Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 9 - The Lady Vanishes - full transcript

While Det. Murdoch deals with the irritating Newsomes caught in a byzantine kidnapping situation, Julia must decide on her response to her former hospital blacklisting her.

Season 15 Episode 09

Episode Title: "The Lady Vanishes"
Aired on: November 15, 2021.

Station house four.

George. It's me.


Listen carefully,
I'm at parliament street

about to get on the Queen
Streetcar heading east.

I don't know where I'm going,
or what will happen.

what are you on about?

Listen carefully:
Please do as I ask.

Wait one hour.

If I don't telephone you,
by then...

I suppose the worst
will have happened.

The worst?
Henry, this is ridiculous.

Tell no one.

Wait one hour and come
and find me, George.

I'm counting on you.

Henry? Henry? Henry?

Everything all right?

Yes. Yes, everything's fine.



It's Henry.

Can I help you, sir? Sir?

What are
you doing here?

Can I help you? Whoa!

No, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can't go in here!

Excuse me!

Bring me
detective Murdoch.

What time was the call?


51 minutes. Right.

We'll send constables to
the area right away...

detective, there is someone
who wants to see you

in the interview room.

Please take care
of that, watts.

happened to Higgins.

Thi-s-s-s-s may be related.

With me.

Rupert newsome.
What's this about?

I come to you
with dire news.

My wife Lucinda
has been kidnapped

and I fear I've sent
Henry Higgins to his death.

Watts, find the inspector.

We need as many men
as we can get to search

the Queen Streetcar line
east of Parliament.

Have them search for any
sign of Henry Higgins.

He'd have boarded the streetcar
at about ten to eleven.

I'll see if I can
track down the driver.

- How do you know all this?
- What is going on?

It happened last night.

I was hosting
a dinner at my home.

Lucinda's father had just
returned from the orient

and so we invited ruthie
and Henry for a small fete.

What is that
infernal racket?

It's bucky fanshaw's aero.

He's been flying it
to and fro without a rest

Since he got
the blasted thing.

But it's dark out.

He must have
purchased a lamp.

Oh, he adores that
ridiculous machine.

You know, that's how
I injured my leg.

Hence Helena, who has
been an absolute saviour.

Ah, thank you, dear.

So much better.

You were flying
the aeroplane?

No, silly Henry!

I was invited to view
its maiden voyage

and was so taken
with the spectacle,

I tripped on a brass orangutan,

or some such trifle
bucky'd obtained

in the heart of darkest

I hope this racket
hasn't woken the baby.

- Sumatra.
- I beg your pardon?

Orangutans live in sumatra.

I sold guns to
the locals there

when they were
fighting the Dutch.

You know, I have
long held the belief

that the worst man
in the world is the dutchman.

I couldn't agree
with you more.

Say, have you
any bourbon, son?

Of course.

Mr. Helmsworthy.

Please, call me dadah.


We are grateful for
the house, of course.


It takes so much
to keep it running.

Are you asking me
for money?

No! No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no,
no, no.

Just, perhaps, uh...
Some people.

A maid! A cook. A nanny.

You don't
have a nanny?

I let her go.

She quit.

And the hiring of someone
new would, perhaps,

best be done by someone
with your...

Means and generosity.

Oh, I'm really
not so generous.

Say, what's that?

Stop! Stop that!


Move and she dies.

Let go of me!

What's going on?

Dear god.
Lucinda's been kidnapped.

No! They said they'd kill her.

Well, we have
to go after her!

we'll do what
they say.

Yes! Presumably,
they'll just want money.

Oh, of course they want money.
It is a kidnapping.

We don't know that.

Oh, well, everyone
gets kidnapped, Henry.

I was kidnapped!

They offered me candy,
mommy and daddy paid the ransom,

you remember, and then
I was back in time for tea.

No, no!
This is madness!

No, we have to
go after them.

We don't even know
what they want!


If anyone steps
outside the house, she dies.

If you make a phone call,
she dies.

If you tell the police,
she dies.

We won't do anything.
Just tell us what you want.

Tomorrow morning, 1030:Am.

The Corner of Queen
and Parliament.

50,000 dollars.

Fine. Fine.
Fine, just don't hurt her.

No! Now, wait!


I'll have to make
a call to arrange it.

