Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Jaloezie - full transcript

Romano seeks legal council to secure his personal future, and that of his empire. The Pope feels the pressure and Is ready to retaliate, while Matthijs sets out to prove himself to Rein with a headline story.

Deeper. Deeper.


Hi, baby.
Are you in the country?

You look so sweet, sleepyhead.

Am I going to see you, soon?
- I'll call.

Make sure you have a shower, stinky.

The cause of the attack is unknown,
what we do know is...

that the restaurant owner's
16 year old daughter was killed.

The girl was behind the bar
when the attackers opened fire...

Attack on restaurant
16 year old owner's daughter killed

...that the shooting might be
linked to...

the liquidation on an industrial
site in Amsterdam...

where excessive force was used,
along with automatic weapons...

but this time
an innocent victim was hit.

The police have appealed for witnesses
to come forward ASAP.

What's wrong?

Daughter killed in hail of bullets


where were you?
- Yeah, sorry.

I called you 40 times.
Did you notice?

Yeah, I just saw it.

Wanted fugitive Romano T. arrested.

This must have something to do
with the liquidation.

You would think so, yes.

Is everything okay with...

Just hunky-dory.

I'm going to pick up a prescription.

Come on.



Ladies, my buddy...

thinks a bat is faster
than a cheetah.

Is he crazy or what?
- What is a cheetah?

You're really fucking stupid.

I read all the National Geographics.
I'm a walking encyclopaedia.

Sorry, tonight's only for regulars.

He's with me, man.
-I don't know him.

And he looks like he's out for trouble.

What did you say?

I look like what? You don't have a clue
who I am, pal.

My point exactly.
- 'My point exactly.'

Who the hell are you, matey?
Do I look like your dad?

Sorry, guys, not gonna happen.
- 'Not gonna happen?'

Are you sure about that?

Okay, that's it. I'm not going in either.

You're not either, are you?
There's a much better party in Escape.

Okay then.

You guys aren't going in either, are you?

Pick one out.

Look at this, dude.
He collects watches.

Rolex, Patek Phillipe, all sorts.
His collection is worth...

3 to 4 hundred grand.
-He's flashing it about? Who is he?

He's in real estate.
He owns construction companies.

The kids have left home.
They live there alone.

His bitch swans around
wearing awesome rings...

diamond necklaces.
-What's the plan?


Create bloody chaos.

Excessive force was used at
an armed robbery in Naaldwijk.

Mrs Meeuwissen suffered several blows
to the head. The couple were tied up.

During the burglary, jewellery,
an unknown amount of cash...

and a watch collection,
valued at over 200,000 euros, was stolen.

Have you got some blow?


You're here again?
-You're here again too.

I live here.
-Then we live together.

Then why have we never spoken?

My eyes are here.

Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.

Excuse me.

Listen, I really need to take a leak.
But please don't go. Stay here, okay.

I'll be back.
I want to hear all about you.

A whole interview?
-An in-depth interview. The whole lot.

Don't leave. Stay there.

Bro, we've got to get moving.

We're off.

I'm in love, man.
With that chick.

My heart went...


A present.

Hey, no.

Am I disturbing you?

They've got Romano.

A police squad arrested him
when we were on the motorway.

I swear,
everyone's talking about it.

And the crazy thing is...

Mistral is still open for business.

Nothing has been boarded up,
not a thing.

Did you say something, dude?

Exactly enough.

I want to find them.

What are we going to do now, then?

What do you want to do?

Fancy some chow?

We could ring my uncle.

The whole trailer park's in his pocket.
The feds stay well away.

I'm telling you. We can operate via him
in Brabant, Limburg, anywhere.

What will those poofs do,
now Romano's in jail?

I hope they fuck him in his ass.

I'm talking about Adil and Pencil.

What do you mean what will they do?
What the fuck are we going to do?

Once we've got the merchandise...
we'll strike.

We'll wipe everyone out.
-What if the Makhloufis don't agree?


Take it easy, cousin. Relax.

Give me 15 minutes.

15 minutes?

You and your 15 minutes. Last time
I watched a whole football match.

Don't begrudge me this.

How was it?

To relax, you know.
-To relax. You're right.


