Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Second Sight - full transcript

John Ransom collapses and dies outside a pub after a fight with his brother-in-law over the baptism of his niece. He has electrical scars across the top of his head.


(FORECAST) Another low developing,
expected southeast Iceland...

Clear off! Go on!



Hey, what's the matter?
He didn't hit you that hard.

(FORECAST CONTINUES) 40s, Cromarty...

Get his legs.

Come here.

Get a doctor for him. Get a doctor.

He's dead.

Why can't you tell me?
Cos it's meant to be a surprise.

Hello, Cully. You know your mother
does not like surprises.

Well, she'll like this one.
Will she? Why? Is it a good one?

No, no, no, no. You're
not catching me out like that.

I couldn't ask a couple of questions?

I'm not obliged to say anything
unless I wish to do so.

Well, feel obliged.

I'm taking you to dinner.
Are you? Somewhere nice?

Mmm. The Crown. Tonight.

The Crown?

I have to suspend this interview.

But she'll crack
if we give her some breakfast.


So is it a special occasion?

Name's John Ransom. 24 years old.
Well-nourished male.

According to his licence, he lived
at Midsomer Mere, where he died.

Can you tell us what happened?
That's what bothers me.

He'd been in a fight, but I'd say
it had more to do with these.

They look like electrical burns.
There's 12 more across his scalp.

Small traces of adhesive
on the skin.

There's a phenomenal amount
of alcohol in his blood.

I had the brain scanned and the dark
area looks like an embolism to me.

Is that what killed him?
Never seen anything like it.

My guess is somebody got him drunk,

stuck electrodes in his head
and deep-fried his brain.


So you're saying this bloke
attacked you?

I'm saying he went berserk.
Excuse me.

All right, sir?
Scott. Where's your tie?


I'm not sure it goes with the shirt,

The landlord's in there.
He reckons he threw the bloke out.

Then he just turned on him.

Mr Kirby? I'm
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.

He must've put up quite a fight.

What, am I under arrest?

Sir, I am not accusing you
or anyone else here of anything.

I am, however, anxious to establish
one or two facts.

My sergeant says that you spoke
to the dead man. Is that right?

Course I spoke to him.
I threw him out. I closed the door,

he started wailing like a banshee.

Was that when he attacked you?

I'm telling you,
he went completely off his nut.

Took six of us
just to hold him down.

Do you know, before he died, he got
this funny little look in his eyes?

Yeah, like a drunk man
who'd just seen half a dozen ghosts.



I want to go to Lower Mere House.

I need to talk
to the deceased's next-of-kin.

What do you reckon, sir?
One too many horror films?

I don't know about that.
What I do know, if memory serves,

is that Lower Mere House used to be
an asylum for Midsomer's insane.


See if you can find someone, Scott.

What are you doing?
Oh, um...

I'm Detective
Chief Inspector Barnaby.

Causton CID.

And you are?

Gregory Ransom. Dr Gregory Ransom.

John's father.

I...I need to talk to you
about your son's death.

Do they know the cause of death?
The pathologists are doing tests.

When did you last see your son?
About 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

He took my car.
To go where?

If he was true to form, some pub,

where he would've stayed
until he got into a fight

or was too drunk to start one.

Dr Ransom, pardon me
for asking this question,

but how do you feel?

About what?
About the loss of your son.

John had no love for me,
or anyone else, for that matter.

His only concerns were for himself.
For his appetites.

Let's just say my feelings
for John were conditioned.


By the fact that I knew him
for what he was.

Excuse me. Sir, in the Lotus.

There's a betting slip
and about six grand in cash.

From Lol Tanner?

Who is Lol Tanner?
An unlucky bookie.

If you want to know
where John was yesterday,

start there and work your way
to where he died. Excuse me.

No, please, Dr Ransom.

Scott, see if you can find
this unfortunate Mr Tanner.

Dr Ransom and I need a little chat.

Regardless of your feelings,

we are obliged to investigate
the death of your son.

We can talk about it here
or we can do it at the station.

One thing I know for sure, your son
had a number of injuries on his body.

More specifically,
14 small contact points

spread evenly across
the top of his skull.

He got those courtesy of Max.

Who's Max?
His brother.

When he wired John up
inside the cage.

It's a Faraday cage. Blocks out
stray electromagnetic radiation.

It means that a signal from a radio
or a mobile telephone can't get in.

The machine measures brain activity.

The contacts were fitted
to John's scalp.

He was wired in yesterday morning.
Doing what?

Being a lab rabbit for me.
Max Ransom. John's brother.

He's the police.

He wants to know
what John was doing yesterday.

No luck?

A murder's not the time
for tea and biscuits.

Pa made his money in the '50s.

