Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 23 - Pay the Piper - full transcript

When a man resembling Murdoch is shot, he must find the killer before the killer finds him.

Mysterious music...

Season 15 Episode 23

Episode Title: "Pay The Piper"
Aired on: April 04, 2022.

Oh! How lovely!

Another gift
for susannah, ma'am?

Yes. This one is from
my sister, Ruby.

So many gifts. We'll have
to stop accepting them soon.


My mother always says
that a gift is a way

for a loved one
to be with you from afar.

Oh, how fitting.
It plays oh! Susannah.


Postcard from Dr. Emily grace.

She says congratulations
on the baby.

How thoughtful. She says
we should expect a surprise.

- What kind of surprise?
- She doesn't say.

Is she aware that George
is to be married soon?

I think I may have
mentioned it, yes.

Ah, right.

Well, I'd best be off.

Say goodbye to daddy.

(Baby babbling)



(Indistinct chattering)

Oh, the seamstress mentioned
that my dress is finished,

but I can see you are wholly
not interested in that.

Oh, eh, I apologize, effie.

I'm still struggling with who
to ask to be my best man

for the wedding,
detective Murdoch, or Henry.

Will Henry even
be back in time?

Ruth was going on and on about
that kellogg health retreat

they're attending in Michigan.

She threatened never to leave.

Mm. Well, in any case,

I'm looking forward to finally
meeting your parents.

Hm, yes.

I suppose that
has to happen, doesn't it?

Effie, it'll be just fine.
Parents adore me.

And I'm sure Wexford
is beautiful.

That would hardly be my first
choice of descriptor.

We do have the Wexford wonder,

- What's that?
- Just a local legend.

Well, you can't bring it up
and not tell me.

When I was a girl,
strange occurrences

started happening in the woods
near our house.

- Occurrences?
- Blinding lights,

eerie sounds,
unexplained phenomena.

Did you ever
find out what it was?

We called it
the Wexford wonder,

but what it was
is still a matter of debate.

My father believes
it's evidence

of creatures from
another planet.


That is what they call
creatures from another planet,

- isn't it?
- Don't be smart.

What on earth would they be
doing visiting Wexford?

I mean, nothing against Wexford,

but surely there are places
more stimu...

I don't know, George.
Aliens visit where...

say, isn't that the detective?

Morning, sir. Sir?


What the devil was that?

I think it was a gunshot.


(Woman 1): Is he all right?

(Woman 2): What happened?!

Good lord!

Are you all right?

- Good god. Is he...
- Effie, stay back.


Oh, thank god. It's not him.

What have you, George?

Sir, you.

Or at least
a reasonable facsimile.

I nearly died when I saw him
on the ground there, sir.

I thought you were...

Same homburg hat,
coat, suit...


Do you have the victim's
identification, George?

Sir, he didn't have
anything on him.

What do you
suppose it means?

I have absolutely no idea.


His suit was from
the tailor I employ.

Your wardrobe is
the envy of many, sir.

He was shot in the chest.
Hardly feels like a compliment.

You think someone was after
you, but killed him by mistake?

I certainly hope not,
but it's possible.

Sirs, I hate to leave during
such a puzzling case,

but I do have to catch
a train to Wexford.

Ah, yes. Meeting the in-laws
for the first time.

- Are you nervous?
- Not particularly. Should I be?

When I met my in-laws, I said,

"the casserole could use
a pinch of salt."

They never let me forget that.

Remind me every bloody
Christmas. But it did.

You'll do fine. You look nice.

Thank you, sir.

Crabtree, have you
seen today's news?

What news?

Coppers in niagara
have found edna Garrison,

your previous bride-to-be.

Good lord.

The crown has decided
not to charge her or her son

for her husband's murder.

Well, that's good news.

Perhaps you can invite
her to the wedding?

- (Chuckling)
- Sir...

That was a joke, Murdoch.

Go on, crab tree. Get off
with ya. Good luck.


Dodged a bullet there,

That edna Garrison;
Dull as dishwater.

Well, she was the spokesperson
for white bread.

Is that a joke?

(Indistinct chattering)

7.65 millimetres.

