Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 10 - Drawn in Blood - full transcript

Season 15 Episode 10

Episode Title: "Drawn in Blood"
Aired on: November 22, 2021.

Mr. Denison,
how does it feel

to receive
the Joseph Skratz Award?

Absolutely wonderful.
Thank you!

In many ways, Skratz and I
are one and the same.

Skratz was a pioneer,
a journalist with gumption,

dead set on taking down
the corruption in this city.

With my cartoons,
I dare to carry on his legacy.

That's why they call me

The most hated
man in Toronto.

The ego of that man.

Comparing himself to Skratz.

Thank you for
inviting me to this.

As I recall,
you invited yourself.

Well, when you mentioned
it at volleyball,

I thought what
a perfect opportunity

to pursue funding
for the women's clinic.

Relentless as
always, doctor.

I prefer pleasantly

Who will be your
first victim?

Councilman Rekker
from the board of control.

Rumour has it he's
an easy sell.

Good. Wish me luck.

Mr. Rekker?
It's wonderful to meet you.

Oh! Charmed.
Um, who may you be?

Dr. Julia ogden.

Ah! And you're here
to ask me for money.

I'm here to ask you
to change lives.

Cherry, did you really publish

that anti-viaduct
drivel yesterday?

Don't start
with me, fox.

You know, for the life of me,
I can't understand

why you'd be
against progress.

Because some things are
more important than money.

Since when?

You know, that sentimentality
is unbecoming, Cherry.

It has nothing
to do with that.

I'm on the side
of the people.

Trying on some
new shoes, are we?

Miss Cherry,
who's your friend?

Dr. Julia ogden,
this is Kole fox.

Kole fox,
Dr. Julia Ogden.

- How do you do, ma'am?
- Charmed, I'm sure.

Fox and I worked together at
Skratz's first printing press.

- He was our mentor.
- He's a genius.

The world of journalism hasn't
been the same since he retired.

Is he here today?

He sailed for
Kuala Lumpur two years ago.

Fox, have you heard anything
from Skratz since he left?

The favourite pupil hasn't
even received so much

as a postcard from
her beloved mentor?

I guess he didn't like you
as much as he put on.

What is going on
with you two?

What do you mean?

He likes you.

Don't be daft, Julia.

Your wicked cartoons
have ruined my life!

You see what I mean.

You think this
is a joke?

My life is ruined!

you've ruined yourself.

Your life would
still be in order

had you not
been corrupt.

How dare you!

Ladies and gentlemen,

may my tongue be ever sharp
and my pen ever swift.

Make sure to favour
my right side,

it is more flattering.

Oh, goodness.

Mr. Denison?

Dear God!

Mr. Denison?
Mr. Denison?

Hold on. Hold on!

- Please step aside.
- He's through here.

Miss Cherry.

It seems he was shot
through the neck.

From this angle,
the bullet would have

nicked his
carotid artery.

And that would explain why
he bled to death so quickly.

Do you know of anyone
who'd have wanted to hurt him?

It would be easier
to ask who didn't.

As denison loved to say,

he was the most
hated man in Toronto.

He had a political
cartoon column

in the Toronto
sentinel newspaper.

Quite scandalous.

Yes, I know
of that one.

Has Toronto all a titter
on a regular basis.

No one has gone in,
or out, since.

So, whoever killed him
is still in this room.



Bring them in.

- All of them, sir?
- All of them.


So, it's true.
You're the one in charge.

Who are you?
How did you get in here?

Please, just a moment
of your time.

I have but one question.

Ask the question and I'll decide
whether I answer. Miss...

Miss Cassiopeia Bright.

How did you get
where you are?

I'm not sure
what you mean.

You are like me, but yet
have achieved all of this.

All of what?

Your job.
Your position.

Hard work.

Things are not so simple
for us. You know that.

I'm not sure I
can help you.

I've worked hard all my life.

A university education,
top marks.

I've opened two businesses,
both have closed.

And yet you have it all.

There must be
something else.

What do you
want from me?

