Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

You must have talked to someone about the letter

The detective said that there was an anonymous call

You must have been their scapegoat

Go towards...

...the light's...


Morio Shinichiro has come to see you.

Shall I turn him away?


Monte Cristo Shinkai

I shall greet him

As you wish.

Good morning Morio-san

Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro

For what I got you involved in,

Allow me to offer my sincerest apologies.

But please believe me,

Your happiness is certainly waiting for you.

Don't give me that!

Why! Why such a thing...

Why Miran-san...


I understand what you're feeling,

Even I have...

A man I hate enough to want to kill him.

The dream of causing him eternal pain, is what I have lived for.

Eventually, I will punish him.

Who are you?


Please, Just you alone,

Please don't step into this treacherous world.


Our guest is leaving.


Will never forgive you.

I never asked for your forgiveness.

"I killed Miran"

Kouhei's father
Iruma Teikichi

Because Kouhei might doubt me, I'll have you confess to the crime,

You were secretly doing rehabilitation with me so that you're able to move

Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina

Your cute little Miran-chan...

Was being taken away from you, and you inadvertently poisoned her.

How careless of you.

To try and take responsibility by killing yourself,

That's really disappointing.



Yeah! I'm here, I'm in here!

How's Miran-chan?

She's still in ICU.

I see..

I thought I was helping!

I was told that someone was trying to kill Miran

Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

When Miran collapsed...

What was it like?

She got a little sick,

So I said she should get some rest in her room

When she was alone with Shinichiro, her condition suddenly changed

Why did she get sick in the first place?

Recently she's been pulling all nighters for her paper, couldn't that be it?



Please give us the room.


I'll decide...

What happens next.

You must be tired from being at the hospital all the time,

I'll make Udon, It's good for digestion.

Dad, play with me

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

Eito as well,

Want to eat Udon?

I'll eat it.

Then, Lets us three eat together.

What shall we play?

Play in the garden...

We'll dig a lot...

Make a mountain...

And make a river..

Shut up, shut up..

I'm in front of Kagura Estate,

In relation to a suspicious donation made over the state owned land bid,

Representative Kijima today denied having received such a donation.

I have met President Kagura several times,

But I've never received any money from him.

I'm sorry, please let me through

We have not been able to contact Kagura Estate's president, Kagura Kiyoshi for comment,

And the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is currently pursuing him.

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi


F&D Finance
Amano Mitsuru


It's from Edelva.

What happened?

It was getting to the best part

Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka

Nanjo Yukio has disappeared from the hospital,

Along with Sumire.

Don't you think the couple just went out for a trip?

Please be careful,

They're probably coming after you.

To also be killed by Nanjo Yukio, Not a bad way to go.

Sean Lee’s Daughter

I'll stop him.

I will not burden you any more.

Nanjo Yukio...

Will be saved for the last of my fun.

Get out.

Asuka is with Airi.

Airi is...

Sean-san's daughter.

She got close to me for her revenge,

We don't know what she'll do with Asuka, so you head back

Don't think of doing anything stupid.

Nanjo Yukio

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

You scared?

Of losing him again?

You would rather I die wouldn't you?

I have Asuka.

I know full well that the reason for your divorce.



Where did you go?

I'm sorry.

Where's dad?

It's okay,

He's doing fine.

I heard everything.

It might be dangerous for me to be with you.

Thank you,

For helping Yukio.

It's not like I've forgiven him,

Besides, I also intended to bring misfortune to you as well.

In the same way as my family.

Shinkai-san also said...

He didn't mind if I broke you.

What's Dan planning to do?

Dan? I've never heard of him.

He tried to kill Yukio..

Why would he do something like that-

What do you know about Shinkai-san?

Locked in a filthy room,

Day after day, sweaty men had their way with me,

I was kept like livestock..

Then Shinkai-san came.

Shinkai-san was the one who saved me.

He made me human again.

At the time, he said to me;

"Let's enjoy our revenge together."