Helped develop the polygraph
with the Yanks.

Know a bit about science, Mr...?
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.

Well, this machine measures
brain waves.

Alpha, theta, delta.

Alpha is the one that's interesting,
though, 8-12 cycles per second.

See this curve? That's what your
brain is doing when you daydream.

Or perhaps engage
in imaginative thought.

The point of this is...?

This machine can teach people
to produce alpha.

15th century, mostly.

Before the miracle of electricity.

The parish records date
from the 1300s.

When the church would've been full!

Detective Sergeant Scott.
Peter Kubatski.

How can I help?

Looking for a bloke called Lol
Tanner. Don't where he is, do you?

I've been trying to tempt him in
so I can ask.

But this village is more interested
in simple superstition

than complex belief.

If he's not in his shop,
then try the pub.

Excuse me.


I was coming to see you.

I heard about John. I...

This is Emma, John Ransom's sister.

Mr Scott's with the police.

I'm so sorry.

We can't go ahead
with Christine's baptism, Peter.

Oh, dear God.


Sergeant, you must need
to speak to Emma.

Perhaps you could give us a moment?


John's natural ability to guess at
hidden cards was way above average.

It increased tenfold
after producing alpha.

It's what we're investigating.

Precognition. ESP.

The way that some people seem to be
luckier than others and some...

You picked a red triangle, a blue
and red square, then a black cross.


..have what we call second sight.

The ability to predict events
which should be unpredictable.


This may well be God's way, Emma.

A baptism would bring folk together.


A chance to pray for the progress
of John's soul.

To paradise.

Lol Tanner?

I already told them that won't work.

They wanna put another fruit machine
in here, with that lot.

It's like giving a nest of
crocodiles an oven-ready turkey.

Landlord's waiting for you.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. No, no.

Whoever told you you could wear
that flowery tie with that shirt,

they want locking up
in their own police cell.


I don't know what you're laughing
at. You're our chief suspect.

I want you to find an electrician.

Somebody who can check over
a Faraday cage for us.

Michael Faraday. Tell me an educated
boy like you didn't do Physics!

General Science, sir.
Sort of as and when.

Who's that?
Lol Tanner, sir. Bookie.

John Ransom put him out of business
and spent the afternoon in the pub.

That explains the level of alcohol
in his blood.

But I've also discovered
where John spent the morning.

He was wired up to an electric chair
in an experiment for his brother.

I've also discovered something rather
interesting about Midsomer Mere.

Everyone knows what'll happen next.

What did Jimmy Kirby say
about two families?

The Kirbys and the Ransoms.
The Kirbys can see into the future.

They call it second sight.

It's Weights & Measures-approved,
lads. You've got no chance.


Whatever they call it, sir, Jimmy
Kirby knew I was wearing this tie

before I came in here.

I should think everyone between here
and Causton knows you're wearing it.

Don't tell me you believe all this?

No, I'm just saying
that my nan was superstitious.

Well, Scott, luckily for
this investigation, my nan wasn't.

Mr Kirby.

There was an altercation yesterday
involving John Ransom

before you threw him out of the pub.
You forgot to mention that.

Well, Big Ben gave John Ransom
a slap, yeah.

Who's Big Ben?
My little cousin.

Mr Kirby, John Ransom died last night
with cuts and abrasions on his face

with having been beaten up.

I think it would be a very good idea
if you told me what went on

and where I can find
your little cousin.

You can ask all the questions you
like, but it won't do you any good.

John Ransom always had
one foot in his grave.

What exactly does that mean?

It means he'd been up in that lab.
Oh. You know about the experiments?

Is that what Mad Max said they were?

Why do you think he had to start
using his brother, Inspector?

Cos none of us go up there.

Are you saying you took part
in what goes on at Lower Mere House?

I'm saying that some of us have
still got the scars to prove it.

Now, all right, my little cousin,
yeah, he's got a bit of a temper.

He's a bit too ready with his fists.

But you wanna know what that fight
was about, talk to Preaching Pete.

If you wanna know what killed
the man, you go and tell Dr Ransom

you want ?200 for the morning
to go and sit in his chair.

Let Mad Max get inside your skull,
like he's doing it with his fingers.

But you better book yourself
a nice long holiday afterwards

cos you're gonna have
one hell of a headache.


You go and see Preaching Pete.


..polishing his candlesticks.

Sergeant Scott.
Pete Kubatski, vicar of the parish.

How do you do, sir?
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.

We were told to come to talk to you
about John Ransom.


He did come and see me yesterday.
See you about what?

It was about the baptism,
Emma and Ben Kirby's daughter.

I said I couldn't discuss anything
with him unless he'd spoken to Ben.

And Emma.
We understand he went to the pub.

