Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

What's wrong, Yukio

Nanjo Yukio

What are you doing?

I came for breakfast


Stop it!

Now, now, now

Hong Kong Mafia "Vampa"
Danny Wong

In the Sean Lee case,

The Hong Kong police have gotten a witness report.

I told you it wasn't me

I know that,

It was Edelva


After selling her to Rokaka Island,

A man came about half a year ago and bought Edelva

He was speaking Japanese


You must be being targeted by someone

Find out yourself

Then I'll take care of the rest

3 o'clock

You have until 3 o'clock,

Before I feed your cute wife to the fishes.



Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka

Morning Asuka-chan

Who are you?

This old man?

Your dad's friend

Danny Wong-san, He came over from Hong Kong

An acquaintance of mine.

Let's eat breakfast together


If dad hasn't come back by 3 o'clock,

Would you like to feed the fishes?

Where are the fishes?

There are plenty around

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

Lets go

Airi-san, Sorry, Could you reschedule today's dinner party and meeting?

What happened?

Umm, I don't feel well

Are you okay?

Tomorrow is the Best Partner Award ceremony

It'll be fine by tomorrow.

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Forgive me,

There was something urgent I wanted to tell you, so I invited myself

What's up?

Andou Kanji, The young businessman, Do you remember him?

He.. Is a con-artist.

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi

Does Rumi...

She already knows

It's just,

Rumi-san is fully aware, and is apparently trying to help him

Give me some money.

This happened because I originally introduced them,

But before it gets any worse, I thought it best to tell you.

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki

I thank you for going out of your way

This may not be much of an apology, but,

Allow me to give you one new piece of information about Nanjo Yukio

There are some people who know the truth about the Sean Lee case nearby

Investigators from Hong Kong seem to be here questioning about it


It'll become obvious with how Nanjo is related to the case.

Good for you

Now the state-owned land will belong to your company.

Well then,

Is this,

Is all this your scenario?


I'm not doing anything.

What goes around, comes around

Do you believe in such a thing?

F&D Finance
Amano Mitsuru


Young Businessman
Andou Kanji

7,224,800 Yen

Is it all there?

Truly, Everything including interest is here

I have received the payment.

Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

If you need us again,

We'll be expecting you.

It's over now

Did you get that money from your husband?

You don't need to worry about that

Let's go eat something good

What if they find the body?

It'll be fine.

The discoverer?

As it was an anonymous call, I don't know

Do we know who he is?

Terakado Rui, his address is in Hamaura, Shizuoka


Detour, Please

Has something happened?

I cannot answer questions relating to an ongoing investigation.

Thank you for your hard work.

It's completely blocked off

Maybe there was an anonymous call, and they found a body

Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

It's been too long, Detective Supervisor Iruma

Good to see you again

What was it that you needed to talk about?

There's something I'm a little worried about

Do you recognise this man?

Terakado Rui, 46 years old.

He was found buried this morning, with a stab wound to the abdomen.

He lived in Hamaura, in the Shizuoka Prefecture.


15 years ago,

The hostage exchange with the Rhadel Republic,

It seems he was part of that case

I've heard the story, His acquaintance Saimon Dan was arrested by you.


We got a death report of Saimon Dan from Rhadel, so I don't think he's involved, but

I thought "What if", and decided to ask you

Where was the body found?

Higuchiyama in Kamakura

Did you see any suspicious persons last night?

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru


In particular.

Did you hear anything like loud noises?

Nothing comes to mind.

Is that so,

If you remember anything, let us know

Very well

University Graduate
Iruma Miran


Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina


There's a visitor here for you

Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro

Come in

Excuse me

Could it be,

I'm annoying you?

As I thought, I'm not good enough,

I'm sorry, I'll leave

It's not that.

It's my father.

15 years ago,

He was the one who made the arrest at your company.

Then that's why,

Your dad was so against it.

I'm sorry.

Why are you apologising?

It's true,

Because of that case, the company got messed up,

If none of that happened, everyone could have lived happily,

I've thought that many times.

My father believed it was a false charge til his last,

And I agree with him.

But I decided,

I cannot forget it,

But I will not let that case hold me down any further.

If I did that, I would never be able to move forward.


Pardon the intrusion

I do.

I'm sorry, but

Good work

May I check Section 3 of the Foreign Affairs records for 2003?

Sure, This way.

Which case are you looking for?

I can take it from here.




What are you doing?


Father asked you to do it

Baba-san seemed a little tired, So I decided she should have a nice day off.

From now on, I'll do it all.

Come, have some tea.

It's fine,

There isn't any poison in it.

Kouhei's Father
Iruma Teikichi

You noticed it then,

That I poisoned Deguchi and the old wife,

I'm happy.

Cause I have an opponent with whom I can talk about the plan.

Miran-san and Morio-san will get together without caring about their parents history,

It's like Romeo and Juliet, I'm getting excited by how those two stupidly think that they'll live.

Dad is a completely doting grandfather, who'll let nothing be taken from him.

