Mr Selfridge (2013–2016): Season 3, Episode 10 - Episode #3.10 - full transcript

At the delayed board meeting Loxley proposes a vote of No Confidence in Harry but this is defeated after Loxley launches a personal tirade against the store owner. As the day approaches to begin work on the housing estate Nancy tells Gus that the money will be used to build houses and not misappropriated but Princess Marie has alerted Harry to the supposed architect being a fraud and Gus is arrested. Nancy escapes but brings the money to Harry though the engagement is inevitably off and Harry, like Violette, counts himself unlucky in love. Meanwhile Gordon comes to an important decision as do Miss Mardle and Mr Grove.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Delay them!

Gentlemen, how are we this morning?

Loxley, good to see you.

~ Any word from Selfridge?
~ Lord Loxley...


Mrs Edwards,

~ you've recovered well, I see.
~ Yes.

Where's Mr Crabb?


This week's profits are up by 6.4%.

Not as much as we'd hoped.

Have you been in contact with the board members
who seem to be supporting Lord Loxley?

Mr Barratt and Mr Lowe
haven't returned my calls

and we can't be sure that Loxley
hasn't won round the others.

They're coming, Chief.

So, Selfridge, finally
you find time to see us.

Well, I'm here now.

What can I help you with?

You made a promise
to your shareholders

to raise profits by 10%.

But when I asked to see the figures,
you and your man withheld them.

And then you didn't turn
up for the board meeting.

Let me stop you right there.

We have prepared figures and they're
right in front of you. Please...

You will see from the tabled figures
that profits are now rising steadily.

They're up 6.4%.

6.4% is not what your promised.

You're not going to be able
to raise profits by 10%

in time for the dividend.

Dividends don't go in until
the end of October.

Now, September traditionally has
been a very good month for us.

We introduce our autumn stock.

And that raises profits.

Furthermore, we intend to keep the
sales running at the same time.

I have prepared some
forecast figures.

Thank you.

(SCOFFS) Are we supposed
to believe these?

You're gambling again, Selfridge.

You run this business in a
dangerously autocratic fashion.

You won't allow anyone
to question your judgment.

Which is why this board
would like to propose

a vote of no confidence
in you as chairman.

All the materials will be on
site by the end of tomorrow.

And the advance to pay my boys?

Will be in your account the
evening before we start.

Sounds good to me.

I'm glad you're here, Mr Gerrard.

Obviously, the ground is waterlogged.

I wonder, it doesn't
seem to be in the plans.

Where do you want me
to dig the sump well?

I thought we agreed here...

in the end. Did we not?

Very good. Very good.


This is bloody ridiculous.

~ I don't know what I'm talking about.
~ Well, I do.

I've been up every night,
reading up on all this.

You can't make this work.

Yes, I can. We agreed.

I'm going to build these houses
and get married to Harry.

~ And you're going to America.
~ We're going to prison.

~ That's where this is going to end.
~ No, it's not.

Not if we hold our nerve.

Gentlemen, before you vote, I've
prepared a financial statement.

It'll show you how you've all profited
from buying into this company.

I am a risk-taker,
and I'm proud of it.

Business is all about assessed risk.

This is the past.

What about the future?

You could lose it all tomorrow,

with the next roll of the dice.

Stay firm, gentlemen.

Let's say you vote me out,
how do you propose to move on?

~ We bring a new chairman in.
~ You haven't thought this through.

This isn't business. It's personal.

~ You're a profiteer.
~ I'm a changed man.
~ Oh (!)

I've established a charitable
foundation for war veterans.

Your charity supported a man who
assaulted a member of our staff.

She put herself in harm's way.

Working late at night,
slathered in makeup.

So it's HER fault, is it?

She should have been more careful.

That kind of talk -

no wonder Lady Mae left you.

That woman is a liar and a whore.


Her new husband doesn't think so.

She wouldn't have a new husband

~ if you hadn't paid for her divorce.
~ She's a friend.

She was mine, and you
took her from me.

And now you're going to know how it feels,
Selfridge, to lose what's yours.

And he says it wasn't personal.

Lord Loxley, we're
at a business meeting.

Sit down, sir.



just remember what's at stake.

What's at stake is that Lord Loxley has been
manipulating all of you for his own ends.

Let us proceed with the vote.

MISS PLUNKETT: Mr Selfridge?

Good. I'll come down to
the workshop tomorrow.

They're starting on the aeroplane.

That's wonderful, darling.

What's the matter?

I know that look, Mama.

The architect for the
Selfridge Estate...

.. I don't think he's right.

He's meant to work there. I went.

It was boarded up.

Hm... Could be an old card.

