Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - A Midnight Train to Kingston - full transcript

Detective Murdoch, Inspector Brackenreid, Dr. Ogden and several others are transporting serial killer James Gillies to the prison in Kingston, Ontario where he is scheduled to be executed the next day. It creates a bit of a stir among the passengers when they learn who is being transported. Among them are Aaron Rauls, a late arrival on the train and Nathaniel Henry. Both come under suspicion when the police find a dead man, Dennis Bolton who was released from the Don jail just a week ago. There's no direct connection between Bolton and Gillies but both were in the same jail at the same time. As tensions rise, it becomes evident that Gillies has arranged for several ex-convicts to be on the train - all part of his plan to escape.

It's gonna be a good day tomorrow, Murdoch.


This piece of lowlife
scum gets what he deserves.

Isn't that right?

This isn't about vengeance, sir.

Sometimes that's all it's about.

I can't believe we're
taking him out of Toronto.

We can handle him though, right, George?

- George?
- Yes, of course we can, Henry.

Right, we're here.

All right, it's time to go. Now.

Has anyone boarded at this station?

- No, sir.
- Good.


- Slight change in plans.
- What is it, Jackson?

They didn't assign a
private car to this train.

- We're to take over the bar car.
- That wasn't the arrangement.

- I know, sir.
- I was told that we were to...

Sir, the bar car is fine.

Uh, the bar car is locked from the inside.

Another change in plans, it would seem.

- And no one boards, Crabtree. Remember that.
- Sir.

Ladies and gentlemen,
there's no cause for alarm.

We'll be continuing our journey shortly.

Oh! Oh!

Sorry, ma'am.

Who's the man, Mother?

Never you mind.

Sorry, gentlemen.

Service has been suspended for the evening.

- Uh, I just ordered.
- Bar's closed.

Return to your seats, please.

I don't like this.

Neither do I. I'd just
as soon finish it here.

You can't hang a man before his time,

and I'm not due to be
hanged until tomorrow.

Thank you.

There's been a change of plan, Gillies.

You'll be hanged on schedule,
just not where you were expecting.

Oh, good. I do love train rides.

Don't you, Detective?

I want two men in this car at all times.

No exceptions.

Oh, and let's have a
constable outside the door.

I don't want anybody coming in.

- Yes, sir.
- Gentlemen,

James Gillies has escaped custody twice.

Let's make sure he doesn't
make it a hat trick.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Report anything out of the ordinary.


I still think you shouldn't be here.

I intend to bear witness, Inspector.

It's my right.

- Bloody hell.
- What is it?

Some bugger's trying to get on the train.

Hodge! Don't let him out of your sight.

It seems already things
aren't turning out as planned.

(Gillies laughs.)

Oy! You with the beard. Stop right there!

Toronto Constabulary. What's your name?

Aaron Rauls.

Where you headed?


Montreal? This train's going to Kingston.

And then on to Montreal, sir.

Why did you not board at Union Station?

I knew I'd be too late. (Rauls panting)

I hired a hansom to get here.

Since when was being late
for the train a crime?

Don't get bloody smart with me, sunshine.

Let's have a look at your ticket.


Everything appears to be in order, sir.

Do you know a James Gillies?

You do.

Of course I do.

You could hardly pick up a newspaper

without reading about that fiend.

All right. But don't be late
for the train in the future.

Trust me, I won't. May I?

- It's closed.
- Please take a seat, sir.


Take note of where he
sits. Check in on him.

Yes, sir.

Keep an eye on him, Jackson.

A constant eye, sir?

Constant eye it is.

(train whistle)

Name, please?

- Nathaniel Henry.
- Destination?


What's all this about?

Routine prisoner transfer.

Nothing to worry about.

Tickets, please.

- Certainly.
- And your names?

- Sadie Hopkins, and this...
- And I'm Finn.

Hey, who's the man in back of the train?

- It's just a man who's to be hanged.
- Is it James Gillies?

- (passengers exclaiming)
- Higgins!

