Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 14, Episode 3 - Code M for Murdoch - full transcript

Terrence Meyers tells Murdoch that James Pendrick has been kidnapped.

♪ ♪

Everyone is assigned
a frequency.

Your job is to transcribe
all wireless transmissions

Sent on that frequency.

Have you worked
with wireless before?

I was chief telegrapher
on the minto.

I suppose that's
why they sent you.

Most of what we get here
is ship to shore...

Pretty tedious stuff,
to be frank.

Why are we doing this?

We are looking for
the proverbial

Needle in a haystack:
Coded messages.

How does one tell
it's a coded message?

Experience, judgment.

I'll be doing that part.

Just make sure you
jot it all down.

Let's get to work.

Sir, I think I've got one.

Got one what?

A coded message.

First time's a charm, is it?

It's 13 letters
that repeat endlessly.

It's still transmitting.

What happens now?

We have a situation, sir.

This is a code m situation.

Well done.

[loud beeps]

Who on earth could that be?


[radio] code m.

Terence meyers.

Couldn't this have
waited 'til morning?

[meyers] this is important.

So, the...

Shall I get dressed?

No. No, I don't
think that's necessary.

[murdoch] what's this
all about, mr. Meyers?

For the last six months,
the canadian government

Has been intercepting wireless
telegraph transmissions.


Government no longer believes
in the right to privacy?

No, 'course not.

Wireless signals are
impossible to trace.

It's the perfect medium
for enemies of the state

To transmit encrypted messages.

We received this message
approximately one hour ago.

And you need
my help to decode it.

No, not necessarily,

But we believe this one
was intended for you.


Murdoch find j-p.


James pendrick.

Dr. Janice kemps.

It's an anagram
for james pendrick.

Hello, old friend.

- James pendrick!
- Murdoch.

Sir, look out.

- James pendrick.
- Detective murdoch.

I believe our old friend may
be in need of our assistance.

How is james pendrick
sending you a distress signal?

Oh, I believe mr. Pendrick is
using a spark gap transmitter,

Possibly attached to
something mechanical.

Hence the repetition.

I believe I will get dressed.

I've been experimenting
with loop antennas

For my radio backpacks.

Now, the signal is strongest

When the antenna's
broadside to the signal.

You have this made already?

Oh, this won't help you.

Uh, the diameter of
the antenna needs to match

The wavelength of the signal.

And what was that
frequency again?

78 m-h-zed.


Multiply the inverse
by the speed of light,


Carry the seven,

Round to two decimal places...

3.87 meters.


Which is what,
exactly, in english?

12 feet, roughly.


How long will it
take you to make this?

Shouldn't be more than
a couple of hours for both.


Well, yes.

You will need two antennas

In order to pinpoint
the exact location.




150 degrees, 9.3.


[nielsen] 150 degrees, 9.4.

[murdoch] yes?

155 degrees, 9.3.

155, 9.3?


155 minus 65 is 90 degrees.

We have a bearing.

Signal is coming
from this direction.

Now to triangulate.

Station house
number four, please.

Now, make sure
the connection's good.

145 degrees, 3.5.

[phone rings]

Oh, no.

150 degrees...


Yes, sir. Of course
I'm still plotting, sir.

Yes, we... we've just
had a few problems,

But they've all been...
All been rectified now.

In fact, I think it's all
coming together quite nicely,

It's forming a line,
point to point.

We've really been trying, sir...

The truth is I fell asleep
for just a second, sir,

But I am fully awake
now, I pro... oh.

What's going on?

Sir, detective
murdoch's on the...

Murdoch? 'course it's murdoch.

Who else would it be?

No, I am still here, sir.
I'm sorry.

No, I'm right back to it.

Oh, gee. Are you still there?


Oh, no, yes, I've got it. Yes.

We're losing a signal.

Are you sure?

The antenna is
fixed at 155 degrees,

But we're now 5.9 and dropping.

Henry, do you have a node?

[higgins] a what, sir?

The graph. Does it have a shape?

Like a wave?

[higgins] it just seems
to be going down, sir.

The signal was being
broadcast along this bearing.

I want a room-by-room
search of every building

Along that line.

Get the addresses
from the fire map.

If that's all right
with you, sir.

