Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 10, Episode 14 - From Murdoch to Eternity - full transcript

(theme music)


What's this presentation
supposed to be about anyway?

I don't know, Higgins, but if
Detective Murdoch invited us,

I'm sure it's something worthwhile.

It's probably about
fingermarks or something boring.

Higgins, fingermarks have allowed us

to catch more criminals than you...

Oh, shh, there's the Detective now.

Ladies and gentlemen.

You are about to be the first to witness

the most revolutionary
development in human history.

- I knew it. Fingermarks.
- That's right,

an invention so incredible

that it will irrevocably change
life on Earth as we know it.

- (reactions of surprise)
- But before I get too far,

allow me to pay tribute to
the man who's creation it is,

a man who unfortunately
cannot be with us here, today,

due to his... most unfortunate demise.

That's right, none of us
would be able to be here today

were it not for the brilliance

of the late James Pendrick.

- Late?
- Is Mr. Pendrick dead?

If he's dead and the Inspector
was traveling with him, then...

James Pendrick was an
inventor of the highest order.

Before he expired,

he had nearly perfected

a powerful potion of guarana.

Sadly, it was left incomplete.

Until now.

But I, William Murdoch,

have taken that dream to reality.

(some puzzled reactions in the crowd)

I have created an additive...

... which will unlock

Mr. Pendrick's formulation.

The result...

will be the most incredible innovation

the world has ever seen... "Pendrimine!"

- (reactions in the crowd)
- (with a chuckle): My God!

- He hasn't even told us what it does yet.
- Now,

some of you may know
my friend and colleague,

Inspector Thomas Brackenreid.

Now, as you can see,

his best days have passed behind him.

- (chuckles)
- Time had taken its toll.

But, after imbibing

just one dose of Pendrimine,

this is him today!

(strong reaction from the crowd)

- It can't be...
- That's right!

I'm a young man again!

James Pendrick has given me the
gift of eternal bloody youth!


(swelling of epic music)

It was like nothing
I'd ever experienced.

I could feel myself changing.

In a matter of minutes it
was done. I was young again.

Sir, how do we actually
know that... you're you?

Bloody hell, Higgins,
who else would I be?

- So, sir, what happens now?
- Will you ever grow old again?

Not if I keep drinking
the stuff, Crabtree.


You'll get yours in due time!

Besides, this is only the additive

won't do a thing without
Pendrick's formula.

So... where is the actual formula, then?

Ah, Murdoch's squirreled it
away where it can't be touched.

So, how did all this come to pass?

I mean, what happened in Panama?

What happened to James Pendrick?

Agh, we journeyed south

and reclaimed his stolen
formula from Ashmi.

As he toiled, I adventured,

in search of the critical ingredient:

the super guarana of Panama.

- (little chuckle)
- But one day I returned

to a commotion in our laboratory.

We'd been ransacked,
the formula stolen and...

James Pendrick was dead.

Now, I must remind
you to prepare yourself

for a bit of a shock.

Where has Thomas been all this time,

and why didn't he come home

when he came back from Panama?

We've had to keep him
under close observation.

I remind you this is a highly
experimental drug, Mrs. Brackenreid.

- (indistinct comment)
- We all will, Crabtree.


- No...
- It's true, Margaret.

- It's me.
- Ah...

I don't believe it. You're
not Thomas. Look at you!

I am, Margaret. I swear it.

- Impossible.
- Let me prove it.

- Ask me anything. Go on.
- Uh...


Where were you when John was born?

I was right here, in Station Four,

trapped under three feet of
snow. But when I heard the news,

I dug my way out with a latrine bucket,

and was there before the
midwife handed him back to you.

Oh, Thomas! It really is you!


- Ooh...
- Ooh...

(knocking): Sir.

Another message for you. This
one couriered over locally.

"Mr. X."

Must be another potential buyer.

Word is spreading, George.

People from all over the world
are interested in my Pendrimine.

I'll be inviting them all
to a special meeting soon

to entertain their official offers.


I don't mean to speak
out of turn, but...

it seems to me that you're not...

overly concerned with
Mr. Pendrick's murder.

Well, what can we do from here, George?

We know nothing of the circumstances,

we have no access to the
body, to the police report...

We have little choice but to leave
the investigation to the Panamanians.

Yes, I suppose so.

Although, it also surprises
me somewhat that you seem...

so intent on... selling
the Pendrimine. Only because

I've tried to monetize
your inventions in the past,

you've always declined.

