Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 10, Episode 12 - Episode #10.12 - full transcript

(music theme)

Ya! Take that! Ya!

Hi ya! Ya! That!

(soft music)

Get out!


Does he take me a fool?

He's much too old and
all he did was spout

details from the advertisement.

And Adam's eyes were beautiful
brown, not his cold blue ones.

Grandmother, you can't keep
putting yourself through this.

I'll put myself through whatever I want.

- It's been twenty years.
- I know exactly how long it's been,

but that doesn't change the fact

that my grandson was stolen from me.

- (doorbell rings)
- (sighs)

- I will see the next one in.
- Thank you.

(sighs) Let it be him.


Mrs. Adelia Gordon?



I felt the need to respond
to your advertisement.

You believe you are my grandson?

I have memories,

recollections that were
never part of my life.

Do you now?

Do you know these faces?

Were they part of your life?

- I don't know.
- You should.

That was my son and his wife.

And if you are Adam Gordon,

those were your parents.

Do you recognize them?

Perhaps I shouldn't be here after all.

If you are Adam, you grew up here.

Are you familiar with this house?

Why are you here?

Why must you torture my
grandmother like this?

Oh, right. Because of this.

It's... it's...

It is our family crest.

- Where did you get that?
- I've had it since I was a child.

My Adam was wearing that
when he was taken from me.

Where did you find it?

I've always had it.

I am most interested in finding
a particular blonde woman.

- The one Miss Sykes was last seen with.
- As was Miss Clark.

You think this woman has something
to do with their disappearances?

Who knows anything with certainty? But

this woman appears to be
linked to the two of them.

It could be coincidence,
it could be more.

You know the tiresome thing about

- working with other people?
- What's that, sir?

Always having to ask permission.

Oh, Inspector.

- Please call me Detective.
- Of course.

I would like to commandeer
Constable Jackson again.

- He's an agreeable fellow.
- Oh. Why, thank you.

I need to talk to Detective
William Murdoch. Now!

- Can I help you?
- You have to stop her.

My grandmother is about to sign
away her fortune to an imposter.

My grandmother is Mrs. Adelia Gordon.

- You've heard of her?
- I have, Mr. Foster.

Then I imagine you know
she is quite wealthy,

which makes her a target

for all manner of confidence trickster.

Considering the newspaper advertisement

she places each year,
I can certainly see why.

And the moment it appears,
our family is faced

with a steady trail of
charlatans and fraudsters

all claiming to be my
missing step-brother.

Of course, they are not

and then her hopes are
dashed all over again.

Until today,

when "her Adam" walked through the door.

You don't believe this
man to be Adam Gordon.

Of course not. Adam is
dead. He has been for years.

I was there when he was kidnapped.

And that was the last day
that Adam was ever seen alive.

You should go and see her, George.

Why should I? It's clear she
wants nothing to do with me.

- That's not true.
- It is.

Miss Bloom thinks I'm too good for her.

- Well, she's wrong about that.
- I agree with you there.

So go and tell her!

I think it's just best
for both of us if I let

- our association come to an end.
- George...

Higgins, it's what she wants. That's...

That's all I have to say on it.


could you see if you could find
any files on an Adam Gordon?

- A young boy who was kidnapped...
- Has the boy been found, then?

- You're familiar with the case?
- Yes, of course, sir.

He was in the care of his grandmother.

She receives a ransom
note demanding 500$,

with instructions on where to leave it.

She provided the ransom, sir,

but the money was never collected

and the boy was never found.

It's long been suspected that...

that the kidnaper killed him.

Constable Crabtree!

Ah, Miss Cherry.

Detective Murdoch, I heard a rumour

that Mrs. Gordon had recently
located her long-lost grandson.

- Is this true?
- I would say: Don't believe every rumour you hear.

Is he who he says he is?

That is something I can't answer.

Mrs. Gordon has been
looking for her grandson

for almost twenty years.

- Now it appears he's come home.
- Exactly.

