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NOS4A2 (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Gas Mask Man - full transcript

- ♪ Seems like forever ♪
- _

♪ I've searched for the one ♪

♪ Who'd love me completely ♪

♪ Now look what you've done ♪

♪ I only know I've never felt ♪

♪ Hark! the herald angels sing ♪

♪ Glory ♪

What the hell?

Hey, Tonia? Donnie?
You guys got power over there?

Nope. Power's out here, too.

Sweet, sweet Jolene.

Time, I see, has not been kind.

How tragic.

You had such potential.

But I'm not here to pick apart the past.

I'm far more interested in the present.

Has someone been on their feet, my dear?

Have you been building
your Inscape without me, Jo?

Have you found a Shorter Way?


But that's the thing about whores.

They lie.

Luckily, we have a way
to learn the truth.

Must feel like heaven
to have the old things on again.

I recall how fast
you could move in them.

You could outdance the wind.

I wonder if you've still got it.



I've felt the presence of

a powerful Strong Creative in the area.

So I thought I'd better find out

if their... interests
are a threat to mine,

as yours have been.

I can't say whether I'm relieved

or disappointed
that I know it isn't you.

Let's not wait another 50 years
before we see each other, Jo.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx

Oh, there she is!

The Brat has emerged from her cave.

Ah! I thought I heard you
coming in late last night.

You good?

Chrissy, you got to tell her the joke.

- Start from the beginning.
- All right.

I peed myself, Vic.

I swear to God, you're gonna love it.

- Okay, check it out.
- All right, I'm ready.

- Okay, six bears...
- All the horses drowned!

Are you kidding me?

So, uh... I'm applying to RISD.

Knew you would.

I'm making headway with the application,

but, you know, I could,
uh, use your help

- with the financial aid stuff.
- Yeah, you got it.

I need a copy of your tax return.

I mean, I'm not the one going.

Well, I'm your dependent. It's required.

Mm, I thought she was 18.
You're 18, aren't you, Vic?

Yeah, but they consider you
a dependent till you're 24.

Doesn't seem fair.

Okay, here's the thing...

I haven't paid any taxes
since like '05, you know?

All my work's under the table.

A-A check stub would work,

a direct deposit statement... anything.

If any of my earnings go on paper

and then the government sniffs
me out, we're all screwed.

Thought you wanted me to go.

I do. Of course I do,

but people go to jail
for tax evasion, Brat.

You know what you should do?
You should ask your mom. All right?

She's a lot better about
this stuff than me.

- Ask her.
- Yeah. Okay.

All right.

Wow, Ma.

The yard looks really...
looks really nice.

Cost me everything I made this week

from the Gorsey house and Mrs. Supkin's,

but it was money well spent
if you ask me.

Even the mailman said so... Sean.

Man's got a nice face for a redhead.

That's great. Um, Ma, uh...

Last night, I behaved like a stupid ass.

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

It's all right.


Well, I didn't expect to see you
this morning.

There are fresh sheets on your bed.

I need a copy of your tax return
for college.

Financial aid.

Of course your father
can't give you his.

I clean houses for a living, Vicki.

It's all under the table,
same as your dad.

Honey, I know it's a drag, okay?
But you're old enough.

You got to start learning
about this stuff.

- What stuff?
- What stuff?

We're not the kind of people
who go to college, okay?

And this is exactly why.

You got to start thinking about
getting a real job.

Oh, what? Like scrubbing toilets?

Sorry, I didn't... I didn't mean that.

I know.

You know, there are other options.

You could go to trade school.

Julianne's daughter,

she's going to hairdressing school.

Beauty school's not for me, Mom.

Okay, well...

I still need help cleaning
the Gates' and the Brewsters'

on Friday if you want to
make a little cash.

You can do the floors.
I'll scrub the toilets.

Yeah, thanks, Mom. I'll let you know.


Howdy, Sheriff.

Any word from our lady in Nebraska?

You missed taco night.

I know. I'm sorry.

- Ah, it's all right.
- Did our junkyard lady call?

No, Maggie, and she's not going to,

because her story's crazy.

All right? She's just some
lonely old lady. Look, I...

I need you to let this go.


You're, um...

the closest thing I've got
to a daughter,

and I don't need to find you

half-frozen on a park bench ever again.

Closest thing to a daughter, huh?

Yeah, well, beggars
can't be choosers, right?

Look, I-I'm serious.

You need stability,

and, uh, you've worked so hard
to get it.

So, just step away from
the Scrabble bag, all right?