- So, a rifle.
- Indeed.

The bullet travel led
in a downward trajectory,

penetrating the man's chest
and killing him instantly.

Were you able to find any
other distinguishing features?

- Scars? Birthmarks?
- Nothing.

I did take the Liberty
of contacting the tailor.

It seems this gentleman came
in with a list of exactly

what he wanted and paid in cash.

Other than that,
he knew nothing about him.

(Door opening and closing)

Thank you. Let us know

If you find anything else
of interest, Mrs. Hart.

Thank you.


- Hello, Violet.
- Maurice.

What a pleasant surprise.

I will have my final report
submitted in the next hour.

Of course.
Thank you, Mrs. Hart.

What are you doing here?

Now, now.

I thought I taught you
better manners than that.

The only thing you ever taught
me was to keep my distance.

Well, that's about to change.

I'm a reformed man, my dear,

and if you'll let me,
I'll prove it.

Now come give your father a hug.

(Mysterious music)

(Indistinct chattering)

So, the body was found here?


And given that
he was in motion,

and the downward trajectory
of the bullet,

I'd estimate the shot came
from at least the second floor.

That building there?

- (Knocking)
- Police.

Clear shot.

Looks like a match to the bullet retrieved
from the victim's body.

Look at these.

The gouges look recent.

They certainly do.

Let's have a constable take
proper photographs of these.

Of course.

Ah, Mrs. New some, it's
a pleasure to finally meet you.

- Charmed.
- Effie, my dear,

- you are glowing.
- Ooh!


George, this is my father,
peregrine new some.

George crab tree.
It's a pleasure, sir.

Call me Perry.
And the pleasure is all mine.

I look forward to meeting
your folks one day, as well.

And I hope you will.

My father is hoping to attend
the wedding. Fingers crossed.

What about Mrs. Crabtree?

Actually, my parents
were never married.

There she is! The bride-to-be!

Oh! Oh, Millie!

George, this is my best friend

in the entire world,
Millie Montgomery.

- A pleasure.
- It's nice to meet you,

you lucky, lucky man. He's cute!

I understand you're to be
effie's maid of hon our.

And an hon our
it will truly be.

But now, I'm off again.
I'm catching a train

to uxbridge this afternoon.

I just wanted to come by
and say hello.

No! What? This afternoon?
Whatever for?

It's a surprise.
But don't worry,

I'll be back in plenty of time
for the wedding.

Well, you must let George
and I accompany you

to the train station.

That would be lovely.
Meet me at my house at three.

- Ah, may I help you with that?
- You may not.

So, I admit, I've not spent
much time in Wexford,

but I do hear
it's full of wonders.

Wexford? How so?

Well, specifically,
the-the-the Wexford wonder.

- The...
- You know of it?

Just what effie's told me,
but I find it fascinating.

I have my own theory
about aliens, you know,

Specifically, venusians.

We don't talk nonsense
in this house.

Isn't that right, peregrine?

Y-yes, dear. Quite right.

Mrs. Hart.

What can I do for you?

The man who was visiting you
this morning.

He looked familiar.

I'm not sure where
I know him from,

but I think he might be
a... a criminal.

He is a criminal.
Reformed, as he says.

He also happens to be my father.

Ah, I take it
you're not close?

We are not.

What does he want?

Absolution, I suppose.

He's been absent
for my entire life,

and now, he wants
to make up for it.

How are you faring with that?

I've survived this long
without a father.

I certainly don't need one now.

Hm. I see. Right, then.

Not that it's
any of my business,

but you might not want
to write him off completely.

Sometimes, parents deserve
a second chance.

(Door opening and closing)


Your mother didn't take to me

as enthusiastically
as I'd hoped.

But your father seems
an affable sort.

- Millie's not answering.
- Maybe she's already left.

Why would she tell us to meet
her here if she's already left?

Well, I don't know.
She's your friend.

George, look.

Oh, my goodness.

What on earth could
have made those?

Effie, I don't think anything
from earth made these.


So, I think your friend
may have had an encounter

with the Wexford wonder!

This casing is a match for the
bullet that killed the victim.