He "appears" to have
come home. Thank you.

I'm not at liberty to say anything.

Of course, Constable Crabtree,

I'd never put you in that position.

I must say you're looking well.

As are you.

- I heard another rumour...
- I can neither confirm or deny anything.

That's a shame.

I had heard a rumour that
you had recently become...


The blonde woman's hunting grounds

were the neighbourhoods
affected by the Toronto Fire.

- Hunting grounds? That's a little over-dramatic, sir.
- Is it?

Two missing women.

We don't know how many more
she came in contact with.

And now they are gone. Is
that reason enough for drama?

- So you think she killed them?
- _

If I was a betting man...

Well, I was a betting man
once and that didn't go well...

- But that's what I'd suspect.
- So, what is it exactly

- you think you're doing, sir?
- I beg your pardon?

You're hoping someone will recognize
this womanfrom this drawing.

- I would call that a bet.
- I suppose it is.

I must say you demonstrate
an unexpected wit, Jackson.

I'm sorry, sir.

You have a strong heart.

One that is open for love.

Alas, a big heart means the
corresponding hurt is large.

However, see that star

at the top of your line of life?

- Mmm-hmm.
- That's the symbol of happiness.

It signifies a great joy lies ahead.

You do this for a living?

I read palms, did sleight of hand,

anything to earn a penny.

Oh! My husband would
be rolling in his grave.

Why do you say that?

A Gordon, an entertainer?

The entire family would be scandalized.

We don't know that he's
a Gordon yet, Grandmother.

Who is that?

Detective William Murdoch.
Toronto Constabulary.

- You are not needed here.
- Mrs. Gordon,

it may be in your best interest

if I can ask this man some questions.

- That is not necessary.
- I don't mind.

What would you like to know?

- Is there somewhere private...
- Before you get started, Detective,

I also have a question.

It might save us all a lot of
time and you a lot of bother.

I kept Adam's room exactly
the way it was since he left.

- Do you remember this place?
- I don't. No.

These are all your things.
Your favourite things.

All of these toys here belonged to Adam

but he only ever played with one.

Which is it?

No. Adam hated that.

What did I tell you, Detective?
This man is wasting our time.

Let him think.

It was a long time ago.

(soft music)

I remember these.

I played with them by the hour.

Those were Adam's favourite toys.

That may be so, Mrs. Gordon,

but it doesn't make
this man your grandson.

I didn't say it did.

With your permission, I'd like Dr. Ogden

to take a look at him.

Perhaps she can shed some light.

- How so?
- She may be able

to provide medical evidence
that he is indeed your grandson.

Do you still have the ransom
note that was left, Mr. Foster?

Yes, of course. Our family
has an extensive file

on every scrap of evidence
relating to the case, that included.

- I'll need to see it.
- Very well.

Could you stand over here, please?

What are you doing?

I'm going to compare
your physical features

with those of the Gordon family.

See if I can note any
familial similarities.

Adam Gordon was three feet eleven inches

at the time of his disappearance.

So given that,

I can estimate what his likely
height would have been at adulthood.

I see.

Now if you'll excuse me.

I see that your right leg

is shorter than your left.

Almost one inch.

There is no record that
Adam had that imbalance.

Oh, uh, when I was 7 years old,

a horse kicked me and broke my leg.

My foster parents couldn't afford

to have it set properly,
hence what you see.

I see.

Well, you best be him

because if you're not, you'll
be breaking an old woman's heart.

I know that, ma'am. And believe me,

that's the last thing I want to do.

Pen and ink.

Not very good ink. Several blots.

Looks like an ordinary
piece of school paper.

Not very good penmanship,

although the letter is sophisticated.

Good grammar. No spelling mistakes.

The kidnapper had
something of an education.

Over the years, sir,
reports kept trickling in.

One person even claimed they'd
seen the boy in South Africa.

The frequency of the
reports of course went up

each time Mrs. Gordon
placed her advertisement.

