Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Tesla Effect - full transcript

When Murdoch discovers that a victim has been 'cooked,' he enlists the aid of Nikola Tesla in tracking down a weaponized early version of a microwave.

No... Please...


Challenging and witty.

And, of course, the play on
the name, Ernest. Very clever.


The problems with not being earnest.

Leading to shenanigans, yes.

There's something I need to tell you
that I should have told you before.
It was remiss of me.

Julia, what is it?

I've been offered...

Well, actually, it's more than that.
I'm seriously considering a new job.

A new job? As head of paediatric
surgery at a new children's hospital.


Well, that's wonderful.

I hadn't heard of a new children's
hospital being built in Toronto.


It's in Buffalo.


I... Excuse me. Sir, ma'am.

I've looking for a detective
and a female doctor couple.
Would you be that?

Yes, we would be that...couple.
There's a telephone call
inside for you. Please.

The other tenants called when
they heard the victim screaming.

The lads responded, but when we
arrived all was quiet and the
door was secured from inside.


The deceased, Mr Garbutt, had
barred the door with a chair.

As if trying to keep someone out.
Indeed. Any signs of foul play?

Well, that's just it, sir.
We're not sure.

No obvious signs of trauma.

Yet he was screaming.
Dementia perhaps? It's strange.

His body is warm. Almost feverish.
How can that be? I've no idea.

This is interesting.

Blisters? Very recent.

As one might see in
a serious burn or scalding.

There's no sign of fire, Doctor.

Something happened here.
And only to him.

This plant hasn't fared
much better, sir.

Probably just a case of
death by bachelor...

It's very warm to the touch.
That's odd. Out of my way!

I must get in. I am Nikolai Tesla.

Mr Tesla?

Ah, Detective Murdoch.

I am here at the request of my
research associate, Mr Garbutt.

He said it was a
matter of life and death.

That it is, sir.

When I examined the body further, I
found several more blistered areas

like the one on Mr Garbutt's hand.
And the cause of death?

Well, that's slightly more
straightforward in a way. In a way?

When I opened him up I discovered
that the internal organs were, well,
for lack of a more accurate term,

"cooked". Cooked?

Even stranger,

the damage to the internal organs
increased the deeper I went.

As if he was "cooked"
from the inside.

Perhaps Mr Tesla
can shed more light on this.

I'd be delighted if he would.

How long? Pardon?

How long have you been considering
leaving your position here?

That's hard to say.

Some time, I suppose.

Because if there is anything I have
said or done... No, William, no.

It has nothing to do with you.

How can you say that?
You're moving to another city.

It's only Buffalo. We can still
visit with each other on weekends.

Visit? If our work doesn't
intervene, if our schedules don't
clash. You should have consulted me.

I regret not informing you earlier,

..this is my decision to make.

What will happen to us?

I'm not sure, William, but you
know how rarely opportunities come
along for a woman in my field.

I can't ignore them on
the off-chance that...

Julia, I thought
we had an understanding.

We do.

I'm just don't know
of what any more.

Maybe we'll stay together.

Or maybe you'll...find another
woman who will catch your eye and...

I have no interest
in any other woman.

William, I'm just saying,
yes, this will be different.

Can't we live with that?

Two days ago, I received
a telegram from Mr Garbutt.

He said he needed to discuss an
urgent matter, but did not elaborate.

Was he no longer employed by you?

He and another protege,
Josef Karnaki, disappeared
about six months ago.

Just up and left?

It is their prerogative, but on
this occasion I was disappointed.

Mr Karnaki, in particular,
was quite brilliant.

And could Mr Karnaki be
involved in Mr Garbutt's death?

I have no idea.

Well, maybe you have an idea how
this research assistant ended up
well-done from the inside out?

Mr Tesla, I must return to the
crime scene to see if there's
anything I've overlooked.

Would you care to join me?
I would, indeed, Detective Murdoch.

I find this all very disturbing...

How so? I've been experimenting
with ways to transmit
electromagnetic energy

through the air using extremely
high-frequency radio waves.

Mini waves?

I prefer the Greek prefix,

And while these microwaves
may distort the surrounding
magnetic field,

the waves are able to pass through
most mediums unimpeded. I see.

The thing is, Detective, when these
waves pass through water, they excite
the molecules to a boiling point.

Human cells are mostly water.

Yes. If you were to aim these waves
at a human, you would,
in essence, cook.

My God.
That's what killed Mr Garbutt.

But the implications go far beyond
one death, Detective Murdoch.

Terrifying, yes.

