Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Up From Ashes - full transcript

Up from Ashes- Murdoch is in trouble. He is accused of murder, and he must prove his innocence. Julia is kidnapped, there is a new chief from the UK, friends gather, and there is a surprise.



I just watched that
man die before my eyes.

- Alright...
- NO!


Open up, Murdoch!


- Where's my wife?
- Your wife is gone.

- Your Inspector is not here for you.


And I've heard at least one of
your loyal constables is dead.



So... will you sign that confession?


I'm sorry.

For you.



- Amen.
- (MEN AND WOMEN): Amen.

We should go.

Why aren't they burying George?

His body is still in the morgue.

The burial is scheduled for next week.

Thank you for letting me attend.

There will be light at the end of this,

I assure you.

Constable. Take those down.

We are not honouring those
who dishonour the constabulary.

All of you should consider
this your lucky day.

Until further notice,

Station Four is standing down,


you will all be paid in full until
a final decision has been made.

All citizen reports and complaints

are to be referred to Station Five.

Your only duty

is to log said reports, not act on them.

You can all put your
feet up for a while.

Ah, Miss Marsh. Welcome.

Gentlemen, until further notice,

Station Four will be managed by
my colleague, Miss Penelope Marsh.

Though her arrival in
this city may be recent,

she has managed departments
much larger than this in London.


Regardless of my sex,

I expect to be treated as your superior.

Men, if you want work,

real work,

it's very simple. All that needs happen

is that this man

admit his guilt in the
murder of Miss Lydia Hall.

What do you say, Detective?

Will you see fit to
clear your conscience?

The only thing I'll see to

is that you end up where you belong.

Behind bars.


Miss Marsh, the station is yours.

- Any malfeasance is to be reported to me.
- Yes sir.

You're nothing.


You've still heard nothing about Julia?

I believe her to still be alive.

I suspect they want your confession

and are leveraging her safety to get it.

Ahem. You're a good man, Murdoch.

The city knows it.

If you're guilty, people will
want to hear it from your lips.

- If?
- Well, I don't believe you are. But...

we have two unsolved murders:

Mr. Dobbs, and one which
directly relates to you.

Lydia Hall.

I was supposed to protect her.

What do you know about the land
scheme you were investigating?

All records have been
purged from city hall.

If any remain, they would be in
the hands of Graham or Williams.

- Then that's where I'll look.
- No. No.

Find Julia.

Nothing else matters.


You must be Constable Higgins.

I'm glad to see you're recovering.

- Where's the Inspector?
- He's a wanted man. I don't know.

So what are you doing here?

Simply what I'm told.

I'd advise you to do the same.

Welcome back.



Ah, the belle of the bar.

At your service, Mr. Graham.

Condolences on your loss.

Thank you.

But one girl's loss can
be another man's gain.

Hmm. Saucy.

I am that.

And a whole lot more.

- Ahem.
- I may call upon you, Miss Bloom.

I'll be sure to answer.


You could have picked a less
conspicuous place to meet.

Are you ashamed to be seen with me?

Mr. Williams, we need a
confession from Murdoch.

And how do we do that?

Show Murdoch his wife is still alive,

but will not be much longer if
he continues to be intransigent.

Can you do that?


Where's Brackenreid?

Why hasn't his body been found?

I instructed Chief Constable Davis

to kill him and dispose of his body.

You should have told me
that you were gonna do this.

To do that, I would have
to have confidence in you.

Sadly, I don't.


- _

- _
- ♪

- A word?
- Who are you?

I'm Detective Llewelyn Watts.

I applied for a temporary
transfer to this station.

That's hardly necessary.

Each station requires a detective,

whether it is fully operational or not.

I believe you will
find very little to do.

I'm gambling once the
Murdoch affair is cleared up,

this station will return to normal.

I would like to be well-positioned to...

take over when that happens.

Planning for the future.

It's what the wise do, Miss Marsh.

Did you know the two
men who were killed?

The man in the ground
and the man in the morgue.

I knew them both.

Your feelings towards
them won't affect your job?

Of course not. My... role in this world

is to see that justice is done.

You'll obey my orders?

Like a dog.

What are you doing, cozying up to her?

Even I wouldn't stoop that low.

I am getting close to
the action, Constable.

So you're in charge here, now
that Detective Murdoch's gone?

I'm the detective of record, yes.

Ooh. What happened here?

Some men from Williams' office
were rifling around in here.

I don't know what they're looking for.

I would suppose either
something that makes

Detective Murdoch look guilty
or their boss... innocent.

- We should clean it up.
- Why?

Do you want Detective Murdoch
coming back to work and seeing this?


