Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 12, Episode 5 - The Spy Who Loved Murdoch - full transcript

When a French diplomat to a secret international meeting to create the Triple Entente is found dead, Murdoch is drafted to temporarily impersonate him.

What's this about?

Before I tell you anything, Murdoch,

you must agree to absolute secrecy.

- No one can know that you're involved.
- I understand.

His name is Gaetan Vidal,
a diplomat from France.

I was acting as his host
but I had to leave briefly.

When I returned...

You'll see for yourself.


What is it?

I left a cigar band in the door jamb...

and it was replaced in the wrong spot.

Someone's gone inside.


Terrence Meyers!

Régine Rivière?

That was for Prague!

What are you doing here?

I am Monsieur Vidal's attachée.

I assume you are the host?

How could you have let this happen?

What happened?

Who is this man? Why is he here?

Detective William Murdoch.




We can trust him?


Then he must be informed.


I must be informed.

Murdoch, if we don't find
out who killed this man,

the result will be the greatest
war this world has ever known.

Vidal was here to sign a treaty.

Canada was chosen as neutral ground.

The treaty is to be between
Britain, Russia and France.

But France is already allies
with Russia. And with Britain.

But Britain and Russia remain enemies.

This treaty will mend that
bridge and form a triple entente.

An alliance strong enough

to withstand an attack from
any nation on the planet.

And you believe this
attack to be forthcoming?

It's the mad Kaiser, Wilhelm.
He lusts for Weltmachtstellung.


- World power.
- Without the triple entente,

the entire world is vulnerable.
This treaty cannot fail.

And now, one of the signatories is dead.

I will telephone Paris and
arrange for a replacement.

I believe our foreign secretary
is currently in Washington.

We must insure that he and the
rest of the diplomats remain safe.

Well, it appears he's
been stabbed several times.

Likely bled to death.

He knew his attacker
was about to strike.

You can tell that by his pipe?

Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

Single shot pistol.

I gave it to Vidal for protection.

And he was just about to shoot?

But the killer acted first.

- I'll contact Miss Hart and request the post-mortem.
- Who?

Miss Hart. She works under
Dr. Ogden at the morgue.

Unacceptable. No one
else can know of this.

I agree this Hart woman
cannot be involved,

but Dr. Ogden is Murdoch's
wife. She can be trusted.

They were drinking wine.

The killer earned his
mark's trust, then struck.

- Classic spy craft.
- A spy?

- But for whom?
- Who else?

Clearly the Germans would
want this treaty to fail.

- What will I wear?
- Monty won't give a toss.

He's an old army man. You
could have told me in advance.

I only found out myself this morning.

- I didn't think you'd want to come.
- Of course I'd want to come!

Well, you didn't want to
come when Teddy was in town.

Or when Whitey was in from New Zealand.

Well, yes, but

Monty is another matter altogether.

- Excuse me, darling.
- I am simply glad

an old friend of yours
is coming to town.

Terrence Meyers!

What brings you here?

Well, I'm afraid that information
is classified, Inspector.

Ah, but not to Murdoch.

Detective Murdoch has
become involved, as

has Dr. Ogden. I'm afraid
the list ends there.

- It's a matter of...
- Let me bloody-well guess.

National security?

No. International security.

Ah, Mrs. Hall!

How are you liking your accommodations?

- Do you think you'll be staying in the house?
- I do hope so.

I thought you worked
on Saturdays, George.

Yes, well, I do ordinarily, but
I saved up some of my off days

and decided to spend some.

Oh. A whole week-end off

and you're spending it at home?

Yes, well you have to think of
it as a stay-at-home vacation,

- or as I like to call it, a "homecation".
- Mm.

And old Miss Pratt has
you fixing the stoop?

Yes, she didn't quite grasp the idea.

Eric, what's the matter?

- My motorcar's gone.
- Oh, your favourite toy.

Where did you last see it?

I was playing with it in
the park at the sandbox.

Well, we'll go back and look as soon
as I finish hanging this washing.

I don't mind taking
him for a look around.

