Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 7, Episode 7 - Loch Ness Murdoch - full transcript

Detective Murdoch investigates the death of Katie Buchanan who is found dead at the beach, on a hot summer's day, by her friend Elaine Lawson. Both were entrants in a beauty pageant known as the Miss Purity competition, to select the new face of Alexander soap. Dr. Ogden, who is spending her day off at the beach finds what appears to be a large animal bite on the woman's torso. Katie's boyfriend, James Bennett, had recently left her for another competitor, Marie Nicholson and becomes the prime suspect. Inspector Brackenreid however is certain he saw a monster in Lake Ontario and Murdoch is skeptical until he too sees a creature in the water. Constable Crabtree is dismissive of any suggestion that there might be a monster in the water and pursues a more realistic line of inquiry.

Ripped By mstoll

10:00 and it's already
90 degrees.

Nothing as cooling
as a genuine snowball

straight from the streets
of Baltimore.

I recommend the egg custard.

Then that is what I shall have.

Last chance to be
part of the lucky, lucky few.

Just one...
Oh, thank you, sir.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

No penny, no show.

Thought so.

Beautiful ladies
in beautiful bathing costumes.

Mr. Alexander, Katie isn't here.

Well, too bad for her.

It isn't like her to be late.

You've got five minutes,

and then I start the show
without the both of you.

Beautiful ladies
in beautiful bathing costumes.

You try that again

and you'll get a matching set
of black eyes.

Not that I don't admire
your initiative.

Now, get out of here.

Beautiful ladies
in beautiful bathing costumes.

You little ruffians!

Away with you
or you won't live to regret it.


Oh, maybe I've had enough.

Let me through, please.
Toronto Constabulary.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, ladies.
Excuse me.

Oh, my God, Katie.

What could have happened to her?

Who could have done this to her?

Bloody hell.


Dr. Grace was rather overwhelmed
at the morgue,

but I believe I've found
a suitable replacement.


I had the morning off
and I could think

of no better way
to escape this blistering heat

than at the beach.

As it seems did the inspector.

Margaret and the boys
were at her sister's.

It seemed like a good idea
at the time.

This is Katherine Buchanan.

She was found
by a Miss Elaine Lawson,

a fellow contestant
in the Miss Purity competition.

Where is Miss Elaine Lawson now?

She's recovering
from a fainting spell, sir,

in the Miss Purity tent.

She's too unwell
to speak to us yet.

Drowning is
a definite possibility.

This is unusual.

Even more.

Is that an animal bite?

From a rather large animal,
it seems.

Could that be what killed her?

Dr. Grace would have to
determine that.

Crabtree, get the body
back to the morgue.

Make this postmortem
Dr. Grace's highest priority.

And round up
the rest of the lads.

Oh, and fetch my work suit
as quick as you can.

Sir, will do.

I'll take my leave as well.

Doctor, thank you.

Murdoch. I...

Look, I think I saw something

In the water.

What did you see?

I don't know.

I've never seen before.

It was a monster.
A bloody sea monster.

With a mouth large enough
to do this.

Sir, perhaps you should get
out of the sun.

I know how it sounds, Murdoch.

But I saw what I saw.

And what I saw
killed this poor girl.

Hello, Emily.


Oh, my goodness.

It looks like the plague
has struck.

It's this unrelenting heat wave.

Every John Doe in the city
is being sent here

until they can be claimed.

These deaths
are just from the heat.

This one died of dehydration.

This one, asphyxiation.

And this bright spark rolled off
his roof while sleeping.

Fell four stories to his death.

That's terribly sad.

It is that.

George, what are you dripping
on my floor?

Oh, I'm sorry.

This is a snowball,
from Baltimore, apparently.

I didn't go to Baltimore
to get this one.

I purchased it at the beach.

I don't think they travel
very well.

Well, it was nice of you
to think of me.

Would you mind
bringing her straight

into the cold chamber for me?

Of course.

Ahh, cold air.

Likely the only cool place left
in the city.

May I have her name
for the foot indexer?

Katie Buchanan.

I really should be getting
back to the beach.

Has there been a corpse on this?

No, George.

Right, lads.

We've got a lot of ground
to cover

and the sooner the better.

We don't want to miss out
on any potential witnesses.

