Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

I got it for your sake.

Kagura Rumi, and Andou Kanji are

Without a doubt, Mother and Son.

They will both soon come to learn the truth.

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi


I made breakfast

Don't ever use my fucking money again!

Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

I'm sorry about yesterday

From now on, I hope we can get along

I guess you didn't want to lose Kijima-sensei's introduction

Well, It's the same for me

You still doing it?

Anyway, It's a young child

Then that kid'll be fine

Young Businessman
Andou Kanji


Make your dreams some true

Thank you to the important person who gave me a push on the back

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

Eda Airi

We're here


What is "Dan"?

You kept saying it, "Dan Dan"

Really? I wonder why


Am I okay for the advert shoot next weekend?

Yes, You and Nanjo-san are alright

I have a request,

Could you possibly contact Shinkai-san?


Asuka drew a picture, and apparently it's a present for Shinkai-san

I was also wondering if we could eat dinner together

Very well, I shall contact him.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Employee
Deguchi Fumiya

Thank you for coming all this way, Welcome to my quiet villa

It's very different from the hustle and bustle

I've brought some new tea from the Cameroon Highlands

Thank you very much

Long time no see, Deguchi-san

Good to see you again


I didn't think I would be back in Japan so soon

All thanks to you

No, it's thanks to your abilities.


It's not just the Ministry, the Malaysian government can also move thanks to you

You have our gratitude

For you to be able to say that much,

Would it be alright if I could make a request?

Of course, If you think I can be of assistance, then ask anything

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Thank you

If I recall, Didn't you say you were getting engaged?

What's her name?

It's Iruma Miran, what of it?

Could you kill Miran's Grandfather, Iruma Teikichi?

I'm joking

Bloody hell mate

But well,

You may end up having to anyway

Actually, It seems there's currently a dispute with the inheritance

Miran may not be able to get any of it

It's worth 3 Billion

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

Welcome, What you looking for?

Umm, excuse me

At this store, there's a Dark Sleeper being kept for me, My name's Iruma

What? Dark Sleeper?

We don't have that here,

I mean...


One male Dark Sleeper right?


Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro



Your Girlfriend?

It's not that

Eh? Your marriage was cancelled?


It's not like it's definitely been cancelled,

but my grandfather is on my side, and I think my father will give up

That's good then


Is it a good thing?

Thank you for this

You didn't need to clean these rags

It's because of what it is,

The Miracle Parka.

Sorry for the trouble

Also, you got me the Dark Sleeper

What's up?


Is a female.

Wait, really?

I'm sorry, I'll get another

Its fine,

No, I'll definitely do it.


I want to see you again.

No, but,

This mistake wasn't on purpose

I know

I'm back

What is this cake?

It's banana

Oh, Miran


Good to see you again

Sit down

Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

Great timing, I was just about to call you.

He said he was able to come today

Sorry for coming by unannounced

Deguchi-san will be in charge of all Southeast Asia

He was made a section chief, Isn't it amazing?

Celebrate with us, Miran


Thank you

Someday, I hope I can be like Iruma-san

Actually, There was something I needed to talk to you about


Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

My father's will was rewitten

My inheritance, or Miran's marriage. Which one is more important, Kouhei.

But, you know

Even if I lose the inheritance,

I want you...

To get married to Miran.

Please, with Miran.

Please don't lower your head


Didn't want the inheritance

Nothing has changed

Right, Miran?


*Miran - New message*

*I'm getting married.
Don't worry about the Black Sleeper.
Thank you.*

Not hesitating to choose marriage, as expected of you.

The inheritance meant nothing to me anyway


Total assets were 3 Billion Yen

If you got that enormous inheritance as well, it would have been better

Well, it's too late now

Is it really?

You still have a trick up your sleeve

You could kill Iruma Teikichi

Again with that joke?

Besides, Even if he dies, his inheritance would still be donated

Isn't that only if You and Miran got married?

In that case, you only need to kill Teikichi before you get married

Then that way, the 3 billion will be inherited by Miran and the others,

There won't be a donation.

The inheritance would be yours.

You don't even need to feel guilty about it,

Iruma Teikichi is a villian who's killed people.

What do you mean?

Did you know that Miran's mother suddenly died 13 years ago?

I've heard

There is a very high chance she was poisoned

You mean...

Teikichi did it?

When her mother died, she immediately started living with Teikichi

Kouhei's Father
Iruma Teikichi

It seems Teikichi was strongly opposed to the marriage originally

I looked into Iruma very thoroughly

There is no mistake in this information.

Go ahead


Thinking that I would like to have an eternal relationship with you

When will you next see Iruma?

Next Saturday

Then on that day, I shall have the Iruma couple join me, to get them out of the house.

It'll be easy for me.

