Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Stroll on the Wild Side: Part 1 - full transcript

When Detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates the abduction of Lucille Messing (Tori Anderson) a shy, churchgoing librarian, he's stunned to discover his former love, Anna Fulford (Lisa Faulkner), working at the library under an alias. Murdoch has grave fears for her safety since the Black Hand, a criminal syndicate responsible for murdering her fiancé, still has a price on her head. Realizing that Lucille's disappearance was not a case of mistaken identity, Anna believes that since she's already been in Toronto for months unnoticed, her life is no longer threatened. Goaded by a rival police inspector, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) enlists Constable Crabtree (Johnny Harris), Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch) and the rest of the constabulary to form a baseball team. Meanwhile, Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) finds herself in a jail cell at the station house after a scandalized citizen complains that she's teaching birth control to women. Though Murdoch's religious beliefs conflict with her progressive stance, he admires her sense of moral duty. Her husband, Dr. Darcy Garland (Jonathan Watton), does as well - up to a point. As Murdoch's investigation takes him into Toronto's sordid underbelly of gambling dens and brothels, Anna tags along, intrigued by the adventure. Slowly seduced by her warmth and curiosity, Murdoch accepts Anna's conviction she's safe - a belief they may soon come to regret.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the library will be
closing in five minutes.

You found what you were
looking for, Mr. Faber?

I did indeed.

Thank you for pointing
me in the right direction,

Miss Messing.

It's a fine addition to my favorite hobby.

I'm pleased to hear it.

And I'm sure Rose will be as well.


Is somebody still here?

Who is it?

This is not funny.

What have you, George?

Sir, a Miss Lucille Messing

didn't arrive for her shift today,

and her landlady says she
didn't return home last night.

I take it this isn't normal
behavior for Miss Messing.

It's not, sir.

I thought it best to telephone you.

So this is where she was last seen.

Were there any signs of a struggle?

No, sir. All the doors were locked.

No sign of forced entry.

- No witnesses?
- None.

The other librarian is on her way.

She's due any minute.

She might be able to shed
some light on the matter.



You there!



- Stop! Police!
- Let me go!


Hello, William.


What the devil are you doing here?


You can't be here.

There are people after you.

Why did you come back?


William, I'm sorry. I tried.

Really, I did.

I went to Chicago and Boston.

And you come back to Toronto?

What if the Black Hand finds out?

I doubt they even remember I exist.

There is a price on your head.

They'll remember.

And you come back here,
where they tried to kill you?

I've already been here
several months, William.


Honestly, who's going to notice

an anonymous librarian?


It's the only place I don't feel alone.

You can't stay.

I'm fine.

And what were you doing
at the library anyway?

I hope you don't have an overdue book.

There's a heavy penalty for that.

Very funny.

It's not that simple.

I'm investigating

the disappearance of Lucille Messing.

- Lucille?
- Yes.

She didn't go home last night.

That's not like her.

Do you know of anyone close to her?

Well, she has a fianc?e?.

And today's Tuesday,

so last night, she'd have
been at choir practice.

Very good.

Where are the practices?

At St. Alban's church, I believe.


Do you know of anything

that may have been bothering her recently?

William, what if this is all a mistake?

What if the Black Hand have found me,

and they took her by mistake?

Well, we don't know that she's been taken.

She could have disappeared
of her own accord.

It's not something Lucille would do.

What if I am responsible?

It's highly illegal, Inspector.

I'm well aware of the law.

Not to mention immoral.

Teaching contraception is not only a crime.

It's a mortal sin.

As I've said, we'll
look into it, Mr. Wilson.

Now, good day.

Inspector O'Kelly.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Oh, I just thought I'd drop by

and say how much Station
5 is looking forward

to trouncing your boys
at baseball next week.

It's that time of year again.

What was the score last year? 16-3?


MY apologies.

Well, I don't think we'll be
putting up a team this year.

We're too busy.

Too busy?

A whole year, and that's the
best you could come up with?

I'm charged with keeping the
citizens of this city safe,

not running around a
playground in knickerbockers.

