Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 10, Episode 15 - Hades Hath No Fury - full transcript

A death by explosion leads Murdoch and Detective Watts to a community of secretive women.

(theme music)

(indistinct voices and horses' hooves)

(rusty hinges)

(metal clanking)

(loud deflagration)

(dramatic music)

Pardon me. Police! Excuse me.

(indistinct conversations)


(sighing) The victim
suffered serious damage

to the right side of her body.

The blast appears to
have originated here.

She may have even walked over it.

- Perhaps she triggered it?
- Perhaps.

Why would someone set
an explosive device here?

Detective Murdoch. Dr. Ogden.
May I look at that victim?

I'll need to clean her up,
Detective, before we can hope

- to identify her.
- No. Wait, wait, wait.


It's her.

This is the woman I've been looking for.

This is Muriel Bruce.

(dramatic transition music)

Muriel Bruce disappeared
without a trace two years ago.

One year later, she was
seen with a Lynn Clark

on a streetcar, just before
Miss Clark's disappearance.

Then in May of this year, she was seen

at St. Stephen-in-the-Fields
with a Miss Natalie Sykes.

And Miss Sykes was never seen again,

- I imagine.
- (agreeing): Hm.

And you believe this Muriel
Bruce's death to have something

- to do with these missing women?
- Oh, it has to.

Or perhaps she was just in the
wrong place at the wrong time.

Don't say that. This is the
best lead I've had in months.

Do you know where to
find the victim's husband?

I know where to look.

Cause of death was mass organ
failure due to percussive force.

She has several broken bones,

and significant burns to
her body on her right side.

We extracted glass and
metal shards from her body,

as well as fragments of
leather. Perhaps from a suitcase?

I believe she may have
been carrying the bomb.

Carrying it? Herself?

How did that come to pass?

So, did Muriel Bruce know
what was inside her suitcase?

Given the circumstances,
I don't believe she did.

She was wearing a ring
on her wedding finger.

Yes, it has an inscription:

"Aphrodite." The Greek goddess of love.

Muriel had a book on Greek myths.

She was obsessed with the goddesses.

Perhaps she had the
ring made for herself.

If we can find the jeweler,
then we may find her address.

(indistinct voices and horses' hooves)

Hello, Mr. Desmond.

Sirs? I found the jeweler.

The ring is one of a
series. Each one is engraved

with the name of a
different Greek goddess.

- It's a standing commission.
- For Muriel Bruce?

He doesn't know who ordered
them, only to send the rings

- to the old Greenwood estate.
- The Greenwood Estate.

- In Rosedale?
- Yes, sir. I was surprised, too.

I had thought it empty ever since

Lady Greenwood passed away.

(indistinct voices and chuckles)


Toronto Constabulary.


Pardon, Miss!

OK, come on, everybody,

into the house. Let's go.

- Well, this is odd.
- You do lack subtlety.

(indistinct chatter)

What are you doing here?

- How did you get past the gate?
- It was open.

Detective Murdoch, Detective
Watts, Toronto Constabulary.

We're here to inquire
after a Mrs. Muriel Bruce.

No one named Muriel lives here.

What about... Aphrodite?

Follow me.

And you are?

Uh, again, who are you?

- Artemis.
- The goddess of the hunt.

And protector of women.

You mean all these women that
seem to be afraid of our presence?

You are invading our sanctuary.

This place is free of the
unwelcome influence of the male sex.

Ah. You're modern Amazons,

the warrior women who lived without men.

Precisely. Strong and independent.

You do know the Ancient
Greeks are the founders

of our modern patriarchy. Even Aristotle

thought of women as little
more than "deformed men."

We women are well aware
of how men across history

have deformed our lives.

You say I lack subtlety.


We have interlopers.

- The police.
- Good day.


You know each other.


Detective Murdoch, this is my sister.

I haven't seen her in fifteen years.

(melancholy music)


I go by Athena now.

Goddess of wisdom.

Although I don't feel
very wise in this moment.

(birds chirping and cascading river)

The last time I saw you,

you were leaving for
work at the laundry.

But you didn't go to work that day.

And you never came back.