People looking to get their hands

on their share of that reward money.

We're not always the most
noble of species, are we, sir?

This is true. A fact that
keeps you and me employed.

That said, sir,

when the advertisements first
began showing up in the newspaper,

I have to admit, as an orphan,

I was somewhat tempted
to respond to them myself.

I mean, I had a fine upbringing, but

the thought of not only being
reunited with a loving family, but

being made lord of a manor,

having servants waiting
on you hand and foot...

Well, this is interesting.

And you've never seen this note before?

No, I have not.

It seems a neighbour, Mr.
Wilkes, saw a strange man

burying something in this area

three days after your
brother was kidnapped.

And he was never questioned?

There's no mention of
it in the police files.

So how did you come to have it?

I don't know. I was fifteen
when I started collecting

information about my missing brother.

I can't be expected to remember
where every piece of it came from.

This Mr. Wilkes, was he ever spoken to?

- He died three years ago.
- Sir.

This could be it.

George, maybe this
isn't the right place.

Or it could be a prank. Our family
has had more than our fair share.


It may not be a prank.


Small but human.

A button with an anchor.

Possibly from a sailor's outfit.


- If it's my brother, then...
- Mr. Foster.

Dear God. You found him.

Where are you going?

I'm going to kill that bastard

that's trying to worm
his way into my family.

It might be best if
you let us handle this.

Then you'd better.

Do you know for certain that
this is the body of my Adam?

The body is roughly the same age.

And we found remnants of a
sailor suit with the remains.

But you are not sure that it is him.

Doctor Ogden is performing some tests

that may give us confirmation.

I should have known.

I'm much too old to believe in miracles.

I always hoped that one day my grandson

would come through that door.

Instead, all that ever came were cheats.


seemed different.

He seemed like he might be the one.

So who are you?

I thought I might be Adam Gordon.

And before that what name did you go by?

My given name was Albert Slaight.

And is Albert Slaight the type of man

who would deliberately
deceive an old woman?

I didn't mean to do
that. I sincerely thought

I might be her long-lost grandson.

Tell me about the couple who raised you.

They were entertainers.

We were itinerant.

How did you come to be in
possession of the Gordon family pin?

I've always had it.

Ever since I was a small child.

Did they say how it was that they

stumbled upon you?

They said I was rescued
from dire circumstances.

Nothing more than that?


they would refer to
me as a little prince.


I've shown her likeness at
every church in the area.

- And?
- Toronto has a lot of churches.

More than 170. And you found nothing?

No, sir.

- What the devil is that?
- A pretzel. German.

First came across them in New York City.

- Interested?
- No.

Are you sure? They really
are quite delicious.

I'm not interested in anything unusual.

Your loss.

We begin again tomorrow.

Someone has seen this woman,

therefore someone knows
something about her and someone

is going to tell me.

- Something.
- Something. Right.

- Sir, I may have something.
- What have you?

Well, for some time,
sir, there was a man

by the name of Irving Moses
who was a squatter, sir.

And he stayed on the land near
where the dead boy was found.

So he may have witnessed

- who buried the child's body.
- Well, I don't know, sir.

And our original witness, Mr. Wilkes,

didn't identify him as such.

So we have a dead witness
and an itinerant squatter.

Well, we also have
the squatter's sister.

Mrs. Bergman,

do you know where I might find
your brother, Irving Moses?

I have no idea. What's
he done this time?

We're looking into an old police matter.

Do you know if your brother
was in Toronto in 1884?

He may have been.

He never stays put in one
place long. What's this about?

A young boy disappeared
about twenty years ago,

it was rather notorious.

Has he ever spoken to
you about this case?

Irving would never hurt
a child. I know that.

I see.

When did you last hear from him?

He wrote a letter, he said
he was coming to visit,

bringing some good news.

Due to arrive on the
Chatham train three days ago.

- Of course, he never did.
- And what was this good news?

I don't know. Maybe he
won at cards or something.

All right then.

