Mr Selfridge (2013–2016): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

It is now 1919 and the Great War is over. After losing his beloved wife, Harry and his children look forward to a happy family event - his daughter Rosalie is to be married. Among the staff, there is a romantic surprise in store for Agnes.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We now commit her body
to the ground,

earth to earth, ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

Goodbye, Ma.

Goodbye, Ma.

Goodbye, Ma.

Goodbye, my darling.

How am I going to live without her?

You'll find a way.

Ripped By mstoll

And here is Harry Selfridge,

returning from a successful shopping
trip to the Emerald Isle.

- Welcome back to England, Mr Selfridge.
- Just a few questions, Mr Selfridge.

Mr Selfridge, how was your trip to Dublin?

Brown Thomas is now a part
of the Selfridge department store group!

Will the shop take the Selfridge name?

That's the idea.

And it is true you're investing
in aviation now?

What? Where did you get that
information from?

It says there you are planning to buy
the land for an aerodrome, Mr Selfridge.

Pure speculation.
Although aviation is the future, I'll say that.

Now, if you will excuse me, gentlemen,
I have a wedding to attend.

How do you feel about your father
expanding the Selfridge business?

I'm proud of my father
and of everything he does.

Never before, in the 10 years
this store has been open,

have we closed on a weekday.

Though it is a special occasion.

Look! Look! Customers being turned away!

They'll come back tomorrow.

The Chief has been ordering
extra supplies for weeks now, Roger.

The loading bay has been packed
to the gunwales.

God alone knows what we are going to find...

Can you make sure
that happens right away?

- Of course, Miss Towler.
- Thank you, Malcolm.

Don't put the flowers there,
that's where the wedding cake's going to go.

A whole day's takings squandered.

And this is all getting in the way
of the Spring Promotion.

The peacocks have arrived.


Come on, Alfie, pick them up.

I'm not touching it! It'll bite me hand off.

Don't be so lily-livered...

- Bugger off.
- Just do it, one of you.

I know the last year has been terrible
for Mr Selfridge,

but he's hardly been in the store.
And all these new acquisitions...

It's the Chief's way of coping. And all this...

Well, he finally has something to celebrate!

- Good morning, Miss Towler.
- It does look rather wonderful.

Telegram, ma'am, for a Miss Towler.

Oh, yes. Thank you. Good-bye.

You look corking, Mrs Edwards.

Why, thank you, Mr Edwards.

I need some money, Kitty, for the bus.
I'm late for my shift.

How many times have I told you? Knock.

George Towler says you've
been shooting your mouth off...

We've got all the ex-servicemen
back in the loading bay.

They don't know where anything is.

They're just back from war.
Give them a chance.

Yes. Button your lip, Connie. I mean it.

You won't get anywhere
if people don't like you.

Well, you seem to have done all right!

And what's that supposed to mean?


Your little sister's a troublemaker.

When's she moving out?


Welcome back, Mr Selfridge.

Where's the bride?

The ladies are preparing.

Hi, Pa.

- Problems?
- Rosalie's stockings have run.

Violette, where are my stockings?

Pa, what do you think?


You're back. Did you sign?

The Selfridge family is now
the proud owner of 12 department stores.

How's Rosalie?

You'll see her in good time, Harry.
You need to get ready.

Hello. Haven't seen you in a while,
Miss Mardle.

I've been on a leave of absence.

I have a telegram for Miss Towler.

Please, Mr Geoffries.
Can you let me in?

- Go on.
- Thank you.

You're late.

Yes, well, don't shout about it.

You should have your wages docked.

It's not like you've
been putting your back into it.

"Oh, get the big bird away from me."

You shouldn't even be here,
taking soldiers' jobs.

I was here all throughout the war.

Yeah, well, you should be made to go now.

Stop it, both of you...

- He started it...
- No, he never...

What on earth is going on down here?

Usual story. The women and men can't get on.
It's making my life hell.

Vodka! What on earth does the Chief
want that for?

The peacocks have arrived!

Oh, I say.

Miss Mardle.

Mr Grove. How nice to see you.

How's your leg?
I heard you were injured in France.

Entirely healed, thank you.
I was fortunate, unlike so many others.

I was sorry to hear about Florian.

Thank you for your letter. It was very kind.

I had been hoping to hear from you,
regarding your employment situation.

Your current leave of absence
is about to end.

Yes. Could we discuss that another time?
I'm here to see Miss Towler.

- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.

Miss Mardle!
I thought we were meeting at the church.

This came for you. From France.


Henri is on his way to London.

Discharged from hospital.