Lucille Messing?

Yes, she's a member of my choir.

Well, not much of a voice,
but she gave it her all.

How worrisome.

When did you last see her?

Well, she missed practice last night.

- Was that unusual?
- Yes, most unlike her.

She was always punctual,
a most reliable girl.

Do you have any idea what
could have happened to her?

Is it possible she
disappeared of her own accord?

Mr. Trevor?

You should talk to her fianc?e?,

Geoffrey Coville.

- Why is that?
- Oh, he just...

had a way about him.

Made me uneasy.

How so?

He was so... superior.

It was always something of a puzzle

as to why a quiet young woman like Lucille

was engaged to him.

Are you sure this is the address.

Mr. Wilson gave the Inspector?

I don't know, Henry.

All I know is that this is the address

the Inspector gave me.

This doesn't seem right.

I mean, shouldn't we be investigating

some sort of medical facility?

Who knows what goes on
behind closed doors, Henry?

Who knows?

Retraining from relations during this time

will reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.

However, a much surer
way to prevent conception

is the barrier method.

This is a diaphragm.

While no device can promise certainty,

the diaphragm is a much more...

Dr. Ogden?

Constable Crabtree.

I take it you're here on
official business, Constable.

Yes, your gathering has
come to the attention

of the Toronto Constabulary.

I see.

Advocating contraception,
Doctor, is illegal,

as I'm sure you know.

It pains me to do this,

but I've been asked to arrest you.

You'll have to come down to
the station house with us.

Are the other women free to leave?

They're attending an illegal gathering.

Constable, please.

They're here at my invitation.


Some of them risk a beating
if they're found out.

Well, they're free to go, then.

Ladies, I'm sorry.

Could you please see yourselves out?

Thank you.


Well, you could always work at Station 4.

They're a bit delicate
for the streets of Toronto,

but good chaps, nonetheless.

And I wouldn't call them Miss Nancy's,

though, some might.

If a friendly game of
baseball isn't to their liking,

maybe a nice game of marbles or hopscotch.

Right! That's enough out of you, O'Kelly.

Ah, Brackenreid. I didn't see you there.

Station 4 accepts the challenge.

And we won't just play against you;

We'll bloody well beat you.

I very much doubt that.

Care to put your money where your mouth is?

I'd be delighted.



Mr. Coville, do you have any idea

of your fianc?e's whereabouts?

She didn't go home last night?

That's not possible.

Could there have been a family matter?

I am her family.

Lucille's parents are deceased.

- Any other family?
- None that I know of.

Mr. Coville, when was the last time

you saw your fianc?e?

Yesterday. We met for lunch.

Did you notice anything unusual?

Actually, yes. She was
wearing a blue dress.

That was unusual?

Lucille is quite a reserved person.

She thought blue was exceptionally daring.

That's why I encouraged
her work at the library,

to see if she could break out of her shell.

Please, find her, Detective.

Sir, we've received bad
news regarding Miss Messing.

A hiker found her body early this morning.

Miss Messing was strangled.

I believe a cord of some kind was used.

Though, there is one particular mark

that is decidedly darker than the others.

Here. Back of the neck.

Perhaps pressure from a thumb,

if someone grabbed her from behind.


- Any other bruising?
- No.

Were there any signs of... interference?

It appears her maidenhood is still intact.

Well, that's strange.

An innocent young woman
is abducted, killed,

and yet no liberties
were taken on her body.

You say our woman was a librarian,

shy, churchgoing.

All who knew her

characterized her as reserved, cautious.

Take a look at this.

Not something you would see

on a woman of reserved character.

It's rather beautiful, isn't it?

I understand tattooing has
become something of a fad

in England among the aristocracy.

Why might she do this?

I suppose it would depend

on exactly who your Miss Messings truly is.

What are you suggesting?

Consider the placement of the rose.

A simple lifting of her
skirt above the ankle

and it was there for all the world to see.

I would suggest

that there is more to your librarian

than meets the eye.

I'd only known her a short while,

but she showed no signs
of having a wild side.