It's time for a
photograph, Doctor Ogden.

Graves, open the door.






- _
- ♪

There was one unusual thing, however.

Detective Murdoch's recording
equipment is missing.

It's not really missing.
It's been borrowed.

You took it?

I thought it may come in useful.

Constable Higgins. A word?


Why were you three shot?

More than shot.

Two were killed, good friends of mine.

I understand that. Why?

We were trying to
help Detective Murdoch.

You know that for a fact?

We received a message we believed to be

from the Detective and
we walked into a trap.

And who do you imagine did this?

Let's just say your boss and his
friend Graham aren't the men they seem.

So you're saying they are murderers?

Take from it what you will.


Get out of here! No one
enters without my permission.

Of all the men on city
council to take up with,

why did I pick you?

- I'll find her.
- Of course you will.

If you don't, it's your life.

Don't you mean "ours"?

Oh, I don't think so.

You remember this, don't you?

This is the weapon you
used to kill Mr. Dobbs.

You told me to kill him.

There's only one man's
fingerprints on that thing.

As such,

it really is in your
best interest to find her.

We can make this city
great again, Mr. Williams.

But it'll take resolve.

So get that confession,

no matter what it takes.

Please, just give me one moment.

I'll see what I can do. Wait here.

Oh, Miss Marsh.

You are to refer all
complaints to Station Five.

Oh, I... I know. He's not
here to register a complaint.

That's Detective Murdoch's solicitor.

Why is he here?

The Detective has made
clear his intent to confess.

His attorney is here to counsel him.

It's the truth. I know
it's hard to believe.

I need to inform Mr. Williams.

- If Murdoch is gone when I return...
- I watched two men die, Miss Marsh.

I've no intention of joining them.

Detective? Someone to see you.

- Is it Detective Watts?
- No.

Then send them away.

I think you're gonna want
to see this person, sir.



Oh, thank God. You're safe.

As can be.

- I thought...
- I know,

but I'm alive and I'm well.

- You've changed.

We'll get through this, William.

Yes. Now that we're
together, we certainly will.


Someone's coming.


I understand you spoke with counsel.

Where is he?

He's attending to another matter.

But I've made a decision.

I'll confess to the
murder of Lydia Hall.

- Once I see my wife.
- I don't know where she is.

How would I know?

I'm not accusing you of anything,

but I believe you have
the resources to find her.

So, as I say,

once I see my wife,

I will plead guilty.

And I'll not spend
another night in that cell.

We can have you transferred.

You do that and I'll be killed.

There isn't a jail cell in
Ontario where I would be safe.

That's true.

Why does that matter?

If you confess to murder,
you'll most likely be hanged.

I'll be no trouble.

I just want my wife
back. Safe and sound.

Detective Murdoch, will
this ensure your confession?

It will.

That's what you need, isn't it Franklin?

Then let him go home.

I want him under guard 24 hours a day.

Of course. Detective Watts can
take one shift. I trust him.

Get Horace McWorthy from
Station Five. I trust him.

And Murdoch,

any attempt to escape will
be met with deadly force.

Just find my wife...

and you can do what you want with me.

Are you a sorceress or a magician?

Just a woman...

with experience in the
arts of pleasing a man.

Miss Bloom, I fear
you will make me blush.

Oh. Now Mr. Graham,

I doubt you are as innocent as all that.

You seem very able
to take what you want,

whether it's on offer or not.

Well, I can't hide much
from you. Can I, Miss Bloom?

Well, I hope you don't
find cause to, Mr. Graham...

because I know what I want.

And what's that?

A man who takes what's his...

without apology.

Someone after my own heart.

Nothing to fear.

Open it.

And don't get any ideas.

It might not have bars, but
it's a cell just the same.

I won't be giving you any trouble.

I'd just as soon you did, Detective.

I'm surprised you let the detective go.

Mr. Williams did.

But you edged him toward
that decision. Why?

We need Detective Murdoch's confession.

We need it to go forward.

So, the Detective's
guilt transforms your boss

- into an innocent man?
- Mr. Williams simply wants

to make this city great again.

A noble aim, but his partner,
Robert Graham, is far from noble.

He is a hard man, I will grant you that.

He's a criminal, Miss Marsh.

If you spent any time in city
hall, you would know that.

And he's caught your boss in his web.

- Detective...
- I'm not a fool.

Your boss has lined his
pockets with Mr. Graham's money

and ceded half of this city to him.

- Prove that.
- I doubt that I can.

But I know it to be true.
As, I suspect, do you.

So tell me,

was that dancer as saucy
off-stage as she was on?

You have to guard me.

But that doesn't mean
I have to talk to you.