Nothing, I just want to know
how you got what you have.

If you're suggesting that I have
done something nefarious.

I certainly am not.

But now that it's
been mentioned...

I'd be pleased if you
would leave, miss bright.

My mistake.

I'm required to attend
events like this

due to my position
as city councilor,

So, uh, I presented
awards to the winners.

That's all.

Had you ever met
Mr. Denison?

I'd heard of his cartoon, but
I'd never met him before today.

Were you ever the target
of one of his cartoons?

Of course not.

But a few of my colleagues
have been rightfully lambasted.

What were the effects
of the cartoons?

They destroyed my
construction company.

Denison was targeting me.

Look at this.

Now everybody
believes I cut corners.

A picture is worth
a thousand words.

I've lost all my
government contracts

and I'm not being considered
for the new viaduct project

That's being talked about.

Perhaps you wanted Mr. Denison
to feel some of the pain

that you were feeling?

I just wanted to thump him
up a bit, not kill him.

Anyway, I was dragged
to the back of the room

before I could
even raise a fist.

At any rate
the bad blood

between the two
of you was clear.

An occasional dust up
between colleagues, at most.

We work for the same

which his father owned.

So, you had no reason
to want him dead?

Of course not.
Crying shame, this business.

You know, he may have
been a rich blowhard,

but I admired his work.

He was a clever chap
who never backed down.

You respected him?

I wouldn't say that.

I didn't know
the man at all.

I was sent by my publisher
to cover the function

and that's the long
and short of it.

You're both journalists.

He's a cartoonist.

Still... You two
really have never met?

I've never laid eyes on
him before in my life.

So, detective,

are you going to
arrest me?

No, Julia,
this is a formality.

I do have to
follow procedure

and ask you
a few questions.

Of course,
I'd expect no less.

But should I not
be in handcuffs?


Do you recall which direction
the shot came from?

William, I would have
told you at the time.

Why were you
at this event?

I went with Miss Cherry.

I couldn't pass up
the opportunity

to champion
the women's clinic.

Oh! And?

I was able to get Councilman
Rekker to agree to help.

- So, a success then?
- Yes.

Well, except for the murder.

Detective watts,
how do you do?

Oh, Mr. Strange.

Please, call me Milo.

Well, then, feel free
to call me Llewellyn.

A magnificent name.

Like a Celtic deity
descended upon us.

Oh, I assure you I am
but a bumbling mortal.

I so enjoyed
our last encounter.

We are overdue
for an encore.

Yes, I'm sorry I haven't
gotten back to you.

Things have been busy.

No matter.

Have you heard about
the mahler concert?

- He's touring his...
- 7th symphony.

Of course, mahler's
compositions are so rich!

- Romantic.
- Unmatched!

I've been trying to get
tickets for weeks,

but it's impossible.

Well, that settles it.

Would you like
to accompany me?

I wouldn't miss it.

It's a date.

How's it going, Murdoch?

Not much headway,
I'm afraid.

I've sent Henry to help George
find the gun and bullet.

- No sign of either?
- Gentlemen.



Too peaty for me.

I'd take a maker's
over that stuff any day.

I don't like the face
on that one.

A little bit too
sleeky for me.

He is quite
easy on the eyes.

Julia, please. You're like cupid
if cupid was a mosquito.


Have you finished with
your witness statements?

- Here's mine.
- Very good.

Very good.

Oh! Ms. Cherry, you've
neglected to sign yours.

Oh, bother.
Can I borrow a pen?


- There you are.
- I'll see you this evening?


Oh! Miss Cherry,
you've taken...


All right, remember, Higgins

we've got to find
the gun and the bullet,

so look everywhere.

They've got to be
in here somewhere.

Well, this is hopeless.

How are we supposed to find
a tiny bullet in this room?

Just start looking.

You know, Higgins,
I was wondering if, uh...

I think I might introduce
effie to my family.

You don't
have a family.

Ah, yes I do!
Higgins, my aunts!

Aren't most of
them on the lam?