So the Black Hand weren't
involved after all.

That is some relief, Anna.

No, Lucille Messings murder came about

as a result of something in her past,

not her association with you.

Murdoch, do you have a-

Miss Fulford.

What are you doing back here in Toronto?

Inspector, that's no longer her name.

Ah, well, Miss

being here is like signing
your own death warrant.

Well, I'll take my chance, Inspector.


Murdoch, if you have a moment,

perhaps you could spare
a word for Dr. Ogden.

Julia? She's here?

She certainly is.

Julia, let me get the
Constable to unlock this,

so we can speak properly.

Constable Crabtree refused to lock it.

Please come in.

These cells are for criminals.

I understand that.

What I'm less sure of is

why counseling impoverished
women is a crime.

You were teaching methods of contraception.

I was simply following my conscience.

I'm sorry, William,

but since I began my own practice,

I see the same thing day after day.

Women run off their feet,
caring for too many children.

It's my duty as a doctor
to do something about it.

Julia, I admire your principles.

It's not about principles.

It's about the health
of women and children.

And you aren't going to
change any of that in here.

Go home, Julia.

I will not.

I won't be leaving until
I've had an opportunity

to argue my case in front of a judge.

A case you will lose.

Then I'll lose.

And if that happens,

you will be facing two years in prison

in surroundings much less
comfortable than this.

You're being stubborn.

I like to think determined.

Here you go, boys.

Station 4 is gonna be fielding

a top-notch crackerjack baseball team

at this year's police games.

But, sir, Armstrong is on leave.

- So what?
- Well, he's our pitcher.

After last year's
debacle? Not bloody likely.

I've nominated Higgins.

Sir, no. I...

I'm on third base, sir.
I'm the third baseman.

Then we need a new third baseman.

Oh, no. I don't think so, sir.

We need you, Murdoch.

I've not played much baseball, sir.

All hands on deck.

You'll be a quick study.

That's the spirit.

Oh, and this year, we're
going to be practicing.

Oh, that's an excellent idea, sir.

Now, what are you lot
doing standing around?

Get back to work.

And, Higgins, as our pitcher,

you're our leader.

You hold in your hands the
fate of the station's honor.

Now, be a good lad and put the kettle on.

It's reassuring to see how
seriously the Constabulary

is treating the death of my fianc?e.

Mr. Coville, it's my number one priority.


You characterized your fianc?e
as a shy, restrained woman.

She was that.

Then why did she have a tattoo?

The red rose.

It snaked from her
ankle to almost mid-calf.

I don't believe you.

Well, I've seen it with my own eyes.

How could you not have known?

You told me the two of you were engaged.

We weren't haven't relations,

if that's what you're insinuating.

Lucille was a good Christian woman.

It's a very uncommon adornment.

How long have you-

- I would appreciate it if
you would spend your time

trying to find my fianc?e's killer

instead of besmirching her character.

Typical of the police, I suppose.

You enjoy wallowing in filth, don't you?

- William.
- Anna.

I was just on my way to see you.

I didn't think anything of it at the time,

but a few weeks ago,

I overheard Lucille having
a conversation with a man,

and he insisted that he knew her

and wanted to renew their acquaintance.

He was really quite brazen.

And what was Miss Messings reaction?

Well, she told him he was mistaken.

Well, could you describe him?

I could if I saw him again.

Do you think she knew him?

Well, at the time, no, but now...


Where are we going?

We are off to Toronto's only tattoo studio.

I remember. Three sessions.

A very unusual young woman.

It was a painful session,

but she endured it without a whimper.

She was my only female customer.

Mr. Sato, did you design this rose for her?

No, it was from a book.

Do you recall the name of the book?


Mr. Sato, you say she was
your only female customer.

Did Miss Messing say why
she might want such a thing?

I didn't inquire,

but people often employ my services

to mark a significant milestone.

Thank you.

Are you sure you wouldn't
like a tattoo, William?

I don't think so.

Be our little secret.

Thank you, Constable.

Oh, I'm sure we won't be
keeping you long, Doctor.