Why's he been in hospital?

Do you like it?

I adore it. And the person in it.

I know today's going to be hard for you.

Without Ma beside you.

She'd have been so happy
you are getting married, and so proud of you.

This wedding has given us all something
to look forward to.

I'm nervous.

Of course you're nervous, honey.
That's normal.

This is the biggest decision of your life.

You do love him, don't you?

Of course.

I am sorry I've been so caught up
with business...

I love him, Pa. And you know why?


He reminds me of you.

I'm not sure that's a reason to marry anyone.

I think it is.

You're the best father in the world.

Shall we go downstairs?

They have done a wonderful job
with the flowers, haven't they?

Your seats are just here, gentlemen.

This white wisteria is delightful.

It's wonderful, isn't it?

Doris, my dear, you look charming.

It's all right, there is no need to fuss,
my dear.

Miss Towler, Miss Mardle.
How nice to see you.

And nice to see you too Mrs Grove.

This is so beautiful. Ah, lovely.

Hello, darling. Lovely to see you,
thank you for coming.

Who's that?

Princess Marie, the groom's mother.
Russian aristocracy.

And there he is, Serge De Bolotoff,
the famous aviator.

Lucky Miss Rosalie.
Of course, they say he's a bit of a playboy.

Mrs Grove does like to read
the gossip columns.

- She looks lovely.
- Oh, that dress.

Is it true it's come all the way from Paris?

Lady Mae's got a fashion house there.

She had it designed especially
for Miss Rosalie.

Ah, doesn't she look beautiful.



A whole new beginning.

Look after her.

I will, sir.

In the presence of God,
the father, the son and the Holy Spirit,

we have come together to witness
the marriage of Rosalie Selfridge

and Serge De Bolotoff.

We pray for God's blessing on them,
to share their joy and to celebrate their love.

All aboard! All aboard!

I can't believe you're here.

Well, I am. I told you I'd come back.

And I told you that I'd wait for you.

Why were you in hospital?

Your letters stopped, and I was really worried.

It was nothing.
They wanted to make sure I was all right.

What do you mean?

It doesn't matter.

I don't want to think about it.

I just want to think about you, now.


They're good.

They'll get new punters in.
People who like a bit of edge.

How much do you charge a week?

125 pounds.

That's too steep.

Other clubs will pay us that much and more.

I'll give you a hundred pounds a week.

And a ten per cent bonus after three months

if our takings go up.


Come through to the office.

Afternoon, Miss Simmons.

Always a pleasure, Inspector.

Remind Victor from me.
First of the month tomorrow.

This is Mrs Edwards,
head of Beauty and Perfume at the store.

I must come in and try out
all your lovely products.

Please do, Princess.

And my old friend, Frank Edwards.

I've read your book,
Notes from the Home Front.

Everyone's talking about it. I adored it.

Thank you.

Princess Marie is directly related
to a founding father of Russia.

I was hounded out by the Bolsheviks.
You should write a book about me!

Now that's a splendid idea.

It will be a very big book.

And these are two very charming girls.


Such a tease!

Polly and Flora Maxwell Taylor,
my wife, Rosalie.

We've all been gripped to meet you.

What woman is brave enough to take on
a man like Serge?

It is lovely to meet you.

Oh. Harry. Flora and Polly Maxwell Taylor,

granddaughters of the Viscount of Arden.

This is Mr Selfridge
and his divine son, Gordon.

Come here, darling.

Let me introduce you to these beautiful...

And his divine daughter, Violette.

Do you dance, Mr Selfridge?
The debs' balls are so short of men.

Well, actually, I...

Gordon, why don't you get the girls
some refreshments?

Ladies, follow me.

What a good-looking boy he is.
You could marry him so well, Harry.

That's the idea, at some point.

I could hold parties for him! I love parties.


Henri, what a wonderful surprise!

Welcome back.

It is good to see you.

Edgerton, I'm back.
Have you got what I asked for?

Good. Bring it to the club now, will you?

I'm sorry about Rose.

Thank you.

It's been hard for all of us.

But with Rosalie getting married,

and friends like you back amongst us,

well, things can only get better.

It's great to have you back.
And if there's anything I can do...

Mr Leclair. Mr Leclair.

Mr Crabb.

How splendid to see you.

It is very good to see you, too.

What a show you've put on, sir.

It really is very generous of you.

Family means the world to me,
as I'm sure it does to you.

I've just been telling this fellow about
our potential business venture.

The design of my new plane
is nearly finished,

I just need to set up a production line.

Then it can fly from the Selfridge Aerodrome!

