Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 11, Episode 17 - Shadows Are Falling - full transcript

After a tragic loss a visitor with an urgent request arrives at the Murdoch home. William and Julia, with the help of their colleagues, must put their own feelings aside to help their friend avoid the noose.



Season 11 Episode 17
Title: "Shadows Are Falling"

Look at the craftsmanship
on that horse, Crabtree.

In time, that will become
a treasured heirloom.

Sir, what does a child
care about an heirloom?

That toy car, that's the thing.
Don't be daft.

- What if it's a girl?
- Sir, girls enjoy cars

- just as much as boys, I believe.
- I'm sure a girl would enjoy

a car as much as a boy.
Although for a baby,

perhaps a teddy bear.

Well, that's
that surprise ruined.

I've always wanted
one of those spinning tops.

We'll make a note to get
you one for your own kid

when the time comes.

In fact, Crabtree,

do yourself a favour and marry
that pretty dancer of yours.

Then stick her up the duff.

Sir! Nina is...

a free spirit.

I hesitate to push her
into something that...

well, that essentially would be
a lifelong commitment.

I mean, even more so than
marriage, if you think about it.

Take the bull
by the horns, Crabtree.

Tell her it's your way
or no way.

I'm not sure
that's a good idea, sir.

Well, it might be unwise
to force her decision, sir,

but I would like to have a
family of my own at some point.

It's been weighing
on me more lately,

perhaps because
of your happy news, sir.

Well, George, everything
has a way of working itself out.

All right then, gentlemen.
Enough loitering.

We have work to do. Kids.

Would you like
to have a closer look?

All right.

I think he'll make
a good father, sir.

That's a very big horse, yes?



Good lord!

Dr. Ogden?!

Dr. Ogden! Are you awake?

Doctor, what happened?

- Felt a bit dizzy, did we?
- I guess...

I just... I hope
that's all it was.

Oh, George! George,
go and get William! Please!

Crabtree, meet us
at the hospital. Sharpish.

- Right!
- And no arguments from you!

- No... no, you're right.
- Put your arm around me.

We have to go right away.
There's something wrong

with the baby.
Hang in there, Doctor.

At what period
of development, Nurse?

It's the 4th month.
It's maternal causes.

It could be uterine scarring.
14 weeks.

Any outward signs of trauma?

No. It has to be internal.

Everything else
has been healthy.

Has there been
any interference?


Where's William?
Is that your husband, dear?

I understand he's on his way.
There's no need

for her husband to see this.

- Where is she?!
- She's all right.

- Why is she here if she's all right?
- The doctor's with her.

Let's contain that bleeding!

It's best if you wait.

Sir, let the doctors take...

- I don't want dilation!
- Sedate her.

- Julia!
- There still could be a chance that...

- William.
- Julia.

It's going to be all right.

I'm so sorry. I'm so...

- I'd advise you to step out.
- Let the doctor do his work.



Margaret had a scare
just like this one

when she was expecting John.

- Yes?
- Yeah.

She was on bedrest
for a couple of months,

not that she enjoyed that,

but everything
turned out just fine.

Yes, perhaps you're right.

Perhaps that's all it is.


Your wife is fine,

but I'm sorry to tell you
the baby didn't survive.

Oh, God.

Leave him alone, Crabtree.

Least said, soonest mended.





Thank you.

I've brought you
a glass of water.

I can fix you a cup
of tea if you like.

No, thank you.

A glass of sherry?


I just want to sleep.

Of course.

Stay put. I'll be right back.

Just a moment!

Detective Murdoch!
Thank God you're here.

Nate, this isn't

really a good time.

I need your help.

What is it? What's happened?

I got into a fight
earlier today.

A fight? In Chatham or here?

What's wrong, Nate?

Where's Rebecca?
Is something wrong?

She's fine,

but Rebecca can't
know about this,

at least not until...
Nate, please.

I came to town
to take care of a problem.

Can I trust your discretion?

