Modern Family (2009–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Thunk in the Trunk - full transcript

Claire's new position means Phil feels like a housewife. Gloria's provocative sauce ad gets Jay jealous. Mitch and Cam rent the apartment above their own, but end up spying on their guests

Good morning, Madam President.

May I introduce you
to the ambassador of Java?

Oh, thank you.

Because, after all, what is a travel mug

but a closet for your coffee?

And boom, our next promotional giveaway.


Throw on a black turtleneck
and some mom jeans,

it's like I'm married to Steve Jobs.

I did hear you banging out e-mails

till all hours last night,

so the cucumbers in the sandwich
can be repurposed

as lunchtime crow's-feet refreshers.

Thank you.

Don't forget we've got drinks later.

Right. Any specific joke areas
I should stay away from?

Oh, no, don't worry about it.

It's mostly just me and the guys
talking business.

Hey, you using
those spin classes I got you?

Yeah. I went twice last week.

You can't tell?

Sure, I can.

The best part about taking over
my dad's company --

I am now a powerful white male,
and I love it.

I totally get now
why we don't want anyone else

to have what we have.

Honey, before I take off for work,

I saw this and I thought of you.

What is it?

It's a key?

Yeah, it is.

It is a key...

but a key to what?



You got me a PhunkeeDuck?!

No more walking for my man.
Walking's for jerks.

Oh, my God! That is the best gift ever!

I don't know where it stops and I begin!

# Modern Family 7x13 #
Thunk in the Trunk
Original Air Date on February 17, 2016

Where is it? Where is it?

You know, these cheese cubes
keep getting smaller every week.

I should start saving these
to prove my point.

Wow, am I retired.

It's there!

It's beautiful!

A little revealing.

I mean, I get using sex
to sell your hot sauce.

That's why I wore Jordache jeans
in my old closet ads.

But a little much, isn't it?

It's obviously working.

The store said that they put out

100 bottles of my sauce,
and half of them are gone!

Oh, my.

Auntie Alice!

She's a hot-sauce legend.

Her Level Three Sauce

has a picture of a rooster exploding.

I have to go meet her.

Hey, guys, take a pic.

Hey, get out of here! That's my wife!

I am a huge fan.

I have read your life story
on your label a thousand times.

Is it true that your father
crashed his pepper truck

into a papaya tree
and the legend was born?

You're asking me if something's real?

I can't believe that
that cutout's an actual person.


Oh, hey, Jay.

Uh, trying to read a text.

They keep the lights in here so low

so they don't have to rotate
the produce.

Don't give me that.

I'm sorry, man.

I've been lonely since Reynetta left.

You're a deacon.

Honey, foot rub.


Okay, there it is again!

I'm telling you, something weird
is going on up there.

We're renting our upstairs unit
to earn a little extra cash

and add a little extra tension
to our marriage.

Our current guests registered

as Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson and Tommy.

I was expecting a nice young
couple and their little boy.

Oh. Hello. You --

So, you -- You must be
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson?

-That's right.
-So you're Tommy?

He is.


Cam, let's help them with their trunk.


No? Okay, well, uh, here is the key.

-Here you are.
-Thank you.


Okay, what is that all about?

I mean, three adults?

Why doesn't Tommy have a last name?

Why doesn't Tommy talk?
Is he their captive?

Is Mrs. Wilkerson their captive?

Is the captive in the trunk?

So there has to be a captive?

Lately, we've been getting
negative reviews

-from some of our renters.
-Say it.

And they tend to follow the common theme

that the "bigger one" is "nosy".

While others say the "orange fella"

is "standoffish and cold".

Who says that?

I'm saying it now.

Okay, we need to find out what that is.

Cam, stay out of their business,
all right?

If we drop below three stars,
we're gonna be stuck renting

to chain smokers and pregnant foreigners

trying to have their babies in America.

Mark down the time.
I just turned into my father.

I'm going up.


Cam, what are you doing?!

I am checking on our guests.

Hello! Oh, all three of you.

Uh, just stopped by to see
if you guys need

some fresh -- fresh towels.

We're fine, thank you.

Uh, yes, you were gonna say something?

You saw that, right?

Mrs. Wilkerson was giving me
the distress signal.

She was like...

Come on.


Us again. Just triple-checking

to see if you need some hand soap,

a chance to talk to one of us
alone, some muffins.

Really, we're fine.
You don't have to keep checking.


She did not say "help".

So you did hear it.

Hey, Delgado, thank your mom
for my new screen saver.