This one is different, George.

Alone, I could create a few
doses of Pendrimine a month.

But someone with sufficient capital

could make enough for the entire world!

- So it's not really the money that you're after.
- Not in the least.

The bidding will begin

at one hundred million dollars.

(strong reactions)

Gentlemen! Gentlemen, please.

Consider what's on offer here.

Most would give their entire fortunes

in exchange for eternal youth!

And I am not just selling one dose, no.

The formula itself,

to one buyer.

- The value is limitless.
- (some reactions)

I await your bids.

Henry, have you noticed something
about the Detective is different?

The Detective?

Yes. He's not himself.

The Detective, not the Inspector?

No, the Inspector seems fine.

He's thirty years younger.

Well that's just because
he's taken the Pendrimine.

He still acts like the Inspector.

To me, the Detective is acting
like somebody else altogether.

- I don't know what to say to that, George.
- Well,

I've got proof. Look.

Detective Murdoch told
me he didn't know anything

about the police investigation
in Panama into Pendrick's death.

I found this police report in his files.

- You went through his files?
- Unfortunately, it's in Spanish,

I can't make out a word of it.
You don't speak Spanish, do you?

You stole this from the Detective?

Well he wasn't doing anything with it.

I'm telling you, Detective Murdoch
has become a money-hungry madman

who's turned his back on the law!

He's still our boss, George.

(sigh) Now remember,

- this is strictly off the record.
- Si, claro.

How do you know how to
speak Spanish, anyway?

Te lo dije: soy castellana!

Crecìa hablando
español todos los dias.

Y mi abuela no hablò
una palabra de Ingles.

My grandmother is Spanish.

- Ah.
- Come on, vamos a ver.

(sighing): Panama City police report.

Dr. James Pendrick. Homicide.

Inyectado con veneno... he was poisoned.

Poisoned with what?

No identificado.

- Unidentified.
- Muy bien.

It says here he had
a number of symptoms:

vomiting, convulsions,
excessive slavering,

and near instant hair loss.

He was believed to be dead
within ten to twenty minutes.

My God! What kind of
poison does all that?

The case remains open.

But they were able to trace the man

they believe was the
murderer back to a ship

which fled Panama under the alias...

- "P.D. Lion."
- P.D. Lion?

Oh! P.D. Lion!

- That's quite clever.
- How so?

Lion in Spanish is Leon.

P.D. Leon. Ponce de Leon. Of course.

If you're gonna chase
the fountain of youth,

you might as well name
yourself after the most famous

fountain hunter in history.

Don't worry, I won't write anything.

I'll save this one for my memoirs.

No, it's not that, it's just...

I have no idea what I'm
going to do with this.

Detective Murdoch lied to me.

(ominous music)

- Dr. Ogden.
- Oh, George!

What a pleasant surprise!
What can I help you with?

It's a personal matter.
It's about the Detective.

- Oh?
- Have you noticed that he's been...

acting strange lately?

Not particularly.

Perhaps a small shift.

We have recently learned
that we'll live forever.

Rather a big revelation in one's life!

Right, it's just he seems very...

focused on selling this Pendrimine.

Yes. To a buyer who can
deliver it to the world.

Right, yes, he did say that.

Thank you, Doctor.

Um, while I have you,

do you know of a poison
that could cause hair loss,

- vomiting, and convulsions?
- Uh...

Oh, and excessive saliva.

I can't say that I do.

(little chuckle)

- He asked about the symptoms?
- He knows something.

It could be a problem.

If all goes according to
plan, it will be over tonight.

(indistinct cries and chatter)

(suspenseful, yet comical music)

(inaudible conversation)

- (clicking of some weapon)
- Wait!

Toronto Constabulary!

- Sir, are you all right?
- What's going on?

- George?
- Sir? I was just...

Bloody hell, Crabtree.

You just let James
Pendrick's killer get away!

(suspenseful music)

I don't understand.

If you're both the Inspector, then

- who took the Pendrimine?
- No one, George.

This man isn't the Inspector.
The Pendrimine is a ruse.

It doesn't work? At all?

I'd best start at the beginning.

Everything you heard about
what happened in Panama is true.

We caught Ashmi and resumed
work on the formulation.

Then there was an attack.
James' work was stolen.

- So he really was killed.
- Poisoned.

I tried to save him.

He died in my arms.

Murdered for a potion
that doesn't even work.

