Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Murdoch Ahoy - full transcript

Detective Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid are aboard the SS Keewatin after the owner, Clarence MacFarlane, receives what he believes is a threat. The Keewatin is about to depart from Toronto on its maiden voyage destined for Rochester, N.Y. and Murdoch thinks they should stay on board, especially after he sees that Julia is one of the invited guests. Their presence proves useful after MacFarlane's daughter Amy, who is engaged to her father's chief financial officer Owen Mathers, falls overboard and is nowhere to be found. As Murdoch investigates he finds there is a real threat against the Keewatin and the true facts behind Amy's disappearance.

Excuse us. Police business.

- Welcome aboard.
- Toronto Constabulary.

Where might we find Mr. MacFarlane?

Upstairs in the lounge.

- Happy Victoria Day.
- God save the king.

Please try to smile, Amy.

For your father's sake if not for mine.

Honestly, you've been
acting strangely all day.

I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment.

- Gentlemen.
- Inspector.

Mr. MacFarlane.

Detective, may I present
my wife, Elizabeth,

my daughter, Amy.

And her fianc?, my chief financial officer,

- Owen Mathers.
- Pleased to meet you.

- A pleasure.
- Gentlemen, a moment?


It's probably nothing, but...

I received this, this morning.

I believe it to be Hans Baldung's

- Death and the Maiden.
- How is this a threat?

Sir, this is the maiden
voyage on Lake Ontario.

Are you sure you should sail?

I have to.

Some of the city's most
prominent citizens are on board.

Why might someone send you this?

- I don't know.
- Someone with a grudge perhaps?

Sir, I'm a successful
man, I have more enemies

than I do friends.

I'm sorry. It is probably nothing,

but I just thought it best to inform you.

All aboard!

Waste of bloody time if you ask me.

I don't disagree, sir.

It seems a vague threat at best.

Perhaps we should stay aboard, sir.

It's a bloody postcard.

Best to be prudent.

Bloody hell.

Thank you.

William? What are you doing here?

Official business.

The owner of the ship
received a distressing message,

possibly a threat.

Death and the Maiden. I see.

It's rather oblique as threats go.

It's probably nothing.

- But you stayed on board?
- Hmm!

I thought it prudent. Just in case.

Of course.

I also...

I haven't seen much of
you lately, Julia. I...

I know.

It's just with everything that's happened.

His court case isn't even over yet.

It's due process.

James Gillies will hang for what he did.

His lawyers are just
stalling the inevitable.

I just want this chapter
of our lives to be over.

I want us to start afresh.

As do I.

- Tell me who you were talking to!
- It's none of your business!

I'm sorry. I'm...

I'm making a complete fool of myself.

It's quite all right.

Thank you.

- You're very kind.
- Keep it.

The torment of young love.

I suppose.

I've always loved being on a boat.

The cries of the seagulls.

The feeling of the
breeze against your skin.

- It's so romantic.
- Hm, isn't it?

Man overboard!

Sound the alarm!

Ah, Dr. Grace.

Annie Taylor is in town for a
lecture. Would you like to go?

- Who's Annie Taylor?
- Oh, Higgins!

- Do you read the paper?
- She's a 63-year-old woman

who just went over
Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Unfortunately, Detective
Murdoch has asked me

- to remain in the station.
- Whatever for?

It's our first Victoria Day,
you should have the day off.

Well, the Constabulary
never rests, Dr. Grace.

Particularly on official holidays.

I'm free to escort you if you'd like.

Uh, no Henry, you won't. If
I have to stay, so do you.

I think he's making advances.

What, Higgins? No.

I'm sure he's just trying to be gallant.


- You were on the lower deck?
- I was getting some air.

- Then you heard Miss MacFarlane scream?
- From above, yeah.

Did you see her go in the water?


So you sounded the alarm?

That's right.

Thank you.

- Could your daughter swim?
- No, sir.

She never took to the water.

Mr. MacFarlane.

Terribly sorry to have to ask this

but is it possible that your
daughter committed suicide?


She was to be married.

She had her whole life in front of her!

Excuse me, gentlemen, I
have to return to my wife.

- Again. Terribly sorry.
- Thank you.