I didn't tell him; he guessed.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, it's nothing

but a routine prisoner transfer.

There is nothing to be concerned about.

Ticket, please.

I should throw you off
this bloody train right now!

I'm sorry, sir.

Henry, what were you thinking?

Apparently not very much, sir.

You two relieve Hodge.

Yes, sir.

Where are you going?

For as much of a walk as this train allows.

You look worried.

Sir, we're transporting James Gillies.

He's a man, Murdoch, not a magician.

The only people who know he's
aboard are the Crown attorney,

Judge Reynolds, and the
railway commissioner.

And now all of this train, apparently.

Henry bloody Higgins. I could throttle him!

I just had to get away for a minute.

Being close to that
man makes my skin crawl.

Perfectly understandable.

I know it seems uncharitable,

but I'll be happy when he's hanged.

It's not uncharitable.

He killed your husband,
tried to kill you And me.

I almost rather he rotted in jail forever.

It seems crueller.


I take it you must be
on important business.

- Would you care for a...
- Yes, I would. Thank you.

At least one of yous doesn't mind

a bit of fun.

After tonight, this will all be over.

(Gillies): Everyone
seems particularly edgy.

Maybe it's because the
devil's on their train.

Detective, you flatter me!

The devil. Tied up like this,
what could I possibly do?

Seems you're the cock
that rules this roost.

In eight hours, you'll be dead, Gillies.

Everybody dies, and those
left behind will get over it.

I mean, how long did it take your
fair lady to get over the death

of her beloved husband?

I trust you were there
to provide some comfort?

Your kind are allowed to
marry widows, aren't they?

You should be thanking me.

I cleared a path for you.


You're the one who shot me,

aren't you?

Didn't do much of a job of it, did you?

I need to relieve myself.

May I?


Get up.

Julia. I thought I might see you here.

- Looking forward to tomorrow?
- Very much so.

Well, I hope I don't disappoint you.

You should be asleep. It's very late.

- I'm not tired.
- Don't speak to him.

Move along.

Well? Which of you is
going to do the honours?

- We're both right
- Handed, George.

- It would be easier for you.
- Oh, you're the clever one.

You knew this was going to
happen, so you stood on that side.

(Gillies coughs.)

I don't know why he winked at me.

I saw it plain as day.

So did I, but I have no idea why.

You know he's James Gillies?

Well, the whole train
knows he's James Gillies,

sir, but on my word, I
have nothing to do with him.

You're free to go.

It's just Gillies trying
to keep us all on edge.

Just a few more hours now.

At least the inspector
thinks all is well in hand.

(snoring softly)


You... Oh, uh, sorry.

Return to your seat.


The body's still warm.

I don't believe he's been dead long.

Any idea who he is?

He isn't carrying any identification.

I spoke with him earlier.

He said his name was Thomas Cole.

Why are all you lot here?

And who the bloody hell
is watching Gillies?

Constable Hodge, sir.

Hodge? Alone?

I said I want two men
watching him at all times,

and one guarding the door.

Gentlemen, need I remind
you who we are transporting?

- No, sir.
- Get back to your posts.

Oh, and, Higgins, try and
remember to keep this little bit

of information under your
hat this time, will ya?


(door closing)

- Coincidence?
- I don't know.

Let's find out what we can.

Have you seen my little boy?


- Yes?
- Have you seen my son?

- Ma'am?
- He's gone.

What's going on back there?

Sir, I assure you there
is nothing to worry about.

- I'm not sure I believe you.
- Sir, please, if you could just go back to your seat.

Ma'am, we'll have someone
look for your son presently.

- Hodge!
- Huh?

What in the blazes are you doing,
man? You let a child in here?

He's in cuffs.

- Lad, you go back to your seat and stay there!
- Yes. Very, very sorry.

- Go!
- George,

that's a little hard on
the lad, don't you think?

You think James Gillies is the type
to grant any special mercy to a child?

I take it we're not concerned
about jurisdictional issues.

I believe we're technically in
the municipality of Port Hope.

