Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

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Monte Cristo Shinkai

What is the meaning of this!

When I extended my hand to you in that dirty place,

You swore to do whatever you had to!

Did you not live just for this moment?!

Even now I still want to kill him, I hate it


Asuka-chan called me

Nanjo Yukio

Sean Lee’s Daughter

Shinkai-san, After you've completed your revenge, Then what?

You are now free.

I don't think you can be happy,

By making other people miserable!

What will make me happy,

Is something I will decide.


What are you doing?

You can't do something like this, I'll do it

If you really want to kill him, then I'll do it

Is Yukio really that important?

I just don't want you to do it.

Then you do it.


I bought it

Well then, Take care.

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

Thank you for going out of your way

Please keep a tight watch over him


Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka


Is dad crying?


Are you okay?

What's your target?


I see you here often.

I like the way the line hangs

I know what you mean.

That reminds me, I never got your name

My name is Morio

My name's Shinkai


Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro

That somehow sounds very cool.

It looks like you've caught quite a few

If you want, would you like to take half?

Wrap and slow fry it, Add a bit of salt, and it's really good.

Also, If you add a drizzle of olive oil, your wife or girlfriend would love it.

Oh, sorry,

That's not my business.

Morio-san, Do you have a girlfriend?


No way...

I suppose.

There is someone.


Though, I'm not dating her yet,

I might just be getting ahead of myself,

But, I don't know, umm...

Ah, bugger

Shall I get it?

Sorry, If you would

Iruma Miran

Thank you

Excuse me a sec

Yes, Hello

Not at all, I'm free

Right now, Just fishing

However, The all important male Sleeper...

Hey, Why won't you meet him?

Shinichiro-san says he wants to properly introduce himself to you.

I thought I told you not to see him again.

I've always done as you've asked!

Ever since mum died,

I've always tried to be on your good side, like I was asked to.

Get out of my way


Just this once,

Please let me do what I want


I made a promise to your mother

That I,

Will make sure you live happily.

That promise, You're not keeping it.

Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

If you persuade him over time, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

Right Eito?

Shiiran pettan gorilla

Come now, You have a strong ally don't you?

I'm coming in


Kouhei's Father
Iruma Teikichi

About tomorrow...

Something up?

Oh, It looked like he was trying to say something




Could it be...


It can't be that right?

That's not true, nope, nope, nope

Hey Miran,

Isn't the deadline for your paper close?

I'll take care of it from here

It'll be fine.


Me and Erina are both here for you.


Thank you


The camera lens that captures the line of sight, was dirty

Because of this,

The camera couldn't properly track your sight, which is why you couldn't write properly.

I'll kill Miran.

Tomorrow, When Shinichiro-san comes to visit...


In front of you.


Grandfather, You have a visitor.

Come in.

It's been a while

Nice to meet you, My name's Shinkai.

Shinkai-san is a friend of Dad and Erina's

Shinkai-san, what brings you here?

As an Investor, I've always wanted to meet him.

The legendary Fund Manager, Iruma Teikichi-san.

Would we be able to speak alone?

But, My father is currently in this state

With blinking, he can say "yes/no", Miran told me on the way.

Talking about business might be good for rehabilitation, right?

That's right



Take your time.

Thank you.

That's a pretty grandaughter you have there

I'm sure,

For both Teikichi-san and Kouhei-san,

She is an irreplaceable treasure, isn't she?

Then I will.. make some tea.

That won't do, This will get in the way of your conversation.

Excuse me.

Today, I came to ask your opinion on the markets of emerging countries, and especially the hidden risks that may be there.

Can we talk with this?

*Nanjo Yukio: Emergency transportation after attempted suicide.*

Nanjo Yukio was driven to suicide, but do you know why?

Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi


What about this?

This case where a guy named Terakado was killed, you know about it right?

They were both done by Shinkai

He's also coming after me

My wife Rumi was introduced by Shinkai to this young lad shes now attached to,

He's called Andou Kanji, and he's a con artist who's already gotten a lot of my money.

What about you? Have you had any problems since he came?

It's kill or be killed,

You can do that right?

I am a cop, you know

Didn't you know the order you were asking was wrong?

In the past,

My wife was a mistress to a different man, did you know that?

15 years ago, That Kukumet letter,

It was addressed to your father, Iruma Teikichi-san wasn't it?

For someone aiming to be a Police General,

Wouldn't that be something that be just unnecessary noise?

Currently, I have a large deal ongoing, and it's at an important point,

And I could do with some noise disappearing.