I could use the stroll.
What do you say, Eric?

It may be for the best, Constable.

You see, I think it was stolen.

We were both new to
the world of espionage.

Me, a rugged youth of the Great Lakes.

And she, a coy nymph from
the mountains of Alsace.

Of course, ours was a
love that couldn't last,

for love dies in dishonesty.

We couldn't go on with
such suspicion in our minds,

but while it burned, Murdoch,

the intensity was such that...

I believe I've found something.

Oh. Fingermarks?

Indeed. A full set from a right hand,

but not just any right hand.

The killer had six fingers.

We have a problem.

The Russians have arrived.

- They were scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
- Well, they're here.

Apparently, they informed
Vidal by telephone last night.

Then they know Vidal
was here. It's over.

Not necessarily.

Tell them Vidal is indisposed.

That we'll stall them until your
men from Washington can arrive.

It won't work.

The Russian diplomat,
Evgeny Dorokhov, is a coward.

Appointed only because he
is the tsarina's nephew.

If he senses something
is amiss, he will flee.

And if he informs the tsarina...

Then the chances for an accord are over.

There's only one way out.

Allow the Russians to walk away

and we convince King Eddy to make
peace with his nephew, the Kaiser.

The rest of the world
may fall to Deutschland,

but at least Britain will be safe.


The German will confront France
first and take Paris in forty days.

France will just have to fight.

I have an idea.

Someone will pose as Vidal.

Nobody knows he's dead.

We pretend he's still alive,

just until his replacement arrives.


Fine idea, but I don't speak French.

Not you.

Vidal's build, his
hair, even his face...

Doesn't it resemble someone?

Someone who we know is fluent...

en français.


- No...
- Murdoch,

the fate of the world
lies in your hands.

I can see a bit of resemblance.

I don't have a...

And I'm much more...

We don't look anything alike.

Murdoch, none of these people
have ever seen Vidal before.

All you have to do is play the part.

I can't impersonate a political figure.

Why not? You've
impersonated an anarchist.

And a workman. And a homosexual.

You're taking his side?

It seems important.

Well, I suppose someone needs
to protect the Russian diplomat

in case the killer strikes again.

Bien !

I will need to brief you before
we meet with the Russians.

On what?

Monsieur Vidal has a reputation

in the world of international diplomacy.

For example,

it is well known I am
more than his attachée.

How much more?

I am also his lover.

- Did you know that?
- No.

No, I did not.

Did you see anybody playing over there?

Right, then. Well, in that case,

if we don't have any witnesses,

I suggest the first thing
we do is look for a clue.

- A clue?
- Evidence.

A clue as to who might have been here.

For example,

this footprint.

Now, this sand gets
washed around all the time,

so we can assume that
this footprint is fresh.

And by the shape of it,

I would say it belongs to a girl.

You mean a girl stole my motorcar?

This footprint either belongs
to the most notorious toy thief

this city has ever known, or possibly

to a young girl who knows
something about your toy car.

A toy thief! She must be stopped!

Well, we'll come by tomorrow
and see if we can spot her.

In the meantime, uh,

I'm off to get some ice cream.

You wouldn't care for
some, I don't suppose?

Children are not fancy
on ice cream, are they?

As I said, the Russians are looking
for an excuse to flee to Moscow.

We must not give them
any such opportunity.

The truth is, France stands to
lose the most if this treaty fails.

Follow my lead. If in doubt,
agree to whatever they ask.

Now, what if the German
spy tries to kill, um...

What's the Russian diplomat's name?

Evgeny Dorokhov.

I will be watching.

If a threat appears,
I will strike first.


Dart gun.

Not fatal but

it will render a man
unconscious in moments.

Hidden blade.

Handcuffs. Steel.

The key is on my necklace.

And of course...

some things a woman keeps secret.


for you.

What does it do?

It is a pen. It writes.

Oh. That... that's all?

It is Vidal's pen. Custom-made.

He used to boast of it.

He has been photographed with it.

He used to carry it always
in his breast pocket.

