Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 10, Episode 9 - Excitable Chap - full transcript

Murdoch strives to apprehend a lecherous costumed criminal known as....The Lurker! Then The Lurker's amorous encounters have escalated to murder!

Season 10 Episode 09
"Excitable Chap"
Synchronized by srjanapala

I'm not sure about this,

It's a lovely night.
It would be a shame to ruin it.

You told me you wanted
to come out here.

- I did.
- But now you want to leave,

and we have hardly
gotten settled.

- Please, can we just go home?
- After a kiss.

See? It's not so bad, is it?

- Something's moving.
- Just the earth.

Please, I would
like you to stop.

What do you want?



You there!

- Get away from her!
- Aaaaaah!

- Are you alright?
- Yes.

My God! That was the lurker!

Do you think
he might be coming back?

And he was wearing shaded spectacles?

To shield his eyes.

They were so unusual...
But you said

it happened at night.
Why would he wear

- shaded spectacles at night?
- Suffering from

some insidious disease,
I'd imagine.

He was snarling
like some kind of animal.

And he compromised
this young lady's honour!

Well, I'm not so sure
about that.

- He did. I was there.
- Where does he live?

Huh... if we knew that,
we'd have arrested him by now.

Are you certain it was him?

The lurker hasn't
been seen in weeks.

- Of course we're certain.
- Yes, it was the lurker.

- Has he accosted many women?
- There have been

a few incidents.
- Is he always so... amorous?

Well, that's hard to say.

Usually he just swans
about thieving.

This was no mere swanning about.

He attacked us and we demand
his apprehension.

And we will do
all that we can...

What the devil is that, George?

The inspector gets back today.
I had it made specially.

A football pitch?
It is a cake

befitting a champion.

You will, I hope,
begin looking for the lurker

once you've had your tea?
- I told you I would, sir.

- The lurker's back?
- Apparently.

- But he has caused no real harm.
- No real harm?

He insulted
this young lady's honour!

- Well...
- It wasn't that bad.

Just do something about it!

So the lurker
has made his return.

It appears so. The new report
matches the old ones.

Distinctive hat, long dark cape,
shaded spectacles.

- An unusual choice of attire.
- Sir, they also said

he snarled like an animal.
- I'm sure that's just

a fanciful addition.
Two witnesses both claim

it's true.
- First report in three weeks?

Let's hope this isn't the start

of another series
of nightly incidents.

Please give me all
the information we have on him.

The inspector's coming!


Thanks, lads.
Thank you, thank you.

Congratulations, sir!
A champion in our midst, lads!

Well, the yanks gave us
all we could handle

but the galt lads gave it back.

- World champions, sir.
- Well, you can hardly

be considered world champions
if england doesn't show up.

But the gold medal
was well earned none the less.

Sir, did you see

the Louisiana purchase
exposition by chance?

They call it the world's fair,
Murdoch. And it was glorious.

All the wonders of the world
were there.

1500 buildings and exhibitions.

200000 people a day.
You've never seen such a crowd!

They reenacted a battle
from the Boer War twice a day.

- I saw a pygmy.
- A pygmy, sir?

Little chap from Africa.

Didn't care much
for the way he treated him,

so I set him free.
- You set him free?

Well, he was out
for a couple of days

before he was apprehended... but it seemed
he had a jolly good time while he was out.

Learned something scientific
there as well, Murdoch.

- Oh you did, sir?
- An apple a day

keeps the doctor away.
You ever hear that?

No. No, I haven't.

Though it seems sound advice.
The apple is a rich source of...

Yes, yes.
No need to go on, Murdoch.

- I'm prepared to accept it as fact.
- Good lord!

You go to an event
like the world's fair

and you realize that the world
is a marvelous bloody place.

My life's half over,
and I've barely even

scratched the surface.
- Sir,

did you see Thomas Edison's
steel-nickel battery by chance?

Apparently it's set
to revolutionize the way

that power is harnessed...
- Shame! I missed that one.

Oh! Oh, well.

Well, I suppose
we should get back to it.

So, what's been going on
around here?

It seems the lurker
has resurfaced.

- The lurker?
- Yes.

The incidents
began a few weeks ago,

shortly before you left for St. Louis.
- What's he do? Just lurk?

Petty theft,
destruction of property...

- The tempting of women...
- It that all?