We've checked
the fingermarks on it,

but they don't match anyone
we have on record.


We've scoured
the neighbourhood. Nothing.

If he was set up
in that window,

the shooter would have known
that the rider

would go down that street
at that time.

It's a route I take often.

All to send you a message?

A veiled one at that.

Or it could have been
completely coincidental.

The only reason we think
this may be a message

is the victim was dressed
like you?

What are the odds that
the man would be wearing

Murdoch's exact outfit?

In the random chaos
of hundreds of thousands

Of sartorial decisions
made each morning in this city,

It's inevitable two men
may make the same...

uninspired decision
on the same day.

How many of those men
would have been shot by a bloody sniper?

We've been down this road
before, Watts:

If it seems like someone's
after Murdoch,

- someone's after Murdoch.
- All right.

What's this?

I believe they're the marks
left behind by a gun rest.

So, a professional job.

We've taken measurements
hoping to compare it

to a make and model.

I'll get right on it.

Father, you won't believe
this but Millie's been...


- Oh, hello, Fiona.
- What are you doing here?

Roderick frequently drops by.
He's such delightful company.


I do think you and he should try
to patch up things.

Now, the better man won,
Mrs. New some.

Congratulations on
your impending nuptials, Mr. Crabtree.

I should have never let her
get away from me.

- You never let me do anything.
- What is this about Millie?

- She seems to have disappeared.
- We went around to collect her,

But she was nowhere
to be found.

And then, outside the house
were these strange footprints.

Strange footprints?

Unlike anything
I've ever seen before.

Four-toed? Like those
of a giant frog?


I knew they'd be back.

What, creatures
from another planet?!

Oh, good lord, not this again.

The same thing happened
to Billy mumphries.

I saw it before my very eyes.

Peregrine, you agreed to leave
this nonsense behind.

I saw Billy mumphries
walk into the woods

By the marlowe settlement
the very night he disappeared.

- Oh, good lord.
- Everyone in Wexford knows

Billy mumphries left town,
Mr. New some.

I personally saw him
get on the train.

I have something to show you.

Aren't you keeping someone
else's mother waiting?

Ten years ago, I was
conducting an experiment on the portal,

Which I believe is a passageway
to other dimensions

as real as our own.

Are you familiar with the
scientist Albert Einstein?

Familiar? George and
Mr. Einstein are pen pals!

- He writes me incessantly.
- He likes you.

I don't know.
Sometimes, I think he's

using me for my mind.

Regardless, Einstein's theories articulate
what I have always believed,

that there are other planes
of existence beyond our own.

- Like another world?
- Indeed.

But a world not accessed
through space,

but through a portal of sorts.

A gate that crosses
time and place.

Have you seen this portal?

No. It only opens
under certain conditions.

Such as?

An alignment, an increase
in sunspot activity

and a very specific part
of the lunar cycle.

When the moon is at perigee...

- Its closest point to earth.
- Correct.

At perigee, the moon's tidal
pull reaches its peak

And I believe it works
in conjunction with the sunspots

to alter the earth's
magnetic field,

Allowing for an opening
in the portal

To a realm that is beyond
the veil of human perception.


Tell George what happened

the night Billy mumphries

I was measuring
the magnetic flux

in the woods down
by the marlowe settlement.

I saw mumphries there,
but before I could say hello,

there was an intense flash
of light and a sound

like the sky was tearing apart.
And in that moment...

(snaps fingers)

...Mumphries vanished.

Sucked into the portal.

Or dragged in
by an alien visitor.

Well, perhaps Millie
is still in there.

- Well, we can only hope.
- And pray.

(Birds chirping)

How innovative.

A device that controls the
temperature in the entire home.

Thank you. And you are?

William, you're home.
This is father rockford.

Ah. Father, please come in.

Oh, thank you.

I've decided to come and call

on the local parishioners
to introduce myself.

I see. What's happened
to father Harris?

Oh, he suffered a fall, and he
needs to rest for several weeks.

Wow. Thank you for coming.

Sunday is such
a special day for us.

Yes, I've heard
there's to be a christening.

Our daughter, susannah.

