Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Murdoch of the Klondike - full transcript

While in a self-imposed exile in the Yukon as a prospector at the end of the Gold Rush, Murdoch prospects for gold as in his absence Crabtree works on a Toronto homicide.

It's 1:00 in the morning.

You never get over that, do you?

Still, damn sight better than the winter.

What do you think, mister?

What do you think's worse,

endless day or never-ending night?

It would depend on your state of mind,

I suppose,

The day, light can consume your thoughts.

The night, thoughts can consume you.

Take the CP rail to Hamilton immediately.

Don't stay on the train any longer,

or they will catch you.

Why are you doing this?

It's one mistake I can set right.

A murderer!

And exactly how long does
your Detective Murdoch

intend to continue his leave of absence?

I don't know.

And you consider George Crabtree

to be an adequate replacement'?

Crabtree's a determined chap.

Yes, and an honest one.

That's quite a rarity for this station.

Detective Murdoch was cleared

of any wrongdoing, Chief Constable.

Oh, yes, of course.

A faulty lock enabled the
escape of both Detective Murdoch

and Constance Gardiner.

That's my report, and I stand by it.

Yes, well, still, nevertheless,

the two of them did make the choice

to walk away from confinement.

Detective Murdoch did so
to apprehend a murderess.

Whom he then proceeded to let go free.

That is merely speculation, sir.

I believe Miss Gardiner
made that choice on her own,

a view also held by both our superiors.

Yes, well, let me remind
you, Inspector Brackenreid,

that I am now your superior,

and I find your recollection
of events to be highly suspect.

Who found the body'?

One of the poor souls
that works in this area,

a lady of the night.

And the victim?

No trace of identification

but quite well-dressed
for this area, I would say.

Likely not a habituate.

Unless he had stolen another man's clothes.


Well, on first impression,

the cause of death seems plain enough.

- Yes, that it does.
- Please, let me through.

I'm Dr. Emily Grace. I'm
with the coroner's office.

- Dr. Grace.
- Dr. Ogden.

We could have met at my office.

There was no need...

I know, and I apologize.

But a fresh corpse and a crime scene...

what more could one ask for'?

No corpse at all, I suppose.

Of course, sir,

but it appears we have
little choice in that,

nor does he.

Ma'am, you can't disrupt
the integrity of the scene.

George, this is Dr. Emily Grace.

She's a new employee
of the coroner's office,

working under my direction.


Pleasure to make your
acquaintance, Mister...

Crabtree, George Crab...
Detective George Crabtree.

Well, Acting Detective, I should say.

So let's get to work, Detective,

"Dearest William.

"I have learned of the marriage proposal

"you intended to make to me.

"If your feelings are the same,

you must let me know before I say my vows."

Sir, Julia's wedding...

did she seem happy?

Of course she did.

It was her bloody wedding day.

Now, gel out.

I'll try and put this right.

Hey, fellas.

Come on up.

Looks like you've come along, long way.

Back to see you after a good scrub.

Once you're presentable,
you should pay a visit.

She makes a month on
the creek feel worth it.

She's been to the Far East, that one.

She knows things.


Almost $200.

That's almost half of what I made in a year

back in my old life.

Thank you.


I'd like a room, please.

Your lucky day.

You have your choice.

Oh. My old one, then,


24 it is.

I wonder if I could have
a word with Mrs. Bryant.

Well, you certainly can.

Will I find her upstairs'!

Hardly. She's at Fort Herchmer.

The Mounties have charged her with murder.


Bashed Kate Linfield's
head in with a pickaxe.

They found Mrs. Bryant ranting and raving,

covered in blood.

I'll be taking breakfast as well.

The bullet entered the right ventricle,

perforated the aorta,

and then lodged in the man's spine.

I imagine death was instantaneous.

From which direction do you think

his assailant approached?

Don't we concentrate on the cause of death

and not the circumstance?

From which direction?

Given the bullet's path,

the person who shot this man

approached him from the right side.