Do you think we're wasting time on
a good luck Charlie?

Well, sir, as with any criminal,
the severity of his crimes

could increase... at any rate.

- It's good to have you back.
- Put the kettle on, Crabtree.


Constable Crabtree!

I hear the lurker is back.

- I keep my ear to the ground.
- You'd think a police force

should be able
to track down a lunatic.

Well, one could say the same
about a clever journalist,

Miss Cherry.
So you'll admit I'm clever?

If you hear of anything,

my readers would love to know.

I'll certainly keep you in mind.

I surely hope you do.

And the gold medal
is awarded to Canada!

Welcome to the 1904 world fair!

The world's
the wildest bloody place.

I saw a pigmy,
a little chap from Africa.

My life's half over and I've
barely scratched the surface.

He doesn't like to lurk far.

All of the incidents
have occurred

in this small area
east of yonge street.

Every available constable
should be

patrolling these streets.
And be sure...

Sure that everyone
has his description.

Excuse me.

In their hands.

- Stop it! Stop it!
- Sir?

- James Pendrick!
- Murdoch.

What's so amusing?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

- What are you doing here?
- I just popped in to see

my old friend Tommy two cakes.
- I told you about that...

- You like the name fine enough.
- I ran into James at the world's fair.

- He showed me around.
- Not as much as you did me.

Your inspector is a man
of great appetite.

I see.
You're no slouch yourself.

Thank you, Tom.
But there is something...

- Do you have my swords?
- Swords?

Yes, I had Tom bring back
a pair of antique

Japanese katana swords
from St. Louis.

Ah, yes. The weapons used by the
Samurai during the Muromachi period.

- Oh yes, very good, Murdoch.
- Do you have them?

They're at home.
I'll bring them in Tomorrow.

Right then James,
it's six o'clock.

- You know what that means?
- I certainly do.

- Time for the Pub!
- Only a few, Tom.

- I've a busy night tonight.
- Never more than a few, James.

I've heard that one before.

Oh, Murdoch,
would you care to join us?


I really should...

Why not?

I just wish
I had time to see everything

the fair had to offer.
- You might have,

had you not spent so much time
on Mr. Ferris' wheel.

- It was like flying.
- Man's achievements,

when gathered together,
are an impressive sight.

You can say that again, James.

Those Egyptians were
a clever bunch.

- I never knew that about them.
- We flew.

- I'm sorry, Murdoch?
- We flew over the falls.

- That was something.

Yes. Yes, of course.

But you know what is interesting,
Thomas, is that,

Egyptians aside,
the most impressive achievements

on view at the fair have come
into being in the last ten years.

- We are in the age of invention, James.
- Indeed we are. Another?

Yes. Just call me
Ten Tankard Tommy.

Ten Tankard Tommy.

Is there something
troubling you, William?


I heard James Pendrick
dropped by the station today.

He did.

You should have
brought him home.

Oh, I think he's out
with the inspector.

- The inspector?
- Hmm.

The two of them have seemed
to have struck up a friendship

since spending time together
in St. Louis

at the world's fair.
- That's what's troubling you?

And apparently,
he shields his eyes

with shaded spectacles.
Well, I would think he could be

a revenant, but he seems more
intent on locking lips with women

than any real violence.
- Sounds to me

like this lurker is just
looking for a good time.

Nina, he's a monster
straight out of Stevenson.

Just because a man
has lust in his heart

doesn't make him evil, George.
Everyone has two sides to them.

Look around.
These men have their vices

but it doesn't mean
they don't lead good lives.

And I suppose I have
to count myself among them.

- But some men don't have a dark side.
- And I think that's admirable.

It's what we should
at least be striving for.

- I certainly hope not.
- Why's that?

If people strove for that,
where would my business be?

Oh! You won't believe what happened!
The lurker attacked me

on my way to the club.
- The lurker?

It surely was. He's not
lurking anymore. Though.

After I stabbed him
with my hatpin,

he just ran away.
I said he ran away!

- He's long gone by now.
- I hope you can catch him

quickly before he does
something serious.



Thomas! Ah!

Thomas, why are you sleeping
down here again?

Bloody old bugger!

You there!

- Thomas! Thomas!
- It's all right.

It's all right.
He's gone. He's gone.

He's gone. It's okay.