I'm fine, Joe.

I promise.

Okay? Go...

catch some bad guys or something.

All right.

Talk to you later.



I need a book of... romantic poetry?

The rain fell like daggers

b-beating against the nape of her neck.

She covered her head.

She r-ran, but the rain was relentless.


Oh, sorry. Did I hurt you?

N-No. Uh, I-I think
I have to rain-check.

You're not serious.

I'm s... I'm sorry.

Are you at least gonna help me
find that book?

Yeah. Yeah, later.


I, uh...

Mr. Manx?

It's me.

Have you done as I asked?

The... The Shorter Way,

it was an old bridge.

But, uh... But it's g... it's gone now.

It's there.

And its proprietor can't be far.

Excellent work, Bing.

Get in.

Well, uh, people stopped using it

when they put the paved road in.

A-And then...
then the town tore it down.

A demolished bridge from a bygone time.

Our Strong Creative has an old soul

and a sentimental attachment
to broken things.

Something out there, Mr. Manx?

We are the sum of our parts,
Mr. Partridge.

Any small piece is helpful
in identifying the whole.

But you've spent more time here
than I have, so...

Uh... Uh...

This bridge also tells us
we're looking for

someone who likes to traverse
geographical locations,

who perhaps longs to escape
their circumstances.

Do you know anyone like that, Bing?

Mr. Manx...

How c... How can a person use
a bridge that isn't even there?

There are a great many things
in this world

that don't require sight,
but rather intuition.



Mittens, where are you, boy?

Come here! I got some treats!

You two weirdos seen a
black-and-white cat around here?

No, but we'll keep a lookout.

Okay. Thanks.

You know, it's funny...

my friend and I are also lost,
like your cat.

Salem's south on 95,

if you're looking for the Witch Museum.

Actually, dear,

we're looking for a bridge
called the Shorter Way.

Do you know who rides it?


You wouldn't tell me a fib,
now, would you, Haley Smith?

How do you know my name?

I know a great many things.

For instance, I know
Mittens is a lucky kitty indeed

to have a responsible caretaker
like you.

- He's my friend.
- Of course he is.

You look after each other.

But while you're out here
looking after Mittens,

who's looking after you?

Would you like a candy cane?

Nice try, but my mom taught me

not to take candy from strangers,

especially the ugly ones.

- Ow!
- Unhand her!

Aah! Oww!

We must never mishandle
children, Mr. Partridge!

Hell isn't hot enough for those who do.

Let this be my first and final warning.

I-I-I'm sorry.

Hey! Hey.

What's up with your eye?

Oh, it's allergies.

- Is your mom home?
- Hell if I know.

She's probably getting a wax.

That woman grows hair
like a water buffalo.

You need her for something?

I need her help with RISD.

Oh, you don't need Angela.

For where there is a Willa,
there is always a way.

They're, like, fugitives
from the IRS or some shit,

so I can't even apply for financial aid.

They sound out of their minds.

Yeah, a recurring theme with them.

My dad moved in with his girlfriend.

You're shitting me.

I'm living with them.


She does jewelry.

Like, earrings made from
beer bottle caps.

She calls them "beerrings."

- That's kinda genius.
- No!

But, no offense,
your dad's being a dick.

No, he... he wants to help me.
He just can't.

Dude, forge that shit and sign
his name. It's not that complicated.

I've been signing

Angela's John Hancock since
the sixth-grade whale watch.

Okay, these are government
loans, a federal document.

- I can't just...
- You really can, McQueen.

No, I can't do that to my dad.

Your mom says she knows someone
from RISD's registrar's office.


Say no more. I'll talk to Angela.

We'll organize a trip to Providence.
I'm coming with.

You lock up already?

I left my portfolio in
Ms. Simonson's classroom.

Bing, my entire future
rests on you letting me inside.

But, you know, no pressure either way.

Anyone else,
I'd have left you in the dust.

Aha! Well, good thing you owe me
for that Dr. Incubus comic.

Yeah, maybe.

You okay, Bing?


- Hey...
- I'm kind of nervous.

I started a new job.

I already messed up.

Yeah, my boss is giving me
another chance tomorrow

to do better, but...
I don't know if I can.

Well, sure you can.
You just be yourself.

W-What if, uh...

What if I can't?

You sound like my mother.

That's what she says about me
and college.

- But you know what I say?
- No.

I say, "Screw it." This is America!

Work hard, and you can do
anything you damn well please.

Remember what Dr. Incubus said
to the Blue Heron?

Uh, "If you don't believe in
your greatness,

no one else will."