One just doesn't fall off a boat, Murdoch.

She either chucked herself overboard

or someone did it for her.

Good day.

We argued.

- What of it?
- What was the argument about?

I'm afraid that's a private matter.

It's not private anymore.

Where were you when your
fianc?e fell overboard?

I was inside. In my cabin.

Any witnesses?

Are you suggesting I had
something to do with this?

The incident occurred shortly
after an argument with you.

Now again, what was the argument about?

I saw her with another man,
this afternoon on the quay.

- Who was it?
- I never saw his face.

They broke apart when they saw me coming.

That made you suspicious?

I confronted her and we argued.

That's the truth, gentlemen.
And that's all I'll say of it.

Good day.

It will calm your nerves, Mrs. MacFarlane.

I've known Owen for nearly ten years.

He came to work for my firm

right out of college. He
had nothing to do with this.

Is it possible your
daughter had another suitor?

Owen mentioned seeing he with another man.

No. It is not possible.

They were...

I'm sorry, this is all
they were able to retrieve.

Thank you.

It's hers.

Oh, Clarence!


The hatpin is still in place, sir.


The force as she hit the water

would have bent the
pin, torn the straw weave

or pulled it out altogether.

Yet, no stress has been
applied to this pin whatsoever.

She didn't fall in.

I can only say with certainty

that this hat was not on her head

when it went in the water.

You said you saw a woman fall in?

I... I thought I did.

You thought?

I saw something out of
the corner of my eye.

Did you see her in the water?

No. I just...

Bloody Hell, son! Then why
did you shout, "Man overboard"?

I didn't. Someone yelled it from above.

I just rang the alarm.

I don't understand.

Are you saying Amy is still alive?

It's possible.

Perhaps this is what the Death
and the Maiden postcard was about.

Amy is the maiden?

- Steward.
- Sir?

My daughter may still be on board.

Have every cabin, every room searched.

- Right away.
- She's been kidnapped,

that's the only possible
explanation for all of this.

There is one other.

She could be involved in this herself...

Elizabeth, how can you
possibly suggest that right now?

Clarence, she's no
angel. You know her past.

She was young and she was
foolish, she's over it now.

She's engaged to a fine young
man. If she was kidnapped

for any reason it's for my money.

- Alright.
- Detective, what is it?

It would be most helpful
if I could communicate

with my station house.

I believe we can help you with that.

The ship is equipped
with a wireless telegraph.


That's marvelous. Steward, the detective

has a message he would
like to relay, please.


we just received a telegraph
from Detective Murdoch.

What did he want?

He wants us to look into the
background of an Amy MacFarlane.

Higgins, Detective Murdoch is on a ship!

We just received this
telegraph from a ship!

Oh my goodness, George!

A ship! Is that even possible!?
Why, yes it is, Henry.

Because they sent this
telegraph through the air.

Through the air, George?

How did they manage that?
Well, let me tell you...

George, I've heard of wireless telegraphy.

Well, Henry, how can you be
so completely lacking in awe?

We're no longer constrained by wires now.

We can send messages
over electromagnetic waves

that spread in all directions.

So doesn't that mean

that everybody can receive
everyone else's messages?

Well, perhaps that's true,
but that might be a good thing.

I might have something to say that
I want the whole world to hear.

Yes, yes. You and everyone else, George.

Just think of all the birds

outside your window tweeting at once.

I think the word is twittering, Henry.

But you might be right.

This doesn't portend well.

- Can we help you ma'am?
- Yes. My name is Annie Taylor.

The Annie... The woman who went
over Niagara Falls in a barrel?

The same.

Aren't you supposed to be at a lecture?

I can't give a lecture without my barrel.

It's what people want to see!

And where exactly is your barrel?

If I knew would I be talking to you?

You think Amy was involved?

How could someone have secreted her away

from the top deck of a crowded ship?

Well, it wouldn't be the first
time that someone arranged

- their own kidnapping.
- It's hard to imagine

she would put her parents
through this ordeal.

Hello? May we help you?

My name's Doreen Jarvis. I'm
a friend of Amy MacFarlane's.

- I think I may have seen her.
- Where?