Ah, about time, bugalugs.

Sir, it's difficult
to move quickly in this heat.

In fact, may we proceed
without our helmets today, sir?

No, Crabtree, you may not.

But, sir,
the reverend at St. James'

is allowing women to church
without their hats.

The men aren't even wearing
their jackets. Surely, we...

Surely we, as public servants,

can rise above the temperature,

like I learned to
in Afghanistan.

Oh, Afghanistan.

You think this is hot?

This is a bloody blizzard
by comparison.

Helmets on.
Jackets buttoned.

Thank you.

Oh, and, lads,

remember to ask
about any possible sightings

of a monster in the lake.

A lake monster, sir?

Yes, Crabtree.

A lake monster.

Well, carry on, constables.

Excuse me.

Are you Mr. Mason Alexander?

Of Alexander's Soaps.
Yes, sir.

I understand Miss Buchanan
was in your charge?

Ah, yes, she was a competitor

in our competition to find the
new face of Alexander's Soap.

Public appearances,
advertisement campaigns,

a suite of rooms
at the Queens Hotel for a year

and a grand prize of $ 100.

The Miss Purity competition.

Yes, a city-wide search
for a girl as pure as our soap.

That Buchanan girl
was a front-runner.

It's too bad.

Great set of pins on that one.

When did you last see
Miss Buchanan?


Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a competition to run.

Oh, where might I find
Elaine Lawson?

Inside. She'll be the one
crying her eyes out.

Between you and me,

those puffy eyes
aren't doing her any favors.

It wasn't like Katie to be late.

I went looking for her.

Especially for
the talent competition.

She had the most beautiful
singing voice.

All I can do is juggle knives.

And you found her?

Yes, floating in the water.

Some boys pulled her out,
but it was too late.

Had Miss Buchanan been upset

Well, of course.

Katie's childhood sweetheart
had left her

for her best friend,
Marie Nicholson,

if you can believe it.

Without a word of warning.


Katie and James
were destined to be together.

Marie is a horrid girl.

I can't understand it myself.

When did you last see
Miss Buchanan?

Yesterday, about 5:00.

Normally, we'd all go
back to the city together,

but after the row
Katie had with Marie,

she wanted to stay
awhile longer.

It was so hot,
I didn't think anything of it.

What was the row about?

I was too far away to hear.

But it wasn't like Katie
to quarrel.

Where might I find this Marie

With James, I'm sure.

James Bennett.

He runs the snowball stand.

I see.

Thank you, Miss Lawson.

Henry, any sign of life?


Excuse me, sir.

Captain Horatio Squires.

How can I help the Constabulary?

Do you know
a Katherine Buchanan?

The dead girl?

I'd seen her around the beach
the past few days.

When did you see her last?

I couldn't say.


Captain Squires,

have you seen anything strange
this morning?


How do you mean?


Have you seen a creature
of any kind?

A creature?

Never mind.
I'm sure you haven't.

Yes, I have.

Out in the lake.

Are you quite sure?

George, surely you aren't taking
this old codger seriously.

Old codger?

I served in Her Majesty's Navy.

I know a water monster
when I see it.

You mark my words.
This beach isn't safe anymore.

There you go.

Thank you.

You're sweating so much
in this heat.

Mr. Bennett, is it?

Detective William Murdoch,
Toronto Constabulary.

I understand that you knew
Katherine Buchanan.

Yes, I knew her.

I can't believe she's dead.

And you must be Marie Nicholson?

Do you know what happened
to dear Katie?

She was my best friend.
I'm absolutely heartbroken.

Miss Nicholson, I understand you
and Miss Buchanan were arguing

shortly before her death.

What was discussed?

Oh, it's so silly now.

She was wearing
the same hair ribbon as I was

and refused to change it.

Is that all that was discussed?

Are you sure Mr. Bennett, here,
didn't enter the conversation?

No. Just the ribbon.

Miss Nicholson, I must insist

that you be entirely truthful
with me.

My dear.

It's far too hot
to be exerting yourself.

Excuse me.
How embarrassing.

Are you quite recovered?

Detective, could you please give
Marie a moment to rest?


Mr. Bennett, I understand
you were courting Miss Buchanan

and only recently parted ways.