Mr Karnaki must have found
a way to make a weapon out
of these microwaves.

He spoke of such when he worked
for me. I rebuked him of course.

I fear I may have wounded his pride.

There was a desiccated plant
in Garbutt's apartment.

It was still warm to the touch.

The microwave will excite
any water molecule in its path.

Leaving a trail of dead,
wilted vegetation?

Leading back
to the wave's point of origin.

Somewhere in this direction.

There's another desiccated plant.

Yes, and more that way.

Was there any bad blood
between Mr Karnaki and the deceased?

Only healthy scientific rivalry.

It seemed to me, though, that of
the pair, Mr Garbutt was hampered
somewhat by his conscience.

An interesting observation.
Perhaps Mr Garbutt didn't like

what Mr Karnaki was doing
and Mr Karnaki decided to take care
of the problem. Perhaps.

At any rate, it's clear we
have to find the weapon, Mr Tesla,

before it's fired again.

This should be the
weapon's point of origin.

Remain behind me, sir.

They must have taken the
weapon with them. But how?

To generate the energy
required to kill a man,
the device would have to be massive.

And yet it's not here.

A weapon that can kill
a man through a wall?

Diabolical is what it is.

If it exists. Sir, it does exist.

Mr Garbutt's wounds leave no doubt.
My immediate concern is where it is.

For the weapon to be made portable,
it would require advancements
in miniaturisation and metallurgy,

far outside Mr Karnaki's
areas of expertise.

Not to mention the money
to finance the project.

metallurgy and money you say.

We know a man who specialises
in those don't we, Murdoch?

There's just one small problem.

James Pendrick is in prison.

Have you finally realised
my innocence, Murdoch?

Am I to be released?

Far from it, Mr Pendrick.

You are here to answer questions
about yet another criminal affair.

Why would I?

I am to hang for murders
I did not commit. Everything
I treasure in life is gone.

My work and my reputation
are in tatters.

Even my wife will have no part of me.

Perhaps it has something to do
with you attempting to kill her.

I am an innocent man.

Mr Pendrick, do you
know a Morris Garbutt?

No. Do you know a Josef Karnaki? No.

Do you know Nikolai Tesla?

Tesla? Of course. We met on
several occasions in New York.

Are you aware of his experiments
in wireless electrical transmission?

He spoke of it
during our last meeting, six months
ago, seeking financial backing.

It was an intriguing concept,
but the discussions went nowhere.

What has this to do with anything?

Mr Garbutt, an associate
of Mr Tesla's, was found dead
under mysterious circumstances.

We believe a weapon using Mr Tesla's
technology was used to kill him.


And you think I have
something to do with it?

It would require someone
with your particular talents.

Do you really think I care
about a weapon of the future?

I'm going to hang in two weeks!

Let's keep him here.
I may want to speak with him again.

Good idea. He can't communicate
with his men if he's in our cells.

His sincerity is alarming.

Listen, a smiling killer,
don't be fooled by that.

A man like that lives for
things like this death ray.

Sir, there's a gentleman to see you.

A rather demanding gentleman,
actually. Tell him to wait.

That's just it. He's "waiting" in
your office. He barged right in.

If you're not Queen bloody Victoria,
then you'll not be ordering Thomas
Charles Brackenreid around.

Won't I? Terrence Meyers.

Still in the employ of the
Canadian government, I take it?

What are you doing here, Meyers? Oh,
and help yourself, why don't you?

Gentlemen, there are mysterious
and disturbing events
transpiring hereabouts

and I believe
you both know something about it.

The world is changing in ways you
cannot imagine, so let's have
ourselves a little chat, shall we?

Through clandestine operatives,

we've learned a number of
international rogues
have gathered in Toronto.

What exactly do you
mean by "rogues"? Smugglers...

calling themselves businessmen,

specialising in a growing field,
the sale of new and deadly weapons.

Now if any of these
weapons should find...

Should fall into the wrong hands.
Yes, yes, yes. We know all
of this already, Mr Meyers.

My sources tell me that
these "arms dealers"

are here because a weapon with
incredible destructive powers
is about to be sold.

Sounds most dangerous.

I've also heard this weapon has been
test-fired for potential buyers
with deadly results.

Gentlemen, the winds of
war never truly die down.

Can you imagine what would happen
if hundreds of these weapons

were deployed against us
on the battlefield?

Nothing we have could stop it.

So instead of toying with me, I
suggest if you discover anything...
We'll notify you immediately.

No need to see me out.

Well, I've never seen him
like that before.