He met Ben Kirby and they got
into some kind of a fight.

I have to tell you
we are treating his death as murder.

The child's John Ransom's niece.

Emma Kirby, the mother, was Emma
Ransom before she married Ben.

Dr Ransom's daughter.

Two families, Sergeant.

Two great houses.

Both alike in their deep-seated
objection to my baptising the child.

John wanted the baptism stopped.

Ben and Emma have accepted Christ
as their saviour.

Neither family is happy
or likely to do the same.

When people turn their face
from the light, Inspector...

..there's really nothing left.

Utter darkness.

So how come you fetched up
in Midsomer Mere?

I was sent here by the bishop
at Emma Kirby's request.

She heard me preaching
in Birmingham

but grew up in Midsomer Mere
and wanted to bring something back.

She feels she owes her life
to an act of God.

I've been given 12 months to bring
real religion to this village

instead of the false religion
of scientific reason.

And just plain paganism.

Whatever Ben did...

..you shouldn't judge him.

He's simply trying
to hold a baptism.

In a village
with a resident palmist.


If you do happen across Ben Kirby...
I will. The church needs rewiring.

I tried it myself. Yow!

Apart from being a third
of my current congregation -

excuse the terrible pun - Ben
Kirby's a first-class electrician.

Thank you, sir.


I want you to go back
to Lower Mere House.

Get the name
of the Ransoms' solicitor.

See if John Ransom made a will.
And if he did,

who benefits.
I'll see if I can find Ben Kirby.

She's asleep.


Mrs Emma Kirby? I'm Detective Chief
Inspector Barnaby from Causton CID.

Can I have a word?
You'd better come in.

Thank you.

I'm...very sorry
about what happened to your brother.

The neighbours have been asking
about the funeral.

I'm afraid the pathologist
needs to do more tests.

No, thanks, not for me.

You're a teacher, Mrs Kirby?
Midsomer Mere Primary.

We've just broken up for half-term.

Ah... What about your husband?
What about him?

I know you've other things
on your mind

but your brother and your husband,
they argued in the pub last night.

I was going to ask your husband
what that argument was about.

The vicar says that the Ransoms and
the Kirbys are like two great houses.

I do know my Romeo and Juliet.

I also know that John wanted to stop
the baptism of your daughter. Why?

Why was that so important?
Because of something John had.

Something we don't.
Are you talking about second sight?

Ben doesn't have it?
As a Kirby, he should.

But he doesn't.

He wouldn't want any part of it
if he did. Neither would I.

We have faith, Inspector,
go to church, believe in the gospel,

the intercession of Christ.

Why do both the families
want to stop the baptism?

Cos it puts Christine out of reach.

My family are scientists,
pure and simple.

Ben's are con artists.

Can you imagine Christine's life if
they thought she had second sight?

Has she? Has she second sight?

She's six months old.

She hasn't even got her first tooth.

She's never going to hear about
second sight. She's being baptised.




Hello. Joyce, love?
No, sir, it's me.

Sorry. I just had a word
with the Ransoms' solicitors.

Apparently, John Ransom
never made a will.

Thank you, Scott. Bye.

Joyce, it's me. I'm on my way.
I'll go straight to the Crown.

I might be a bit late.
I'll see you there. Bye.


I'm sorry. Are you all right?


What are you doing down there, Max?

Max, what are you playing at?

What do you want?

Oh... Barnaby.

Scott, I am late...


Dead for about an hour.
Broken neck.

Let's say he either fell from the
top of the steps or was pushed.

Front door was wedged open, sir.
Same as before.

Just about anybody could walk in.
Who found him?

The electrician, sir. The one we
asked to look at the Faraday cage.

He didn't see anyone.

Anything taken?
Hard to say, sir.

Until we find the other son.

I ran Ben Kirby
through the computer, sir.

Did you? Excellent work.

Hold onto that thought.

Lend us your torch.

Someone trying to destroy evidence.
Or scientific data.

Or trying to obliterate
the memory of John Ransom.

Why would you want to do that?
I don't know. Righteous anger.

Tell us about Ben Kirby.
One piece of previous, sir.

Aggravated assault on holiday
when he was 17.

Knocked out a couple of local lads
with a pool cue.

Not one to turn the other cheek?

Tell uniform we need
to find Max Ransom.

Ask Forensics to look at this,
see if they can lift prints.

And when you've done that,
get yourself over to Emma Kirby's.

Make sure she's informed.
Wait for me there.

Joyce. Where's Cully?

Better let her tell you yourself.
Tell me what?

She wants to do a job
where she gets changed in a van.

I should've listened to you.

You said Mum didn't like surprises.


Cully, why don't you make a cup
of tea and I'll talk to your mum?

It's work.
I know it is, but she's worried.