Entirely because of
Katie's shameful behavior.

She wanted to win
the competition

and was flirting with a judge
to make that happen.

Poor James just couldn't suffer
any longer.


That's him there.

His name is Leslie.

Ah, yes, I know.

Leslie Garland.

We're acquainted.

Thank you.


I'm not quite sure
how to put this,

but the inspector is startling
several beachgoers

with a terrifying account
of this alleged monster.

Has anyone corroborated
his sighting?

Only one person definitively.

The chap who lives
in this house up there.

A Captain Squires.

But he's...
You know, he's a bit...

Well, he's old, sir.

You believe him to be
an unreliable witness?

It's hard to say.

Sir, can I ask you
a personal question?


Well, how is it
that you don't feel the heat?

I assure you, George,
I am quite uncomfortable.

Well, sir, it's just that
I'm fairly soaked through

with sweat here,

and you've nary a hair
out of place.

I believe in propriety, George,
no matter the temperature.

Mr. Garland.


You look somewhat overdressed.

Not a social outing, I take it?

Mr. Garland, I understand
that you are a judge

in the Miss Purity competition.

Oh, yes, I suppose so.

And especially friendly
with one of the competitors.

A Miss Katherine Buchanan?

Detective, all these girls
are friendly with me.

They all want to win,
and I'm an impressionable sort.

Were you courting Miss Buchanan?

Honestly, I asked sweet Katie
to dinner, but she declined.

She had no interest in me,
despite my best efforts.

That's not what I've been told.

Perhaps not, but it's
most certainly the truth.

And where were you last night?

A gentleman never tells.

Ladies, where were we?


Elaine Lawson is a competitor
in the Miss Purity competition,

but by all accounts
not likely to win.

She herself admitted that
Miss Buchanan is the favorite.

You think this Miss Lawson

wanted to eliminate
her competition.


There's also a Marie Nicholson.

She was seen arguing with the
victim shortly before her death.

And there's Miss Buchanan's
former beau, as well.

Who is this Casanova?

James Bennett.

Though I'm hard-pressed
to find any motive.

Same as this
Mason Alexander fellow.

He wanted the dead girl
to be the face of his soap.

Too soon to rule anyone out
just yet.

you've not yet mentioned

the most likely possibility.

That the poor girl was killed
by an aquatic devil,

the likes of which
we've never seen before.

Sir, I don't doubt
that you saw something.

But perhaps
a trick of the light.

It was no trick.

I know what I saw.

With all due respect, sir,
what the whiskey saw.

It was ale, Murdoch.

Who in their right mind would
drink whiskey at the beach?

I've never seen a wound like it.

It is a highly unusual marking.

Any theories, Doctor?

An animal,
but I'm not sure what kind.

Was the bite wound
the cause of death?

No. She drowned.

But the water has washed away
any blood evidence

and inhibited my ability to tell
whether the bite occurred

pre- or post-mortem.

So she could have been dragged
under water

by an unknown creature.

An unknown creature?

There's been some discussion
of a monster in Lake Ontario.

More than discussion.
I saw it.


Well, the size of the teeth
does indicate

she was bitten
by something quite large.

Though the lack of tissue damage
surrounding the bite marks

would imply minimal
to no struggle.

Meaning she was dead before
the bite wound was inflicted.

Not necessarily.

She could have been
unable to move

due to the shock
of being bitten.

Well, Murdoch?

There is someone down at
the beach who could be useful.

This fellow obviously guards
his privacy.

Captain Squires?

The Constabulary is back.

And none too soon.

We understand you've seen
a creature in the lake.

Many a time.

And, what, with all these people
on the beach,

it's become
a rather terrifying prospect.

What did yours look like?

It was long, impossibly so.

With a tall head
rising out of the water?

Yes, that's it exactly.

And when did you last see...

But did you see
a more serpent-like tail,

or a larger body?

It has both.
A flatter body...

With a long tail.

Yeah, like a sea snake.


How far from shore was this...

Was it green, maybe?

Yes, or brown.

Yes, yes, yes!

Sir. If I may.

Well, go on then, Murdoch.

Don't make me ask
all the questions.

Mr. Squires.

Have you any evidence
to support these sightings?

In fact, I do.

It's the best I could capture.