I have to admit, that bit about
the enemy using a weapon against us,
that got my attention.

Genuine or not,
given Mr Meyers' dubious ethics,

the thought of him possessing
that weapon is equally chilling.

So, this Garbutt, he goes from
being Karnaki's associate to target
practise for his death ray. Why?

Perhaps he had a change of heart
and was planning to betray the sale?

Or, he simply became expendable.
So where do we start?

Karnaki would have needed a place
to build and store the weapon.

One of Pendrick's holdings.

Sir, no luck finding Karnaki,
I'm afraid.

I suspect somebody's harbouring him.

George, let's try a
different line of investigation.

Karnaki's work on the weapon
would have required a number
of specialised materials.

Perhaps we can locate where
those materials were purchased.
Consult with Mr Tesla.

And please tell him I'd like
to speak with him when I return.

Sir, I'll bring him in. Thank you.

Detective. Mrs Pendrick.

What might I do for you?

I'm afraid a man was killed last
night and we suspect a strange,
new kind of weapon was used.

Your husband may have been involved.

When it comes to James,
nothing surprises me any more.

I was hoping you might be able
to provide me with a list of
buildings he owned in the city.

I'll have the information
to you as soon as possible,

but as you can see by the state of
my desk, I'm a bit out of sorts.

Yes, I understand.
Since James's...situation

I've been forced to deal
with business matters.

I have a small army of lawyers
and accountants to assist me,
but I'm no businesswoman.

I'm certain you will excel.
A number of his rivals
have offered to buy me out.

It might be best to rid
myself of all of this.

But you surely aren't here
to listen to my plight.

It's quite all right, Mrs Pendrick.

Please call me Sally.

Might I call you William?

Yes, I suppose that wouldn't be
too inappropriate.

Soon I'll be divorced of more
than just James's holdings.

I see.

I know that must
sound terribly forward,

but, after all, you could have sent
anyone here to get that list.

I'd best be going.

You mentioned earlier that the
generation of these microwaves

would severely distort the
surrounding magnetic field?

That's right, but it is my
hope we can solve this problem.

Let's say the weapon
is at some central location.

What if we were to deploy compasses
around the city.

Then, as the charge builds...

The compasses would be drawn off
magnetic north in the direction
of the weapon.

We could then map the direction all
of the compasses are pointing to.

All intersecting
at the location of the weapon.

Very good, Detective Murdoch.

But, for this to work, the
compasses must be deployed and
monitored while the charge builds.

I have an idea about that as well.

The good news is the
weapon will be fired.

The bad news is...

the weapon will be fired. Indeed.

Mr Meyers.

I take it you found the weapon.

Not yet, but I believe I have
found a way to locate it.

All I need is for the weapon
to be fired and I am counting
on you to arrange that.

What makes you think I could do that?

Because, Mr Meyers, I believe the
reason you know so much about
this affair is because you,

acting on behalf of the Canadian
government, are attempting
to purchase the weapon.


Further, I believe one of these arms
dealers is an operative of yours.

You know I can't divulge anything,
Murdoch, even if I wanted to.

Of course not.

At any rate, if you want to locate
the weapon, and I believe you do,

you'll be sure that it gets fired
tonight at precisely six o'clock.

And no-one is to be harmed.

Six o'clock precisely.

Nothing. It seems Mr Meyers
word is as good as always.

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that.
It's worked, Detective!

Mr Tesla, the direction.

Due east.

Call box six, south by south-west.

Sir call box three is reporting west
by north-west and call box seven
is reporting north by north-west.

North west...

George is there a Pendrick
building at this location?

There is, sir.

It's a livery.

Once inside we take no chances,

Meyers... Thank you
for leading me here, Detective.

Once again, you did not disappoint.

I'll be taking it from here,
Inspector. Not bloody likely, Meyers.

This is a matter of
national security.

Surely your fealty to your adopted
dominion is not at issue here.

Fealty... Devotion. That's
codswallop and you know it.

That weapon is far too dangerous
for any nation to possess.

Better us than them, Murdoch.

And don't be so naive to think the
Canadian Government would destroy

such an advanced piece of technology
and burn all the blueprints.

Well, gentlemen,
I don't think any of you will be
laying claim to the contraption.

The bloody thing's not here.
Impossible, even miniaturised
it would be sizable.

There is no way they could
have moved it that quickly.

Actually, sirs, I think
we have a bigger problem.

I believe the death ray
is about to fire again.

My apologies, gentlemen,
I fear I have led you into a trap.