Well, if pendrick's
asking to be found,

It means he's in trouble.

Get to it, lads.

- Thank you, henry.
- Sir.

Inspector, a body has been
pulled out of the river

Just south of queen street.

You take it, watts.

Uh, certainly.

Thank you, sir.

That's pendrick's assistant.

svetlana tsiolkovsky. Yes, sir.

We've asked her to come in.

Of course. Carry on, murdoch.

I'm afraid I haven't seen
james for several months.

What happened?

His dog became sick
and had to be killed.

Thank you.

Um, james was
inconsolable for weeks.

I lost my patience.

I said to him,
"it's just a dog!"

He didn't see it that way.

He stopped speaking to me.

He wouldn't even look at me.

So, I left. My heart was broken.

What has happened
to my beloved james?

I don't know.
We're just looking for him.

You're not alone.

A man came to my door
three days ago.

He was very tall.
He had a beard.

He gave me this card.

I was to call him
if james contacted me.

[murdoch] walsh tyler.

he said he was investor.

He was found on the banks
of the don river this morning.

He was beaten... quite severely,

By the looks of it.

Was the beating
the cause of death?

That won't be determined
until the post-mortem,

Same with the time of death,
I'm afraid.

Thank you.

Do you have a name?

[watts] not yet.

Took a bit of a pasting,
didn't he?

Yes, but not with a fist.

Some kind of weapon was used.

Henry, I'd like you
to go to this address

And find out what
you can about this man.

He was asking about
james pendrick.

- Walsh tyler.
- Yes.

If he's there, bring him in.

He's tall, beard.

I'd like a word with him.


I know this man.

- You do?
- You recognize him?

His name is...

Dr. Quinlan.

I don't know his first name.

He shared an office
with a colleague of mine

At university.

He studied immunology.

And this colleague's name?

Gatlin, professor john gatlin.

Then I best talk to him,
uh, once we find out more

About what happened
to the unfortunate dr. Quinlan.

He's been dead two days,
judging by stomach contents.

Still trying to determine
what weapon was being used.

Was wide and flat.

Mm... Cricket bat?


No bruising to the forearms?

No, just the shoulders.

Why would he not defend himself?

Is this the cause of death?

Not sure.

I might know more when
I take a look at his brain.

I'll leave you to it.

[both laugh]

Professor gatlin,
do you have any idea

Why someone would
want to harm dr. Quinlan?

None at all.

He-he was... he was highly
regarded in his field.

As a matter of fact,
he-he believed he was

On the cusp of a major
medical breakthrough.

Well, what was it?

He wouldn't say

And his partner
insisted on secrecy.

Who was his partner?

A man by the name of pendrick.

James pendrick.

How long had dr. Quinlan been
working with mr. Pendrick?

A couple of months.

It wasn't entirely
smooth sailing,

But they must have
had some success

Because they filed a patent.

What kind of patent?

Uh, I-I don't know.

I just learned that
much from an investor

Who came by the office.

[murdoch] an investor?

Was his name walsh tyler?

Um, I'm afraid he didn't say.

Was he tall with a beard?

Ah, yes. Yes, he was.

I'm afraid
I don't know much else.

Um, he was, he was
looking for dr. Quinlan.

All I knew was their
laboratory was up in weston.

It appears to
have been abandoned.

Somewhat hastily.

William, look.

Something terrible
happened here.

[murdoch] could this be where
dr. Quinlan was beaten?

Not beaten:
Thrown up against the wall...

With real force.

That would explain
the bruising I saw.

This door doesn't
open from the inside.

Dr. Quinlan was imprisoned?

Or he was thrown in there
with someone who was.

What on earth was
mr. Pendrick up to?

William, look.
What do you make of this?

That's james pendrick's

Was he testing compounds?

I think not.

Potassium iodine is a compound,
but argon is inert.

Let's see.

I wonder...

William, it spells karnaki.

Joseph karnaki.

The man who invented
the microwave death ray.

That's a man you both knew.
That can't be a coincidence.

James pendrick is
sending me a message.



Karnaki's wagon.

It had to be specially designed

To handle the weight
of the microwave death ray.

If you would just tell me
what you're looking for,

I'm sure I could help.

We believe your husband
has mounted the weapon

On top of a vehicle
of some sort.