Perhaps we could wait
for father Harris

- to take the time he needs...
- Nonsense.

One must never wait to welcome
a child of god into the church.

What parish did you say
you were coming from?

William, father rockford
has a lot of other calls

to make today.
We shouldn't keep him.


I'll let myself out.

(Door opening and closing)

I may make a call
to the parish

to see what they know
about this father rockford.

William, you don't trust him?

Julia, a man was shot
and killed today.

He wore a suit and hat
just like mine

and rode a bicycle along
my route to the station house.

I can't help but think that it
was meant as a message to me.

How curious.

But a priest, William?

The only people
that I can think of

that would want you dead
are dead themselves.

Eva pearce, Ralph fellows,
James gillies.

Well, I can think of...

I'll be back shortly.
Lock the door.

William, we never
lock the door.

We do now.

This is one of the first
places I took Violet.

Oh, something sure to sweep
any girl off her feet.

Oh, please.

I thought the same.
So, I bought it for her.

- You bought it?
- That I did.

On a whim?

Nothing whimsical about
courting miss Violet hart,

I can assure you of that.

You must do well,
Mr. Carmichael.

I'm comfortable.

And getting even more so
with your daughter

in charge of our finances.

She is something
of a miracle worker.

- Is that so?
- That's quite enough, Arthur.

No need for all that.

She hates it
when I talk about money.


Pardon me, I must go
find the powder room.

(Indistinct background chatter)

So, how long are you planning
on staying in Toronto?

I, uh... I'd never want
to impose,

but my itinerary has been interrupted
by a lack of funds.

Perhaps, with a little help...

will a $1,000 be enough
to be rid of you?

Darling, how generous of you.

All right. Consider it done.

(Metal gate squeaking)

Good afternoon, Mr. Rhodes.


I assume you're here to
apologize before they hang me.

I'm not.

What can you tell me
about this man?

Looks like a man who got
what was coming to him.

- So, you know him.
- Might. Might not.

(Tense music)

He was shot and killed
in the street

and dressed to look like
a copy of me. Same hat, suit.

No accounting for taste.

So, what, you think
I sent someone to kill you,

but they got him instead?

I believe he was killed
as a message.

Well, don't you have
a high opinion of yourself?

Why would I do that?

To torment me.

To lure me here to see you one
last time before you kill me.

I'm hardly
that interested in you.


I am simply biding my time
before I meet my maker.

So, you hold
no ill will against me?

I've come to realize that
I deserve my punishment.

All men get
what they deserve.

I deserve nothing
for lying to you?

You tell me.

Do you have a guilty conscience?

Goodbye, Mr. Rhodes.

(Whistling "oh! Susannah")


Well, despite being unable to
find susannah's favourite doll,

I've managed to get her
to sleep...

Georges! What a surprise!

A happy one, I hope.

Yes, yes, of course.
I see you've met Julia.

In fact, he's been charming me
for the last half an hour.

No doubt.
What brings you here?

Police business. I'm looking
for a man who's gone missing.

We believe he is in Toronto.

But I heard you had a daughter,

so I had to come and offer
my congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you.

But I'm afraid you've come
at a very busy time.

Susannah is due
to be baptized.

Ah, that's wonderful.

Well, actually,
would you like to attend?

We don't have a lot
of family here.

I would be honoured.

Yes, of course.
It would be our hon our.

Thank you.
I will be off.


- (Door opening)
- Is everything all right?

(Door closing)

Julia, when I was
at the Don jail,

Frank Rhodes was whistling
oh! Susannah.

Yes, William, you told me.

I don't think there's
anything to worry about.

It's a very
popular song nowadays.

I hear it everywhere.

(Tense music)

Have you, by chance,
touched anything on my desk?


I haven't been anywhere
near your desk.

I know how particular
you are. Why?

My keys have been moved.

I always leave my keys

horizontally on the left side
of this desk.

They are now
in a pile on the right.

Well, no one else
has been in the house.

Father rockford, the nanny.

Both very trustworthy people.

In fact, I called
about father rockford.

He is filling in
for father Harris.

You may need to consider
that the dead man

wearing your suit was...
Was just a coincidence.

