Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Member of the National Diet
Kijima Yoshikuni


About the State-owned land in the gulf,

I would appreciate it if you would assist me

The one to talk to would be Akashi at the Ministry of Finance's state-property bureau

Thank you

Don't lose your head

Goyo Real estate is also moving on it


Don't waste this information

I won't

Everything working out with this guy Rumi?

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi

Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

Yes, thank you.

I couldn't ask for a better wife

If you have any problems, you can tell me any time

Thank you




I need to meet with Akashi, make an appointment.

Yes sir.

Sorry, I'm going on ahead

Then, I'll go too


Isn't it your job to entertain our guests?

You're a former Ginza hostess, You can do that much

You're right, sorry.

Didn't you say to refrain from contacting personally?

Forgive me,

There was something I needed to tell you,

Monte Cristo Shinkai
Investigation report

About that Shinkai bloke

Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

A year ago, he set up his investment company in Singapore

It's worth approximately 3 Billion Yen

But, I couldn't find out where he was or what he was doing before then

Why did such a man buy that villa?

Why did he invite us there?

Don't go anywhere near him

I understand

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Shinkai-san, Why...

At the party, I heard you guys would be participating in this groundbreaking ceremony

I'm sorry but my husband already left

Actually, I wanted to rent a building,

and I wanted to consult with him about it

Are you planning start a shop?

It's not for me, but him

This is Andou Kanji

Young Businessman
Andou Kanji

He's a businessman who's trying to start an apparel brand

I'm Andou Kanji, Nice to meet you

He's a young man with a great vision

I wanted to help him as soon as possible

This is Kagura Estate's President, Kagura Kiyoshi-san's wife

I'm Kagura's wife

Is that so?

You're so beautiful, I thought you were a model, or celebrity.

I'm not...

What's your name?

I know you're the wife of Kagura-san, but what is your name?

It's Rumi


If you'd like to, Please help Andou-san with his business

It seems he's planning to start a ladieswear brand

Talking with someone like you would help me greatly

Please consider it

I ...

That's right, If you'd like to, Would you like to come over?

We're about to have a lunch meeting

I couldn't host you properly last time,

so I would appreciate it if you'd let me try again.

I ask you as well, please join us


Please sign this one as well


Near Mary at least

I expect much from you

Thank you very much

Forgive me, It seems this became more of a business negotiation

No, Don't mind me

It seems you're feeling a lot better today,

At the last meal, You had to leave early, so I was worried

I apologise for the inconvenience

Were you feeling ill or something Rumi?

No, it wasn't that,

Did we force you into coming over?


Really, I'm fine

But, Thank you very much for coming

You finally smiled

It's just, you didn't seem all that okay

It's the first time I've seen it, Rumi smiling


From now on, please give Andou your assistance

I'm counting on you

You're so young, but it's amazing that you're setting up your own brand.

Not at all



In the past, my parents abandoned me

I was raised in an orphanage

Back then, I couldn't buy the clothes I wanted.

They were either donated, or hand-me-downs,


I definitely wanted to make my own clothes someday

Is that so

Well, currently I've got my hands full just trying to get investors

Although I'm having no luck with it.

If you'd like to, shall we ask my husband?


See if it's possible to invest


If Shinkai-san introduces you, I think my husband would listen,

Even if the investment would be difficult, you can ask about the tenancy

or get help with other things.


When your dream comes true, I think I'll be happy.

Thank you

Seriously, Thank you very much

My repayment for this month

Now that makes half repayed.

Haven't you heard of "Interest"?

There's still 72% left

I'll repay it all soon

If that's the case, then please do it now.

Please repay it


Are you alright?

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru

To invest in a kid with no experience?

Do you think I'm being conned?

No, it's just that I didn't think you were that kind

I'm not,

His existence is just invaluable to me

I'll definitely return it, I found someone who's nothing but money

He is someone...

Who was born just for me.

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina


Eito is Coool



Die die die

urgh... you got me...

Oi Eito, you shouldn't do that to your sister

Sorry about that Miran,

Another all-nighter?

I fell asleep on the sofa

Try to take care of your body


Good morning

Morning daddy

Deguchi-kun left a message for you

Morning Eito-kun

He said he'll call again soon

When he returns, you should talk to him

Erina, Please make the preparations quickly

You came a long way

I was looking forward to seeing you

What's up?