Isn't he suffering?

And whose fault is that?

Aren't you also responsible for what Shinkai went through?

If you had just waited...

Shinkai-san would never have done this.

Let me talk to Dan.

My bad, miss...

Even if you've been saved, there's still aftereffects.

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Are you going to kill me again?

With false charges.

As expected of the Metropolitan Police Detective Supervisor, Iruma Kouhei-dono,

You've realised the true demon.


I don't believe that someone as sharp as you didn't expect this at all.

You actually realised it didn't you?

That it was the work of your wife.


Just to protect yourself, You did nothing.

It's the demon's victory.

Erina-san calculated it, and kept poisoning.

Piss off.

I have some good news for you,

Right now, Rumi-san is on the run with Andou Kanji.

Well then, Take care of yourself.

Ahh, Also...

Could you stop abusing Morio Shinichiro-san.

He's someone that a dirty man like yourself shouldn't touch.

That was fun.

Why are we doing something like this, It's dangerous.

I've always dreamed about coming here with you.

I have no idea what you're talking about, and this is really expensive

What wrong with that, I mean...

We're like Bonnie and Clyde.

What's that?

"We don't have a tomorrow"

No, we actually have it,

A bright tomorrow.

I really don't get you.

That reminds me,

Wear this.

What's this?

A charm.

So that you may always be safe.

Investment Con Artist
Andou Kanji


Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

Go on ahead.


Are you with Andou Kanji?


Because he's our child.

You're not surprised?

I heard it from Shinkai.

He's a real meddler, that guy.

He made you meet him,

Just to torment me.

I'm grateful to him.

I was able to to meet that child.

What are you going to do?

Will you help me?

We have already killed that child once before.

Let's save him this time

I probably should have killed you after all.

That thing was in a room on the second floor.

A mountain of research on me, Kagura, and Iruma.

All the sites you've looked at, your credit card purchases,

I have everything.

He's really something.

You guys did the same didn't you?

Where is he?

He won't be back today.

Do as you will.

Shinkai-san even said "You can wait for me forever".

He will be back, won't he?


To meet you at the end.

What did you tell you mother?

Do you really think she'll forgive you for what you've done?

Terakado-san was killed.

Kagura-san has gone missing.

Yukio attempted suicide.

You've already done enough!

Isn't that why you came here?

You really want to stop, don't you?

I was told before,

That revenge is just in vain.

Even if you get your revenge, nothing will come of it.


That was all a lie.

For people you hate enough to want to kill,


There is no happiness than seeing them suffer.

It'll all be over soon.

At that time,

I will taste the greatest of happiness.

Your mother wouldn't want that.

Very well then

If you can say that much,

I don't mind stopping.


I have one condition.

I want...

You to marry me.

Nanjo Yukio,


Abandon all of it,

And just be with me.

Let us just be happy together.

That way,

I'll quit this revenge.

You don't need to answer now.


I'm holding a dinner party at my villa,

You can tell me then.

I shall send you the invitation later.



Take a holiday tomorrow

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru

Are you going back to Singapore?

Singapore's pretty hot, isn't it?


Haven't you been there before?

I'm ashamed to say.

I'll bring you along next time.

Thank you.

I have one last job for you to do before you go,

I'm counting on you, Tsuchiya.

I understand.

Did you come alone?

What are you doing?

It's fine.

You're trembling.

Shut up.

Drop it.

I've come to save you.


Because we are parent and child.

You are...

Mine and Rumi's son.

What are you talking about?

What's he talking about?

22 years ago...

In a villa in Kamakura,

Rumi gave birth to you.

You were born prematurely.

As soon as the doctor came,

You were born, but...

You weren't breathing.

Rumi was my lover.

Just to protect myself,

I took you away from Rumi,

And abandoned you.


You were alive.

I'm sorry.

You're joking..

I'm sorry.

My mother..?

Are you okay?

Don't touch me!


Was happy.

When I found out you were my son,

When I found out you were alive,

I was truly happy.

Now that we know,

We must now take responsibility as your parents.

You just suddenly told me all that, what are you talking about?

I'm a police officer.

The checkpoint locations,

And where the investigation is, I'm in a position where I can know it all.

You will escape overseas.

I'll do whatever it takes.

You really expect me to trust you?

You've already killed me once!

I think it'll be alright.

This person...

Will do anything for the sake of self-preservation.

He won't let you get caught.

For his own sake,

He will desperately make sure you escape.

No wonder my life has always been a mess.

You guys are the absolute worst!

I'm sorry,

That your mum and dad are so weird.

Be sure to contact me.

When you're settled, I'll go see you.

Make sure to eat properly,

And sleep properly.

Shut it.

Don't act like my mother.

I am your mother.

Just know that...

I love you.

You really think you can be my parent after all this time?

You don't need to think of us a parent and child,

But I...

Do want you to be happy.

I will forever pray for it.

Give it a rest,

You meddling old bag.

Take care.


Where are we?

A ship should be coming at the back of here.

A ship?

I have an acquaintance at an ocean fishery.

I asked for a favour.

You should be in the Philippines in 5 days.

Are they someone you can trust?

They're a person involved in a case, who has a weakness.

They won't betray us.

As you know, Rumi was my mistress,

And when she found out she was pregnant,

She was really happy,

As was I.

We promised to raise you together

Coming up with names,

And arranging the baby clothes.

It was fun.

For every birthday,

We vowed that the three of us would celebrate it together.

Rumi was a great cook,

I'm sure,

The cake would have always been handmade.

For you,

I couldn't give even that modest happiness.

You were put into a box immediately after birth,

And buried into the earth.

I couldn't feel any warmth and so I discarded it,

I did.

I don't know about any of that,

I don't remember.

Since then, I've always...

Been plagued by guilt.

So right now, I feel like I've been saved.

In any case, I...

I can't feel any more guilty than I already do.

Even if I do the same thing again.

Don't scare me like that.

Rumi-san too...

..Will you...

Don't know her.


Take this...

Give it to mum...

That's all...

I ask..

Stay with me.

Don't die on me..

Andou Kanji!


Not going to drink?

I've never drank alcohol.

Because I was always livestock.

Why did you help me?

Don't worry,

It's never too late.

I'm already done.

I've lost everything.

I don't even care anymore.

What are you planning to do when you see Shinkai-san?

When I first met Dan-chan,

I thought he was bad news.

I understood that Sumire absolutely loved him.

Sort of like intuition.

I just couldn't win against him.

When he was gone,

I got back Sumire,

I still lost, even after getting married.

That's why, in the end, I decided to kick it.

You were just going to die?

Just cause Sumire might go back to Shinkai-san.

If you want to die, just do it on your own,

Don't drag everyone else into it.

Besides, Shinkai-san is not going to go along with your story.

If it comes to it, I'll do this.

I'll make you my hostage.

Edelva, you..

Haven't you drunk a bit too much?


I did say, didn't I?

Don't worry.

I want you to marry me.

Let us just be happy together.

In the past, A fisherman

And a woman, swore their eternal love.


In the Kagura Estate bribery case,

The missing president, Kagura Kiyoshi,

Has been found burnt to death.

The police believe it to be suicide, and are still investigating.

When I was taking a walk, I could smell something burnt,

It was coming from the precincts,

I never thought it was a person.

What the hell...

I'm still alive..

I'm here, Please help me!


Dan, hey, help me! Seriously, I'm going to die, Hey..

I know that.

It's hard to talk, isn't it?

There's nothing harder than being hungry.

There's nothing scarier than starving.

Both me and my mother have experienced it enough to hate it.

I didn't do anything.

I really haven't done anything..

I know that

You only came up with the idea to get Saimon Dan arrested,

But the one who made the report was Nanjo Yukio.

That's right.

The one who took the land where Saimon Megumi lived,

Who isolated her and made her starve to death was Terakado Rui.

That's right, That's exactly it.

I havent done anything bad to you!

And that's what makes you the worst.

You used other people to do the dirty work,

You don't even have a guilty conscience,

You just escaped all that and lived quietly.

You never once got your hands dirty.

That is the most cruel.

//Subs by Tezu.\\

That's why, during my revenge,

I left it to others.

I opted to do it the cruelest way.

The very way you showed me, Kagu-nii.

I apologise,

Please forgive me, Dan.

Thanks for the meal.

Clear this up.

But.. but there's still some left!

You also left yours didn't you?

No, you didn't even have a single bite, did you?

Of Rumi-san's cooking.

I'm sorry,

Please forgive me.

Don't worry,

I won't let you die so easily.

Wait, Dan!

We have prepared a meal for you.


No, no, It's not free.

You know all too well,

You can't do anything without money.

Wait a minute, I don't have any money.

I lent you 30 million.

That money there.

Then here, I don't need change.

It's not enough.

There's not enough here.

The price has been strictly set by Shinkai-san.

How much?

The bread and soup set comes to..

1 million?

It's 10 million.

If you're not satisfied,

Then you can just eat that note.

Well then.

Please, Please..

How was it?

We went to Shizuoka,

He's already out to sea on a ship.

I see..

Thank you.

I don't need thanking,

He's our son isn't he?

Did he say anything at the end?

He asked me to give you this.

He was grateful to you.

Well then, let's go.

That's a lie isn't it?

I've always thought,

Back then, that child...

Was he really not breathing?

When you were in the garden,

You realised he was still alive, didn't you?

What are you talking about?

He's already on the ship.

From today, I'm going to work on the investigation,

It's fine,

He'll escape.

What's the ship called? Who's the Captain?

You have a radio don't you

Where are they now? Let me hear his voice!

My son...

What did you do to him!?

Give it a rest!

I did what I had to.

For us,

And for his sake, I chose the best option.



Killed that child twice.

Are you praying?

Our prayers...

Do they actually reach god?

You knew everything didn't you?

From the very time you introduced Andou-kun.


Also that me and Andou-kun...

Had gotten together.

Thank you.

You let me meet my son.

There were some miscalculations in my plans.

One of which was you, Rumi-san.

Your strength,

And your love as a mother,

And for that, you have my utmost respect.

This is,

A sign of my gratitude, for your moving me.

It's divine justice.


I thank you.

I'm back.

Welcome home, Dad.

Mum burned the eggs when frying them.

Then, I'm heading out.


What's up?

Do you have a secret child?

This was sent to me a while ago.

"Iruma Kouhei and Kagura Rumi have a secret 22 year old child called Andou Kanji."

Some research material was included.

22 years ago, in a villa in Kamakura,

Kouhei-san gave birth to a secret child,

Moreover, it was with Rumi-san.

Is it true?

It's true then?

Something like that...

You think you have the right to complain?

Such a thing..

You have other children don't you!?

That's right.

Even if you kill Miran,

There's just another one to reduce the inheritance.

What are you saying?

You made Miran drink the poison.

To protect the inheritance,

You even killed Deguchi-kun.

You're a Detective Supervisor,

This is your house...

There's no way I'd do that, right?

For the money, you killed my wife,

And got married to me, didn't you?

You're wrong!!

I'm not wrong!

Even I...

It was for Miran's sake that I got with you.

I'll give you alimony.

Eito will stay,

And you will finally leave this house.

It's urgent,

I need you to make an appointment with the Rhadel Embassy.

A criminal I handed to them 15 years ago is currently in Japan.

Got it?

Make sure you're not noticed,

Keep this under wraps.

Yes sir.

Oh, also..

Come in.

Excuse me.

Detective Supervisor Iruma,

I've brought what you asked for.

The press conference on the Terakado Rui murder case is about to start.

Well then, Let's begin.