I suppose it's time I told you
that I got involved with a man

after our parents died.

I didn't know.

Who was he?

Hector Coleman.

- He mistreated you?
- He forced me to leave you.

I can't imagine what he would have
done to both of us if I hadn't.

I knew the landlady would take
care of you. She did, didn't she?

Mrs. Young was kind enough.

But how did you end up here?

Lady Greenwood was
looking for a companion.

I ran away from Hector and I
traveled the world with her.

When she died five years
ago, she left me everything.

Hector had already died,

so it was safe to come back.

You've been living here for five
years and you haven't looked for me?

Mrs. Young had died. I
didn't know where to start.

And then I met Artemis
and I found my purpose.

Athena. The other man, he's...

frightening everyone.
I don't know what to do.

(little effort groan)

Detective Murdoch, I must insist

that you leave the premises immediately.

Miss Athena, I am simply trying
to speak with some of your tenants.

He said that Aphrodite is dead.

Is this true?

I'm afraid so. She was killed
in an explosion earlier today.

- Oh my dear lord.
- How?

Artemis, take everyone inside.

- Come on ladies, let's get inside.
- Are you certain it's her?

(indistinct chatter)

Do you have any idea where
Muriel Bruce was going today?

Not specifically.

Muriel went out every
day to find women in need.

Do you happen to know if any
of the women here had a problem

with Muriel Bruce?

Muriel was the reason most
of the women were here.

Whoever did this to her is not among us.

I'll need to speak with
all of them nevertheless.

You are the first men to
cross the gate in years.

And as you've already
experienced, Detective,

they will not speak with you
and I cannot force them to.

I will however pray you find
the evildoer responsible.

I would like to see you again.

I have promised these women
a world without men. I can...

I can hardly make an
exception for myself.

(bittersweet music)

Goodbye, Llewellyn.

(rusty hinges creaking)

(horses' hooves and voices)

Detective Watts!

- Is it true? You found your sister?
- Yes.

Was your reunion unsatisfactory?

I know the truth, Jackson. That's...

all I've ever hoped for.

Forgive me, sir, but you
seem more disturbed than ever.

She told me of a man
who caused all this.

A man named Hector Coleman.

- I will find him straightaway.
- No need. He's dead.

Years ago.

How could I have been so unaware?

My sister was in distress
and I suspected nothing.

You were only twelve years old.

Age is no excuse for inattention.

But sir, you found her.
Your sister is alive!


So I'm at peace.

(transition music)

I believe these pieces of metal to
be the remnants of an alarm clock.

With the exception of
this monogrammed plate.

Now the only discernible
initial is the letter "B".

I have to get back into that house.

Detective Watts, perhaps
you should recuse yourself.

Muriel Bruce was seen with two
women just before they disappeared.

Those two women are in that house.

- You may be right. However...
- We'll get a judge's warrant.

That may do your investigation
more harm than good.

- We need a man on the inside.
- You mean a woman.

And I believe that can be arranged.


I'm Freddie Pink.

A woman named Muriel
told me about this place.

Come in.

I met Muriel last week, at a church.

St. Stephen-in-the-Fields.

I'm so sorry to...

have to tell you this,
but Muriel has died.

Oh! Oh no!

She was very kind to me at a time

when I hadn't a friend in the world.

That was her way.

I suppose I ought to explain.

I was forced to deal with
an abusive husband in...

a... less than lawful way.
I... I had no choice...

We all have a reason for being here.

If Muriel invited you,

you may consider yourself home.

She said there were no men. Ever.

When you remove the
inherent struggle of a woman

in an unfriendly world,

she is different.

She is whole.

We all share the chores here.

Some of us like to cook,
others would rather dust.

Perhaps you'll join the soap makers.

- You make soap?
- Hm! Lovely soap.

The great debate is whether
to sell it on the outside.

I wouldn't want to go back out there.

You won't have to.

In truth, none of us ever leave.

We find great relief in
staying within the gates.

A society of women living
within a matriarchal structure.

It's fascinating to say the least.

And Detective Watts'
sister is the founder.

That must have been quite a shock.

I don't know. He seems to be preoccupied

with his original cases.