One call. No police.

You should have come
to the police, Mr. Newsome.

We all agreed it was safest
to play by their rules.

What happened
after the call?

We waited.

I didn't sleep.

Helena made me a draught,
but it had no effect.

In the morning I, uh,
I arranged for the money

to be withdrawn
from our accounts

and delivered
to the house.

Thank you,

It is going to be
all right, you know.

I mean, it's only
a kidnapping.

- Ruthie.
- Well...

I'll make
the drop off.

No. She's my wife.
I'll do it.

These are
dangerous men.

I'm sorry, son,
but I don't know

if you have
what it takes.

I will ensure
she is returned safely.

Henry will do it.


Well, they said no police,
but they have no idea

that Henry is
a police officer.

Plus, he has the most
experience to handle things

should they go poorly.

Which they won't.


Are you up to
the task, son?

I can do it.

But something happened.

Yes. Everything changed.

Henry went to Queen
and Parliament.

I followed
at a distance.


He spoke on the telephone
for no more than a minute.

And then?

He hung up
and crossed to the Streetcar.

That was the last
we saw of him.

We waited. Waited.

- Yes. And then?
- But there was no word.

Nothing from Henry,
nothing from Lucinda.

Dadah didn't want me to,
but I had to come to the police.

Henry called the station because
he knew something was wrong.

The kidnappers
changed the plan.

- Right, lads. Get a move on.
- Yes, sir.

We have a dozen men
east of the Don.

Station house six
and seven have his description.

Thank you, sir.

I only wish I'd said
something earlier.

Now, you made the best
decision you could,

based on the information
you had.

Whatever comes of this, George,
none of it rests on you.

I should have done
the exchange myself.

I never should have
trusted that boy.

Henry did nothing wrong.
And he's fine. He's fine.

They always change
the location.

That's how they know
the police won't be there

waiting for them when
they get their money.

Though, by now,
I'm sure Henry has Lucinda

And they're
on their way home.

There's been no
further contact yet?


You must be Mr. Helmsworthy.
I'm George Crabtree.

I'm the one
that Henry telephoned.

We told that fool
not to go to the police.

We'll find him.
And your daughter.

Good man.

If they try to make contact,
we'll be in touch.

Thank you.

I found the street... ooh...

Found the streetcar driver.

He remembers a man
with a briefcase

Getting off at carlaw.

Excellent. Let's go.

William! I know
I'm a little early,

but, uh, I stopped
by Scott's.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Julia.
There's been an emergency.

I'm afraid I can't
stay for lunch.

Oh! Well...

- It's Higgins.
- Is he all right?

Well, we hope so.
How are you, doctor?

Still at loose ends?

Well, I'm applying
for surgery positions

in hospitals all over town,
but nothing yet.

Ah. Perhaps they're not hiring.

Well, some have chosen
other candidates.

But I'm hopeful.

Are you hungry?

Ah! Lovely.
We'll take tea in my office.

Put the kettle on, lad.

The driver remembered him
because he was picking

nervously at
his briefcase.

It's a nameplate.

As if from a briefcase.



He wasn't picking at his
suitcase because he was nervous.

He was leaving us
a bread crumb.

We should have stopped
at the armory.

Show yourself!


Oh my god!

Oh, Henry, are you all right?
What happened?

There was a kidnapping.

They've taken
the ransom money.

- What about Lucinda?
- I never saw her.

- Where did they go?
- I don't know.

They-they snuck up behind me

and they put that
over my head and...

after that they left.

I think someone
came back...

Then you came.

How long has it been
since they were here?

Half an hour, maybe.

Sir, look.

"we said no coppers."

They knew who I was.

- Not necessarily.
- Oh, good lord.

It's a finger.

They cut off her finger.

I was standing there,
but no one came.

And then
the telephone rang.


There is a streetcar
approaching in two minutes.

Get on.

Disembark when you see
the man with the newspaper.

Where are you?
Why can't we do it here?

Follow the man
with the newspaper.

If you're not on
the Streetcar, she dies.


Operator? Operator?

Good morning.
How can I direct your call?

Get me George Crabtree
at station house number four.


I told George what I could
and then I got on the streetcar.

I didn't know
where I was going,

so I wanted to
leave a trail.