So why pretend that it did?

That was my idea. After the attack,

I thought I'd track the
killer down as best I could.

But he fled the country using an alias.

- (swallowing): P.D. Lion.
- Precisely.

I found out that he'd traveled
to Toronto, so I followed.

On the boat, I met this actor.

Very good looking young lad.
The best mimic I'd ever heard.

Quinton Prout. Good
to meet you, Constable.

Yes, you as well.

The Inspector's plan was simple.

Pretend that I'd created
the key "additive."

And that the formula that the
thief stole actually worked.

Pendrimine as a whole would
be valuable to everyone.

But the additive alone

would only be worth
something to the person

- who'd stolen the formula.
- Pendrick's killer.

One of the buyers sent
a messenger to tell me

that he was intent on seeing
the additive in person.

- We were to meet him tonight.
- Ambush him,

and when he made a grab for it,

we were to arrest him.

(sighing): And I scared him off.

(all three, agreeing): Hm...

(Murdoch): All we can hope for
now is that he'll resurface.

I'll find him. I can track
down that motorized bicycle.

I'll do it first thing
tomorrow, I swear.

(soft transition music)

- Hey, George.
- Samuel. I could use some help.

I could use some myself.

Business has really picked up
since we've been in the paper.

Listen, I'm looking for
an electric motorized

bicycle. Unusual design. Thick
wheels, brass trimmed battery packs...

Ah, you haven't seen anything
like that around here. But...

I do know a man who knows every
motorized bicycle in the city.

- I'll get back to you in an hour?
- I'll be at Station House Four.

Oh, George. Nina left this for you.

Some of your things, I gather?

How is she?

She's well, as far as I can see.


(indistinct conversations)


The stables are a right mess.

- Get out there!
- Sir, perhaps you've forgotten,

- but I'm a Constable First Class.
- I haven't forgotten

a bloody thing, Higgins! Go!


Oh Thomas... I packed us a lunch.

I thought maybe we could take
it to the park for a picnic.

Or perhaps dine in your office.

Draw the blinds...

Well, it's a lovely day
for the park, sweetheart.

(vocal sigh)

Detective Murdoch.

My name is Tanner.
Canadian Intelligence.

What can I do for you, Mr. Tanner?

The Prime Minister has
heard tell of your invention.

He has sent me to obtain it on behalf

of the federal government of Canada.

Well, you are more than
welcome to make a bid for it.

Hm. Think this through, Detective.

Capitalism has its limits.

Even the wealthiest company in
the world could not pay your price.

With all due respect, Agent Tanner...

- Hm
- ... my formula will change life as we know it.

- No price is too high.
- Oh, I agree.

Can you imagine if, say, the Americans

were to live forever?

Their eternal strength
would render Canada helpless.

Our nation would be
cast into grave peril.


Very well, then.

- What's Canada's offer?
- Canada's offer is zero.

We simply hope that you
will do the right thing.

It would be a shame if you were
to be convicted of... treason.

Good day.

(melancholy music)

"Nina, you'll be in my
heart until the day I die.

Or, if I turn into a mummy, much longer.

Love, George."

- What's all this?
- Uh, what's what?

- The book. Worth reading?
- Oh, no, it's nothing really.

"By George Crabtree?!"

George, have you written a novel?

- Well, yes I did actually.
- "The Curse of the Pharaohs."

Sounds marvelous, I'll read it tonight.

No, I really don't think you'd
like it. I mean, it's full of...

flights of fancy, which...

- which really is its strength, but...
- Perfect!

I just finished the
interminable new Henry James,

- I need something more lively.
- I don't know...

George, do you not want me to read it?

Come on, I won't be mean.

Of course I want you to read it.

I would like to get you a new
copy, this is... very worn. It's...

Fine. But get it for me soon, will you?

I don't like the idea
of spending a night

without George Crabtree by my bedside.

(horse whinnying)

I'm not quite sure how
to say this, Inspector.

- It's about your wife.
- Margaret?

- Has she figured it out?
- No, sir,

- quite to the contrary.
- How's that?

Well, last night

she expected I would
be doing the same things

you yourself would do
upon your return home.

Ah. The gate needs mending.

Yes, no I've seen to the gate.

But there were other,

shall we say, expectations...

She was rather insistent
that I resume my...

or rather, that I resume your, uh...


- ... husbandly duties.
- Did you?

- No!
- Well then, what's the problem?