And do you notice anything else unusual?

The man's hands...

they're soft, uncallused.

No dirt under the fingernails.

He's also clean-shaven.

He doesn't seem like
a man who'd live there.

Would I include this in my report?

Sometimes I think it best

to provide our detectives with clues.

They're not always as
thorough as they should be.

Detective Crabtree?

George Crabtree is a fine detective,

but try as he may, he's no William Murdoch.

I'm still something of a novice

in the practice of culinary arts.

It's quite all right.

I left some of my belongings behind.

I wonder if I could have
them sent up to my room.

Do you know where they are?

I left them with Mrs. Bryant.

Then you'll need to ask her.

I can't keep track of everything.

You know, running this
establishment on my own,

it's a full-time operation.

Fort Herchmer, you said?


You're her first visitor.

Mr. Murdoch, a pleasure.

Mrs. Bryant.

I'd invite you in for
tea or something stronger,

but I find myself ill-equipped.

Just to assure you, lam not a murderer.

Do you have any kind
of legal representation?

I'm innocent.

Just the same, it would be wise.

Mr. Harris left for Skagway months ago.

- You're all alone.
- Yes.

But you came to see me for a reason.

How can I help you'?

I'm having trouble locating my valise.

I put it away for safekeeping.

It's under the bed in my room.

Don't worry.

I didn't disturb its contents.

Mr. Murdoch, if there is
any way you can help me,

I would really apprec-

- I really don'! Know how I could.

I'm sorry.

He seems strange.

What drove Mrs. Bryant to such ends?

What drove her was Kate Linfield.

The two hated each other with a fury

that only women can possess.

Elizabeth thought Kate
was stealing her business.

They'd been arguing on and
off for a couple of weeks.


What the devil are you doing in here?

You're not welcome.

You know what I wonder?

Why would a respected
gentleman lay his head here?

I suspect he's getting special favors.

There's not much beneath you, is there?

Stay away from me.

Stay away from me.

Do you hear me?

I do not want to see your face...

Later that evening they
found Kate Linfield dead,

the murder weapon in Mrs. Bryant's hands.

Motive, means, and opportunity.

Excuse me?

When did this happen?

Five days ago.

Isaac McKay saw it with his own eyes.

Have they buried Miss Linfield yet?


I wondered if I could examine the body.

You're a bit of an odd duck, aren't you'?

What's your business in this?

I'm acquainted with Mrs. Bryant.

As I was with Kale Linfield.

And I'm more than a little disturbed

by your interest in her corpse.


I'll tell you

when this conversation is concluded,

Just making it a fair fight.


Stand down, all of you.

The stranger swung first, Sam.

Mr. Murdoch, you've had a change of heart?

- Oh.
- Get in there, Jack.

I see.

You don't look much worse for wear.

Curious how a few questions
could start a bar fight.

It's a tight community.

They don't always take well to outsiders.

Even still,

you were all outsiders
before the gold rush.

Once you become a
sourdough, you form a bond.

You need to make it
through a winter to belong.

You're an educated man, aren't you?

I'm a keen observer of human behavior,

and the manner and type of questions

you were asking in the bar
suggests some form of training,

perhaps a policeman or a lawyer.

Am I right?

I worked for the police force

as a detective.

A detective?

I took you in when you arrived here,

treated you kindly.

Yes. Yes, you did.

I told you I was innocent,
but you won't help me.


It's not what I do anymore.

So you'd let me rot in here

because you've found a new line of work'!

You two promise to behave yourselves?

Within reason.

Well, you're free to go, then.

You're right.

You're not a policeman.

You're nothing!

So why are you here?

Seeking my fortune,

same as everyone else.

A little late to the party, then, sir.

The gold rush is over.

My claim seems to be panning out.

Then you're the lucky one.

Most people have abandoned their claims,

given up and gone home.

You know, they used to call this place

"the Paris of North America."

Look at ii now:

Nothing but ghosts and desperate men.