A man who avoids his feelings
by occupying himself with work.

I should think you two have
found common ground at last.

- Ahem!
- Inspector. Detective. Shall we begin?

- Very good, Doctor.
- We've been able to remove

most of the clothing,
after rehydrating her skin

and some excellent
extraction work by Miss James.

We discovered an imprint in her skin

in the shape of the letter "N."
Well, the mirror image of one.


I wonder.

An N on the body and a B on the plate.

Norman Bruce's suitcase.

Perhaps Mr. Bruce found his wife,

he arranged to meet with her,

claiming only that he wanted
to return her belongings.

But instead of all the
doings and what-have-yous,

he put the explosives into
his suitcase, set the timer,

and watched her walk away.

Watts get a photograph,
have the constables

distribute it all over the city.

Norman Bruce is our
prime suspect, Murdoch.

- I want him found. Carry on.
- Yes, sir.

Miss James, could I have a word?

What can I help you with, Inspector?

I'm afraid I feel compelled to
tell you something, Miss James.

(breathing in deeply): I'm very sorry...

but I saw your young
man with another woman.


There must be an innocent explanation.

- When was this?
- Yesterday.

You must have seen him
at work, then, Inspector.

Does he work at the Queens Hotel?

(foreboding music)

You mean to tell me...

that instead of working,
he was at a fancy hotel

cavorting with another woman?

Miss James, please calm yourself...

Now I feel compelled to give
that liar a piece of my mind.

(door slamming)

I was meant to be married.

But when my fiancé found out
that my mother was Algonquin,

- and not my father's wife...
- He suddenly changed his mind.

I became an unmarriageable burden.

So when the fire happened
I up and disappeared.

That was when you met Muriel?

Yes. At St. Stephen-in-the-Fields.
Same as you.

So, this is your room.

It was Aphrodite's. Um, Muriel's,

our beautiful angel of mercy.

Oh, Themis...

- I can come back.
- No, Artemis, stay.

We can help you clear
your cousin's things.

Muriel was your cousin?

- My condolences.
- Thank you.

She told me a little about you.

Uh, you once worked
in a pub, didn't you?

Artemis didn't just work in a pub.

She turned her father's pub
into a neighbourhood institution.

And then, when her father
died without a will...

- Themis.
- Artemis, you were wronged.

It's not fair that your brother
should inherit everything

- just because he's a boy.
- I see.

The Rosie May. Named after my mother.

I can still picture the sign.

But now that's in the past.

Excuse me.

(vocal sigh)


I'm Freddie.

Demeter. Welcome.

(indistinct women's voices)

- Did I do something?
- Demeter just likes to keep to herself.

She's very smart. She
left her family because

they wouldn't let her
continue her studies.

Surely her room isn't in the cellar.

Oh no. Of course not.
It's just that no one

other than Demeter goes down there.

Demeter likes her solitude.

We've all come to respect that.

- ♪
- (birds chirping)


Muriel Bruce was well loved
and universally mourned.

Not even her cousin
Artemis, knows what happened.

Artemis is Muriel Bruce's
cousin? Are you sure?

It's confirmed by details
that Detective Watts gave me.

What about the women?
Have you identified them?

Some names, uh, mostly just
clues from their past lives. Uh...

Maybe you should ask first.

May I please have the paper?

Not me. No, the women.

If this were my case,
I'd think twice before

exposing them to people
they'd intentionally left.

Good thing this isn't your case.

Yes, hello, I'm waiting on the
clerk to check on a Hector Coleman?

He died over five years ago.

- I'm sorry, can you repeat that?
- Jackson.

- Updates on Norman Bruce?
- Ah, Sir,

there's no sightings of Mr.
Bruce at the train stations

or the cab companies. But
the lads are on it, sir.

- If he's in the city, we'll find him.
- Carry on.

Right then, Watts.

How goes it with our lady policeman?

She lacks objectivity.

Just from looking at
this list I can close...

six files. Two more I don't even
recognize, likely never reported.

- I'll start the calls right away.
- Wait until the Bruce murder is solved.

Their families have waited long enough.

