Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 8, Episode 13 - The Incurables - full transcript

Detective Murdoch investigates the death of Nurse Collins who seems to have been killed by a patient, Rose Maxwell, at the insane asylum where Dr, Ogden works. Somehow, the extremely violent Rose managed to get out of her room and knock out the guard, Samuel Drainie. It appears she then used his knife to stab nurse Collins 14 times; there were also bite marks on the body. Rose, who killed her entire family, also blames Dr. Ogden and Dr. Grace for her current predicament and has vowed revenge. Crabtree finds all of the women's fingermarks on the murder weapon but it's the frequent visits from Rose's brother Cedric that initially draws his attention. The solution to the mystery lies elsewhere however.

Ow! Dammit.

What is it?

Ward C.

Nurse Collins. I...

- What's happening?
- They got out.

- Who?
- The incurables.

I'm coming in with you.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

It's OK, baby. It's OK.

- Yeah. Mommy...
- Rose,

- get away from her.
- No.

I need you to move away from
her. I need to help the nurse.

I doubt you need that.

She's dead, dear. Long dead.

Then I really need you to step away,

- Rose.
- Well, are you gonna do it?

You said you were gonna tear her to pieces!

There she is.

Get off of me!

No, no, no!

Lock her in her room.

- Mr. Drainie! Mr. Drainie!
- Oh! Oh!

- Are you alright?
- Ah! Ah! What happened?

I was hit from behind.

Where's Nurse Collins?

She's dead, Mr. Drainie.

Jean's dead.

One of those monsters killed her.

- And she did it with my knife!
- Don't touch that!

I need you to escort
them all into their rooms.

Why, thank you very much.

It's so rare to have

such gentlemanly behaviour these days.

Will you be leaving soon?
My babies need their sleep.

- They need the lights out.
- Hannah, can I come help?

Of course, Girly.

Of course.

Thank you, Dr. Ogden.

OK, baby. We're OK.

Shh, shh. Shh, shh...

Miss Pearce.

Well, that was certainly more
exciting than most evenings in here.

- Did you see anything?
- Of course not.

And if I did...

Can you have your staff
transfer her to Dr. Grace?

Of course.

How did they all get out of their rooms?

I don't know.

The guard on duty's name is Samuel Drainie.

If the patients have
behaved themselves, they are

allowed a half-hour free
time in the recreation room.

After that, they are
locked up for the evening.

And you locked in Rose Maxwell?

I didn't have to. She has not been
allowed out of her room all day.

She'd been just unusually agitated.


No more than usual, actually.

Why take a knife into that ward?

I've been attacked 4 times. Who wouldn't?

I see. So, after locking
in the remaining patients,

you checked to be sure Miss
Maxwell's room was secure?

I've been doing this job for 15 years.

There are very few duties to forget.

All of the rooms are
locked with one common key?

That's right, yes. And
the ward door as well.

Well then, Mr. Drainie,
how did they all get out?

I don't know.

I heard a commotion, I went to respond.

Nurse Collins was being attacked!

And they were all out of their rooms?

- I... I think so.
- You think so?

A nurse was being attacked.
I didn't do a head count!

Oh, Mr. Drainie.

Your lantern.

Oh! Thank you.


It's possible he may have forgotten

to lock one of the doors, but all of them?

It's not likely.

One of the patients could
have got hold of a key.

Perhaps Rose Maxwell, the
one who killed Nurse Collins.

- I'd like a word with her.
- So would I.

Miss Maxwell has a serious
psychiatric condition.

She's not responsible for her actions.

Be that as it may, Julia. It
makes her no less dangerous.

Rose, may we speak with you for a moment?

Miss Maxwell, we need to
ask you some questions.

How did you get out of your room?

The door was open.

- You're saying that you...
- Is that Detective Murdoch I hear?

I want to speak with you.

Only you.

You finally come for a visit.

You're not my patient, Rose.

You remember the island, don't you, Julia?

We had a gay time there.

We're not here to talk about that.

I wish I had killed you all.