Hello, George.

Constable Crabtree.

Dr. Grace. Pleased to see you.

Dr. Ogden.

You are just about the
bravest woman I've ever met.

Oh, well, hardly.

I was simply doing my job as a physician.

You were doing much more than that.

You were promising emancipation,

allowing women the chance

to have some measure of
control over their destiny.

I'm ready to plan a rally
to protest your imprisonment.

Well, there's no need for that.

You misunderstand. It's not for you.

It's for the right of women

to choose whether or not to conceive.

In fact, a woman of your
position unfairly jailed

shines a light on the injustice.

I appreciate your support, Dr. Grace.

Sir, I've discovered something
that may be of relevance.

We located a patron who
last checked out a book

the night Miss Messing disappeared.

- Ah, did you get a name?
- Yes, sir.

Little Friends With Feathers.

The patron, George.

Yes, of course
- Ah, Stanley Faber, sir.

Uh, she appeared a charming young woman.

Though, I never knew her name.

Uh, Miss... Miss Messing, you say?

That's right.

And you saw her at the
library two days ago?

I, uh... I go there to research.

I'm an amateur ornithologist. That's right.

And you took out a book,
Little Friends With Feathers.

That's right.

Tell me, Mr. Faber,

do you stay at the library
late on a regular basis?

Not more than once a week, sometimes twice.

So fairly regularly, then?

And yet you claim you have
never spoken to Miss Messing?

No, I never...

Is this an interrogation?

It most certainly is.

Mr. Faber, you may be the last person

to have seen Miss Messing alive.

I just received your
message. I was in Buffalo.

I tried speaking with her,
but Julia's a determined woman.

Yes, my wife does know her mind.

Well, conviction is an admirable quality.

I'll leave you two. The door's open.

Hello, Darcy.

I thought I'd surprise you, arriving early,

but it appears you've trumped me.

I “'7'.

Julia, I need you to come home.

- Darcy-
- Julia.

I understand your position,

but you won't win an
argument inside a jail cell.

Please trust me.

This is something I care about.

I know that you do.

But let's join the fight.



Inspector Brackenreid's
agreed to look the other way.

All right, I'll come home,
but I haven't given up.

Out of my office!

I'm telling you today
what I told you yesterday,

what I'll probably tell you
tomorrow and the day after that.

I have no bleeding comments!

I'm being hounded by
reporters thirsting for blood.

What's the progress on
this librarian killer?

Librarian killer?

That's what they've coined him.

Oh, and they've heard about
the young woman's tattoo.

I don't know how.

We need to sort this, and soon, Murdoch.

Yes, sir.

Sir, telephone message.

Look, I found this in
Lucille's desk drawer.

Oh, I prefer much more scientific texts.

Look at the bookmark.

Written with a calligraphy pen,

very elaborate hand.

Does this number sequence
mean anything to you?

Well, it looks like the numbers

we use on library books.

The Dewey Decimal system

organizes book titles into ten categories

and then subdivides.

Each successive number narrows the field.

7 denotes arts and recreation.

709. Art history.

Lucky guess.

What don't you know about?

I have a very curious mind,

always have.

Well, that's a very attractive quality.

Most men have curious
hands and little else.


Let's see what The Secret
Heart has to tell us.




Mm, but 67 isn't part of
Melville Dewey's system.

Try page 67?

She looks like Lucille.

And she's holding a rose.

This must be the illustration

that Lucille asked Mr. Sato to copy.



Do you think that means anything?

The Devil's Drum.

It would appear your friend Lucille

strayed a great distance

from the confines of the
Toronto Public Library.

I admire you speaking on
behalf of the city's poor,

Mr. Lamott.

Proper nutrition is critical.

As chair of the board,

I feel the hospital has a
duty not just to treat illness

but to try and prevent
it in the first place.

A disease like rickets

could be eradicated with better nutrition.

You must see a lot of terrible cases

in your private practice, Mrs. Garland.

It's still Dr. Ogden.

And, yes, I do.