Those women are not going anywhere

and this case is messy enough
without a horde of disgruntled men

descending on my station house.

(metal softly knocked on hard surfaces)

(some harder knocking)

(footsteps getting away)

(foreboding music)

- What do you open?
- (dramatic musical peak)

This was left for me last night.

I've tried a few locks but no luck.

It's corroded.

- Sodium hydroxide.
- A very specific guess.

It's not a guess. Sodium
hydroxide... or lye...

is used in soap making.

The favoured activity of this household.

Detective William Murdoch,
Toronto Constabulary...

You've no right to be here.

No one invited you. No. Men. Allowed.

Please, Miss, just a few questions.

Get away from these gates
before I find a shotgun.

- Llewellyn, what are you doing here?
- My job.

Wait for me in my salon.

Please, Miss Athena.

We were hoping to
speak with you directly.

Ask your questions.

No, you may not come in.

Have you seen this man

approach your property
in the past few days?

I don't think so. Who is he?

Muriel Bruce's husband.

And you believe he is her killer?

Oh dear lord.

And you wonder why we seek
refuge behind these walls.

Perhaps he was driven to madness
by her mysterious absence.


This is a list of names.

Can you confirm these
women are in this house?

How did you get this?

Will you confirm or not?

Their families are
desperate for any news.

No. You cannot tell their families.

Someone cared enough to
report these women missing.

Muriel Bruce's husband
cared enough to kill her.

Many of these women
would meet a similar fate

if they were reunited with
their so-called loved ones.

- They deserve to know!
- Please, please.

Perhaps we can reach a compromise.

We'll alert the families that
their women have been found,

but not where they are.

If you will in turn tell
the women what we are doing,

and allow each one to
choose her own next steps.

I suppose I can live with that.

- Yes. Fine. Agreed.
- All right.

Thank you, Miss Athena. Good day.

- Llewellyn.
- Ahem! (sniffle)

I know you're angry.

But what I'm doing here is important.

It's more important
than you or me, it's...

it's more important than our hurt.

(indistinct voices nearby)

(key being tried in lock)

(drawer not giving up)

(key being tried again)

- (drawer still not giving up)
- Miss Pink?

Miss Pink?

Why are there police here?

Who were they looking for?

Those policemen are
investigating poor Muriel's death.

They are not permitted within the gates

and will not try to enter again.

How can you be so sure?

It's their world.

We're just pretending we're not in it.

Do you like it here?



I've learned a few things about you

in your short time here.

(key unlocking lock and drawer opening)

Which is why I felt this
would be most appropriate.

(slight shift in music)


Goddess of the hearth, the home.

You are a protector.

You will protect us, and our home.

Rebecca. It's not what you think.

- Can't you just trust me?
- How can I trust you

when you lie to my face
and won't tell me why?

- We're through.
- Rebecca!


You heard the young lady's decision.

Now prove yourself to
be a man and respect it.

What right do you have to tell
her I was stepping out on her?

I saw what I saw.

You, canoodling that
woman in the Queen's Hotel.

- Canoodling?
- Yes, canoodling!

What you saw...

was a woman teaching me to read.

Why hide that from Miss James?

Rebecca is going to be a
doctor, for heaven's sakes.

How can I tell her I can't even read?

I don't think you give the
young lady enough credit.

Who am I kidding?

You did me a favour.

A heart only breaks worse
the longer it's pledged.

(music amplifying)

(indistinct chatter)


Ah, Jackson.

Give me a task. I am not
fond of sitting idly by,

waiting for others to do
their jobs so I can do mine.

You've always sought the truth, sir.

- The truth is all that matters.
- Hector Coleman,

the man who took your sister

- away from you...
- I never wanna hear that name again.

He's alive, sir.

And he lives in Toronto.

- Hestia! I love it. It suits you!
- Does it?

Athena can see into
the heart of a person.

Well, in that spirit I'd
like to make myself useful.

I happen to have a soap recipe,

- that's excellent for the complexion.
- Oh, wonderful!

- I'd like to be the first to try it.
- Where are the supplies?

- I'd like to make a test batch first.
- In the cellar.

But don't go down there. Ask
Demeter and she'll get them for you.