Let's not beat around the bush, Edith.
How long?

Add on resisting arrest
and they'll demand a 7-year sentence.

You'll probably serve two,
maybe two and a half.

Did you have anything to do with it?
-With what?

That shit on the street,
in Noord, in Osdorp.

What the hell are you lot doing?

If they find a way to link your name to...

I didn't ask for this. I didn't start it.
And I swear I wanted to let it go.

But then I was forced to react.

This whole thing is one big bloody mess.

I just want to do business, not to
be watching my back all the time.

You know there's no way back now?

It's such a shame. And not just for you.

Everything that starts,
has to end, Edith.



Not fast enough. Come on.

Knee, knee.

Great stuff.
-Calm down.

Calm down. Relax.

Oh, yeah. Um... sorry.

How are you doing?

Hey, wipe your mouth.

Is he ready for Saturday?
-Fuck, yeah.

What I meant was, he's bloody great.

He's at the top of his game.

This is Tamara.

Tamara, this is Jaouad.


Excuse me.

Adil, from Arnhem.
Adil, from Arnhem.


Come here.

Two minutes.

I saw that.

You thought they were calling
you but it was someone else.

Do I know you?

Is that how you want to play it?

You know dammed well who I am.

And I know who you are.
We lived together.

I really don't know.
I do know you're Pencil's girlfriend.

Safe choice.

Oh, so you do know who I am.

He's a boring fucker.

"Wait here for me."

Do you remember that?

You suddenly disappeared
and he came and talked to me.

And I thought he was sweet.
-Yeah, right.

He's a really sweet guy.


I didn't know you two were friends.

I really didn't.

And if you had known?

Would it have mattered?

You were suddenly gone.

They fucked us over, dude.

Bout fuckin' time, Philip.

Who the fuck is this?

Don't mind him.
He's just a koukleum.

Show us the goods.

Woah, woah.

See. Grade-A white.

It looks amazing.

We have our own
distribution channels,

a truck full of pineapples will deliver the
goods whenever the fuck you need more.


This is fucking history, boys.

Pop your Rollies.

Say, smile.

(hip-hop music)

The Pope.
-Jesus, what's with all the nicknames.

The name keeps popping up
on police records.

The attempted liquidation in restaurant...

That's it. Osman.

That's being linked to him.
-What's that got to do with the victims...

on the industrial site.
-They worked for The Pope.

There's the Pope and there's Romano.
-A feud.

They're killing each other. Coincidence?

Rein, don't be like that.

Ask me reasonable questions then.

The key to this is the murder of that girl.

Who is this?
- I don't know. You find out.

I'm going to get a prescription.

Have you guys heard from the doctor?

No, nothing.
Call me tonight.

Well, you pick up tonight.

I've got family in Portugal too.

My uncle does good business there.

He knows people in Montenegro and...


Who's that?

Jaouad. Said Akhouh's son.

Jaouad, is that really you?

Open the door, dammit.

Remember that time with the jet skis?
Jaouad kept wiping out.

Yeah, that was penalty, penalty, penalty.

It was him. He gave me the wrong
jet ski three times.

You Dutch people always think you're it.
You needed pulling down a peg or two.

We went paragliding in Tangier.
Done that?

Paragliding, no.
-That's so cool, man.

When am I supposed to do that?
-When you're on holiday.

You think I'm on holiday.
Well, I'm not.

Jaouad, you work much too hard, man.

You know, businesses is business.


Talk, Jaouad.

The interception in Rotterdam...

I had a guy there.
A good guy.

He was family.
He's got three kids.

They arrested him. Now he'll be in jail
for maybe 4 to 5 years.

He didn't talk.

Didn't he give your names, or mine?

That's the risk with our game.

What about Amsterdam?

I had to change gears quickly.

That didn't work out too well, did it?

Depends on how you look at it.

How on earth should we see it then?

Romano is out of the game.
-Out of the game?

This is not football.
Romano will be back.

This is the moment.

Moment for what?

Romano's banged up.

If we want to take over Amsterdam...


We can't get our hands on weapons.

I wouldn't ask you, you're family.
-Family, of course.

I need a new shipment.

I have no money.

Half of it.

And the other half?

And your turf war?
Is it over?