(Indistinct chattering)

I've been able to ascertain
that the divots

left by the sniper
on the windowsill were made

By a German army
issue mauser gun rest.

Canvas all the gun stores,
see if anyone bought one lately.

A task already completed.

- And?
- Nothing.

It's possible the shooter
brought it to Toronto with him.

(Snaps fingers)

Inspector, you seem

I met this chap.
Mrs. Hart's father.

- Oh.
- I seem to think I've met him

Somewhere before,
but I can't remember where.

Do you recall it being
a pleasant encounter?

I don't think so.

(High-pitched radio frequency)

This is more complicated

Than one of the detective's

Well, my father
is a strangely brilliant man.

It's definitely on,
but it's not getting a reading.

There must not be much
activity right now.

- Are you sure about that?
- Oh, good lord.

- My father and I would...
- Effie, sh-sh-sh-shh!

Do not shush me. That is not
a habit I will ever encourage.

- I think I see something.
- What is it?

Some sort of hideous
creature with a thick neck

- And large, glassy head.
- Good lord!

I'm going to try
to get closer.

- I'm coming with you.
- Effie, no.

We don't know
how dangerous it could be.

Well, exactly.
That's why I'm not letting you

go over there alone.

All right, fine,
but be careful.

We come in peace!

Stop! Uh, freeze!

(Tense music)

Wait! Stop.

We mean you no harm.

Stop right there.

Toronto constabulary!

What on earth?!

Let go of me!

Who are you?

And what were you doing
wearing that mask?

Harriet towns end. I was
welding in my family's shed

when I saw you people
lurking out here.

- We weren't lurking.
- Were too.

We thought you could be the
Wexford wonder, for Pete's sake.

- It's back?
- It may be.

It may have kidnapped
a friend of ours.

Oh, no. Not again.


What are you talking about?

Come with me.

(Mysterious music)

They say Billy mumphries
left town, but I know better.

He was taken.

I heard he was set to be wed,
but got cold feet.

That's not true.
He loved my sister!

He never would have left her.

Your sister?

What are you two doing
out here disturbing us?

We're investigating the
mysterious disappearance

of a young lady.

He thinks aliens
might be involved.

Same as Billy's disappearance.

Don't start with that crazy
new some stuff again.

He left and never came back

on account he didn't want
to marry your sister!

He did, too, want to marry me!

You drove him away!

He was never good enough
for you. But he loved me!

Now you see
what you've all stirred up?

You happy?

Get out.

Get out!

- Thank you for your help, sir.
- Get!

(Mysterious music)

- (Gasps)
- William!

Ah-ha! I found it.

Oh, there it is.
That's her favourite doll.

It must have fallen
out of the bassinet.

Perhaps she threw it!

I doubt she has the physical
capability to do that yet.

It's been broken clean off.

What, so you think that
someone broke in and did it?

Or it was someone we let in.


(Ragtime music)

That will be quite the show.

You're familiar with
miss bloom, inspector?

Not as well as some, but
I have made her acquaintance.

A well-travel led man.

I am indeed, miss bright.

You can say I have been
around the block.

No doubt.


Well now, that's something
that'll get the heart pumping.

- Mind if I sit down?
- Evening, Mr. Hart.

Oh, I may be Violet's father,
but my last name's not hart.


Do you remember yet?

Where you know me from?

I'm afraid not.

My last name is majors.
Maurice majors.

Do I get another clue?

I'm surprised you need one.

Let me buy you a drink.

Excuse me, if you would be
so kind,

a couple of scotches
over here.

Yes, he's usually out all day.

But he's home right now.

Dr. Ogden is going out tomorrow
afternoon, I know that.

I have to go. Goodbye.

Were you just telling someone
when we'd be out of the house?

- Well, yes, but...
- Who were you speaking with?

That's private, sir.

Did you go through
my desk earlier?


Do you know who broke
susannah's doll?

No, of course not!

- Is that the truth?
- Yes, it is.

You're being very unreasonable.
Good day.

What's going on?
Why are you leaving?

Your husband is being rude

And prying into my private
matters and accusing me

of all sorts of misdeeds.
You can forward my pay.