I'm the goddess of the household.

- Surely I can fetch my own supplies.
- Really. Don't.


Where is Demeter?

I should at least invite her to join us.

- ♪
- (birds chirping)

- (footsteps)
- What are you doing down here?

I was just looking for some lye.

- To make soap.
- I know what lye is for. And we're all out.

- Don't come down here again.
- (dramatic musical peak)

So what's all this, me old mucker?

It's a timer, sir, made
with an alarm clock.

It has a string affixed to the ringer.

Now, once the desired time is reached,

the string pulls the cork,
releasing an incendiary fluid,

which then makes contact
with the explosive.

Once that happens, the
blasting cap is ignited and...

(ringing of alarm clock, small
deflagration and little groan)

- (someone): What happened?
- Alright, back to work everybody.

It's just Murdoch
experimenting. Back to work!

(someone): Alright!

It's simple enough Norman
Bruce could have made it.

It fits.

Especially since I've just
learned that the TNT was stolen

from Mr. Bruce's worksite
only three days ago.

That's the day before
Mrs. Bruce was killed.

(foreboding music)

When did you last see her, Mr. Coleman?

Fourteen years ago. Too
long to be holding on, but

I guess I always hoped she'd come back.

How did you meet her?

I saw her staring at a
poster of Niagara Falls.

She said she'd always wanted to go.

We started talking.

Then you forced her
to move away with you.

No! Moving was her idea.

Her parents were dead
and she was all alone.

She just wanted to get
away from the memories.

I moved because she asked me to.

I'd even bought tickets to
honeymoon in Niagara Falls.

The next day she was
gone. So were the tickets.

You never saw her again.

Did you find her?

I just wanna know what I did wrong.

No point in asking. Can't
believe a word she says.

- (Click!)
- I knew you were up to something.

What are you really doing down here?

You're researching chromosomes.

You know how to read that?

This looks like an accessory chromosome,

the one that determines
that a baby will be male?

You know some science.

How refreshing.

But that assumption
by the male-dominated

scientific establishment is wrong.

- You've proven that?
- No, not me.

Nettie Stevens.

She's an American on the brink
of publishing her findings.

The "accessory" or "X element"
chromosome is, in fact,

the female determiner.

Women are the default of nature.

Are you... trying to manipulate babies?

Not quite.

You might actually understand my work.

What I'm about to show
you is not for everyone.

Where is that key?

Oh, here it is.

You can't tell anyone.

Athena wouldn't like it.

Why not?

Because it's not for the faint of heart.

I want to effect change.

Real change.

I want to...

eradicate the male sex altogether.

And it starts right here.

(gasps and musical peak)

That's him. That's Norman Bruce.

He was struck in the
head with something heavy,

likely the cause of death.

But how did he come to
be inside this house?

And inside a tub of lye.

Luckily it sprang a leak,

or we'd have nothing
left but flesh soup.

He was obviously killed out
of revenge for Muriel's death.


So, they learned that Muriel had died,

discovered her husband
killed her, lured him here,

killed him and disposed of
the body all in the 24 hours

between when Muriel died and
I arrived at the front gate.

Who does this all belong to?

It's Demeter's.

She told me that she is attempting
to eradicate the male species.

One at a time?

- You betrayed us.
- How could you lie to us like that?

- A girl's got to make a living.
- Miss Pink.

For what it's worth, I am sorry.

Get out.

You don't need the goddesses.

Maybe you should just be yourselves.

There ought to be
strength enough in that.


We will be conducting a
full search of the estate.

- Please, cooperate.
- You can't. I won't allow it.

This is a crime scene,
and I am the police.

Whatever authority you think
you have means nothing to me!

(indistinct chatter)

(bittersweet music)

How did Mr. Bruce come
to be in your cupboard?

I would like to know that as well.

Do you deny killing him as
a means of eradicating men?

I'm not a killer, I'm a scientist.


Then how do you propose
to reach your goal?

I'll try to explain it to you,

but don't expect to understand.

I'll endeavour to muddle along.

If two chromosomes are
needed to make life...

oh, do you need me to
explain what a chromosome is?