- If you happen to hear from him...
- I'll let him know you're looking for him.

Perhaps it would be best
if you spoke to me first.

You expect me to turn in
my own flesh and blood?

No, Mrs. Bergman, I expect
you to be an honest citizen.

And one who would do the right thing.

Is everything all right, Mother?

It's all right. This policeman
was just asking about your uncle.

Sir, if you have any
business with my family,

- talk to me.
- Certainly.

The train from Chatham, you say?

Good day.

There was an Irving Moses
on the passenger list.

- Where did he get off the train?
- Not here.

Only people who got
off the train here were

- a woman and her two daughters.
- Are you sure?

The daughters were both red headed.

The mother appeared young
to have children of that age.

They traveled with four bags.

Could he have disembarked
somewhere else?

He could have done anything.

Please have a crew check the
line between Chatham and Toronto.

Nothing exhaustive. I just
need to rule some things out.

William, this is not Adam Gordon's body.

- Are you sure?
- Miss James.


The youngster suffered from rickets.

Not something you would normally
find in a child of his station.

No, not at all.

Anything else?

It's hard to get much
more from the bones.

We can't even determine
the colour of his hair

- because there isn't any.
- That's odd.

Hair usually remains.

Perhaps it had been shaved off.

Didn't they used to shave
children's heads in orphanages

- as a matter of course?
- Yes, I believe they did.


How did he die?


See where the bacillus
ate into his sternum?

It left holes.

It's definitely not Adam Gordon.

So the young man claiming to be
Mrs. Gordon's long-lost grandson...

May very well be telling the truth.


Thank you, ladies.

We're finished, Miss James.

I wonder who the poor child was.

I doubt we'll ever know.

So what are we to do with the remains?

We'll take him to the
Necropolis cemetery.

He'll be buried in an unmarked grave.

And you're absolutely sure
that the body you found

- is not my grandson?
- The coroner has proven it.

- Oh, thank God. Who was he?
- We don't know.

- A pauper.
- What have you found out

about the man who
claims to be my grandson?

I've found nothing to prove or disprove

that he's your grandson.

So he is Adam.

I can't say.

But I can.

Grandmother, you're being ridiculous.

Don't tell me what I am or am not.

- This is my decision.
- A rash and misguided one.

Don't worry, Jonah. I have no
intention of disinheriting you,

if that's what you're afraid of.

How could you even suggest such a thing?

- (sighs)
- This is not about money.

I'm trying to protect you.

This must be quite a shock for him.

I should try to be kinder.

He may be right.

- Mr. Slaight may not be your grandson.
- Indeed.

But he also may be the miracle
I have been waiting for.

But there's no medical evidence
that he is your grandson.

But you said you found some similarities

- in bone structure with his parents.
- Some, yes.

But in itself that is also not proof.

How could you say he has no memory?

He remembered his favourite toy.

Not one single person
has ever done that.

What do you think of the charcoal, Adam?

Or perhaps a brown pinstripe.

- Oh, let's just take both.
- Just one suit

will be more than enough, grandmother.

This is all a bit rich for my blood.


I want to make up for lost time.

They went out in a boat.

They never came back.


That's how my parents died.

That's how I ended up here.

My God, I remember.

You took me in.

- You treated me like I was your own child.
- Yes.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, my grandson.

(soft music)

He'd rolled off into the clearing.

We were damn lucky we spotted
him before the wolves did.

There he is.

Looks to have been dead
about three or four days.

That the man you've been looking for?

His sister said he
was bringing good news.

Looks like he won't be delivering it.

He wasn't in very good health.

His liver was diseased but
that isn't the cause of death.

He suffered severe lacerations

and bruising in his fall from the train.

And his neck was broken.

- He was drunk?
- Very.

Likely the cause of the fall, then.

Or not. I found these
fibers under his fingernails.

He may have reached out to grab someone.

As if he was pushed from the train?

- It's possible.
- Hmm.