If you were to use anything else,

a clever spy would spot you as a fake.

Are you ready?

I think so.


Then, put your arm around me.

Uh... is this how you hold your lover?

It's how I hold my wife.

You Canadians are as
cold as your weather.

You are meant to be French.

Move your arm lower.



I'm a married man. I don't
know if I can do this.

Detective, if the Russians
discover you're an impostor,

they will kill us.

You cannot merely play
the part of a Frenchman.

You must become a Frenchman.


Ah, Monsieur Vidal!

Oh ! Regardez donc ça,
cette petite bête mignonne !

Don't get too close. It bites.

This is not always a bad
thing, hein, ma chérie ?

You, what do you want?

- The food you ordered, sir.
- Leave it and get out.

Before we eat, business.

Ah, mais oui !

I think you have misgivings
about this treaty.

Russia is happy to join France
in alliance with Britain,

but there is one thing.

You hear about
unpleasantness at Tsushima?

Mm, yes. You lost a war with Japan.

It is behind us.

But Moscow does not trust Japanese.

From Shanghai, we could...

How do you say it?

Keep one eye on them.


What does France have to do with this?

Well, France has
concessions in Shanghai.

We will sign treaty if
you give us Shanghai.


I will speak with Paris.

Paris? Vidal, are you not a
man who can make decisions?

I make it simple.

No Shanghai, no treaty.

Give him what he wants.


- No?
- No!

If you would like concessions with
Shanghai, you speak to the British.

France will not bow down to threats.

For a moment, I thought I
was dealing with a child!

We would have preferred
to walk, but this...

Da, this is man I like!

Ah, Pavel! There you are.

I believe you know Vidal.

Old friends, yes?

Mais oui, Pavel !

So very nice to see you again.

Nice to see you as well, Gaetan.

Uh, please excuse, us, Pavel,

may I have a word outside?

All right.

What are you? German? Where is Vidal?

You killed him!

Let him go.

- Is it true? Vidal is dead?
- He is.

And your fingermarks, all six of them,

- were found in his room.
- So?

You killed him!

Why else would you pretend
to think that I was Vidal?

You had to hide the fact that you,

and only you, knew he was dead.

If Vidal is dead, the
entente is at risk.

I didn't want Dorokhov
to suspect anything.

He wants a reason to leave.

Then you're on our side.

I'm on the side of peace.

But who are you?

A man also on the side of peace.

- Hey, I think we should go inside before...
- Pavel and Vidal!

What is going on?

- Mon amour, ma passion brûle !
- Oui !

Viens, viens !

They left.

They're French.

Her cigarette case was a knife!

And there was this
strange animal on a leash,

a man named Pavel,

and I saved Shanghai!

You seem to have taken to
your role with some relish.

Well, when you take on a persona,

when you truly inhabit
another being, in essence,

you become that person.

And you became a
Frenchman, with a mistress!

Is that why you're still in
that ridiculous suit and beard?

Oh, I can't take it off.

If anyone were to see
me out of character,

it could ruin our entire gambit.

I see.

It's not because you...

like the suit and beard?

No. No, no, no, don't be silly.

Now, what have you found?

Well, the real French diplomat, not you,

died of a stab wound.

The blade was short and thin,
but it had a significant hilt.

And the thrusts were
violent, causing bruising.

There were four thrusts to the chest

and one to the side of a thigh.

A thigh?

A glancing blow?

No, just as violent as the others.

Why would the killer
stab him in the thigh?

Perhaps you should ask your mistress.

When I was there, Vidal was fine.

But he did ask for me to come
so he could tell me something.


He said the Germans were in Toronto.

He wanted me to protect Dorokhov.

How did he know this?

He did not say.

But he believed someone
was surveilling him.

What exactly happened in the
hallway when Dorokhov came out?

- What?
- Between these two, I mean.

- Their little charade.
- How, quiet down, you fool.

Why would Vidal inform
you of this and not me?

I do not know.

But Vidal was writing
something. A telegram.

What did it say?

It was in code.