Mum. It's theatre in education.
It'll be interesting.

I'll be staying
with a friend from drama school.

Tea, anybody?

Causton was never a way of life.
It was just meant to tide me over.

I do think
we ought to hear Cully out.

It's ten shows to begin with.
Ten more if we get funding.

And what happens then?
No-one knows what happens then, Mum.

That's what's called the future.


I understand. It's not the most
wonderful job in the world.

Not the National. It'll be hard for
her, but it's what she wants to do.

Tom, I just want her to be happy.


No sign of Max Ransom, sir.
I've informed Emma about her dad.



Could you put the kettle on?

You need somebody to be with you
at a time like this.

Where's Ben? Where's your husband?


Do you want one, sir?


Yeah, please.



You're not avoiding me, are you?

It was Max, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.

What was Christine afraid of?

Mr Ransom.

I need you to account for your
movements this evening, please,

starting with what time
you left your house.

About an hour ago.

Where did you go?
For a walk.

And that walk took you
to your sister's.

When I opened the door
instead of Emma,

you ran.

Did you go there to see Emma?
Or was it Ben you wanted?

I found your research, well,
the remains of your research

up at the house.
Was it you who burned it?

You told me that John had a talent
for precognition.

You cleaned out the local bookies,

presumably meaning that your
experiment was a great success.

Who burned your research?


Because it was mine.

Did you notice
the way the kid behaved?

Were there floods of tears
when I knocked on the door?

Come on! You're coppers!
Good observational skills.

Did you notice if Christine started
crying BEFORE I knocked?

I'm suspending this interview.
It was before.

Get him a cell.
I must know. Why won't you answer?

Because I don't particularly like
the question, Mr Ransom.

Your father and your brother
are dead,

possibly in both cases because of
some experiment you are conducting

in what you call second sight.

I am trying very hard
to catch their killer.

I ask why you went to your sister's.

All you do is try to involve
some child in this...this...voodoo.

You all right, sir?

Thank you.

The primary school in Midsomer Mere.

I'd like to set up an incident room.

Oh, there is something else you can
do for me. Have to be tomorrow.

Get hold of the Ransoms' solicitor.

Find out who inherits
the Ransom money now.

Tom, what are you doing?

Are you all right?
Yeah, yeah.

Well, I say that. I almost ran over
a chap on the way to you at the pub.

I only just managed to stop
before I hit him.

You're sure you're all right?
Oh, yeah.

I just thought I'd seen him
somewhere before.

What on earth's that for?

Do you believe in the supernatural,
Mrs Barnaby? Then follow me.

Do you remember this stuff?
I remember you frightening Cully.

I didn't frighten Cully.
Here you are. Pick a card. Any card.

Don't let me see it.

Nine of diamonds.

But you know the cards are marked.

Yes, of course I know the cards
are marked, but Cully didn't know.

To her, I was the great magician.

Joyce, I do think we ought to let
Cully do what she's got to do.

She's not eight years old any more.

But don't you worry we'll be having
this conversation when we're 80?

Yes, I do, but do you think
worrying will make any difference?

I don't think Cully sees this as
a back-of-the-van-in-Finchley job.

I think she sees it as a great
opportunity to restart her career.

Like finding the nine of diamonds.
People see things they want to see.

Thank you.


I think I've figured out what this
precognition, this second sight,

is all about.

A lot of over-fertile imaginations
engaged in wishful thinking.

Right, well, the SOCOs have finished
in the lab.

The electrician is back in, having
another look at the Faraday cage.

This is the carrier bag from the
Lotus, with Tanner's receipt in it .

I just found it in Dr Ransom's
office minus 6,000 quid.

How's Max?
Well, he's mad, sir.

He wants a solicitor and threw his
breakfast over the custody sergeant.

An odd manifestation of grief for a
man who lost his father and brother.

Well, we'll have a chat
when he arrives.

Scott, go back to the lab. Find out
all you can from the electrician.

I think I'll have another look
around Midsomer Mere.

I can read your palm later
but that will cost you a fiver.

There you go, dearie. Be lucky.

Hello, gorgeous.
Now, you've got a lucky face.

And I also have one of these.

The penalties for gaining pecuniary
advantages through deception

can be very severe.

I am a bona fide psychic.
Well, there's a lot of that here.

It's funny that a medium
to the crowned heads of Europe

couldn't spot that I am with the CID.

Now, I'm gonna make a prediction.

When I get back, that won't be here.

I knew you were gonna say that.

Are you here for the murders?
You're the clairvoyant.


You haven't heard?


What happened?
I got in a fight with John.

How's Emma?

Well, the police
are all over the house.

I need somewhere to lie low,
just for a couple of days.

Until they find out
I didn't kill him.