I witnessed something curious

- at the Gordon house today.
- Go on.

Mr. Gordon remembered the
circumstances of his parent's death.

Which were?

Peter and Rachel Gordon rented
a boat to cross Lake Ontario.

A storm came up and even though
Peter was an experienced sailor,

they both perished.

The story's true. I looked
it up in the records.

If you were able to find that
out, he could have as well.

Yes, or he truly is who he says he is.

- (muffled laughter)
- (indistinct conversations)

Don't be so down in the mouth.

Like you said, someone's seen her.

Unfortunately, that someone
may have reason not to tell us.

The lack of community
you were going on about.

People care less and less about
what happens to each other.

Not the woman were are looking
for. She was noted being

- helpful to people in peril.
- No,

she was noted being
around people in peril.

Not necessarily being helpful to them.

You the two looking for her?

Indeed we are.

- And you are?
- Norman Bruce.

She's my wife, Muriel.

- You have no idea of her whereabouts?
- I don't.

And that's lucky for her.

- Should I?
- We'll talk to him later.

Loss takes many forms.

At first, you can't believe it's true.

You spend weeks or
months hoping it isn't...

You sound like you know
what you're talking about.

When I was 12 years of
age, my sister went missing.

I haven't seen her since.

She was sixteen.

- Maybe she left of her own accord.
- She did not!

She was taken from me.

I don't know if she is alive or dead.

She's still part of me and yet...

not of me.

These women need to be found, Jackson.

The people who care about them
need to know what happened.

I shouldn't even care.

Irving was never here when he was needed

but he was still family.

And you say he fell from a train?

I can't say for certain.

- Was he drunk?
- It would appear that way.

He could never overcome that.

- What are you doing back here?
- Saul, it's all right.

- The Detective just came to deliver news.
- What news?

Your uncle's dead.

What happened to him?

I'm endeavouring to find out.

Thank you for seeing me.

Why are you so interested in
a child who died 20 years ago?

I work for the City Coroner.

His remains are in the morgue.

I want to find out who he was.

Why are they staring at me?

Because they think you may be
here to take one of them home.

Three children died in
this facility in 1884.

Two of them are buried in our cemetery.

And the third?

A relative claimed the body.

He said he was an uncle.

You just let him take the remains?

I didn't let him do anything.

I wasn't in the employ of
this institution at the time.

Do you have the name of the man
who said he was the boy's uncle?

Are you quite sure?

Mrs. Waters' records from the
St. Jude Orphanage confirm it.

Irving Moses was a squatter on land

near the Gordon Estate.

Around the time of the abduction,

someone saw a man burying something

close to where we found the boy's body.

Johnny Scott.

- His name was Johnny Scott.
- Yes, Miss James.

So Irving Moses buries
the body of an orphan,

but dresses it to appear

like Adam Gordon. Why?

To convince someone that Adam was dead

when he is, in fact, alive?

Very good, Miss James.

And who was he trying to convince?

- I don't know.
- Oh, that's a pity!

I was hoping you'd be able
to solve this one for me.

Thank you for coming to talk to me.

Didn't have much choice.

Not with that big oaf dragging me in.

I didn't drag you.

- But if you'd like...
- Let's stick to the question

of the moment, shall we?

Why did your wife leave you?

Why do women do anything?

I can't read their bird brains.

Oh, that's why.

When she left, did you
try and win her back?

- You did, didn't you?
- She said she was finished with me.

Doesn't seem a big surprise.

What was she doing the
last time you saw her?

Why are you so interested in Muriel?

She's been seen in the company
of at least two missing women.

- What are you suggesting?
- I'm suggesting...

Well, not sure, exactly, except...

to say that your wife

has been seen with two people of
completely different backgrounds.

And that those two people are now gone.

The suggestion would be that your wife

and a number of other
women have fallen off

- the face of the earth.
- Her cousin.

- Excuse me?
- Her cousin left her family years ago.

I remember Muriel
received a letter from her.

And what was this cousin's name?