Oh, perhaps two of them.

Or perhaps three of them.

I think there's
a warrant out for fern.



Have a look at this.

"R.S.D. Third."

It belonged
to the victim.

"evening cartoon"
with today's date on it.

It's empty.

This envelope must have
contained the next cartoon

to be published
in the paper.

And somebody stole it?

Possibly Mr. Locke to prevent
the cartoonist's next attack.

Do you think he murdered
him to get to the cartoon?

It's a strong


There's a new cartoon
in the newspaper.

The missing one?

Very likely.

But that's not
Mr. Locke.

It's Councilman Rekker.

And is that who
I think it is?

Councilman Rekker
with Mrs. Corinne Abbott.

The mayor's wife?

Bloody hell.
The Randy old dog.

Looks like you've got
your prime suspect, Murdoch.

Well, I'm here, Murdoch.
This better be important.

Councilman, did you know
that you were the target

of denison's next cartoon?

Of course I didn't know
about this outrage!

I would have stopped it
dead in its tracks.

Strong motive
for murder.

I swear,
as God is my witness,

I had no idea denison was
drawing these lies about me.

And as for you, detective,
I hope you don't believe

this disgusting smut.

I have no opinion
either way.

Well, I can assure you,
my relationship

with Mrs. Abbott
has been blown

Entirely out
of proportion.

Do I take this to mean

that there is a certain
degree of truth?

I've had quite enough
of this. I am leaving.


Either charge me
or let me go.

I'll be in touch.

With a full apology,
I trust.

And you can tell
your wife I've forgotten

the conversation
we had earlier.

I spoke with
the publisher of the sentinel.

He claims not to know
where the cartoon came from.

Denison usually walked
them in himself,

but this one
mysteriously showed up

Without anyone
seeing who left it.

The first copy
of the cartoon was stolen

from denison's satchel
by the killer,

Who then must have
destroyed it.

Which means the publisher
received the second copy.

Question is:
Who left it?

What is it, watts?

Well, inspector,
I find myself in a predicament.

Go on. I'm all ears.

I have plans later
that I'm uncertain about.

What kind of plans?

The mahler symphony.

Marvelous! You should go!
Why wouldn't you?

Well, I'm supposed
to go with a...

new friend.

Oh, no. I don't think
I want to hear about this.

I know.
I understand.

Oh! Just hold
your horses, watts.

You've started.
You might as well finish.


I've been invited to
the mahler symphony,

Which I've been
longing to attend.

However, if I go,

I fear I will give
my friend the wrong idea.

Are you no longer in good
standing with the butcher?

That is precisely
the predicament, inspector.

We are. I am.

I don't want to
seem dishonest.

Well, it it's not a predicament
if it's two friends

with a shared interest.

No funny business
about that.

You're right.

I'm ruminating

Just two friends
enjoying a show.

- Two friends.
- No need to worry.

Just don't be
holding hands.

The exit wound from the bullet
is unusually small.

Smallest I've seen.

Have you determined
the diameter?

Exactly six

These wounds should
be much larger.

I'll need my twine.

I think I know
where this is going.

We know that the entry
wound was lower

than the exit wound,
therefore the bullet

Travelled on an
upward trajectory.

Which means...

it would have
gone roughly...



And there it is.

- Well, I'll be!
- That's an odd colour.

Look at that.

Right, then.

Based on the trajectory
that we've established,

Henry, pull it tight.

Hmm, no, lower.

We know that the shot came
from this side of the room.

It was held waist high,
as to conceal the weapon,

And aimed upward.

Sir, there is somebody else
in the photograph.

Could it be this man?

Let me see that.

Well, no, George.

That person was on
the other side of the camera.


That's Councilman Rkker.

So, the shooter was on
this side of the room,

but Rekker was
on this side?

Correct, George.

Based on his location

and the fact that
we can see his hands,

there's no way Rekker
could have taken the shot.

What are you doing?

Minding my business.

You're following me.

Only because I have
another question.

I didn't take you for
the type to ask just one.