I don't want Rebecca worried.

Until I know
what's going on, Nate, I can make

no such promise.

Toronto Constabulary.
Open the door.

They're after me.

Detective Murdoch,
this man has escaped custody.

We're here
to carry out an arrest.

- On what grounds?
- This matter is not in your jurisdiction.

At the moment, it's in my home.
Just a moment, here!

Wait! Julia!


- He pushed my wife!
- We are apprehending a suspect!

Please, stop! I'll go quietly.

- What are the charges?
- Detective, I promise you...

Doctor, I... I didn't do it.

Please remember that.
What are the charges?!

Your friend
killed a man, Detective.

The charge is murder.



So McWorthy has been
appointed to inspector.

Payback for doing Davis'
dirty work, I'd imagine.

No experience,
just handed the job.

Perhaps Station House 1
has improved since

Davis was brought to justice?

You can't clean up a station
house that fast, Murdoch.

I wouldn't trust that lot
as far as I could throw them.

Sloppy and corrupt. I'll assign
Watts to look into it.

Actually, I'll be taking
the lead on this, Inspector.

Don't be foolish.
Look, even I had

a week off without pay
when Margaret was on bedrest.

You should be at home
with the good doctor.

I thought that would
be for the best also,

but Julia has other ideas.

Dr. Ogden?

I was told you weren't
coming in today.

Well, you were misinformed.

I'm very sorry.

Thank you, Miss Hart.

I can't find
my dissecting forceps.

Is it possible
you've misplaced them?

I don't believe so.
You would have used them

yesterday when you were
working on Mr. Smith.

I believe I'm ready
to handle a post-mortem, Doctor.

If I have any difficulties,
I shall consult with you.

Well, thank you.
If I need your help, I will ask for it.

Dr. Ogden.

I thought perhaps you would have
recused yourself from this case,

given your interest in it.

Your implication is offensive,
Inspector McWorthy.

Dr. Ogden would never let

- her personal feelings get...
- Fine.

Let's see
if your observations

match up to what I already
know of the murder.

Mr. Charlie Lewis,
a victim of a beating

around the head and the neck
with a foreign object.

So far, so good.

Based on the shape
of the injuries

and the residue
left by the weapon,

I believe you are looking
for a fireplace poker.


There was a poker
found near the body.

Yes, I'm sure.

The victim also has
a contusion on the left jaw,

but this injury was not
inflicted by the poker.

We know Lewis was
in a fight the afternoon

before he was killed.

Multiple witnesses saw him
hit in the face...

by your Nate Desmond.

It seems as though
Inspector McWorthy decided

that Nate was guilty because
of this fight hours earlier.

Well, I would certainly
want to take a look at him.

Mr. Desmond was quite clear
in protesting his innocence.

Don't they all? But I do
believe that Nate Desmond

is a good chap.

"A man was arrested following
the word of witnesses

"who saw him
near the scene of the crime

at the time in question."
"Near the scene"?

Presumably the investigation
is in the early stages

as yet.
Well, exactly. We need

more information.
I'm going back to the body.

Julia, you'll stop and rest
if you feel the need, yes?

Yes, of course, William.

Right. Someone needs
to speak to Nate Desmond.

They likely won't let me
near Station House 1.

- You know the men there, Watts.
- Yes.

Robinson is typically
on duty in the cells,

and Robinson has
a taste for booze

that belongs to someone else.

- Miss Bloom.
- George.

- Nina.
- I just got your note.

I'm so sorry.
How are the Murdochs doing?

Not very well, I'm afraid.

One wishes they could
do more at a time like this.

This is the problem
with families.

It's always the source
of so much pain.

Well, that didn't keep them

from wanting it very much.

I'm so sorry
for your loss, Detective.

- Thank you, Miss Bloom.
- I can see

you're very busy here.

I'll see you later, George.

That's right. I don't
think I had a chance

to say it last night,
but... I'm so sorry.


