't.

You don't,
you pay the consequences.

Would that include our not
having these little visits?

I can hurt you plenty.
Believe it.

Here you go, Kelly.

- Morning, Detective.
- Hey, Mr. Daniels.

I was just at the district attorney's
office. He said the motions are all in.

- The trial should be coming up pretty soon.
- Well, I'll be there.

How do you think these motions are gonna
go? You think the judge is gonna let...

- the evidence in on how my boy got shot?
- I hope so.

The district attorney wouldn't make
a guess. I was just over there.

It's hard to know how these things
are gonna go sometimes.

I can't see the judge not letting the
evidence in. There's got to be justice.

That bastard shot my boy in the street...
an eight-year-old boy.

- Detective Kelly.
- Just a second.

Hey, listen. You got anybody
to be with you today?

- Come on, let's go.
- You gonna be okay?

I'll see you at the trial, Detective.
I'll see you at court.

Yeah. I'll be there,
Mr. Daniels. What?

I just put your lieutenant on notice, but
I want you to hear it from me directly.

You either drop this Dodge City
campaign, or I'm gonna have your ass.

- Kelly. Sipowicz.
- Are we clear?

What's going on?

- Lieutenant?
- Later.

Dr. Stanley,
line 34. Dr. Stanley, line 34.

He started coming out of it this
morning. To be truthful, I'm amazed.

Did you ask who shot him?

That hasn't really been the focus
of my interest, Lieutenant.

Hey, buddy.

What's goin' on?

Welcome back.

Hey, Lieutenant.

I'm glad you made it, Andy.

- No problem.
- You feel like talking a little bit? You up to that?

- What do you wanna talk about?
- Who shot you?

I don't know.

Was it Giardella?

That whole day's... a blank.

Rest up. I'll be back later, okay?

- Thanks for your help, Doctor.
- Amnesia. Do you believe that?

I don't who's luckier,
Sipowicz or Giardella.

- What do we do now?
- Off the record, keep doing what you're doing.

Keep the squeeze on Marino.

This states you accept
your ex-wife's filing.

You don't intend to
counterclaim or answer.

This requests issuance
of the separation decree.

- That's it?
- It's actually a very streamlined process.

If you want, I could say
something official sounding.

I now pronounce this
separation commenced.

How's that nose, 4B?

It's much better. I haven't needed
the gauze packing in several days.

Will you excuse me?

- Thanks, Josh.
- You're welcome. Maybe I'll see you later.

He worries me.

How come?

He's been doing his laundry in the
basement with a gun in his clothes basket.

He's waiting for whoever mugged him to
come back so he can make a citizen's arrest.

- I don't know who he's trying to impress.
- You don't, huh?

I'm afraid he'll get hurt.

If you get a chance,
maybe you could talk to him.



I'm leaving the city attorney's office.
I'm going to join a private firm.

When did you decide
to do that?

We've been talking about it
for a while.

Wow. You're really turning over
a whole new leaf, aren't you?

Am I supposed to feel
bad about that?

Get rid of the workin'-stiff husband,
start makin' a better buck, right?

It's all part of my scheme, Johnny...
regain my upward mobility.

I brought it up because
I may move into Manhattan.

I thought you might want
the apartment back.

This firm you're joining...
Any chance they do business downtown?

- So what?
- So, nothing.

Maybe they figured they're buying in on some
of the cases you were handling for the city.

Not that it's any of your business, but I
stipulated what cases I wouldn't work on.

You can stipulate anything you want.
They know what they're buying.

That's got to be what it's about, right?
Couldn't be they thought I was a good lawyer.

Maybe that was it.

Why don't you
get out of here?

Hey, congratulations
on your new career move.

There you go.

- You're quiet.
- Sorry.

No, it's no problem.

It's just that I'm not exactly
bubbly myself tonight.

- How was your day?
- Me and the ex got into a beef.

- What about?
- I don't know.

I don't know what
we're fighting about.

- You seem preoccupied.
- I'm sorry.

I said I was sorry.

I'm not asking you
to say you're sorry.

Okay? Is this something
to do with us?

I'll work it out.

I'm a big boy. If it's about us
seeing each other, you can tell me.

Okay. I'm havin'
a problem, Johnny.

- I'm havin' a problem with us seeing each other.
- Okay, no hard feelings.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means, okay, I understand...

if you don't wanna
keep goin' out.

You think that's what this is about? That I
wanna break up and I don't know how to do it?