All of you congratulating that witch

for taking my Cedric away.


Miss Pearce.

You're looking so well.

How's married life?

Has it settled into a dull routine yet?

I find that is usually the
case, especially for the man.

Thank you, Miss Pearce.

I shouldn't be locked
up with these lunatics.


I was just so distraught
when my fianc? jilted me.

I didn't know what I was
doing. I just lost my mind.

If I could go back in time...

Miss Pearce,

I know that you are as sane as I am.

No need to try to convince me otherwise.

It is amazing what a good
lawyer can do for you, isn't it?

Miss Pearce, I only need
to hear one thing from you.

Did you or did you not see

Rose Maxwell kill Nurse Collins?

What would you like me to say?

I can say anything you want.

Good night, Miss Pearce.

When I get out, I expect
you will be calling on me.


Why did you kill Nurse Collins?

I had the chance.

- That's it?
- That was enough.

- So, you admit to killing her?
- Of course.

Julia, I liked that feeling.

- I had almost forgotten it.
- That's enough, Rose.

And please...

give my regards to Emily Grace.

We're done here.

Please lock the door.

- Get off of her!
- YAA! You're next!

- See that she's restrained.
- Yes, sir.


- Julia.
- No!

Are you alright?

- Your arm?

- No! Enough!
- It's fine.

She was stabbed 11 times.

No one could have survived the attack.

- Rose is an extremely violent woman.
- I am all too aware of that.

You know she still takes no responsibility

for any of her actions on the island

- or before?
- She murdered her family.

She murdered her friends.
Who would want to face that?

Now, she vows revenge on both of us.

- Revenge for what?
- For surviving, I suppose.

Do you... do you think,

maybe, she should be transferred
to another institution?

One further away from us?

Emily, that's not necessary.

An ax-wielding maniac
vows revenge on you...

and me for that matter... and
you don't think it necessary?

She's in custody.

Alright. It's just a caution.

Of course.


there were bite marks on the body.


I need to speak with you.



Julia, is everything alright?

It's nothing, William.

Just an unpleasant dream.

- Go back to sleep.
- Are you sure?

It was reported that all of the inmates

were out of their rooms when
Mr. Drainie entered the Ward.

All except Eva Pearce.

Apparently she remained in
her room during the commotion.

And they just wander around free?

Well, no, sir, not usually.

You said the old bugger was forgetful.

Yes, but I'm not inclined to believe

- he forgot to lock every room.
- And no one saw anything?

Well, there's no one
usually down there, sir.

Mr. Drainie stops in once
an evening but that's it.

Whose fingermarks are on the knife?

George is working on that as we speak.

Hey, look.

- Constable.
- Go away!

Don't you have mine on file?

Miss Pearce.

Or did you just want to
get close to me again?

You're very gentle.

Come and see her.

That's all, Miss Pearce.

Hello, Constable Crabtree.

- Mrs. Lynd.
- I do apologize

for trying to kill you
the last time I saw you.

- I misjudged you.
- Mrs. Lynd, we all make mistakes.

I trust you're staying on
the right side of the road?

- I am indeed.
- Good boy.

- Good to see you, Mrs. Lynd.
- You too.

- Oh well...
- Hush, I'm sure the constable

will only be a minute.

Constable, can you take Suzanne's as well?

She would love you to.


Yes, of course.

What the devil is this?

Hard to say no to a child, sir.

So all of their fingermarks
were on the murder weapon?

Yes. All but Eva Pearce.

We can't ignore the possibility

that one of the other women
in the ward is the killer.

What about Rose Maxwell's admissions?

She's a deluded woman, Julia.

- I have a duty to make inquiries.
- We have a duty.

- William?
- She tried to kill you, Julia.

- I'm not entirely comfortable...
- And I'm not a schoolgirl.

Miss Maxwell, you've been telling people

that you killed Nurse Collins. Why?

Because I did.

Is it possible you might
be stretching the truth?

No. I attacked her.

- Did she struggle?
- She didn't have a chance.

She was a tough old bird.

I bit her and she didn't even squawk.

