Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 13, Episode 17 - Things Left Behind - full transcript

♪ ♪

Still working?

Almost finished.

Can it wait?

Sometimes there are more
important things than work.

What did you have in mind?

Well, I was headed to bed.

But the sheets
are terribly cold.

William, I have surgery
in the morning.

I know.

It's not that I don't want to.
There's a lot at stake.


What are you doing here?

Visiting an old friend.

We weren't friends.

Oh. It's nice
to see you too, kid.

We worked together
and now we don't.

What are you doing here?

Someone we know
is in town.

-He found you.

Now, I don't know if he's
gonna a problem yet,

but he might be.

So what?

What are you
telling me this for?

Because I'm gonna make
it all go away for you.

I don't want
anything from you.

Look, Violet,
I'm happy for you.

You've made good.

But the sad truth is,
the things you do in life,

they come back.

And when they do you
have to deal with them.

That is unless you don't
mind everyone finding out

who you really are.

I detest the winters here.

They're not so bad.

You just need
a warmer coat.

No, no. It's not the cold.

It's the dark.

I prefer the dark.

No one can see what
you're getting up to.

I'm starting to
appreciate your logic.

Come on.



Go. I'll handle this.

No witnesses.
No identification.

He's well-dressed,
the clothes have a maker's mark,

but the shop
isn't in Toronto.

I'll have a constable
run it down.

Run what down?

The tailor.

Oh, yes, of course.

Sirs. There's been a robbery.

A wealthy house only
a few block from here.

Is this house missing
its wealthy owner?

No. The owner called
in the complaint.

No reason to suspect
a connection then.

You look into that, Watts.
I'll handle this.

Uh, you're quite sure?

I am quite sure.

Oh, and Detective -

how did you find him here?

I was cutting through
here on my way home.

I don't understand it.
It's just gone.

What exactly is gone?

My MacAuley. I cherished it.

MacAuley is a painter?

Yes. Yes.
Philipe MacAuley.

Recently deceased,
the poor man.

And as you can see,
it's gone.

But all the other
paintings remain -


-So someone wanted this one --

-Did you have more MacAuleys?

-And they didn't take them?
-No, no, you see.

I heard the thief.

I came down from upstairs
and I must have startled him.

-And they ran out.
-Yes exactly, they ran out.

What are you doing?

Keeping my thoughts to myself
to avoid them being interrupted.

Now you look here--

Watts, right?
Station House Four?

And you are?

New man at Station House One.

I see.

Listen, I know
this is your case.

But I've had a robbery case
of my own to take care of,

and I have a feeling
there could be a connection.

Why is that?

It was another collector
who was stolen from.

And another MacAuley
that was taken.

Then we'll have to
compare notes.

Detective, I've been
on the job three weeks,

and I still don't have
a solved case to my name.

What do you say we
just work together?

Now, if you two have finished
trying to impress each other

perhaps you can
find my painting.

Oh right.

The sutures are secure.

Let's remove the sponges.


Heart rate
and breathing are strong.

I think we're finished.

Unless you have something else
you'd like to do for him.

I think we've done
enough for one day.

How did this happen?

I don't know.

You're saying your sister's
going to lose her house.

She has nothing saved.

Maybe she could come live
with us for a little while.

How much does she need?

Uh, I don't know exactly.

Well, find out.
We'll help.

Do you mean that?

Family's family, Margaret.

It will stretch us,
but we'll manage.

Thank you, Thomas.

See you at dinner tonight?

See ya then.

[Crabtree] Are you
sure this is a good idea?

Of course, go home, rest.
See your sweetheart.

I don't much like the idea
of cancelling engagements.

We are plum out
of books, George.

We can reschedule once
the second printing is out.

Say, do you think we
should add a foreword

for the new edition?

To what end?

Well, perhaps my fans would
like to hear from me.

Perhaps it would convince those
who have already purchased

a copy to
purchase another.


You're not
Henry James just yet.

Though you may
be on your way.

Safe travels.

Thank you Percy.
I'll see you in Toronto.

It's a good thing I found
him before he found you.

You do recognize him,
don't you?

He certainly
recognized you.

Where did he see me?