Mystery solved, sir?
No, not yet!

But I don't think Dr Ransom
was killed just for the 6,000 quid.

How are you doing?
What I wanna know, sir,

is what genius wired this up.

The electrician reckons
that whoever it was

wants to be doing serious jail time.
Don't sit there, whatever you do.

The juice goes down the wires
into the back of the chair.

Someone rewired the chair?
And blew every fuse in the place.

Only now the transformer
goes up as high

as whatever's
coming in off the mains.

We've tested the wiring, Mr Ransom.
We know what was going on.

And what exactly was that?

You were using electrical shocks
to reinforce correct answers.

Or to put it another way,
you'd shock whoever was in the chair

every time they got an answer wrong.

But then you started
upping the voltage, didn't you?

Your brother John was given a severe
electrical shock just before he died.

Severe enough to leave burns
on his body.

You started with 50 volts and then
you worked your way up, didn't you?

But you were so determined to get him
to give you the right answers,

you ended up giving him
enough electricity to kill him.

I assume your dad wasn't best pleased
when he found out what you'd done.

Is that why you killed him,
cos he'd found out what you'd done?

If you trust science, second sight
might help you find your killer.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't we run a little test, eh?

I was so inspired
by your demonstration the other day.

I thought I'd come equipped
to do a little experiment.


Find me the nine of diamonds.

How about the nine of any suit?

Pick up any diamond.

How about a red card?


You've no more got second sight
than I have.

You simply memorised the flash cards
in the cage to show what you can do.

And why would I do that?
You wanted to be able to do magic.

Just like your brother John.

But John really was somewhat special.

You, you're a scientist, aren't you?
Not a very good one.

Lost inside something you don't
understand at all. But I understand.

It must be very frustrating
to be surrounded by all that talent

and realise that you haven't got any.

Did you argue with your father
about going to see Emma

because your father wanted little
Christine left completely out of it?

You take your time, Mr Ransom.


Ask the custody sergeant
for the full 48 hours

while we gather enough evidence
to charge him with double murder.

How much do you know about Salieri,

Antonio Salieri.

I don't bother
about the Italian sides.

Antonio Salieri was suspected
of murdering Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

on December 5th 1791

out of a great jealousy for the great
genius he himself did not possess.

But the operative word here, Scott,
is murder.

Is Max still here?

I'm afraid
he's on his way to Causton.

We're holding him for questioning.

I need to talk to you
about why Max came to see me.

I assumed he came to see you
about Christine.

There's someone else.
Someone else I want to protect.


How do they get the pigeons
in there, sir?

That Scott is a Stevenson screen.

It houses instruments for measuring
temperature, humidity,

and barometric pressure.

What's wrong
with a weather forecast?

You know, Scott, you're right.



Mr Kirby? Little Mal?

You're the man in the lane,
aren't you?

I'm Detective
Chief Inspector Barnaby.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

This is Detective Sergeant Scott.

We want to ask you about Ben Kirby,
Emma Kirby's husband.

We want to speak to him about a fight
in the pub with John Ransom.

Emma thinks you know where he is.
He's not here.

Don't bloody touch that!
Don't touch nothing!

Mr Kirby.
Why don't you listen?!

Don't touch that again
or I'll kill you.

It's a scientific instrument.

Mustn't be disturbed.

Mal? Mal, there are just a couple
of things we need to know about.

Ben Kirby.

I'll tell you what you want to know
and then you'll go, right?

Ben was worried
about hitting John Ransom.

He was here last night
and...he's gone now.

What about Max Ransom, Mal?

Did he want you to take part
in those experiments?

Did he want you to sit in the cage?

I'm talking about second sight, Mal.

Emma says that you have it

and that Max had asked her
to come here to talk to you about it.

Sorry. I'm trying to understand why
a man with second sight needs that

and a Stevenson screen
to tell him about the weather.

You listen to me. I don't use it.

Second sight's nothing...
nothing to smile about and joke.

It's not a blessing neither

and if I don't choose to use it,
that's up to me.

Scott. I want you to go down
to the cashpoint at the garage.

Take out ?100 on expenses.

Then I want you to spend
the rest of the afternoon

in that pub,
losing every penny you've got.

I might win, sir.
Ha! You might win.

You can buy us both a pint
to celebrate.

I want to find out once and for all

whether second sight
is for real or a hoax.

I'll meet you back here.
Wish me luck.

How long's a limited period, then?

That depends
on what God has in mind.

This church has been empty
for years.

No congregation. No believers.

I've got to pluck Midsomer Mere
like a burning brand from the fire.

From what I've seen,
that could take quite some time.

They said that in Birmingham.
I quadrupled the congregation.

They needed a PA for all the folk
who couldn't get in.