Well, I am neither.

Oh, good for you.

Whatever you're searching for,
perhaps you'll find it here,

but I wouldn't hold out much hope,


Sir, the single-shot Eclipse pistol

is a very effective weapon at close range.

Unfortunately, it's also very common,

so we're having some trouble
tracing the ownership.

I am confident, though, sir,

that if I follow the trail of evidence,

then we will, indeed, find the assailant.

What was the name

of the poor bugger that was killed?

Well, actually, I have Higgins
looking into that right now.


- Oh, do you now?
- Well, not right now, sir.

He said he had something
else to attend to first.

Are you taking your
orders from Higgins now?


You are in charge of this
investigation, aren't you'?

- Yes, sir.
- Well, then take the lead.

Get Higgins off his ass
and get him to do something.

Right away, sir.

Higgins, let's get to finding out

the identity of the victim. Hmm?

In a moment, George. I'm
still processing papers.

Higgins, shift it!

See how easy that was, Detective Crabtree?

A detective?

Hook you in.

I'm innocent.

You're right.

You're not a policeman.

You're nothing!

Didn't take you for a swell.

I trust this is enough to
ensure Mrs. Bryant's release.

You are not to leave the area.

I have no intention.

Mr. Murdoch, I hold you
responsible for her actions.

I'm well aware of my obligations.

Now, at your convenience,

I would like to have a closer look

at the murder weapon.

In what capacity'?

I'll be representing Mrs. Bryant.

Well, I'll consider your request.

I'm aware of the North
West Mounted Police's

fine reputation.

I imagine you wouldn't want
to put an innocent woman

at the end of a noose.

Tell me, what was your
association with the deceased?

Mr. Murdoch, can I ask you a question?

Do you believe I murdered Kate?

Please, just tell me what happened.

I need to know.

When you look at me, do you see a killer?

I've seen my share.

And their appearance
seldom betrays their deeds.

What were the circumstances
of your arrest'?

She stole something of mine,

my husband's pocket watch.

He died on the Chilkoot
Pass, never made it here.

That watch was my only
connection that I had to him.

Please, just tell me what happened.

Once Arlen told me she had the watch,

I went straight to her hotel.

That's where I found her.

Your finger marks were
on the murder weapon.

The pickaxe?

I picked it up.

It was lying beside her.


I don't know why.

It just seemed filthy beside her.

There was a time when we were good friends.

When I saw her lying there,
that was all I could remember.

And that's when Isaac McKay saw you'?

Holding the weapon.

I tried to explain what had happened,

but I was covered in blood.

Must have looked like a madwoman.

I didn't do it, Mr. Murdoch.

I swear.

Does your detachment come equipped

with any magnifying device,

a microscope, perhaps?

I can't say we have one, no.

May I?

You were a lawman once.

Mr. Steele, please note
that I am taking a sample

of the deposit encrusted
on the edge of the pickaxe.

Duly noted.

Mr. McKay. I hope my questions
won't provoke a reaction

like they did yesterday.

As long as you remain civil.

Why would Mrs. Bryant kill Kate Linfield?

It's no secret Kate Linfield

was slowly driving Mrs.
Bryant out of business.

But that would be a
Pyrrhic victory at best.

From all accounts, the gold rush is over.

There will always be
people pursuing a dream,

no matter how foolhardy.

And they'll need places to stay.

And are you one of those fools, Mr. McKay'?

There's still plenty of money to be made

in mining the miners
for the next few years.

Could you clarify that?

When the rush was on,

that was this city's
largest source of income,

taking gold from the men
who took it from the creeks.

Dance hall girls, $5
haircuts, and $7 steaks...

after a month in the bush,
they were happy to pay.

Thank you.

And you, Mr. Murdoch,

I imagine you'll be leaving soon as well.

And what's that you're doing?

Looking for suspects.

Ah. Among inanimate objects?

Should I be considering you one, then?

If you want to be wrongheaded.