May I take
you to lunch?

You can't afford me.

Well, then, you shall
take me to lunch.

And why should
I do that?

I want you
to mentor me.

I want to become something,
someone important,

Someone like you.

I'm sorry, miss bright.
I can't help you.

It's hard enough
for me as it is.

It is hard for us all.

I'm sorry to bother you.


Get in.

A start, I suppose.

So, miss bright,
tell me about yourself.

Where do you come from?

Africville, to be exact.

And you?

Here and there.

What have you got, Murdoch?

It's a chromatogram, sir.

- It was invented by the late...
- Just tell me what you're doing.

I am separating
the plant pigments

present in this solution.

It has separated
itself into green,

Yellow and orange,

A trait
indicative of ink.

Why are you
testing for ink?

That is what was coating
this bullet, sir.

Burnt on.


How would ink
get onto a bullet?

Perhaps the killer dipped it
in ink as a symbolic gesture?

He who lives by the pen
dies by the pen?

Something like that.

It was also filed
into a very sharp point

for maximum penetration.

My guess is
the weapon used

would have been
also quite small.

Then perhaps
not a gun at all.

- Here.
- Councilman Rekker!

Is now a good time to
finalize that funding?

Why should I help you?


Well, because there are
thousands of underserved women

in this city
who deserve care

and because you
are a Councilman

dedicated to making
a difference and because,

Well, you did say...

Well, it doesn't matter now.
I've been ousted!


Fired from
the board of control!

Oh! Ah, I'm so
sorry Councilman.

Ah, I don't know
what to say.

Well, if you're still
in pursuit of funding,

you'll have to take it up
with Councilman toplin,

My replacement.

And good luck getting one
red cent out of that tightwad.

you'll have to see this.

Rekker could
not have successfully

made the shot from
where he was standing.

Still, I'm not convinced
he wasn't involved somehow.

So, Councilman Rekker's
been fired

And replaced with toplin.

Toplin didn't even want to hear
about the women's clinic,

so I guess I'm back
to square one.

Of course he
would be fired.

Well, you don't consort
with your boss's wife

and then just skip back
into work on a Monday morning.

He won't like that. Ah!

He looks fat and drunk.

Oh, they're coming.

What are you lot up to?

Sir, you may want to see this.

Or you may not.

Another cartoon.

How is this possible?

Hold on, that's us.

And he's making us
look like fools.

Well, it seems our
cartoonist is still alive.

Why am I in it?
I've barely touched this case.

Guilt by association,
I suppose.

I still don't understand
why the cartoonist

Wanted to get rid of
Rekker in the first place.

I wonder if it has to do
with the upcoming vote

on the Bloor
Street Bridge?

Well, go on, Higgins!

Well, it's to run from rosedale
to the other side of the Don.

Ruthie's women's group
have been up in arms

over the possibility of losing
their riverside picnic spot.

In any case, a new cartoon
must mean one of three things:

Either denison
isn't really dead,

or we have
a copy-cat cartoonist,

or denison was never
the real cartoonist at all.

This is one
of denison's cartoons

drawn while he
was still alive.

Ah, I knew it!

Both of these drawings
were penned by the same hand.

Sir, how can you tell?

You see that?

It is a calling card hidden
in each of the drawings.

A symbol that brands
the cartoons.

Ah! Wait a second!

He's got me holding
a bottle of scotch.

Sir, are you not often
holding a bottle of scotch?

I know exactly
who the cartoonist is.

It's fox!

Well, how can
you be sure, sir.

Many people know
you drink scotch.

I know what I know,

No one makes fun
of my station house

and gets away with it!

Ask for more,
you got nothing to lose.

You think you're
clever, don't you?

I do.

I know you're
the cartoonist!

Am I?

You and denison were pals,
worked at the same publication.

It would have been easy to feed
him the cartoons every day.

Lots of people work
at the Toronto sentinel.

Then how do you explain
the scotch in the drawing!


What's going on,

Someone other than
denison drew this cartoon.

