Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The way I see it...

That woman...


Already dead to me.

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

This is a good article that tells the truth

Now without a doubt, Vampa

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Will definitely...

Go after Nanjo Yukio.

Nanjo Couple's Manager
Eda Airi

I will make the arrangements with Nanjo's family

That woman as well.



Right now...

Are you happy?

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi

I started from the ground-up, and came out to Tokyo

I've met a lot of people, and acted really stupid about growing my wealth

To go that step further, The state land here is absolutely necessary

I cannot afford to let Goyo's signboard stand here

Kagura's Signboard should be the one to stand here


So, did you learn anything over there?

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki


When Nanjo Yukio was in Hong Kong,

It seems he had some sort of relationship with Vampa


They're the so called Hong Kong Mafia

Why guys like that?

It seems he had trouble with money

Just as I was about to leave Hong Kong, This article was printed in the local newspaper

New testimony in the Sean Lee family case

Did Vampa kill him in his own home?

13 years ago, The famous actor Sean Lee and his family that disappeared

Was apparently killed by Vampa, according to the new testimony.

13 years ago

At the time, he had just arrived in Hong Kong,

He was a follower of Sean Lee's.

Our commercial that you and with your wife appeared in,

Nanjo Yukio

Has gotten a great reception.

It's overflowing with your gentleness.

Thank you.

Finance Minister's Wife
Hamaoka Tamae

I'm really jealous of your wife

My husband is always like a seal.

Hamaoka-sensei is really busy

I guess he can only really rest where only you can see it.

Please give him our best regards


It'll be fine

No matter what I say, He will always definitely obey

That's reassuring.

Nevermind that, Nanjo-san, I heard you're going to Hollywood next

Yeah, I received the offer

Rom-Com? Action?

I would prefer you to play a detective

Something like "Diabolic Sky", That's my favourite

Instead of Sean Lee, it would be Nanjo playing the leading role.

At the end, you'd point the gun and say...

"This is my revenge!"

Just remembering it gives me the thrills

It was awesome

Thank you

It's unusual to see you here alone at this time of day

What are you doing!



Why are you here?

You were the one who leaked.

I said nothing

Only the people who were there would know everything that was written

You made a deal with someone

And sold us out.

I didn't

That fax...


Didn't you send it?

What are you talking about?


Of those that know the truth of this case

You mean there are others?

There was a Japanese person asking around in Hong Kong

Kagura Estate's Ushiyama.

Didn't you know?

Deal with it,

Or your family will mete the same fate.

This kid'll fetch a high price

Are you alright, Airi?

It's finally begun,

Your revenge.

You will take away everything from Nanjo Yukio

Including his life.


It's Nanjo-sama

Hey Yukio, Just the guy I wanted to talk to

Can you stop sniffing around behind my back?


You had your secretary look into my past in Hong Kong didn't you?


Is there something you don't want people to know?

Like for instance,

Your relation to the Sean Lee family disappearance?

What is that?

You're an actor, can't you do better than that?

There are people out there that don't follow common sense,

You don't understand

Can I take that as your confirming it?

Don't stick your neck in any further.

Consider it a warning.

There is no doubt,

That guy did it.

But, there's no proof of it.

Also, the time...

I got a message from the Joto Bank, they want you to pay back the bills this month

About the state-owned land, There are rumours within the financial institutions, that it maybe beginning to turn around

Ushiyama, Make an appointment.

With Kijima-sensei, right?


You can't mean with Minister Hamaoka?


With Monte Cristo Shinkai.

Kagura-sama has come to meet with you.

Well Kagura-san, I welcome you

I'm sorry to hear about the state-owned land

I heard it was practically decided to be Goyo

No, I havent given up yet

I see, well that was rude of me.

Minister Hamaoka and his wife

Apparently liked the Goyo advert that Nanjo Yukio starred in very much

Today, I've come with a request about that matter

Please, take a seat

Excuse me

Tsuchiya, Bring tea

What "matter"?

You said it yourself earlier, didn't you Shinkai-san?

That Nanjo Yukio had something to do with the Hong Kong Mafia

You meant...

About this, right?

Now I get it

The fall of Nanjo Yukio, and at this timing,

Do you think that you can take the State-owned land from Goyo?