I'm hoping to learn
anything I can about it.

He must've kept plans,
blueprints of some kind.

Oh, I'm afraid I've never
seen anything like that.

This one's locked.
Any idea what's in there?

I'm afraid not.
I've never opened it.

No keyhole. I wonder if...


James was coming up with
silly little contraptions.


That desk; there was
something inside of it.

Oh, bloody hell.

Your dr. Quinlan beat himself
to death, by the looks of it.

[murdoch] what was
james pendrick working on

That would cause a man
to do such a thing?

Some kind of drug that
induces violent rage?

Sir, I went to the address
specified on the card,

But the office was empty.

They've moved?

It's like he was
never there, sir.

Everything was in place,
but there were no files

In the drawers.

Perhaps it's a front.

We searched every building
along the line of bearing.

- On both sides?
- Yes, sir.

And nothing. I'm sorry.

Right, henry, I'd like you
to locate professor gatlin

And have him meet us
at pendrick's laboratory.

Right away.

Oh, ah, violet hart has
asked to see you, as well.

Yes, that might explain
the pattern of bruising

But it wasn't his injuries
that killed dr. Quinlan.

It wasn't?

No, I found signs
of severe inflammation

Of the brain
and surrounding tissue.

- Oof!
- My goodness.

Acute encephalitis.

I've never seen
anything like it.

I have.

Not to this degree,
but in medical school

I dissected the brain
of a rabid squirrel.


No ordinary rabies.

The extent of
the inflammation is astonishing.

He must have been in agony.

Miss tsiolkovsky told me
that mr. Pendrick's dog

Was recently ill
and had to be put down.

Rabies, you think?

According to tsiolkovsky,

This happened
about three months ago.

He'd been working with
dr. Quinlan for two months.

Perhaps the passing
of his pup prompted pendrick

To pursue a cure.

And, in so doing,
this man somehow contracted

An even more potent
form of the disease?

We need to talk to an expert.

Rat brain. Lateral slice.

White matter stain.

There is inflammation
in the ventricles.

Yes, you're right.
Still in its early stages.

P-I plus one hour?


So he was sampling every hour?

Uh, p-I plus two.

It means it was
definitely more advanced.

But I was under
the impression that rabies

Took weeks to manifest itself.

Not necessarily.

Rabies normally infects the, uh,

Nerves near the bite.

It then travels up those nerves

Towards the central
nervous system.

As long as it remains
in the peripheral nerves,

The immune system, or a vaccine,

Can attack it.

But once inside
the central nervous system,

The disease is protected
by the blood-brain barrier.

The which?

Few years back,
max lewandowsky theorized

That every blood vessel
in the brain is encased

In a semi-permeable membrane

That admits essential molecules,

Like oxygen, but blocks
bloodborne pathogens.

Like rabies.

And, ironically,
the, uh, the antibodies

That might fight the disease

Are prevented from
getting to the brain.

So, how did this
progress so quickly?

Did they inject it
directly into their brains?

Um, well, if that were the case,

You'd see more
localized inflammation,

But as you can see...

It's everywhere, all at once,

Suggesting it was
delivered by the blood,

Which means that james pendrick

Must've created
a strain of rabies

That could breach
the blood brain barrier.

That must've been why
they were seeking a patent.

For an accelerated
form of rabies?

No. I don't think so.
Professor, look.

Oh, my word.

[murdoch] what is it?

[gatlin] this shows
inflammation that has receded.


Post therapy.

He'd found a way
to deliver a cure.

Any cure that could pass
by the blood brain barrier

Would be worth a fortune.

Well, then, why wasn't
dr. Quinlan cured?

Perhaps the cure was
intentionally withheld?

Have either of you
wandered through

This part of the room
since we've returned?

No, why?

Someone has.

And they're still here.

Toronto police.

Come out of there
and identify yourself.

Professor gatlin,
do you recognize this man?

Yes, that's the man
I spoke to last week.

You're walsh tyler.

That is not my true identity.

Then who are you?

I'm agent felder.

I work for
the american secret service.

Before we proceed,
I think it would be best

If we include my
canadian counterpart.

Agent meyers?

I might've guessed
the american government

Was mixed up in all of this.

Then you would have
guessed wrong.

Why do you say that?