Probably did
the others, as well.

I hardly think Mr. Fox
is clever enough for that.

Is that a silk ascot?

Oh, well, I thought
I would get dressed up,

But, clearly, I'm the one
who is underdressed.

Oh, don't mind me.
You look great!

So, do you have
the tickets?

- Nope.
- What?

- I thought you said...
- I have a different plan.

What's the plan?

I'm a regular at the theatre
and it just so happens

that one of my top lads
works as a stagehand

and will leave
the side door open for us.

Should we
be doing that?

It feels illegal.

Are you a police officer
or something?

Have a little fun.

Is this something
you do often?

I make things work.

Besides, where's the fun
in going in the front?

This way is much more
of a challenge.

I do love a challenge.

Quickly now.

Coming to my home truly
crosses the line, detective.

You refused to come
into the station house, sir.

For everyone to revel
in my humiliation?

No, thank you.

You cannot impede a police...

Police investigation
in this way.

Is everything all right, sir?

How dare you
do this to me?

My wife saw the cartoon.

She's displeased.

Ah... My sympathies
to your wife.

He always thought
you were a worthless scoundrel

below my standing!

Sir, do you know who might
want you out of your position?

In that den of vipers?
Who knows?

Could your ousting have
something to do with

your vote on
the bloor street viaduct?

I have no idea.

Well, sir, I looked
into your voting record,

and you were for the bridge
up until two months ago.

What made you
flip your vote?

Councilmen switch
their votes all the time.

We are voting on behalf of
our constituents, after all.

You represent Riverdale.

Why would your constituents
not want easy access

to the rest of the city
via a bridge?

It's almost as if you had
incentive to change your vote.

Are you accusing me
of something, detective?

Well, something made
you change your mind.

Was it a bribe?

And what proof do
you have of this?

It's easy enough to
find out, Councilman.

We would just pull
your financial records.

But I don't want
to do this.

I have a killer to catch.

And to do so,
I need your cooperation.

I may have taken a small
token of appreciation

for my vote
against the bridge.

My replacement,
toplin, is pro-bridge.

It'll pass anyway.

Who bribed you?

I don't know.

The request came
in writing, anonymously.

The money was
delivered and so I...


With Councilman Rekker out,

the referendum on the
Bloor Street viaduct will pass.

Meaning what?

Well, sir, this could be
the motive for this murder.

Whoever killed the
cartoonist does not want

this bridge to be built.


He doesn't want people from
the other side of the river

coming into town?


But more likely, perhaps,
is that the killer

has a vested interest
in protecting something

That building this
bridge would demolish.

Well, they'd have to
tear down these buildings

to build the bridge.

Who owns them?

I've sent George
to look into it.

Perhaps one of these buildings
is the key to this entire thing.

Come on!

You two, stop!

Who knew watching
the symphony from the wings

would be so lovely?

Oh! Being that close
to the orchestra.

It almost gives the sound
an ethereal quality.

I could practically
feel the music inside me.

Well, you were standing
right next to the bass drum.

I will no longer watch
a symphony any other way.

Too bad the stage
manager caught us.

I couldn't believe
my ears when you said

that we should
run for it.

There is a fun side
to you after all, detective.

Well, would have been
a difficult task

to explain to the men
from the station house

When they showed up.

But it was worth it.

The symphony
was magnificent.

Ah, pish!

We can't live on
a half-finished symphony.

It's blasphemy!

The philharmonic will
be back in New York

in a matter of weeks.

Let us go catch
the rest down there.

Oh. That's a lovely idea.

Until next time.


So what's all this, then?

Sirs, I think
I've cracked it.

By all means, George,
go right ahead.

Well, I went down
to the land registry,

And I found out which buildings
would need to be torn down

should the bloor street
viaduct go through.

There are four in total.

Do any of the owners
oppose the project?

Funny you
should ask, sir.

Three of them sold
up quite quickly,

But the fourth has been
a real stickler.

There is serious opposition
to tearing this building down.

I'm here.

Good for you.

What do you
need from me?