I was in Skagway at the time of the murder.

If you want confirmation,
contact Diamond Lil.

She runs the bordello.

We have a...

Casual friendship.


So what are you looking for?

I noticed unusually high
levels of arsenopyrite

in this part of the creek.

The murder weapon was covered in it.

So whoever killed Kate was
familiar with this place.

It's a theory.

Well, this is Hard Luck Thompson's stake.

The stubborn bugger
worked this claim for years

before he went bust.

Any idea where I might
be able to find him'!

I haven't seen him around.

What can you tell me about him?

You can't turn your back
on policing, can you?


He was once close to Kate.


Heard they came out here
two years ago together.

She quit him and started at the hotel.

Well, seems my inanimate object

may have uncovered a suspect.

Did you ever see Miss Linfield

in the company of a Hard Luck Thompson?

No, bull heard they were
once very much in love.


In my profession,

I've seen what can happen
when that emotion sours.

Only in your profession?

I, too, have suffered loss.

So that's why you're here.

- George?
- Higgins.

I've discovered the
identity of the dead man.

His name was January Billings. January?

He was reported missing
from his place of work.

A co-worker identified the body.

Has the wife been notified'!

She's here now, actually.

What'! No, Higgins, not right...

Uh, Mrs. Billings.

The constable said that
you wanted to see me.

Yes, please, have a seat.

What is this about?

There's no easy way to tell
you this, Mrs. Billings.

Your husband has been murdered.


No. That... that can'! be.

No, I assure you, he's quite dead.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's going to be all right.

All right')

How in heaven's name could it be?

Well, no, "all right" is not the right...

We have arranged for the body to be-

I mean, your husband...

late husband...

I have to go.

Mrs. Billings, if there's
anything I can do...

You can find out who shot him.

That's what you can do.

Shot him?

Thank you for showing me around.

Everyone in town is convinced
Elizabeth Bryant did it.

Hake it you're not.

Circumstance and speculation
will never trump fact.

So what are we looking for out here?

Hard Luck Thompson.

Strange if those two were once together

that he's taken no interest in her murder.

Well, perhaps he didn't care.

Perhaps he's off to another creek,

hoping his luck will finally change.



Mr. Thompson!



Quiet Quiet.


Nothing but scavengers.

Something around here is dead.

Something or someone.

Over here.

Is this Mr. Thompson, then?

A little worse for wear, but him indeed.

Well, then at least we know it wasn't him

that killed Miss Linfield.

How's that')

Miss Linfield was killed a week ago.

Judging by his condition,

Mr. Thompson has been dead for over two.

There is a silver lining of sorts.

It's possible that the same person

killed Kate Linfield
and Hard Luck Thompson.

Well, why do you say that?

Well, they were both
killed in the same manner

a blow to the head with a miner's pickaxe.

And I found traces of a mineral

both in Hard Luck Thompson's wound

and on the pickaxe that
killed Kate Linfield.

Do you know of anyone
that may have held a grudge

against the two of them?

None, I'm afraid.

Why have you stayed?

We both know the gold rush is over.

This place,

my hotel...

it's all I have.

I fought hard for it.

I do not intend to give it up.

But if there are no customers...

There'll always be some,

enough to get by.

You're still a young woman.

I buried my husband here,

and while I don't fancy joining him,

I'm not ready to leave yet.

Thank you for taking the time lo see me.

You'd never think it,

but there's really so much to
do lo prepare for a funeral.

I don't mean to upset you, but do you know

why a man of your husband's station

would be in such a rough area?

I'm not sure I could guess
what my husband was up to.

We'd grown...

somewhat apart over the years.

Mrs. Billings, something
has been bothering me.

When I told you that your
husband had been killed,

you said he was shot.

How did you know that?

I saw the coroner's report on your desk.

Now, if you'll excuse me...


I thought it was over and done with.

No, I'll be there.


I'm sorry, but as I said,

I don't know what my
husband was doing down there.