Well, she was rather demanding, sir.

A woman has needs, Mr. Prout.

- And Margaret is very much a woman.
- Oh!

I'm not sure I can keep
her at bay much longer.

Have an extra whiskey with supper.

Once she's clearing the dishes,

go straight to the
bedroom and start snoring.

It always works for me!

Sir. Sirs. No. Sir.

We have an address for the motorbike.

Right. then. Let's get to it.

- Actually, sir, I wasn't sent to fetch you.
- What?

You're to stay in hiding just
in case this isn't our man.

We can't risk exposing
the ruse. Mr. Prout.



Let's hope this is our man.

I don't care much for
being accused of treason.

- Sir, it is a hangable offense.
- Thank you, George.

- This should be it.
- (strange sound)

You there! Stop! Toronto Constabulary!

(strange engine sound)

Who are you? Identify yourself.


- Pendrick's assistant.
- The name is Ashmi,


- (epic music)
- When did you last see Mr. Pendrick?

When he found me in Panama.

He and your Inspector
reclaimed what I had stolen.

I stayed for a time but
could not regain James' trust.

I returned to Canada some weeks ago.

Then why were you after the additive?

And you specifically requested
that our Inspector bring it to you.

- Alone.
- But while in Panama

I heard tell of a man.

Another who was after James' work.

I'd hoped to sell it to him.

You believe this man stole the formula?

- That he killed Mr. Pendrick?
- Who is this man?

He came from Asia.

Or possibly the skies themselves.

Some called him a God.

Have you ever heard the name P.D. Lion?

The man of whom I speak had no name.

- Only a letter.
- A letter?

They called him Senor Equis.

George, the card we received.

Mr. X.

He's tried to contact us.

Sir, we have an address.


(nice, exotic music)

Mr. X?

Senor Equis?


What took you so long?

Terrence Meyers?

The great rocket shook us and
blastered throught the atmosphere.

The azure globe shimmering beneath me,

vast oceans roiling, entire
continents within my view.

I had flown higher than any
living thing ever had. It was the

greatest adventure ever known to man.

And then, nothing.


Not only had I touched
the face of God...

I became God.


Hm. I recall nothing of the descent.

All I know is I awoke to the
smiling faces of the Murut.

I was now in Sabah,

near the village of Nabawan.

And in that village,
I was no longer human.

I was Ranying.

Supreme God, fallen from above.

Good Lord!

These people believed you to be God.

I tried to convince them otherwise,

but these people had
not seen a tin opener,

let alone a flying
rocket. I had, after all,

descended upon them as if...

by magic. I...

I lived among the Murut
for many, many months.

My soul, purified. My
mind, cleared. My powers...


My... tumpas, my tattoos,

symbols of my status.

Then how did you end up in Panama?

I was en route to America when...

word came from the Prime Minister.

Rumours had surfaced about
the possible existence

of a "Fountain of Youth"

invented by none other
than James Pendrick.

But now, thanks to you, Murdoch,

eternal life may be Canada's after all.

Mr. Meyers, the Pendrimine
doesn't actually do anything.

- You see...
- You see,

it's useless unless
it is mixed properly.

The Pendrimine has no effect

unless it is combined with my additive

using specialized equipment, of course.

What equipment?

Chemical synthesizers that can be found

in James Pendrick's
laboratory, here, in Toronto.

I see.

Well, hand it all over.

The Canadian government insists on it.

I will.

But not yet.

Murdoch, you can't sell it.

My only aim is to find and apprehend

James Pendrick's killer.

After that, the Pendrimine is yours.

Bloody Meyers. I thought he was dead!

It seems Pendrick's rocket was
safer than it appeared to be.

Why did you lie to Mr. Meyers?

Why would you tell him
the truth about anything?

- The man is quite strange.
- Oh, those tattoos!

Why write a cryptic note when he
could have called on us directly?

Maybe he's not working
for the government at all.

Still, it doesn't hurt to
have him in step with our goal.

He now believes the only way

to get the Pendrimine
is to work with us.

It may be our only hope
of catching the killer.

Well, let's do it quickly.

I can't keep Margaret in the
dark about this much longer.

The woman has needs.

(light transition music)

China. Japan. Russia. America.

(reacting in disgust): And
of course, the Ottoman Empire.

An international agent
from any one of those

governments could be your killer.

How exactly do we know
that the killer is a spy?

Have you identified the
poison that killed him?