So, you left the nameplate
from the briefcase.

Yes. At carlaw there was
a man with a newspaper.

He was holding it up
over his face

so I couldn't see
who he was.

As soon as I stepped off,

He started walking
toward the warehouse.

No one was around.
I followed him inside.

As soon as I stepped
inside the warehouse,

Someone grabbed me
from behind.

And after that...

Well, you know everything
what happened after that.

That was very clever Henry,

Calling George from within
the same telephone call.

I don't think
it was, sir.

Someone must have
been watching.

They knew
I called the police.

"we said no coppers."

They cut off her
finger because of me.

Well, I just
don't believe it.

Believe what?

Kidnappers are only
ever after money.

Lucinda is perfectly fine.

She's missing a finger.

You want a finger?
I can get you a finger.

There are ways, dear.

What exactly do you mean?

There is absolutely no chance
that finger belongs to Lucinda.


It's a match.

This is Lucinda
helmsworthy's finger.

I've never done a postmortem
on a digit before,

but I can tell you it was
severed very recently,

within the last
couple of hours,

With a very sharp blade.

It appears I am
off to mimico.

You seem displeased.

I am.

It's been lovely
catching up, Julia,

But let's get down
to brass tacks.

I asked you here
to offer you a job.

At the women's clinic?

I heard you were seeking
employment and we need the help.

You know I admire
the work you do, Kate.

But it's a medical clinic,
not a hospital.

I'm a surgeon.

That's precisely why
we want you to join us.

We don't have much space

and we don't have
many resources,

But we think it would be
beneficial for our patients

If we had someone who
could do small

in-house surgeries,
as required.

I don't mean to dismiss
the work you do.

The dispensary
is a remarkable place.

Allowing women to be
treated by other women

is a success
in and of itself.

But I'm not sure
it's the right fit for me.

I understand.

You're one of the most highly
respected surgeons in the field.

And I feel I need to remain at
the vanguard of modern medicine.

Women treating women

Is the vanguard
of modern medicine, Julia.

I'm sorry, Kate.

I'm sure there are
many doctors and nurses

capable of the work
you're describing.

I appreciate you taking
the time to consider it.

There's something
you should know.


I'm not supposed
to say anything,

but... my brother is a doctor
at St. Tristan's.

There's a rumour.


Toronto mercy has put
out the word on you.

Put the word out?

I fear you've been

This is where
they broke in.

They dragged her
round front

where their carriage
was waiting.

As I said, we didn't
dare to follow.


Boot prints.

Do you recognize
the tread, Mr. Newsome?

I imagine they're
from the kidnappers.


- Gasoline?
- Gasoline?

Oh. Gasoline.

Are you sure they were
in a carriage, Mr. Newsome,

And not an automobile?

I'm quite sure, yes.

They can't do that to you.

they already have.

Even your dismissal
was entirely unjust.

You can't stand for this!

I'm not sure I have
a say in the matter.

Of course you do.

You were fired because
you're a woman

who did her job better
than her male counterparts.

Yes, but how would
we prove that?

Well, if they've been telling
other hospitals not to hire you,

there may be some
evidence of it.

If we can find it,
we'll sue them into the ground.

What do you say?


It's only a pinkie.

It is not only
a pinkie, Ruth.

It is an indication of
that which they are capable.

Oh! Come, come, come, come!

That's quite enough!

I am calling bucky fanshaw

And I'm giving him
a piece of my mind.

I don't think he has
a telephone in the aero, Ruthie.

Anything, watts?

Yes, but nothing
related to the case.

Helmsworthy residence.


It's her!

Lucy, where are you?
Are you all right?

They cut off my finger, dadah.

Just give them
what they want.

Please! I'm scared.

What do you mean?
What do they want?

More money?

We'll give them anything.

Who's "we"?


I said no police. Now she dies.

No! Don't!

I'll do anything.

I could hear the airplane
through the telephone.

Meaning they're nearby.

Is there an automobile
garage close by?

Someplace where they
would store gasoline?

The neighbours
have a garage,

But they've been
in rhodesia for ages.

Lead the way, man!
Her life is in danger.


- No!
- Rupert!

Mr. Newsome! No!

Lucinda! Lucinda!



It's too dangerous.
You can't go in there.


Stop, Mr. Newsome!
It's not safe.