It's all right.

Miss Hall said
she fended him off with a hatpin

so he can't be any real threat.
- The man's a bloody menace.

Last night.

In my home. The lurker.
- No!

Yes. He broke into
my own bloody house.

Scared Margaret half to death.
- Sir, are you quite sure

it was the lurker?
Of course it was the lurker.

I saw him with my own eyes.
- What did he look like?

Like a damned beast!
- A beast, sir?

Like an animal?
Or a man possessed?

Or a creature bearing no resemblance
to any earthly species whatsoever?

I don't know, Crabtree.
I didn't see his face.

But he sounded like
a slavering monster.

- Sir, are you sure about this?
- Constable Crabtree.


Gerard waldkirch, known by all

as the sausage king.
A popular chap.

Well, they did name him king.

Cause of death
was a very deep knife wound.

- Thin blade.
- Did anyone see the incident?

Two witnesses, sir.
Neither could give

much of a description,
but it was the lurker.

- Why say that?
- Sir,

they described seeing a man
cloaked in darkness

who snarled like an animal.

Well... you know
what this means, George.

Yes, sir. The lurker
has moved up to murder.

And shop keepers.
The victim was known to all,

yet no one emerged as a suspect.
- The man had a busy night.

A murder, the star room,
and he broke into

my own bloody house.
- All we know

is that the incidents continue
to occur in a concentrated area.

I'll talk to station house 3
and get more constables.

He was about to attack
my wife, Murdoch.

We're catching him tonight.

Mr. Pendrick?

- Gentlemen.
- James!

- What are you doing here?
- It's about

this unfortunate murder,
I'm afraid. There's somebody

I'd like you to meet.
- This is Ashmi, my assistant.

A woman?
Always a woman, Tom.

Ashmi saw the sausage king

only yesterday,
in my laboratory.

What was he doing
in your laboratory?

I hate being interrupted
by time-wasting meals.

Ashmi has our lunches
brought in.

The sausage king delivers them
directly to us.

I see.
Did he do

or say anything of interest?

Only this. That someone
had recently damaged his cart.

- Vandalism?
- He said a man was "out to get him."

He was murdered on parliament street.
Were either of you in that area

late last night?
- In a sense.

We were in the laboratory,
working till dawn.

Do you often work
through the night?

We are conducting a series
of highly technical experiments.

I take copious notes
on everything.

The way you are looking at me

is both flattering
and uncomfortable.

- Now, Tom.
- I'll need those swords.

Oh! Bollocks, I forgot.

We should go to my house.

You keep the katana swords
in an unsecured location?

This is a police
officer's abode.

It's as secure
as a pharaoh's Tomb.

Oh. I see.
Having said that...

The bloody lurker.

- They've gone.
- What do you mean, gone?

Tom, those swords
were important!

Then you should have told me
they were. Besides,

they weren't the only things that were
stolen. They were the only things

of mine that were stolen. They're were only a
couple of bloody old swords. And replicas,

if I remember correctly.
- It's not the swords

I'm concerned about.
It's what was in the case.

Was I smuggling
something for you?

Well, not exactly smuggling, no.

Then what, exactly,
was I doing for you?

Well, yes, it was a form

of smuggling, all right.
- I'm a police officer!

Bloody hell!
Always with the "bloody hell"!

You're a better man than that.

And it was the fact
that you're a police officer

that I felt
it was safe with you.

It? What it?

A container of an herb
called Guarana.

But not ordinary Guarana.

Well, that clears things up.
Ordinary Guarana is found

throughout south America.
This particular strain

is only found
in the lowlands of Panama.

Nearly unobtainable.

Whoever stole it knew exactly
what he was after.

And he may have followed us
from St. Louis.

What's so special about it?

Do you want the short answer
or the long one?

- I think we should get Murdoch
involved in this.

You're probably right.

welcome to my new laboratory.

As you can see I have a team
of people helping my pursuits.

Ashmi, of course,
helps me with my research.

This is my lab man,
he keeps the place tip-top.

The man at the piano there
is an expert

in mechanical engineering.
He says music

is the food of thought
or some nonsense.

Anyway, he's terribly good,
so I'm hardly complaining.

This is Dr. Karlsson.
Physicist. Swedish.

Have you ever had
a Swedish massage, Tom?