The bloody water nearly scalded me.
The "bloody" water saved our lives.

Clever deduction, Detective Murdoch.

An educated guess.
But where is the weapon?

Gentlemen, I've come
to the conclusion that the weapon

must be mobile,
mounted to a vehicle of some sort.
A very large vehicle, I expect.

And aside from water tanks, how
do we defend ourselves against it?

I would be happy to turn my
attention to developing a defence.

That would be appreciated, Mr Tesla.

In the meantime, I believe another
conversation with Mr Pendrick
is in order. Where's my hat?

The device was fired again,
wasn't it?

How would you know that,
Mr Pendrick, unless you were
directly involved?

I've been monitoring events
since our last discussion.

A compass?

A crude one.

I didn't realise it was so
difficult to scavenge a straight pin.

Clearly you know more than
you're saying, Mr Pendrick.

I watch and I listen, Detective.

That, and a basic knowledge
of electrodynamics led me to
realise what you were doing.

Perhaps you've also deduced
that I know the weapon was fired
from one of your buildings.

That's impossible. It's a fact.
Let me out, Murdoch. I can help you.

You want to help me?

Then tell me where the weapon is.

We know it's been mounted to
one of your heavy duty vehicles.

I keep telling you, Murdoch,
you've got the wrong man.

You've got the wrong man, Murdoch.
Murdoch! Murdoch!

I doubt think Mr Pendrick
will be of any further use to us.

You're saying he's not a party to
this? No, he's unlikely to confess
no matter how I approach him.

We'll send him back to Don Jail
and good riddance. Yes, sir.

How goes it, Mr Tesla?

Quite well, I think. I have
been musing over the death ray.

Since Karnaki seems to
have devised a technique

to calibrate the ray's focal point,
I believe the best defence mechanism
may be some sort of shield.

Sounds intriguing. Ingenious,
actually, but I am only one man.

I will need a constable to assist me.
Scientifically minded, of course.

Would youthful enthusiasm suffice?
I suppose it will have to do.

Very good.

William, I've just heard what
happened. Are you OK? I'm fine.

You've been avoiding me.

No, no, I haven't.

I do have to go.

We could ride together. I could
drop you around to your house.
I would like that. Wonderful.

It was no one thing,
a cumulative effect perhaps,

the realisation that...

I only ever work on dead people,
that my hands heal no one.

But why not simply apply at
a hospital here in Toronto?

Why go all the way to Buffalo?

Because no-one is
offering me anything here.

That could change.

Do you really believe that, William?

We're here.

How odd.

My badge must have become
magnetised when the magnetic
field was distorted.

Be careful, William.

This is an unexpected
surprise, Detective.

I am terribly sorry to intrude
on your privacy like this.

If you would just tell me
what you're looking for,
I'm sure I could help.

We believe your husband
has mounted the weapon
on top of a vehicle of some sort.

I'm hoping to learn
anything I can about it.

He must have kept plans,
blueprints of some kind. I'm afraid
I've never seen anything like that.

I can't believe I was
married to such a man.

I'm so indebted to you, Detective.

You owe me nothing.
I owe you everything.

This one's locked,
any idea what's in there.

I'm afraid not.
I've never opened it.

No keyhole.

I wonder if...


James considered himself
to be some sort of engineer.

He was always coming up with
silly little contraptions.

There's nothing silly about
this one. May I take this?

Of course.


Mr Tesla?

Mr Tesla, what on earth?

I forgot to mention that the
microwaves are reflected by metal.

Sir, Mr Tesla believes that
these holes will scatter

the incoming energy yet still
allow us to see through.

Your constable has been
an eager student.

Sirs, if this energy
could be harnessed safely,
you could cook a potato in minutes.

Yams would be delicious.
Yes, but such a machine
would be the size of a small room.

Yes, George, highly impractical.

Yes, sirs, but perhaps the future
will allow for every home
to have a potato cooking room.

Mr Tesla,
I have something to show you.

How wonderful.

The undercarriage alone
would be extraordinary.

I found this in Mr Pendrick's study.

I believe this vehicle was
built to carry the weapon.

Detective, this could definitely
transport the microwave weapon.

Mr Tesla, do you think you could
compile a list of materials
required to build such a vehicle?

With pleasure. Excellent.
George, please follow through
with that list.

Will do, sir. Henry, bring Mr
Pendrick back here immediately.

That could be difficult, sir.

James Pendrick just escaped while
being transported back to Don Jail.

He used a pin to pick the lock on his
handcuffs and overcame his escort.