Well, that would make
for a very long night.

Do you have anything to drink in here?

My wife's sherry.

Well, bring it over, Detective.

And be liberal with it.


Open it.

Detective Murdoch. How are you keeping?

On the job?

Take this with you into the other room.

I need a few words
with Detective Murdoch.

If I'm right, we shall
soon be undisturbed.

I'm a police officer.

- Yes, I'm well aware of that.
- Dr. Ogden?

Well, this changes things.

You realize most of the
city is looking for you?

Yes. And I will be found
when I choose to be.

- Is William out of jail yet?
- Yes.

- Then take me to him.
- That's not a wise move. Not yet.

How did you get out?

Luckily for me, men
can be very gullible.


- You all right?
- I can't...

I can't breathe.

Untie me! Please!

I'll... I'll loosen you, just...

calm down.

And stop squirming!




A damsel in distress.

Or what he thought was.

This is good. The longer you can
stay hidden, the more time we have.

And the more nervous we
make Franklin Williams.

- Who's we?
- I'll show you. Come on.



What have you?


It's not often I get
to serve two dead men.

Well, let's keep it that way, John.

My lips are sealed.

But it's good to see you both.

You too, Hodge. When did you get out?

Six months ago.

Nice place.

It'll get there.

Thanks, John.

I was as careful as could be.

I found that in Graham's office.

Still got blood on the wire.

Do you think this was used to
kill Mr. Dobbs or Miss Hall?

I don't know.

Bloody Watts.

- He was told to keep the circle small.
- Gentlemen.

Who the bloody hell is this?

Doctor Ogden?!

Sh, Inspector. We don't
need the world to know.

- My God. I can't believe it...
- Nor can I, George.

I read that you were dead.

And Constable Jackson?

I'm sorry.

He'll get justice.


How did you end up here?

They took my badge away,
but it didn't matter.

It still didn't take me long to
find out where they were keeping you.

I just got there too late.

You should have stayed retired.

If you've hurt her...

You'll what?

I'll kill you.

I doubt that.




I hid his body.

I knew that they wouldn't
think that I was still alive,

so I got Margaret and the kids
out of the city to her sister's,

I contacted Watts,

and he told me what happened
to Crabtree and the others.

I heard things were going
bad for the detective.

There wasn't a policeman
in the city who didn't know.

You didn't come forward?

Coming forward wouldn't have helped.

I preferred the shadows.

Help! Help! Someone help!



Get those two to the hospital. Now!

- What about him?
- He's for the morgue. I'll handle that.


They're still breathing.




I need your help.


Use this.

It's all right, George. It's all right.

It's all right. It's all
right. It's all right.

OK. It's all right. It's all
right. It's all right, George.

- Hold him.
- It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

All right. Good.


- Steady on, George.

Steady on. It's all right. All right.

All right. It's all right, George.

Your Miss James is an able surgeon.

She saved my life.

Doctor, we have what we believe
is the murder weapon. Crabtree.


Then let's see if you're right!

Look at us.

We're all together.

You know what that means?

That means we're going to win.

Well, you heard what the...

the lady said. Let's move.

I could walk out of here right now.

I wager you wouldn't be able to stop me.

No, I couldn't.

But if you walk out,

you'll be running away forever,

living out your days as a murderer.

And I don't think you are.

I've read about you.

Your exploits.

Your heroism.

Your intelligence. Even your faith.


And I believe you to be an innocent man.

- Does that matter now?
- To me it does.

Sleepyhead will be awake soon.

I suggest we wait for
his replacement to arrive.

If I stay, I'll be putting
my life in your hands.

I'm doing the same.

You look wonderfully well
for a man I declared dead

- three days ago.
- Healthy living.

- Julia?
- Yes.

You're safe.

Rebecca, you saved George's life.

I was lucky Detective Watts
brought him in when he did.

Could we save the
reunion for later please?

Is Mr. Dobbs still on ice?

- He is, indeed.
- Well, let's not dilly-dally then.

This may be the weapon that killed him.


There's no absolute certainty,
Inspector. But it seems likely.

As far as I could tell,

there was only one set of
fingermarks on that weapon.

- Whose?
- I don't know.

Would William be able to tell more?

He might. But I'm not
sure it would matter.

I mean, neither Williams' nor
Graham's fingermarks are on record,

and neither has a reason
to give them up voluntarily.

Well, I know someone who
would be able to help us.

But it might be a risk.

Did you not hear what I
said earlier, Detective?

- We are going to win.
- Alright.

When we get to the hotel,
you two wait for my signal.

George, I think it might be
time to retrieve the device.

I can do that.



He give you any trouble?


- He's a real pussycat.
- Ah.