- Where's the aerodrome going to be?
- It's a piece of land in Acton.

This isn't a discussion for now.
Where's Rosalie?

Oh, she's around somewhere.

I'll find her.

It's unlike you to be drinking, Arthur.

A piece of land in Acton.
Commercial air travel.


There you are. What are you doing?

Taking a moment.

It's all a bit much,
my wedding party on top of Pa's world.

If you'd have preferred the party at home,
you should have said.

Pa wanted it here.

You have to stand up for what you want.

Don't let Serge play you
like Pa played Ma.

Oh, spare me the advice, Violette.

You've never been in love with a man.
You've hardly ever been out with one.

It's not as simple as you think.

We're going to do all this.

It might take me a little while
to get the money together,

but I will, I promise. I won't let you down.

I don't care about any of this.

Are you sure?

I just want to be your wife.
We've waited long enough.

They read the banns in the church.
We could get married any time.

Selfridge's was hit by the war,
but it did better than most stores.

Selfridge himself floated shares in '16.

He doesn't own the whole store any more?


And his personal finances?
Loans, debts, credit?

That's not information I'm privy to.
Why this obsession with Selfridge?

It wasn't just you disgraced.
I had a tough time of it.

I lost the family estate.

I've had to get a job.

Poor Miles. The first Edgerton to clock in.

Why don't you just draw a line under it all?

He took

what was mine.



he did cover her legal fees for the divorce.
That's what people said.

He took her away from me.
I intend to pay him back.

What do you want all this stuff for, anyway?


What's wrong with beer?

I want big money coming through the door.

I've hired a Dixieland band.


It's what the party set like at the moment.

And this band can't half play a tune as well.

Come and see them.

Is it a good idea then, this band?

If he can afford it.

An article came out yesterday.

Apparently I'm buying a piece of land
in Acton.

The aerodrome. It isn't true?

It's an idea that Serge has been
throwing around.

Where did the story come from?

I was afraid of that.

Maybe he didn't mean it.
High spirits, enthusiasm.

I should have done some digging on him.

It's all happened very quickly.

Rosalie was very upset about her mother.

- Hmm.
- Have you heard anything else?

He's out and about, like we were at his age.

Gather round, everyone!

Speeches and cake!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Come on, come on, come on.

Isn't this meant to be your cue?

Gather round, everyone.

When my mother introduced me to Rosalie,

I thought she was the most beautiful girl
I had ever seen.


And then I discovered who she was.

A Selfridge.

The store that presented
Bleriot's aeroplane to the world.

From the day I was born all I did was
look at the birds in the sky.

He does go on about himself, doesn't he?

Then kites and balloons.
And finally, aeroplanes.

Flying is why Serge fell in love with Rosalie.

He came to me and he said,
"Mother, she is an angel."

To Serge and Rosalie!

To Serge and Rosalie.

10% of your month's takings.
And you give it to this policeman?

It means all the coppers turn a blind eye.

We're meant to stop serving alcohol at 9:00.

Can you afford this new band, then?

I don't need to pay them
until the end of the week.

I don't like the sound of that.

In France, we used to say to each other,

if we made it back alive, we'd take
every opportunity that came our way.

It sounds risky.

It's different for you.

You've got the store,

your sister.

I came back to nothing.

I've got nothing to lose.

Still smoking?

Ah, yes. You know me too well. Thank you.

There is something you can do for me.

Could you spare Agnes tomorrow
at the store?

We've waited four years.
We don't want to wait a minute longer.

We want to get married.

That's wonderful news. Of course.


Sorry, old boy.

Quite a party, eh?

Yeah. Quite a party.

There's more stock come through
for the Spring Promotion, Mr Towler.

Shall we get it up onto the floor?

Mr Towler?

You sort it out, Miss Ellis.

- Good to see so many customers.
- Isn't it?

Hopefully we're back on track.

Mr Crabb and I have been going through
the accounts.

The figures are up a little each month.

Mr Towler, what are you doing up here?

I need to talk to you.

Very well.

Good morning, Mr De Bolotoff.

My wife and I are on the train to Venice
this evening. We'll need a taxi.

Very good, sir. And the gentlemen
over there wanted to see you.

Mr De Bolotoff.

Sorry, but do I...

Lord Loxley. I'm a financier.
I've spent the last four years in the States,

investing in tobacco.
Every soldier needs a smoke.

Yes, but...

I'm back in England,
and I read about your venture.

A passenger plane flying
from an aerodrome in West London.

What an inspired young man you are.

It's been harder to get money for
than you'd think.