Over there,

I have all the investigation materials from the Hong Kong Police

I've also conducted my own investigation,

I even have evidence that leads to the culprit.

How do you know that?

That's because in my line of work,

Information is everything.

That information, Would you please lend it to me?

I refuse.


For me,

I could not even think about selling out a friend.

Land Speculator
Terakado Rui

Well isn't this unusual,

For you to invite me out.

Wasn't it since that day?

You know,

When Dan came home on the distressed ship.

That day with Yukio, the 3 of us drank.

When was that? I don't remember.

That so? Well whatever.

Never mind that, Kagura...

Can you spot me a little cash?

About 50 grand.

If not then 30.

Even just 10 grand.

Do you want to work for it?


You've been to prison for stealing before haven't you?

What of it?

I want you to enter the house of my acquaintance,

And take a picture of some files.


It's information about Nanjo Yukio's past.

Also, behind the dining table,

Around here, I want you to take a picture of the contents of the box.

What's with you?

Doesn't that sound like something shady

If you don't want it,

No no, I'll do it

My cute kouhai is asking me, I suppose I'll have to.

I'm the senpai after all

This is serious.

It seems there will be a thief in my house.

What shall we do?

Let us enjoy the chemical reaction.


I'm sorry, but I'm unable to help you today

No, I thank you again for your help.

Well then.


Thank you.


Rumi-san, I want to see you


Your smell,

It's relaxing.

I feel like I want to smell it all the time

Sorry, One sec



Forgive me, I'll get it soon

This is the repayment deadline.

I'm sorry, I'll be quick,

Could you just wait a little longer?

F&D Finance
Amano Mitsuru


You alright?




Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

Young Businessman
Andou Kanji

Look at this

A shop?

A property in Shimokitazawa

It sort of feels like my dream will start to come true from here

But it costs 8 million

8 Million?

I was refused by Shinkai-san

Smells nice.



No, I can't


She cute?

Don't get lost



It's been what, 3 years?

No, maybe 2?

Oi, wait up

We used the same loo in prison didn't we?

You should check this out

I took this just a little while ago

You haven't changed a bit have you?

You're playing the ladykiller again

Oh shut it will you

The way you do things is as dirty as ever

Don't come near me again

Just wait, wait, wait

Isn't this Kagura's wife?

You know him?

Yeah, I know him...

Kagura is my kouhai.

I didn't think you'd go for her

It's really funny

You're probably in need of money aren't you?

You want to do this job with me?

I'm thinking of robbing Shinkai's place

I go down to case the place, and I was surprised to see you come out

I guess I should thank the gods that I met you.

You have that houses security system, and layouts in your head don't you?

Lets do it together, hey

I refuse.

Huh, why?

I won't do it with an idiot.

Oi, what are you saying,

I'm your senpai's senpai.

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

"In the event that Iruma Miran marries Deguchi Fumiya..."

"... I will donate everything to the World Cultural Foundation."

Due to the fact that Deguchi Fumiya has since died,

Kouhei's Father
Iruma Teikichi

Would it be alright to remove the that passage?

Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

Then, I would like to continue with the process

Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina

It hasn't even been that long since Deguchi's funeral ended,

He really didn't have to rewrite his will now.

Looks like he's here.

Miran, If you would

Who is it?

Miran's friend.

You know,

You met him at the hospital, remember?

The boy who accompanied her.

Did you call him?

Because he works at the market, I ordered some fish,

I also wanted to thank him for that time.


Since he came all this way, invite him in

No, It's fine

Nope, Come in for some tea and snacks


Come in

Excuse me

Today, I have a lot of things I want to ask you about the fish




You can put the fish on the table


I'm wondering what fish you've brought today

We got some good Sea Bream come in today



Morio Shinichiro wasn't it?

Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro


I'm sorry about the other day

Excuse me,

But could you leave?

Wait dad

Miran has only just lost her fiancee

I'm sorry, Excuse me.

I only came to deliver the fish

Wait, Shinichiro-san

I'm sorry.

Why did you have to say that, Dad?

That's right, He even took the trouble to come all this way


Don't see him again.


Don't see him.

Do you understand?

Hey dear, saying something so one-sided -

Anyway, he just wouldn't accept Miran

Dad just...