She was headed down to the lower decks.

For some reason she was
wearing a maid's uniform.

- Which way did she go?
- It appeared she was going to the cargo hold.

- What time was this?
- Around 5:30.

You saw her after the "Man
overboard" alarm was sounded?


Miss MacFarlane?



Miss MacFarlane?

Murdoch... look at this.

It's not her.

Then who the bloody hell is this?

You know this man?

No. I've never seen him before, no.

Gunshot, Doctor?

I'll need to perform a
post-mortem to be sure.

You can use our sickbay.

No one is to know about this.

"Neville Morton."

I could feel myself rocking back and forth.

It was almost peaceful. And
then the floor dropped out.

- And what was the landing like?
- Let me tell you.

Anyone gives you the choice
of going over Niagara Falls

or getting hit on the head
with a hammer, take the hammer.

That bad, hmm?

Hurt so much I wished I had died.

But I survived, which means
I still have to make a living.

So could we get back to my barrel?

Yes, of course.

Mrs. Taylor, can you tell me the
last place you saw your barrel?

I was in the lobby of the
Empire Hotel signing autographs.

The barrel was taken backstage
by a couple of young men.

- What did these men look like?
- Oh, it wasn't them that stole my barrel.

It was my no-good manager

and I know where you can find him.

Ah, Higgins!

We've just received another
telegram from Detective Murdoch.

He wants information on a Neville Morton.

What about my barrel?

Mrs. Taylor, we will bring
your manager in presently.

Core body temperature has
dropped less than two degrees.

I'd estimate he's been dead about an hour.

So six o'clock.

Right. And the murder weapon?

It was an implement
about a quarter inch wide

and at least five inches long.
Pierced the left ventricle.

How peculiar.

Good work, doctor.

I'm pleased I haven't lost my touch.

What is it?

Some kind of tool would be my guess.

Something there?

I believe I've found our murder weapon.

It's a screwdriver.

Sir... this is my handkerchief.

How did it get here?

I gave it to Amy MacFarlane.

I don't understand.

Are you saying that my
daughter is a murderer?

The handkerchief I gave her

was used to wipe blood
from the murder weapon.

She was seen going into the cargo hold

- shortly before the murder.
- No.

Not my Amy!

Now, I have no proof

that she is the killer but
clearly she's involved somehow.

The very fact that we're
unable to locate her

- would indicate she's in hiding.
- Well, if she's in hiding

from anybody, it's from whoever
killed this Morton fellow.

You've received a telegram, Detective.

- Thank you.
- Neville Morton?

Hmm... he spent some time in jail.

Setting off a bomb in a bank.

Not just once. He's a professional.

A bomber on board?

It would appear the threat

to your ship could be real.

It might be time to
tell us about the people

who do hold a grudge against you.

There is one on board. Linus Calvert.

He runs a ferry to Rochester,

and this ship is gonna
put him out of business.

- Will his boat put me out of business?
- Probably.

I should have scuttled my
boat while I had the chance.


Sometimes I think an
insurance claim is the only way

to make money in this business.

As for his boat, it's
too big for the market,

and MacFarlane spent too
much bringing it here.

But he is your competition.

I suppose, but if I was
going to blow up a boat,

do you think I'd be sailing on it?

Good point.

So what's the connection to Amy MacFarlane?

Neville Morton?

I'm sorry. I've never heard of him.

Did he have dark hair?

Why do you ask?

Miss Jarvis, if you have information...

I think Amy was seeing someone.

I didn't know his name. I
only saw him from a distance.

She admitted this to you?

Not in so many words.

She was being very secretive about it,

and I was disinclined to pry.

But I do know that Amy wanted

to break off her engagement with Owen.

She just didn't know
how to tell her parents.

Is that what this was all about?

The fake drowning and what have ya?

She was going to run off with the bloke.

- It seems a reasonable theory.
- I don't know, William.

Is it reasonable that
she would have her parents

grieve her death rather
than suffer disappointment

over her choice of marital partner?

But he wasn't just any kind
of bloke. He was an ex-convict.

I agree it does seem a bit drastic.

But it would go a long way
to explaining her behaviour.