Is the French really necessary?

Mr. Meyers! What a nice surprise!

Ah, Mr. Ainsworth!

- Just in from London, are you?
- Yes, that's right.

And this must be the
delegation from France?

Yes. Yes. Monsieur Vidal,
please meet Mr. Ainsworth here.

- Counterpart from Britain.
- Ah. It is a pleasure.

Mademoiselle Rivière.

Monsieur Vidal's attachée.

Attachée? I see.

What a pleasant coincidence
to bump into you.

Now, you really must join me inside.

I'm about to sit down and have
a drink with a dear old friend.

One of the finest
Britons in the New World.

Monsieur Vidal !

Please meet Inspector
Thomas Brackenreid.

Steady on! You two don't
know one another, do you?

As it happens, we do!

What a surprise to see you
again, Inspector Brackenreid!

A surprise indeed!

- What was the name again?
- Vidal! Gaetan Vidal!

As you can see, Mr. Ainsworth,
is has been a very long time

since the Inspector and I
have been face to face, uh?

I suppose it has.

- When was the last time we saw each other?
- 19... 01!

- Monte Carlo, the baccarat table!
- Is that right?

Clearly, you had too much whiskey!

And I see you're here with Mr. Meyers.

- Yes, Inspector...
- And who might this be?

Mademoiselle Rivière.
Monsieur Vidal's attachée.

Monsieur Vidal's proclivity
for beautiful attachée's

- is known the world over.
- Is it?

That must be nice.

There you are, you old devil!

Oh, Margaret.

What a pleasure to lay
eyes upon you again.

Oh, the pleasure is mine.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm late.

I just simply had to
stop and buy you a box

of these lovely bonbons.

There's nothing more lovely
than your bonbons, Margaret.

Margaret, dear!

You remember Monsieur Vidal?

I don't think I know a Mons... Oh!

- William?
- Mais non ! Ha! Ha!

Clearly, it has been a very long time

since I have seen Mrs. Brackenreid.

- Gaetan Vidal.
- What? What is going on?

- And who is this woman?
- Mademoiselle Rivière...

Oh no, I don't care about your name.

- I want you to get your hands off of him!
- Margaret, it's all right!

It's none of our business how the
French wish to flaunt themselves.

Alors,we have very much
important business to attend to.

Au revoir ! Au revoir.




- Sir!
- What?

Oh, yes.

These are all telegrams sent
from this hotel last night.

Every one sent by every guest.

Did you receive any
strange communication?

Sentences that did not make sense?

- Unintelligible characters?
- No.

Nothing like that.

So Monsieur Vidal never gave
you any message of any kind?

Why don't you ask Monsieur Vidal?

The telegram was gone by the
time I found Vidal's body.

So the killer must have taken it.

We need to find a way to
draw him out, otherwise...

Someone's trying to kill me!

Or perhaps Monsieur Vidal.

Murdoch, are you all right?

The bullet missed me.

I saw the shooter. Well,
not the shooter himself,

but a rifle barrel on the
third floor of the hotel.

It's clear. Hurry!

Excusez-moi ! Pardon !

- No luck.
- Nothing here either.


Did you see anyone up
here? Hear anything?

Uh, like what?

A rifle was fired from this floor.

I didn't hear anything.
I'm just eating my lunch.


How long have you been
working in this place?

- A week or two.
- Mm.

You always eat a sandwich for lunch?

- Every day.
- Every day?

Like this, in the supply closet?


What's this about, Vidal?

Do you always use a knife
and fork for your sandwich?

- Dear God!
- What?

Eating a sandwich with a knife and fork

is customary in only one
country so far as I know.

- Germany.
- He's a spy! Hey!

Es liebe Deutschland!

Cyanide. Along with a
couple of other poisons

designed to act immediately.

Clearly, he had secrets
he didn't want us to learn.

So you're saying that this chap

tried to stop Britain from signing
in treaty with France and Russia?

France being represented by you?

I'm sorry we couldn't
let you in on it sooner.

- And then you caught him and he killed himself?
- Yes, sir.