You're in the papers, kid.

It's not every day one of your
kind becomes a coroner.

What did he want with me?

He wanted that five grand
you took from him

from that hustle
back in Boston.

That was my cut.

[Lincoln] Well, that ain't
the story he was telling.

Now be a big girl,
let's do what's right here.

And what is it you
think is right?

I'm gonna need
that bullet.


They can match bullets
to guns now.

I read about it.

That does not
change my answer.

I wasn't asking
a question, kid.

The detective has
already seen the body.

Where exactly am I
to tell him it went?

That's for you
to figure out.

Now give it to me.

You know, you really
should be thanking me.

Nurse, make sure these
are filed away properly.

Right away, doctor.

I think he's doing very well.

You two.

I have a proposition
for you.

I've been asked to
organize a surgery seminar

at the London
Medical College.

I'd like you
two to lead it.

Haven't you been asked to?

I don't have the privilege
of leaving the hospital

for a week.

I have many surgeries.

We'll reschedule them.

And obligations at home.

This is a great
opportunity, Doctor.

A female instructor...

I fear the students
may be displeased.

Let them be.

Dr. Dixon can keep them in
line if necessary.

This may be a new frontier
for a female surgeon.

You would have a lot
to teach them, Doctor.

Female or not.

You two are the future of
medicine in this city,

in this country.

And it's better to look
to the future than the past.

The dead man in the alley
was a Walter Kingman.

He had a reputation in Boston
as a confidence man.

You discovered all this
through the man's tailor?

Memorable man,

The tailor made two dozen
suits for him as samples

to start a mail order
business across New England.

Kingman took the suits,
left him with a phony cheque.

Then presumably this tailor
was not his only victim.

Not to hear
him tell it, sir.

Then there's no shortage
of people who may have

wanted this
Mr. Kingman dead.

He could have bilked
someone here in Toronto, sir.

Or his past has
caught up to him.

Sir, have you ever
considered an automobile.

Or perhaps an
automobile service?

-The hell do you want?

The same as last time.

You off the streets.

Parker, isn't it?

Seems like you didn't do
a very good job last time.

No. But this time I'm a cop.

No bullet.

What? Are you quite sure?

Of course.

I don't recall there
being an exit wound.

There was.

Have you found
anything else?

It was a small
calibre weapon.

A pistol.
Close range.

Other than that, all I can
tell you is he is dead.

I've done nothing wrong!

We both know that's a lie.

What's going on?

I locked up a criminal,

What's the charge?

Theft and fraud.

The coppers in Pittsburgh
would be very pleased.

This isn't Pittsburgh.

What's he done here?

I don't know yet.
But I'll find something.

That's not how we do
things, Mr. Parker.

You find something first,
then you arrest him.

I'm telling you,
that man --

I don't care.

By the book, end of story.

Thank you, sir.

It is a pleasure to deal
with a real policeman,

and a gentleman.

Don't push it.

Let him out, constable.

This isn't over.

Oh, I was hoping you could go
over Miss Hart's findings.

She claims a small calibre
bullet went through the body...

but I never saw any
blood on his back.

Are you sure you checked?


And Detective Watts assures me
that he never got a look.

All right.
Well tomorrow?

I have something to
take care of at work.

How did the surgery go?


I saved a man's life.

Can I ask you a question?

All right.

Are you always this
good at everything

that you try your hand at?

We have the same
level of expertise,

I could ask
the same of you.

Okay. Go ahead.

Are you always this good
at everything you try?

Yes I am.

I think that we bring out
the best in each other, Julia.

Ah. Thank you.

And that's for you.

Signed copy.

Could be worth
something one day.

So it's worth
nothing right now?

You're welcome.

Don't speak.

What is this? Who are you?

I said don't speak.

Don't worry,
I'm not gonna hurt you.

Follow me.

I've already
released the body.

But it's been less
than forty-eight hours.

My work was complete.
My report was thorough.

All unclaimed bodies
were collected today.

Mr. Kingman
was among them.

It's a little fast,
but releasing unclaimed bodies

to the city for burial
is standard procedure.

Assuming you've completed
your full report, Miss Hart.

Of course.