I'm counting on you.

Who do you think Shinkai is?

Probably the same as what you're thinking.

Please kill him again.

We could have done this in the drawing room,

But I think you would like this room more.

I'm looking forward to it.

Please, take a seat.

The Former President of the Rhadel Republic,

Faria Shinkai, You know of him right?

The Third President of the Rhadel Republic
Faria Shinkai

He was put into prison following a coup d'etat,

One year ago, he died in that prison.

What about you, Just one year ago,

You suddenly appeared in the Singapore markets, with a massive fortune.

Isn't it a bit too much of a coincidence that it happens around the same time as Faria's death?

What are you trying to say?

At the same time Faria was in prison, there was a Japanese person there,

Saimon Dan.

This is,

A notice from Rhadel.

It's a report that we received saying that he died

And I had completely forgotten about it.

But If you're Saimon Dan, then it changes everything.

Against us,

To exact revenge, Isn't that why you returned?

Do you remember doing something,

That could be a reason to get revenge?


Nothing at all.

You are,

Just nothing but an escaped convict,

When I can confirm your identity,

I'll be sending you right back to Rhadel.

Your deduction is half right,

I am...

Faria Shinkai's son.



In any case, As you already know,

My father was a commendable person in the homeland,

Despite the rebellion's attempts to declare him a rebel.

As his son, I will also pursue a country

That is why,

I am pretending to be a different person.

A man who couldn't even read English,

Your speech has really come a long way.

Have you anything else to ask?


I think I've got everything for today.

Well then.

Go ahead.

Come in.

Excuse me

What's up?

In the glove we found at the Terakado murder site, we found a piece of skin, and the DNA results have just come back.

Was there a match in the database?

Come on, Face this way

Alright, I'm taking it

Investment Con Artist
Andou Kanji

Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

Come on...

You've taken the first step to realising your dream,

Cheer up.

Lets look inside

Go on ahead

What do you want?

Who are you with now?

Andou Kanji?

Get away from that man quickly.

He's dangerous


We've found a DNA match for Andou Kanji at a murder site

There'll be an arrest warrant out soon.

I'm worried about you

Get away from him right this minute.

Very well.

Let's go Andou-kun

The police are already after you.

Let's go

It's pointless to run now

It'll be fine, let's go.

It's already over!

It's not over! Your future is just beginning.

There isn't one!

I killed a person.


As I'm your accomplice,

Lets get caught together

Please leave me alone

It has nothing to do with you.

That matters not

Just who are you!?

Meddling... Old bag?

I really don't get you anymore

What ... old bag..

What should I even do..

Very soon, Shinichiro will come.

You're joking


Will be killed

//Subs by Tezu\\


I'm heading out, Tsuchiya


Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru

Excuse me, but what do you want?

Are you going out?

Yeah, I'm in a bit of a hurry

I took the liberty and examined your fingerprint.

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Your fingerprint is the same as Saimon Dan's.

I will tell the Rhadel Republic about your existence.

Rhadel would never admit that one of their prisoners escaped


They're after your fortune, I'm sure they would request your deportation.

Because of your status, I fear you'll escape the country, so I shall place you under police supervision.

Your little revenge game is over.

You have lost.

Saimon Dan.

When I told you earlier...

About there a puppy bone buried in this garden,

That was a lie.

What was buried, was a human bone.

What are you talking about?

That was also a lie.

22 years ago,

A man who was to be police chief, had a baby with his mistress here and buried it.

There was a witness.

That baby...

Is still alive.

It's name is Andou Kanji.

If you're the same as you was in the past,

And will replace the document,

I will remain silent.

What is that!

Please use it.

As expected,

You're used to that.

I will now...

Leave you to enjoy your memories of this villa.

The number you're trying to reach may be turned off or out of service area.

It's Iruma,

Where's Rumi?

What happened?

Andou Kanji

Is currently being hunted by the police for the murder of Terakado Rui.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know

What is this I hear about that con artist boy killing Terakado?

Just to protect me, Andou-kun did it.

I see.


Don't drag me into it, Bugger off.

To run away, I'll need money

You've already taken it all!

What's up?


President, You have guests.

Excuse me

Who are they?

Nice to meet you, I'm Amano from F&D Finance

F&D Finance
Amano Mitsuru

This is the person Andou borrowed money from.

Why have they come to my company?

We're here to get your signature.