I made enquiries.

Nobody knows of him.

Who recommended him?

Miss Webb.


Don't cause trouble, Mama.

For the first time, it's actually working
between us and the Selfridges.

And if Harry thinks you're snooping,
it will ruin everything.

Leave well alone.

The vote is defeated.

Seven votes to two.


I gave you all a chance.

But you are too wet to take it.

Your shares will fall in value.

This man will lose you money.

Mark my words.

If anyone else is unhappy with
the way I run this company,

I suggest you leave this table now.

Thank you for your faith, gentlemen.

I shall repay it.

I've got some gossip for you.

Prince Carol of Romania is in town.

He's with two girls, stage stars.

They're visiting clubs,
looking for games,

and he's losing thousands

and so are the girls on his credit.

~ Isn't baccarat his thing?
~ Mm-hm.

We could run a private evening.

Can your friends get word to him?

I'll ask them.

This could be the big one.

Could finally get
Regan off our backs.

~ Is he giving you trouble?
~ I just want him to leave us alone.

So do I.

We are hearing how you sent Lord
Loxley and Mr Lowe packing.

Well, the question is - who will
they sell their shares to?

We don't need to worry about
that. We have more to celebrate.

We begin work on the Selfridge
Estate in two days.

Ma would be so proud.

Wouldn't she be?

Your mother was a special,
unique woman.

And after she died, I never
thought I'd find love again.

But I've been lucky.

I've found Nancy.

Pa, what are you saying?

Are you marrying Nancy?

Yes, I am.

Pa, that's great news.

Thank you. Thank you.


Is there something you know
that you're not telling me?

I could be wrong.

If you're not sure about
her, trust your instincts.

I'm sure you'll both be very happy.

Make sure you type these
up for Mr Fields.

~ Yes, of course.
~ Thank you so much.

Violette didn't seem too happy
with my news last night.

She'll come round.

I thought she liked Nancy.

Honestly, I think your sister's going
to send us to an early grave.

I'm seeing someone too.

~ You are?
~ It's serious.

The Maxwell Taylor
girl, the younger one.

~ I always thought you liked her.
~ No, no, it's nothing like...

~ The older one - Flora.
~ Well, actually...

Mr Selfridge, Miss Webb and
Mr Edwards are ready for you.

Coming along now.

You're a dark horse, Gordon.

We'll talk later.

~ When do they actually start digging?
~ In two days' time.

I want you down at the site,
Harry, spade in hand.

The first piece of earth to be
turned for the Selfridge Estate.

Miss Webb, I need details about
you for the press release.

~ Details?
~ A short biography.


Mr Selfridge, the bank's on the line.

It's about the estate. Shall
I tell them to call back later?

No. Put them through to here.

I need a biography for the architect
as well. What's his name?

Mr Tom Gerrard. I'd like
to talk to him as well,

make sure that he's happy
with the excavation.

~ Can you bring him into the store?
~ Mm-hm.




I see. Thank you very much.

£15,000 into the Selfridge
Estate bank account.

~ We got our full budget.

~ That's such wonderful news.
~ I'm so happy.

You and Miss Webb have a
good working relationship.

We do.

Harry, is something going on?

This isn't for print, but
you might as well know -

we're getting married.

Princess Marie Wiasemsky.

Good afternoon.

I wonder if you could help me.

I want to make an enquiry
about an architect

who is registered here
with the Institute.

His name is a Mr Thomas Gerrard.

~ I'll check.
~ Thank you so much.

~ Come.

Miss Mardle.

I'm handing in my notice.

Is this...

Have you entirely thought
this through?

I find it impossible
to work with you.

I know it's been difficult to work
alongside each other recently, but...

You treat me as if I'm some
sort of pariah. Well, I'm not.

I won't put up with it any more.

I don't need to.




Please inform Mr Selfridge.

I got it from the horse's mouth.

I think that's wonderful.

Mr Selfridge deserves his happiness.

Keep your eyes peeled this week,
ladies. I've had a tip-off.

There's a gang of shoplifters
working Oxford Street.

At least you're here. Makes
us feel much safer.

All right, Jessie, back to work.

~ You've got a proper fan club.
~ It's funny.

None of the girls at the club
were that interested in me.

These girls are your
sort, that's why.

Oh, excuse me.

~ Good morning, Miss Webb.
~ Good morning.

I just wanted to say congratulations,

and if you need somebody to make you up
for your big day, you know who to come to.

Yes, we haven't finalised
any of the details yet.

Oh, don't worry. I'll
keep it to myself.

But I must warn you, news does
travel fast around here.




Is Mr Selfridge in?

I'm afraid he's left early today.