I have photographs
of everything relevant.

You're welcome to examine
them at any time.



Another MacAuley.

Yes. Do you think
he's any good.

Whoever's taking his
paintings clearly thinks so.

Look at this.

It's a woman's hair comb.

Indeed it is.

No children,
and the wife says it's not hers.

The housekeeper doesn't
recognize it either.

Leaving us with
two possibilities.

One, a mistress.

What, him?

He claimed not to have one,
but men do lie.

The man's eighty
if he's a day.

The human's capacity to
procreate declines with age,

but the desire for
intimacy never fades.

Yes, I suppose
that's true.

Are you unmarried,


Oh. I'm sorry.

Me too.

What's the other

I think you already know.

This belongs to our thief.

In which case, we may
be looking for a woman.

Always an
enjoyable pursuit.

I am telling you. The man is
crooked, through and through.

If he's in Toronto, it's
for something nefarious.

But you don't know that.


Then I'm afraid
the Inspector's right.

We can't arrest him unless
he actually does something.

In Pittsburgh, a scam went wrong
and he left a mark dead.

Then why isn't
he in prison?

They couldn't prove it.

Do you know anything
about a Walter Kingman?

Uh, no, I don't
recognize the name.

Another confidence man.

He turned up dead -
murdered -

the night before last.

Confidence men change
their identities as often

as most men change
their suits.

Most men.


Well, if you don't recognize
the name then perhaps

you'll recognize his face.

I have more than
one suit, you know.

They just look similar.

Yeah. Yes.

I've seen him.

-I can't remember.

He wasn't
anyone important.

Just a low-level

Mr. Kingman
was from Boston.

Could have been.

But if Mr. Lincoln is in town,

my bet is there's
a connection between those two.

They're both from
different cities.

And they're here
at the same time.

These type of men
run in the same circles.

Maybe one of them stepped
on the other's mark.

We need to have a word
with Mr. Lincoln.

Your boss let him go.

Because you didn't
have cause to hold him.

I'll find him.

What do you want with me?

I just want to
talk, George.

My name is Amelia
and I am a fan of yours.

Well, I'm glad.

Is it really necessary
that I'm tied up like this?

I want to talk
about Pearl Smythe.



She's in your book.

Oh - you call her... Rhoda -

"Aunt Rhododendron".

But it is most
certainly her.

Well, I don't
know this Pearl.

And "Aunt Rhoda"
isn't real, my book is --

Of course she's real.

You've said the book
is based on your life.

That means you know her.

So you can
help me find her.

I'm sorry, I really
don't think I can.

You have to.
She's my mother.

Your boss told you
to leave me alone.

My boss told me
not to arrest you.

I can ask you what I
damn well please.

And I can damn
well ignore it.

Walter Kingman.
You know him?

So what if I do?

What exactly are you
gonna do about it?

Answer the question.

I thought you people didn't
even like the coppers.

But then again, you ain't
even a real copper are you?

Real enough.

I'm finished with you.

No you're not.

You killed him,
didn't you?


So what if I did?

There ain't nothing
you can do to me.

Break it up! Enough!

-You're going to the cells.
-So is he.

Hey, I didn't do nothing.
That man attacked me.

What are you doing?

He's a criminal,
I'm a copper.


Let's go.

Here we are.

What happened with
the man in the alley?

Detective Murdoch
took the case.

Has the killer been found?

Not yet.

Anyone ask how you
came across the body?

I said I came
across it on my own.

It's not going
to be pertinent.

There's no need
to worry.

So long as we're discreet,
no one will ever learn about us.

The people you work with
already know about me.

And they don't about me.

We will endeavour
to keep it that way.


Detective Edwards.

I haven't seen you
in here before.

Nor I you. Friend of yours?

Jack Walker.



Mind if I join you boys?

I assumed you would.


The character was based
on a real person,

but my Aunt Rhoda, Rhododendron
is not her real name.

I never even knew
her real name.

Well now you do.
It is Pearl Smythe.

Well, even if that's true,
I can't help you to find her.

I haven't even --

Enough of your excuses.

You will help
me find her.

Or you're not leaving
this room alive.

Alright, alright.