She moves rather quickly
for such a large creature.

This is it.

this is exactly what I saw.

What we both saw.

Sir, this photograph
may have been manipulated.

But why would someone
I've never met

falsify a photograph
of something I've already seen?

I don't know.


- Get out of the water!
- There's your proof.

Now how do we stop that thing
from killing again?

Lads, you wouldn't believe it
if you'd seen it yourselves.

A great long creature,
scales, sharp teeth,

huge saucer-like eyes,

and full of lust for blood.

Eh, Crabtree?

What do you know
about this demon in the lake?

I'm not entirely convinced, sir.

You don't believe
in sea monsters?

Well, obviously, there are
monsters in the sea, sir.

That's why they call them
sea monsters.

But I've never heard
of any lake monster.

I just can't imagine anything so
dastardly living in fresh water.

Crabtree, wait a minute.

You're telling me that you
believe in zombies, werewolves,

vampires, Martians, Venusians,

curses, voodoo, ghosts,
and, apparently, sea monsters,

but a creature in Lake Ontario,

that both I and Detective
Murdoch have witnessed,

is beyond the scope of your
otherwise vivid imagination?

You're telling me that?

Sir, I can't attest
to what you witnessed.

I'm afraid I remain a skeptic.

Sir, here are the reference
materials you requested.

Thank you, George.

What's all this, then?

Well, sir, if the creature
we saw in the lake is real,

there must be
some evolutionary explanation.

I'm hoping the answer lies

in these texts
of known aquatic life.

And, sir, here's reference
material you requested.


I've made a few notes.


A hideous water snake seen
near St. Catherines.


A 175-foot serpent
near Kingston Harbor.


A 30-foot-long brown snake
with a large head.

Kingston again.


A bellowing monster leaps
in the air and heads due north,

from Olcott, New York.

Sir, each one of those sightings

describes your supposed monster
quite differently.

And none of them is consistent
with what you and I saw.

Then maybe we're dealing
with more than one monster.

Or none at all.

Crabtree, I'm astonished at
your total lack of enthusiasm.

I would have thought you to be
my staunchest ally in all this.

I'm sorry, sir,

but the evidence simply
does not support the claim.


Are you saying there's more
evidence of Martians

than of lake monsters?

Yes, actually.

Documented for millennia.

I'll show you documentation.


A serpent was seen in the waters
near Fort York,

described as 50 feet long

and as wide
as a man is round,

blue-gray in color,
and covered in stiff bristles.

We were too far away
to determine color.

But that's
the most accurate account yet.

Sirs, perhaps what you saw
was a very, very large fish?

- It was not a fish.
- It was not a fish.

Sirs, are we really pursuing
the theory

that Miss Buchanan was killed
by some lake monster?

Yes, Crabtree, we are.


We're keeping an open mind,

Sirs, I think
it's far more likely

that one of these Miss Purity
contestants is involved.

It's quite a prize,

and women can be
very competitive.

My Aunt Marigold...


I need you to go down
to the morgue

and collect exact measurements
of Miss Buchanan's bite wound.


And, Crabtree.

Do up that bloody tunic!


Although it's possible

that there may a previously
undiscovered species

in Lake Ontario,

naturally, I'm hesitant.

But given the size and shape
as you've documented,

surely you've considered

that this creature may be
a living descendant

of the dinosaurs.

I don't dare believe it, Julia,
as sorely tempted as I may be.


Clay and measurements.

I daresay my afternoon
could be rescheduled.

The size seems consistent

with your description
of the creature.


Now to compare it against
all known freshwater species.

I wonder, what would you name
your new-found dinosaur?


A fine name.
I like it.

I'd be careful to temper
my expectations.

The odds of us discovering
an entirely new species

are not in our favor.

Oh, William.

It's much more fun
to believe in the possibility

than to be discouraged
by the improbability.

Station House Number Four.


Just one moment, please.

If that's the missus telephoning
from Grimsby,

don't mention the lake monster.

I don't want her
watering down my scotch again.

We wouldn't want that, sir.

Go ahead.

At the beach you say?

Yes, we'll send someone
right away.

- Another sighting?
- No, sir.

A disturbance
at the Miss Purity tent.


Sir, perhaps I should
look into this myself,

as the detective is busy
with other matters.