Well, thanks for your time.

And, Detective Crabtree,

I'll have you know, I resent
your veiled accusations.

I thank you for this, sir.

Superintendent Steele
said I was to cooperate.

Tell me, you handle all of
the registered gold claims

in the area, do you not'!

I do.

How many people are
holding on to their claims?

Not many.

So there are very few
active miners at the moment?

That's correct.

You were the luckiest one this week.

Mr. Thompson's claim,

it was active until the lime of his death?

It was, God rest his soul.

Tell me, this other signature
on Hard Luck's claim,

Katherine Thompson...

who is that?

Kate Linfield.

They were once married.

They held the claim jointly,

but she took no interest in it.

So Hard Luck's claim could never be sold

as long as Kate Linfield was still alive'?

Who else still holds
claims on Bonanza Creek?

Isaac McKay.

I believe these constitute
motive for murder.


Without gold, these are worthless.

Isaac McKay tried to buy
Thompson's claims but couldn't

because they were being
held by Kate Linfield.

So you think he murdered
her for the claims.


With both Miss Linfield and Thompson dead,

their claims go back on the open market

and into McKay's hands.

Well, I suppose,

but why, Mr. Murdoch'!

The gold rush is over.

Mrs. Billings received a telephone call

about quarter past 5:00 this afternoon.

Higgins, I need you to find that number

from the Toronto telephone exchange.

That way, we can reference the number

against the reverse directory,

and we can ascertain where the call...

the call came from.

Higgins! Phone exchange, now!

I heard McKay tried to buy out.

Thompson's claim at the mouth of the creek

but Hard Luck refused.

Most of these streams are panned out.

Why would McKay want it?


For some, being here is
better than the alternative.

Sound familiar?

I'm just trying to make
my own fortune, Jack.

There's no sin in that.

So answer me:

How did a detective like yourself

end up mining for scraps in the Klondike?

I'll never tell a soul.

I made a mistake.

I compromised what I believed in.

Is it a choice that you would make again?

I did what I thought was right.

Would you do it again?

It cost me.

It's our mistakes that define us.

The name of the person
who called Mrs. Billings

is Terrance Novak.

Thank you, Henry.

Bring him in for questioning.

You know, George, we used
to have conversations,

and now all you do is order me around.

That's because I'm your
superior now, Higgins,

so just do what I say.

Certainly, Detective.



Your man did a good job for you there.

A little honey with the
vinegar, don't you think?

I've learned from the postmaster

that Mr. McKay has had
a long correspondence

with a California mining concern.

Ah, California!

That's where I'm from.


The California mining concern

is a Santa Ana dredging company.

Is it becoming clear to you now'?

Well, it's certainly not to me.

McKay's a sly one.

Would you mind telling me
what you're talking about'?

The California gold rush didn't end

when the prospectors left.

It began.

Are you familiar with dredging?


Those machines can move more
earth than an army of men.

Yes, but to bring those machines here,

the cost would be enormous.

As would the reward.

But to stage a dredging
operation on the Bonanza...

On the claim once held by Hard Luck.

And Kate Linfield.

So McKay would be the one to profit

if Kate and Hard Luck's claims
went back into circulation.

Suggesting motive, yes.


He killed Kate, and he pinned it on me.

Mrs. Bryant, please. Let me handle this.

Dr. Ogden, do you have
plans for the evening?

If you're free, I would be
delighted if you would join me.

There's a group of women
who meet at a private club

on Church Street.

I have to accompany my husband
to a dinner this evening.

I see.

Well, I hope you can come sometime.

You are something of an inspiration to us.

Well, thank you.

Isaac, you have to tell the truth.

You killed her.

You're the one with blood
on your hands, not me.

Is it because she wouldn't sell to you'?

You're talking madness, woman.

You murdered the two of them!


I told you to let me handle this.

Mr. McKay, get out of here.

- I saw what I saw. Sir.
- Go!

I didn't do it.

I'm innocent!