- You think we're teenagers?
- Then what's your problem?

- My problem?
- Mm-hmm.

My problem... is that
I think I'm in love with you.

And why is that a problem?

What's going on?

Why is this son of a bitch
Kelly still walkin' around?

It hasn't worked out yet,
Mr. Marino.

It hasn't, huh?
It seems to work out for Kelly.

He's got my nuts in a wringer,
and he's selling tickets.

You're with him on the job.
You're with him all night.

- I want him dead.
- All right, I understand.

Maybe you're not just
screwing the guy.

Maybe you're falling
in love with him.

That's it, isn't it?

- You fell in love.
- I told you I will work it out.

There's nothin' to work out.
Clip him. Pull the trigger.


How's it goin'?

This food sucks.

- I heard Marino got whacked.
- Yeah.

- How do you suppose it happened?
- I don't know.

You don't think
Giardella did it?

Nah. He ain't got
the balls.

Ah. You peg Alfonse
for more of...

an ambush-a-detective-
in-the-bathroom type.

You still don't remember
anything about that, do you?

Leaving the bar with Lois,
more or less. Nothing afterward.

- Nothing about gettin' to her place?
- No.

Giardella had to be there
waitin' for you, Andy.

That has to be the way it happened.
Otherwise, we ain't got nothin'.

- He's gonna walk away.
- You wouldn't be urgin' me to fib now, would you, John?

- Say I remember something when I don't?
- All I'm sayin'...

is that if you could remember,
we could pop him.

Okay, let's say I lie.

Giardella's lawyer
gets me on the stand.

"Detective Sipowicz,

"you had horrible animosity
toward my client.

You ran a hummer-bust on him
two days before,

plus you fed him his wig in an alley, not
to mention being a full-time sauce head..."

You are a decorated cop. He threatened
you. We could make that stick.

I'm tellin' you,
I don't remember.


How's the dryin' out goin'?

Helps when the first
week's unconscious.

Now, I go two,
three minutes...

where booze never
crosses my mind.

You want some magazines or something
when I come back tomorrow?

Somethin' dirty.

Okay. Take care.

As to the defense motion to
exclude reference to the murder weapon,

the court rules the chain
of evidentiary custody...

having been broken
in the police property room,

no testimony to the weapon, its ownership by or
connection with the defendant will be permitted.

- Exception.
- Noted.

Bring in the jury.

Do you hear what he's doing?
He's not gonna let the evidence in.

- I heard.
DetectiveJohn Kelly to the stand.

Detective Kelly, during the course of
your duties, did you have occasion...

to arrest the defendant Tremaine Sampson
on March 7 of this year?

- Yes, I did.
- Would you please tell the court...

the circumstances under
which you made the arrest.

Um, I was the assigned detective, uh,
in the death of an eight-year-old boy,

Curtis Daniels,

who was, uh, shot on Avenue C
on his way home from school.

Uh, there were no witnesses
to the incident,

but during the course
of my investigation...

I received a number
of statements from...

neighborhood residents
who, uh...

they led me to believe
that the... the defendant...

may have been involved.

I, uh, went to
the defendant's apartment...

to question him.

And, uh...

At his apartment, I, uh...

Look, I went to his apartment
and arrested him, okay? I mean, uh...

The jury's excused.

You will testify without the theatrical
displays of frustration, Detective.

Well, I found the gun in that asshole's
apartment, and he used it on the man's little boy.

So, you know, if some evidence clerk
sends out the wrong piece for disposal,

you're gonna let this
son of a bitch walk away?

I enforce the Constitution,

Now, that evidence
was improperly handled.

it has to be excluded.

Now, you're going to testify properly,
or I will hold you in contempt.

And I hold you in contempt.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

- Recess!
- There's no justice in here. There's no justice!

Your Honor, the defense counsel and I would
like to confer in chambers concerning...

the possibility
of a plea arrangement.

I have had you in my court where you were
a little less petulant, Detective Kelly.

So I'm gonna give you
the benefit of the doubt.

Why don't you give him the benefit of the
doubt? He's the one just buried his kid.

- In the matter of Angelo Marino.
- Hey, look who's here.

Funny how the ball bounces,
huh, Kelly?

- You figured me for dead meat, didn't you?
- Keep it up, scungilli.

Now they wanna talk to me
about Angelo Marino.

First they got me for whacking
your rocky pal Sipowicz, and now Marino.

- What aboutJ.F. K?
- You asshole.


Kelly, you stay off. Back off.
What's the matter with you?