Caroline McGovern.

She said she'd found a safe haven and

- a place to live out her days.
- Safe haven?

- What did she mean by that?
- I don't know.

Do you have this letter now?


And how did your wife
respond to this letter?

She thought little about it.

Muriel considered her
cousin flighty and impulsive.

But that was back when she
still was happy with me.

And where is this safe haven?

I wish I knew.

(indistinct chattering)

Why did she invite us?

She thinks that Adam
Gordon is her grandson.

I think she's just happy
and she wants to celebrate.

A bit premature, don't you think?

We haven't found anything yet.

I am just so happy that
God has answered my prayers

and my grandson is back.

All of Toronto is happy for you.

Detective Murdoch.

Oh, thank you so much for coming.

We're honoured to be here.

I feel like my life is beginning again.

Please, come. Have a drink.

So Detective,

is he who he says he is?

Mrs. Gordon seems to think so.

- But you don't.
- I didn't say that.

I truly think he is Adam.

Why, just yesterday,
he remembered the scent

of the perfume that I used to wear.

I certainly hope you're right.

Where is he?

Oh, he and Jonah have just
gone out grouse shooting.

They should be back at any moment.

An itinerant entertainer
returns home after 20 years.

Settles into a life
of the landed gentry.

- That's not suspicious?
- It is suspicious.

But I have yet to find any proof

that he isn't Adam Gordon.

- And what about the dead boy you found?
- A pauper.

And definitely not
the young Adam Gordon.

My regret is that we missed
so much time together.

All of us. Adam, Jonah, myself.

I hope that the remaining
years will be happy ones.

- (gunshot)
- Help!

- What was that?
- (worried chattering)

Oh no!

(Murdoch): Julia!

Jonah. You shot him? Your own brother?


You very nearly killed him.

It was an accident.

So you say.

Will he recover?

He hasn't yet regained
consciousness after the surgery,

but I believe so.

- What happened?
- (sighs)

We were hunting for grouse.

We split up.

And I distinctly remember
Adam going off to my left.

Then when I heard a rustle
in the hedgerow to my right,

I didn't think it would be him.

- He should have been nowhere near!
- (knocking)

Can I go?

No, you may not.

It was an accident!

Constable Crabtree!

Is Mr. Foster being charged
with the shooting of his brother?

Miss Cherry, I don't know.

Then could we have a cup of
tea while we await the decision?

Well, it could take a while.

I do drink very slowly.

Very well.

I know I shouldn't have gone through it

but I thought it
belonged to the dead man.

It doesn't?

The dead man was very poorly dressed.

But look what's in here.

This case belongs to a flim flam man.

Very interesting.

Notice anything unusual?

Looks like a couple of shoes.

One heel is much higher than the other.

A flim flam man indeed.

You have to tell me what is going on.

I need to search Mr. Slaight's room.

He's going to recover, isn't he?

- I believe so.
- And what about Jonah?

- He's to remain in custody.
- He said it was an accident.

- I'm sure it was an accident.
- Mrs. Gordon, please.

(dramatic music)

I was told by the doctors

that your wife's swift
actions may have saved my life.

So thank you.

What will you do to my brother?

He'll be charged.

The doctor says I'm free to go.

My grandmother will be most relieved.

Tell me about this little fellow.

I don't know what you mean.

How did it come to
be in your possession?

There are dozens of them in my room.

Oh yes, yes I know.

But this one was found under your bed

in a suitcase belonging
to an Irving Moses,

who fell from a train.

How did you come to have his case?

I met Mr. Moses on the train to Toronto.

I must have taken it by mistake.

And you left yours with him.

I found your shoes.

I went through the contents
of that stolen case.

And I found evidence that Mr.
Moses kidnapped Adam Gordon.

- You found this out, didn't you?
- No, I...

And based on that evidence,

you knew exactly what it would
take to convince Mrs. Gordon

that you were her long-lost grandson.

Do you deny any of this?


Tell me.