Then trust the law,

not this.

Her name is Constance.

She look the law into her own hands,

and I let her go free...

well, not truly free.

She'll be on the run the rest of her life.

That's better than death.

Perhaps, but what I did was wrong.

If you are innocent,

then you must let the law make
that determination, not me.

That's easy for you to say, Mr. Murdoch.

Your neck's not destined for the noose.

Mrs. Bryant.

I've asked Superintendent Steele

lo return you to custody.

You bastard.

It's in your best interests, Mrs. Bryant.

If you are innocent of this crime,

you will not hang.

You have my word.

You're in an enviable position, Mr. McKay.

The land you need to begin
your dredging operation

is now yours for the taking.

And all it cost was a mere two lives.

Which I had nothing to do with.


Tell me, how is it you had occasion

to be in Miss Linfield's hotel room

at such a convenient time'?

I was worried for her safely.

Are you her sworn protector?


I was in the saloon when Arlen
came in from across the street,

told Elizabeth he'd seen
Kate with her husband's watch.

She ran out of here
faster than a scalded cat.

And you followed her?

No! Right away.

For once, Arlen pulled out the good Scotch.

I'd just had my first sip

when I realized I should make
sure Kale came to no harm.

But you were too late.

Mr. McKay. Who else stands to gain

if you were to go ahead
with your operation?

All of us:

Shops, saloons, hotels.

The best and worst of us

will all profit when the miners return.

Of course.

Mrs. Billings.


I had a conversation with a Mr.
- Terrance Novak.

I believe you know him.

I'm not sure...

The man you hired to kill your husband.

How could you not?

I did no such thing.

That's not what Mr. Novak says.

And you're taking his word against mine?

Why shouldn't I?

Upon searching his premises,
we found several bank drafts

written to him in your
name for services rendered.

How could you do such a thing'?

What did your husband do to deserve this?

All his running around.

At first, it was our secret.

But he became less and less discreet.

All my friends knew.

He disgraced me.

Come with me.

Any luck regarding Mrs. Bryant'?

None, I'm afraid.

May I take a glass of cold water, please?

I imagine you came out
here to prospect as well

hey, Mr. Pike?

Mm, that I did,

but I can't say I had much luck.

You seem to be doing all right now.

I'm not sure I understand.

I was noticing your bar,

all the nicks and grooves.

I imagine you collect your fair share

of stray gold dust.

Oh, I resent the implication.

Oh, it's just another way to
mine the miners, I suppose.

When this town was booming,

this hotel must have done quite well.

Busy every night.


No doubt you're aware of Mr. McKay's plans?

An operation like that would
bring in hundreds of men,

all looking for a place to
stay, blow off some steam,

all of it held in abeyance

by Hard Luck Thompson and
Kate Linfield's refusal

to sell a useless piece of land.

Of course, they're both dead now.

Mr. Pike. Do you have the time?

All this daylight, it's impossible to tell.

It's 11:30 in the evening.

Oh, that is a handsome watch.

May I see it?


It's a shame I don'! Have
some of my tools with me.

Otherwise, I'd be able to raise

the inscription here on the back.

You see?

It's been filed off.

That's not necessary.

It was a watch, wasn't it?

The item you told Mrs.,
Bryant Kate Linfield stole.

A man's pocket watch.

You're very clever.

By killing Miss Linfield and
pinning ii on Mrs. Bryant,

you accomplished two things:

You allowed Mr. McKay

to go ahead with his dredging operation

and put yourself in the position

of being the only hotelier in town.

I wish I was that clever.

I was tending bar the
night Elizabeth killed Kate.

No, you weren't,

You were arguing with Kate.

You knew she and Hard Luck were married.

You knew Hard Luck wouldn't sell to McKay,

so you killed him.

You didn't expect his wife
shared the same stubborn streak.

And then no one held claim
to the land McKay needed.

You tell Elizabeth Bryant

that Kate has taken her
dead husband's watch.