Could you check

into Charlie Lewis
at Police Records, George?

Perhaps he wasn't
a model citizen.

Yes, of course.


I've already told the others,
I'm not talking to any police.

Well, Detective Murdoch
sent me.

You can trust me.

So, tell me
what happened yesterday.

You got in a fight
with Mr. Lewis?

Yeah. On the street outside
the pub he favours, yes.

But I only punched him.

He walked away after.
It was... it was no murder.

Why the fight?

- He owed me money.
- And he wouldn't pay?

Well, he said he didn't
have any money.

He shoved me, said he didn't owe
me a thing. That's when I hit him.

Look, I know I made a mistake.

I couldn't help myself.

Well, I suppose that's
why the Inspector here believes

you couldn't help yourself
later that night either.

Well, no!
That was hours later.

I had come to my senses by then.

So it was just
a coincidence, then?

Charlie Lewis getting beaten
to death in his apartment

hours after you had
a fight with him.

Nate insists he never
visited Mr. Lewis at his home.

And you believed him?

Even authenticity can
be faked, in my experience.

Indeed. The newspaper
said there were witnesses.

Oh, yes.

As much of the case file
as Robinson could manage

to copy out for us.
I have their names.

Very good.


Sir, this is Eugene Lough.

He lives across
from our victim there.

Mr. Lough. I understand
you saw a man

the night of the murder.
Oh, I didn't see anyone.

What I did is I heard an
argument in Charlie's apartment.

Voices... around midnight.

And then bangs and thuds.

And you didn't check in
on your neighbour?

Well, to tell you the truth,
arguments were never anything new.

Charlie and his wife Isabel
had many quarrels.

His wife? Do you
know where she is?

Visiting her mother,
I believe.

Then after the bangs and thuds,

I heard a man escape
down the back stairs.

If you didn't see him,

how are you sure it was a man?

I heard the fight.
It was a man.

I was standing right here.

No one uses the back stairs,
so of course

it attracted my attention. A man

came out of Mr. Lewis' back door
and ran right down there.

I got a good look at him,
clear as day.

You all... bachelors?

- I am, indeed.
- If I may, sir,

what were you doing
in the alleyway at midnight?

I like to take my last pipe
of the night outside.

We have what they call bachelor
flats to let at a reasonable rent

to good tenants,
such as yourself.

Ahem. How did you see his face
if it was dark?

It is a ways away from here.

There's a lamp right there.

Besides, I've seen him since.
That other policeman

brought a man by this morning,
asked if I recognized him.

- And did you?
- You bet I did.

I could see right away
they had the exact same man.

Could've knocked me over
they go him so fast.

Said his name was Desmond.

Oh. Do you have an address
for Isabelle Lewis' mother?

I could find it for you.
And after that,

I'll show you
our best apartment.


Now, this is
Charlie Lewis' apartment.

No sign of forced entry.

McWorthy's theory

was that Mr. Lewis
was ambushed near the door.

So the blood spatter
would suggest.

Good lord.

Ransacked belongings.

Perhaps Isabel Lewis came back

to get some of her things.

She heard her husband
approaching, so she hid

behind the door with
the fireplace poker in hand.

Possibly, but that's
a lot of speculation.

Why Mrs. Lewis
and not anyone else,

even your man Desmond?


Oh, hello.

"Dear Isabel..."

I don't know

who that's from.
I have lots of old letters.

Maybe Charlie put them
in the fire.

When did you last see
your husband, Mrs. Lewis?

Not since Sunday.

We argued, and I...

I wanted to visit my mother.

This is all very hard
on Isabel.

Charlie was a good husband.

He wanted to have children.

Such a tragedy!
He would've been

a terrible father.
Don't you see what he did to me?

- What?! Charlie did that?
- Yes, Mother.

All... right then.

Mrs. Lewis, where were you

at about midnight of last night?
I was here.

And is that something

your mother could corroborate?
Of course I'm sure my Isabel

is telling the truth,
but strictly speaking,

I... can't.
It's all right, Mother.