They're fleeing!

I can see why
you don't like mimico.

I've encountered nothing but
foolishness and tragedy there.

I suppose the cause
of death is self-evident?

I'll proceed with
the postmortem nevertheless.

I'm not quite sure how
to ask this, but, uh,

How many fingers
have you found?

She's missing the fifth digit
on her left hand.

Very good.
Thank you, Mrs. Hart.

So, the garage next door,

Do you think that's where they
were holding her from the start?

There wasn't enough evidence
to tell one way or the other

after the fire.

But whoever did do this
knew the place was empty.

So, they know the area.

Perhaps a friend,
or neighbour, maybe?


I'll head back to mimico,
ask Rupert newsome

if any of the locals
have grievances with him.

One can only
imagine they do.

Ah - news.

An automobile matching the one
driving away from the garage

Was found parked downtown
on Frederick street.

Did you examine
it for evidence?

I did.

Badge is missing.

The money is gone,
too, I assume?

In a sense.

What on earth?


This is the briefcase, but
I swear there was money in it.

I checked.

So, the kidnappers
took the real money out

And replaced it
with newspaper?

Why would they do that?

Are you certain
the money was inside the case?

I watched Rupert
newsome put the money in

After the payment
was delivered.

Someone could have removed it

between then
and the time you left the house.

Right before I left...

I checked it again.

How thoroughly?
Did you see every bill?

Or is it possible
what you saw

was only the top
layer of bills?

Oh, no.

That's why Lucinda
helmsworthy said,

"give them what they want,"
when she called the house.

They never got
the money.

What Henry delivered
was not payment,

but a cleverly disguised
dead ringer for the money.

They said it was too late.
That's why they killed her.

It's all my fault.

It's not your fault, Henry.

It's the fault of
whoever stole the money.

If it was swapped out
before you left,

Then whoever took it must
have been in the house.

It was in the sitting
room the entire time.

The money was
delivered at nine am,

and we left to make
the drop at 10.

Think, Henry,
after Rupert newsome

filled the case
with the money

Was anyone at any point
left alone with it?

I don't know.


Yes, someone was
alone with the money.

Why were you so eager to deliver
the money yourself, helmsworthy?

My daughter's
life was in danger.

She died because
that fool muddled everything.

There was never any money in
the case in the first place.

Someone took it.

And you're the one
who could have done it.

I stole
the ransom money?

You were on your own
with it in the sitting room.

Why were you there?

How dare you?
My daughter is dead!

An outcome you may
not have predicted.

But you were desperate
for the money,

So you were willing
to take risks.

We checked your bank accounts,
nearly empty.

What bank accounts?

- Dominion. Imperial.
- Toronto banks.

Of course they're empty.
I haven't lived here in years.

And now you've reappeared.

You've re-entered
into your daughter's life,

And someone has
stolen her money.

And whoever took it

hd already prepared
the fake money.

It was premeditated.

You kidnapped
your own daughter.

You are fools.
I have no need for money.

My clients pay in gold.

Death, gentlemen,
is good business.

Here's a tip,

invest in both guns
and mortuaries.

One success
feeds the other.

Win or lose, we must
succeed in one objective.

- What's that?
- To embarrass them.

We can certainly do that.

Whether it will change
their behaviour in the future

is another matter.

So, the accusations of
a hysterical female

are not enough to
intimidate them?

A judgment will

True power lies
in the courts.

But, of course,
that will take years.

I just want to
humiliate them.

The court case won't be the most
efficient way to do that.

But there may
be another way.

I believe I might be
one step ahead of you, effie.

Do you suppose they
have a telephone?

I don't trust the bugger.

But if he took the money,
where is it?

I asked Henry to do
his best to account

for Mr. Helmsworthy's
movements between the time

The money arrived and the time
he exited with the briefcase.

What did he say?

Ah, he says helmsworthy
never left the house.

Nor did anyone
else present.

Then it's still there.

Right. Watts, find George
at the newsome estate

and search it
top to bottom.

If it's there,
we shall discover it.

Unless he is cleverer
than us, of course.

In which case
we will likely fail.

But the risk of failure
should not dampen the endeavour.

She's really gone.

I honestly never thought
I'd outlive her.

Nor I.