No. Its symptoms are not known to...


Its devastating effects were
discovered by the Germans.

Highly radioactive.
Unclear why it's so deadly.

And this poison is only
known to the spy community?

- Exactly.
- Mr. Meyers.

I've been looking for you.

Busy doing your job for you, Tanner.

You know you're not supposed to
go anywhere without my knowledge.



(exotic flute music)

(from behind the door): Detective.

I must warn you that that is not

the Terrence Meyers of old.

The man I admired as a trainee was

lost somewhere in the Bornean jungle.

But he's returned.

- He asked to be brought back.
- Hm.

Is that what he told you?

The moment Terrence Meyers
disappeared into low earth orbit,

the government began its search.

Meyers knows far, far too much.

- You were the one who found him.
- Yes. Eventually.

Only he did not want to be retrieved.

He had become one of the savages.

Meyers cannot be trusted.

Eternal life is at
stake, as well you know.

Put your faith where it belongs:

in the capable hands of
the Canadian government.

- Mr. Tanner...
- I already know you

intend to hand over
the Pendrimine as soon

as you have caught your killer. Oh,

I have microphones in Meyers' room.

Of course.

Yes, well, I have confidence

that you will find your man.

If you don't trust me, well,

you can take it straight to
the Prime Minister himself.

So Terrence Meyers is alive.

I never expected to see him again.

I fear the old Terrence
Meyers may be gone forever.

Julia, the man is deranged.

Do you believe his theory
about Pendrick's killer?

I have no reason to doubt it.

So you'll work with him?

I don't see the harm in it.

So long as I don't allow him
to skew our investigation.

Although, truth be told, nothing
we've tried thus far has worked.

If the killer is a spy,
they may sense a trap.

You may be right.

And if that is the case,

we need to make him feel desperate.

(horses' hooves and
indistinct conversations)

We give the Pendrimine to
the government of Canada.

Wonderful. Hand it over.

At least that's what we
want the killer to believe.

I see.

If the killer thinks that Canada

has the key to eternal youth,

he'll be desperate to
get it for his country.

Lest his nation be
left behind and so on.

And if he's more desperate,

he'll be more likely to make
a mistake, I see that, but

why lie about it? Just give it to us,

- the result is the same.
- I can't do that until the killer is caught.

And how exactly are we supposed to prove

the Canadian government has it?

By giving a second man
a dose of Pendrimine.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier.


All he has to do is stay
out of sight for a few days.

Can you contact him?

Or have Agent Tanner do it?

Well, I suppose but how do
we find someone who looks

exactly like a young Laurier?

Few people have even seen a photograph

of Laurier as a young man.

All we have to do is find someone who

looks like a Prime Minister.

The newspapers will
run wild with the story

and soon the whole world will know!


Your Laurier gambit may have worked.

We've had contact from
six foreign diplomats,

all desperate to obtain
the drug for their country.

Let's hope one of them is
the man we're looking for.

- Hm.
- (light music)



There's no evidence that any
of these men are P.D. Lion.

And what of Pendrick's formula?

Their rooms are being searched now.

Sir! It's the Inspector.

He's been attacked.

(indistinct chatter)


He's still alive, but unconscious.

It seems he was able to
fight off his attacker,

and perhaps the entire dose of
the poison wasn't administered.

Any symptoms?

The same reportedly
suffered by Mr. Pendrick.

He had a bottle of the
additive. Where is it now?

Stolen, it would seem, sir.


- When did the attack occur?
- An hour ago, maybe less.

All the diplomats were at
Station House Number Four.

If one of them did kill Mr. Pendrick,

I suppose he could have sent
someone after the additive.

Indeed. It would be an
excellent opportunity,

to strike while establishing
an iron-clad alibi.


One of Meyers' bracelets?

- Murdoch. What's going on?
- Sir.

The empty vial.

Terrence Meyers, you are under
arrest for the attempted murder

of Thomas Brackenreid and for
the murder of James Pendrick.

(music swelling dramatically)

Oh, this is preposterous.
Clearly I was set up.

You had the empty vial
of additive in your hand.

Which I found in my room
shortly before you arrived.

We also found one of your
bracelets at the scene.

I have all my tumpas.

Six on the right.

- Five on the left.
- Yes, precisely!

There isn't one missing, Murdoch.

I am Ranying.

My people festooned me with one
ring for every head which I...

It doesn't matter. The point
is whatever it is you found

did not belong to me.