We'll let that one pass.

It appears the blade was
at least two inches wide.

- Three punctures.
- All around the heart.

Bugger wasn't messing around.

Looks like we've got more than
James Gillies to worry about.

Where are you going, Murdoch?

To keep an eye on things.

- I imagine you thought you'd left your old job behind.
- So had I.

Are you all right, Doctor?

I've seen plenty of dead bodies in my time.

What's another one?

A matter of significance,
if it's the right person.

Everyone's the right person to someone.

Not a monster.

But the man we're taking
to hang is definitely that.

No one is more aware of
that than I, Inspector.

James Gillies gets none of my sympathy.

I'll leave you to your work.

Of course. But what is it going to tell me

that I don't already know?

This man wasn't supposed to
be here, but he left his seat.

And he died because of greed, or
revenge, or just plain stupidity.

(train whistle)

You think this a coincidence?

I don't know, sir.

It has to be. He couldn't
have orchestrated this.

Sir, remember why we changed
plans at the last minute.

Gillies was going to
bribe the hangman $20,000.

How did we know that?

- There were rumours.
- Which the hangman denied.

Well, of course he did.

But Gillies' solicitor withdrew

$20,000 from Gillies'
account just yesterday.

What did he need that
for except as a bribe?

Exactly. Sir, what if the
attempted bribe was a ruse?

What if Gillies intended on being
on this train the entire time?

You think he pulled our strings
without us being aware of it?

It's possible.

You're letting paranoia get
the better of you, Murdoch.



Everybody's accounted for.

So, the killer is still on the train.


I have a feeling it might be the latecomer.

- Mr. Rauls?
- He was missing from his seat.

That's how I found the
body I was looking for him.

I never left the passenger car.

Then why were you not in your seat?

I moved.

The man beside was
snoring to beat the band.

What time was this?

Ten-thirty, thereabouts.

Is this true?

Yeah. He woke me up.

I'm a light sleeper,

especially on trains.

(door opening)

- Gentlemen.
- Doctor.

I thought this may be of interest.

I've seen that before.

Is that a prison tattoo?

And who else on this train
has recently been in prison?

He may be connected to Gillies.

There's only one way to find out.

This train stops at the next station.

Sir, that may be what's expected of us.

We need to know, Murdoch.


Be careful.

Crabtree, you and Jackson keep an eye
on the train, front, back, and sides.

- No one gets on, no one gets off.
- Sir.

- Don't be long, Murdoch.
- I won't.

Why have we stopped?

I have a very important
appointment to get to.

We've decided to change it.

We're gonna hang you right here.

I doubt that.

Is Detective Murdoch sending a telegram?

Why would you think that?

Well, it must be something important.

Was a crime committed?

One was, wasn't it?

Just keep your mouth shut, Gillies.

It must be a serious one
too. Why else would we stop?

Was it murder?

(Gillies sighs.)

All these men, all these
officers of the law,

they're all under your

highly competent command, aren't they?

And yet a murder was committed
right before their eyes.

- I said shut it, Gillies!
- Sir.

The dead man's real name was Dennis Bolton.

He was released from the Don
Jail less than a week ago.


A member of the Rover Gang.

Was he connected to Gillies?

No, but they were in the
Don Jail at the same time.

- But Gillies was in solitary.
- So was Bolton.

(train whistle) (train starting to move)

(crossing bell)

(train whistle)

Oh, not Bolton. That's terrible.

You knew him?

You never really get to know
anyone in solitary, William.

You just see them as
they're taken back and forth

from their cells. But you
can talk through the walls.

And Bolton was such a chatterbox.

What an interesting coincidence

that he should be on this very train.

Isn't it?

If you're up to something, Gillies,

I'll find out what it is.

I am just getting ready to
make peace with my maker,


But what a shame about Bolton.

Any luck locating the murder weapon?

Sir, we searched the entire train. Nothing.

He could have disposed of it anywhere.

Unless the assailant isn't finished yet.

Search the passengers?