Will do, Parker.

And speaking of two-dimensional women

who know a thing or two about sauce,

stop by Flanagan's and say hi
to your mom for me.

I know you were bothered by that cutout.

But every teenager gets teased,

and you have to rise above it, so --

-Your mother's in the trunk.

I couldn't stand the ogling
and the selfies,

so I stole it -- for both our sakes.

We're in this together.

How? I didn't steal it.

Oh, I see where this is going.

You complain and complain,
I make the problem go away,

and you had nothing to do with it.

I didn't ask for this.
I didn't ask for any of this.

Let's not turn on each other.
It'll make us sloppy.

I need your help to get rid of it.

God knows I've already tried.

Son of a...

Son of a...

A lot of cool storage solutions
coming out of Asia, huh?

Yeah, there really are.

But I think you might be
even more interested

in what's been coming out of Cuba.


Is she the best or what?

Shall we, hmm?

-Let's do it.

You know what, honey?

We are just gonna talk about work.

Why don't you stay
and have another drink, huh?

Oh. Well, you don't
have to twist my arm.

What do you say, ladies?
Another round of Sapphire Sins?

Ooh, yes, please.

Phil, you are just so much fun.

Thank you.

Oh, it is so nice to hear those
words come out of a man's mouth.

Tell me about it.

Ever since Kyle got that promotion,

he barely acknowledges me.

Come on, now, I'm sure
he knows how lucky he is.

You have the twins, a spotless house,

killer yoga arms.


Unh-unh. This happens all the time --

They get on their track to success,

and you become the invisible housewife.

I don't know about all the time.

Sitting with all those gals, I thought,

"Wow, this is an insane
amount of perfume.

And also, am I on my way

to becoming an invisible housewife?"

No way. There'd be signs, right?

Hey, stranger.
Been keeping dinner warm for ya.

Oh, that's nice.
I had a steak at the club.

But I wouldn't knock a Scotch
out of your hands.

Sure thing.

Hey, is now an okay time

to go over this list of house stuff?

Mm-hmm. Let's see.

Don't care, don't care,
call a guy, don't care.

Guess who got the big listing
on Westmount today.

Oh, that's great, sweetie.
It'll keep you busy.

Is that a new bracelet?

Oh, yes, it is.

Jim bought it for me
after our last big fight.

I was on him about taking
all those business trips.

That's what they do.

Throw some new piece of jewelry
at you to keep you happy.

Mm-hmm. Not that I'm complaining.

-Ooh, hello.



Oh, good, Mom's car is gone.

All right. My hand saw is in the garage.

You'll hold her down,
I'll cut the head off --


My car got a flat tire, so it got towed.

I need a ride to Phil's.

He's helping me finish my sauce website.

Manny, baby, why are you crying?

I'm not.

Ooh, I got another e-mail
from the store.

I bet you that I sold another --

What the hell? Somebody stole my cutout.

Stolen? Damn it!

Well, there's no point in replacing it

because it's just gonna
get stolen again.

I can't replace it.

It took two weeks

just to get the mechanical arm
working right.

Oh, wait till I get this rat.

I'm going to make him regret
that he was ever...

Hey, Jay, turn the heater on.

I can hear Manny's teeth chattering.

What is that noise?

I don't hear anything.

What is that thumping noise?

Manny, go check the trunk.

Uh, I don't really feel like
getting my hands dirty, Jay.

Your hands are plenty dirty
already, buddy boy.

Go deal with it.

I am going to find who did this, Jay,

and I'm going to make him hurt.

Every thief makes a mistake.

Gloria, you're letting this get to you.

You know what always calms you down?

Joe's little duck song.

Now, let's -- Let's get that going.

I hate him.

# Quack, quack, quack,
join the duck parade #

I want blood!

# Waddle, waddle, waddle,
waddle, watch them wade #

# Tail up, head down #

# Shake your feathers all around #

# Everybody's smiling
at the duck parade #

This grainy security footage
is all the store sent?


I feel like I know him, Phil.

Whoever it is, it looks like
they want to get caught.

He keeps going back
for the cheese cubes.

I can't watch this anymore.

Let's just work on my website, okay?

Phil, I'm late for
an appointment with a client.

Can you do me a favor?

If it's to put flowers
in the bathroom, I already did.

Oh, I hadn't noticed.

Not surprised.

Okay, I was supposed to get
this client a bottle of Scotch.

I haven't had time to do it myself.