Good initiative, Crabtree.

Crack on.

Mr. Alexander.

I am ruined.

A girl dead,
my tent burnt to the ground.

What I am supposed to tell
my shareholders?

If I ever get ahold
of that hussy, I swear I'll...

Which hussy
are you talking about?

That wretched Marie Nicholson.

As if I could ever let her win.

Can you imagine that,
her Miss Purity?

But why would Miss Nicholson
burn the tent down?

Well, who knows what goes on

in the heads
of these foolish young things.

Ask that simpering mess.

She seems to know all about it.

Excuse me, Miss Lawson,

do you know why Miss Nicholson
would have done this?

Mr. Alexander disqualified her
from the competition.

He found out
that she was with child.

Can you imagine?

The nerve of her,
competing to be Miss Purity.

Who is the father?

James Bennett, of course.

Mr. Bennett?

what happened to the tent?

You didn't see?

No. I've been in town
arranging for more ice.

My fianc?e was in there.
Is she all right?

Miss Nicholson is the one
who burned it down.

Oh, my goodness.
Why would she do that?

Because she was disqualified
from the competition

due to her current state.

I told Mr. Alexander that
in confidence.

I just wanted her to rest.

It's not right for her to be
up and about like that

in this heat.

It's not good for the baby.

- Mr. Bennett, are you...
- I must go and find Marie.

Her condition is quite delicate.

If you don't mind me asking,
why have you not yet married?

We postponed our marriage

because of this
wretched competition.

Wedded women can't enter,
of course.

Now, if your curiosity
is satisfied, Constable,

I really must find her.

You'll let me know when you do?

Of course.

Before you go,
can I get an egg custard?

Just the custard, mind,
without the ice.

Help yourself.

Julia, I believe
we may be looking

at a descendent
of the plesiosaur.

I believe you might be right.

It certainly looks like
the creature that I saw.

And at this point, it may be
our most likely conclusion.

William, this is so exciting.

Shall I call the university?

Before we make
our findings public,

I should very much like to see
the creature again.

I should very much like to see
it as well.

William, it is far too hot
in the city to sleep.

I think I may spend the night
at the beach.

And, in the interest of science,
I think you should join me.

And in the interest
of your safety,

I believe I must.


I'm sure your surprise
will be lovely,

but I really need to be let in.

I've got numbers 36 and 37
out here with me.

Thank you.

If you can't bring your girl
to the snowball stand,

bring a snowball to your girl.

It's so lovely, George.

It's exactly the smile I needed.

Would you like to share with me?

I brought enough for two.

I assume you revisited
the beach.

How did you get on?

Some interesting developments,
to be sure.


Now to convince the detective

that Miss Buchanan was killed by
a person and not a lake monster.

I'm certain your investigative
skills will win him over.

You should tell him.

Right away, George.

You're right.

Come along, William!

Is it that bad?

Quite the opposite.

All that cycling
has been to your benefit.

Perhaps we should stay on land.

Nonsense, William.

We can see it just as well
from the water as the beach.

We can spot a plesiosaur
from a mile away.

Not a mile.

Given the moonlight,

the direction of the wind,

I would say approximately 50...

The water's lovely, William.

What are you thinking?


William, something just brushed
against my foot.


It's gone.

It must have been nothing.

Something is touching me.


No, William,
there is definitely something

under the water with us.

Stay right there.

Your initial thoughts, Doctor?

I'm reluctant to speculate

on the cause
of Miss Nicholson's death,

but the size of these bite marks
do, at first glance,

appear similar to those
of Katherine Buchanan.

- May I?
- Please.

Not exactly a match.

Depending on the angle of entry,

the movement of the body while
the wounds were inflicted,

and the deformation of skin
and tissue under water,

no two bite marks
would be the same.

Well, then, Doctor,
is it possible

the two young women were bitten
by the same creature?

Possible, yes, but not certain.

If you'll please excuse me,
I have yet another new arrival.

I assure you, Detective.

Miss Nicholson
is my top priority.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'll await your results.

Katherine Buchanan drowned.

She may have been held under
water by an unknown entity.

Marie Nicholson suffered
similar bite marks

and may also have drowned.

Though the bite marks
were different enough

that there may be
another explanation.