Use a wet handkerchief, hold it over the mouth and nose for 1 minute.

If an old man with general paralysis dies in his own bed, nobody would suspect a thing,

Besides, there's no way the police executive Iruma Kouhei would admit to having an incident at home.

He will definitely keep things under wraps

I expect much from you, Deguchi-san.

May I?


Excuse me

Your food has gotten real thin hasn't it?

In the past you used to eat thick steaks, with tongue on the side

This weekend, Deguchi will be coming here

I might count on you for an introduction, so I thank you in advance

We're going through with the wedding.

I don't need the inheritance.

As for Miran,

I will decide her path.

Come now Dad, you have to eat up

Your dad?

I told him, it should be fine

Anyway, On the day that Deguchi will be here,

I just got off a call with Shinkai-san, He wants to invite us to dinner

From Shinkai-san?

Apparently he has something he wants to tell us, about Deguchi

Deguchi is something like a friend to Shinkai-san

Nothing has changed

People will soon start killing

Nanjo Sumire wants to see you

What should I do?

I see


Thank you Airi-san

When you went to Shinkai's villa,

Did you promise to meet again?

Why so suddenly?

You know, I couldn't go before, so I thought I'd introduce myself properly


We didn't make any sort of promises

What sort of people were there?

I was wondering what type of people were invited

Nanjo Yukio

Kagura-san, and

The officer Iruma-san

Both of them, and their wives


I couldn't bring myself to tell you.

You don't need to apologise

I'll take her up

Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka

Thank you

Let's go Asuka

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru

She has left

*New message from "Email"*

*Do not bring her here again.*

How was it?

Seems like he's out

Sorry for asking this so suddenly

Then, Shall we go?


Sorry to ask, but can we try again after work?

Did you see the advert Nanjo Yukio and his wife did for Goyo Real Estate?

I did

The Hamaoka Finance Minister and his wife have a dinner date with the Nanjos next week

What of the state-owned land in the Gulf?

Member of the National Diet
Kijima Yoshikuni

You don't have to listen

The Minister and his wife have decided on Goyo

What are you even doing?

You are.

I'm really sorry.

I'll do something about it, so I beg of you, please help our company.


Why don't you give it a rest

I'm holding the minister down

You think this pocket change is going to do anything?

If you want to survive, use that minuscule brain of yours,

And find a way to fix this!

Long time no see

Why did the rival company's Image character come here?

I came to ask about Shinkai-san


At the party the other day,

Yukio told me, You and Iruma were in attendance

Your point?

Why was it you three?

How am I supposed to know?

Doesn't it mean that everyone was related to Dan?


Do you really still think he's alive?

Isn't it bad?

The wife of the leading couple in Japan, pining for another man.

It's not like that

//Subs by Tezu\\

What about Yukio, Just to get a woman

He'd even get rid of an old friend.

You haven't changed a bit

Yukio isn't that type of person!

If Yukio wasn't there at that time, I was ruined

Yukio even helped.

He's really such a great man, that Nanjo Yukio.

Shinkai-san, Why do you avoid Sumire?

Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.

Take this with you

What's this letter?

My thanks

Someone taught me that a single letter is enough to destroy a person's entire life

I'm just returning the favour

I left enough for Eito and Baba

I'll leave them in the fridge

Also some sparkling water

Deguchi's favourite drink is a Highball, Right?


I'm going

See you later

Then, I'm going to get ready

Shaoxing Wine, would you like some?

Yeah, I would love some.

I'll do it Shinkai-san

No no, please, take a seat

Thank you


Thank you


This seems like it be an enjoyable meal


Then, Shall we make a toast?

Since we came all this way, shouldn't we wait a bit?

It won't be just us today

Why her?

Excuse me,

A guest has arrived

Thank you for your call

I've always wanted to meet you,

When I got your message from Airi-san, I was really happy.

No, I thank you for coming

You met my husband the other day

You met my husband the other day

My name's Nanjo Sumire

Nice to meet you


Thank you

Then, let's try that again


It's like,

It's pretty quiet, Right Deguchi-san?

I'm sorry, It's been so long since it was just the two of us, I'm pretty nervous

Even Bathroom cleaning?

Sometimes does the toilet as well.

My, That Nanjo Yukio does?

Isn't that something?

You're right

Dumplings! I haven't had them in ages

I'll have some

This is really hot, but you should eat it now, It's really delicious.

Thank you

You're right

It's very delicious


Forgive me,

It seems I've gotten a little tipsy,

Excuse me whilst I get some fresh night air

Have fun

Are you okay?

Your... drink... is so good... I might have drunk a bit too much

Excuse me a moment

I'm sorry. It seems a friend is here

I'll be back soon

No, take your time

Good evening

Long time no see.

Shinichiro-san, why...