Sir, do you think Gillies
planned all of this?

He and the dead man
crossed paths in prison.

So, this murder may have been prearranged.

With Gillies involved,

nothing can be put down to coincidence.

Where's Dr. Ogden?

She left here just a couple of minutes ago.

All right.


To what do I owe the pleasure?

I just wanted to let you
know that I've made a request

to the Kingston coroner
to have your brain removed.


Your brain, Mr. Gillies.

After you're executed, of course.

Well, I'm... flattered.

Something made you, Mr. Gillies.

I believe you may have some physical

abnormality that caused
you to become what you are.

- And what am I?
- A monster.

A monster?

- You confessed to killing six people.
- One of which was your late husband.

You still haven't thanked me for that.

- He was an innocent man.
- Who was getting in the way of you

and the good detective's
happiness. I helped you.

Now there's nothing between
you and the man of your dreams.

Aren't you happy now?

Or do you feel guilty?

Why should I feel guilty? You killed him.


but you caused that.

He'd still be alive if he hadn't met you.

You know when I'll be happy, Mr. Gillies?

When I pronounce you dead.

Well, you'll just have to wait,

because that won't be
happening for some time.

You think you can escape?

I knew I would be on this train.

There's nothing that's happened
that I haven't arranged.

Everything's going according
to plan, and deep down,

you know that.

Ask me why I want to live so badly.


Because I'm not done with you yet.


Julia! Hodge, what on earth?

Get away from him.


Are you all right?

I let him get to me.

It was stupid. I... I know better.

He's trying to tie us in knots.

He's a master manipulator,

and he relishes in the
exercise of his ability.

I agree. This is sport to him.

I'd like to introduce him to
the Marquess of Queensbury,

but without the rules.

Do you think he's planning his escape?

It was though he was bragging.

That's just a feeling, of
course. I could be wrong.

Hm. But if you're not...

Then he's behind this.

He knew he was going to be on
this train, and he has a plan.

- But how could this murder enable his escape?
- Who knows?

But he's using the whole bloody orchestra,

and if there is a plan, I
want to know it right now.

So, it looks like things are going to
get a little bit sporting after all.

Sir, a confrontation is what he wants.

He won't tell you a thing.

I have a better idea for
uncovering such a plan,

if one does exist.

- What's that, then?
- Solving the murder of Dennis Bolton.

Any progress on your
investigation, Detective?

Oh, I'd love an old fashioned.

Thank you.

And in row three, we have

- a Mr. Stevens.
- Awake?

Asleep, or so he claims.

So, only one person

in passenger car three
admits to being awake.

That's right. That
would be Mr. Taylor here.

He claims that he saw Mr. Bolton

walk past him into the baggage car,

and about 15 minutes later,
he saw Constable Jackson walk

past him into the baggage car, and,
of course, Jackson quickly re-emerged.

Perhaps the killer was
waiting in the baggage car.

Then where did he go?

He didn't jump off at full steam.

George, did Mr. Taylor see anyone else

come out of the baggage car
after seeing Mr. Bolton go in?

- Not that he recalls.
- So, how did the killer get

back to his seat without
anybody seeing him?

He went outside the train.

Sir, he walked along

the top of all of the cars and
re-entered the train here at the front.

This person could have come
and gone and not been seen

by anyone else in the compartment.

That's Rauls.

Gentlemen, this is a third time tonight.

Questions just keep popping up.

Where were you tonight at 8:30?

(Brackenreid): Outside
the Don Jail, perhaps?

I was finishing business

- with a client.
- Where?

The Wheat Sheaf tavern.

King and Bathurst.

That's nearer to Union Station
than where you actually boarded.

Why would you travel a greater distance

to a station that wasn't meant to be open?

Why don't you tell me?

You're working with James Gillies.

Gillies knew about this transfer.
You were to board the train

and execute a plan of action. Gentlemen,

- I have never met James Gillies.
- Perhaps not,

but I bet you've met some men who have.

Take off your jacket.