You see, I was out nursing
a sick neighbour all night.

Very good. Just one moment.

Sir, are you quite all right?

Yes, fine.

I'm going to check on Julia
at the morgue.




perhaps we should focus
on the silver lining.

- What do you mean?
- Well... we thought

it was an impossibility
for you to conceive.

We now know that it is possible.

And, in time,

perhaps you will be able
to try again.

Don't you think?

The doctor didn't
say you couldn't.

Has there been progress
with Nate's case?

Ahem. We're doing
the best we can.

I'm sure you are.

It seems the victim's marriage
was a troubled one.

The wife... mistreated.

Perhaps she decided
to fight back.

Was she at home
at the time of the murder?


I don't...

I don't know.

Well, we have
to find out, William.

I can't have Nate and Rebecca's
fate on my head as well.

What do you mean "as well"?


Julia, you must know

this wasn't your fault.

Miss Hart!

Have you tested
Mr. Lewis' stomach contents?

Yes. I found traces

of chicken, rice

and mung bean sprouts.

I thought perhaps the victim ate

Chinese food.

Yes, I remember the man.

He's a regular customer.
Tai Po chicken.

Did he dine alone?

No, he was with a woman.

A small lady, brown hair,
mark on her face.

Oh. Did they leave together?

Yes. I remember
he helped her out,

taking her arm. A gentleman.

They walked off that way.

Is that right?

Thank you.

Isabelle Lewis lied to us about
when she last saw her husband.

She's an entirely
viable suspect.

McWorthy should've
looked into her already.

Mrs. Lewis might
be unaccounted for, sir,

but McWorthy still has
two witnesses.

One of them a credible
eyewitness who has made

a positive identification.

Let's see how credible
this eyewitness actually is.



Mr. Sanders, would you agree
that conditions tonight

are essentially the same
as the night of the murder?

Yes, exactly the same.

I could see Mr. Desmond because
of that light over there.

Right then.



Did you get a good look at him?

Is the light
the same as the night

- that Mr. Lewis died?
- Yes, indeed.

Which of these men
did you just see?

Take your time.

It was him.

- Your eyewitness is useless.
- I beg your pardon?

More importantly, Mr. Lewis'
wife had motive to kill him,

and she lied to you about her
whereabouts that day.

I know all about the Chinese
restaurant, Detective Murdoch.

So you know
that they were together

less than an hour
before he was killed?

They walked out of the
restaurant together, and then he

put her in a cab. Then she drove
off, leaving him there alone.

Mrs. Lewis could have
doubled back

to their apartment
after getting into the cab.

You know, you're not
the only detective in the city.

I spoke to the cab driver.
He took Isabel all the way

- back to her mother's home.
- She had motive.

It doesn't matter if she wasn't there.
Lewis was killed when he got home.

She couldn't have made it back
there in time to kill him.

None of this proves that Nate
Desmond is your killer.

What's this?

You think that's
the murder weapon?

It's perfectly clean.
Are there traces of blood on it?

Have you even checked it
for Nate Desmond's finger marks?

Desmond's finger marks were
nowhere at the crime scene.

He had these in his pocket
when we picked him up.

Face it, Murdoch.

Your friend's a murderer,
and he's gonna hang for it.

There's no shame in getting
it wrong. You've got a lot

on your mind.
I'm not wrong. I've just

yet to discover what's right.

Look, as much as we don't
want to believe it,

it's possible that he has
the right suspect.

- The wife.
- The wife has an alibi.

Yes, yes, but she's involved.

You want to believe

Nate is innocent,
but what do you have to go on?

It's a significant
coincidence, don't you think,

that Mrs. Lewis met her husband

for a late dinner
the night he was killed.

I suppose you're looking
for her accomplice.

Yes. She could've
hired someone.

Solicited the help
of a friend. The mother.

The mother would know

who she would turn to.