That's why they call me Preaching
Pete. I said I'd do the same here.

So, a baptism,
that'll be quite a victory.

Well, it's a symbol
of a hope-filled future.

Has Mal Kirby caused you
any trouble?

Little Mal?

Little Mal won't even set
a foot inside church.

He's ducked every wedding,
every funeral, every christening

for the last 20 years.

He's what's wrong
with this village, Inspector.

No faith.

This won't take long.
Mind if I watch?


Shall we look at the cards
or do you want to do it without?

Bad luck.

You don't learn, do you?

I think you need to be taught
a lesson, my friend.

Trip kings.

Well, here endeth the lesson,
my friend.

It's a royal flush.

Can I have a look?


Yeah, do.

Thank you.

Right, Jimmy.
Can you tell me what I've got?

Three of diamonds, nine of clubs.

Four of diamonds.

Nine of diamonds.

Queen of clubs.

Ace of spades.

Now, you see,
what are the odds against that?

Go on, do it again.


Two of hearts.

How's it done?
Buy me a drink, I'll tell you.

You'll say you have second sight.

But I will tell you there's
a bloody big mirror behind that bar.

I'll be seeing you.

No luck?

You know the way they design
these things these days?

Weights, magnets and such.


But I find if you give it
a bit of a nudge, a bit of a hold...


Weights and measures.



Want to know what killed him?
Yes, indeed I do.

The brain had been subjected
to some sort of electrical shock.

Not strong enough to kill him.
He died from a simple blood clot.

A good old-fashioned blow
to the head with something blunt.

I'd say by somebody very strong.
ALL: Wey!

Remind me again, George.
What was the colour of his hair?

Dark brown, almost black.

George, lift a couple of DNA samples
from both the bodies.

I want to make sure that John Ransom
is in fact the son of Dr Ransom.

Let's start with wrongful arrest.

Someone laid waste
to half your family, Mr Ransom.

Let's start with police protection.

I'm gonna give you
a prediction, George.

John Ransom's DNA profile
is different from his father's.

How do you know?

Because that is what's been
bothering me all this while.

Apart from them not looking alike,

precognition or second sight,
if it exists, is inherited.

Inherited in this case through
the Kirby bloodline, not the Ransoms.

What threw me was that Max Ransom
appeared to have it, but he doesn't.

John Ransom did have it.

But for one reason
and one reason alone.

He was part Kirby.

Nice work.

Morning, sir.

Get after the solicitor.

Find out if any Kirby benefits
from the death of the male Ransoms.

The Kirbys?

And if any of that hinges on
Ben and Emma baptising their child.




Until there's been the funerals,
we've gotta call the baptism off.

O, ye of little faith.

I want you to understand, Emma.
No-one is accusing you of anything.

Why do you want to know
about my father's will?

Because John died of a head injury.

He was struck
with a blunt instrument.

That means he didn't die as a result
of acting as guinea pig

in Max's experiments.

And THAT means...

the killer is probably still
out there.

That Max himself
is probably at risk.

That's why I need
to be absolutely sure of what happens

in the event, say of...

Max meeting an untimely death.

What does that have to do with me?

Emma, I have some evidence
that suggests

that Dr Ransom was
not John's biological father.

Did John know his father
was a Kirby?

Max knew. He'd taken samples
from Jimmy and the others.

He knew John had Kirby DNA.

John wanted to know who was going
to be godfather.

I told him we wanted Little Mal.

And why would Little Mal's presence
as a godparent upset John?

I'll show you.

This is my classroom.

This is where Ben used to sit.

My desk.

'I was seven.

We'd just come in
off the playground.

The next thing everyone saw
was a giant come running in.'

I need everybody to stand up.
We're gonna play a game.

Like Ship To Shore.

The one who gets furthest away
from me wins the prize. Off you go!

That's it. Well done.

No, mustn't forget the captain.

If it hadn't been for Mal,

half of us would have been killed.

That's you.
And Ben, with the glasses.

Mal Kirby, the 21-year-old farm
worker, cannot explain the impulse

which drove him from his tractor
into a sprint

to Midsomer Mere Primary
where 27 children and their teacher

had been sheltering from the rain,
moments before a lorry crashed there.

It's hard to believe that was luck.

I stopped believing in luck
when I was seven.

Which is when your mother met
Little Mal.

John's real dad.


I'd say it was raining,
wouldn't you?






There's a special connection
between you and Ben Kirby.

Something you haven't told me.

Something to do with the fact
you haven't always been a recluse.

Once, you were the hero
of the village.

Emma showed me the classroom.

And she also showed me the photo...

of you with the children.

The ones you kept out of harm's way.

Like I think you're trying to keep
Ben out of harm's way now.