Do you know where I can find him?
It's very important that I see him.

He'll be with Miss
Webb, I should think.

I presume you know...

Oh... yes.

Wonderful news.

It reminds one how...

love can blossom in later life.

It's very urgent that I see him.

Perhaps you have Miss Webb's address.

I'm not at liberty to divulge
that sort of information.

I suggest you come
back in the morning.

Do you love me, Harry?

Would I be here if I didn't?

How do you love me?

When you walked into my
office with those plans...

.. I felt I knew you.

A connection.

I didn't think I'd feel that again.

Then there you were,

like daylight through a window.

~ Harry...
~ What is it?

I'm not sure I can do this.

What do you mean?

I'm not what you think I am.

Darling, what is it?


I've lived on my own too long.

I'm selfish and difficult.

None of that matters,

as long as you feel the same
about me as I do about you.

Do you? You've never said it.

I love you,

Harry Selfridge...

more than anything.

I love you.

~ Mr Selfridge.
~ Mr Selfridge.


~ Good morning, Mrs Edwards.
~ Good morning.

~ Morning, Mr Selfridge.
~ Morning.

~ Miss Calthorpe.
~ Good morning.

~ Morning, gentlemen.
~ Hello, Chief.

Morning, sir.

What's the matter with everyone?

News has travelled.

A certain engagement...

We're all thrilled to bits, Chief!

~ Hip-hip...
~ Hooray!
~ Hip-hip...
~ Hooray!

~ Hip-hip...
~ Hooray!

Thank you. Thank you all.

Right, right, back to work
now, please. Back to work.

Princess Marie is in your office.
She's very keen to see you.

The heads of department meeting
has been moved forward by one hour

and I'd like to say...


Thank you.

So much for my secret engagement.
The whole store seems to know.

~ What's this?
~ It's a list of Mr Thomas
Gerrard's previous engagements.

According to this, he trained 20
years ago. He's done dozens of jobs.

But it's not possible.

He's too young.

I saw him at a jeweller's shop.

They called him by a different name.

It was very strange.

So I went to the Royal Institute
of British Architects.

I did tell Miss Webb.

You spoke with Nancy?

She seemed confident
in Mr Gerrard, but I...

.. I wasn't quite sure.

I suppose it's possible she
didn't check his references.

But she has a lot to
be getting on with.

Of course she does.

I hope I did the right thing,
Harry, bringing this to you.

How may I help you today?


ELSA: I'm looking for something
classy, that's distinctive.

How about beaded?

I like that.

Victor, what do you think?

Prince Carol's not going
to know what hit him.

One of our mannequins could
model it for you, madam.

Yes. Thank you.


Excuse me.


Those women, they're thieving.

~ Quick!
~ Hey, stop!

Stop those women! Get them!


Stop them!

But why?

She's the heart of this store.

The best head of department
we've ever had.

The finest manag...

This is your doing.


I tried to dissuade her,

but she just wouldn't listen.


sometimes I could knock
your head against a wall!

I would, if I thought it would
bring you to your senses.

You've behaved horribly to
Josie in the last few months.

I'm fully aware that my behaviour
has been less than exemplary.

But there are things you don't know.

I know what happened with Doris.

I know Doris was unfaithful to you.

I don't want to think about
it. I can't bear to.

Well, you have to,

because you're taking your
anger out on the wrong person.

And unless you do something about it,

you're going to lose
your greatest friend.

And you'll regret it, Roger.

You'll regret it for
the rest of your life.

They looked so proper. I didn't think
for one minute they were wrong 'uns.

But she had half the
store under her cape.

Now I understand why you don't want
to come back to the club, George.

It's all go here!

~ You should get that seen to.
~ Nah. It's nothing.

He's had much worse.

Listen, George, it's been good
to see you. We've got to go.

But drop into the club whenever
you want, all right?

And bring Miss Hawkins
with you. Night out on me.

Cheers, Victor.

Take care, George.


the famous Mr Colleano.

I suppose you'll want
to go to his club now.


It's not my kind of place, George.

I wouldn't feel comfortable.

What is your kind of place?

Er... the Palais de
Danse at Hammersmith.

Would you fancy going there tonight?

Are you any good at dancing?

Let me take you.

You'll find out.


Pa, can I talk to you?

Just the person I needed.

There's going to be press
at the Selfridge Estate site

and I need you there. I think your
sisters should be there as well.

~ Miss Plunkett...
~ I'm sorry.

I need to tell you something.


~ I'm courting Grace Calthorpe.
~ You're what?

~ I've tried to tell you for ages.
~ Gordon, no.

You said Ma made you
the person you are.