No doubt on his way to
rendezvous with Karnaki.

Henry, begin a search for
Mr Pendrick immediately.

Right away, sir. And you? Mr Pendrick
already tried to kill his wife once,
he may want to finish the job.



Mrs Pendrick?

Mrs Pendrick?


Hello, Detective.

It seems we're looking
for the same thing.

Mr Pendrick, what have you done with
your wife? I don't know how many
times I have to tell you, Murdoch,

I would never hurt anyone without
provocation, least of all my wife.

Then why are you aiming a gun at me?
Well, I don't know.

Maybe because I'm a fugitive,
you're a police officer and
I'll be hanged if you bring me in.

I meant if you are innocent
of your crimes, as you claim,
this is no way to convince me.

It'll do for now.

I came home one last time
to try to convince her of my
innocence before I ran for good.

I found the house empty,
my staff gone and no sign of her.

I half thought I might find
her with you by now.

Mr Pendrick, I can assure you,
my heart is with someone else.

But like you I find your
wife's absence disturbing.

Perhaps she's in
some kind of trouble.

Holding a gun on me
isn't going to help her.

I'm a fool.

Mr Pendrick, I want the truth, what
is your involvement in this affair?

Sally's purse.

My badge must
have become magnetised when the
magnetic field was distorted.


It would have had to have
been exposed to an enormous
electro-magnetic source.

Like a... Microwave death ray.

That's ridiculous.

Sally would have had to have
been near it when it was fired.

She knew we were looking
for it in a Pendrick building.

Perhaps she set the trap.

What? She wasn't involved.
She couldn't be.

Mr Pendrick, your wife was
with you when you met Mr Tesla in
New York, was she not? Of course.

She could easily have come
in contact with Karnaki then.

What are you saying?

If we arrived just
a moment earlier... Indeed.

Was it just fortuitous timing that
your wife survived the explosion?

Or was she spared because
she knew precisely when
the bomb was to go off?

And the pornographer? McTavish.

He threatened to expose her past.

Did she kill him,
and make it appear as though
you wanted the two of them dead?

And there's the art theft.

For some time now,
I've suspected a mastermind
to be behind the art theft.

Someone with intimate knowledge
of the evening's events
as well as the building itself.

Your wife was privy
to such information.

When you saved my life,

you prevented Carducci from
revealing Sally as the mastermind.

Why would she do this?

I don't know.

But it would appear
we've both fallen victim
to an expert fraudster.

All along,
you were holding the wrong suspect?

That's completely unacceptable,

Worst of all,
I have it on good authority
that the weapon has been sold.

I would have thought the Canadian
government would spend whatever
necessary... Well, they didn't!

It is to be transported out of
the city before sunrise and,
no, I do not know from where.

Sally Pendrick, the whole time.
I don't know what to say, sir.

There's no mystery to it, Murdoch.
She used her feminine charms on you.

You were blinkered, Murdoch.
I find it difficult to accept.

That's because your
pride's been wounded.

You never thought you'd meet
anyone cagey enough to outfox you.

Cheer up, Murdoch.

Women are a troubling
species at the best of times.

My guess is she's feeling
very smug at this moment.

You might have her
right where you want her.

Thank you, sir.

Where are we, George? The city is
being scoured for Mrs Pendrick
as we speak. So far, no luck.

She no doubt had plans to leave
town the moment she sold the weapon.

Have men guard the train station
and the docks. Already posted, sir.

And where is Mr Tesla?

He was last seen exiting
with that shield,
muttering about wavelengths.

Oh, sir, we contacted the police
in Albany as per your request.

They seem to think that our Sally
Pendrick may be their Sally Hubbard,

a notorious fraudster
south of the border.

What about her home
town of Montreal?

There's no record of her
ever having lived there, sir.

Of course not. Who is she, really?

Sally never wanted
to discuss her past.

She said she'd done things she wasn't
proud of and I chose not to ask.

I loved her that much.

But now it seems I
knew nothing about her.

I've spoken with my bankers.

My accounts have been emptied
over the past six months,
mostly since my incarceration.

Six months ago,

roughly when Mr Tesla approached
you about funding his experiments.

Then, shortly after that,
the Rembrandt robbery occurred.

What are you suggesting?

Sally needed money
to fund Mr Karnaki's work.

Secretly she had been stealing small
amounts from you, but she needed
more and didn't want to alert you.

So she staged the art robbery.

Yes, but when that went wrong she
still needed more money from you.

And to do that she
needed me out of the way.