- Can he make his statement and get out of here?
- Take him to interview.

Come on. Let's go.
Let's go, Giardella.

- I wanna go to interview.
- You're not going.

- We'll miss you, Johnny boy.
Hey, fatso, don't break those stairs!

- They're gonna move the investigation downtown.
- Great.

- Lastarza doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
- It's not my call.

It's not yours either.
They don't all make, John.

This one should have.
This one should have, Lieutenant.

Detective Kelly.
Sorry I walked out on you last night.

- That's all right.
- Is it?

- Do I get another chance?
- Yeah, why not?

They're taking
the Marino case downtown.

Is that right?

- Do I get my second chance tonight?
- Yeah.

Why not?
I'll call you later, all right?

- Detective Kelly.
- 4B.

- A little far from your
laundry basket, aren't you?

- What do you mean?
- Well, isn't that where you keep your gun stashed?

Well, I gather Laura's
been talking to you.

She says you wanna get back at that mugger
who robbed you. She's worried about you.

Detective, I have a permit now.

I have a right to carry a gun
and a right to do my laundry.

And I don't see
where this is your concern.

Let me give you a hint. I caught crooks
for 14 years, and it didn't turn her on.

- I don't take your reference.
- I thought maybe you had a crush on my former wife.

- Don't belittle my feelings, Detective.
- I'm not.

- There is no point in you looking for trouble, okay?
- That man humiliated me.

He made me feel vulnerable in a way
I don't intend to be vulnerable again.

Now, if you really wanna be helpful,
you can give me change of a dollar.

That's all I got.

Look, you better figure something out,
4B. 'Cause when the time comes...

and you're not ready
to use that thing,

the other guy is liable
to take it off you,

stick it up your ass
and kill you with it.


Think about it.

Anyone see Detective Kelly?

I never got used
to this part of it.

I don't like gettin'beat.

Ah, you didn't get beat.

Tell that to Giardella,
that lucky bastard.

I had Marino squeezed.
He was gonna give him up.

Something happened
that was out of your control.

It was no one's fault.
You'll get over it.

Since when are you
such an optimist?

AtJulio's last night, there was
a black cloud hanging over the table.

Well, afterJulio's...
I made some decisions about us.

I think we have a chance
at a fresh start.

You got anything
against fresh starts?


Do you have any message
you'd like to send to Giardella?

Yeah, yeah, just tell him hi for me.
Tell him have a nice day.

And tell him I'm taking my vitamins,
all right? I gotta be inside.

I gotta get inside.

Anything? Detective?

Detective Sipowicz, good to see you.

- Hey, Sarge.
- Welcome back, Detective.

Thanks, kid.
How you doin'?

Hey, you still haven't brought in that
inventory list on the Mott Street takedown.

- Looks pretty straight up. Want me to take it myself?
- You mind?

- No problem.
- Good.

- Welcome back, Andy.
- Hey.

- You going to the beach?
- That's a riot.

- You okay?
- I'm peachy, yeah. Let me go see Fancy.

- Hi, Detective.
- Hey, how you doin'?

Go ahead.
What you got there, Sarge?

- Hey, glad you're back.
- Yeah, thanks.

- Hi, Detective.
- Lieutenant?

Have a seat, Andy.

Well, I do better
standin' up.

The review board
rescinded your suspension.

- You've got a full reinstatement.
- Guess I picked the right time to get shot.

The question's whether you
want to return to active duty.

You could take a disability retirement
at three-quarters of your pay.

Lieutenant, uh, before any of this
happened, I know you thought I should quit.

Before you got fired.

I don't expect you to think
any different now, and, uh,

it's pretty obvious
I'm not 100% yet.

But I'm not drinking, and,
uh, I'd like to go back to work.

You're right. I do have
my doubts about you coming back.

And I'm gonna give myself time
to make up my mind. And while I do,

you're on restricted duty
in the station house.

Great. I can make
those paper clip chains.

You got a problem with that?

No. No, sir.

Andy, I don't know if you should be a
cop, but I think you got a lot of guts.

Yeah, well,

for a while there I was wearing 'em
outside my clothes.

- What'd he give you?
- Ass duty.

Well, maybe he figures...
go easy.


- They, uh... They still got you with that kid Martinez, huh?
- We're workin' on some cases.

- Detective Kelly?
- Over there.

Andy, I wish I could have
nailed Giardella for you.

Don't worry about it.
Everything happens for the best.