Well, that's how I feel about Grace.

She's my friend,

but it's more than
friendship. I love her.

You can't have a relationship with
Miss Calthorpe. You are her employer.

~ I don't care that she's staff.
~ Other people will.

~ Times have changed.
~ No, they haven't. Believe me.

If you want to be a leader, you have to
hold yourself apart from those you lead.

I started in the loading bay.

I've never held myself apart.
The staff still do as I ask.

I blame myself for this.
I've been distracted.

I haven't given you
the guidance you need.

This isn't about YOU.

This is about ME and
how I feel for Grace.

You are deputy manager of this store.

You have to put your feelings aside.

I am sorry, son, but if you
want to keep your position,

you have to break it off with her.

Why is it OK for Pa to marry
any old person, and not me?

~ Pa loves her.
~ I loved Victor.

It seemed like you were using him

as some kind of rebellion
against us all.

In the beginning, maybe
it was like that.

I knew Pa would disapprove,
and it made it more exciting.

But then,

well, I did fall in love.

I gave myself to him,

all of myself.

~ You...
~ It wasn't just a romance.

If I've learned anything
from marriage,

you have to fight for
the person you love.



Why is the house up for sale?

Come in.

I've made my decision.

I'm not just leaving Selfridge's,
I'm also leaving London.

But you mustn't.

I mean, not because of me.

(SIGHS) I behaved very badly.

I took all my misery
about Doris out on you.

None of it was your fault.

You were just...

A convenient target.

Well, I wouldn't put
it quite like that.

I would.

That's all I've ever been for you.

Someone to rely on,

to moan to.

~ Someone to sleep with.
~ Josie!

I put up with it for all these years,


Look, it's possible that a part of me

always believed that
you would be there,

and so perhaps,

yes, perhaps I might have...
taken advantage of that.

If so, I'm sorry.

You are a petty, selfish little man.

You know nothing of
friendship, loyalty...

.. love.

I don't need you any more.

~ Go away, Roger.
~ Josie...

I mean it. Please, leave me alone.

But I can't, not like this.

~ I might never see you again.
~ Very probably.

Well, at least...

say we part friends.

Well, if I did, it would be a lie.

~ What will I do without you?
~ Oh, I don't know.

Muddle through, I suppose.
I don't care any more.

Please leave my house.

And shut the door on your way out.

This is ridiculous.

It's impossible.

I will not leave until
we part friends.

I will not.

Then it's going to be
an awfully long night.

So, Mr Gerrard,

~ you've been to the site?
~ I have, sir.

And you're happy with
the excavation plans?

I am. The ground's damp, but
we've made provision for that.

You have some experience
on waterlogged ground.

You worked on the Fortescue Estate.
There was a lake there, I believe.

And what were you designing
for Lord Fortescue?

Oh, I...

I can't remember.

You must remember.
It was only last year.

Let me think...

What was it?

That's it. A palm house.

You built a ballroom.

Mr Tom Gerrard did anyway.

I was just speaking to
him on the telephone.

Look, I was desperate.

Nobody would give me a job.

People's lives are at stake here,
servicemen who want to start again.

And for what? An architect's fee?

You're a despicable liar.

My friends will help me.

You think you're clever, Selfridge.

~ It's not just me.
~ Excuse me, miss.

I can't believe it. I'm so sorry.

You weren't to know.
He tricked us both.

God, I can't stand a cheat.

They think this chap's real name
might be Augustus Paignton.

He's been linked to quite a few frauds, had
people's money up and down the country.

The thing is, they're not sure.

He usually works with his sister.

~ The two of them do jobs together.
~ His sister?

Pretty girl, the police say.

Reckon she's the brains.

He didn't introduce you
to a young lady, did he?

~ No...
~ Well, then, it might not be him.

If I hear anything else, you'll
be the first to know, sir.

Thank you, Mr Towler.

I'll leave you to your affairs.

You want to withdraw the
whole amount, Miss Webb?

Are you sure?

My contractors have been
extremely patient,

but I owe them all money.

And the building materials
are on hold and...


.. I'm beginning to
have sleepless nights.

We wouldn't want that, would we?

Very well. I'll arrange it.

Oh, thank you so much.



I'm going to bed now.

I'll still be here in the morning.

You think you can wear me down.

Well, you can't.

I know I'm a fool.

But I won't give up
on our friendship.

If you forgive me now,

I will try to be to you what
you have always been to me -

my better half,

the most important person in my life,

my soul's mate.

Don't let this be the end.


Oh, Roger!

You really are the most
obstinate, ridiculous...

.. glory of a man.

Dearest Josie...

My heart's love.