But it seems like your father-in-law...

He should be in,
I just need to get the ready from him.


I don't want to step on Mr Selfridge's toes,

so maybe there are other projects
we could discuss?

A little more privately?
My club is just round the corner.

That's jolly kind of you, but I'm

waiting for my wife.
Honeymoon morning and all that.

Ah! What a shame.

I might not be in town
when you get back from honeymoon.

I'm sure she won't mind.
I'll just write her a note.

So, Miss Towler and Mr Leclair
are marrying this afternoon?

Yes. A private affair.

All very spur of the moment and romantic.

Then back to work here?

After a short honeymoon.
I've given them a week off.

I was wondering, Mr Selfridge,
the aviation project?

Where are we on that?

A Selfridge Aerodrome
could be very interesting.

But is now the right moment?

The business has been expanding rapidly.

We can't stand still, Mr Crabb.
We have to keep moving forward.

Mr Grove to see you. And Mr Gordon.

A floral bouquet, fresh as spring itself.

A hat for those May days when
you're boating on the river.

Mrs De Bolotoff. Good morning!

I'm still finding it hard to recognise
myself by that name.

By the end of your honeymoon you'll have
forgotten you were called anything else!

Can I help you with something this morning?

I'm actually looking for chinaware.

May I ask, where will you be living?

Father's rented us a mews house in Mayfair.

And Mr De Bolotoff,
he isn't shopping with you today?

It's not his thing, teacups.

Nice to see you, Mrs Edwards.

Did Mr Towler give you a reason
for handing in his notice?

He says he's found it hard to settle
since he got back from France.

My concern is the men and the women
in the loading bay can't rub along together.

Not without a strong figure at the helm.

There's been trouble down there for months.

I say this with a heavy heart, Mr Selfridge,

but I do think we should let the women go.

Cash flow's tight, Chief,
and staff bills are very high.

It does make sense.

If we have to take the women out
of the loading bay, so be it.

But we find places for them
in other departments.

These women are used to manual work,
Chief, not dealing with customers.

Then we'll re-train them.

We'll have to pay them even more.

We'll find the money.
That's the last I will say about this.

Mr Grove, go and tell the women, right now.

Now, Mr Grove.

Well? What is it?

Nobody wants to let the women go,

but if Mr Grove and Mr Crabb really think
it's the right decision...

You mother started them off, Gordon.
She even designed their uniforms!

I won't consider it.
It would be a betrayal to her memory.

You're right, it's important
we find a way to remember her.

But you're not listening to what
Mr Grove and Mr Crabb are saying.

You're distracted, Pa, all this expansion.

The store really needs you.
The family does, too.

It's true, I've been out of London for a bit,
but I am back now.

Miss Rosalie is in the Palm Court,
Mr Selfridge.

She hoped you might join her for a coffee.


Is everything all right?

We were meant to be having breakfast,
and Serge just left this note.

But maybe that's normal? I don't know.

I miss Ma.

I don't know what to do without her.

Don't worry, sweetheart.

Get hold of my whole family, Miss Plunkett.

Tell them to come here for a glass
of champagne, to see off the newlyweds.

And send a message to Mr De Bolotoff
at his hotel.

Very good, Mr Selfridge.

My name is Nancy Webb,
and I need to see Mr Selfridge.

Is he expecting you?

No. But it's important.

Well, he's busy.
You'll have to come back another time.

Typical. Men like him hide behind
their secretaries.

I'm Harry Selfridge,
and I never hide behind anyone.

Come in.

What can I do for you, Miss Webb?

Please, don't buy this land.

Why not?

There's a housing shortage in London.

Our men coming back from war
are living on the streets

because they don't have
a roof over their heads.

Now, that land is the perfect spot to build
subsidised cottages on.

You have your own company?

Yes, I specialise in social welfare projects.

I have a degree in social science.

This will give you some idea
of what I'm hoping to use the land for.

Ah, the government's
Homes for Heroes campaign?

They'll give me a grant if I can match it.

Lord Meadows was going to donate...

Lord Meadows, he gives lots of money
to charity, doesn't he?

Yes, but he's thinking of pulling out

because you're going to go up against
him at auction.

I'm sorry, Miss Webb. This article...

It's a rumour.
I've never even seen this piece of land.

But your son-in-law has.

He told Lord Meadows all about your plans
for the aerodrome.

I don't have any plans.

Everyone seems to have an opinion
on what they think I should or shouldn't do.

The auction's coming up soon. It would
really help me to know if you're going

to bid for it or not, because if you are,
I will need to find another piece of land.