Her heart isn't ready, if you're suddenly told someting like that, it's a problem

Ready? Isn't it already set?

Deguchi-san is a great person and all,



I've only just started on my research,

That's true

She just got on her doctorate course,
now's an important time for her

Haven't you studied enough?

From here on, make sure to support Deguchi-kun



There something else?

I haven't spoken about it with grandfather



Could you a leave for a bit?

Kouhei's Father
Iruma Teikichi


Excuse me

How is your body holding up?

Been feeling quite good recently, haven't you Grandfather

You've been eating as well

Moving on.

Miran's marriage has been decided

The groom will be the person you introduced before, Deguchi Fumiya of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

His father passed away early,

He's becoming a fine bureaucrat in his own right

It's like I'm looking at my younger self

Miran likes him as well,

Right, Miran?


Of course,

You'll celebrate as well, won't you?

I'm against it

What are you talking about?

I can tell what grandfather is thinking

"It's still too early for Miran to marry"

"Until your doctorate course ends, you should study and choose your own path" he says

Give it a rest.

You wouldn't be able to understand that much


Does he even have the ability to think anymore?

There's no reason for him to not bless his grandchild's happiness.

Isn't that right, Father?

Excuse us

I'm sorry for selfishly saying all that

Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka


Oh, Shinkai-san


You good?

Very, thanks for asking

It's been a while

Ah, Hello

You here for work?

Yeah, I was having a meeting with some economic organisations at a hotel near here

And you two?

Nanjo is filming a drama at the nearby studio

Also Sumire is doing her cooking show today, so Asuka-chan is with me.

I was drawing because I was bored

I see.

Shinkai-san, wait a minute

*Goyo Real Estate*

Asuka-chan, please wait there a minute

Do you understand?

Eda Airi


I won't do things on my own anymore


Nanjo Yukio


Excuse me

Nanjo-san, A word?

What is it?

We got an advert request

Have you heard of Goyo Real Estate?

Of course, I know the name

In order to improve their company's image, they would like to sign a contract with You and Sumire

Goyo's previous adverts have all be centered around families,

And they believe that the two of you will improve that image

I guess

I'll talk it over with Sumire, and consider it

Thank you


I'll be counting on you



When you lived in Hong Kong, did you ever hear of "Vampa"?


What is that?

It's something like the Hong Kong Mafia


Are you in trouble with them?


I went to Hong Kong in the past, and they were pretty famous, and I was just wondering if they still are

No idea

I see

Sorry for asking such a weird question.


Then, Excuse me


Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

I finished shooting the cooking show

It went well

Good work

I'll clean this up

Thank you, Where's Asuka?

She's currently outside with Shinkai-san

With Shinkai-san?


Sorry, I had to talk to Nanjo about an advert offer

But, I'll head back immediately

It's fine, I'll go

Where's Shinkai-san?

He already left

Take us out


I've finished work, shall we go home?

Can't we go back later, I want to stay a little longer

Then just a bit longer

Huh, didn't you get to see him?


Did you need something from Shinkai-san?

It wasn't anything important,

Because I couldn't go to the party the other day,

I thought I should apologise

But please try to be careful Sumire

With what?

If people see you together with a handsome man like that,

They might start some strange rumours

That's true

Yukio that prick, Why is he doing an advert for Goyo at a time like this?

It seems Goyo are planning to use Nanjo Yukio as a trump card in the state-owned land bid

What do you mean?

The Finance minister's wife is a big fan of Nanjo Yukio,

It seems Goyo is already in contact with the minister's secretary, as they've changed the date of the dinner.

My apologies

To attack from the top,

I need not remind you, Ushiyama

About the bank loans we took out for the Gulf Coast project

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki

If we can't get that land, we'll go bankrupt

I don't care what you have to do, just stop it.

And Cut


It hurts right now

You alright?

Thank you for everything

Nanjo-san, your friend's here

//Subs by Tezu\\

This way

No, I can't

That advert contract was signed off by the office

As long as you're popular, I'm sure they'll hear your opinion

Isn't there any way you can refuse it?

We're on the same side, please

Sorry, but I can't

Oi oi, your senpai is lowering his head and asking

No, It's true that we known each other since we were kids, but

That has nothing to do with work.