I know that you are the father
of John Ransom.

He got his gift from you.

That's why Max wants Emma
to persuade you to go to the lab.

And it's also why Max wants
the child, Christine, isn't it?

Because she's like John.

A child of a Kirby and a Ransom.

And Dr Ransom knew.

That's why he told me his feelings
for John were always conditioned

by knowing what he was.

But Mal, I cannot make
the other connection.

Between what? Between a man
responsible for an act of integrity

and bravery...

..and a compulsive,
obsessive recluse,

always making notes
about the air pressure.

Why aren't you in the pub
with Jimmy?

Second sight's not to be celebrated.

If I choose not to use it,
that's up to me.

We've met before, haven't we?

Mal? And I mean apart from me trying
to knock you over last night.

Oh, I've been waiting for you
to be there almost 20 years.

So you ARE using second sight?
WAS using it.

Hell of a lot. More even than Jimmy.

Card games. Horses.

And then, one day...

under a clear blue sky...

..I sat down on the village green...

to see how far I could see
into my own future.

I saw all the way. Right
to the manner of my own death.

It starts with you.

And the black car.
It almost ran me down in the lane.

And then you get out
and you ask me if I'm all right.

I'm sorry. Are you all right?

And then...

..it ends in a storm...

..not like the one at the school.
Like '87.

And me dead.

In the doorway of the church.


That's not for me.


Scott. Sir, I want you to answer
this like it's no big deal.

Are you with Mal Kirby?

Yes, I am.


All right. Two things.

Mal Kirby is the chief beneficiary
of the Ransom estate

in the event of both
John and Max Ransom dying.

And the other?

Max Ransom, sir.

He's just been murdered.

Dead for less than an hour.
Hit by something like a tree branch.

Not here.

If you ask me, sir,
the whole thing's a con job.

I thought you said your nan was
superstitious. My other nan wasn't.

You know what I'd like to do, sir?

Get that shyster Jimmy Kirby
to remove the mirror from his bar.

Well, you might just get the chance,

I've just seen Lucky Lol Tanner.

I suppose that's what you call
a cool six grand?

So, you admit you were
at Lower Mere House

the night Dr Ransom was killed
AND stealing his money?

MY money.

I'm not denying it.

The cash is mine by rights.
I was the one who was cheated.

I think you'll find, Mr Tanner,
that as long as you accepted -

All right, Sherlock.


All I wanted to do was talk
to the father.

I wanted to tell him what I thought
of his weasel of a son.

I walk up there. Front door's open.
I walk in.

Did you see Dr Ransom?
No. No.

I saw the carrier bag. I could hear
him arguing with his other lad

in the kitchen.
MAX: A year of research.

We need to start again
with someone else. NO!

Bag was on his desk.
Six grand was in it.

I decided I must need it
more than they did.

So, I...I took it.

They were both still alive
when I walked out.

What are you doing living
in a caravan with Romany Rose?

That's not illegal, is it?

We've been shacked up since
she arrived, to tell the truth.

I have this...erm...weakness
for northern gypsies.

She's a very good-looking woman.

She's also got two dead husbands.

Bet they died happy an'all.

Look, could we hurry up?

I wouldn't mind getting back there.
No. No. No.

That's not possible, Mr Tanner.

You are implicated in THREE murders.

And until I find out the extent
to which you are involved,

your next stop's a police cell.


Please, God...

help me to understand.

I cannot believe the suggestion
by your servant Pete Kubatski

that my father and my brothers
have been taken by the Devil.



It's you.

You've nicked him, then?
I'm psychic, remember.

If you mean Mr Tanner,
he is helping us with our enquiries.

I'm going to do you a deal.

Let him go and I'll give you all the
help you need to solve the murders.

How do you intend to do that?
Like I said...

I'm a clairvoyant.

You're a clairvoyant.
And I am a policeman.

I'm afraid I have had it up to here
with all this hocus-pocus.

My sergeant took the trouble
to look you up on the computer.

Romany Rose,
Flower of the Carpathians.

Alias Gloria Pitt from Audenshaw,

with convictions for deception,
fraud, theft.

Wanted for interview by every
police force from here to Blackpool.

I'll give you one hour's head start
before I start phoning them.

And I'd be very grateful
if you'd let ME solve these murders.

Yeah, well, I might be
all the things you say I am, lover,

but at least
I know how policemen think.

I'd say rational deduction
is not cracking this, is it?

How many more people have got to die
before you get anywhere near?

Try something else!

DCI Barnaby?

I'm Ben Kirby.

It was me who thumped John Ransom.
I'm delighted you can join us.

Emma and Christine are missing.


Upstairs, Scott.
Anything to tell us where they are.


Get yourself back to the pub.