Miran-chan will look like she died from an illness, but I will poison her.

And then...

In attempt to follow her, Dad will...

Commit suicide.

Kouhei-san already suspects his father anyway,

Well, Even if all goes according to plan, he'll probably figure it out,

In any case,

There's no way he'll admit that a murder occurred in his own home.

There would never be a complete investigation anyway.

All that's left,

Kouhei-san, Me, and Eito to take the inheritance, and just us three live together.

All's well that ends well.

What do you think of this plan?

For the time being,

Before I kill Miran, I will get proof that the poison was in this room.

Now, lets change your nappy.

Mum, Juice

Hey, Yukio

What's up?

I know you have Edelva

Edelva, What's that?

Don't take the piss,

You're trying to destroy me!

Scary, You're like the mafia

Answer me!


You're being targeted, by a dangerous person.

It's Shinkai.

He's looked into your past,

He has the police investigation documents

He's gotten closer to you, just to crush you.

If you don't believe me, check for yourself.

Why did you tell him?

To get Yukio and Shinkai to clash.

That Yukio, He seemed really motivated.

No matter what he has to do, he'll try and stop Shinkai,

He may even kill him.

What's concerning for us is, Is it only Nanjo Yukio?


Shinkai may come after us in time.

Maybe it's a Former Fisherman's intuition

Well if it isn't Nanjo-san,

It's been a while.


Tsuchiya, We have a guest!

You were the one who bought Edelva weren't you?


Is that...

A work of art or something?

Just who are you?

What the hell do you have against me!?


I'm your friend.

2 o'clock huh?


Welcome home Dad

I'm back

The one who's after me,

Is Monte Cristo Shinkai.

Who's that?

A Singapore Investor, currently in Japan.

You're sure it's him right?

He has the Jade from that time.

He's the one that has Edelva.

Monte Cristo... Shinkai.

I got it.

What was that about?

Explain it to me.

Sumire, It would be safer if you didn't know.

Now that this has happened, you can't not tell me.

Who were those men?

What happened in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong,

At first I went there for a supporting role in a movie,

You know that the lead was Sean-san, don't you?


Often said his wife was Japanese

He loved me so much

Like I was a member of the family.

But I...

Had trouble getting work,

I was struggling in life,

I borrowed money from the the Hong Kong Mafia "Vampa".

Then those guys...

I borrowed it from that Danny

But I couldn't pay it back.

I was threatened

It's here

They had me...


Show them into Sean's house.

It's as you say, This should be worth a few hundred million

To steal an expensive Jade.

This is your chance to clear your debt

You can take a shower first

//Subs by Tezu\\

But then Sean-san,

Okay dad

Returned home earlier than expected.

Who're you?

What are you doing?


Good evening

It's a wonderful home

We're friends of Yukio's

Today, Sean's house,

What are you doing?

Stop it


Killed... Sean-san and his wife.

Also there,

Edelva was also there.

Sean's daughter saw everything,


You didn't have to kill them!

Didn't you hear about it,

That they were coming back from a trip tomorrow?

We have more trouble because of you.

Boss, What shall we do?

This kid'll fetch a high price

Feed them to the fishes.

Even now, Sean haunts my dreams.

I'll keep regretting it forever

I just want you to believe this,

I didn't think it would end up that way

Why were those people in our house?

Using the truth of that incident,

There's someone who's trying to crush me

That person,

They came to find them.


It's Shinkai.

Why is he coming after me?

I have no idea.


He could be an acquaintance of Sean's


Can I eat cake?

Thank you.

For everything

At this point,

I can't surrender.

If I try to do that, they'll...

Get their hands on You and Asuka.

I already..

Have no other choice but to keep hiding it,

And just do whatever I can to keep living.

You're better off staying away from me.

Let's do this together

This time, It'll be me who gets to save you.

Whatever you've done,

I'll also hide and live with.

Let's try and make up for it forever.

Nanjo Couple's Manager
Eda Airi

Nanjo Yukio and Sumire will be attending the Best Partner Awards ceremony tomorrow

Let's send our congratulations

Please make the arrangements with the ceremony venue.



Just one hour left

Where's Sumire?

She's not with you?


It's been a while.


I didn't think I'd get to see you,

So I let myself in

I'm sorry.

Please, see yourself out.

Please do not blame my husband!

He's not to blame.

The one who is,

Is me, for not being able to wait for you,


You are Dan aren't you?

When I heard that you were dead,

I couldn't believe it.

I knew,

From the moment I first met you.

15 years ago,

Ever since you were taken away,

I desperately waited for you to return.

Mum...Wouldn't see me on purpose, so that I wouldn't get blamed for being the wife of a terrorist.

And then,

The notice of death arrived.

Saying that Dan died in prison.

I kept having nightmares.

I kept seeing a scene where Dan died.


Because I couldn't do anything...

It's my fault.

I wanted to die.

But then,

Yukio saved me.