And you're sure she was still alive?

I certainly am.

I must say I was glad to
see Nurse Collins dead.

- Why?
- She was a cruel,

spiteful woman.

She would take my babies away from me.

With the slightest provocation,
she'd just take them away.

I love my babies.

You picked up the knife? Why?

Seemed a handy thing to have.

I don't like to speak ill of the dead,

but she got what she deserved.

She was wicked,

and the wicked are to be punished.

His will was done.

The murder of an innocent
woman was God's will?

Oh-oh-oh, she was far from innocent.

What did Nurse Collins do
that deserved to be punished?

I can't say.

- Mrs. Lynd...
- No. I won't say.

You'll have to ask Charlotte.

She was her favourite.

Did you see anything?

I didn't. I was suffering

from a migraine and they
can be terribly blinding.

Charlotte, if you saw
something, you need to tell us.

- I didn't.
- Don't lie to me, Charlotte.

I need to know the truth.

What happened?

Leave her alone! She said
she didn't see anything!

Detective, may I have a moment?

- Maddie?
- Yes?

Were you holding the knife?


To keep Rose away from Girly.
She's not all there, you know.


can I talk to Girly?


Girly, it's me. Dr. Ogden.

Can I talk to you for a moment?

Hello, Dr. Ogden.

Hello, Girly.


How are you?



do you know what Nurse
Collins did to Charlotte?

Will you tell me?

- I'll get in trouble.
- No.

No, Girly, you won't. I promise.

Nurse would come into
Charlotte's room at night

and she would touch her

in places she wasn't supposed to.

Thank you, Girly.

Do you believe her?

She's 3 years old.

I don't think she would lie.

Did she say anything else?

Only that the nurse would touch
Charlotte in private places.

I've asked to see all of the
files relating to Nurse Collins

to see if I can find any corroboration.

None of the others reported any violations.

Maybe she didn't do it
to any of the others.

Let's find out.

I would offer you tea, but as you can see,

my accommodations are somewhat sparse.

- We don't care for tea.
- And what will you do for me

if I answer your questions?

You should be grateful
you still have your life.

I told you, Detective,

I will say and do whatever you want.

Did you ever see

Nurse Collins acting improperly

around any of the patients here?

- What would you like me to say?
- Did she molest anyone?

I keep to myself.

But if you would like me
to speak ill of the dead...

This is obviously a waste
of everyone's time, Doctor.

Just give me a moment, Detective.


Rose Maxwell is a vicious killer.

I doubt she needs a
reason to do what she does.

She talks about it all the time, you know.

She thinks you are the reason
she and Cedric aren't together.

You threw her in here
and destroyed her life.

What did Nurse Collins do
to make Rose attack her?

She's getting bolder, you know.

She's waiting for you

to let down your guard, and when you do...

Miss Pearce, why are
you trying to scare me?

What do you think that's going to achieve?

I'm not trying to scare you.

I'm just letting you know
what I'm looking forward to.

Because I know the reason I'm in here.

You're here because you're a
murderer trying to evade justice.

No, I'm here because you're scared of me.

Have you seen the way
your husband looks at me?

I'm sure you have.

You may think he loves you,

but you know he desires me.

Perhaps I did misjudge
you. You're clearly deluded.

Oh, am I? Once I get out,

I'll show you who's the deluded one.

Eva, you're never getting out.


You're exactly where you deserve to be!

I must confess I lost my temper.

- Perfectly understandable.
- She may know the truth.

She'll never surrender it.

Doctor, why don't they let me see Rose?

I was told you are not allowing
her to receive visitors?

- That's true.
- Why?

Because she killed someone, Mr. Maxwell.

- Only yesterday.
- Who the devil are you?!

Detective William Murdoch.
Toronto Constabulary.

My sister would not kill
anyone without reason.

Mr. Maxwell, I know from
first-hand experience what

your sister can do. I was there
when she killed your fianc?e.

What was the reason there?

Rose felt my marriage to
Lavinda would rend us asunder.

She didn't want that.