You're a big shot now, eh Yukio

15 Years ago, you were just a part-timer

Your point?

I wonder what would happen if the world found out that their big star sent his best friend to the prison where he died?

What are you talking about?

That you went to the police with fake information

Do you have proof of that?

But the one who came up with that plan was you

Both me and Terakado know that


You think you can threaten me?


Bringing up pointless stories from the past,

I was wondering who had more to lose from it.

You're getting gobby aren't you?

People change

They people don't change, at the root

Forget it,


Do you think you'll be able to eat today?

Thank you
I'll leave soon

I'm starving

Daddy said he's coming home

He's late

That's great! You giving it to daddy?

No, Shinkai-san

Because he said he likes stars

Sorry, it seems he had some trouble with work

He should be here soon

Don't worry about it,

I just hope Kagura-san also agrees

Now I'm getting a bit nervous

It's fine, Shinkai's here,

I'll also follow

Kagura has arrived

Thank you for coming when you're so busy,

No, sorry for being late


This is who I was talking about, Andou-san

Nice to meet you, I'm Andou Kanji

I'm Kagura

Today, we'd like for you to listen to Andou's business plan

I'm sorry, but

I'm unable to help you.

Wait, can't you at least listen before saying that?

As I said, I can't help.

Is something the matter, Kagura-san?

I heard that there was a problem with work

It's nothing major,


Could it be...

About Nanjo Yukio?

I heard at a meeting with economic organisations,

About the state-owned land bid

Kagura Estate, and Goyo Real Estate are fighting over it

As expected of an investor, You get information quickly

It seems Nanjo Yukio has taken an advert contract with Goyo Real Estate

To be honest, I'm surprised

At the meal the other day, you and Nanjo seemed very close

And yet, it seems he's trying to pull the rug from under your feet

He's always been like that

He has a friendly face, but will easily betray people

I see

Then that rumour may not be completely false


When I was in the Asian Mainland before, A friend from Hong Kong was talking about Nanjo

Then, uhh

I heard a strange rumour

Well, he's a celebrity, so rumours are quite common

I suppose

When he was in Hong Kong, apparently,

He had gotten involved with a certain organisation

Well, it's unconfirmed information,

So I won't say any more than that

I'm sorry that we couldn't help

No worries

You talked for me, that alone was enough

I saw the app, for your prototype catalog

Thank you

You're making all these by yourself?


It's amazing

Not at all

Personally, I like this one the most


It's the one I like the most

I like the switching of the pleat, Isn't it cute?

Yeah, it's cute.


I like the back print logo design on this one

I hope you do your best

I will.

I got it!


The bell is rising



It's a virtual currency

This is really serious

The price can change 5 times overnight

Hey, How can I do that?

It sells orders to Bellcoin

It sells my coins in stages

I'll sell them all thoroughly.

Are you sure? It could rise again

It's not about making more money

I just...

Want to have fun.

Not going to sleep?

I'm fine.

See you later

Virtual Currency Bellcoin Crashed!
What caused it, and what can we expect in the future?

Are you okay?

I'm sorry, I'm okay

Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro


It's battered, but please take it.

I'm fine

You can wash your hands over there,

Oh, I'll bring you a towel from the shop


Are you okay?

I'm sorry, really

No worries

I'll wash and return this

You don't need to do that

But, it's unusual

For a women to come here alone.

I'm researching Marine Biology, and I like fish

Ahh, that explains it.

But today,

I was looking for a fish that I wanted

In that case, I can get it for you at the shop I work

What sort of fish is it?

A male Dark Sleeper

Dark Sleeper?

That's a catch and throw fish, you know

I know

Dark Sleepers are inedible, and their market value is almost non-existent,


It's sort of...

There's a feeling that they're not oppressed by anyone, I like that.

Anyway, I...

Already have one female.

Sorry, I'm pushing this on you


It's pretty cute.

Thank you... very much

That's the first time someone has said that to me

But why a male?

Soon, I won't be able to keep it,


I figured I'd make them a pair before the end.

I found the female at this market in the past, so I thought just maybe

You'll find her a mate

She's been in a small box all the time, with no chance to find love

I felt sorry for her

That's why...

I want her to finally find someone.

I'm sorry,

I'm completely pushing this on you.