Anytime you like, inspector.

Well, I've been feeling
a little bit pinched...

Can we get to the point...
Ah, thank the lord!

I am famished. A new dish
for you tonight, Mr. Pendrick.

Nice to have your business again.

Yes. Well, with the demise
of the king...

Now, Murdoch, are you familiar
with the herb Guarana?

- No, I'm not.
- Good lord.

That's a first. Guarana is an
herb that has been known to help

the addled mind focus.
It is readily available.

If so, why steal it from you?

The particular strain
I'm interested in

has demonstrated remarkable qualities.
It is a super Guarana.

Found only in the swamplands
of Panama.

I arranged to purchase
a small quantity of it,

but I was not
the only interested party.

And my competitors would do
anything to take it from me.

That's why you arranged

for the inspector
to transport it here.

An action for which
I have already apologized.

Now, Murdoch, it is imperative
that you apprehend this lurker

of yours and return the Guarana
to its rightful owner.

Why's it so important to you?

In combination
with a formulation

that I have created,
I believe I can exponentially

expand a human being's
intellectual capacity.

- You can make a bloke smarter.
- Exactly.

What's the formulation?
It is a carefully-calibrated

concoction of khat,
ephedra sinica,

phenyl-isopropylamine and
a number of other substances.

I call it "jumper."
- Is this a helicopter?

- A hovering platform?
- Yes.

I have hundreds more.
None of them finished.

One of the unfortunate
side effects of my jumper

is that my mind tends
to dart from place...

An automated Pancake maker?

Not one of my finest hours.
Needless to say

all my other ideas
are brilliant.

But sadly, they are incomplete.

And you need the Guarana
to make them complete?

Very good, Tom.
My formulation expands the mind,

the Guarana helps focus it.
- What's in your formulation?

Always the skeptic.
Merely curious is all.

Oh no! Oh, dear God, no!

It's gone! Ashmi!

- Yes, Mr. Pendrick?
- Where is it?

- Who's been in my safe?
- No one. No one but you.

It was sitting here open
when I got here

and I was not
the one to open it.

Tom, Murdoch...

You have to find them.

If my formulation
and the Guarana

fall into the wrong hands...
Whoever stole them could become

the most dangerous maniac
the world has ever seen!

The "most dangerous maniac"

may be a bit
of an overstatement.

Be that as it may,
do you think he's right?

That our killer and his thief
are one and the same?

It's possible.
- We have to assume

whoever stole the swords
from your home

also broke
into Mr. Pendrick's lab.

- So it was the lurker.
- Witnesses believe the lurker

and the killer are one and the same.
- My question is,

what's the connection
between Mr. Pendrick's research

and the sausage vendor?
- Maybe he witnessed the robbery.

Or maybe the killer
just didn't like him.

Or maybe the lurker's just
some complete bloody madman.

Well, there is one factor
from which we can work.

The thief had to have knowledge
of Mr. Pendrick's experiments.

- One of his assistants.
- We'll send George down there

to make a list of everyone
who's set foot in that building

in the past few weeks.
If any of them

has a connection to the victim,
I believe we'll have our lurker.

- Tissue.
- He fought back.

Our attacker
should be bearing wounds.

Mr. Waldkirch's injuries
are quite minor.

Save the knife blade
through his heart.

Of course.
So it was a knife, then?

It appears so.

Could it have been a sword?

Miss James?

- I'd say it's possible.
- Hmm.

- And is he a murderer now?
- That seems to be the case.

Good lord!
He attacked Lydia.

She was able to fend him off...

This time. And that doesn't
let the police off the hook.

- Don't worry, we'll catch him.
- I hope so.

Aaaaah! It's the lurker!

Hoi! You stop there!

James Pendrick?

That's harassment, murder.

And to think we had the lurker
right under our noses the entire time.

Do not sit down!
How could you hide this from us?

And break into my own bloody house.
- You don't understand.

The man you arrested last night,
that... that wasn't me.

It wasn't you?

The truth is that my formulation
produces side effects.

After the jumpers wear off,
I fall into a deep sleep.

At that point, I apparently
lose all control over myself.

And I have no idea
it's happening.

- You don't remember a thing?
- Not a moment of it.

You're claiming you had no idea

that you were the lurker
until you awoke in our cells

- Well...

The notion had crossed my mind.