Who put it there then?

I assume any one of those
so-called "diplomats."

The Turks have especially
had it in for me.

- The Turks.
- The culprit is likely

spiriting the Pendrimine
away to his homeland

while you're sitting here
wasting your time with me.

I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. Brackenreid.

They say he should
regain consciousness soon.

Did you catch him?

Whoever did this?

We did.


(someone coughing nearby)

Mrs. Brackenreid!

(softer): Stay with him.

I'll return as soon
as I'm able, I have...

Oh, did his eyes just open?

I have to tell her! This
has gone on long enough.

Sir, we need to maintain
the ruse just a bit longer.

- She was kissing another man!
- One she believes to be you.

- What's your point?
- Well sir, it can hardly be characterized

- as an infidelity if she believes...
- Oh, bloody hell, Murdoch!

I don't care what you
characterize it as!

Do you know what it's like seeing
your wife kissing another man?

Actually sir, James
Pendrick kissed Julia

in the days leading up to
your departure for Panama...

- Right. Well then, you know what I'm saying.
- I do,

but I was able to subsume those feelings

knowing that Julia herself
clearly had nothing to do

in the matter and obviously has no...

feelings for James
Pendrick or any other man.

- You've thought this through.
- I have.

- Have you talked with her about it?
- Well, that would imply that it bothers me.

Which it doesn't.

Right. But...

Why are we wasting time,
anyway? We've arrested Meyers.

Sir, something just doesn't seem right.

Why would Terrance Meyers
tell us that he was in Toronto

if he intended to steal
the additive all along?

The man's out of his mind! He
got a taste for power in Borneo

and now he won't stop
until he achieves more.

All the same, sir, if we could
wait another twenty-four hours.

Just to be sure we have the right man.


Another day rotting
away in Pendrick's study.

(piano music)

Hello, Constable!

Any good crimes lately?

I'm writing a report on a lady

who says her neighbour's
horse walks too loudly.

"Nina, you'll be in my
heart until the day I die.

Or, if I turn into a mummy, much longer.

Love, George."


- Louise, let me just say...
- I'm sorry, George.

I had no intention of
going through your things.

I understand why you wouldn't
want to give away this copy.

Louise, please...

Look, I didn't intend for any of this.

The man I own the garage with

happens to be Nina's brother.

I was there, he gave me
some things that she'd left.

I guess she didn't want this anymore.

- Why would you keep that from me?
- I don't know, I... I...

For a moment, I suppose I felt guilty.

The past came rushing back and I...

And you thought you'd made a mistake.

(nice, mellow music)

It would mean the world to me
if you'd read my book, Louise.

Then I will.

(birds chirping and indistinct voices)

You have accused Mr. Meyers
of murder in the past.

This is different.

Meyers has been in the
far east for too long.

What is his story?
Does it seem rational?

He claims that he's been set up.

That a foreign agent
has stolen the additive.

But... why bother setting up Meyers?

Why not simply steal the additive

and then vanish into thin air?

Well, if you're unswayed
by the alternatives,

you have to assume you have
your killer behind bars.

I suppose.

And what about the Inspector?

Has he told Margaret yet?

Not yet.

Julia, the last time
we saw James Pendrick...

Does any of that bother you?

- The kiss?
- Hm.

(with a chuckle): No!

I haven't thought about it for a moment.

- Does it bother you?
- Of course not.

He was out of his mind.

And now he's dead.


(light music)

Oh my God.


It's time, Mr. Meyers.

We have to hand you over.

How long have we known
each other, Murdoch? Hm?

Ten years, I suppose.

That sounds about right.

Do you honestly consider
me a threat to this country?

To my fellow man?

Come on, you know me.

You know they're gonna
consider this treason.

I'll be hanged.

Let me go.

It's not up to me, Mr. Meyers.

Sure it is. Just open
the door, turn your back.

You'll never see me again, I
swear. I'll return to my people.

You would go back to Borneo?

I will never set foot
in this country again.

So, what difference does it
make if they hang me or...

if I simply vanish forever?

(wistful music)

I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

Ah! Thank you, Detective.

All ready, are we, Meyers?

The Prime Minister awaits.

And I assure you

he is not in a merciful mood.


Where's Murdoch? Murdoch!

- Sir?
- Oh!

No, sir, why are you so old again?

Oh my God, sir, what's happened?

- Just yesterday you were a young man!
- Oh, get off, Crabtree.