Who bloody cares about her behaviour?

How did lover boy end up
in the bottom of a trunk?

May I speak with the parents?

It's not possible.

To have us think she was dead?

He had spent some time
in jail, Mrs. MacFarlane.

I don't care. She is our
daughter and she loves us.

She knows that we'd forgive her.

If she was seeing another man,

I knew nothing about it.

But you said you saw her
with another man just today.

I saw her talking to another man.

I only became suspicious

when she wouldn't tell me who it was.

Your whereabouts in the quarter
hours before and after six o'clock?

- In my cabin.
- Alone?

I think you can appreciate

I wasn't in the mood to make
a pretense of sociability.

This man that you saw her
with. Did he have dark hair?


Detective Murdoch, this
maid's hat was found

in the cargo hold. I thought it odd.

- Why is that?
- Maids don't go to the lower deck.

Hold it right there!




I was taking my break.

So you thought you'd take a
stroll down to the cargo hold

- and just have a wander around, did you?
- That's right.

You were about to open up a trunk.

What were you expecting to find in there?

- A dead body perhaps?
- Dead body.

What are you talking about?
What's happened to Amy?

Amy? What do you know
about Miss MacFarlane?

- Where is she?
- Where is she supposed to be?

In the trunk, that was the plan.

What plan?

Bloody hell! You and Miss MacFarlane.

It was the only way.

Her folks would never
understand. A person like me?

It was you who yelled, "Man overboard!"

She hid in the air intake.
I left clothes for her.

- A maid's uniform?
- She was to make her way

to the cargo hold and hide in the
trunk until we reached Rochester.

And then we would run away.

How does Neville Morton fit into all this?


- Do you believe him?
- I'm inclined to.

I suppose it's one thing for a daughter

to marry below her station.

Quite another for her
to marry a Red Indian.

Her family never would have permitted it.

Well if she's on this ship
somewhere, let's find her.

I invested in you!

Just because you're my manager
it doesn't give you the right

- to my damn barrel.
- I...

- I didn't take your damn barrel.
- Liar!

You know what? I wish I had taken it.

Then I could sell it
and get you off my back!

- Constable Crabtree?
- You two excuse me for a moment.

And no fisticuffs.

I bet that was your plan all along.

Send me over the Falls then extort
me out of my meager earnings!

- Good God, woman, will you get a hold of yourself.
- Tell me this is important.

- What is it, Dr. Grace?
- Shelley's missing.

- Somebody took a body?
- Shelley. My skeleton.

I didn't know she had a name.

- It's a "he".
- You named him Shelley?

After the poet. Dead poet.
Skeleton. What does it matter?

I went to a lot of work
to put him together.

Every bone, every phalange
screwed, drilled, wired.

And now someone has just
helped themselves to him.

- Did they take anything else?
- Not that I could tell.

Emily, I promise I will
get to the bottom of...

Jackson, what's the
problem? You look flustered.

- Someone stole my helmet.
- Someone stole my skeleton.

- Your what?
- Oh wait.

A barrel, a skeleton,

and a copper's topper...

We have to think about Amy.

I'm every bit as concerned as
you are. She's to be my wife.


- The steward asked us to come immediately.
- Yes.

We just received a very
disturbing telegram.

Apparently, there are bombs on board

- set to detonate at midnight.
- May I see the telegram?

I don't have it. Owen, I gave it to you.

- I don't have it.
- Damn it man!

What exactly did the telegram say?

That there are two bombs on board the ship.

- Two?
- The ship is compartmentalized.

If one bomb were to go off,
we could seal that section

and possibly save the ship. But two...

Then we evacuate this tub
as quickly as possible.

My daughter's still on board
this ship. If the bombs go off...

How long would it take to
evacuate all of the passengers?

- 20 minutes. 30 at the most.
- It's almost 10:30.

We have one hour to find two bombs.

You better put the crew on standby.

Right. The bombs will be
placed below the waterline.

That's the entire lower deck here.

In the middle are the
engine and boiler rooms.

On the side are two utility corridors.

On either end of the ship,
bow and stern, are cargo holds.

- We'll need to split up.
- I'll take the engine room.

- I'll take the bow.
- Good.