- You never said anything.
- I wasn't sure!

Believe me,
I'm as confused as anyone.

From time to time,
I would awake with bruises,

surrounded by items

I had supposedly stolen.

- Yet you kept taking the drug.
- It's clear

I've misbehaved. And it's clear
I have much work to do

on my formulation before
it's safe for consumption.

But none of this
makes me your killer.

When you were apprehended
last night,

your behaviour and your attire
matched the witnesses' description.

Yes, but why
would I steal from myself?

The Guarana, my formulation,
somebody took it.

Whoever stole it
could have imbibed it.

Or there is no thief.


What motive
would an international

pharmaceutical thief
have to murder a sausage vendor?

- What motivation would I have?
- I don't know.

But you knew him
and you lied to us!

I've been entirely truthful.
No, you haven't.

You lied to us just now.

You say your formulation
was stolen,

yet you had a dose last night.
- No.

It was stolen.

I keep a vial in reserve.

I suppose you should keep it.

Mr. Pendrick,
may I see your right hand?

Appears I've been pricked
by something.

A hatpin, perhaps.

Please remove your shirt.


There were no scratches
on him. There you have it.

There could be
another explanation

for the tissue under
the victim's fingernails.

But sir, we know Pendrick
is the lurker.

He could very well be
the killer.

- How can you be so sure?
- Although we didn't know it

at the time,
he offered us an alibi

for the night of the murder.
- That's right.

His assistant said he was
in his lab all night.

- Which we know was a lie.
- Do we?

Yes, sir.
He was stabbed with a hatpin

outside the Burlesque
that very night.

I was not completely truthful
in my earlier statement.

Did you see Mr. Pendrick
leave the laboratory last night?

No. I went home to sleep
before midnight.

I was gone for some hours.
When I came back,

he was in the laboratory,
sound asleep.

I assumed he hadn't left.
- But he could have.

I was only trying
to protect James.

The world will suffer
if his work

is not allowed to continue.

Please stay nearby in case
we have further questions.

Any chance the murder weapon
could still be around,

do you think?
- It wouldn't hurt to look.

Oh, I don't know, Murdoch.

It makes no sense that a man
would steal from himself.

That means someone else could
have taken Pendrick's jumpers.

And that person
could be the killer.

Sir, our constables
are interviewing

all of his employees.
If none of them

have a connection to the victim,

I'm afraid we are
without another suspect.

This one's locked.

- I could try to pick it...
- Forget that.

Those are...
Pendrick's swords.

He really did steal them
from himself.

We should get them down
to the morgue.

One of them could be
the murder weapon.

George Crabtree!

Just the man to give me
the latest on the lurker.

Louise's latest on the lurker.
That's clever,

I'll give you that. You could
make a daily column of it.

Terrific idea. But then
I'd have to come down here

every day to get the scoop.
Can you imagine,

the two of us running into
one another every single day?

Oh no, it would be
utterly miserable.

Hello, George.
Ready for lunch?

- Oh, Nina! Yes, of course.
- Hello! Louise cherry,

Toronto gazette.
I'll leave you be.

Have... constable.

- A new friend, George?
- More of a nuisance,

if anything. I mean,
all reporters are a bit

of a nuisance,
but Louise in particular...

Yet you call her
by her first name.

I call my uncle Jerry
by his first name.

That doesn't mean
he's not a royal pain.

I must say, it's hard to believe

after all these years
James Pendrick

may really be a killer.
- There was no blood

on the swords. But if one
of them matches the wound...

You see, I feel like we've had
this conversation before.

Every time his guilt
seems unassailable,

it turns out
that he's actually innocent.

Well, we know that Pendrick
is the lurker, that's a fact.

And the only other explanation

is that someone
followed him here

from St. Louis,
stole his concoction,

and killed a sausage vendor.

- It does seem far-fetched.
- Dammit!

There's no point

denying it any more.
The man's a killer.

I thought I knew him
but I was blinded

with his bloody charm.
- I will say, in my experience,

no intoxicating substance

can change a man's personality.

It simply brings out
one's true colors more vividly.

Then the lurker must be a bloody delight.
And a filthy liar.

The lurker does display
much of James Pendrick's

"carpe-diem" personality.
- Precisely.

So the question is,
does James Pendrick

truly have in his heart
the desire to kill a man?