I've got the gist.


So, two chromosomes combine,

then, a baby forms.

I hope to fertilize an egg

with two female chromosomes,
ensuring a female baby.

- All I need to do...
- Is isolate a chromosome,

find a suitable egg, fertilize it,

and then re-implant it in a human womb,

hoping that a normal gestation ensues.

Well done, Detective.

Only female children would be born,

eliminating men altogether.

If that were possible,
it would take decades.

- Centuries.
- Well, yes.

Of course!

Perhaps you decided to use
Mr. Bruce as your own...

test subject of sorts. Hm?

And I would need a female
research subject, Detective.

Besides, if I had killed that man,

I wouldn't have opened
that door for anyone.

William, I found something
interesting on the remaining flesh

of Norman Bruce's hands.

It's yellow staining, a
reaction to trinitrotoluene.

Proving that he handled the TNT.

So we can close the case on
the murder of Muriel Bruce.

Sisters, please! Remain calm!

Our oasis has been invaded,
but we will regain it.

(excited chatter)


That doesn't belong in
here. That goes in the foyer.

And yet, it's here.

Hidden in your salon.

You killed Norman Bruce.

- No, I... I never even met the man.
- You're lying.

Hector Coleman isn't dead.

(bittersweet music)

- What?
- Hector Coleman.

The man you said forced you to leave me.

The man you said had
died is alive and well.

I said that for your safety.

He certainly told a different story.

Of course he did. Are
you going to believe

some strange man or your own sister?

Why would I believe my sister?

I never got the chance to
know her. I have no reason

to believe you're capable of the truth.

I saw no reason to hurt you
again, but if you insist.

I left you because I did not wish

to be chained into a life of servitude.

I left you because I didn't want you.

That's the truth.

Clarissa Watts, you are under arrest

for the murder of Norman Bruce.

- Constables. Take her to the cells.
- I was right to leave you.

You're just another man.

You're deluded and
oppressive and arrogant

just like ALL THE REST OF THEM!!

He arrested his sister?

The murder weapon was in her study.

Is that the entirety of the evidence?

Yes. And now she refuses to speak.

Your report is ready, Doctor?

- I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Detective.
- Yes. Well,

Life is but cruel
sport for whatever maker

you are forced to believe in.

- Detective Watts. I understand...
- Would your sister forsake you

for a house of women who have
eschewed the world in which you live?

My sister was a nun.

Yes. Uh... my findings... uh...

The statue of Athena
was the murder weapon.

Mr. Bruce was struck across
the left temple, four days ago,

and died almost immediately.

Did you say four days ago?

- Are you sure?
- Quite.

Well then, Norman Bruce died the day

before his wife, Muriel Bruce, did.

There was no time to set a bomb.

He could not have
been his wife's killer.

Then how did she come to have the TNT?

Perhaps Mrs. Bruce stole it from
her husband when she visited him?

We found no yellow staining on her,

she can't have handled the TNT herself.

She must have asked her
husband to steal the TNT.

Which would explain the
staining on his hands

- and the use of his suitcase.
- So Muriel appears out of nowhere.

She asks Norman for TNT.
A day or two later he

delivers the stolen goods
to her in his suitcase...

at the estate?

No, she never would have allowed that.

He must have followed her
there after the exchange.

- He knocks.
- Whoever answered the door...

Perhaps Mrs. Bruce herself...

Struck him in the head with the statue.

Which was by all accounts
normally just beside the door.

The killer then dragged
the body down to the cellar.

He put him in lye, thinking
that would be the end of it.

Which means Muriel Bruce

was knowingly in
possession of explosives.

And on her way somewhere... with a bomb.

(horses' hooves and
long, full breath out)

Where could she have
been going from here?

In that direction it's all houses.

That way is a row of shops,

and this, right here, is
the new apartment building.

They're just putting up the ribbon
for the grand opening out front.

So, no obvious target then.

Not unless she missed the
pub that used to stand here,

The Rose and something..?

- Not the Rosie May?
- Yes. That's the one.

That was Artemis' father's pub.

Her brother tore it
down to develop the land.

That's why she moved in with
Athena in the first place.