Doesn't want to see you get hurt.

Oh, It's Shinichiro's girlfriend

Wait no, I'm not

He is...

//Subs by Tezu\\

I think he went fishing

The levee of the embankment.

If you head that way, you should know

What's up?

Have you known Shinichiro long?

Me and Shinichiro?

I think he came to this company, what 3 months ago?

Rather, I knew his father for a long time

His dad?

Morio Fishery, It was a company his father owned.

They had this large ship

And were deep sea fishing for Yellowfin and Skipjack

All the employees were good friends, and it was all going well.

Then, What happened?

Just a small incident.

Please tell me

I want to know more about Shinichiro.


One of the employees were arrested for being a member of the terrorist organisation Kukumet, Kukumat, or something or other.


When was that?

Uhh, If I recall correctly...

That was it,

As it was around the time Meiko was born,

2003, 15 Years ago.

15 years ago...

Then the Morio Fishery was subject to Police investigations many times,

They lost all trust

People even thought his father was a terrorist.

His father tried to deal with it, and stand tall,

His body couldn't hold up.

Shinichiro worked hard to try and keep his father's company alive somehow,

In the end, he couldn't,

Last year, His father died,

And the company with him.


Always looks like he's having fun,

And being young.

But he's been through quite a few painful experiences

So that's why,

How do I put this,

It may not come out right,

From here on,

Get along with him,

Please, If you could.

Get along with him?

What are you doing, mum.

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

You know what, Miran-oneechan has someone that she likes

So I have a lot to prepare for.


Like what I would need to cook from now on

It looks like your having fun

Yeah, For Eito, mum will,

Keep thinking about what to cook for people as it's what I enjoy most.

Well this is unusual isn't it?

Going for a walk?

The master said he wanted to see around the mansion

Excuse us

I've seen that guy hanging around quite often recently

He's a guest.

It's best if you pretend you didn't know

Who is it?

A Land Speculator, no...

He's just a murderer.


Excuse me,

It doesn't look like anyone else is coming,

Would it be alright if I leave?

I'm sorry Airi, for dragging you along.


Who's grave was that?


She was important to me,

She was someone who helped me,

But I couldn't help her.

But today, I was able to give her some good news.

I'm sure she'll be happy.

I have also lost my parents,

I see...

I've not been able to visit their grave.

I hope you can go during your next break


I feel like I'd soon be able to give my mum and dad some good news.

I'm looking forward to it.

Eating Yakiniku alone?

When will you finish your job?

Oh shut it,

These sort of things take time.

Are you even trying?


15 years ago, it was Yukio who called the cops

You didn't do anything, did you just chicken out?

You know,

After that, it was me who managed to drive down the price of old Saimon's land.

You were just following my orders

What's with your attitude, I'm your senp-

Quit your yapping and get it done.

Stop it, stop,

The only thing you've done is petty shit like shoplifting

I'm sticking my neck out to help you raise yourself from all that

I'm counting on you, Senpai.

Whatever, just stop.

Get off me!

Get off me! Stop!

Andou Kanji-san

Let me tell you something interesting

I'll be dangerous to move.

You're still young,

Your liver, 2 Million.

The kidney, 1.5 million

I'm sorry, I'll return it

There are 2.

I'll definitely return it

As I thought, It's not enough.

Heart is 5 million.

I'll return the money

I'll return it

I'll definitely return it.

Now you understand

You have to return what you've borrowed.

Didn't your mother ever teach you that?


What you were talking about before is still on right?

I'll do it

I said I'll do it!

Forgive me, for calling you out today on short notice


You wanted to talk?


There was something I wanted to apologise to you about


I mean, the one I introduced you to, Andou Kanji

In the past,

He has committed fraud and stolen,

I understand, he even has a criminal record.

Criminal Record?

He got into debt with a loan shark,

I heard he was gathering the money for the repayments.

Even I got completely on board with his dream.

I introduced such trouble, I cannot apologise enough.

If you have already handed him money,

Please allow me to reimburse you.

No, About the money,

I haven't given him any.

I am relieved to hear that.

In any case,

It's some coincidence.

When I looked into his past, He

Was apparently abandoned in a phone box near this villa.

Just a newborn...

Baby in that state?

What's wrong?

When... was that?