Miss Marsh?

I believe we can trust her.

Did you find anything we could use?

Possibly the weapon
used to kill Mr. Dobbs.

- Fingermarks?
- One set for certain. Don't know whose.

Right. Then we'll need Mr. Graham's

and Mr. William's
fingermarks for comparison.

- I think I can do that.
- No. Let me.

Mr. Williams has a meeting scheduled
with Mr. Graham for this evening.

Good. Good.

Create a pretext as to
why you need to be there.

I'll need something that each
of them has handled recently.

- Detective Watts, will you come with me?
- Of course.

Miss Marsh.

You may think me a good man.

But if this is a ruse,

you will pay dearly.

If there's a knock on the
door, you should open it.


Where is it?!

I don't know.

Is this your idea of a joke!?

Oh, I wouldn't do that to you, Franklin.

If this comes back to me,
I will tell them about you.

- I'll tell them about what you did!
- Mm.

And what was that, exactly?

I made an offer on a plot of land,

perhaps an under market value offer,

but you accepted it.

- You had that dancer killed.
- Don't worry.

As far as the world's concerned,
Detective Murdoch killed her.

And I suggest you keep your voice down.

We appear to have company.

- Where is the garotte?
- I honestly don't know.

Oh, Miss Marsh, Detective
Watts. What can I do for you?

I need to talk to Mr. Williams.

I need you to sign these.

This couldn't wait?

Well, you did say you
were going to pay the men.

They haven't seen a penny since
Inspector Brackenreid disappeared.

I thought it best to
try and keep up morale.

An excellent thought.

A happy worker is a constructive one.

Unfortunately there are
quite a number of them.


- Julia.
- I have someone for you.


I've been fired, Murdoch.

No need for rank now.

I should get out of this.

- Are you sure that's wise?
- So, Murdoch,

are you gonna offer a man a drink?


Oh, I'm sorry.

- I'll reimburse you.
- Oh, that's not necessary.

- Just leave before you break anything else.
- Of course.

Oh, sir,

there is one more thing.

I need you to talk to Detective Murdoch.

- Why?
- He's becoming increasingly despondent.

His commitment to doing the
right thing seems to be wavering.

Well we can't have that.

You better have a word
with the detective.

Well, I couldn't get his fingermarks...

- So you decided to get the whole man?
- Exactly.


Thank you for this,

though I'm not sure he was necessary.

You wanted his prints, didn't you?

Murdoch, you are in a world of trouble.

- And as for you Miss Marsh...
- You, sir, need to shut your mouth.

If you'd like,

I'll lock you in a room with
her. I don't fancy your chances.

It's not Graham's print,
as far as I can tell.

- Mr. Williams.

I will not.

Get your bloody fingers on it

- or I'll break one off and do it myself.
- Alright. Alright. Alright.

Right hand.

- Ah, they've come for me.

I would suggest you
surrender peacefully.

Detective Watts.



George! You're alive!

I am, indeed, sir.

- I never got that kind of greeting.
- Neither did I.

Why didn't you tell me?

I couldn't. The fewer people
who knew about this, the better.

- I'm sorry.
- Yes.


You were right to... to do that. I...

Mr. Williams.

We have your fingermarks
on the murder weapon.

Is there anything you'd like to say

before you visit the hangman?

You remember this, don't you?

This is the weapon you
used to kill Mr. Dobbs.

(WILLIAMS): You told me to kill him.

(GRAHAM): There's only one man's
fingerprints on that thing,

As such,

it really is in your best
interest to find her.


So we've got him.

We've got nothing to arrest Graham.

He makes no admission
of guilt in any of this.

I'll testify.

Your word is worthless.

I'll... I'll... I'll...

I'll find you something
that you can use.

Mr. Williams, two innocent
people are dead because of you.

You'll get nothing from me.

We have his fingermarks
all over a murder weapon.

And he kidnapped me.

I know. He's finished.

But we have nothing on Graham.

We could get him on the land deal.

- We have no evidence of that.
- I can get that.

- No. It's dangerous.
- Well, I don't care.

Mr. Graham will be holding documents

that can implicate him. I can get them.

All right.

Everything alright, Murdoch?

Sir, I want Graham on more than simply

- bribing a city official.
- Come with me.

But let's see you looking like yourself.

Sir, where are we going?

I've got a surprise for you.

I think the bugger
might be ready to talk.

I hope you don't object to my methods.

Oh. Well, I...

I am curious as to why.

Why did you not come
forward with him before?

I thought about it.

And the more I did, the more I thought,

if things go bad? And if they did,

I wasn't gonna let him get away.

You would have left him here to die?