I mean, we had our differences,
but I never wished for this.

Well, I may have.

But I wouldn't have if I
thought it would really happen.

What am I meant to do?

What do you mean?

My whole life these last
years has been doing that

which Lucinda told me.

What am I to do now?

Some people,
when they lose a spouse,

They just up and die.

They do.

I spoke to Rupert about whether
or not he and his wife

had any enemies
here in mimico.


Well, he says they don't.

But that's not to say all
kinds don't detest him

without him knowing.


But neighbourly hatred
hardly seems reason enough

to kidnap
and murder his wife.

What about money?

Well, he says he doesn't know
anybody in need of money.

Apparently, all the neighbours
are just as wealthy as they are.

- Although...
- What?

Well, except for Ruth
and Henry, of course.

Well, there's no
sign of it here.

Shall we try
the second floor?



Hold on a minute.

What are you doing?
Excuse me!

It's here. The money.


I don't know anything
about that money.

It was found in
your baby's pram.

Are you saying you
didn't put it there?

I'm saying what I said.

I don't know
a thing about it.

You disliked
Lucinda Helmsworthy.

Yes. That's no secret.

And yet you asked her
for money that very evening.

I did. What of it?

She refused.
You became desperate.

I was annoyed.

You seemed entirely

at Mrs. Helmsworthy-newsome's

No, I wouldn't
say that.

You said,
"everyone gets kidnapped."

Many people do.

You also volunteered Henry
to make the delivery.

Would you really send your own
husband to meet with criminals

knowing he had
not the ransom,

but a dead ringer

Of course I wouldn't.

Unless you knew he was
in no immediate danger.

And how would
I know that?

Because you
arranged all of it.

You hired someone
to kidnap her.

You prepared
the fake money.

You sent Henry with
the dead ringer

knowing the men who received it
were expecting that all along.

Except something
went wrong,

Didn't it,
Mrs. Higgins-newsome?

Well, if you
believe that, prove it.

She's definitely
hiding something.

What, I don't know.

She took the money.
It was in her pram.

She claims she didn't.

Perhaps someone else felt
it was a safe place to hide it.

Because she knew
that if we found it,

We'd assume it was her.

I can believe that Ruth might
be capable of stealing money.

But to set all of this up?

I do tend to agree, Murdoch.

The woman's away
with the fairies.

- Sir!
- Higgins, wind your neck in!

I'm on your side, son.

If she didn't do it,
then who did?

Well, she's protecting
someone, but who?

Oh, not...

He was alone with the money,
too, but it's his money.

It can't be him.

It has to be, Higgins.

Who's the one
person Ruth newsome

would go to prison
to save?

Ruthie had nothing
to do with it.

It was all me.

I'm the one
who kidnapped my wife.

I did it for love.

You kidnapped
your wife for love?

For the love of
another, detective.

Another woman,
not another detective.

My saviour, my beauty,
my soulmate, Helena.

She cared for me,
nurtured me back to health.

Her kindness and
tenderness were things

I had never felt
from Lucinda.

We wanted to run
away together.

Couldn't you have
got a divorce?

From Lucinda?
Oh, no, no, no.

She would not
have allowed that.

The choice of divorce
lies with the husband.

Legally, but not in
my marriage, inspector.

So you hired someone
to kidnap her instead?

It sounds ignoble
when you put it that way.

Well, it's worse than ignoble.

I just needed the money.

The accounts
are in your name.

Again, legally, yes.

But our finances, like
everything in our beloved union,

was under the strict
control of Lucinda.

I couldn't embezzle a thin
dime without her noticing.

And, so, I endeavoured
to secure enough money

for Helena and I
to escape mimico

through illicit means.

- Kidnapping.
- A fake kidnapping.

But she was
bloody kidnapped!

I didn't even
want it to happen!

I told Helena
to call it off.

So it was her
idea, then?

All she did was
provide me with a name.

Someone who could
arrange for such a thing.

I was the one who set
the plan in motion.

But, when the day neared,
I reconsidered.

I told Helena
to call it off.

it didn't take.

I was as surprised as anyone
when those men broke in

and took poor Lulu.


From that point on,
I could only watch in horror

As the events played out.

Let go of me!

If you didn't want it to happen,
why did you take the money?

What else was I meant to do?
What choice did I have?