Nothing on this side.

It could be in any one of these.

Nothing in the engine and boiler rooms.

- The bow is clear.
- Are you sure?

- Did you check the utility rooms?
- It's all clear.

- There's no bomb.
- Bloody hell!

Is this some sort of
Victoria Day prank then?

Could the bombs be between the hulls?

Oh, by God, they could be anywhere.

No. No, the bomber
would have needed to work

away from prying eyes.
So the cargo holds then.

What are we looking for, Murdoch?

Some sort of removable plate.


That's why the bomber needed
the special screwdriver.

- The screwdriver, where is it?
- The sickbay.

- I'll go.
- Good luck.

A Red Indian?

No! Impossible!

She would never do that to me.

To you?

I would never permit such a marriage.

Mrs. MacFarlane, your daughter
is hiding somewhere on this boat

hoping that you think she's dead.

Are you saying that she
made the right choice?

Sir? Here, sir!

- Got the screwdriver.
- Give it to me!

We've found it, sir.

- It's set for midnight.
- Just like they said it would be.

We need to chuck this bomb overboard.

But, sir, this is just
the timing mechanism.

The rest of the bomb is located
somewhere else in the hull.

I'll have to disarm it. How
do you know which wires to cut?

It doesn't really matter.

Alright. What time is it?

It's 10:55. We've got
an hour and five minutes.

One more to go.

Sir, take that side.

Sir, over here!

This one's set for 11.

- But it's 11 now.
- Run!

- Everyone out! We have to seal the floor!
- Let's go, run!

- Is anyone hurt?
- You took a bit of a hit there, MacFarlane.

It's nothing.

Well, come on lad, seal it! We
can stop the ship from sinking.

That's as far as it
will go. It won't close!

Get out of the way, son.
Let the dog see the rabbit.

He's right. It's stuck.

It's not stuck, sir. It's broken.

If we can't close the seal...

The ship sinks, yes.

The passengers. We have
to get the passengers off.

I'll send the distress signal.

What the hell just happened, Murdoch?

Why was the bomb set to go
off at 11 instead of midnight?

I don't know,

but I'd very much like to
get my hands on that telegram.

Bloody hell, Murdoch!

The ship's sinking, and you
want to read a damned telegram?

Please, everyone, we need to evacuate.

Alarm! Everyone to deck please!

Ladies and gentlemen. If I
could have you attention please.

We need to get off this
ship pretty quickly,

so if you could all behave
in an orderly fashion.

And, gentlemen, please
let the ladies off first.

Thank you. This way now.

- Have you found her?
- Not yet I'm sorry.


Are you alright? I heard
there was an explosion.

I'm fine, but the ship is sinking.

Sinking. Have you found Amy?

You need to get off the
ship. Get to a lifeboat now.

- Not without you!
- Julia...

I said not without you.

Fine. Come along.

I sent a distress
telegram. It was received.

Good. Good. May I see the
transcript of the telegram

you received warning about the bomb?

- The what?!
- The telegram about the bomb.

I received a total of eight messages.

Two were from Station House
4, and six were messages

of congratulations, but none of
them said anything about a bomb.

Are you sure?

I would have noticed.

Elizabeth, I beg you. I beg you, please.

We can't abandon her.

Sir, come with me.

Elizabeth, please get on the lifeboat!

- What about Amy?!
- Julia could you please assist her?

- Of course.
- No! Not without my daughter!

- Elizabeth...
- Fine. Mr. MacFarlane,

why did you not show me the telegram?

Why in blazes are you
bringing this up right now?

My daughter is missing!

- My ship is sinking!
- Murdoch...

Because there is no telegram.

Mr. MacFarlane here
made the whole thing up.

- Get off of me!
- He set the bombs himself.

This is absurd! Why
would I sink my own ship?

For the insurance money.
It was the only way

you'd be able to recoup all
that you've spent on this ship.

And you reported the threats
to throw suspicion off of you.

Well, if I wanted to sink my ship,

why would I tell you about the bombs?

Because your daughter went missing.

And when that happened
you needed us to find her

before the bombs went off.

You didn't know where they were!

You hired Neville Morton to set the bombs.