Constable Crabtree
asked me to come in.

Do I look like
constable Crabtree?

It houses a small, out of
commission printing press.

Who owns it?

You're not going to
believe this, sir.

It's owned by
Joseph Skratz.

The man after which
Mr. Denison's award was named?

One and the same, sir.

Now, this building was
slated to be bought

And demolished months ago.

Why wasn't it?

It was saved, sir,
by a petition.

Who started
this petition?

It was started by the very
person who used to work

for Joseph Skratz.

He's right there.
I'll just go in.

Well, you can't just walk
into the inspector's office.

I'm sure George
will be right out.

Say, you don't have any ink
or a pen to spare, do you?

I need to finish filling
out these sweepstakes.


You can win
a lot of money.

It's not 20 questions,
Crabtree. Get on with it!

It's Louise Cherry.

It's Louise Cherry.

This one
doesn't work, either.

Guess you won't be
a millionaire after all.

What is happening
with this thing?

Bloody hell.

Good lord!

What was that?
What happened?

Well, it appears we've
found our murder weapon.

The ink coating the bullet
that killed Mr. Denison

is a match for the ink
found in this pen gun.

That wasn't my pen.
I've never seen it before.

How did it come to be found
in your satchel, miss Cherry?

Who knows where
pens come from?

I need a pen,
I see a pen, I take a pen.

You're telling me
you just take pens?

I lose more
than I take.

I take a pen from someone,
someone takes a pen from me.

Just now I gave
constable Higgins a pen.

I don't expect it back.

The universe will
provide me with a new pen

when I need one.

I can't believe my ears.

It's the natural order
of things, like umbrellas.

Umbrell... Oh!

Miss Cherry, how do you
explain this petition?

I created the petition
to save my dear mentor's

first printing press.

I had my first job
in that building.

Is that why you
advocated against

the building
of the bridge?

My journalistic position
and my personal opinion

Are completely
different things.

The city just decided to
rebuild the queen street bridge

and now they're going
to disrupt everyone's lives

to build another one
on Bloor Street!

Well, between
theft and murder,

things aren't looking very
good for you, Miss Cherry.

Why on earth would I give
constable Higgins a pen

if I thought
it were a gun?

Now, if you're not
prepared to arrest me,

I'd like to leave.

I'm a very busy woman.

There seems to be
a misunderstanding, miss Cherry.

You were part of a very
small group of individuals

present when
Mr. Denison was murdered.

And you were in possession
of the murder weapon.

You are very much
under arrest.

You must love this,

Uh, hardly.

Unlike yourself, miss Cherry,
I don't take pleasure

in other people's

And I certainly don't
take their umbrellas.

Come with me.

The pen is
circumstantial at best.

The killer could have
slipped it into her bag.

Or she just
happened to steal it.

In any case, her connection
to Skratz's house

seems hardly enough
to kill someone over.

Well, there's got to
be more to it, then.

Maybe the answer
is the building.

I'll get my hat.

Right, George.

Look for anything
that ties to miss Cherry.

Why the fuss
over this place?

It's clearly
been abandoned.

Oh, I don't know.

Look at this.

For a place
that's been abandoned

it seems someone's
been here recently.

Wonder if this
is Skratz' old desk?

George? George?

These floorboards
are out of order.

How can you tell?

Look at
this ink stain.

It's as if someone
pried the boards up

and placed them
again out of order.

Oh, my God.

Well, it appears we now know
the import of this building.

Mr. Joseph Skratz.

Kuala Lumpur.

I suppose he never made it
on to that steamship after all.

- This is the missing piece,
- The motive.

This is why miss Cherry would
kill to protect this place.

To protect her secret.

She killed them both.

Mr. Watts!

You seem in better
spirits today.

Thank you for your
advice, inspector.

I went and had
a wonderful time.

Glad to hear it.

On your way to
the station?

I'll be along in a minute,
I have one last stop.

Ah! Sustenance.
Good idea.

- One, please.
- See you there.


Thank you.