How did it come to be that
Mr. Moses fell off that train?

I have no idea.

- You pushed him, didn't you?
- Of course I didn't.

We found fabric under his fingernails.

Fabric that matches your overcoat.

Did he grab at you as you
pushed him from the train?

He lost his balance.
I tried to save him.

Then why not raise the alarm?



We'll continue this conversation
at the Station House, Mr. Slaight.

Take him to the cells.

This poor woman.

I know.

I'm almost prepared to accept
Jonah Foster's story that

- the shooting was an accident.
- Even if it wasn't?

She's losing 2 grandsons in one day.

Mr. Moses was the kidnapper.

So it would appear.

That's interesting.

The stitching along
the back is irregular.

It might just be a repair, but...

No, there's something in here.

"Adam Gordon.

Care of Edna Bergman."

He's alive?

Perhaps he is.

In the back of my mind I was
afraid it was too good to be true.

Well, thank you, Detective.
A fraud has been uncovered.

My grandmother's fortune is safe.

I'm afraid it's not
that simple, Mr. Foster.

You see, I believe your
stepbrother may still be alive.


The kidnapper was carrying a letter

intended for the real Adam Gordon.

I believe he meant to deliver it to him.

It's a forgery, obviously.

- It's just another fraud.
- He is still alive.

Where is he?

I've asked the young man I
believe to be your grandson,

- to come here today.
- This is ridiculous.

Grandmother, let's go. Adam is dead.

Shut up, Jonah, just shut up!

Mr. Foster, it may be best if you leave.

I will not.

Is that him?

Detective Murdoch.

Mr. Bergman.

Is this her?

It is.

I'm Adelia Gordon.

And according to this
Detective, I am your grandmother.

Do you recognize me?




This is cruel, Detective.

- Grandmother, let's go.
- Oh!




he took me.

- No, this is ridiculous...
- Jonah,

what is he talking about?

He gave me to a man! I rem...

I remember now.

Yeah, I was outside

and you were there.

He put his hand over my mouth.

I do remember it.


It's over, Mr. Foster.



You're dead!

You're supposed to be dead!

You knew where the body was
buried all along, didn't you?

- Yes.
- And when your grandmother started

to believe Mr. Slaight's
story, you had to create

a false note to lead me straight to it.

Listen to me. If I could take
all of this back, I would.

I was young,

I hated Adam, I wanted
him out of my life.

So you hired Mr. Moses to kidnap
and kill your own stepbrother.


Yes, and I thought he had.

I did. I saw a body.

I saw the dead body of my own brother!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

You're a right piece of work aren't you?

Shut up.

I'm the bad one? You hired
someone to kill your brother.

- Just shut up. Shut up!
- I'll leave you two to chat.

It seems you have a
great deal in common.

You're a monster, aren't you?

So are you.

Your own brother? My
God, you're horrible.

Leave me alone!

Leave you alone? No.
You shot me in the neck.

You took advantage of an old woman.


I hear you found Adam Gordon.

Thank you.

And you?

Still chasing a ghost, it appears.

- Tomorrow, then.
- Hmm.


- (knocking)
- So...

Did you find out anything about
this Miss Caroline McGovern?

Nobody seems to remember her, sir.

One of the forgotten.

They don't have to be.

Let's get back at it.
They're out there somewhere.

I wish I had your unbridled optimism.

- Detective, I understand.
- Understand what?

Two years ago, I lost my wife.

She passed away in my arms.

The only difference
is I know where she is.

So even if we never find your sister,

we will find out what
happened to those women.

So get up from your desk. Let's go.

More to you than meets the eye, Jackson.

Seems you're a man of action.

Action Jackson.

- Don't call me that.
- Alright.

He's with God now.

All thanks to you.

No one deserves to be
buried without a name.

Rest easy.

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Somebody's making
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Announcer: When it comes
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Three bodies were buried.

Stay clear if I were you.

Announcer: ... location is key.

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Detective.

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