Thank you, college girl.

I'll just be a minute, Bing.



B-Brat, I need to talk to you.

Wait. How did you find me?

I'm a librarian and a medium.
I can find anybody.

- How did you get here?
- I flew on a plane.

Look, I-I came here to tell you
that you're not safe.

My tiles are never wrong.

Okay. You think I can help you
find that missing kid,

- and I'm sorry, but I can't.
- N-No. I m-mean, yes.

Yes, Vic, I want you to
help me find Danny,

but I didn't fly out here for him.

The Wraith is here,
and he's hunting you.

That doesn't make any sense, Maggie.


Sometimes Strong Creatives
can sense things, each other.

I think he senses you.

- Or your bridge.
- Well, I don't sense him.

- Don't you? Think about it.
- No.

You said you saw my library.
What else have you seen?

This stuff is dangerous, Maggie, okay?

One day, I find you and your library.

The next day, your dog is dead.

Well, that's fine,
'cause I don't have a dog.

Okay. We shouldn't be messing with it.

I'm... I'm not going over
my bridge again,

for anything or anyone.

Vic, my tiles called me.

They never do that!

I can't help you, Maggie.
I'm going to college.

You want to be normal. Okay, I get it.

But we... we are not normal.

I have a chance to
get out of here, Maggie.

I can't pass that up.

Vic, you're the only person that
can help me stop this guy.

The only person.

I'm really sorry you came all this way.

♪ I don't know what keeps me
from dreaming ♪

♪ Things that never were ♪

♪ You can't tell me where I've been ♪

Oh, my God. Looks like you
banged it up pretty good there.


What the hell were you doing?

Stupid shit, I guess.


All right, I'll tell you what...

I'll give you a ride to the job
site and handle this later.

All right. There she is!

Ready for your trip?

Providence, huh?


My kid at college.

Who'd-a thunk it?


I know.

- Have fun, okay?
- I will.

- Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah.


Hey. Are you... Are you sure
you want to leave town?

I mean, your eye was bleeding
a few days ago.

Yeah, from that damn bridge.

But I'm never going out there again,

so just forget it happened, please.

Hey, Vic!


Nice wrench.

- She's fine.
- That's...

She ditched you in eighth grade.

No, she went to a different school.

All right, what about
tea and crumpets over there?

What? You're gonna miss me?

Yeah, like a rash.

- Come on, bitch!
- All right.

Academia awaits!

Have fun blowing stuff up with my dad.

Forget to mention something?

They decided to tag along.

Me and Simon will tour Brown,

and you and Drew can check out RISD.

I thought your parents
disapproved of art school.

Hey, what can I say?

You inspired me.

Ride shotgun, McQueen.

What? It's my car.

Hey. Thanks, Simon.

Any leads on what caused
the power outage?

They're working on it.

It's kind of strange

your generators didn't come on,
isn't it?

Folks online are saying
this place is haunted.

Donnie was on last night,

swore he felt the presence
of a ghost or something.

That idiot just watches way too much TV.

Uh, Michelle usually comes
on Wednesdays.

Oh, we're switching up the schedule.

Did she call out?

She probably talked to Donnie.

Ms. Callahan. Clinical depression.

Ms. Callahan?

We have a young lady here
from New England Reads.

How about a little Toni Morrison, eh?

She always manages to cheer me right up.

♪ Yeah, we're doin' it for the fun ♪

♪ Yeah, we're doin' it for the feel ♪

Check this out!

♪ So come on, baby, don't be shy ♪

♪ So come on, boy, and take a shot ♪

♪ These days,
I'm goin' away without you ♪

♪ These days, we're doin' it
for the feel ♪

♪ These days, we're doing it for the... ♪

These are incredible.


Look at that.

You ever been to
the Lakshana temple in India?

Aside from a wicked weird trip to Iowa,

the farthest I've been from
Haverhill is New Hampshire.

Temple there is one of

the most fascinating structures
I've ever seen.

The facade has these detailed carvings.

I asked the tour guide what they were.

Some kind of ancient legend?

That's what I thought.

The guide says no.


The domes on the temple
are phallic symbols,

and the carvings all depict
the act of making love.

You're a freak, huh, Butler?

Takes one to know one, McQueen.

Man, everyone here is.

Ah, I want to go here so bad.


Me too.

Thank you for meeting with me.

Oh, no. I don't judge your work,

I'm sure it's wonderful.

I'm here to help facilitate

getting you here once you've applied.