There are two monsters roving
around the lake.

Or perhaps there is a more
human motive at work here.

Sir, I took the liberty
of continuing

on your initial investigation
of the Miss Purity competitors.

Did you, now?

Well, sir,
you were otherwise occupied

with this lake monster and I...

Yes, George,
what did you find out?

Sir, Miss Nicholson was ejected
from the purity competition

because she was with child
for James Bennett.

Now, this would imply
that their affair began

sometime before Bennett
parted ways with Miss Buchanan.

This is a waste of time.

Let's get back to our monster
in the lake, shall we?

George, the two girls
didn't kill each other.

Sir, I'm not suggesting so.

But Miss Nicholson ruined
Mason Alexander's competition.

I believe he sought revenge.

What was his motive for killing
the first girl?

That I don't know.

How do you explain
the bite marks?

That I don't know.


Let's flip the chalkboard back,
then, shall we?

Sir, the number of links
between these two young women

makes it difficult
to altogether ignore

George's line of investigation.

They were both at the beach.

They were both bitten
by a monster in the lake.

How's that for a link?

If that were
the only connection.

But the two girls knew
each other... well.

They were both competitors
in the Miss Purity competition,

and they were both involved
with the same man.

Yet none of that answers
the question.

If it was murder,

then who would want
both these ladies dead, and why?

It appears
Miss Nicholson didn't drown.

- She did not?
- No.

She died of exsanguination.

From the bite wounds.

Yes and no.

If you look closely,
you'll see an aberration.

The bruising is indicative
of a small hilt or handle.

I've yet to confirm the weapon,
but a knife would fit.

Before she was bitten...

She was stabbed.

She had such a beautiful voice.

All I can do is juggle knives.


Marie is dead as well?

My God.

Miss Lawson, you wanted to win
the Miss Purity competition

at any cost.

What are you saying?

Where were you last night?

With Mr. Alexander.

He promised me Miss Purity.

And he will corroborate this?

It was to be a secret,
of course.

I'm not very smart,
and my family is poor.

I don't have great prospects,

I really need this job.

Miss Lawson, did you kill

Katherine Buchanan
and Marie Nicholson?

My goodness, no!

I'm afraid I'll have to
confiscate these

until I verify your story.

You can't take my knives.

They're the only things of value
I own.

You have much more to worry
about than that, Miss Lawson.

No trace of blood.

Though they could have
been cleaned.

I'll have Dr. Grace do a full
comparison with the wound.

That girl was afraid
of her own shadow.

I can't imagine her capable
of murder.

What about Alexander
and his alibi?

I've sent Henry
to get his statement.

He and Miss Lawson
will likely alibi each other.

Sir, she didn't die from a bite.

She was stabbed.

No monster?

Sadly, no.

She was stabbed

and then the bite wound
was created

to divert our attention.

So if she wasn't killed
by a monster,

what caused the bite?

He's buggered off.

Sir, have a look at this.


So that's our culprit.

So it would appear.

So we have a lake monster
copycat on our hands.

And who better
than our lake monster expert?

But why set traps here?

What is he guarding?

Maybe I did have
a drop too much ale.


All I wanted was a little peace.

So many people.

All hours.
Running all over my property.

Even sleeping on the beach.

It was just more
than I could bear.

So you fabricated a monster.

Makes perfect sense.

I thought it would scare
everybody away.

Captain Squires,
if that really was your plan,

wouldn't the lake monster
have sufficed?

Why murder
two innocent young girls?

Oh, no, no, you misunderstand.


That young lady,
Miss Buchanan,

I saw her place stones
into her pockets

and lay a garland of flowers
around her neck

and she walked
right into the lake.

She took her own life?

I suppose so.

I ran to help her,
but I was too late.

So you dragged out her body

and used your fake monster
to bite her?

I seized the opportunity.

A dead body
would convince everybody

the monster was real.

I'm sorry.

And Miss Nicholson?

I don't know anything about her.

I swear on the good Queen's

It was your trap that "bit" her!

Anyone could have taken
my traps.

Everyone knows they're there.

He is completely crackers.

Tampering with a body just
to scare people off the beach.

He built a bloody lake monster,
for heaven's sakes.

I'm sorry, sir.
Trust me, I know how you feel.