- I beg your pardon?
- Do it!

And roll up your sleeves!

I am on a public coach.

You have no right.

What's this for?

That's for minding my own business.

Where did you get this?

Come with us.

Well, if he was executing a
plan, that's the end of it.

Not necessarily, sir. It
could be part of the plan.

Sirs, it occurs to me

that Mr. Rauls was seated
across from Mr. Henry.

- What of it, George?
- Well, Mr. Henry claims

that he was asleep at
the time of the murder.

But he also said

that when Mr. Rauls first
took his seat across from him,

he was awoken abruptly. In fact,

he made a point of telling
us what a light sleeper he is.

- Get to the point, Crabtree.
- Well, sir. If he's such a light sleeper,

how was he not awoken

when Mr. Rauls both
left and came back again?

You think they're working together?

I think it's possible.

I've done my time.

- What was your crime?
- I'm a safe cracker.

- I was a safe cracker.
- Oh, that's right.

Don't sell yourself short.
You've moved up to murder now.

No. No, I had nothing to
do with that. I'm just...

Just what? The safecracker?

Shame that someone who's
just a safecracker is

about to hang for a murder
that he had nothing to do with.

I didn't know anything about a murder.

I am just here to do a job.

What's the job?

What's in the safe, Mr. Henry?

Twenty thousand dollars.

What has this got to do with James Gillies?

- I don't know.
- Right.



Escort Mr. Henry into the bar section.

Let's go.

Sir. I have an idea.

(train whistle)

(handcuffs clinking)

You partner, Mr. Henry here,
has told us everything -

about the murder, the $20,000, all of it.

Do you have anything you'd
care to add, Mr. Rauls?

- You bastard.
- Now, Mr. Henry,

your partner is likely to want to escape,

but if you try to escape with
him, he'll probably kill you.

Isn't that right, Mr. Rauls?

I'd suggest, Mr. Henry,

it would be in your best
interests to stay put.

Jackson, keep an eye on them.


Yes, sir.

(Rauls whispering): This is your fault.

- Well, what do you think?
- I find it curious

that the amount of money
to be stolen exactly matches

the amount of money withdrawn
from Gillies' stock account.

Nothing curious about it.

That's Gillies' money in
that safe. I'm sure of it.

Let's find out.

I'm afraid there's not much more we can do.

That's all right.

I'll take a closer look
at the body, see if there's

any trace evidence I can find
that might suggest the killer.

- Thank you.
- (Brackenreid): Come on, man.

- Any luck, sir?
- I have half a mind

to blast the damned thing open myself.


It's empty.

So, where's the 20,000?

There's nothing to suggest
that it was ever here.

Gillies could have told the two of them
about it and never followed through.

He baited the trap.

Told enough people like Rauls about it.

So, this train could be filled
with the types you wouldn't want

to invite around for Sunday lunch.

- (train stopping suddenly)
- Ugh! What was that?

I don't know sir. There
are no scheduled, stops.

Did that feel like a scheduled stop to you?

I told you not to stop this
train under any circumstances!

But sir, he had no choice! The beast
was lying across the tracks like this.

Strange place for an animal to drop dead.

It didn't just drop dead, sir.

(Higgins): Someone shot a moose?

- Higgins.
- It's an ambush.

What are you two doing standing around?

Secure this bloody train! Sir!

And remember, no one on, no one off!

- Right away, sir!
- Get this train moving.

No, wait! Sir, it'll take
three of us to move it.

Right. Give us a hand.

(train whistle)

(train moving again)


Glad to see we're finally back on track.

- What do you know about this?
- (Gillies laughs.)

Sirs. We checked the baggage
car and all three passenger cars.

We don't see anybody new.

- Did you conduct a head count?
- Forty-six.

- Forty-six? We had 48 before.
- Two are in the bar car, sir.

Oh, right.

So, no one got on and no one got off.

What was all that business
with the moose, then?

Perhaps the plan was to ambush us,

- but then they changed their mind.
- Why would they do that?