What a waste.

If Britain's gonna team up with
anyone, it should be Germany.

We're related to their bloody king!

- Kaiser.
- Yes, him.

Found in the ceiling
of the supply closet,

along with many communiqués

proving he was, in fact, a German spy.

- Then we have our killer.
- Unfortunately not.

When I left Vidal last night, it was
to transfer my luggage to my room.

The bellboy helped me do it.

He must have a compatriot.

I also found this.

Seems he did intercept Vidal's telegram.

What does it say?

It's a code, intended for me.

It says, "Toronto is compromised.

Our friends are not our friends."

What does that mean?

It means that whoever killed
Vidal is on the inside.

And he is trying to stop the treaty.

George! How is your home vacation going?

Very well, thank you, Mrs. Hall.

- Oh, my! Is that... ?
- Oh, yes.

Turns out Eric left it at his cousin's.

He never took it to the park at all.


He and I had planned on
recanvassing the area this afternoon.

Oh, well, he'll be glad
to have it back, I suppose.

Uh, Mrs. Hall?

Might I suggest something?

Well, this is rather a surprise!

I wish I could say I
wasn't calling with... Oh.

Sorry, I thought you'd
finished moving in.

- We have.
- Oh.

And this is the sitting room, then?

And the dining room, as you can see.


Anyway, as I was saying,

I wish I wasn't calling
with such dire news.

Oh, dear.

What is it?

Another woman is laying
hands on your husband.

Oh, that, yes. I know about that.

And you've allowed this?

It's very important.

I can't disclose why William
is doing what he's doing,

but I can assure you it's...

it's all an act.

I know the Detective is a good man,

but men are not as strong as us.

Is that so?

When women feel the urge of temptation,

we may entertain it in our minds,

but it goes no further.

But men! Men aren't like that at all.

I trust William. And like
I said, it's all an act.

You know best, Julia. And it
really is none of my business,

but I saw that woman with
her hands on your husband.

And trust me, she has an
eye for William Murdoch.

So the Russians or the English.

One is working against us.

I have observed nothing
suspicious from either delegation.

We must proceed.

- It's dangerous.
- If the killer is there, we will stop him.

But we will attend the treaty this
afternoon and ensure everyone signs.

Yourself included.

I can't actually sign.

Why not?

No one will ever know.

Once it's done, I will
tell Paris Vidal died

- shortly after the signing.
- Meyers.

Meet me in my room. I have
something I must discuss with you.

No! Are you certain?


I should have known.

I can't believe I didn't see it.

She uses her feminine wiles
to seduce you, body and mind.


She never contacted Paris about Vidal.

There is no replacement
diplomat on the way.

- She's been lying to us.
- What? Why?

Because she killed him.

Her intention all along
was to stop this treaty.

You believe she is the traitor?

Obviously, she expected you
to fail when posing as Vidal,

and when you didn't,

she enlisted the bellboy to kill you.

I'm expected to meet
her in her room shortly.

We can't reveal we're onto her.

What? Meyers, she's already
tried to kill me once!

Murdoch, you must live
to sign this treaty.

The world hangs in the balance.

Thank you for coming.

Of course.

What did you want to see me about?

I should think it would be obvious.

We cannot go on like this any longer.

Go on... like what?

Go on pretending the passion
between us is only an act.

But... it is an act.

Isn't it?

Oh, you're right.

I feel it too.


- But we can't.
- Why not?

Because we must remain focused.

The treaty must be the
most important thing.


I suppose you're right.

Oh! Oops.

I drink yours.

You'll have to have mine.

Go ahead. Drink.

You fool.


Meyers has convinced you I am
out to kill you, is that it?

That's right! You're a traitor!

You never telephoned Washington
to ask for the other diplomat.

If you had half a mind, you
would see we do, in fact,

have a traitor in our midst.

- Terrence Meyers.
- Meyers?

He killed Vidal.

I was sure when I realized

he was the one who stole the telegram.

But Meyers claims that the
bellboy intercepted the telegram.