- Detective Kelly, you got a minute?
- Yeah.

On the Daniels matter,

I wanna thank you for the supplementary
witness statements you collected.

I'm grateful for the energy
you gave the case.

But you decided to
plead it out, right?

The other side's willing
to accept 14 months.

With the gun excluded,
I thought that's a deal I should take.

He murdered that kid.

What the facts were and what's allowable
in court are two different matters.

- Have you told the kid's father yet?
- I'm gonna do that now.

- I'm sorry.
- Me too.

Hey, Detective.

How you makin' out?

I don't know, kid.
I can't sit down.

I'm trying to figure out if a soda's worth
having my next two birthdays on these stairs.

What kind of soda you want?
I'm on my way back down.

- Excuse me.
- Cherry.

- Diet or regular?
- What are you, a smart-ass?

- No.
- Regular.


Excuse me.

Is Detective Kelly on duty?
I need to talk to him.

- What's it about?
- Tell him someone wants to see him.

Do a little better for me.

Tell him it's Lois, dick-head.

Andy Sipowicz's friend.

- Put this woman in interview room number two.
- Right, Sarge.

Is Detective Kelly around up there?

He didn't give me any choice.

He said if I didn't do it,
he was gonna cut my throat.

And he knew Andy's
whole routine...

that we got together
on Tuesdays and...

He said, You're gonna leave
your apartment open.

You're gonna bring him back here
like everything's normal."

And he said he would
take care of the rest.

- This was all Giardella. You never talked to anybody else.
- Yeah.

And then I was supposed
to get on a plane for Orlando.

Except that I knew once I got down there
he would have me killed, so I didn't go.

And I've been hidin'
ever since.

And then...

when I saw Andy
on the TV, I just...

I couldn't do it anymore.

I'm out of money.

I just feel so bad
about what happened.

I always liked Andy.

He was one of
my favorite tricks.

- I'm lookin' for Sipowicz.
- I just saw him headin' out, Detective.

- Poor guy's still tryin' to get his strength up, huh?
- Yeah.

- You ever plan on drinking that thing?
- Don't worry about it.


- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

- Looked open for business to me.
- You saw her, didn't you?

- Saw who?
- Yeah, she copped to the whole thing, Andy.

She made a full statement.
Which is why you're here, isn't it?

You saw Lois at the station house.
You figured, I better be quick.

Because you don't want Giardella busted.
You want him dead, right?

- Stay out of this, John.
- It's too late for that.

Hey, it's Alfonse's front bumper.

Mr. Giardella's wonderin'
if there's something you people wanted.

- Yeah, a kiss.
- Why don't you go drink somewhere else?

- I'm gonna take care of this, all right?
- Whoa. What happened here?

We crossed the border
without realizing it. We left America?

- There's a lot of gin mills in town...
- The conversation's over, pal.

Your boss knows where I'm sittin'. I don't
need no steroid case for an interpreter.

- Hey, look who's here.
- Wanna hear it from my own mouth? Get out of my joint.

- What happens if I don't? You gonna throw your wig at me?
- Let's go.

Don't worry about it. I'll leave,
Alfonse. But I'll tell you what.

- Why don't you come outside with me?
- I'm shaking.

- Just the two of us. We'll square everything up.
- Is that a threat, asshole?

- No.
- Sounds like a threat to me.

- We'll straighten everything outside.
- Give me some room.

- Whoa. What are you lettin' him push you around?
- Shut up!

I thought it was
you and me outside.

Don't trip over your cane,
Tiny Tim.

- All right.
- Did you have a lot of fun with me in there?

- Whoa!
- Makin' me look like two cents. All right, I don't...

- Just let go of me!
- Just get in the car.

- I don't have to. I got my own car.
- In the car. In the car!

In the car!
There you go.

Now what? You wanna tie my shoelaces
together? Make me look a jerk some other way?

- Huh?
- Watch.

Here we go.

- All right, up against the wall.
- Hey, hey!

Look at this. We're gonna nail Giardella.
We're gonna bust this fat son of a bitch.

It's not good enough.
It's not good enough, John!

I wanted to take him out. I wanted to gut
shoot that bastard just like he shot me.

- Let it go, Andy. Let it go.
- Let it go? Let it go?

What, are you nuts?
That's the only reason I didn't die.

The whole time Iying in the hospital,
that's all I thought about, was killin' him.

I don't think I got
anything else but.

How come you haven't
taken a drink?

So I could stay on the job and get
a chance at whackin' this asshole.