I'll tell you everything
I know about her.

That's all I can promise.

Thank you, George.

And I'm sorry about the...

Sometimes I just
get a little bit...


A Negro.
In your employ.


Well, unofficially.

Are you kidding me, Tom?

As if that is an excuse?

We pay him out of --

I don't care.
He's a Negro.

Running around
identifying himself

as a member of this

I could fire you
for this, Tom.

Sir, there's no reason to --

I have plenty of reason,
by your own admission.

If you want to
retain your position,

make this right.


Where is he?

Sir. This was my idea.

If I could speak with
the Chief Constable --

Forget it.

That fool arrested me
and let Lincoln go.


This is it.


Am I free to go now?

You were a good policeman.

Just not a good
enough human being.

Are you quite sure
we couldn't make a --

He's gone, Murdoch.

It's unjust.

It's the way
of the world.

Well, it's wrong.

You're going away?
For a week?

In London, yes.

Is this is a significant

Very much so.

For both myself
and Dr. Dixon.

Dr. Dixon?

Dr. Forbes wants the two of us
to run the seminar together.

This isn't
a good time, Julia.

I need your help examining
Miss Hart's findings.

William, I think
you're becoming

a little obsessed
with Violet Hart.

One could say the same
about you and Dr. Dixon.

He's a colleague.

Are you forbidding me to go?

You are your own person.

Make your own choice.

I don't know why we couldn't
have this conversation

in a nice lounge.

Just answer the questions,

Well the answer is,
I'm very familiar

with Mr. MacAuley's work.

We understand it has
increased in value

since his death some months ago.

I understand the same.

I know there are
people clambering

to obtain an original.

[Watts] And have any
gone up for sale of late?

Not that I'm aware of.

Not even on
the black market.

Those who have MacAuleys
are not eager to give them up.

So who wants one
and can't get one?

Or wants several.

I can think of two or three
men who have inquired.

What about women?

Oh. Well, no,
not that I know of.

[Watts] Did you know
MacAuley himself?

I'd met him.

Was he married, engaged...

any women prominent
in his life?

I can't say I know.

But I can ask around.

Thank you, Mr. Germaine.

Any time.

It was nice seeing you
the other evening, Detective.

You as well.

You see, my mother left me
when I was only 6 years old.

It was the same summer that
she arrived in your life.

And that's how I
know it must be her.


Perhaps I could have
a drink of water?

Of course.

And I'll make
some tea as well.

I'm sorry about
what's happened.

Is that why you
asked me here?

You were fighting
with Mr. Lincoln.

Now, if you know

I don't have to
share it with you.

A man is dead.

Tell me what you know.

Look, the Inspector
didn't want to fire you.

At least he got
you out of the cells.

And I should be
grateful for that?

We are not your enemy.

I don't know
who you are.

And I don't care.



Seems so long ago.

It's only two years.

Makes me
feel young again.

You are young.

Yes, but not at heart,
not like you.

Shall we?

Here you are --

Are you trying to escape?


How could you?

I trusted you.

No, no, no!


Good, work, McNabb.

We'll make
a copper of you yet.


I'm convinced Parker
knows something.

You don't think
he's involved?

Only so much as he seems
to have a personal stake

in this case.

I believe he intends to
prove that this Lincoln

has committed murder.

Of the man in our morgue.

Of the man long since
buried by the city,

thanks to Miss Hart.

I'd like to speak
with this Lincoln.

Have a seat.

Tread carefully, Murdoch.

Sir, it's not like
you to fear --

Margaret's sister
is in dire straits.

Normally that
wouldn't be a problem.

But we're stretched pretty thin
ourselves at the moment.

I didn't realize.

I can't lose my job.
I can't afford to.

Look, Murdoch, go home.

Spend the night
with the wife.

We'll look into
Lincoln tomorrow.

Julia is out of town
at the moment.


Working hard, no doubt.

I've never had as much
fun as I did in Vienna.

Oh Vienna - remarkable.

Although I prefer Paris.

Have you been?

Oh yes, I lived
there for a year.

Near the Jardin
des Plantes.

I didn't know that.

Oh, there's lots you don't
know about me yet, Julia.