As agent meyers can attest,
government is not a beast

Speaking with one mind.

It's a hydra with
a thousand heads,

All talking against each other,
and that is especially true

Of the american secret service.

But you all take direction
from your president.

Not all of us.

There are rogue elements inside
the american secret service

Who seek to destroy him.


President roosevelt
has proven himself dangerous

To some very powerful people.

[murdoch] the robber barons.

Capitalists of every
stripe are chafing

At the new regulations.

They stand to lose millions
and there's nothing

They can do to stop him.

His reforms are very popular.

Their only hope is to
replace him with a puppet

Who aligns with their interests.

And you believe such
a plot is afoot now?

Three weeks ago
we uncovered evidence

Of a group of rogue agents
calling themselves

The soldiers of columbia.

They're plotting
to overthrow the administration.

Soldiers of columbia?

They're led by a former agent.
You know him as alan clegg.


That's impossible.
Clegg is dead.

We've seen proof.

Is this the proof you've seen?

Clegg is dead.

Hanged October 7th, 1906.

[julia] these were taken
after the post-mortem.

They've completed the y-section.

- So, he is dead.
- Very much so.

It's definitely alan clegg.

You're quite sure?

Look at the right eye.
It was hit with shrapnel.

It looks like he lost it.

Proof enough for me.

the photograph was taken

At the washington city morgue.

He has a very
convincing y-section.

How do you explain that?

It's real.

The y-section.

Good lord.

[felder] whatever your
opinion is of the man,

I think we can all agree:
He's tough.

Any success, mr. Pendrick?

Not as yet.

That's unfortunate.

You see, I'm under
some time pressure here.

I would hate to think
you were stalling.

I'm working as fast as I can.

What you're asking is difficult.

Not as difficult as failure.

Let me assure you.

What does all of this have
to do with james pendrick?

All we know is that
the soldiers of columbia

Are following his work.

Mr. Pendrick appears
to have stumbled upon

An accelerated form of rabies.

Gentlemen, I believe
the signal has returned.

- Southeast 9.3.
- 9.3.

We've determined the
bearing of the signal

At college and bathurst
to be coming from 155 degrees.

Once we determine
the second bearing,

We'll be able to pinpoint

The location
of the signal exactly.

- And we have one, sir.
- What is it?

155 degrees.

That's odd.

That-that's the same
as the first, henry.

Have you dropped
the ball, keens?

Oh, no, no, actually.

Actually, it makes
perfect sense.

That's why the signal
returned to us.

At night, radio waves reflect
off the ionosphere.

The what?

It's being broadcast
from below the horizon.

And what does that mean?

Well, sir, it's coming
from beyond our border.

When we expanded
our triangulation

To account for the ionosphere,
we found this.

That's lewiston.

That was my initial thought.

It's not lewiston.

We happen to know there's
a secret american base...

That no longer exists
and was never much of a secret.

Where then?

The american government
maintains a secret

Underground research
facility here:

Goat island.

What kind of research?

You know I can't divulge that.

Nerve gas, bacterial weapons?

If clegg has control
of the island,

That means this conspiracy
is wide, as well as deep.

We best inform
the president, then.

I'll call the prime minister.

I'd advise against that.

President roosevelt
is not a cautious man.

He'll launch a full assault.
Your friend will be killed.

The soldiers of columbia
will escape.

Now, I've been tracking these
fellows for almost a year.

I can't... I can't
allow them to escape.

Well, then what do you suggest?

We'll contact my
counterpart in washington.

He'll bring a team with him.

That will take days.

James pendrick is in
mortal danger now.

We're not just going to be
sat back on our backsides.

Then let's go together.
I know the facility.

I know how to get in.

We're on the same
side here, terence.

Let's work together
to rescue pendrick

And arrest the men that
want to destroy my country.

I think you should
take me with you.

Now don't be ridiculous.
She's a woman.

[julia] I'm a medical doctor.

Do any of you feel
qualified to comment

On mr. Pendrick's research?

She has a point.

I'll hold the fort.
The doctor goes.

[felder] now, there are two
surface entrance points,

But any attempt to breach them
will trigger an alarm.

Can the alarm be disabled?

Not from the outside.

What about guards?

Well, that depends on how
many people he brought with him.