The readings were high,
between eight and ten.

But then, I mistook
a young woman in a welding mask

to be the alien,
and actually ended up meeting her family,

who were a bit...

In any case, we went back
to the same area

looking for the readings again.

Well, that's good.

It means the portal
could still be open.

Although it's surprising you
were getting such high levels.

This thing could be broken.

Anyway, your best chance at
finding the portal is tonight.


My knee's been acting up.

Means a storm's coming.

And tonight,
the moon reaches perigee.

If you're ever going to find
that portal, now's the time.

We still have a chance
to find Millie and save her.

- Are you up for it?
- Of course.

Oh, blast, I'm going
to miss my train.

- George.
- I'll be back before nightfall.

- Where are you off to?
- Toronto.

George is to be a godfather.

(Indistinct chattering)

How did you convince
her to stay on?

How do you think? Assurances,
apologies. And money.

- A lot?
- Enough.

Uh, Dr. Ogden, a moment?

Of course.

Sir, I'm sorry I'm late.

It's all right.
We haven't begun yet.

Is the inspector not here yet?

Um, he's slipped out for a...

Sir, you're not going
to believe what's happening in Wexford.

This is going
to sound fantastical,

But I am within a hair's breadth
of making a true,

Verifiable sighting of creatures
from another planet.


From what planet?

Well, I-I-I-I don't
yet know, but...

I've always thought
Mars to be a much

less likely place
of origin than...

- (both): Venus!
- Yes.

Why, you must be
George crab tree.

I have heard about you.

Yes, and I have you, mister...

Constable georges fournier.

Uh, yes. George, georges,
georges, George.

If you'll excuse me a moment.

Where did you see
these aliens?

Well, I haven't seen
them yet, per se.

Is everything all right?

Oh, yes, why wouldn't it be?


(speaking Latin)

(All): Amen.

(Speaking Latin hesitantly)

(Whispering): He doesn't know
the rites.

Perhaps he's new.

Bloody hell, this is taking
longer than the birth.


(Speaking Latin)

Wait, wait!
What are you doing?

The baptism.

Get away from my daughter.
I don't want you touching her.

All right. Okay.

You can hold her.

May I continue?


Y-yes, I'm sorry.
Please continue.

(Ragtime piano melody)

♪ And there's lots
of girls besides ♪

♪ that I should be beside ♪

♪ beside the seaside ♪

♪ beside the sea ♪

You're still here?

Oh, happy
to see you too, my dear.

I thought you would have used
some of your new found resources

To resume your travels.

You know,
I thought so too, but I...

I fit in rather
nicely here, don't you think?


Seems like it might be time
for another drink.

- What a lovely watch.
- Oh, thank you!

What do you think
you're doing?

Oh, making myself at home.

This isn't your home, sir.

Who is this man?

My father.

Maurice majors, miss...

Get out from behind my bar.

I'll just finish
pouring my drink.

I don't think
I'm comfortable with that.

Well, I suggest
you get comfortable.

Maybe you are confused.

This is my salon.

Is that so? Mm.

You know, I'd love to have
a place just like this one day.

Maybe this very place indeed.

Ha! Let's sing.



(Door closing)

Hello? Julia?

Miss huff?


- (Baby babbling)
- Yes...

Stop! What are you...

The nanny let me in. I was
putting a present in her crib.

What on earth has happened?

- (Baby crying)
- I-I-I'm so sorry.

I saw a man and I panicked.
I-I'm sorry.

You seem disturbed, detective.

Is there something
you need to confess?

I had no reason to suspect him

beyond inexperience
at performing rites.

And I attacked him.

Whoever is doing this
has me second-guessing

every person I meet,
every thought I have.

Trust yourself, Murdoch.
It never fails for me.

We'll catch whoever shot
the man on the bicycle

and put this to rest.

- Any word on his identity yet?
- Nothing.

Nothing on the clothes, either.

All we have to go on
is the gun rest.


Watts is following up
on some names.

I'll let you know
if he finds anything.

But for now, go home,
get some rest.

I'm going to put the kettle on.