And that's a reason to kill someone?

Rose felt Lavinda

was a threat to her happiness.
That is why she killed her.

- You excuse her actions?
- I understand them.

Now, if I may, I would
like to see her, please.

I'm sorry, Mr. Maxwell,
but I cannot permit that.

- But I need to see her.
- Mr. Maxwell...

... go home.

How often does he visit?

I don't know, William.

- He never missed a day.
- That's unusual.

A very devoted brother.

Is there an address on file?

- Not mine!
- Hurry up!

You like it here?

Now, sir, this is where
Cedric Maxwell's been staying

since his sister's confinement.
Previous to this, he had

- a lovely house in Rosedale.
- What happened to it?

Apparently he's spending every
penny trying to help Rose.

Without much success.

Oh... From Rosedale to this.

I suppose the lawyers were
more dear than he imagined, sir.

They always are.

Letters from Rose, sir.

Are we sure they were brother and sister?

- Yes, George. Why?
- "I cannot bear to be apart."

"I ache for you.

At night I burn."

Sir, hardly writing from
a sister to a brother.

"I burn."

Train tickets, sir.

Cedric was to depart
with somebody last night.

The same night his sister escaped her room.

On a trip Miss Maxwell
was unable to take...

in spite of her brother's best efforts.

We haven't found Cedrix
Maxwell yet. But... we will.

- I'd like to see those letters.
- Of course.

It would appear that he slipped his sister

a key to her room. We also
found 2 unused train tickets.

He intended to flee the city.

So it would seem.

Whoever knows the direction

one's life will take?

Yes, inside.

Go inside.

Remember the grapes?

I did, I did. They're in the kitchen!

Mr. Maxwell?

Mr. Maxwell, we need to have a word.

You have a filthy mind.

The content of the
letters seems clear enough.

Rose is my adopted sister.
We loved one another.

And yet you attempted to marry another.

I attempted to live in a way...

that society deemed I should.

It was a mistake.

Rose could see that.

Do you deny making this?

It was found in your rooming house.

I'm going to assume that it's
the key to your sister's ward.

Do you deny that?

Where did you get the
key to make this mold?

That prison guard left it on his desk.

Rose didn't deserve to be in there.

We were going to leave the city,

- start a new life.
- And yet she ended someone else's.

- Why would she do that?
- She wouldn't.

All she wanted to do was be with me.

She wouldn't have risked
that by killing that nurse.

She wouldn't have risked
losing that chance.

She loves me.


can I see the key your
brother Cedric gave you?

He didn't give me anything.

Miss Maxwell, your brother told me

he gave you a key so you
could escape from this door.


Thank you.

It doesn't fit.

Of course, it doesn't.

But that's why I have to get
out of here. Can't you see?

I don't understand.

Cedric can't live in this world alone.

He talked for months about
how he was going to get me

out of here, how he was going to save me,

how we could start over.

He's my younger brother
and I love him but...

But what?

He is an incompetent.

Nothing Cedric does ever works!

He picked a harpy for a bride.

He picked a lawyer who fleeced him dry.

I have to be out in the
world to protect him.

Miss Maxwell, if the
key your brother gave you

didn't unlock the door,

then how did you get out?


pulled on the door, and it opened.

I thought it was a gift from God.

He was rewarding us,
even though Cedric failed.

And why didn't you just leave?

Meet your brother and
escape? He booked tickets.

I wanted to make sure the witch was dead.

I wanted to make sure

she wasn't going to hurt anyone else!

Since Cedric's plan failed,

clearly someone other than
Rose opened those doors.

Mr. Drainie?

Well, I could see him

forgetting to secure Rose's door.

But opening all of them?
That was a deliberate act.

I have to take another
look at all these files.

One of them killed Nurse
Collins and is blaming Rose.

- Can it wait until morning?
- I'd rather do it tonight.

When shall I expect you then?

William, when you've been
working on one of your cases,

have you ever heard me ask that question?

Right. I'll see you later then, Julia.

Thank you, William.

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

Already avoiding Mrs. Murdoch?