- Oh.
- Now, there are a lot

of prospective students
in your position.

What do they do?

Well, if your parents won't

release their income information,

you do have the option to
declare yourself an independent.

I thought you had to be 24.

Yes, unless you meet certain criteria.

The government makes exceptions for

students who are married
or in the military...

um, orphans...

Um, I'm none of those.


There's also an exception

for those who can prove abuse
in their home.

Angela told me a little bit
about your situation.

- No, I-I'm not...
- There is no shame in it.

I don't... I...

It's a lengthy legal process, but...

Are you okay?

What happened to your eye?

No, I never should've come here.

What's... What's wrong?

I don't belong!

- That's crazy.
- My mother is right.

McQueens don't go to college.
We stay in Haverhill, period.

Well, your mother's wrong.

Every day, people do hard things
'cause they want it bad enough.

Oh, what? You really think
you'll get out of going

to your parents' beloved
alma mater in Cambridge?

What if, no matter what we do or say,

Exeter-Harvard is just your path

and Haverhill for life is just mine?

You know, today's the most fun
I've had in years.

So that would really suck.

It really would.

Pharmacy, please call extension 28.

Good afternoon.

I'm with New England Reads.

You want to hear a story?

It's freezing in here, right?

He's been here, hasn't he?

The Wraith?

I'm a medium.

My Scrabble bag told me that

he's hunting a Strong Creative
I know in Haverhill.

When I read about the
unexplained power outage online,

I thought...

Why did he visit you?

Did he mention Vic McQueen?

Okay. It's okay.

This is you?

This is you!

Are you a Strong Creative?

Are these skates your Knife?

He did this to you. He put you here.

He's gonna hurt my friend.


Steve, is that you?


Stop it! You're scaring me!


Call 911!

Are you Father Christmas?

Yes, child.

Rest now.

- The mother.
- Yeah, yeah.


Ah! Did you see the size
of that food court?

Not bad for the Harvard of Rhode Island.

They let you create your own major,

and you can drop a class
a week before finals.

I'm gonna abuse that system like
a crackhead with food stamps.

What's up with
the tortured artist routine?

You freaks like RISD?

Yeah, I loved it.

Me too. I'm applying.

Uh, the doctors Butler are never
gonna let that happen, brother.

It's my life. They don't get to
live it for me.

McQueen's applying, too.

Of course you are,
and you're gonna slay.

Wait. One second!


Vic, thank God.
I've been calling you all day.

Yeah, no, I know.
I'm in Providence, okay?

I can't talk.

No, the Wraith is in Haverhill.

I got confirmation
from another Strong Creative,

an old woman who he paralyzed.

What? Where did you find her?

Essex County Hospital, the psych ward.

I-It's where the power outage
was, and...

- Maggie.
- And I got another message from my tiles.

Does the word "smitten"
mean anything to you?

No. No.

Wraith hunts smitten...

No, it doesn't mean anything.

Look, I know you don't
want to hear it, okay?

- But you can't run from this.
- Thank you for your concern,

Maggie. Can you just go home, please?

- Vic... Vic!
- Sorry, I've... I've got to go.

Vic, let's go!

You ready to head home?


I'm not.

If I were to forge
my father's tax return...

if... how would I do it?

You would ask your genius
friend, and I would help you.

- You really think you could do it?
- I mean...

Bitch, have you ever heard of
the Internet?

I could forge literally anything.

We'll do it on my laptop
the second we get home.

You don't owe your parents a damn thing.

They've done nothing for you

but make you a pawn
in their shitty marriage.

Don't lose out on all of this
because they're being ignorant.

Break the cycle, McQueen.

What's up, Brat?


How was your trip?

Oh, it was great.
I figured everything out.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Knew you would.

You're way smarter than
your dumb-ass dad.

How'd that happen?

From Mom, I guess.

Love you like a big dog.

Love you too, kiddo.


Oh, hey, Steve.

Uh, no.

No, I haven't seen her.

Um, have you checked out by the woods?

I'll be right there.

Come on, Maggie, Maggie...


Maggie. It wasn't "smitten."

- What?
- It wasn't smitten!

♪ Christmastime is here ♪

♪ Happiness and cheer ♪

♪ Fun for all that children call ♪

♪ Their favorite time of year ♪

♪ Snowflakes in the air ♪

♪ Carols everywhere ♪

♪ Olden times and ancient rhymes ♪

♪ Of love and dreams to share ♪

♪ Chrismastime is here ♪

♪ Chrismastime is here ♪

♪ Chrismastime is here ♪

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx