Moorim School (2016) - episodes with scripts

Yoon Shi-Woo (Lee Hyun-woo) is the leader of the South Korean idol group Mobius. He also happens to be an orphan with hardly any recollection of his past or true identity. His rise in popularity and fame made him become arrogant and prickly in nature, but he has a serious problem: he is suffering from painful hearing loss that doctors have not been able to determine the real cause of his hearing loss and the doctors were unable to find the cure. The only possible hope comes from a female fan named Hwang Sun-ah (Jung Yoo-jin) who told him to go to Moorim Institute and have Dean Hwang, her father, heal him. Considering him more trouble than he is worth, Shi-woo's CEO tries to get rid of him by framing him in a scandal with a female rookie idol. As the public starts to hate him, he decides to come to Moorim Institute in the end in hopes that he would be cured. Wang Chi-Ang (Lee Hong-bin) is the son of Wang Hao, the president of China's largest enterprise groups in Shanghai. Spoiled and selfish, he acts like he owns the world, yet hides his own wounds: he is an illegitimate son who was born from a Korean mother. Chi-ang's father also wants him to go to Moorim Institute, but Chi-ang refuses to go until he meets Shim Soon-deok (Seo Ye-ji), a sweet, confident young woman who works hard at several jobs to care for her blind father. Completely enchanted by her, he agrees to his father's wishes when he discovers that she secretly attends Moorim Institute without letting her father know. The boys are forced to share a room together and they instantly dislike each other, with them engaging in several heated disputes all the time. With time, however, their relationship does improve as they gradually get closer and learn more about each other. Moorim Institute isn't focused solely on high academic scores. The school teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication. The teachers and students come from different countries and each have their own stories to tell. The school is located in a segregated part in the forest and is protected by a special seal to prevent outsiders from trespassing or breaking in, until this seal is unexpectedly broken when Chi-ang and Shi-woo were attempting to find their way to the school. Everyone has a secret to hide, and after certain anomalous happenings in the school it caused the students to believe that the school has its own mysteries and they are convinced it involves Dean Hwang, who is an enigma to begin with. And all of these peculiar incidents that possess great danger to the safety of the students are somehow related to the Chintamani, which, when in possession, the person attains a puissant and formidable power that allows him to control the world. As the boys (Chi-ang and Shi-woo) grow in character and strength, they discover that there is more to both of them than appearances suggest: especially Shi-woo, whose hearing loss seems to hide strange and unique powers and after several strange occurrences in the school he is led to believe that his past is the cause. With this, he aims to find out what his true identity is, and how his past as a child could have affected his present predicaments. Amidst all this an inevitable rivalry develops between both Chi-ang and Shi-woo as both, being competitive, constantly strive to improve and be the best. This, too, involves the pursuing of Soon-deok, with whom both parties are in love with.