I don't think anyone knows
what's in this man's heart.

One minute he's a friend
and the next

he's attacking my wife.
- I wish

I could be dissuaded, Julia.
But the evidence is damning

and the alternative explanation
is preposterous.

Yes. Well, gentlemen,

are you ready
to hear my findings?

- Go on then.
- This sword

might be the murder weapon.
- Might be?

I wish I could answer
more conclusively.

But the attack
was made in a frenzy.

The stab wounds are not clean,

so I can't determine exactly
the width of the blade.

If only Mr. Pendrick
had some memory

of the night in question.
- Maybe he does.

- What's this about, Tom?
- That's inspector

to you, Pendrick.

Found in your laboratory.

I've been stealing from myself.

- Where's the Guarana?
- Inside the flap.

And what of my formulation?

Have I been stealing that
as well?

No sign of it.
Though I suspect

you'll know where it is.
And you can tell us.

Right after you tell us
you're the murderer.

I can't confess to what
I don't recall.


But if you don't remember,
maybe the lurker will.

You want me to take my jumper?

It may be a fruitless endeavour,

but perhaps once you turn back
into the lurker,

you will have
the lurker's memories.

And then we can question you
about the murder.

- And get your confession.
- All right.

If I'm guilty,
then I deserve to be punished.

One request...

May I have a pencil and paper?

This may be the last chance
I get to take my jumper

and enjoy the hour of great
productivity it provide.

It would be a shame to waste it.

BotToms up.

When will the hanging be?

The man hasn't even been
brought before a judge yet, - sir.

Well, then, when will he
be brought before a judge?

As I said,
we are happy to testify.

Is that him right there?

Just... out in the open?

How long has he been at it?

We gave him the formulation
over an hour ago.

It's remarkable.

There's no doubting
his drug is powerful.

How long do you think
he'll be out for?

- I have no idea.
- Well,

let me know when he wakes up.


Oh. Hello.

I'm sorry, it seems...

Well, it seems

that whatever was meant
to happen hasn't come to pass.

What do we do now?

We wait. Julia!


Mr. Pendrick,
we're trying to help you!



James, stop this!
Give yourself up.

I'm sorry, inspector.

I believe I have
the right to remain...

- Violent.
- Oooh!

Aren't you lovely?

Please, just wait here.

I've had better.

Get out of the bloody way!

What have we done?

Sir, we've let a murderer go free.

Sir, any sign of Pendrick?

He knows we're looking for him.

Maybe he's already
fled the city.

- We should search his laboratory.
- Jackson was there. No luck.

He wouldn't risk getting caught
by going back to his lab.

Sir, if Pendrick
is leaving town,

he wouldn't leave
without all his research.

Maybe you're right.

Find out what that's about.
I'll handle the lab.


- What is it?
- The lurker!

It was the lurker!
Where did he go?

Down the alley.

Constable, take this woman's statement.


Pendrick! Stop!

Mr. Pendrick,
you're under arrest for murder.

Mr. Pendrick. Nice to have
your business again.

You killed the sausage vendor.

Of course.

Just as surely as I'll kill you.

James Pendrick!

- Give yourself up.
- Stay away.

We don't have to do this, James.

I'm not James Pendrick,
I'm the lurker!


It's me, Tommy Two Cakes.

Don't do this.
You're not a killer.

Pendrick! Stop!

Well done, sir.

Are you all right?
Never in doubt, Murdoch.

Well, sir, it would appear
that James Pendrick

is not our killer.
- Maybe not.

But he came bloody close.

James Pendrick,
exonerated again.

I'm rather surprised
he was given little more

than a slap on the wrist, sir.
He didn't kill anybody.

No, he didn't,
but he is responsible

for several counts
of petty theft,

harassment, groping...

He even broke
into your house, sir.

All in the name of science.
I thought you'd appreciate that.

- Indeed.
- So.

What happened to the international
thief who followed Pendrick

from St. Louis?
There was no such man.

So it was just some restaurant man
in a spat with a sausage vendor.

Rather prosaic
when you put it that way.

How did he even know about
Pendrick's bloody jumpers?

Pendrick had been bragging
about them openly.

I suppose the man thought
that they would help him

to figure out how to win back
business that he'd lost

to the sausage king.
- After all that,

a man was killed
for having delicious sausages.