So can you pick one up
and bring it down to the office?

Whatever you need.

I have to go out for a
haircut anyway. Great.

Except I got a haircut yesterday.

Okay, wow. This kitchen
really is a mess, huh?

Mm. I'm off.


Excuse me, Gloria.

Apparently, I don't know
how to keep a kitchen clean.

What is that?

Oh, it's just a little hush-up gift

from my powerful wife who thinks
she can take me for granted.

And I'll just hover after her
like a little puppy dog.

You have to stop putting up with it.

They don't mean to ignore you,
but it will only get worse.

One time when I had just married Jay,

I spent a whole day cooking
his favorite dinner.

Beef Wellington and a baked potato
with all the fixin's? Yes.

And then when he got home,
he barely noticed what I made.

So I took the emerald pendant
that he had bought me

for the three past dinners
that he had missed

and I threw it at his head.

I told him I don't need fancy things.

I need the respect.

Isn't that an emerald pendant?

It made its way back to me.

But the point is that you
have to make a statement.

You have to give back the hoverboard.

You know what?

I hate to admit it, but you're right.



This happens.

You just got to let the battery run out.

We're out of stamps.
I'm heading to the post office.

Do you need anything?

No, I'm good.

What are you doing?

Oh, uh, just a little research.

"Wilkersons plus adults Tommy
plus mysterious trunk."

Okay, now try Googling

"irrational meddling plus homosexual".

Okay, Mitchell, what if they're
a part of some weird cult?

Remember that "20/20" we watched

where they infiltrated
the ritual ceremony

and Elizabeth Vargas had
to almost sacrifice a squirrel?

I went through the bag
they dumped in the trash.

Oh, hi...

Now you're involving our daughter?

I don't know what she's talking about.

Okay, you know what?

You need to get out of the house.

Go get the stamps.

And a hobby.

Okay, well, they're in our home,

and I'm just trying
to protect our family.

I don't want to wake up dead.

I can't believe I have
to say this to you again.

You cannot wake up and be dead.

It's an expression!

It's not.

Daddy should not have
involved you in his snooping.

So you don't want me to tell you
what I found in here?


Well, of course I looked.

And inside I found latex gloves,
a bottle of bleach,

heavy-duty tarp.

Now, I've never killed anyone
and cleaned it up,

but that sounds like a kit.

So as soon as I saw them drive off

in their windowless murder van,
I-I ran upstairs.

Oh, my God!

What are you?

The people are back!



Is this gonna be
a daily thing now, Tommy,

losing your phone?

Oh, thank God.

Wait. Where are you going?


Hey. Um, what's up?

I'm still getting stamps.

Look to your left.

What are you doing?

I'm hiding. They're here.

I came up to see if anything
weird was going on.

Did ya? Were you curious?
Gettin' a little nosy?

Not the time.

What are these creepy things?

If these dolls could talk...

They'd tell you I dropped one
and then their head came off.

Well, you have to put it back.

Maybe they won't notice
one of them's missing.

Yeah, this seems like a casual interest.

Oh my gosh, here they come.

Okay, I'll create a distraction
so you can get back in there.

I simply invited them to
a complimentary cocktail hour.

Even possible Satanists
enjoy a triple-cream Brie

and a crisp Chardonnay.

So, what brings you all to town?

We're here for
the Chuckled Chums Convention.

I'm sorry, the -- the Chuckled Chums?

They're a line of ceramic figurines.

We're avid collectors.


-Well, that sounds fun.

Every year we gather together
with like-minded Chum lovers

to share our favorite pieces.

Yes? You -- You want to say s--


Oh, bless you, darling.

You've probably guessed.
I'm the figurine restorer.

We're so excited.

Ours is this year's featured collection

because of its size
and pristine condition.

I hope the industrial polisher
we brought wasn't too loud.

No, we can't hear anything
that goes on upstairs.


All right.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no!

No, no! No, no, no!

Oh, God, no!


Fortunately, Chuckle Chums

aren't all that expensive to replace.

They're mainly just an excuse
for lonely people to go outside.

Point is, we learned our lesson.
No more snooping. Absolutely.

Although we still
don't have an explanation

for those creaky floorboards
in the middle of the night.

Heavy-footed going one way,
light coming back.

Was it Tommy joining his chums
for a menage a trois,

then being replaced by
Mrs. Wilkerson on the couch?

Okay, you need... help!

Son of a bitch.

I broke two saw blades on this thing,

and now these miracle shears
are no good.

