Muted (2023): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

I was the one
who answered your message.

I can help you see her.

Can I have a towel?

"Stay calm."

He's here.

Does she want him to kill her?

Noa's my daughter.

We adopted her shortly after...

Sergio, I know that you want to see her.

But first I need to know
what you want from her.

I'm a psychiatrist,
and I worked with your mom.

You've seen me before.

Maybe you don't remember,
but it was here, at your house.

During the reconstruction.

I don't believe that.

It's the truth.

How can I know that?

It's her.

Or not.

How do I know?

Let me call her and Noa will tell you.

Noa, it's your phone!

So you couldn't even stay
until the end of the concert?

- How's Noa?
- Annoyed, what did you expect?

I need to talk to her.

If you were so eager

to talk to her, you shouldn't have
dashed off to work, as always.

I'm not at work.


Please, tell me.

What's happening?


If there was any other way,
I would do it, believe me.

But it's the only solution.

Where are you right now?

I need Noa to see her brother.

Is he there with you?

I could've said nothing.

I could've just given him
the school's address, or ours.

And they would've met
without your knowledge.

But I wanted you to know first.

And to agree to it.

Noa is never going to meet with Sergio.

You hear that?

We have to let her make her own decision.

You're crazy. You're crazy.

Beñat, please let her.

I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't really important.

What are you doing with my phone?

Here, it's your mom.


Noa, I'm with your brother.
Sergio wants to see you.


Dad, wait!

They hung up.

What are you doing?

Protecting you.

Like your mother should be.

Greta, we have to do something.
This is out of control.

Yeah, yeah, damn it, I know.

But we need to think very hard
about what we're gonna do.

And Cabrera, God knows what he'll do.

She's completely lost her mind.

We're in luck, then.

Because I've just seen
the corpse of Sergio's tutor.

Here, at the greenhouse.

After this, he'll be locked up for good.

But was it him?

Does it matter?

His ankle monitor was found right next
to the body, so with that alone,

we have enough to lock him up.


it's time for us to shut down
that psychiatrist forever.


We are paid very well to respond
imaginatively to questions like that.

All right guys, show's over.

We're going to arrest Sergio Ciscar.
He's a suspect for Natanael's murder.

But Ana's still in there.

Cabrera, if the police burst in suddenly,
he could react violently.

Well, that was her decision.

He just wants to talk to Noa.

And once he does,
Ana will probably be able to leave.

Please, at least let me try to help her.

Listen, my people are coming.
What you do in the meantime is up to you.

Great. That's great.

They turned it off.

Let's wait for a bit and... and try again.

Noa's dad just needs
some time to accept this.

I had more time to prepare myself for you
coming back into my daughter's life.

- What do you mean, more time?
- I studied your case.

I know everything about you.

- Give me back the phone!
- I won't.

- Just give it back!
- No, goddamn it. I won't do it.

You can tell my wife to leave us alone.

You hear me?

I'm not with her, Beñat.

Is it true she's with Sergio?

Yes, but he's stable for now.

He just wants to talk to his sister.

- Beñat, I'm asking you to allow it.
- You too, huh?

- Is no one thinking of Noa or what?
- I want to go.

You don't know what you're saying.

- But why won't you let me?
- Because I'm scared, damn it.

I'm scared for you.

I'm not.

Calm down.

Sergio, calm down.

Shut up! Shut the hell up!

Don't tell me to calm down.

I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you, crazy bitch.

I know about what your mom did.

When she was trying
to control your impulses.

How do you know that?

I just do.

I also know that she tried
an experimental drug on you.

I'll call you later.

It must have been hard
to feel observed 24 hours a day.

Knowing that she would
analyze every movement

and every word.

Even your silence.

Let me show you something.

She watched you from in here.

Oh, sh...



Yeah, it's Noa. It's Noa.

Sergio, wait!

It's Noa.

I know that I've been mean to you.

I just wanna explain that...

Someone leaked a sex tape of me.

- I thought it was you.
- Get out of here!

If we don't do something fast,
they're gonna end up dead.

She's really lost it.

What's up? Where are you?

Then hurry the fuck up.

Please, just let me explain.

Marta, you'd better go.

Why are you here?

How do you know her?

How do you know her?!

She's... a psychiatrist.

- No.
- She's been spying on you this whole time.

- Marta, shut up!
- Your house is full of cameras.

Shut your mouth!

No. Sergio, I'm Noa's mother.

You're just a fucking liar, Ana!

There's one right there!

Look. Look!

- What's she doing?
- No fucking way.

They're watching right now.

No, no, no, no.

- You see?
- Those fucking bastards.

It's gone.


I think there are more.
They're in your bedroom, I'm sure of it.

No. No, no, no!

There was
a camera next to the mirror.

The owl camera. He got it.

There it goes.


There are more in the bathroom.

Sergio, Sergio, Sergio...

Over there. It faces the shower.

There's more in the living room.

We're gonna lose them all.

I'm sure there's one up there.

This is what happens
when you work with kids.

It's out of control.

We need the special operations team
in here right now.

We'll cordon off the area.

And tell them they need to send snipers.

I don't care if you have
to wake up the fucking secretary.

I need it now.

Come on!

Snipers, really?

Well, dead dogs don't bite.

I decided to help you
because Ana lost her way.

But you're no better than her.

- If something bad happens here...
- What?


I plan to tell them everything.

You won't do anything. And you know why?

Because you're a coward.

They also watch you
when you're on the balcony.

Sergio, please stop. Please listen.

- Wait.
- Don't listen to her.