When was it?


What's wrong?

You were the one who looked into it.

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru

22 years ago

The 15th of April, 1996


15th of April...

Wrapped in a towel,

It's was said he was covered in mud

I guess he grew up without knowing his parent's affection

The sort of person he grew up to be,

It's truly disappointing.


When he was in the orphanage, he really...

Did want to work making his own clothes.

Just as he said.



Working hard...

Just to survive, I think.

If you are thinking that highly about him,

Let me just tell you one thing

He is currently,

Working together with a known robber called Terakado

At this rate,

It's only a matter of time before he ends up back in prison.

I have returned

To think that man Andou Kanji

Was the baby I ended up helping.

It was alive.

I thought she would despair after knowing that she slept with her own son.

I didn't think she would look so happy.

Being a mother,

Must be great.

What about picking?

It's fine, leave it to me.

Floor plan?

I've got a rough idea.

What about the money?

The clock alone is worth over 30 million


It's been 10 minutes since the car left

Alright, lets go.

Hey, Wait up



I just have a bad feeling about this.

A little longer

Look at that,

What about you?

That's great.

One shot bingo~

Who's this guy?

See what I mean

That's amazing man.

Isn't there anything else?

Forget it, I'll search myself.

Just crockery.

Who's there?


You should do something like this.

You're doing it to repay a debt aren't you?

That's why you were also trying to trick me, weren't you?

Then what will you do?

You going to go to the cops?

You just fell in love with me and gave me money on your own

You're just an old bag I shagged, you should be thanking me.

Just tell me one thing,

You dream isn't a lie, is it?

You wanted to wear you favourite clothes, so you chose to make them yourself,

So you came up with your own designs, and are looking for a shop,

That dream is real, right?

What's it got to do with you?

I also borrowed money, I told you at the start that I wanted to help you realise you dream, didn't I?

Don't talk like you know everything!

You're just doing whatever you want with your husband's money, What the hell do you know!?

It's okay,

I'll protect you.

From here on out, I will protect you.

That's why,

Let's go home

Stop, Get off me!

What are you doing!

Okay, okay

Oi oi oi oi

Following around a man at night, You're a pretty dangerous stalker aren't you?

I'm going to tell your husband

Andou, Can I do this woman?


Go home.

Doing this during a burglary is really exciting.

Oi, Me or your husband, tell me which is better

Ouch, ouch

That fucking hurt

Go home, Andou-kun

Rumi-san, Why?

It's because I love you

I'm going to kill you.

Confessing your love for another man in front of me, You should die whilst being done.


Don't get in my way


You little shit!

Wait, what,

I don't get it


Go home now.

Go home quickly!

I'll do something about this

...This way

It wasn't supposed to end up this way!

It wasn't

We'll carry him out,

And clean the house.

I'll look for a shovel.

There's a shed out back

What will you do?

We'll bury him

When these things happen,

You can only bury it.

This should be alright

Someone's here

Leg it

So this is how it ends.

Really, That thing called mother's love

It goes beyond my imagination.

Help... me.

Now that's very selfish of you.

15 years ago,

Kagura and Nanjo sold me out to the police, that I know,

But you didn't do anything.

Furthermore, For the sake of the land,

My mother,

Was forced to die a lonely death.

You and Kagura...

Killed my mum.


I am Saimon Dan.

That makes one down.

Took you long enough

Morning, I've brought sandwiches,

Lets eat together.

Must be hard working all night

What happened to your face?

There's this important boy, and this happened when I tried to protect him

Andou Kanji ,The one I introduced you to before, You remember him right?

Do as you will.

Give me some money.

You having a lark?

I decided to live my life the way I want to.

Don't take the piss,

I told you before didn't I?

I don't care who or what you do, but you don't use my money.

Then, no matter what you say, I'll talk about all of the bribes to Kijima-sensei.

You'll die.

As will you.

It's been a while, since you've properly looked me in the face.

Where's Asuka?

Looks like she's still asleep



What's wrong Yukio?

What are you doing?

Next time

Soon, an acquaintance of mine will die.

To get Yukio and Shinkai to clash.

This time, It'll be me who gets to save you.

What do you have against me?

You're being targeted

Are you fine with the same thing happening

What goes around comes around

I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.