Oh, but the bellboy never met Vidal,

otherwise he would have
known that I wasn't him.

Which means Vidal never
gave him the telegram

and Meyers had it all along.

He lied to us. He is the traitor!

I am not a traitor.

This is Prague all over again, isn't it?

You mean your paranoia nearly
ruining an entire operation?

Oh, no. No, I mean your lying

and manipulating to get what you want.

It's never been about what I want!

- It's always you, you and you!
- What a damn lie!

I offered you the world
and you spat it back at me!

- What?
- Yes! Do you have any idea

how long I waited...


- That's enough.
- I don't know where he is.

Shall I let him know that
you're looking for him?

No, no, it's not important.

Murdoch, this is outrageous!

Arrest her, certainly, but me?

- Murdoch!
- Come, come, Detective, this is silly.

After all we've been through,
after how close we've become,

surely you trust me over Meyers?

In fact,

Mademoiselle Rivière,

I trust neither of you.

Therefore, you leave me no choice.

I will have to sign this treaty
and find the killer myself.


William, that woman was all over you,

right here, in the middle
of the station house!


Mademoiselle Rivière
did get carried away.

But Julia, it's all an act.

One you're not quite
ready to give up, it seems.

What exactly do you intend to do?

I intend to go to the treaty signing.

And the killer? Is it
Meyers or the woman?

I believe it's neither.

But I don't trust them, so I've
removed them from the equation.

So there'll be an assassin
present at the treaty?

Mais oui.

And I intend to catch him.

William, this is very dangerous.

They've already tried to kill you once!

That was the German bellboy.
He's no longer a threat.

Besides, the killer now
knows that I am an impostor

- and has no reason to kill me.
- I'm going in there with you.

Absolutely not! It's far too dangerous.

- You just said it wasn't...
- Monsieur Vidal!

Nice to see you again.

And who might this
beautiful young woman be?

Sheila Walker.


I'm Monsieur Vidal's attachée.


Uh... What they lack in refinement,

they make up for with ardor.

Are you quite sure
about bringing a woman

to the signing of such
an important treaty?

You can trust me, Mr. Ainsworth.

I'm not new to this game.

And Gaetan,

he can't bear to be away from me.

You see what I mean?

We've already looked everywhere.

Well, that's true, but if I've
learned anything as a police constable,

it's that a second
go-around can sometimes

uncover the most valuable clues.

I'll poke about over here and
you have a look over there.


A bit a shoelace, in here!

A footprint!

- The same ones!
- My goodness!

That could be our thief! We
need to follow them, Eric.


And there's two there!

- Oh, look at that big one!
- You've got it!

There's some over here...

The prints stop here.

Well, that's it. That's
a dead end, I suppose.

- Maybe we should just go home.
- Wait!

It's here!

Excellent, Eric! Well done!

The villain may have
fled but most importantly,

we have recovered your
motorcar. Case closed!

Of course I never
called for the diplomat!

Our man in Washington
never supported the treaty.

It would have derailed the whole thing!

And you know full well
why I stole that telegram.

Because you killed Vidal!

I found Vidal dead, with
the telegram on the desk.

So you just went ahead and took it?

Of course I took it!

You really think I'd hand it over
to you after what happened in Prague?

Oh, for the last time,
Prague was your fault!

Everything I did, I did out of love!

Wait a minute

if you didn't kill Vidal
and I didn't kill Vidal...

The traitor is still out there.

Murdoch is in a great deal of danger.

Then what are we waiting for?

We're locked in.

Locks are meant to be picked.


I heard some alarming news.

Oh? What is it?

My source had informed me you were dead.

But clearly, my source is not correct.

You can't trust anyone, these days.

Now, we sign?

Yes, it will be France's great pleasure

to sit at a table with
your great nations.

And for Britain as well.

Today will be a glorious day for
peace and safety the world over.

Yes, yes... can we get on about this?

Before we sign, here's an idea.

Why don't we swap pens?

The symbol of the unity of our nations.

- I like this. To show we are friends, yes?
- Precisely, sir.