Your song was lovely.

Thank you.

I could always
use a vocalist.

Do you sing?

Oh, I couldn't possibly.

Come on, I'm sure
your voice is lovely.

If you insist, Julia.

♪ ♪

♪ Let me call you sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ Let me hear
you whisper ♪

♪ That you love me too. ♪

♪ Keep the love light
glowing ♪

♪ in your eyes so true ♪

♪ let me call you
sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you. ♪

♪ Let me call you sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ Let me hear
you whisper ♪

♪ That you love me too. ♪

♪ Keep
the love light glowing ♪

♪ in your eyes so true ♪

♪ let me call you
sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you. ♪

♪ let me call you
sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you. ♪

♪ ♪

This Parker
is becoming a problem.

I'm sure you
can handle it.

He fancies himself
a man of the law.

Not anymore.
As far as I know.

You know him, don't you?

Not well.

Go and see him.

Tell him there are matters
better left undisturbed,

if he knows what's
good for him.

And if I don't?

I think you know
what's at stake.

I'm very sorry, George.

But I had no choice.

You understand that,
don't you?

Yes. Of course.

I'll tell you...

I'll tell you
everything I know.


Your mother was
a lovely person.

She took care of me
as if I were her own son.

I know that.

She was capable of such love
and affection, wasn't she?

Until she ran off
to become a whore.

Look, many of my aunts
did have male visitors.

But your mother never did.

You mother was more of,

she was more
of a caretaker.

For me, for my
other aunts.

If I said differently in my book
that was a flight of fancy.

She really was
a wonderful woman.


Tell me more.

Miss Hart,
you wanted to talk to me.

I understand you're
looking for John Lincoln.

Are you
comfortable here?


But neither are they.

Then why?

Because this is one of
the finest lounges in the city.

And I belong here.

Mr. Lincoln
didn't kill that man.

How can you be sure?

The bullet
didn't match his gun.

I thought
the bullet was lost.

It was.

And then it was found.

Murdoch could
have mentioned it.

Mr. Parker.

Those people are
not your friends.

Did you really think
they would stand up for you?

People like us
are expendable.

If we're not perfect,

that's all the excuse
they need to dispose of us.

That's why we have to
protect ourselves.

For you it's too late.

You have one choice.

Get out of here.

Leave all
of this behind.

As soon as I speak
with Lincoln.

It is Robert, isn't it?


Stay for a drink.

Looks like a fellow
had too much.

See what he has
on him, shall we?

You'll need to
inform the Inspector.

I'll call for Miss Hart as well.

Henry, let's not notify
Miss Hart just yet.


Just cover him up and don't
let anyone touch a thing.

Did you see anything else?

Just him dead.

You think he'll be
needing those shoes?

Get them out of here, now!

It isn't your fault, sir.

There's no way either of us
could have known--

That's rubbish
and you know it.

He wouldn't have accepted
our help even if we'd --

If this Lincoln did it,
then it's our fault.

Well, my fault.

We don't know
that he did.

How did he die?

Miss Hart hasn't
examined the body yet.

Why not?

Sir, I would prefer
that the postmortem

be performed by Dr. Ogden.

And if it is to be Miss Hart,

then at least one or
both of us should be present.

What for?

Because I don't trust her.

Why the bloody hell not?


Last year, when John was
under investigation,

she was responsible
for the evidence that forced us

to suspect your
son of murder.

Responsible how?

She placed a bullet fragment
from John's gun into the wound.

She framed him. My son.

I don't know that she
knew it was John's gun.

But she did tamper
with evidence.

How sure are you?

I can't prove it.

But I believe
she's mixed up in this.

Uh, could you repeat that?

The removal of the appendix is
a relatively simple procedure.

[man] Have you ever
done it yourself?

I have. More than once.

And they let you?

The majority of patients
are more concerned

with expertise
than gender.

And Dr. Ogden is one of
the most capable surgeons

in our province.

You should all be grateful
to be learning from her.

As I have been.

Yes, he was here.

Was he with anyone?

A coloured woman.

She was the one
buying the drinks.

Would you accompany me
to the Station House?

I'm hoping you can help
me identify this woman.