Right in here, right in that bar,
why didn't you take that drink?

I got shot drunk once.
I figured this time I'd try it sober.

I think that there's
a lot more left in you.

I think there's a part of you
that wants to keep going.

Start now. It'll be
a stronger case with you in it.

There's your man.
There's your man going down.

Let's go.
In the car.

- Robert, get the door.
- I'm comin'. Take it easy.

Hey, Alfonse, what's goin'
on over there, funny man?

You know, I just thought
you'd want to know something.

I suddenly remember that little afternoon
at Lois's. It all come back to me.

And I'm gonna testify about it in
court. I just thought you'd want to know.

Now it's your turn
to say something smart.

Hey, watch that wig climbin'
into the vehicle, 'cause I wanna see...

that lousy lookin' piece of crap on your
head when I testify against you in court.

You big ape!
Go on. Get out of here!


You know what's
happening here, Kelly?

You know what they're doing
with Giardella in that interview room?

- They are giving me away.
- No. No way.

What kind of a deal could he cut?
We're talkin' attempted murder on a cop.

Believe me, I am being
wrapped up in a bow.

Life with review after 25 years.
That's the best he can do.

Try three years in ace hotels
while they make cases off him.

And then he'll wind up on a beach somewheres
with a nose job and a different color wig.

No way.

I'm gonna take a dump.

Mr. Giardella's a realist, gentlemen.

He understands the situation, and he's
prepared to offer full cooperation.

That means comprehensive disclosure
of illegal activities...

including testimony at trial...

in exchange for
a plea arrangement...

that does not include incarceration.

You're dreaming.
No way you'd beat jail.

I'm bringing a big package.

Lieutenant Fancy,

I want to hear
what's on the table.

- What's going on?
- Giardella's offering breakdowns on all the family crews...

details on the jobs
they pulled.

Have you had any line-of-duty incidents
in the last few weeks?

- Any close calls you didn't report?
- No. Why?

Giardella says Marino
put out a contract on you.

He thinks you were supposed to be hit
by a cop, somebody you worked with.

And you believe him?

These are the cops he says
were on Marino's payroll.

He says there are others
that Marino kept to himself.

Nobody on this list
is from this precinct, but...

I know you've had some
shared-duty assignments, so...

What's the matter?


You recognize somebody?

No. No, I don't know
anybody on that list.

I want you to run a computer check with
those names against your recent assignments.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- You seen Licalsi?
- Sector patrol. You just got a call from court.

- The hostage squad.
- What happened?

Some case you worked on. Victim's
relative's got a gun on the judge.

Perp's name is Ephraim Daniels.

His son was murdered.
I know the case.

They were gonna plead it out this morning.
The guy who did it was on for sentencing.

Daniels breaks into
the judge's chambers.

Wants him to cancel the plea...
make the guy go to trial.

Says you're the only cop
he'll talk to.

Mr. Daniels,
it's Detective Kelly.

Just you.

I got a gun pointed
at his head. I'll use it.

Don't play with this guy,

The judge is at risk and I got a shooter
with a clean angle outside the office window.

- Shut the door.
- Can't do that, Mr. Daniels.

You've got the gun.
You're still in charge.

Gotta let him go,
Mr. Daniels.

Fourteen months.

Fourteen months...

for killin'
an eight-year-old boy.

I can't let him
give out that sentence.

I promised my boy at his grave
I was gonna give him some justice.

Mr. Daniels, there is no justice
for what happened to your boy.

And I'm not gonna tell you
I agree with what the judge did.

Not letting the gun in
as evidence...

and the rest of it,
I think that sucked.

But nothing is gonna happen in this room
that's gonna change any of that.

The only thing that's
gonna happen in here...

is you're gonna get
in all kinds of trouble.

Are you listening to me,
Mr. Daniels?

I'm listening.

I want you to come out
here with me.

I promise you...

that if you put that gun down,
nobody will put you in jail for this.

Where's your boy buried?

Bethel Baptist,
out Ozone Park.


I promise you in a couple
of days time...

you'll be able to go out there and tell
him you did the best job that you could.

Mr. Daniels,
don't die in here.

He's not worth it.



Take him to the back entrance.
We have a car waiting.

No promise that you made
to that man is binding, Detective.

What precinct are we going to?
- Take him to 3rd.

Judge, how's it gonna look you giving
the guy who killed his kid 14 months,

and then putting him in jail too
because he made you wet your pants?

We govern by law, not your whim.