Well, history awaits, gentlemen!

As France is our common
ally, Monsieur Vidal,

would you like the
honor of signing first?

No. I will not sign.

I believe this pen is
intended to kill me.

And Monsieur Ainsworth is a traitor.

I've never heard of anything
so absurd in my life. Here!


Now, what is all this about?

Oh, uh, it seems I have made a mistake.

Please accept my apologies,
Monsieur Ainsworth.

It is this pen that
is the deadly device.

Look! When pressed to
paper, a pin is triggered,

- poisoning he who writes with it.
- Dear God, I almost...

Someone is trying to kill me!


You gave me this pen!

Sir, I'm sorry not to
have said this earlier.

This man is not Vidal!
He is an impostor!

Are you quite sure
about bringing a woman

to the signing of such
an important treaty?

Get him!

- No! Ah!
- Wait!


You have to believe me.
Ainsworth planted that pen

in my pocket. He's behind all of this!

- I've done nothing wrong!
- You give this pen,

- I kill you now!
- Vidal is dead!

I sent you the telegram
telling you Vidal is dead.

You! But why?

I also sent a telegram to Ainsworth

- saying the same thing.
- What's he saying? Just kill...

I knew that the
innocent man would assume

that the man he knew as
Vidal, me, would be dead

and therefore would be surprised

when I came walking through the door.

- As you were.
- Don't listen to him! The man is a traitor!

But the guilty man would
assume that telegram

was referring to the
man he had already killed

and therefore would do nothing.

And that was Ainsworth.

- Ainsworth is the traitor.
- Enough of this nonsense.

I'll kill him myself!

Stop! Drop that weapon! Right now!

Mr. Ainsworth, you are
under arrest for murder.

You can't arrest me, I'm a diplomat!

- I killed for England.
- Last I checked, Monty,

King Edward doesn't care
much for treason. Come on.

- Pas mal.
- Merci.

This was all very confusing, yes,

but now, I believe I understand.

Englishman want to kill Vidal,

but instead kill impostor.

And you, Vidal,

you use this to set trap.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Very clever!

Ah oui !It appears you
understand everything.

What is important is Mr. Dorokhov knows

this British madman was not
acting on behalf of Britain.

Mr. Steele will contact London
as soon as he is feeling better.

He surely will hang Ainsworth

and Britain will still
wish to form the entente.

If you, gentlemen, will agree
to sign at a future date?

If my friend Vidal say "yes", so do I.

Bien sûr ! France will
be most eager to sign;

- soon, I hope.
- Good!

Now, let me talk to Mr. Steele

about small matter of Shanghai.

I'm not a German spy,
I'm a British patriot!

You agree with me, don't you, Tom?

Agree with what, exactly?

I was only doing
what's best for Britain.

We can't ally ourselves
with France and Russia.

The tsar is weak and the French, well...

- Not really my cup of tea, I must admit.
- Precisely.

The Germans are our friends.
Tom, it's not too late!

- For what?
- To let me out. I can stop this treaty.

I don't know much about
international politics,

but I do know a killer when I see one.

Oh, and Monty,

if they ever do let you out,

keep your eyes off my wife.

The entente will be saved.

So thank you, Murdoch.

The world was saved in Toronto today.

It's a shame no one will ever know.

I do have one question, however.

When Mademoiselle Rivière
and I were accusing you

of being a traitor, how did you know?

He had a microphone in the flower pot.

He heard every word we said.

- And you knew of this?
- I figured it out.

Why did you think I was
trying to seduce you?

I was making our friend jealous.

When Terrence Meyers runs hot,

no man on Earth burns with such passion.

You shot that man with a pocket watch!

And that codger,

how did he get the pen into...

I threw a knife at the killer!

Yes, it was all quite exciting.

And dangerous.

William, we saved the western world!

Yes, we did.

Well, I should take all of this off.

Don't you dare.

Tonight belongs to Sheila Walker

and Monsieur Vidal.

Oh... Comme vous désirez, ma chérie.