Crabtree, I don't need you
to comfort me.

I'm just saying, sir.

I've had my share
of disappointments,

but you know what?
I never give up hope.

Thank you, Crabtree.

If you truly believe
that lake monsters exist,

I believe you will find
your proof.

I said, thank you, Crabtree.

And isn't Toronto
the perfect place?

You've Lake Ontario right there,

Lake Erie, Lake Huron
within a day's travel.

If you were to include rivers...

George, perhaps you should
look in on Dr. Grace.

We need to identify the weapon
that killed Miss Nicholson

as soon as possible.

Sir, right away.

Chin up, Inspector.

Chin up.

It does seem like Katherine
Buchanan committed suicide.

The white gown,

the stones in her pockets.

The romantic statement
of a woman betrayed.

It's a plausible scenario.

And consistent
with Captain Squires' statement.

But how does a suicide relate
to Miss Nicholson's murder?

It might not.

The two may be unrelated.

Marie Nicholson had no trouble
making enemies.

The motive may be something
that we've yet to uncover,

which doesn't help
to answer the question...

Who killed Marie Nicholson?

None of these knives match
Miss Nicholson's stab wound.

None of these knives match
Miss Nicholson's stab wound.

A different implement, then?

Yes, something thinner,
more cylindrical.

An ice pick.

Like the one used
by the snowball vendor.

Sir, Mr. Bennett wouldn't
have killed Miss Nicholson.

Doing so would have meant
killing his own unborn child.

Marie Nicholson
wasn't with child.

Nor was there any indication
she had ever been.

Oh, Mr. Bennett.

We'd like a word
about Marie Nicholson.

Aah! Aah!

- Ooh.
- Aah! Aah!

Katie was my everything.

We knew it
since we were children.

And Miss Nicholson?

Katie was visiting her family
two months ago

in St. Catherines.

I was so lonely.

Marie seduced me.

I've never regretted
anything more.

Then she informed you
that she had become pregnant.

My heart was shattered.

I had no choice
but to marry her.

I couldn't tell Katie the truth.

I couldn't bear to hurt her
any more than I had to.

Yet she found out somehow.

Marie told her.

Out of spite, I suppose,
or to gloat.

I didn't know any of this


The day after
Katie took her own life,

I received this in the mail.

"Dearest James.

I can't endure this life
without you.

I can't bear to see
what could have been our child

born to another.

I will love you forever.
I forgive you."

But I couldn't blame Marie.

I didn't want to distress her.

This heat, Katie's death,
it all seemed too much.

I had to think
of my child's welfare.

So you had her disqualified from
the Miss Purity competition.

It was for the best.

But Marie was livid.

She told me
she had never been pregnant.

It was all a lie.

I mean, Katie killed herself
over a lie.

So you killed Marie.

I didn't even know
what I was doing.

The ice pick was in my hand.
I was blind with rage.

I don't even remember
stabbing her.

I should feel remorse.

But I don't.

My only regret is that
I won't be going to heaven.

Because I know Katie is there.

It's a shame the snowball stand
is closed.

I don't know, George.
I think I prefer your version.

It's nice to be outside again,

especially now that
the heat wave is over.

Did you find relatives
for your John Does?


What will happen
with the others?

The city will give each one
of them a Christian burial.

I may be the only one
in attendance,

but at least
they won't be alone.

perhaps I'll attend with you.

I would like that very much.

What the bloody hell?!

Oi, you little buggers,
bring back that bloody hat!


Oh, my goodness, Emily.

I've just destroyed
somebody's hat.

I think this is
the inspector's hat.

Perhaps you should hide
the evidence.

George, it's positively flying.

Look at that.

Emily, I think I've just
invented a new beach game.

I could call it flying hat.

Or flying brim.



Flying hat.

You must be relieved, William.

I have to admit
I'm somewhat disappointed.

I was quite enjoying
our little research project.

The thought of discovering
a new species.

Oh, William.

You'll find your dinosaur yet.
I'm sure of it.

there are people everywhere.

How ridiculous it is

that women should have to wear
black woolen stockings

in this heat.

You are being very scandalous,
young lady.

Yes, I am, aren't I?

Hey, hey, hey!


Aah! Aah!

My hair!


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