Damned clever.
Between the art robbery

and this whole eugenics affair,
I was predisposed to suspect you.

Then when Mr McTavish come back into
her life she saw it as the perfect
opportunity to frame you and I...

..was only too willing to assist.

Leaving her free to
finance her project.

I am so sorry, Mr Pendrick.

For everything.

It's not your fault, Detective.
The question now is how to stop her.


I despise that I still love her.

Even after everything?


I always hoped to find
somebody that shared my passion...

..someone that loved me
in spite of my foibles.

How tragic.

I hoped I'd find you here.
William, I didn't think I'd
see you under the circumstances.

Julia, nothing in this world
means more to me than you.

William. I believed
you felt the same for me.

But I do.

Then I simply don't understand.

There must be something you're not
telling me. Why are you leaving?

Julia, please.

I have to know.

Very well.

Ever since the kidnapping
of the inspector's son,

it's been clear to me how much
you want a family, but...

My abortion.

That means nothing to me.

We've put it in the past.

William, it left me sterile.

I should have told you before now,

but I was frightened of losing you

to something I couldn't control
and so I decided
to assert control myself.

By leaving.

It's for the best.

Isn't it?

This way you can meet a woman who
can give you the life you deserve.

William, please say something.

I don't know what to say.

Yes... Well, that says it all.

Doesn't it? No...


I think we have something.

Yes, George.

I have to go.


Isn't this the address
of the old tannery?

Yes, sir. Abandoned now I believe.

But nearly everything on Mr
Tesla's list was delivered to that
address in the last few months.

I should have realised, George.

If Mr Pendrick was behind this,
he would never have used
one of his own buildings.

This must be where
they house the weapon.

What have we here?

Detective Murdoch,
a silver-coated aluminium shield.

The silver's heavy concentration
of electrons is highly reflective
of micro-waves, you see.

Mr Tesla believes that this
will repel the death ray.

Very good. There's no time to waste.
Sir, I should come with you.

Thank you, George,
it's far too dangerous,

especially since I almost
got you, the inspector
and Mr Tesla killed last time.

But sir...
Constable, no.

Well, take this.

Good thinking, George. Sir, what
about the horse, he has no shield?

I'll take care of him.
Good luck, Detective.

I am confident the windscreen
will theory.


We can't let him go alone. Mr Tesla,
stay here, I'll fetch the Inspector.

Come on. Move it!

We're due at the dock.
It is ready, Mrs Pendrick.

You two, you've been paid,
what are you standing around for?

Lock it up, Karnaki.

Our friends from Istanbul
won't wait. Yes, Mrs Pendrick.

And, Karnaki, never call me
that name again.

Would you prefer Sally Hubbard?

Detective Murdoch.

Both of you down.

Such a fuss over a silly gun.

Why build this abomination? You
were surrounded by so much wealth.

The challenge, William. We all need
something to live for, don't we?

For you, it used to be
a certain pathologist.

Now it could be me.

So everything was a deception.

Mr Pendrick... Sally, was
there no truth to our marriage?

The life we built together?

James, this isn't a good time.

Mr Pendrick,
I urge you to step back.

I loved you.

I would have given you everything.

I did give you everything.
Doesn't that mean something to you?


Mr Pendrick!



I'm fine, Murdoch, go stop her.

Agh! Ha!


Ya! Ya!


He's gaining on us! Kill him!


What a God awful mess.

Destroyed beyond all use, sir.

Shame, isn't it, Mr Meyers?

It is, sir. I'll never figure
out how those yams will turn out.

Well done, Detective.
What's all this, Meyers,
I thought you'd be in tears.

believe it or not there are things
that even I believe shouldn't exist.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Of course, if Mr Tesla here were
to help us build another one...

This has been a trying day.

I'm afraid it's not quite over yet.
Now what?

We pulled Mr Karnaki's body from
the wreckage, but I'm afraid your
wife's was nowhere to be found.

She escaped?
She is surprisingly resourceful.

She no doubt had a contingency plan.

What will you do?
I have nothing left.

I'm free to start over.

But on what?

Well, we'll see
what catches my fancy.

I trust our paths will
cross again, Detective.

I look forward to it, Mr Pendrick.



As long as you exist in this world,
there will be no other woman for me.

William, I know, but... We can adopt.

So many children need a good home,
all I need is you.

Julia Ogden, will you marry me?


Yes, of course I'll marry you.

It's beautiful.

'It's beautiful. It's beautiful.'


She's gone to the train.
And who are you?


No! Julia!