About the murder case that occurred in Higuchiyama, Kamakura,

Today, we reveal our suspect...

And will begin a full investigation of this man.

Andou Kanji, 22 years old, Unemployed.

To bring this case to a swift close, we ask the public to come forward with any information they have.

Andou Kanji is currently...

Hospitalised in Shizuoka's Fujishima General Hospital.

Who are you?

I'm Andou Kanji's mother.

Andou Kanji was abandoned at birth, and the parents are unknown.

His mother is me,

And his father is...

The Metropolitan Police Detective Supervisor, Iruma Kouhei.

I have DNA evidence,

There is no mistake.

What the hell is she saying!

22 years ago, me and Iruma Kouhei ...

Abandoned Andou Kanji when he was a newborn.

And last night,

Iruma Kouhei battered Andou Kanji with a baton,

And abandoned him again at the same mountain.

But he's still alive!

That child is alive.

Detective Supervisor.. Iruma



Sir! Excuse me!


Please pack your bags quickly.

There was a phone call from the Metropolitan Police,

When you get home,

To please call them back.

Hurry it up!

What's wrong?


Where did I go wrong?

I just...

Wanted to be happy.

I just wanted to be a good man.

Just like Iruma Teikichi,

I just didn't want to become a cynical man like him.

To be righteous,


And loving,

I just wanted to be a respectable person like that.

I lived desperately for it.

You have...

Done your best for your family, didn't you?


What is a family?

I've always wondered.


I've always thought it was for my own sake.

Maybe what you've done was better.


And Kouhei-san,

And Eito...

The three of us living together happily is all I wanted.

That's it,

That's it!


Let's go far away and start over.

Will you come with me, Erina?

I'm glad.




..Too late.


What's wrong?

Oi, what's wrong?





..Without Kouhei-san...


..No point.

Where's Eito?




If it isn't Iruma-san,

Pardon the intrusion.

I was just,

Talking to Teikichi-san about some old tales.

You bastard!

There were some things I wanted to check.

In the past, you...

Had Saimon Dan take the fall for Teikichi-san, as for the reason...

Was it to protect your father, or maybe...

Was it for personal reasons?

That was..

Teikichi's answer is this.

"It was all my doing."

You have a good father.

My father, Faria Shinkai, also...

Said that Teikichi was a good man.

You're wrong!

But, It's rather unfortunate.

That conscience..

Was not inherited by his son.

What do you know?

What do you know?!

In any case, You,

For self-preservation,

Killed your own wife and son.

Is it okay?

To not protect yourself like you always do.

The police will be here very soon.


You have to hurry.

I have to bury it.

I've thought about it many times,

That it might be better to die.

Very well.

Then, I'll leave this here.

Call for a doctor.


There's a fish that I want

A male Dark Sleeper.

Here, Try drinking this


I'm fine now.

I'm really sorry.

It was my fault.

It's not.

Shinichiro-san, and...

Shinkai-san protected me.

I got a call from Shinkai-san,

Saying that Erina-san was trying to poison Miran-san.

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

Erina-san was?

To protect Miran-san,

I was asked to let him visit, as soon as she was brought to the hospital.

The reason Iruma-san chose not to take it to the police,

Was because I chose to cooperate with Shinkai-san.


What was it that Shinkai-san gave me?

Jounan Central Hospital - Doctor
Ozaki Makoto

An antidote and vasopressor that I created.


Came to see me,

And apologised.

That's a relief.

You're fine now.


Although it was only temporary,

I put you and Shinichiro-san through some torment,

For that, I sincerely apologise.


From here on out.

I've held onto this for you two.


Apparently it was something your father said to Shinkai-san.

Shinkai-san has...

Apparently known you from a long time ago.

Please don't step into this treacherous world.

I want for you to be happy

Why did it have to come to all this?

In the past, everyone was happy.

Do you know what happened to the people who lived here?




Deliver this to Tsuchiya immediately.

Right now?

Right now.