Don't tell me how you govern.
I work your streets.

I clean up
after how you govern.

The way you govern stinks.

- Hey, Detective.
- Hey.

- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Sure.

How you doin', Detective?

I'm doing all right.

Didn't you tell me that
your name's different than your dad's?

When I joined the force
I took my mom's maiden name.

I didn't wanna ride
on my father's coattails.

Your dad's name is
Dominic Gennaro, the 27.


- So my dad's name is on a list.
- These are wrong cops. Okay?

This is part of a deal
that Giardella's trying to float.

- Giardella's trying to save his ass.
- Did they reach out to you?

Let's go outside.

- Who's talking to me now?
- What do you mean?

- You talking to me as a cop?
- I'm talkin' to you as the guy you've been sleepin' with,

the one you said you were in love with,
how that was givin' you such a problem...

till just before Marino
got killed, huh?

Is that what happened?
Did you take him out?

- I think we could have a life together.
- Is that what happened?

Even if it is,
the case never makes.

Oh, my God.

We could have a life.

Detective Kelly, you've got
another one. Here you go.

- Thanks.
- Good night, Sarge.

Good night, Lieutenant.

Good night.

Where'd you go?

Ah, a couple of things
went down.

How'd it go with Giardella?

Him and his cue ball-headed shyster walked
out of Fancy's office about half hour ago.

The marshals are taking him
to some hotel.

And his ugly tub of guts, he stops by my
desk here and gives me a big cocky wink.

I can't believe
they cut him a deal.

That organized crime guy, he says
I gotta see it from their point of view.

- Lastarza.
- He says Giardella's gonna clear up...

half the outfit cases for
the last ten years right through Marino.

Wait. Giardella says
he killed Marino?

Fancy said that's
what took the time.

He says this Lastarza wasn't
gonna okay the package...

unless Giardella
admitted he killed him.

What are you laughin' about?
You still don't think Giardella did it.

No, I...

If he says he did it,
maybe he did it.

Listen, uh, you want
some dinner?


What are you so glum about?

Are you real happy?

Hey, Kelly, you may wanna stand still
while I tell you this.

Once or twice each calendar year,
justice does not prevail.

Now, on the bright side,
from my own point of view,

I may be keeping company
with a blue inner tube,

but, uh, I wake up sober
every morning,

I don't feel like
I got hit in the head by a Cessna,

I'm in the running
to get my job back,

plus a buddy saw me
through some tough times.

So who's got it better than me, huh?

Hello. 15.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
he's right here. Hold on.



- Okay, I'll be right there.
- What's goin' on?

Andy, I gotta... I gotta
take a rain check on dinner.

No problem.

- I'll see you.
- Yeah.


I'm glad you're back, man.
I'm glad you're back.

I'm on the job.
What happened?

Complainant was doing his laundry.
Perp tried to take him off.

Complainant was packing
more than a box of Tide.


- I know the answer now, Detective.
- To what?

The other night, you told me I had
to know if I'd be able to use my gun.

- The truth was, I wasn't sure. But now I know.
- Calm down.

When I first saw him,
I was too afraid to even move.

He recognized me from when he robbed me
before. He was laughing at me.

- Take it easy.
- But I got to my gun, and I used it. I used it.

- Mr. Goldstein, you'll have to come down to the precinct.
- Am I under arrest?

- No, but we'll have to get a statement.
- What about my gun?

- When do I get my gun back?
- You get it back when we say you get it back.

- Come on.
- 4B.

When you get back to the station, drink
a little something with sugar in it.

You know what? I'm glad I shot him.
I liked how it felt.

Okay, Mr. Goldstein,
watch your head.

Well, he got him.

He got him.

I tried to talk to him.

I know.
He told me.

Big influence, huh?

- Thanks anyway.
- Yeah.

You know, uh,

I was way out of line the other day
when we signed those papers.

- I picked a lousy time to tell you that I was changing jobs.
- That's no excuse.

- You start with that private firm yet?
- Next Wednesday.

Find an apartment
in Manhattan?

Not yet.

I don't, uh...
I don't wanna lose track of you.

We're not gonna lose track
of each other, Johnny.


You think I could
come upstairs?

What for?

Well, uh, if I don't,

I'm gonna lay down right here and you're
gonna have to put traffic cones around me.

Where's your friend
from the other night?

Uh, that's not gonna work out.

I'll sleep on the couch.

I don't wanna
be alone tonight.

Come up.

We'll negotiate
where you sleep.