Do you really think she could
have done this, Murdoch?

Killed two people?

It is somewhat
out of character.

Out of character, sir?
The woman steals pens!

- George.
- And umbrellas!

What kind of a maniac

takes another person's
umbrella on a rainy day?

I'll tell you what kind,
the criminally inclined.

What are you laughing at,

Let me have a look.

Sir, perhaps
you'd rather not.

Give it to me.

Another bloody cartoon.

Oh, this isn't good.

Every single person we suspect
in this investigation

has been exposed.

Including Dr. Ogden
and Louise Cherry.

We need to solve
this, quickly.

The calling card
reminds me of lc.

Come back here!


Come back, you!

I've got you!

When did you
kill Mr. Skratz?

Two years ago.


He found out I
plagiarized articles.

I would have been
blackballed in the industry

and lost everything.

So, you killed him?

Skratz never cared
about me, anyway.

He adored Louise,
she was his favourite.

And when he threatened
to end my career,

that was the last straw.

So, you buried him
under the floorboards

and left him to rot?

What was I to do?

He was retiring to Malaysia,

and he'd already
bought his tickets.

And with no next of kin,
when he disappeared,

there would be no one
to ask questions.

I simply took control of
his finances to ensure

the building was not sold
and wrote the occasional

Wanderlust article
under Skratz' name

for a travel magazine.

Nobody was ever the wiser.

What about this cartoonist?

Everything was fine until
that bridge nonsense came up.

Demolishing the building
would have revealed the body.

Is that when you returned
to the Skratz building?

We found evidence that
someone had been there recently.

I tried to move the body,
but it was too decomposed,

impossible to move.

So, I bribed Rekker,
and everything was going to plan

until those ludicrous
cartoons blew it all up.

How did you come to find
out that the Rekker cartoon

Was next on the docket?

That scum,
Councilman toplin,

came to me with
the rumour first.

He wanted me to publish
an article to take down Rekker

so he could replace him
at the board of control.

you refused.

I knew he'd take it elsewhere.
I just didn't know where.

That is until
that idiot, denison,

boasted about it to me.

So, you killed
him for it.


I should've known
Louise Cherry was behind this.

She's been chasing
me my whole life.

Well, it seems she's
finally caught you, Mr. Fox.

You are free to go,
miss Cherry.

We're taking it easy on you
this time but be warned:

We won't be tolerating
any more thefts.

Whatever you say,

Sign this,
you can be on your way.

Can I borrow a pen?


You confiscated the rest
of my pens, remember?

Your Mark will do.
Good day, Mss Cherry.

I just can't believe it.

Joseph Skratz is dead,

And fox is the one
who killed him.

I'm so sorry.

As much as we fought,
I thought I knew him, at least.


It seems he was hiding
quite the darkness.

I daresay it will be my last
venture into matchmaking.

It's not you.

I have terrible
luck with men.

If he had've known you
were the cartoonist,

it would have been
your neck on the line.

Poor Mr. Denison.

He was always up
for some fun.

How did the two
of you meet?

We met at an
event years ago.

He was so bored
with high society

and disgusted with the people
in his social circle.

So, I came up with a plan
to take them down.

Before we knew it,
we had a huge following.

So, he was just
the face of it.


I drew the cartoons and he
got to shake the city.

He loved it.

So, why pretend that
he's the cartoonist?

The cartoons were
based on rumours.

If I published them
in any official capacity,

it could compromise my
journalistic integrity.

Still, it's a shame
you couldn't get any glory.

I'm not in it
for the glory.

Miss bright.
Back again?

Am I to take you
to lunch every day?

I should have known
it'd be so easy.

What do you mean?

Did it all
on your own, did you?

You don't know
anything about me.

Oh, I know enough.

You told me hard work
was all it took.

You failed to mention

Marrying a rich,
white man.

And what of it?
I owe you nothing.

I had hoped
for a chance.

But I guess it was
nothing but a fool's errand.

Good day,
miss bright.

It makes me wonder
what other secrets you hold.