She goes to confront her.

You stopped McKay from
following her right away

with a bottle of your best Scotch.

But McKay is a decent man,

and he worried for Miss Linfield's safety.

He wouldn't stay put.

He arrived in time to find Elizabeth Bryant

standing over a dead Kate Linfield.

One hotel owner dead, the
other accused of murder.

Do you own a pickaxe, Mr. Pike?

Lost it.

Oh, then you'll be relieved
to know that it's been found

by Elizabeth Bryant

right beside Kate Linfield's body.

All speculation,

wild theories.

I'll be examining that
pocket watch, Mr. Pike.

And when I do, I believe
I will indeed discover

that it belonged to Mrs.
Bryant's late husband.

What do you think?

Good thing you ended up here.

I owe you my freedom.

But you're leaving, aren't you?

I have business to tend to.

Does ii involve her,

the woman who hurt you?

That part of my life is over.

You'll find another.

Is that what you believe,

one chance at love?

So when my husband died,
it was all over for me?

Please don't tell me that's true.

You'll find someone.

No! Sure I want to.

But if you were compelled lo stay around...

Then that is your loss, Mr. Murdoch.


It would have been nice to
have someone to keep me warm

during the coming months.

I don't think I could take the winter.

A softie, are you?

I'll have you know, I have
two under my belt already.

They say the third's the hardest.

Then the spring will be even more glorious.

Good-bye, Mr. Murdoch.

Good-bye, Mrs. Bryant.

How could a woman hire somebody

to kill her husband?

There are many hidden things in a marriage,

especially a dishonest one.

A dishonest one?

Obviously, he had desires
his wife could not meet.

And she was foolish enough lo settle.

The result is inevitable:

The result of a passionless marriage.

You don't agree?

Passion need not be
the bedrock of marriage.

There can be love and mutual respect

without schoolgirl sentiment.

Well, good evening.

- Good evening.
- Doctor.

So what do you think, Detective Crabtree?

You have a keen mind.

İs Dr. Ogden talking about
Mrs. Billings' marriage?

I need to be back where I belong.

I assumed that would be the case.

So you'll need this, then.

I fished it out of the
creek a day or two ago.

I'll wear it once again
once I've earned it.

You saved Mrs. Bryant from the noose.

I suppose that's a start.

You said something about
your mistakes defining you.

I believe it's what you
do to right them that does.

When did I become so philosophical?

Must be the mountain air.

Will you be back?

I don't know.

If I feel the call of the wild once again.


You've been of great assistance to me.

I never did get your surname.

It's London, Jack London.

And what's that you
said, the call of the.“

Call of the wild.


That's a nice turn of phrase.



Good to see you.

Gentlemen, how is everyone?




Oh, you're back. Thank goodness!

It's wonderful to see you, sir.

Ifs good to see you as well, George.

I see you've made the office home.

Oh, sir, I'll have this back
to rights in seconds, sir,

in seconds.

My goodness, sir,

while you were away, we
had the strangest case:

The death of a man
whose name was January...

certainly the first person
I've ever heard with that name.

I had a bit of a mishap
here with your typewriter.

Some of the keys became stuck,
and it drew some blood, but...

You can't do it, Murdoch.

I intend to confess my involvement

in Constance Gardiners escape, sir.

You can't.

It'll ruin me.

You know that

I lied for you.

I'll say it was at my insistence.

And how do you think that'll go down, eh?

Detective Giles is now chief constable.

He already doubts my story
about the faulty lock.

You cast doubt on it, we'll
both end up behind bars.

You're forcing me lo live a lie, sir.

I saved your bloody job!

You made your choice
when you let the woman go.

I made mine when I saved your skin.

The die is cast,

Sir, what will I do?

You want to pay your penance

or whatever it is you Catholic blokes do?

Go back to doing what you do best.

You're a detective.

Be one.

Oh, and, Murdoch,

We'd best watch our backs.

Giles' heady eyes are on us both.