- She's working late, sir.
- In the loony bin?

Julia assures me

- that she can take care of herself.
- Murdoch,

if there's no chance of punishment,
why bother solving the crime?

- To find out the truth, sir.
- The truth is

one of those lunatics killed someone,

and they will pay nothing
for having done it.

Sir, those files you asked for.

Oh, George, thank you.

I can no longer live in a world

that is so uncivil.

Thieves and liars all around us.

There are no more decent people.

And how is one to live when
that is the way of the world?

I just couldn't stand

to see them suffer.

Maggie would scream and
cry from morning till night.

And Little Sarah suffered

most extremely with rashes. I...

I just wanted to let them sleep,

to let them rest,

- let them find peace.
- Yes, two others

who live with me.

I know that now, but

I have them under control.

Or at least I think I do.

I just don't know who to believe sometimes.

The world wants to deny me my happiness.

But I wasn't gonna let that happen.

People tell me I killed my family.

I only did that to protect Cedric.

Oh. Ha.

Here. Thank you, Samuel.

- They're all secure tonight.
- Of course, they are.

Sure wouldn't want that to happen again.

Nor would I.

And you want to be here alone?

Like you said, they're all locked up.

Samuel, before you were knocked
out, did you see anything?

- Oh... I wish I had.
- Was Eva Pearce

out in the ward when you saw Nurse Collins?

I don't believe so.

Of all of them, she's the least trouble.

Thank you, Samuel.

It's not that simple to
be a woman in the world.

I was engaged to be
married to a wonderful man.

I had been a poor girl
all my life, and suddenly

a world of promise and wonder

was laid out for me.

And then he discarded me.

I was desperate and betrayed.

And something just snapped.

After that, I was blind,

I couldn't recall anything that I did.

But I was so full of rage.

It's alright. Don't be scared.

- Girly?
- Hello!

Hello, Doctor.

Dr. Ogden.

So nice of you to join us.

- Help!
- No one can hear us

when one of us needs help.
I doubt they can hear you.

My baby isn't feeling well.
Could you take a look at her?

Miss Pearce, I need you to
open the door and let me out.

You are no longer in the
position of telling me what to do,

of telling any of us what to do.

And what is it you're planning to do?

Me? I'm going to leave this place.

I asked very politely,

even followed legal
channels, all to no avail.

Then open the door and walk out.

- I intend to.
- Get me out of this!

Oh, she's getting anxious.

Please Dr. Ogden, can you just
look at her. She's not well.

Why are you doing this to me?

Because you're vindictive and cruel.

You know I don't belong in here,
but you are keeping me here,

because you're afraid
I'll take your husband.


Where did you get those clothes?

An admirer. I have plenty of them.

None of us in here are very happy with you.

How could you have allowed
us to be under the care

of Nurse Collins?

I had my practice in
another part of the building.

I never even associated with Nurse Collins.

- I had never even heard of her until...
- Rose killed her?

So, if I'm to understand you correctly,

you're pleading ignorance?
Is that your excuse?

It is not an excuse, it's a fact.

She was a horrid person!

You allowed her in here with us!

- I didn't even know...
- A wise woman

knows what goes on under her own roof.

It's time for Rose to do her work.


is that you?

Charlotte, you have to help me.
I know you're not a murderer.

- You can't let them do this.
- I can't stop them.

- Please!
- There is a way out.

- Show me.
- Won't tell them I told you?

- Of course not.
- We have to hurry.

There's a broken window in my bedroom.

If you're careful, you can climb out.

Fooled you!

If there was a broken window in here,
wouldn't we have left through it?

You must be scared. Because your
thinking isn't making any sense!

Ah! Ah!

I thought you wanted to make us better.

- I do.
- Can you believe that?

She says she wants to make you better

and the first thing she
does is try and run away.

No one will make you better.

I've heard what they
call you: the incurables.

You will live in this room until you die.

If you want out, follow me.

Where did you get that?

I have friends everywhere.

I can be a very popular girl.