The mothers of this city
bear an enormous burden.

In caring for their children?

And bearing children year after year,

even as their own health fails.

Quite so, and in their dwellings.

What do you suggest, Dr. Ogden,

we tell them to stop having them?

If contraception we're not illegal,

families could make those
decisions for themselves.

You mean women could?

I suppose I do,

if only to benefit the health
of the family as a whole.

Good way to prevent illness,

is it not?

Shall we?


Your wife is a very spirited woman.

Yes, Julie is wonderful

and not shy about expressing her opinions.

They're certainly very modern.

You have your hands full
there, I suspect, Garland.

Oh, come on, love.

. I'm pus)'-

This is-l didn't get her name.

She won't tell me her name.

- Hello.
- Come on, love.

Yeah. We're not
- Oh, we're friendly types.

Hey, we'll buy you a beer, you know?

- We'll get you a drink.
- Yeah, come on.

- What do you say?
- Be a sport.

Is everything all right, gentlemen?


You think I've never been in a bar before?

What are you doing here?

You should be in hiding.

You need my help to find the murderer.

- Oh, do I?
- Yes.

I'm the only one who saw the man

talking to Lucille in the library.

Very well.

Then you let me know if
you happen to see him.

You know, you're the only woman in this bar

who isn't engaged in
the entertainment of men.

Am I not entertaining?

Can I get you anything, sir?

Yes, I would like some information, please.

I'm just here to serve drinks.

Miss, if there is gaming
going on in that back room,

I will be compelled to
shut down this establishment



have you ever seen this young woman?

I've seen her...

a month or so back,

not our usual clientele.

- Was she with anyone?
- No, she came in alone.

That's why I remember her.

She looked like a lady.

Then I thought something different.

Why do you say that?

A gentleman joined her and
ordered them both a drink.

- Were they together very long?
- No.

She left a short while later.

Funny. Didn't take her for a doxy.

Had you ever seen this man before?

Never saw him before or since.

I would very much like to hear from you

if you ever see this man again.


What is it?

Nothing. Nothing.


- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Shall we?

There's somebody following us.

I know. Keep walking.

Why are you following us?

I heard you asking about that woman.

I was. What do you know about her?

I've got a little sister to look after.

Mother too.

Upstanding citizens

usually volunteer
information to the police.

Oh, give the boy a few pennies, William.


Let's have it.

I don't know much about her,

but the man she took
off with, he's a regular,

name of Carling.

Helped him home once after
he had a few too many.


Thank you.

It's nights like this

that make me miss my days in the morgue.

Yes, the hospital board
do make for lively company,

don't they?

- That's one way to put it.
- Mm.

I suppose Roger Lamott does go on.

You made quite an impression on him.

Me? A married woman? I'm flattered.

Your ideas, darling.

My ideas or my opinions?

The whole issue of contraception

is very controversial.

It's a religious affront to many people.

You do remember who it is you married,

don't you, Darcy?

I'm not exactly what you'd
call a shrinking violet?

Of course I do.

And I admire your spirit and conviction

more than any man alive, but...


They're considering making
me head of the hospital.

That's wonderful news! Congratulations.

Now, I said considering.

Um, nothings been officially decided.

But until it has...

You would like your opinionated wife

to keep her own counsel.

Is it so much of a compromise, Julia?

I so want you to get the position.


Pretend we're lovers on a stroll.

Oh, this Mr. Carling
surely is a married man.

Hard to believe.

Oh, now, who's the naive one?

No, I don't mean his
actions. I mean Lucille's.

Maybe she didn't know.

Or didn't care.

That's him, the man from the library,

the one who insisted he knew Lucille.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.


Can you see yourself home?

I think I can manage that.

All right.

Oh, Mr. Carling.

I didn't know she was dead.

What a waste.

I was hoping to see her again.
We had unfinished business.

There was something special about that one.

She invited me to join her.

She chose me.

She told me to call her Rose.

Her note was an invitation

to a rendezvous later that same evening.

Did you go?

What do you think, Detective?

Was there a discussion of payment?