I was gonna come back
here and kill him myself.

But I'm not going to have
to do that am I, Davis?


Sir, the man needs water.


There you go. Now, tell him.

I was asked

to arrange for the
kidnapping of your wife.

Who asked you to do that?

Robert Graham.

That's not everything.

I was instructed to kill him.

It's a good thing you're incompetent.

Who asked you to do that?

Robert Graham.

And did you also arrange for
the shooting of our constables,

resulting in the murder
of Constable Jackson?


But I know who did.

Are you prepared to testify
to all this in open court?


What do you think?

The word of two desperate men

simply intent on saving their own skin.

- I'd like more.
- And I'd like to be the Duke of Yorkshire.

I may run for Mayor,

once I've rebuilt this city.

Toronto would be well
served with you in charge.

Perhaps you could be my first lady.

Could you imagine the scandal?

A woman like you

as the figurehead of Toronto the Good.

It's almost worth doing.

You there!

What do you think you're doing?

- Mr. Williams asked me to collect...
- He did no such thing.

And if he did, it was a big mistake.


Oh, I see.

Things are a little more
serious than I imagined.

Miss Bloom,

pick those things up.

I knew Williams was weak. And stupid.

I asked him if he trusted you.

He said with his life.


You come with me. There may
be a way out of this for you.

- Miss Bloom. Are you coming?
- Yes.



I have to let Miss Bloom
know that I'm still alive.

- When this is over.
- Why bother?

She's already taken up with Graham.

- You watch your mouth.
- It's the truth.

Last time I saw them
together, she was all over him.


If that's the case, then...

then something is wrong. That's not her.

- George, don't!
- George.



And I should remind you,

I only said there "may" be
a way out of this for you.

You look so sad.

You needn't worry.

You just need to answer
a simple question.

Are you with me or not?

I don't know how you could ask that.

Let me show you that I am.

And where's bloody Crabtree?

He went to find Miss Bloom.

And Miss Marsh?

She's yet to return.

Right. Sir.

You collect Davis.

You two take Mr. Williams to
the Crown Attorney's office.

We'll have to play the hand we're dealt.

I'll find Miss Marsh.

If Robert Graham has found her first...

she's already dead.

I think we should get back to...

I don't think so.

You can't be serious.

You killed my best friend.

- You killed the best man I have ever met...
- Get off of me.

And now, you, you are gonna die.


- George?
- Nina, don't do it.




Ah. Now, Constable, that
was a fortuitous entrance.

Let her go Graham.

Your list of mistakes
just keeps growing.

Just let her go.

Get out of my way.

- Alright, alright!



There are four of us

and only you, Mr. Graham.

I'd suggest you consider your odds.

I could kill her. A flick of the wrist.

But then you would surely
be charged with murder.

As of yet, regrettably, you won't be.

But one wrong move with Miss Bloom
here and all that will change.


You realize, of course,
she tried to kill me.

I want her charged.

Mr. Graham, I think you'll
find that from this day forward,

what you want matters very little.

Escort him to the station
house, Constable Crabtree.


- In just a minute.


I hope you will forgive
me for that, sir.

For what?

I hope you're getting used
to this style of accomodation.

This isn't going to end well for you.

What are you going to do?

Reach through the bars and throttle me?

You don't have a lot of
bargaining power, Mr. Graham.

Mr. Williams has already
spoken against you.

Chief Constable Davis
has signed an affidavit.

And it won't take us
long to find the men

who did your dirty work.

It's over.

Now... will you sign that confession?


I feel sorry for you.

- I have friends.
- As do I, Mr. Graham.

Much better ones.



There will be new elections
within the month.

Mr. Williams' position
on the board of control

needs to be filled.

They could use a woman like you.

One day, perhaps.

You risked a lot for
me. I'm very grateful.

Evil wins battles, never wars.

I'll see you at home.

Let me see you out, Miss Marsh.

George, I'm just so pleased
that you're all right.

Well, I wasn't going
to die on you Henry.

Not while you still owe me that $20.

I paid that back.

- You most certainly did not.
- I did.

I gave it to the police
widow's fund upon your demise.

Could I have your
attention, please, lads?

Constable Augustus Jackson

gave his life doing what a copper does.

Trying to keep the peace and
looking out for his fellow officer.

He gave his life for every single
one of you in this station house.

Don't ever forget that.


He was a stout, earnest fellow.

I liked him very much.

He died trying to help me.

He was a policeman.

What else could he do?

You're staying?

For a time.

That is if you don't
have any objections.

I do not.

Welcome aboard, Detective Watts.

Higgins. Crabtree.

To Jackson.

(TOGETHER): To Jackson.