I'll keep you informed.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

My wife built cottages like this for artists
in Chicago before we were married.

She thought home was more
important than anything else.

She was right.

Good afternoon.

She's nearly ready.

You're not wearing black.

I had to come out of mourning at some point.
This seemed like a good moment.

I was so sorry to hear about Florian.

Everybody lost somebody.

One man comes back and another doesn't.

Why me and not him?

Henri, you mustn't feel guilty.

Goodness, you and Agnes
deserve your happiness.

We got Beatrice packed and back to school.
I'll miss her.

What's all this about, anyway?

What's she doing here?


She was at the house all morning.

Grandma ended up hiding
in the laundry cupboard.

There were pillowcases that needed folding.

Look at all these presents.

I'll have a martini, please,
with a twist of lemon. Hair of the dog.

How are you, darling?

Have you been buying for the new house?

The house is exactly what I wanted
to speak to you about.

I don't think that now is the best time for
Rosalie and Serge to set up a new home.

I think it's important, as families,
for us to get to know each other.

The De Bolotoffs and the Selfridges.

I want Rosalie and Serge
to come and live at Arlington Street.

Pa, you could have asked us.

It'll mean you don't have to concern
yourself with servants, or menus, Violette.

You hate all that...

But my mother was going to come
and live with us.

She was?

Just while you were
getting used to married life.

But surely, you weren't thinking of staying
with them indefinitely?

You have somewhere else to live, don't you?

Of course. I'll go back to Eaton Square.

I have a divine little flat there.

Mother, are you sure?

Absolutely, darling. Don't worry about me.

And while you both are under the same roof,

you can forge ahead
with the aerodrome plans.

Ah, yes. We need to talk about the aerodrome.

I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage.

With my body, I honour you,

all that I am, I give to you.

Do you, Agnes Mary Towler,

take Henri Olivier Leclair,
to be your husband?

I do.

- To have and to hold from this day forward...
- To have and to hold from this day forward...

- For better, for worse...
- For better, for worse...

- For richer, for poorer...
- For richer, for poorer...

- In sickness and in health.
- In sickness and in health.

God the father, God the son,
God the Holy Ghost,

bless and preserve...

That time when I came to visit you on leave,

I wanted to get married then.

I didn't want to tempt fate.

Anyway, you've got me forever, now.

What is that?

Oh, it is our honeymoon destination.

Where are we going?

Well, it's a surprise.

No, it's a surprise.

No. We can't, not here.

Why not? There's no one about.

Get the aeroplane built first
and then we'll consider an aerodrome.

But aren't you even going to help
with the production line?

Building an aeroplane isn't cheap.

I never said that I would finance it.
You just presumed.

That is not true.
You told me we'd work together.

In a general way.
Not on this specific project.

I have other possible investors.

Well you should go with them.
I don't like to be rushed.

I will.

If you don't want to keep it in the family.

I'm sure Rosalie would be pleased...

Don't use my daughter as leverage.
Do you understand me?

You behave with her. Or I'll give you hell.

I'd like to see you try.

The band, it's catching on.

I need to talk to Victor.

He's in his office. George, he's busy.

You're doing well out there.

I want more.

Well, you can't have it. I haven't got it.

Then you have to be forgiving
about what comes inside this club.

There's gentlemen I know would like to
run their business through here.


I've said this before.

Well, it's that

or it's more money.


- Take it.
- George?

Take it.

That's the rate for next month.

Nice doing business with you.

What are you doing?

What does it look like?
Getting you out of a spot.

And what are you dressed up for?

Henri's come back.

Agnes married him this afternoon.

Where did you get the money from, anyway?

Miss Mardle won't let me pay rent.
I've saved it.

I want to come in with you.
We always said, "every opportunity".

George, listen, not here, not the club.
You said it before, it's too risky.

Well, I'm out of work then.

- What?
- I've handed in my notice.

You need someone to watch your back.
I'm coming to work for you.

I telegrammed through
to reserve your best suite.

Princess Marie Wiesmesky.

Ah, yes.

It wasn't clear, Princess.
How long will you be staying?


And the bill?

Charge it to the Selfridge account.

Oh, thank goodness you're back.
A fuse has blown.

I've been trying to mend it myself,
but I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Henri, would you?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

The fuse is just through there in the kitchen.

Capitaine! Capitaine!

De l'eau, de l'eau.

Il y'en a plus d'eau.


- Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.

Our men coming back from war
are living on the streets

because they don't have
a roof over their heads.

Now, this land is the perfect spot to build<
subsidised cottages on.

Ripped By mstoll