That wasn't the nature of the encounter.

She was a vision.

She said...

Undress me.

But finally...

Get out.

Not quite what you were expecting.

I would say not.

And did you?


Leave. Did you leave?

Of course. Lam a gentleman, Detective.

And that was the last time you saw her?

Yes, I never saw her
again. You have my word.

And your word isn't worth
very much, Mr. Carling.

You were seen with Miss
Messing at the public library

trying to renew your acquaintance.

Why would you ask the question
if you already know the answer?

To see if you would be inclined

to lie to the police.

Very well.

I saw Rose in the street
looking entirely different

than the woman I met in The Devil's Drum.

That's when you followed
her into the library.

Wouldn't you?

Mysterious woman like that,

who wouldn't follow her
to the ends of the earth?

Cooperstown's finest, son. Get used to it.

Finest horsehide in the land.

Give it your best, Henry.

Give it some salt and pepper.

Salt and pepper?

It's a sporting expression.

Oh, come on, Henry.

You've got to put some mustard on it, man,

like this.

Oh, my gosh.


Begging your pardon, sir.

" Begging my..."

Bloody hell, Crabtree. That was brilliant.

That was the fastest pitch I've ever seen.

It was like lightning.

What position do you play?

Second base.

Higgins, second base.

Crabtree, you're our new pitcher.

Are you telling me that
Lucille had an alter ego?

A woman with a tattoo

who solicited strange men in a tavern?

So it would appear.

Then the woman that I
thought I knew doesn't exist.

It would seem that I have
narrowly escaped marriage

to a trollop.

She was your fianc?e, sir.

Are you finished?

I'll let you get back to your mourning.

How am I to mourn the death
of a stranger, Detective?

You'll inform me if
you're going out of town,

Mr. Coville?

I am a suspect?

I'd like to be informed
if you plan to travel.

How did you pick up
your technique, Crabtree?

Well, it's funny you should ask, sir.

My aunt Nettle's farm up
in Haileybury was set upon

by a plague of vermin
of biblical proportions.

I was a young lad at the time,

not yet entrusted with firearms,

so I took to eradicating the little beasts

by hurling stones at them.




- Reporting for duty.
- Good, good.

There's a desk waiting
for you at the station.

- Good to be aboard.
- Good to have you.

Who's that fellow?

A new recruit to Station 4.

I swore him in yesterday.

Much experience in law enforcement, sir?

None whatsoever,

but he played professional
baseball for 12 years.

Sir, a ringer? Is that necessary?

I thought we were doing rather well.

We may be doing rather well, Crabtree,

but I'm from Yorkshire.

I intend to win.

Will I do'?

Just let me.

We can't have the new administrator

of the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children

with his tie askew.

Mm, well, I haven't got the position yet.

You will, Darcy.

And I won't do anything
to jeopardize your chances.

We are gonna accomplish so much, Julia.

Wish me luck.

Of course.

I'll be here when you get back.

So you had no idea

that Lucille had been living a double life?


Though, she did ask me recently
if I had ever been betrayed.


As if she was asking my advice.

So something had been troubling her?

Lucille's note to Mr. Carling...

"All will be revealed."

William, this isn't her handwriting.

Both notes were written in the same hand.

Perhaps someone was
directing Lucille to the book.

Do you think it could
have been Mr. Carling?

Well, it's possible.

But I believe Mr. Carling
was genuinely surprised

when Lucille approached
him in The Devil's Drum.

I believe Lucille's actions

we're being directed by a third party.

What, like some sort of Svengali?

She didn't do this of her own accord.

Well, perhaps she did.

What do you mean?

Well, think about it this way.

What if she wasn't a victim
or a pawn in all this?

What if beneath that quiet exterior

Lucille was a willing participant

who enjoyed breaking taboos?

Like undressing for strangers?

If the man she loved told her to do it.

Her fianc?e??

Well, he didn't even know about her tattoo.

I doubt they shared intimate secrets.

Well, they were to be married.

Women marry for many reasons, William,

not always for passion.

Women are taught to hide their passion.