This is may be
a goose chase with a bad end.

Stay by his side.
Keep your eye on him.

- Sir. I will.
- I didn't even see

that he'd been hurting her
this whole time.

You see? She was protecting me.
She's a good girl.

I haven't asked you about your
daughter's character, ma'am.

I asked you
about her precise movements

in the days leading up
to her husband's death.

Ma'am, if you could
please try to think back.

The day of the murder,
did your daughter leave at all?

- She never left the house.
- If you do not tell us

the truth, we'll be forced to ask
these questions of your neighbours.

Would you like your neighbours
to know that your daughter

- is suspected of a crime?
- No!

And, of course,
we won't have to do that

as long as you're
telling us the truth.

Tell us the truth!

What did your daughter do on
the day of her husband's murder?

Did she see any visitors?
She was afraid to so much

as answer the door.

Afraid he'd come for her,
I suppose. And I didn't want

to see what was
right in front of my eyes.

I had no sympathy
for her. I complained

when I had to answer
the door for the telegram.

What telegram?

- Who sent it?
- I am trying to help

my daughter in her time of need
and you're badgering me!

I don't know
what the telegram was about!

Who sent it?!

Someone called Nate Desmond.

I'm sure it had nothing
to do with Charlie's death.

How do you know Isabel Lewis?

She's a friend
of Aunt Hattie's.

- My aunt's roof was leaking.
- I knew Hattie

needed help, and I asked Charlie
to fix her roof for her.

He ended up cheating her...

and I felt very badly.

You told me Mr. Lewis
owed you money.

Charlie Lewis owed money
to my aunt.

She told me
how to find Charlie's wife.

Of course I wanted to help,
so I replied

to Mr. Desmond's telegram
to say as much.

That's why you
invited Mr. Lewis

to the Chinese restaurant
that night? To ask him

- to repay Mr. Desmond's aunt?
- Yes.

And it worked.

Charlie wanted
to make it up to me

after our last quarrel.
He wanted me to come home.

He was making
all kinds of promises.

So you see,

Mr. Desmond had no reason
to hurt him, Detective.

I didn't know what came
of their meeting. The police

came for me
before I could find out.

But why would I go after him
if there was still a chance

she could fix it all up?

All right.


One other thing.
We found a letter to Isabel

in the fireplace
at Charlie Lewis' apartment.

What do you know about it?

I don't know anything
about any letters.

Why would I?

- That letter could be anything.
- Desmond says

- he didn't know a thing about it.
- Well, I don't

understand why he would,
since he wasn't in the apartment

to begin with, in which case...
he's not lying at all.

I don't disagree
with you, Doctor,

yet my impression
was that Mr. Desmond

cared very much
about that letter.

Do we have a sample
of his handwriting?

Oh, William,
surely you don't think...

I thought of that.
I had him write this out.

- Not exactly a match.
- Well, it's similar.

not conclusive.

Sirs! I've just

spoken to Nate Desmond's aunt.

A very nice woman.

Completely within her faculties,
so far as I can tell.

- Get to the point, Crabtree.
- She said

that she'd never heard
of Charlie or Isabel Lewis.

Nate lied?

- He lied.
- Well, I don't mean

to state the obvious, but it
seems like Nate and Isabel

were having an affair.

I can't believe that of him.

We don't want to believe it,

but the fact is
he lied about everything:

why he fought
with Charlie Lewis,

why he contacted Isabel Lewis.
If the letter is from Nate,

it's possible Mr. Lewis
finds out about the affair.

The two of them fight, she
leaves to stay at her mother's.

The husband threatens to tell
Miss James about the affair.

Of course, that's the last thing
that Nate wants.


Mrs. Lewis arranges to meet
her husband somewhere away

from the apartment,
the Chinese restaurant.

She tells Nate. He knows
the apartment will be empty.

He can go in
and destroy the letters.

That also creates opportunity.

Nate wants to protect
Isabel Lewis

from the man who has been
harming her, so he waits...