Do you want to come to Hong Kong with me?

You can't just stay here like this.

From here on,

You can keep thinking about Dan-chan

I ...

Think it would be better in the long run.

I just,

Want you to keep living!

I'm sorry Dan.

I'm really sorry.

The bad one is me, for abandoning you,

And for forgetting about you. but now...

Yukio and Asuka are the most important to me.

Yukio did nothing wrong,

If you're going to hate anyone, then hate me.

You don't understand anything.

The bad one... Is Yukio!

The bad one...

Is Yukio.

Nanjo-san, It's time.


And Sumire?

She's just arrived.

If you would,



What were you doing?

What's up?

This award, which has been handed out every year to those who have garnered great attention, has this year, reached it's 20th anniversary

Now which couple will win it this year?

We now have the results. The Best Partner Award goes to...

If you'd please.

Who the hell are you guys!


Monte Cristo Shinkai

...Nanjo Yukio and his wife Sumire! Congratulations!

You guys...

I'll leave the rest to you

Feed him to the fishes.

I'll do anything to help you make your dream come true

Drop by when you're next in Hong Kong.

I thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come here today

Every time I get this award, I always try to remember to thank my wife

I want to spend a lifetime thanking my wife

Sumire, Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, but could you please turn off that mobile.

Then, A few words from Sumire If you would

*There's information that Nanjo Yukio was involved in the murder of Sean Lee*


Nanjo-san, Is it true you were involved with the Hong Kong Mafia?

There's information that that You were involved in the Sean Lee disappearance case, and there's an early printed article that says you're a criminal.

Nanjo-san, You were Sean's attendant weren't you?

What do you mean?

Sumire-san did you know?

Don't just stand there, give us an explanation!


From today...

Are getting divorced.


Wait a minute



What do you mean?

You're a murderer

But, I only watched

No... That's not what I'm talking about...

The one I mean is Dan.

President, Nanjo Yukio...

Did you see it?

With this, Goyo has been defeated.

I couldn't believe it...

With this, Yukio is finished.

He's alive.

I thought that was the case.


We're here.


The drama shooting has been canceled, and the advert as well for breach of contract.

You've taken care of me these past 6 months,

I will quit being your manager from today.

Before I leave,

I'd like you to do one last thing.

Please write your will.

Write that you were the one who killed the Sean Lee family and that you'll take responsibility.

Otherwise your wife and daughter will be targeted by Vampa.


That's because I knew them very well


I am Edelva.

After that, I was locked in a dirty room, in some unknown town.

Dirty men had their way with me day after day

After one week, I forgot how to laugh,

After one month,

I couldn't even understand why I was alive.


Are you fine with the same thing being done to Sumire and Asuka?

Repent with your life.

You came to buy from the market before, right?


Did something happen?

Soon, an acquaintance of mine will die.

He used to be a close friend.

It's hard

Isn't it?

I'm used to it, to the hardships.

It's just,

"Why did it have to come to all this?"

Was what I was thinking.

In the past, everyone was happy.

The bad one is Yukio!

The bad one...

Is Yukio.

In the past,

A fisherman,

And a woman,

Swore their eternal love.


He was betrayed by his best friend.

He got trapped in a foreign prison,

He was severely tortured,

With loneliness,

And hunger.

He lost his ego,

And died, surrounded by only mice.

Saimon Dan was arrested by the police,

Because Nanjo Yukio reported a lie.

Nanjo Yukio...

Got Saimon Dan killed.

Just because of one broken gear,

Everything had changed.

Never again,

Will anything return to how it was.


You can start over again anywhere.

That's what I like to believe.

I'm sorry for being pretentious.


Airi-chan, What should I do?

Mum just keeps crying

Is dad a bad person?

He's not, right?

Dad's not a bad person is he?

I mean,

I love my dad.


"I have always liked you."

"I have always been in love with you."

"To protect you,"

"To make you happy,"

"That was my only dream."

"It was the only thing I wanted in life."

"I... was lying to you."

"I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you."

Mum, are you okay?


"I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy."

"I'm sorry that I made you cry."

Dad isn't a bad person.


"Please be happy."

"I leave Asuka in your hands,"

"About Asuka, Please be happy."


Monte Cristo Shinkai-san

Would you please accompany us to the office, as a material witness in the Terakado Rui case?


Who is that?

It is the victim who was discovered in a forest near here.

I looked at the GPS records of the car that Terakado rented,

And it shows a record of it staying at a nearby villa.

If it's voluntary, then I shall make my own way there

I dread nothing more than being roped into something that is completely unrelated to me.


If it's an invitation from the Metropolitan Police Detective Supervisor Iruma Kouhei-san,

Then I will accept at any time.

That man is,

Very trustworthy.

Don't underestimate the police in this country.

Next Time

Your revenge game is over.

You've already lost

Saimon Dan

What are you doing!?

Why did you do something so stupid

I already feel fine.


It's not over, it's only just beginning.

No matter what I have to do, I will win.