Guy who sold me these at the front door

cut through a horseshoe.

Hold on. Let's try your shredder.

What's that doing down here anyway?

I made an executive decision

about some of Joe's lesser artwork.

Help me lift this thing.

Hey, it's working!

The best shredder money can buy.

In 2004, our whisper-close
hamper technology

got stolen out of the trash,
got sold on the dark web.

Never again.

Oh, no, it's stuck!



Hey, you're back early, huh?

Yeah, I didn't want
to go back to that store

and get angry again.

-I just want to relax.


Uh, yes, Mama?

Can you please draw me a bath

with those fancy bath salts
that you have?

Oh, I usually save those for spec--

Just draw the damn bath.

I'll get you a nice
glass of wine to go with it.

-Oh, okay.
-Come on, honey,

I got a nice Chardonnay out here
you're gonna like.

Is that Stella?

No, definitely not.

What did you bring?

Gloria, wait.


Gloria, don't be mad.

It must have been that
old witch, Auntie Alice!

She must have left this as a warning!


Dang it, I got my fingerprints
all over it now.

I bet she was the one
who gave me that flat tire.

Who are you calling?

Florecita, necesito que
me haga una "welta"...

...Auntie Alice.

What was that?

She's going to pay.

You don't even know it was her.

Whatever that was,
you got to call it off.

I know it was her.
I saw the evil in her eyes.

She probably has cataracts.

Oh, for God's sake, Gloria, I did it.

-I stole the cutout.

I didn't love the way those guys
were taking pictures with it.

Jay, but you've never
been jealous like this.

Well, when we first met,

but then I realized
it's a full-time job.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing wrong with being
protective of your wife.

It means that you care.

Is something bad happening
to that poor woman?

I don't know details. I let them decide.

They don't like to feel managed.

I'm begging you to make that call!

Auntie Alice spoke at Career Day
at my high school!


No, we didn't order flowers.

That's them. Tell them no tulips.

Uh, no tulips.

They hung up.

Good thing that I remembered the code.

Okay, now, my -- mwah! --
big jealous man,

let's go and have some wine.

I don't know why that cutout
bugged me so much.

I guess probably because I have
more time now to be jealous.

Okay, now, you have more
time to take me upstairs

and show me what those bad men
were doing to me at the store.

I'm getting back to liking retirement.

I told you to say no roses, right?


I'm sure it's fine.

Here's the Scotch you asked for.

And also, there's something else.

I'm returning the hoverboard.

Fine. I-I think the receipt
was in the box.

Oh. Okay. Well, good.

Because I can't accept a gift
if it's just a shiny

servo-controlled substitute
for respect and appreciation.

I'm not invisible, Claire.

You married a strong
and capable man who --

Can you help me with this clasp?



No. Don't cry.

I-I can, uh --
I can keep it if you want.

I-I can't return it anyway.
I already dented it.

No, it's not that. It's -- it's not.

It's just all of this. I'm so stressed.

Phil, I've never been a boss before,

and I am freaking out.

But you've been handled it so well.

I am faking it, Phil.
I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm just copying my dad --

the steak, the Scotch, the cigars.

Do you have any idea
how bad the heartburn is?

But you just got here.
Give it a little time.

There is no time. I'm in charge now.

And I live every day in constant fear

of everyone discovering
that I'm a fraud.

Oh, my God, I really am
a powerful white male!

Hey, you are not a fraud.

I haven't had the guts to sit
at my dad's desk since he left.

I still feel like the little girl

who used to play hide-and-seek under it.


This is your desk now.

You've earned it.

You are not a little girl anymore.

In fact, you're the strongest,

smartest woman I know.

The hardest company in the world
to run is Dunphy Co.,

and you've kept us in business
for 22 years.

I don't worry about you in this job.

I worry about the poor chump
who has to follow you.


Everyone is here for your meeting.

Knock 'em dead, boss.

Uh, Phil, wait. Oh!

Oh, sorry.

Thank you...

for everything.

Thank you.

And I'm sorry if I don't say it more.

Come here.

I guess you want to get rolling
on your meeting.


I'll just duck out.

-Take it.
-Thank you.


I love you.

Okay, Margaret.

No, no, no, no, no, let me spin!

It's worse if you try to help.

Send them in.



Oh, no, not again.

Should we wake him up?

Oh, I read the instructions.

It says not to.



Don't worry. I'm a Realtor.

I'll be right there.

I have a really early meeting.

-I'm on it.
-Thank you.