- and kills him.
- No!

He then burns the letters
to cover up

any connection to the crime.

You said the eyewitness
was wrong.

Well, I proved that he
couldn't be sure who he saw,

but that doesn't mean
he didn't see Nate Desmond.

Mr. Lewis' body is ready
to be released for burial.

I've stitched it up and sent
notification to his family.

I need to check
under the fingernails.

There could be traces
of the killer's skin.

We've done
that already, Doctor.

Well, then, I'll comb
his hair out again.

There may still be
evidence caught in it.

We've done that as well.
We've done everything we can.

Perhaps you should go home and...
Miss Hart.

You're more than welcome
to go home if you like,

but I'm... I'm not done here.


I received your note.

I thought you would
want to know.

I'm sure this isn't
the outcome you were hoping for.


No, indeed, it wasn't.

I'm sorry to send you bad news.

I'm somewhat
of a failure, it seems.

Scientific endeavours
will entail failures.

Setbacks are to be expected.

In this case particularly.

I'm not sure I understand.

Given my complicated
medical history,

you might've
anticipated failure.

It's a wonder you allowed
me to proceed.

Well, you yourself made a

- strong case for being a subject.
- I was entirely biased.

You shouldn't have let me.

This experiment is

- at the forefront...
- Please stop talking

about the experiment!

This was my child!

I have done something wrong.

I do apologize.

Please leave.

If Nate took anything
from Mr. Lewis' apartment

or made note of anything...

There's nothing here, sir.

The lads have been
over it twice.




Third time's the charm.

If Isabel gave Nate
the key to her apartment,

it's proof that they conspired
to kill her husband.

Nate will surely hang.

He lied.
Sir, it's not your fault.

He came into my home,
asked me to save him,

and he lied to me.
Sir, none of us wanted to...

Well, that's over now.

He'll get what he deserves.

Everybody gets
what they deserve.

It would appear
you were right all along.

I apologize for any disrespect.

Good of you
to own up, Murdoch,

and the additional evidence
will be helpful in court.

Dr. Ogden telephoned Rebecca.

She's coming from Chatham.

I didn't kill anyone.

You did
the right thing, Murdoch.



I'm sorry to see you again

under these circumstances,
Dr. James.

It's Dr. Desmond now,

And I must admit, I'm having
trouble understanding

what exactly
the circumstances are.

- A man has been killed.
- And Nate

- is accused of his murder?
- We suspect

he was involved in a... conflict

with the husband
of a woman he knows.

You think Nate was having
an affair with this woman?

- I can promise you you're wrong.
- We did try

to prove otherwise.
Your best hope now

is to get yourself
a good lawyer.

- I want to talk to Nate.
- Of course.

I'll take you to him.

It's been a long day.
You should get some rest.

She seemed quite sure

that Nate wasn't unfaithful.

She likely wanted to hear it from
him rather than take our word.

If she is right,
where does that leave us?

What other reason could he

and Mrs. Lewis have
for colluding?

Something they feel
they can't tell us.

Isabel Lewis knows the truth.

I wasn't having an affair
with Mr. Desmond.

But we know that you were
colluding, Mrs. Lewis.

What was the reason?

If Mr. Desmond hasn't
told you himself, then I...

He will hang for this!

What could you
possibly have to say

that would make it any worse?

I have nothing to say
that can help him.

Do you know what you
and Mr. Desmond have done?

My wife has lost...

She is out of her sickbed

at work trying to help him.

I should be with her.

We should...

I need for all of this
to make sense,

and none of it makes any sense.

And you sit here and say

that you can't tell me
what is going on?

His wife is my doctor.

The handwriting in that letter

was similar to Nate's because...

you taught him to write.


The letter to Isabel
was from you.

Yes, it was.

Rebecca Desmond is
your doctor?

There's nothing wrong with that.

You could have told us
that before.


No one else was
supposed to know.

Only me,

Dr. Desmond and the doctor
who helped her.