Hmm, when we get out,
Eva and I are gonna find

a couple of fine men,
live the life of Riley.

Please, all of you. Please be quiet.

I don't want to leave. I
just want you to be quiet.

- My girls need their sleep.
- Sleepy time!

Don't. Stop it! Stop it!

They're not real.

You're hurting her!

Hannah, what happened to your baby?

- Get away from me!
- Let me help you with your babies.

- Don't touch her!
- Hannah, I can help you.

- Don't cry.
- She doesn't deserve any comfort.

There's no greater sin than
that of hurting a child.

You reap what you sow.

Help! Help! Mr. Drainie!

Friends everywhere.

- Did he give you that key?
- Men give me a lot of things.

- Why?
- Men are simple.

I should be going.

I'm sorry for what Nurse
Collins did to you all.

I will try to make it right!

Nurse Collins never did anything to me.

Or them either, I'll wager.

Then who did?

Mr. Drainie.

Not Nurse Collins.

It was Mr. Drainie that
visited them at night.

Very good.

And you knew and you said nothing?

Oh, I said plenty. I told
Nurse Collins about Mr. Drainie.

She was horrified.

And then I told Mr.
Drainie what I had told her.

And he killed her.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Why did he unlock all of the doors?

I told him to.

I wanted to help these poor women.

At least that's more than
anything you ever did for them.

But you showed up before
anyone could get away.

- Why didn't you tell us what you saw?
- That wouldn't have got me out of here.

Only Mr. Drainie could do that.

So I told Mr. Drainie I'd
be needing the key again.

And then I told him I
wanted to see you in here,

just to see how you like it.

You're not leaving.
You're not getting away!

Mine! Give it to me!


Goodbye, Dr. Ogden.

Rose, put that down.

If you hurt me,

you will never see Cedric again.

I'm going to kill you

and leave this place. I'll see Cedric.

Eva Pearce!

Stop! Eva, stop!

Off of me!

So you are choosing me over Dr. Ogden?

What are you talking about?

Where do you think she
is, Detective Murdoch?

And who do you think she's with?

That is, if she's still with us.

Maddie, don't!

- You... you hurt her.
- Don't do this!

- You can't make me.
- If you hurt me,

- Charlotte will be punished.
- I will!

And Girly. All of them will be punished.

If you hurt me,

they'll all be locked away forever!

And it will be your fault, Maddie!

Charlotte, don't let her do this!

Charlotte. I know what
Mr. Drainie did to you.

He'll pay for it, I swear!

I swear!

Dr. Ogden?

What's wrong?


- Julia.
- It was Drainie.

Yes, yes, it's alright, I've got you.

Well, you took your own
sweet time, didn't you?

What did he say?

He admits to taking

liberties with some of the female patients.

He would don a nurse's uniform and

interfere with them.

Most of them were drugged,
so they had no idea what was

- happening to them.
- Except Eva.

Mr. Drainie said Eva Pearce

confronted him with the knowledge.

And she also informed him that
she had told Nurse Collins.

And he admits to killing her?

Yes. He killed the nurse

and then unlocked all of the doors.

Good Lord!

His real name is Jamison Wilkes.

He was incarcerated
when he was 12 years old

for the assault of his abusive father.

He was in and out of institutions
most of his early years.

It would appear his demons returned to him.

I don't think the demons
ever leave, William.

And the asylum

never checked his
credentials? His past history?

No, they did not.

- Well, that is going to change.
- I should hope so.

There's also not going to be

a ward where patients
are kept in isolation.

Can they be helped?

At least they can be properly attended to.

Where is Eva Pearce?

Oh, I'm sure we'll find her.

Or she'll find you.


I've been robbed, sir,
attacked most brutally.

Could you help me?


Of course, madam.

Of course.

I'd like to introduce my
nephew Charlie Brackenreid.

Guest starring Charlie Clements.

- I love this music!
- Hello, ladies.

Just be sure to keep
this place to yourselves.

We wouldn't want to be begin attracting

the right sort of people.

Murdoch Mysteries,

next Monday at 8:00 on CBC.