She manipulates everyone.
It's what she d...



Please, listen.

Don't you dare touch her!

What the fuck are you doing here?

You followed me here?

I didn't have to. I knew you'd be here.

I want you to get this
in your fucking head, we're over!

Marta. Please, wait.

Why don't you leave us alone?

Do you think I told her to come?!
Huh? Well, I don't care if she dies!



Sergio, I'm just trying to help you here.

You want to help me? Huh?!

Huh?! You want to help, right?

You're all listening, aren't you?
I'm only gonna say it once!

Bring me Noa right now, or I'll kill her!

I'll kill her!

We have to do something, Greta.

He's out of control.
I don't know what to do here, Mikel.

No! Sergio! No!


Don't do it.

Please, think of Noa.

Don't lose her again.


Marta, go.

Sorry to call so late,
but I have important information.

Cabrera bribed a researcher

to hack the hard drives

and destroy all the information on them
that was related to the laboratories.

This researcher, would they be
willing to speak with me on their own?

Yeah, he's already
speaking with you right now.

And I have evidence.

I'll handle it.



Does it hurt?


I know we've both done things
that we shouldn't have.


I've been a total asshole to you,
I know that.


But I love you, okay?

I love you, damn it.

We should just forget about
everything that happened and start over.


Noa's not coming, is she?

I don't know.

They're not picking up the phone.

Neither her nor my husband.

Why don't you leave too?

Because I've got nowhere to go.

Why did you hurt Blanca?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll open it.

You appreciated my mom, right?

Very much.

She treated me better than my own.


You were luckier than me.

Thanks for coming.

You're not the only one who insisted.

Is Sergio here?

No. No.

But you can see him.


I need to understand you.

This is beyond me.

Why did you do it?

My mother started medicating Noa.

And I just couldn't handle it.

She could do whatever she wanted with me,
but not with her.

Noa was the only good thing I had.

I told her to stop,
but she wouldn't listen.

And then my dad came.

And I told him.

He believed me.

So he demanded
that she stop the medication.

She just started screaming
and insulting him.

My dad finally told her no.

For the first time.

The argument became more and more violent.

Until he pushed my mom off the balcony.

I couldn't believe it.

And my dad was saying, "What have I done?
What have I done? What have I done?"

He just loved her so much.

And he knew
that he couldn't live without her.

So he jumped after her.

I could only think of Noa.

I couldn't let her come out
and see their bodies down there.

So I went to her room
until the police came.

Why didn't you tell them
what you've just told me?

Because they wouldn't have believed me.

My mom was a famous scientist.

And I was a kid with a bad reputation.

And I was still a minor.

So I knew
that I'd be able to get out soon.

And I could be with her again.

Noa's the only thing I care about.

I hear you.

I'm the same as you.

I've never fit in either.

I've always been different too.

Everyone thinks I'm a little bit strange.

There are those

who don't understand that,
even though I'm different,

I'm still just a person.


I never found my place.

Not in school.

Not with my family.

I've always done
what I knew I was supposed to.

I got married.

I got pregnant.

But I lost it.

And even then,
I didn't feel what I was supposed to.

I feel a terrible... anguish.

I'm never going to hurt you.

I love you.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Mom is not okay.

She chose this path, Noa.

I have to go.

Noa, no.



Sergio, what you said isn't true.

Okay, Mom.
I'll get a book and go to bed.

Hi, Sergio.

Sergio, don't you think it's late?

And you haven't taken your medication.

- I'll get it for you.
- No!

I'm not going to let
you poison me, never again!

We've talked about this.

You can't stop taking the treatment,
or only take it when you want.

You need to have a consistent schedule.

- Didn't you hear me?!
- Yes, I heard you perfectly.

Do you think I'll change my mind
if you raise your voice?


You scare your sister
when you behave this way.

So I have to let you torture me like this?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

What's wrong?

- Sergio!
- Javier, please don't. Go with Noa.

He's doing it again?

Yes, again, sweetheart.
You know he always gets over it.

- I'm going to bed.
- All right.

Don't take the medication today,
and we'll lower the dose tomorrow.

I'm done! You understand?!

Give me that.

You see what happens
when you don't take your medication?

Sergio, just breathe!

Just breathe, please!


Sergio, please!

Try to calm down.

No, no!


Sergio, listen.

What you're experiencing
is just a mental block.

The absence of medication has caused...

...a chemical imbalance
in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

That causes rage.

And violent impulses.



You'll do the same thing to her,
won't you?

Do what to her?

You'll give her drugs
and study her like me, won't you?!




Help me!

No! No!

No, no! No, no...

No! No!

No, Sergio, please!


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?
What have you done, you bastard?!

What have you done?!

You killed your mother!

You killed her!

I was right there.


She was giving me drugs.

And she was going to do the same to you.
She made our lives a living hell.

She was medicating you
because you were out of control.

We were scared of you.

That's not true, no fucking way.

What is not true is that Mom abused you.

She was cold and not very affectionate,
but she loved us. She even loved you.

And you killed her.

Then why the hell did you come?!

I'm not here for you.

Mom, let's go, come on.

He'll end up hurting you,
he's already started.

About fucking time, damn it.

Mom, please.

About time.

Subcommissioner Cabrera.

I'll go in with you.

You're not going anywhere.

That's not your decision.

Nope, it's our bosses' decision.

I've been ordered to arrest you.

Hey, hey, hey.

I know how this goes.





Let's go home, Dad.

Come on.

What's he doing?

Sergio, no...

Please, no.

Where are you going?

Ana, no fucking way!