So the apartment building
was the intended target.

Muriel Bruce had
reached her destination.

Only the bomb went off too soon.

Then it was Artemis' plot to
wreak revenge on her brother.

Your sister was telling the truth.

She didn't kill anyone.

Yes, I read about it in the
papers. Who could miss it?

Toronto's first apartment building.

My brother is making a fortune

at the expense of our family legacy.

How nice for him.

So you admit to the plot then?

Muriel was a loyal friend.
May she rest in peace.

But I had nothing to
do with what she did.

Please take off your gloves.

(foreboding music)

(deep breathing)

This is proof that you
handled the TNT, that you...

made the bomb that killed Muriel Bruce

and you will be charged with her murder.

No. Never.

I don't know why the
bomb went off so early.

- Please...
- So, your plan was to disrupt

your brother's opening ceremony?

Or damage the building beyond repair?

I just wanted my brother to suffer.

So, you had Muriel Bruce
steal the explosives.

She said that she had a plan.

I didn't know it involved
that brute, Norman.

He followed Mrs. Bruce to the estate.

I opened the door and there he was...

threatening to go to the police
unless Muriel left with him.

You hit him over
the head with the statue

and placed his body in a tub of lye?

I was going to make a special
batch of shaving soap for men.

(quiet little chuckle)

Muriel would have
thought that a great joke.

But your plan failed
when the tub leaked.

I was waiting for the
next delivery of lye

when Miss Pink showed up.

So you slipped the key into her room.

So you set up Athena.

The woman who took you in.

Athena doesn't care what
goes on outside those gates.

Too many women are suffering
at the hands of men.

Muriel would tell me
about them. Every day.

We needed to act, not
hide in an ivory tower.

We needed to start a war.

With your friend Muriel
as the first casualty.

(somewhat sad music)

(deep sob)

Reproductive manipulation?

This Demeter was attempting
to fertilize the egg

- outside the womb?
- I don't know how successfully.

You could ask her, though.

She'd be thrilled to discuss her
work with someone who understands it.

And perhaps I will.

- Detective Watts.
- Uh, Miss Pink.

Doctor Ogden.

(bell ringing and indistinct chatter)

I know all too well how
family can disappoint.

You didn't choose her for a sister.

But in fairness, she
didn't choose you, either.

Your face is... symmetrical.

But... that hat...

I offended him, I think...

I think that was his
attempt at a compliment.

Miss James?

- Inspector!
- Oh!

Miss James.

I feel the need to right a great wrong.

Mr. Desmond wasn't stepping out on you.

He was taking reading lessons.

Are you telling me that Nate can't read?

- I'm so happy you told me.
- I knew you would be.

I had been feeling so badly, but now...

Such relief! I mean...

I couldn't possibly
be with an illiterate.

- But Miss James...
- I am indebted to you, Inspector.

- You can't mean that, surely...
- (someone laughing)

I'm sorry, Rebecca, I
couldn't hold it in any longer.

I almost burst myself.
Nate told me the truth.

And now I got the prettiest
tutor in all of Toronto.

We're sorry.

We couldn't resist, Inspector.

I suppose I deserved
that. Teach me to meddle.

Thank you, actually.

It's nice knowing that there's
someone looking out for me.

Oh... (little chuckle)

I'll leave you to it.
Whatever it is.

(light music)

(indistinct street chatter)


(horse whinnying)

You'll be gratified to
know some of the women

have spoken to their
families. I was wrong

to encourage them not to.

Thank you for that.

I'll be moving the
household across the ocean

to one of Lady Greenwood's other
estates. I won't tell you where.

I won't see you again.

No. Seems the best thing.

(bittersweet music)

I... believe I can
understand why you left.

But I can't forgive you.

I was only 12 years old.

I didn't expect you could.


I thought you might want this.

It belonged to Muriel.

Goodbye, Llewellyn.

Goodbye, Clarissa.

(little sniffle)

(horses' hooves pulling away)


The truth is absolute,

unyielding, and eternal, Jackson.

It is our one constant
in a turbulent universe.

Yes it is, sir.


I thought you could use this.

Indeed I could.