What if they were waiting
for a signal from Mr. Henry

or Mr. Rauls? One that never came.

(footsteps on roof)

Is that footsteps?

On the roof?

It's not just one.

- Several of them.
- They're heading for the baggage car.

- Julia.
- Bollocks.

What are you doing?

Open the safe. Open the damn safe!

(Julia shrieking)

(passengers talking with concern)

- Oh!
- Don't move!

(rifle loaded)

Step away from the safe,
and then don't move a muscle.

(gunshot) Ah!

That's gunfire.

Hodge, keep an eye on these two.

They said two men here at all times.

They're handcuffed together,
he's got his hands cuffed

behind his back, and you've
got your truncheon. Use it!

Stay in your seat.

(groaning in pain)

Next man to move gets a gut full.

You all right?


Henry, Jackson, tie them up.

(kick) (man groaning)

Ma'am, you're not allowed back here!

- What have you done?!
- Excuse me?

- What have you done to him?
- Ma'am!

My son is sick. He's poisoned him!

Ma'am, that's not possible. We've
been with him the entire time!

- That monster is gonna kill him!
- Please get back to your seat!

What's the matter, old man?
You can't handle a woman?

Just let me past. Just let me talk to him!

Ma'am, just get back to
your seat, please! Ugh!

Oh! Help me! Help me!

Help me! I want to see the conductor.

I want the see the conductor now.

Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!



- how did this happen?
- She attacked him, sir.

She thought he had done
something to her son.

What did you think he did to your son?

- He poisoned him.
- Why would you think that?

Enough talking. Everybody move back.

Conductor, hi!

Instruct the engineer

to decouple the engine from the train.

- Not a chance.
- It can't be done.

The catch won't release.
It's pulling the whole train.

Well, tell the engineer
to apply enough brake

to work slack into the
coupling. And, conductor...

No. No!

Never play me the fool again.

Do it.

Mr. Gillies,

how did you get your cuffed
hands around to the front?

Oh, I'm so glad you
asked. I've been practicing

for over three months. I got it
down to less than two seconds.

So, that was your plan all along.

Start a rumour inside the jailhouse
that there was $20,000 up for grabs.

And then sit back and
watch the bloody fur fly.

(Gillies laughs.) And at the
moment of maximum distraction,

- you make your move.
- It's rather brilliant

in its simplicity, don't you think?

Your plan may have been
a bit too simple, Gillies.

To make good your escape,
you would need a hostage.

And what are the odds that

just such a person would happen
along at the exact right time?

You're working with him.

- What did he promise you?
- It doesn't matter now.

We're ready to decouple the engine.

- Don't.
- I will kill her.

Gillies, you and I both know
that you'll kill her anyway.

No! (woman groaning)

Stop the train! Stop the train!

You all right, ma'am?

(train wheels squealing)

Can you take a deep breath?

(taking a breath)

You'll be all right. You
lungs aren't punctured.

He promised me a new life. Me and my son.

It's best if you don't speak.

(train stopping)

- Let's get after them, Hodge.
- We're still moving, sir.

Not bloody fast enough. Let's go.

All right! All right!

You got me.

Stop hitting me.

You won.

For the last time. This is it for us.

Doesn't that make you just...

a little bit sad?


Not even a... a teensy bit?

Come now, Detective.

You and I share something. Something...

special. I'll miss you.

You know that.


The water is too shallow. You'll be killed.

Very possibly.

But then...

I've got nothing to lose.





Sir. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Are you ready for the shoulder?

- Ahh! Ah!
- You all right?

You're damn lucky that
branch hung you up, Murdoch.

- You were unconscious when we found you.
- Why did you jump?

He was getting away.

What would you have done?

- Any sign of him?
- Sir, the river gets fast

and deep down there. If
he was still handcuffed,

- there's no way...
- You didn't see him?

- No, sir.
- George!

Sir, we'll keep looking. We'll
keep looking. We'll find him.

William, let's get you back and warmed up.

It's over, William.

We have to believe that.