If it's an underground facility,

It would need to be ventilated.

Yes. And that will be
our means of ingress.

Now, the intake shaft extends
to the cliff face here.

Once inside, we're going
to have to split up.

You and I will try to locate
and neutralize clegg and his men

And you two try to find
pendrick... inform him.

Now, the only thing we
won't have, unfortunately,

Is a means to communicate.


Low-range transmitters.

I trust we all know morse code.

hendrick is likely being held

In the laboratory here.

Shhh. Someone's coming.


[man] wake up, pendrick.

Time to get back to work.

Bring me the chair.

[pendrick] how do you expect me
to think on two hours of sleep?

[man] you can sleep
when you're dead, pendrick.

You know what needs to be done.

[pendrick] oh, I do, do I?

my boss believes your problem

Is less one of concentration
than motivation.

Are you going to
beat me up again?

I can see mr. Pendrick.

- No. That hurts my knuckles.
- Uh-huh.

[man] it's my understanding
you have a trick shoulder;

Easily dislocated.

- Here we go.
- Give him this.

[man] I'm sure I don't need
to tell you that at any moment,

I can get one of
my boys here to help

Speed up the process,
if I really needed to.

You're going about
this in the wrong way.

I can solve this.

I just need more time.

You have awakened me,
now leave me to my work.

What's this?


Who's karnaki?

Potassium, argon, sodium...

Potassium iodide.

Don't you know chemical
formulas when you see them?

I'm going to enjoy hurting you.

Get back to work.





Mr. Pendrick.


Are you all right?

Beaten, sleep-deprived,
but otherwise fine.

I take it you
received my signal?

Yes. Thank goodness.

How on earth did you send it?

They have an electric clock.

I attached a new
wheel to the minute hand

And had it brush by a wire in
a sequence of dots and dashes.

It's ingenious.

For the antenna,
I used this marvelous lamp...

Oh! He's receiving
a message from the others.

The others?

Terence meyers
and an american agent.

On their way back,
clegg asleep, others also soon.

Thank god.
What happened, mr. Pendrick?

What happened was I...

I put a bullet
between the only eyes

That ever trusted me completely.

Your dog contracted rabies?


And I swore no man would ever
have to go through what I did.

So you attempted a cure?

I read everything I could.

There was so much unknown.

I wanted to experiment,

But rabies takes
weeks to manifest.

I needed a version
of the disease

That would take days at best.

So you teamed up
with dr. Quinlan?

Yes, and we succeeded
in creating a strain

That breached
the blood-brain barrier.

Instant rabies.

Yes. Symptomatic within an hour.

Dead within three;
it sped up our research

By a factor of a 1,000.

We found a way to use
the virus as a trojan horse,

To smuggle the antibodies
through the blood-brain barrier.

You turned the disease
against itself.

Unfortunately, it's only worked

On the disease that we created.

Not conventional rabies?


I was prepared to
abandon the project,

But our work attracted
the interest of men

Who had other uses for it.

Clegg intends to
weaponize this disease.

Yes, but, of course,
a weaponized rabies

Is only useful if
one could be inoculated

Against its effects.

One needs the cure
as well as the disease.


That is what mr. Clegg and his
soldiers of columbia seek.

What he intends to do with it,
I have no idea.

Terence meyers.

- Mr. Pendrick.
- I'm agent felder.

We've come to get you
out of here, mr. Pendrick.

Once we're safe,
I'll call in reinforcements.

We must go.
They could return at any moment.

Yes. Let's make haste.

Hello, gentlemen.

Clegg. How's the eye?

We've been expecting you.

I'm a little disappointed.

In all of you, really...
Especially you, felder.

Of all people,
you should know never,

Never underestimate me.

How did you know, clegg?

Soldiers of columbia have
1000 eyes that never close.

It's how we knew
mr. Pendrick had created

The most terrifying disease
humanity has ever seen.

And we couldn't
let that go to waste.

You intend to use
this to rule the world?

Terence, terence.

No, not even I'm that ambitious.

Our goals are very specific.

Your plan is to assassinate
president roosevelt.


We intend to convince him
to resign his office.

He would never resign.

Well, he will have
a strong incentive

Once we infect
all of his children

With mr. Pendrick's innovation.