We don't want to get involved in something
that has nothing to do with us.


Why should we take the risk?

Cousin, we love you.

You know what they say,
business and family...

We'll let you know.

The allegory of his light...

is that of a lamp set in an alcove.

Where do you find these lines?

For you.

My 9-year-old pupils read it.

How about you?
-'The noble life of the Prophet'.

Difficult. I don't like that.

Or have you already read it?

It’s beautiful. Shall we sit down?

The Noble life of the Prophet.

This is nice isn't it?
Just the two of us.

The Noble Life of the Prophet,
the headscarf.

Serious, aren't you?
-Of course.

I really liked it,
with your father, mother...

your brothers
and your thirty-seven uncles.

You're so sweet.

It's only natural.

I'm your knight in shining armour
for the rest of your life.

For life?

Can you imagine that?

The rest of your life?

Are you going to push
my wheelchair when I'm old?

Are you?

Sihem, I would die for you.


I've got a little something for you.

Business is on.
Amsterdam is ours, cousin.

It's really beautiful.

It's gorgeous.
-It's for you. It's all for you, Sihem.



Just make sure she comes.

Céline doesn't listen to me,
you know that.

Why the fuck doesn't she come?
-Céline is not approachable just now.

What's she's thinking?
-I think she thinks...

you put your daughter's life in danger...

by racing with the police while she
sat next to you crying her eyes out.

And to be honest,
I can see why she thinks that.

She wasn't crying.
-It wasn't exactly responsible parenting.

I say what I mean. You know that.

The helicopter shots were on the news.

Romano, they show you running,
holding Elvira in your arms.


Some things need to be sorted
during my absence.

So, Romano wants you to know
he's doing well.

And that he's thinking of you guys.

And that he's sorry he let himself sleep in.

And that he hopes fat boy can squeeze
his fat ass into that chair.

Now that's pretty clear.
Just one last thing.

Romano says that it's probably
going to rain on Monday.

And the day after, and the day after that.

From now on, you should always
take your umbrellas with you.

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure.

Next time we will be doing it,
as normal, in my office.

Did you see that fucking swastika?

That wasn't a swastika.
How dumb are you?

A fucking Jewish cross.
-All lawyers are Jews.

What did the coded language mean?
-That your sort should be kicked out.

Mocros who talk like pussies
are embarrassing.

Shut up.

What's fucking wrong with you?

Bickering like bitches.
Didn't you hear what she said.

Romano says it's going to rain.
I think we'll be hit by a hurricane.

We have to prepare for this shit.

I'm going downstairs.
See you in 5 minutes.

This one's broken.

That's no good.

Keeps on shooting, yeah?

Seeing as it's you, I can do half price.
-Still too much.

Thirty percent?
-Give it here.

-Well, alright then, deal.

What will you do with the weapons?

We're collectors.
We're opening a museum.

It's all there.
You should count it.


Hey, I'm sorry bro. Sorry.

Thank you, Els.
- Thank you.

A bit of this stuff
and I'm up for it again.

Listen, next month I have to
go to Marbella for a few days.

To the Irish guy.

I get introduced to his people.
Just to be on the safe side.

If something happens to him,
he wants us to deal with his guys.

Good plan.

Anyway, ask Pencil
if you need anything.

What do you mean ask Pencil?
-Exactly what I say.

If you need something, ask Pencil;
I won't be here.

-There's something I don't understand.

Why isn't it: If Pencil needs something,
he'll come to you?

What you laughing at?

I'm serious. Why isn't it
that Pencil comes to me?

Who set up the whole network?

I'm working my butt off here.

I do everything. I take all the risks.

What does he do? Who is Pencil?

Who is he? He's got no record.

Nothing. That's exactly why
he's in the frontline.

I need you to be doing other things.
You get it?

Stop acting like a fucking bitch.

What did you say?

Don't act like... Who are you calling
a bitch, monkey man.

Listen grasshopper. I don't know what
your fucking problem is.

It's not like I'll be gone for 5 years.
What the fuck are you stressing about?

Call me monkey one more time...

and I'll put a bullet in your
skanky mother. You get it?

Extracted from
Sync by HCW for Adrenaline release.