Also prosaic.

Well, the man's motives
may not have been inspiring,

but we are left with quite a story
to write up in the reports, sir.

- We've got a lot of paperwork to do?
- Yes.

- Inspector Brackenreid.
- Ah, James!

Of course.
We'll be right there.

Murdoch, grab your hat.

The combination
of my formulation

and the Guarana
has produced remarkable results.

Has it stopped the side effects?

I don't know,
I haven't tried it. But my tests

have revealed that something
far greater is at hand.

Well, don't keep us waiting.
I took a small dose

of my original formulation
and added the Guarana.

But quite by accident,
I combined them in a petri dish

that was home to a small family
of gastrotrichs.

Tom, please, have a look.

What are they? Worms?

Gastrotrichs are organisms
that reside in the benthic zon...

- So basically worms.
- Yes, sir.

What they are is not important.

Gastrotrichs ordinarily
live less than 72 hours.

I gave these the formulation
a week ago.


They've already lived
twice their natural lifespan

and they're as lively as ever.

What, you think
you've found a way

to forestall death?
- Yes, Tom,

I believe I have.

The proverbial fountain of youth

is within my grasp.

I have had a devil of a time
finding you, constable.

You promised me the scoop

on the lurker.
That all's been over for days.

The case is closed, it's already
made it to the papers.

Yes, but I want the story
behind the story.

To tell the tale of the men
who brought him to justice.

I don't think anybody would be too
interested in that. That's why you're not

the reporter.
I'll buy you dinner

in exchange for whatever
you can tell me.

I'm not supposed
to speak on the matter.


then I hope you can speak
on something else

or our dinner's going to be

awfully quiet.

Louise, I can't.

- That woman from the other day?
- If I've learned anything

about you, it's that you don't
take no for an answer.

But in this case...

- I understand.
- Oh, Louise...

A month ago?
Nobody's done anything about it?

Oh, George! For you.
From your lady friend.

- Louise?
- No, your lady friend.

Miss bloom? The gorgeous woman
you're courting? With the eyes

and the hair?
- Yes, Jackson.

I know who I'm courting,
thank you.

I was just expecting...

I don't know
quite how to put this,

except to say I'll miss you.

The twist of fate
that brought you into my life

was one of the greatest gifts
I've ever received.

But we both knew your path
wouldn't end with me.

I'm quite sure wherever it leads

will be wondrous.

Yours, Nina.

- Something the matter, George?
- It would appear

I'm not courting
anybody anymore.

Its true... life... because

It is somewhat outlandish.
Beyond the pale,

even for James Pendrick.
- If it's true,

it could change the world.
- Imagine all of us,

living our lives,
doing our jobs,

perhaps in this very
station house,

- Tom! Murdoch!

It's gone!

- What's gone?
- The Guarana,

Um, the-the formulation, my
research, all of it! It's gone!

Slow down. What's happened?
- I left my lab last night

to get some rest.
When I returned,

Ashmi had vanished.
And all my work along with her.

The fountain of youth
has been stolen?

I'll never be able to
reproduce it without my notes.

She no doubt intends to sell it
to the highest bidder.

- I hate to say it,

but she may have been
planning this all along.

She was very protective of you

and ensuring
that your research continued.

Blinded by beauty yet again.

She must be stopped.

If she left last night, she could
be in another country by now.

She surely is.
But she made one mistake.

A letter addressed to Ashmi.

From Panama City.

You think
that's where she's gone?

For more of that Guarana.

My work is the gun, but
the Guarana is the ammunition.

If she controls both,
there is no limit

to what people will pay.
And no limit to the villainy

of the potential buyers.
- Then what are you waiting for?

She must be stopped.
- I'm leaving on the next train

but it is a journey
fraught with danger.

I only wish

I had a partner.

Murdoch, tell the chief constable
I'll be taking my leave.

Oh, and you make sure
you keep an eye on the place.

Sir, are you quite sure
about this?

Of course he is.
It will be the adventure

of a lifetime.
Tom, the journey begins.

- You'll write, won't you?
- Where we're going the post

isn't exactly regular...
- James...

Course I will, Margaret.

You've really lost your head
this time, Thomas.

It does promise
to be quite dangerous.

If you only live once,
why not make it forever?

Come here, Margaret.

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