Not at all

Rather you're showing how serious you are about this

Next time, I'll catch a male Dark Sleeper for you.

So that I don't injure him, I'll file back the needle

Then, I'll keep it alive in the market

I'm getting married


I'm sorry.

It'll be fine

My parka,

invites great luck

So if you wear that parka,

Surely a miracle will happen.


I'm pushing it on you

A bit.


I've brought you a gift

The grandaughter, Iruma Miran right?


I'm a solicitor, My name's Kuwana

A solicitor?

The home nurse Baba contacted me, and I've been here several times

I'm here about Iruma Teikichi's will and testament

Could you call the family?

I'm here to inform you of the changes I've made to Iruma Teikishi's will

"This is the last will and testament of Iruma Teikichi. All securities, real estate, deposits and savings, etc.

All assets, worth around 3 billion yen, is to be evenly split between: The son, Kouhei and the grandchildren Miran and Eito after my death."

Nothing has changed, what's this about?

It continues.

"However, In the event that Iruma Miran marries Deguchi Fumiya,

I will donate everything to the World Cultural Foundation."


That's just complete bullshit

There's no way my father could make any changes

That's not true

Teikichi-san has full judgment capability, thus is able to change his will.

And how is that "judgment" supposed to be transmitted?

I have this,

Would you like a demonstration?

A camera tracks the line of sight of the person, and they can press a key by staring for a second

It's a care device.

My inheritance, or Miran's marriage. Which one is more important, Kouhei.

Thank you, Grandfather


This is...

A miracle Parka

This house is also in your father's name

I know

What do you want?

You're the only one I can turn to.

What happened?

I need you to lend me some money

3 million Yen

There's no one else I can ask

I'm begging you.


I'm back

It's unusual to see you up this early

I'll make some food.


There was a deposit for 10 million Yen from the house account,

The deposit was to a Virtual Currency Exchange

I'm sorry,

I tried it cause I was interested,

But it seems I just wasn't cut out for it

I'll return it soon

Didn't you lose it all?

So then you hastily borrowed, didn't you?

From Iruma Kouhei.

I found the withdrawal record, so I had Ushiyama tail you.

You went running to an old flame

I knew,

When that bloody politician made me marry you, I looked into your past.

Well, you probably didn't care about me anyway,

For me, I didn't care about you

You're wrong.


I thought I could love you,

I worked hard so that we could be a happy couple

I don't need that sort of thing.

I don't know what your do or where you go on your own, nor do I care.

I don't even care that you're having fun with young men in that apartment

Anyway, originally...

I figured you'd probably dry up, so I asked Ushiyama to do it.

This money...

You went out and got it from your ex, so you might as well use it


Don't ever use my fucking money again!


Excuse me

*The Nanjo couple are starring in Goyo Real Estate's new advert
Maybe it's the start of their advert career together*

Hey Ushiyama,

You want to go to Hong Kong?


Hong Kong?

I want you to dig into Yukio's... Nanjo Yukio's past

Especially in the underworld

Here, Use this

I can't take it


Because, you were crying weren't you?

You didn't do something for this did you?

I cannot use such important money

I got it...

For your sake.


Right now...

That's what I want the most.


Andou Kanji and Kagura Rumi have safely gotten together.

I see

That was faster than expected

Why that man?

In the past,

A child was born in this house

Between a police executive and his mistress, that child was unfortunately a stillborn.

It was buried in the garden.

The woman couldn't stop crying,

Because she loved the man, I guess she really wanted to keep it

The Police Executive man immediately got married and had a daughter

The woman, who had lost everything,

Began to work in a club in Ginza

And then, She got married to the ambitious President of a Real Estate company, who had the mouth of a politician.

If the woman was able to meet the child who was supposed to be dead again,

What do you think she'd do?

You can't mean...

I wasn't sure at first,


I got samples of their DNA and sent it to be tested,

And I got some amazing results back.

Kagura Rumi, and Andou Kanji are

Without a doubt, Mother and Son.

They will both soon come to learn the truth.

Of course, the father as well.

I told you...

...I will destroy everything they hold dear.

Next Time

The demon of revenge's scenario, is at the peak of cruelty

Finally, the murder is...

Doesn't it mean that everyone was related to Dan?

Do you really still think he's alive?

I'll kill them.

What if, your husband...