The plan was
she would be kidnapped,

And I would secure the ransom.

And I would send a fake
payment in its place

With the kidnappers'
fee layered on top.

The plan was
no one would get hurt

and so I abided.

But something
went wrong.

When did you know
the plan had changed?

When Henry stepped on that
streetcar and didn't come back.

That's why I came to you.

You came to us
and lied.

Of course I lied.
I am culpable.

I thought if you could
find her safely,

All would be all right,
but all was not all right.

They must have decided
they wanted more money,

and I would have given it
to them if I'd had the chance.

I'd have given
them everything.

I never wanted
her to be hurt.

You and newsome
fell in love?

Of course.

When did this happen?

As soon as I
laid eyes on him.

He's such a wise
and kind man.

And you helped him
plan a kidnapping.

What? Of course not.

He told us it
was your idea.

Well, that's mad.
I love him but...

drop the act, love.
He let it slip.

Implicating you
serves him no benefit.

I never loved
that twit.

I was using him
for his money.

Then I found out he was too
scared of his wife to take it.

So you introduced
him to the kidnapper.

He wanted to
run away with me.

He thought up
various idiotic ways

to try to find the money.

When he landed
upon a kidnapping,

I told him I knew a man.

That was the beginning
and end of my role.

Did you call it off
when he asked you?

Yes. Apparently, the message
didn't get through.

All protestations aside,

You were involved in
the planning of a serious crime

which resulted in a murder.

You are guilty.


Do you really think
a jury will believe

I had anything
to do with this?

the one you want.

He's the one you can hang.

Let me go and I'll tell
you everything I know.

It's bad, ruthie.

He may hang for this.

But he didn't
kill anybody!

He hired the kidnapper,
so he's responsible.

It's called
constructive murder.

you have to help him.

My hands are tied, dear.

You know, you're lucky
you're not behind bars.

I didn't do

You ended up
with the money.

I saw Rupert hiding it.

I knew it would
be found instantly.

I aided him without
his knowledge.

Also, we need
that money, Henry.

Can't we just keep it?

It's ransom money!

Yes, but whose is it now?

Rupert and Lucinda
won't need it.

And possession
is nine-tenths of the law.

It's not, actually.

You do realize you would
have gone to prison for him

If we hadn't
figured out the truth.

Well, what choice
did I have?

He would never
make it in prison.

Oh! And you would?

I'd be fine.

Thank you.

Landlady says she hasn't
seen him in a few days.

So, before
the kidnapping happened.

Perhaps he set up
the safe house in the garage

and, when it burned,
he fled altogether?

Along with his
unknown associates.

Anything left behind?

Yes. This...


This was
in the wastebasket.

"helmsworthy estate.
Mimico. September 4th."

The date she was taken.

Why leave this behind?

And where has he gone?

I don't know, detective,
but I fear we'll never find him.

A lawsuit
could take years.

The idea of a lawsuit
could capture the attention

Of your readers
in an instant.

Plus we could make all
the off-the-record claims

We'd never be able
to make in a court.

But are nonetheless true.

They fired you because
you are a woman,

More precisely
because you're a woman

who is smarter than they are.

Let's burn them
to the ground.

I love it.

Of course, mercy will fight
back, but who cares?

It'll be fun.

What do you
mean fight back?

If I write, "a woman is
suing the hospital,"

They will find another paper
and have them write,

"ah! A woman is suing
the hospital."

Of course, they're
going to attack you, Julia.

But so what?

Think of all we
can accomplish.

Nothing will be

If anything, my claims will
discredit me even further.

- Only in the eyes of some.
- In the eyes of those in power.

But the publicity
will help the case.

Yes, but nothing
will change.

We could get
your job back.

In time.

The last thing I want
is to go back to that place

And work with
those people.

In fact, I'm going to do
something else entirely.

Thank you for
catching Mr. Newsome.

I understand he has
considerable resources,

But so do I.

I happen to know
more than one old boy

Who works for the crown.

I'm confident Rupert newsome
will face the consequences

He deserves.

Our only regret is
that it's unlikely now

We'll find the men
who kidnapped your daughter.

But we will continue
to pursue them

as long as they
remain at large.

Thank you both.

Detective, constable.

Mrs. Hart.