It was a secret
between us three.

But then Charlie found
her letters,

and he was so sad about it.

And the only way he knew how
to be sad was with his fists.

Don't you see? I absolutely
couldn't tell the police.

I gave Mr. Desmond the key,
but he was only supposed

to get rid of the letters.
I never thought

he would hurt Charlie.

You provided that woman
with an abortion?

Yes, I did.

How did you know what to do?

I consulted the textbooks.

Is this what you do now?

That was the first time.
Mrs. Lewis came to me

looking for help. She was in
an untenable situation.

Then her husband found out
about the procedure.

That's what started this mess!

When he found out, he tried
to blackmail Rebecca.

Yes. He could have
gone to the police.

Indeed, I could
arrest you right now.

- William, no!
- What happened next?

We didn't have the money he wanted.

We wouldn't have given it
to him anyway if we did.

Rebecca would have
lost her medical license.

She could've gone to jail!
I had to protect my wife.

- So you killed him?
- I came to talk sense to him.

Then he told me about
the letters. Having the proof,

I knew he wasn't
gonna back down.

So you went to Isabel
for help? She gave you the key,

and got him out
of the apartment for you.

I went in.
I burned the letters.

When I heard Charlie
at the door, I ran out

the back window and down
the back stairs.

You fought with Mr. Lewis,
then you ran out.

- A witness heard you.
- It didn't happen

- that way, Detective.
- I know you have no reason

to believe me. I am sorry
I lied to you before,

but now that you know
about the abortion,

I can tell you the truth.
Once those letters were burned,

I'd done what I came to do.
I got the heck out of there.



Come with me.

Mr. Lough.

May we come in?

There was no altercation
before Nate Desmond

ran down the back stairs.

The murder occurred
after he left,

and you would have
a good reason to lie about that.

Because the fight was with you.

No... it wasn't...

I heard them.

I heard a man.

These apartments
are furnished,

aren't they, Mr. Lough?

Which means that you have

the exact same fire poker

that Mr. Lewis had.

And when you saw Nate run off,
you realized your opportunity.

That's... that's not...
I wouldn't.

When we examine this,

we will find
human blood on it, and...

hair, it would appear.

I love Isabel.

I couldn't stand it...

sitting around like a coward

while he hit her,

and I did nothing.

I saw that man running.

I knew this was my chance

to stop Charlie hurting her
for good.



I'll get the bed
ready for you.

No, William. Let's talk first.

Is there something you'd
like to tell me, Julia?

You sound as if you believe
you already know.

You advised Rebecca to give
Isabel Lewis an abortion.

I did not.

Rebecca consulted with you

and provided
the procedure. Correct?

William, I...

I don't like your tone.

I'm not one of your suspects.

That procedure was
at the centre of this case.

You withheld
vital information from me.

That's not true.

I didn't know
who the patient was.

I only made the connection today
when I saw Rebecca.

- And you didn't tell me.
- It was a matter of privilege.

Rebecca is your student,

not a patient.
There is no privilege.

You're right.
I was protecting her.

Because you thought
I would arrest her.

- I'm afraid you still might!
- It is a crime, Julia!

Well, it's a stupid law,

It is a moral law!
One you advised her to break.

I did not tell her
to perform an abortion.

I told her to follow
her own conscience!

And I would tell her to do
the same 100 times over!

Meaning you have no moral
misgivings on the subject.

That's right!
That's exactly what I told her.

You told her that
there is nothing amoral

about ending
an innocent child's life?

That it doesn't matter
if it lives or dies?

That it isn't a child
if it isn't born yet?


This isn't about the case.
This is about our child.

This is about your actions.

We both wanted
that baby, William. You know...

You know how much I wanted her.

Do you really believe
that God is punishing us

for Isabel's abortion?

You're getting worked up.

Do you think that...

he's punishing us for
the abortion I had years ago?

Get out.

If that's what you really
believe, then you should just






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