And then you killed him
to stop him from talking.

Why would I kill him? He's the only
one who knows where the bombs are.

I believe you had an accomplice.

- Well?
- Sir,

Mr. MacFarlane isn't the only
one who lied about the telegram.

What are you doing?


He's your partner.

The only other person who knew
about your financial troubles.

He hired Neville Morton,
an expert, to set the bombs.

But why would he kill him?

Because Morton was witness
to Owen's involvement.

Your daughter Amy was below
decks. She saw what happened.

Well then why would he set
the bomb to go off early?

So the only other witness
would go down with the ship.

Oh, my God!

He knows where she is.

Where's my daughter?! Where is she?!

Where is she?! Where'd you put her?!



Where is she?

Where could she be? Where
could someone hide her?

He wouldn't have dragged
her upstairs, would he?

No, he would have kept her
below, but the question is...


- What is that?
- Someone's tapping on a pipe.


That must be this pipe here.

- Where does it lead to?
- The bow cargo hold.

The one currently filling with water?

You have to go.

This is all my fault, you know?

She knew I would never let her marry him.

- She knew it.
- Mrs. MacFarlane, please,

just get on the boat.


- Amy!
- Amy!

Careful. These loads
could shift at any moment.

- Amy!
- Amy!

Here! Here!

She's in there!


- Amy!
- John, thank God!

Ah, Amy!

Alright. Go! Go!


- Amy!
- Daddy!

Are you alright, Miss MacFarlane?

- Amy!
- I saw Owen. He killed a man.

He hit me and when I woke,
there was water, everywhere.

I thought I was going to die.
It's alright, you're safe.

- Where is he?
- He's right behind me.





Murdoch?! Dr. Ogden?!









What the bloody hell do you
think you're doing, Doctor?


I've lost my hat.

Your hat?

Amy! Oh, thank God!

Oh, thank God!

We should go, Mrs. MacFarlane.

Stewards, help the ladies.

Grab the detective, lads.

It's ok. You're going to be ok.

I just want everyone,
to have a seat, please!

Well, get in!

No, sir. Get off my ship.

Clarence... please!

Mr. MacFarlane, get in the boat!

- Clarence!
- I'm sorry, Elizabeth.

Daddy... don't.

Every year at the end of
term, you fraternity chaps

like to have a little fun, don't you?

But to do such on Victoria Day?

A day for showing respect
for our dear deceased monarch.

It's not a day for this
type of... tomfoolery

or rascality, or ballyhoo.

- Constable...
- Or shenanigans.

George. If you've damaged Shelley...

We're sorry. We were going
to give it back, honestly.

Please, sir,

if my father found out...

Never let it be said that George
Crabtree is not a fair man.

You lads will wash this police
station from top to bottom...

and your parents need not know
about this little incident.

And you will write a letter
of apology to Miss Taylor.

- Thank you, sir.
- And it's there's any more

of this waggery or devilment...

That's enough. Get out.

Thank you, George.

Dr. Grace, I would always
grant you some leniency

for mischievery.

Or prankishness.

Or brouhaha...

Especially brouhaha.

I knew Clarence was worried.

Especially when they delayed the
dredging of the Welland Canal.

He and Owen even had...

brochures printed.

Passage to Chicago, the entire Great Lakes.

- But without the canal...
- He would have gone broke.

Even his competition thought so.

Scuttling the ship was his only recourse.

I can't believe he and Owen did this.

- I almost lost my daughter.
- But you haven't.

Not yet.

Is there anything else?

Not for now.

I'll get one of my constables
to see you home, ma'am.

Thank you.

This way.

It would appear I have to thank you.

Your penchant for not listening
to me has once again...

I'm just so glad you're safe, William.

You saved my life, Julia.

Tit for tat, I suppose.

Dr. Ogden... you never
cease to surprise me.

However do you mean, Inspector?

Well, my best man was in
dire straits, and you took it

as an opportunity for a spot of canoodling.

It's called mouth on mouth
resuscitation, Inspector.

A technique employed by Swiss
doctors to resuscitate babies.

I did it only to save William's life.

Of course you did, Dr. Ogden.

Of course you did.