And the new president
will be one of yours.

He'll invade canada

And your fantasy
of manifest destiny

Will at last be a reality.

Yes. Yes.

But, first, I need a cure.

I'm not an immunologist.

The person who could create
the cure you seek is dead.

Dr. Quinlan.

He tested the cure
on himself; didn't work.

Finding a cure for
humans will take time.

I don't have time
and I don't think I need it.

I think you have a cure,
mr. Pendrick.

I think you have a cure
and you've been stalling.

And I'm going to put
that theory to the test.

No! Julia! No!

If mr. Pendrick has the cure,
she will live.

And if not?
Well, you've seen the film.


Is he right? Do you have a cure?

That depends.

Are you familiar with
lansteiner's blood groupings?

They've identified four:
A, b, o and ab.

I'm type ab.

As am I.

Dr. Quinlan, unfortunately,
was type a.

Highly agglutinative.

Perhaps the agglutinins blocked
the passage of the antigen?

Do you have a cure?

Yesterday I injected
myself with the rabies

And then the antigens.

And you're still here.


I grew some symptoms,
but they quickly receded.

Then it should work for me.
We're the same type.

My arm is twitching.

That's the first sign.
It will move quickly now.

Quick! Bind her to the chair.

We have to think this through.

If clegg finds out
we have the cure,

He'll kill us all.

I don't care.

That's precisely why
I've been dragging my feet.

- Pendrick... the cure!
- Is right here, murdoch.

So, progress?

We're moving
as quickly as we can.

Oh! Fascinating.

I've heard that
people with rabies...

...Have a fear of water.

- Is that true?
- Stop it.

Would you look at that?



What do I do? What do I do?

Bathe it in alcohol.
Full immersion.

You'll want to be
quick about it.

Quick! Get me alcohol!

[murdoch] pendrick! Inject her.

Hold her.

Steady, julia, steady.

Relief is on the way.

Go get more alcohol!
I need more!


[murdoch] julia? Speak to me.

It's working!

Here, I'll take the cure.

One move and I smash it.


Grab him.
He's working with clegg.

Well, well, well.
What do we have here?

How'd you know, murdoch?

Clegg knew we'd seen the film.

Only one other person knew that.

He's the reason clegg
knew we were coming.

Your phone call to washington

Was actually a phone call here.

Of course. I should have known.

You fools still
think you can escape.

All I need to do... ahh!

- Rabies?
- Barbiturates.



More alcohol.
Get me more alcohol.

Ahh, god.

Where are we?

Somewhere on the island still.

We have to make it
to the mainland.

Which way to the bridge?

Let's get to the river first,
then find our bearings.

What happened? What happened!

What happened?

They've got the cure.


The vial.
They've taken it with them.

After them!

No, no, no... this way.

We're close to the water now.

We're on the wrong side.


We're going to have
to double back.

[julia] william!

Where is it?

Where's what?

The cure. Give it to me.

Shoot them.

Shoot them and you'll be
licking this off the rocks.


I'm indifferent
to your survival.

Just give me the cure
and I will let you live.

If you don't give me the cure,

I will tear you limb from limb.

You best do what I say.

I won't be sane much longer.

Don't, murdoch.

I will rip you all apart.

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

- Murdoch!
- No!




He's dead.

He was a brute,

But I take no pleasure
in his demise.

Do you see him?


He made it to the other side.

Well, if anything,
he's proven hard to kill.

He has, indeed.

Let's get back to canada.

Well, gentlemen, the americans
have picked up agent felder

And are questioning
him as we speak.

Any word on clegg?

Well, I doubt he could
survive the falls and rabies.

Well, over the years,
he's proved to be tough.

How's julia?

The doctors have given her
a clean bill of health.

Your cure works, mr. Pendrick.

Thank god for that.



I brought you a gift.

A gift.

For me?

I'm sorry about your dog.

Truly, I am.

It's I who should apologize.

It's all right. Forgive me.

I-I don't know
what kind you like.

He's perfect.

I'll name him quinlan.

Hello, quinlan.

Oh, james.

Oh, quinlan.

[murdoch] so, you are
no longer infectious?

Not in the least.

But, I must confess,

I do continue to
feel some effects.


To be honest, I may still
have a bit of the beast in me.