I've come to bring you and male Dark Sleeper

I cannot accept it

I wouldn't be able to keep it

Right now,

My fiancee is here

Ahh... I'm sorry

Thank you.

That male,

Please return it to the sea

Are you really sure?

Why are you letting your parents decide?

I know this is going to sound stupid,

Am I not good enough?

When I was in Primary School,

My mother died.

I couldn't go to school,

I locked myself in my room

The one that helped me at the time,

Was my home tutor.

Soon after,

She and my father got married.

They both said that they will think of me first and foremost

That's why,

I'm the only one who's not allowed to do my own thing.

Thank you

I was really happy to hear that.


You would be better off not being part of this stuffy household.

Thanks for waiting



Miran-san, Are you okay?

Do you like the stars?

Not really

Here, Asuka asked me to give this to you

Because to told her you liked the stars

Thank you

It's a very beautiful starry sky

Back then, the conversation just moved that way.

I don't particularly like the stars

It seems you played with her the other day, thank you

It's nothing

You seem like you're used to dealing with children,

Shinkai-san, Are you married?


What have been your thoughts on it?

I'm sorry, for sticking my nose in.

At one point...

At one point, I had a woman that I wanted to marry


Whilst I was on a long journey, That woman...

Had gotten married to another man, it seems.


Do you resent that woman?



Look at you with your cat tongue

..Wherever you are, because you'll take it back.


The way I see it...

That woman...


Already dead to me.

Let's return

If you spend too long alone with a man who's not your husband, Wouldn't it be a problem?

I don't want to cause problems for you.



Right now...

Are you happy?

Yeah, Very.

I'm glad

Shinkai-san is living happily,

I'm really glad.

I have bothered you, I will return home.


Take care.

Where's Erina-san?

She's seeing Sumire-san off outside.

So Shinkai-san,

How is it that you know Deguchi?

Forgive me, It seems the main reason I called you here was delayed

The reason I invited you today, was this.

This is a report sent by a friend in Kuala Lampur

I cannot read Malay

It's a report on Deguchi-san

He was moving part of the grant money he got from Japan through a paper company

He was embezzling.

I don't want to talk bad about your daughter's fiancee,

But to you,

I thought it would be better to tell you.


Excuse me a moment

What's up?

Ok ok, I get it

Calm down

Could you get it passed to Jounan Central Hospital

I will call Doctor Ozaki

Don't send it elsewhere.

I'll be there soon.


Where's Deguchi?

With Dr. Ozaki

Who are you?

Nice to meet you, I'm Miran's friend, Morio Shinichiro



It happened when I went to deliver something, So we came together.

I'm sorry.

Thank you

Excuse me.

Dr. Ozaki

How's Deguchi?

I'm sorry to say...

Jounan Central Hospital - Doctor
Ozaki Makoto

The symptoms are the same as when your wife died

To ensure there's no doubt, it would be better to send it to pathology

You can't do that

In my house...

Was it you?

The one that killed Deguchi

To go that far...

Do you really not want your son in control?

Thank you

Sorry, I fell asleep

You want something to eat?

Do you have an appetite?

Then could you at least drink tea?

I'll be back in a sec

It was the same last time, wasn't it?

When my mum died

You were worried about me with all your heart

Was I?

Thank you.

It will be okay

I'm sure,

Good things will happen from here on out

Deguchi Fumiya has died.

It seems it's being treated as a heart failure

That's good then.

Aren't you pissed?

Having met with Nanjo Sumire.

Forgive me

But I wanted to know

About what?

Your motives.

Whether it's to get revenge on those men,


If it's to take back Sumire.

You still love that woman, don't you?

Do you want to kill me, like you did Deguchi?

I don't mind being killed by you.


Please kill Nanjo Yukio on my behalf.

I didn't kill Deguchi

Was it Iruma Teikichi who did it?

He hasn't killed anyone

13 years ago,

The old wife was murdered by someone else

Then who?

Those humans who have lived in the mud,

Will surely embrace the demon within themselves.

I just awoke the demon that lives inside that house.

*Please poison Iruma Teikichi the same way you poisoned the previous wife 13 years ago.
If I get the inheritance, then I won't tell anyone.*

*Deguchi Fumiya*

There's a lot less now


Morning Eito

That is how the Iruma family will collapse.

So that the beloved son gets all the heritage,

The demon will surely destroy...

Iruma Kouhei's...

Greatest treasure.





Next, It's Nanjo Yukio's turn

The demon he created

Is of course You, Airi

It's alright then?

I can destroy that man's greatest treasure?


Sumire is already dead to me.

Next Time

This is a good article that tells the truth

They will definitely go after him.

Finally to poison the greatest enemy.

I will make arrangements with Nanjo's family.

With his jet black past of violence.

What are you doing?

Stop it!