I have rather
peculiar news.

I don't know what it means,

But perhaps you can
make sense of it.

What is it?

The finger.
It doesn't match the body.

It must.

I checked print on
the finger myself.

It belongs to
Lucinda Helmsworthy.

I'm quite certain,

The severed digit was
sliced at approximately

Two millimetres further down
the proximal phalange.

Then it's not
her finger?

No, it is her finger, George.

It's not her body.

Well, how can that be?

You said you saw her
in the building.

It went up in flames.

The kidnappers
escaped the fire

In a motorized carriage.

She must have somehow
escaped the flames with them.

Then whose body
did we find?

Death gentlemen,
is good business.

Here's a tip,

Invest in both
guns and mortuaries.

One success
feeds the other.

Mr. Helmsworthy.

He owns a mortuary.

He must have somehow
obtained a body.

Why? What's he after?
Is he behind all of this?


But I'm afraid the truth
is far more sinister.


Lucinda helmsworthy.



I did everything right!

You weren't supposed to find out
until that fool was hanged!

I found out about Rupert's
silly kidnapping plot

when his hired man came
straight over and told me.

He was a petty thief.

If I was willing to pay
him not to do it,

Then he could make his money
and do nothing.

Who was Rupert going
to tell, the police?

You then hired this man
to stage your own kidnapping?

God, no.

I paid him triple Rupert's fee
to leave town, not come back.

And then I brought in
my own men, capable men.

Who were they?

What does it matter?
They've done nothing wrong.

They desecrated a dead body
under your direction.

You'll never prove
where that body came from.

It was in the garage.

We found it there.

The fire started

You cut off its finger.

Did we?

Prove it.

Mrs. Helmsworthy-newsome,
tricking the police

into believing a serious crime
has been committed

is in and of itself a serious crime.

No, no. No.
We said no police.

Everything else
was an accident.

Even if you get away
with all of this,

was it really worth
cutting off your own finger?

What, this?

I barely felt a thing.

I'd cut off my own hand
to watch that man hang.

Crown attorney says
it's a complete cock-up.

A jury will never
be able to understand

What the bloody hell happened,

Or even why these idiots
are being charged.

It's criminal
conspiracy, sir.

To what, exactly?
To kill someone?

She's not dead.

To kidnap someone?
Her idea.

Steal money?
It was theirs, anyway.

They desecrated
a dead body.

And even if we can prove it,
what's that? Six months.

What about him, sir?

He intended to kidnap
his own wife for ransom.

He called it off.

The part that he planned
never happened.

They can't just get
away with this.

The rich get
away with murder.

Or at least fake murder.

You couldn't
make it up, Murdoch.


Well, I told you.

Told me what?

That she was fine!

Oh, you also
grieved her death.

Yes. Well, I won't be
making that mistake twice.

Now, about that money...

Oh, Ruthie!

I just tried to have
the woman kidnapped.

I can't ask her
for money now.

But you called it off!

And, besides,
I didn't do anything.

Oh, perty! Where are you?

You're not dressed.

We are to dine with
the fanshaws at eight.

Lucy. Lulu. Come... Sit.

I'm going riding.

Shan't we have
a little... Chit chat?

You know, to put
all that behind us?

It was all
that nurse's fault.

She was a temptress.

I was powerless, honestly.

You're aware
of my powerlessness.


How about
a tussle then? Hm?

You disgust me,
Rupert newsome.


No matter what you do,
I will never divorce you.

No, I will spend every day
for the rest of my life

making you as miserable
as I possibly can.

Never been here before.
What is this place?

The dispensary.

Never heard of it.

It's a women's clinic.
Where do you go?

Dr. Frick, same doctor
I've been to all my life.

What about for more
intimate issues?

- Like what?
- Contraceptives?

Oh. Well, I-I don't...

Why are we here?

Because this
is how we win.

What do you mean?

I'm not going to waste
my life on a battle

I can never win.

Instead of fighting them
on their battlefield,

we can build our own.


What are you doing here?

I wonder if it's not too late
to accept your offer?

You want to work here?

I do.

Oh, I'm afraid we have
a line of highly qualified

female surgeons
ahead of you.

Of course
we still want you.

We're desperate.

But... I thought you
wanted to change the world.

I believe we can
do just that.