You intend to ignore my orders again?

Will I see you again?

If that is what you want.

I always want it.

Please stop with the water.

I was wondering, were you the one who got Rumi-san to help us?

The President was hit hard,

I just wanted to help him.

Were you..

Bought out by Shinkai-san?

Something like that.

I'm in charge of Shinkai-san's property management.


I'm just a moneylender.

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki

I see..

From here on,

It seems we can have a good association.

It's from Shinkai-san.



We've been waiting for you.

Sumire, run.

Please, take a seat.

He's planning of killing us all together.

Forgive me,

I figured the end of this long journey should have a grand celebration,

So I have prepared a flashy trick.


Are you sure?

Would you leave your senpai and your family to die?

Sumire, Sit down!

Run away.

Now that makes everyone.

Well then..

Let us begin our last supper.


Just stop...

This is just stupid.

The main course is still to come.

But first...

Please, enjoy this entertainment.


Miss, The line's pulling

Dan, could this be ...


I will definitely make you happy

Please marry me.

I will.

I did it!


What the hell

I had no idea

You were happy, weren't you Sumire-san?

This video was made by Nanjo-san wasn't it?

You were a close friend.

Ah, Kagura-san,

You're dancing.

But, It's sloppy

You have to properly practice dancing.

Who is that evil looking bloke?

I wouldn't want to end up being someone like that.

You can see that he's easily fooled by people.


He looks really happy.

What is wrong with you?


When it was decided that Saimon Dan would be captain,

Were your words of support all a lie?

They were.

Ever since you came to town, you were always an eyesore,

When you were chosen as Captain,

It really pissed me off.


When Saimon Dan was taken away by the police,

How did you feel about it?

I was upset...

But honestly, I was relieved.

Because now, you wouldn't take Sumire away.

So much jealousy smoldering in a small town,

It really became a terrible thing.

I really do hate you.

I'll take this chance to say it.

You know what,

I had completely forgotten about it all.

I don't know what you've been through,

But I've been living desperately here for 15 years!

I don't know how much you resent me,

I'm sorry that I can't remember.

Everyone tried to forget about it.

Forget it.

Do as you will.

But Sumire has nothing to do with it.

Sumire tried to help you.



Can we just end all this?

I told you...

That is for you to decide.

Actually, I made a promise with Sumire.

To throw everything away and come with me, then I'll end this revenge.

Well then...

Once again,

Right here, right now,

I ask for your answer.


I swear that I'll make you happy,

Please marry me.

I will.

Me and Shinkai-san...

Will get married.


In the end, love will always win.

With this, all my plans are over.

Go ahead, You may take your leave.

Let's go.

That was fun.



Yukio, Don't go, Don't Go!

Yukio, I said don't go, Yukio!


What's that?

So that Shinkai-san can go to the sky.

He's in the sky, isn't he?

That man came from the sea,

And returned to the sky.

Monte Cristo Shinkai - Saimon Dan's three targets for revenge were;

The former Metropolitan Police Detective Supervisor, Iruma Kouhei,

The popular actor, Nanjo Yukio,

and, Kagura Estate's President, Kagura Kiyoshi,

Arrest warrants have been issued --

Andou-kun has awoken

Thank you

Saimon Dan's whereabouts are still unknown,

And the police are still investigating to get the whole story.

Our programme is dedicated to finding the truth, and so we're heading to Singapore.


There was a lot of petrol spilled around,

I guess it caught fire.

Yukio rushed in to try and help,

But I thought it was too late, so I pulled Sumire and fled outside.


Honestly... Honestly,

I'm relieved that he's dead.

I mean, He was going to kill me.

I tried to help him, but...

The fire was intense.

But I can't forgive him.

He brought misfortune to everyone around him,

Then he tried to die on his own.


My father...

has been put into a medical prison.

Humans are sad.

It's sad.


E sperare"


And have hope"

Those are the words Shinkai-san wrote.


And have hope."


This drama is a work of fiction