And not only women;

Men too.

Don't you feel that sometimes, William?

Cats must be lying with dogs.

I beg your pardon.

You're ten minutes late.


We're on a reconnaissance mission, sir.

We're off to observe the lads at Station 5.

Their nine are practicing this morning,

and rumor has it, they brought in a ringer.


Uh, George,

do you know how to operate
that piece of equipment?

Well, I'm thinking of employing

a trial-and-error
method, sir.


Good luck, gentlemen.

And be careful.

Okay, Station 5, let's look alive!

Get out there.

Show some jolly hustle. Come on.

Come on, lads.

Nothing to worry about, Crabtree.

Your form's better than this.

Never seen that bloke before.

Whoa! Whoa!

- Whoo-hoo! - All
right, all right.

Bloody hell. The rumors are true.

He's not a copper.

This is utterly against
the spirit of the game.

Sir, didn't you bring in a ringer?

I was merely leveling up the playing field.

I should be forming a protest.

To whom, sir?

Well, then, I'll find some
other way to take him out.

A librarian soliciting strange men

down at The Devil's Drum.

Press will have a field day.

What have you got?

Well, sir, we know the murder took place

after the library was closed.

Her body was found in the
woods in Rosedale Valley,

not far from the path.

Did she know the suspects?

Yes, sir, all but Mr. Faber,

an ornithologist who spent

a great deal of time at the library

but claims he never
spoke with Miss Messing.

He was the last person to see her alive.

Isn't ornithology a hobby

better pursued in nature than in a library?

Mr. Faber may have been more infatuated

with the librarian than the books.

- Alibi?
- No, sir.

He was at home alone.

And gentleman number two?

A Geoffrey Coville, the victim's fianc?e?.

He was more upset to learn
of her unconventional behavior

and went so far as to say that
if she was behaving this way,

she got what she deserved.

Oh, well, that was nice of him.

Oh, sir, maybe Mr. Coville
discovered the truth

that his betrothed was
not the lily-white innocent

he believed her to be

and killed her in some sort of blind rage.

He claims to have been alone

in a hotel in Cobourg at the time.

But as of yet, I've been
unable to confirm it.

Let me know as soon as you find out.

And the third gentleman?

Uh, Leonard Carling,

a married man who had a
liaison with Miss Messing.

But he lied about the encounter

and also lied about following
her into the library.

Miss Messing teased Mr. Carling, sir,

with the promise of a risqu? encounter.

However, upon their next meeting,

she denied she knew him.

Maybe, sir, Carling decided
to pursue his passions there,

and, being thwarted a third time,

took his revenge.

That's possible.

On the night of the murder,
Mr. Carling claims to have been

in the company of another young woman,

whose name he doesn't seem to remember.

Let's bring him in.

Suggest a conversation with his wife

might to aid in jogging his memory.

Yes, sir.

We need to figure this out, gentlemen,

before every woman in Toronto
is afraid to walk the streets.

Excuse me.

' Yes?

I requested an Audubon monograph

two weeks ago.

Has it-has
it-has it arrived?

Oh, well, uh, I'll check.

Oh, please do.

I have been most patient.

But you agreed we would
start to promote a clinic.

I've changed my mind.

Is this because of the arrest?

It's too risky...

for you and for the
other people helping us,

for our patients.

It's a risk we're willing to take.

Our cause may be an idea ahead of its time.

At any rate, I can no longer take part.

But without you, there is no clinic.

I've weighed this decision
very carefully, Emily.

I'm sorry.

I've made up my mind.

Time, gentlemen, please.

Hello, Miss Fulford.

I'm sorry. You must be mistaken.

As you wish.

Who are you?

Now, why would I tell you that?

Police Station 4, please.

I'm afraid Detective Murdoch isn't here.

Well, I'll have to locate
him. Can he telephone you back?

Well, can you tell him

to get to the library as soon as he can?

I think The Black Hand have found me.

Thank you.

How long ago was this, Constable?

Moments ago, sir. I
didn't know where you were.


Who are you?


Please, no.