Of course.

That could be
very helpful.

Detective, thank
you for joining me.

We have a proper lead -
courtesy of Mr. Germaine.


It has been brought
to my attention

that one of the MacAuleys
has come up for auction.

We believe it to be
one of the stolen ones.

And who's selling
the painting?

It is supposed to be anonymous,
but in the art world

there is no such
thing as anonymous.

A woman named
Stella Davenport.

Well I must be off.


Is George Crabtree about?

I'd like to pay
him my regards.

He's off on travels
at the moment.


Bit of a fruitcase.

I believe the word
is cultured.

Is that what
they're calling it now?

I don't know about you,

but I would very much like
to speak with Miss Davenport.

And I think I know exactly
where she possibly could be.

With me, Detective.

Oh, Watts.

I thought I
should inform you.

I recalled a rumour
and it turns out to be true.

That friend of yours.

The butcher.

He was picked up
by our Station House

a few years ago for suspicious
homosexual behaviour.

I did not know that.

No charges.

I don't know the details.

But not exactly
the sort with whom

one wants to be
associated, hmm?

I will take that
under advisement.

The body of Robert Parker
will be delivered

to the morgue shortly.

Why was I not
called to the scene?

It is my job to examine a body
at the scene of death.

And it is mine
to ensure the integrity

of a murder investigation.

I'll be along shortly.

And do not proceed
with your postmortem

until I arrive, Miss Hart.

As you wish.


That's her.

Thank you.

...the last time I saw
her was that autumn.

She'd found an opportunity
working as a,

as a seamstress in Halifax.

We had a little farewell
party to see her off.

And that was
the last time I saw her.


Yes. I think so...

That's where I was.

That's where
she abandoned me.

Alright, no,
I must be mistaken --

No, no, so she went
back to the same town,

she didn't even bother
to find her own daughter.

Look, stop, stop.

Look, I, your mother
never went to Halifax.

I'm sorry, I lied.


Because I can't
help you, Amelia,

I can't help you
find your mother.

She's dead.

This will take
some time, you know.

I know.

Much faster if
you weren't here.

I am sure you are adept

at working under
pressure Miss Hart.

Stella Davenport?


Detectives Watts
and Edwards.

We need to speak with
you about your fiancé.

What for?

You stole some
of his paintings.

I did no such thing.


Then it must be a
coincidence that two nights ago

we found a comb
dropped by the thief

at the scene of one
of the thefts.

How is that a coincidence?

Miss Davenport is about
to purchase a comb herself.

You don't understand.

Those paintings
belong to us.


Philipe and I.

Philipe MacAuley.

He's dead.

No. He is still
very much alive.

There's no good time to say this

so I may as well tell you now.

We may not be working
together much longer.


Yes, I've been offered
another position

as head of surgery at
a hospital in British Columbia.


You're not thinking
of turning it down?

There are certain things that
will pain me to leave behind.

But head of surgery...


I suppose I'll have
to make the best

of what time I have left.

He was poisoned.

With what?

I'm reluctant to say.

And why is that?

I need to do more tests
to confirm my hypothesis.

I can have another doctor
perform the postmortem again.

You will not be able to
hide the truth, Miss Hart.

I suspect it was phenol.

Used in preserving
dead bodies.

A substance of which there
is plenty in this very room.

What are you suggesting?

Your arrogance has caught
up with you, Miss Hart.

The owner of the bar
you were in last night

has identified you.

You were with Mr. Parker
in the last place

he was seen alive,
moments before his death.

You fed him drinks.

And you poisoned him.

Violet Hart.

You are hereby charged with
the murder of Robert Parker.

Are you certain?

I've told you
everything I know.

We could all lose our jobs.
And more.

I know, sir.

You best be sure.

I intend to be.

[knock on door]

Dr. Dixon.

It's late.

I'm sorry if this
is inappropriate.

Are you?

[phone rings]

Let it go.


[Murdoch] Julia. I'm sorry,
I hope I didn't wake you.

You didn't.

[Murdoch] I need you to come
back to Toronto, immediately.

I know --

It's all right.
I'll be on the next train.


I'll be here
when you get back.

♪ ♪