Well, let me tell you,
this device measures

electromagnetic activity,
which is a crucial indicator

That an alien portal is nearby.

Mon dieu, this is remarkable.

Interesting device, George.
Does it work?

Oh, sir.

Absolutely. I very nearly
found the aliens.


- Who gave you this?
- Effie's father.

Well, that's quite the interesting family
you're marrying into.

Indeed it is, sir.

In fact, effie's probably
waiting for me now

back in Wexford.
I'd best be off.

I would love to join you
on this adventure,

but I have a man to find.

And I have a family
to tend to.

Uh, georges, before I go,

can I ask you
for a spot of advice?

But of course.

I need to choose a best man
for my wedding.

It's between the detective
and my friend, Henry.

- Who is this Henry?
- A fellow constable.

That's his desk, in fact.
A good chap, if a bit lazy.

Right now, he's off enjoying

a series of electric
shock therapies

At the behest of his wife.

This is his desk?

That's right.

I did not mean to intrude,
but whilst looking for a pen,

I did find, um, this.

Well, yes,
that's likely Henry.

But he is a loyal friend.

You are telling me
that your choice of best man

is between the great
detective Murdoch and this?


The decision is obvious, no?

All right. That'll be all.

Who's next?

Uh, two more names
on the list.

One's just down here.

But you needn't follow me
around in the cold.

- I can handle this.
- It's my pleasure.

And, perhaps,
after those two names are crossed off,

We can... Get warm.

Well, I don't know about that.

How do things stand with you
and... What was his name?

Which one?

- (Scoffing)
- Don't be unkind.

- I'm being honest.
- Yes, well, I suppose

it doesn't matter who.

What matters is
it's not the two of us alone.

It is right now.

You know what I mean.

I care for you tremendously,

But to be with only you
would be to change who I am.

It's not who you are,
it's just what you want.

A greed you refuse
to temper even if it means

you'll lose something beautiful.

Now who's being unkind?

I think I've had enough
of this discussion.

Wait, Milo.

I'm going to look into
the scene of the crime again.

Please, wait.

You're giving away
your stake in the salon?

I'm considering it.

Besides, you'll still
run the place.

What does it matter
who your silent partner is?

It's your father, isn't it?

Violet. Don't do this.

I have no choice.

What kind of hold
does that man have on you?

(Eerie music)

Toronto constabulary.
Is someone in there?


Open up.

I know you're the one
behind all of this.

Of course you do.

You're the great detective.

But it can't be you.

You're in here.

Unless you have an accomplice.

Perhaps I do.

Perhaps I don't.

Just leave me
and my family alone.

You lied to me.

Broke a promise you made.

What is happening to you
is your doing, not mine.

(Indistinct shouting)

Why is it so warm in here?

It's warm in hell.
That's why.

You betrayed me.

And a sin against the devil
himself is a sin, nonetheless.

It was your god
who sent me, William.

And it is your god
who will punish you.



(Air hissing)


(Ticking stops)

Is everything all right?

It's awfully hot in here.

(Baby babbling)

We can't stay here.

Gather your things.
We're leaving.

I need to renegotiate
our terms.

I'm willing to give you $3,000,
but I am keeping my salon.

That is my only
and final offer.


You seem to misunderstand
the predicament you're in.

I want that club.
Either you give it to me,

or I'll tell everyone about you.

Don't threaten me.

I'm not a scared
little girl anymore.

Oh, is that so?

You look scared to me.

Get your hands off me!

You do what I say...

Or everything you have
will be gone

when I tell your husband that
you're already a married woman.

Let me go!

That's right, Mrs. Meadows.

You give me what I want,
or your perfect life is over.

(Door opening and closing)

- Milo...
- Hm?

Thank you for waiting.

Did you find what you
were looking for?

Uh, no.

Llewellyn, we need to finish
our conversation.





The windows are secure.

We should be safe here.

William, what is going on?

(Baby crying)

Frank Rhodes intends
to kill me.

And I plan on not
letting that happen.

How did it come to this?

I made a deal with the devil.

And then I broke it.

(Dramatic music)

Subtitling: Difuze

Sync & corrections done by srjanapala