As the husband, You're the joint guarantor of the loan your wife took

I mean, Don't you need money to keep bribing Kijima-sensei?

Listen here..

If you'd like to become a large trading partner, we would welcome it.

If it's with Kagura-sama, definitely.

I'm in a hurry

You've taken too much.


Thank you

What are you doing?

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki

Go get 'em!

Maybe this one

Alright, alright, alright,

Maybe not?

Not what I'm after


I guess not



Does it make me look fat?


This? Maybe this?

It's not summer

Come, come, come, come, come,

Too flashy

It's heavy,

I don't have time for this!

Okay... Go!

Alright, got one




Okay, I've decided.

Got one

Got one, A sleeper!




This time we can get you a son.



What... this car..

Is this a good time?

I have something important to talk about.

You're in the way

Forgive the inconvenience

What a minute... What?

I'm sorry for surprising you

You may not believe me, but with this, you may be able to protect that which is important to you

I don't understand, Please give a proper explanation.

We don't have the time. In any case,

Please hold onto this.

No, I cant.

For you...

I want for you to be happy

Eito, Tasty?



What do you think about this?


You look like a pepper.

Eito. Seriously could you not get in the way?

Today is an important day for Miran-oneechan. You got that?

Don't call for me, mum.

Yeah, It is weird.

It's fine

Try standing in front of the mirror for a bit

Just fold this sleeve up a bit, and...

See, Perfect! Right father?


Yeah, It's really nice.


Drink some lemonade and calm yourself a bit

Thank you

I wonder...

Mmmm delicious

I'm glad. I made loads so drink loads.

He's here

What are you doing!?

Why did you have to do something so stupid,

Come on, banzai pose! Hands straight up! Straight up!

Move it! Move out of my way!


What's wrong?

She's just a little overprotective.


This is...

Morio... Shinichiro-san

You've already been told, but allow me to introduce myself,

Did you get the temperature?

Looks like theres no fever

That's good then.

Shouldn't you go to the hospital?

It'll be fine,

After I get some rest.


You stayed up all night working on your paper, didn't you?

You shouldn't push yourself.

I'm sorry. It might be better if you go home for today.


But just a little longer,

Please, let me stay.



You have to drink a lot of water.

You want a drink of water?

I'll do it

Thank you

There is someone trying to kill the one you love

Just a moment

Just wait

Drink this

Our president got it...

It's a Chinese remedy

Chinese remedy, That?

No, something like it

When you have a headache, or like when your stomach hurts...

You 're healed with just one shot

I thought you'd get better if you drink it,

The president's like... He says it's really healthy and that he's drinking it everyday

I mean...

I'm not trying to force you

I'll drink it.

You're joking

It's like, It's completely cleared.


What is this, It's amazing.

Thank god.

Thank you.

Very well


Thank you for contacting me.


Where's Miran?

Kouhei-san, calm down


How's Miran?

We cannot let our guard down,

There's damage to her cranial nerves.

Even if she survives, there may be aftereffects.

Jounan Central Hospital - Doctor
Ozaki Makoto

Her symptoms are the same as when your old wife, and Deguchi died.

Components of Chisylalanine,

Were detected.

It seems someone made her drink the poison,

Please, report this to the police.

This matter...

I'd like you to leave it to me.


Forgive me

It was me.

It was me... It was me!

The one who made Miran drink the poison...

It was me.

Because of me... I'm sorry

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry

Oi, What do you mean by that!

I thought I was helping!

Miran-san was becoming sick

That's when I offered her the drink

Don't give me that!

It's true, I'm telling the truth!

I was told that someone was trying to kill Miran

And so I panicked..

Who gave it to you!

A customer from the market.

Their name?

What's their name!?


It was a man called Shinkai!

Open up!

I said open up!


You're there right?

I won't get angry, just come out Ushiyama!

It's Shinkai

It's Shinkai isn't it?

I know already!


Saimon Dan! Show yourself!


Thank you

You can drive?

Pretty much, Though it's been 20 years


You want to stop?

Let's go

You're going backwards.

No, No , not that way

It's fine, I'll get used to it

Change it, change it


He looks like his dad

I love you.

Piggybacks are nice

Do you want to kill me?

Hey, you want to kill me don't you?

If it wasn't for Asuka

I'll go to him

I'll go to Dan-chan.

Didn't you go looking for your happiness?

What... Isn't it enough?

That's a very luxurious breakfast.

It's hard to eat, isn't it?

Want to drink some soup?


Please relax,

It's not that easy to kill