I don't deserve you.

Not even the smallest bit of you.


You really don't.

Tonight's the big one,
so best behaviour.

Hello, Victor.

Can we talk?


I haven't been able to stop thinking
of you since the other night.

I've missed you so much.

And when I saw you
again, I realised it.

We're too different.

All this...

.. it's not a world you
could ever belong to.

I could try.

Beautiful hands.

Never seen a day's work.

You think I'm spoilt.

And it's true.

I've been given so much...

.. just not the things
I've always wanted.

But I can change.

I can become a better person.

For you, I can.

Please, Victor, give me this chance.

I'm sorry, Violette.


Is that your last word on it?

~ I hate who I am!
~ Don't say that.

You're wonderful.

And some man is going to
be very lucky to have you.

Grace... can we talk?


I knew he wouldn't accept it.

I do understand. It's just...

(TEARFULLY).. it's hard, that's all.

It's not.

Because I've made my decision.

I'm leaving the store.

~ You can't!
~ I can do what I like.

I'm fed up with living
in my father's shadow.

It's time he understood
I'm my own person.

I make my own choices.

And I choose you.

Tell me this isn't true.

Tell me this isn't happening.

~ I didn't take it.
~ But you were going to.

You were going to run.

When Gus was arrested,
I panicked, yes, but...

.. I couldn't leave
you. I just couldn't.

I thought that we were
right for each other.

I thought that I knew you

and that you knew me.

Was any of it real?

Of course it was.

I've broken all of my own rules.

I've risked everything to come here.

You've changed me.

I can't go back to the woman I was.

Who was she?

Tell me.

You owe me that.

My real name is Emily Paignton.

My brother and I ran away from
my parents when I was 13.

We had nothing. We had
to live on our wits.

So we became...


I always hated it. I hated it.

I wanted it to stop.

And then when we saw the publicity
for the government housing,

it was just an opportunity...

To lead some idiot by the nose.

It was never meant to be you.

It was meant to be Lord Meadowes.

And was he meant to fall
in love with you too?

Because I fell, so hard...

None of that was part of the plan.

You have to believe me.

Harry, you said last night that we
had something special between us,

there's a connection.

Neither of us can deny that.

We can still build the estate.

We can do it together.

You hate to be alone.

You need a wife.


I'm still the same person underneath.

I can't believe I ever thought
I could replace Rose.

Harry, just give me one more chance.

I swear I won't let you down.

I don't care about you any more.

Do you understand?

You're not who I thought you were.

You're a cheat.

~ You're a liar.
~ (SOBS)

You're a stranger.

I'm not going to call the police.

But I never want to see you again.

Crawl back under your stone.

But I love you!

You don't know what the word means.

I didn't before, but I do now.

Please, don't do this, Harry.

~ Get out!
~ (SOBS)

Get out of my store,

before I throw you out myself.

You're vulnerable to women.

And you always will be.

You're lucky it was me.

If your client buys all our shares,

then they'll have a 15%
stake in the company.

Harry Selfridge and his family
will still have the majority.

The family are loyal now,
but the cracks are showing.

And Selfridge himself
has... his weaknesses.

Your client wants control
of their company...

.. all he need do is wait.

Hm... Well done, Loxley.

It would be funny if
it wasn't so tragic.

We're a pathetic bunch.

~ We can't get anyone to love us.
~ Violette?

I'm still in love with
Victor Colleano.

I don't think I'll ever get over him.

Well, if you feel so
much for him, go to him.

I've tried.

He doesn't want me.

Jacques De Sibour, though,

he's keen to snap me up.

So I'm going to Paris
to await his proposal.

But you don't even know him.

I can't stay in London.

I don't want to see
Victor ever again.

Oh, honey, shh!


Listen, let's go away together.

Just the two of us,

around the world, if you like.

We'll get over this together.

We'll have adventures.

Oh, Pa...

It would have been fun, but
it's too late for that.

I've decided.

I'm going to marry Jacques.

He's a nice man.

I could grow to like him,

even love him.

And most importantly,

he's my sort.

Violette, don't go.

I've made up my mind.

I leave for Paris tonight.

Don't do this.

Goodbye, Pa.

I'm in again.


And for the ladies as well.

WOMAN: Darling, you're too generous.


Keep up the good work, Mr Colleano.

Mr Selfridge, what can I do for you?

I want to play cards.
Who's here tonight?

Prince Carol of Romania.

And the two women?

The Dolly Sisters.

Musical cabaret stars.

Your Highness, ladies,
gentlemen, may I join you?

Who are you?

I'm Harry Selfridge.

Well, Harry Selfridge,

are you ready to take us on?