- Where's Murdoch?
- Sir?

The place has been ransacked.

All Pendrick's equipment's been stolen.

Of course.

Meyers believed Pendrick's
equipment was crucial

- in synthesizing the Pendrimine.
- But I was there.

The place hadn't been robbed yet
when Mr. Prout was attacked...

- when Meyers was arrested.
- Who's Mr. Prout?

- Young me!
- But you're young you.

- Oh, shut up, Higgins.
- Then it couldn't be Meyers.

Then who?

Did you tell anyone the
lie about the laboratory?


But someone else was listening
in on the conversation.



Driver, stop!

What's the problem? What's going on?

Wait a minute...

Agent Tanner, you are under arrest
for the murder of James Pendrick

- and the attempted murder...
- Me? I think not.

We know it was you. You're P.D. Lion.

What of it? You can't prove
that I killed Pendrick.

You poisoned a man here, in Toronto.

When he recovers, he'll identify you.

So? If the Inspector survives,

what will you charge me with?

Attempted murder? (chuckles)

It's enough to lock you up.

And stop you from taking the
Pendrimine back to Ottawa.

Ottawa? No, no, no.

In the hands of the masses,

eternal life would cause an
epidemic of overpopulation.

I took it for myself...
well, myself and...

a handful of the wealthiest
buyers in the world, so...

lock me up. Five years, ten, twenty.

Time matters not in the face of...

(takes a deep breath): ... eternal life.


Second ever dose of Pendrimine,

mixed by my own hand.

Everlasting youth... is mine.

I don't believe we've met.

Inspector Thomas C. Brackenreid.

(Murdoch): You've been had.




It's me.

But... but...

he's you.

I'm sorry but no. I'm me, warts and all.

- So it was all a lie?
- (He sighs.)

I didn't want to hide it
from you. But I had to.

It was the only way to
catch Pendrick's killer.

It had to seem real.

People had to see that you believed it.


Uh, people believed it,
because I played the part.

I didn't believe for one second
that this young man was you.

- You didn't?
- Of course not!

He was far too considerate, for one.

I assumed you were up
to some kind of nonsense

and I went along with it.

You had your fun, and I had mine.

Bloody hell! Margaret,
who is this imposter?

Oh, It's all right,
Quentin, I think the horse

- has left the barn on that one.
- (big exhale)

I'll tell you this, Margaret.

It was no fun for one single second

- being locked away in that laboratory.
- Oh, uncomfortable, was it?

Or did you run out of scotch?

The problem wasn't where I was.

It was where I wasn't.

Kept away from my family.

Kept away from you.

Oh Thomas.

(heartwarming music)

Full reinstatement from
Prime Minister Laurier.

Oh, and he sends his thanks
for exposing Agent Tanner.

I wasn't sure you'd welcome
a return to your old position,

- Mr. Meyers.
- (chuckle from Meyers)

Well, they do say the
trappings make the man.

Once I was back in my old habiliments,

I found I wanted nothing more

than to be in the civilized company

of the Canadian federal government.

(George coughs.)

What about the Pendrimine?

I mean, I know it didn't work,
but according to the Inspector,

Mr. Pendrick was really
getting somewhere with it.

Yes. We found the stolen formula.

But any further work on his research
would be fruitless, I'm afraid.

Perhaps the Detective
could do something with it.

I know your additive was a
fake, sir, but that's not to say

you couldn't make it work if you tried.

I don't know that I could but I suppose

do anything, it wouldn't hurt to try.

It's not the research itself
that would be fruitless.

It's the Panamanian guarana.


Oh! Uh, Pendrick's active ingredient.


The Americans are building
a canal down there.

Our sources tell us
that every last trace

of Panamanian guarana
has been destroyed.

The Americans have ruined
any chance the world had

at eternal life.

Ah well, there's nothing to say

that it would have amounted to anything.

Maybe there is. Look at this postcard.

Dropped at the front desk. Unsigned.

"Thanks for saving my life."
Sir, whose life did you save?

You tell me.

Is that... ?

Could it really be him?

James bloody Pendrick.

He's still alive.

Announcer: On an all new Murdoch.

It appears to have originated here.

- Perhaps she triggered it?
- Announcer: It's a man's world

- where women seek refuge.
- No men allowed!

Announcer: With explosive consequences.

- We need a man on the inside.
- You mean a woman.

Announcer: Murdoch Mysteries,
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