Round up the Kirbys. I want to know
if they've seen Emma.

What about you, sir?
I'll be with Little Mal.

RADIO: For East Anglia, Kent, the
South Coast and Southern England,

a terrible night to come. Rain
and high winds in excess of 60mph.

Now, that's enough to bring down
branches. Even trees. Mal!


I know where we've met before.

I think I once did you a favour.

Now, I want you
to do the same for me.


Three of the Ransoms are dead.

Emma and Christine have disappeared.
Now, if you know anything at all,

I need you to tell me now.


Could Jimmy help?

If you asked him?

Mal. Mal!

I need to think about this.

No-one's seen her.
They just want to play cards.

Here we go. Here's a right pair
of Jokers.

Leave 'em, Jimmy.

Leave 'em.

Mr Kirby, Emma and Christine
are missing.

Do you know where they are?

Can't his fancy barometer tell you?

You lost it, Mal.
Lost it a long time ago.

Never got it back.

Can't find his own backside
in the dark with both hands now.

We're wasting time, sir.
You, erm...

ever played 52 Card Pick Up?

Pick 'em up.

No, YOU pick 'em up.

You pick 'em up...

and I'll bet you
I'll see every single one of 'em.

Anyone got a quid?


Right, ladies and gentlemen.

Nothing up my sleeves
but the ends of both my arms.

Come on.

Nine of Diamonds.

Three of Spades.

Ten of Clubs.

Queen of Clubs.

Ace of Hearts.

Nine of Hearts.

Four of Diamonds

My pound.

Excuse me.



That's yours.





I abjure thee!

This creature of salt.


I must cast out from you
the devils of his heathen village.


So that you're ready to be baptised.

He's going to baptise her, isn't he?

If the parents want it or not.

Mr Kubatski!

It's the police, Mr Kubatski!
Open the door!

Seeing that they are accursed...

There must be another one, Scott.
Round the back. Mr Kubatski!

..to do hurt and go astray...

Mr Kubatski!

Open the door!

Mr Kubatski! Police!

Open the door!


It is a fearful thing.

To fall into the hands
of the Living God.



And then shall the axe be put
onto the root of the tree.

And every tree that bringeth
not forth fruit,

will be cast into the fire.

For He will pour down
rain upon the sinners.

Snares, fire and brimstone!

Storm and tempest!


And they shall say "Peace
and all things are safe." Scott!

Then sudden destruction comes...

Leave the kid. Leave the child.

Leave her.
And through stubbornness...

I will save her. It's not too late.

I've had people crowding in
the doorway to hear me speak! Peter!

I want you to stop!

This is just the start.

EMMA: Pete!

Get me out of here!

That'll do, Mr Kubatski.


Peter Kubatski, I'm arresting you
for the murder of John Ransom

and for the abduction of Emma
and Christine Kirby.

And I'll think you'll find
that is just the start.


What are you praying for,
Mr Kubatski?


For they know not what they do.

But you knew EXACTLY
what you were doing, didn't you?

No, forgiveness for you.


I'm praying for all those,
who through stupidity or ignorance,

or lack of faith, stand in the way
of God's work on Earth.

So you were doing God's work

when you were laying in wait for John
Ransom outside The Luck In The World?

You've been expecting this
for some weeks, haven't you?

A letter from your bishop to tell you
something you knew but couldn't face.

That Preaching Pete Kubatski was,
indeed, for a limited period only.

Because you've failed
in Midsomer Mere, haven't you?

The Lord my God is a jealous God.

Visiting the iniquity
of the fathers upon the children.

John Ransom came to see you
the day he died.

He was upset.
Liked to torment people.

And he tormented you, didn't he?

He used his precognitive powers
to tell you

that letter was on its way,
didn't he?

Despite a lifetime believing
the future was known only to God,

you believed John Ransom.

Go on!

And when he died from his injuries,

you tried to place the blame
on Max and his experiment.

You told me you tried rewiring
your church.

I think you used the little knowledge
you gained to rewire the chair.



What are you playing at?

What do you want?

And then it was you and Max.

Faith against science.
Battling for little baby Christine.

But you couldn't stop him going
to see his sister, could you?

And Emma and Christine were
very special.

They were the only congregation
you'd got.

Leave Emma out of this.
Why? Because she's pure?


Because Emma's mine.

She's not yours, Mr Kubatski.

Nor is baby Christine.

She no more belongs to you
than to Max.

Max, who you killed with
the first weapon that came to hand.

I'm not scared by you.

I answer to a higher authority.

Let us return unto Him
who is the merciful receiver

of all true penitent sinners.

And yet, though we have sinned,
is still an advocate in The Father.

As Mr Kubatski is already talking
to an advocate,

I think we can assume
he doesn't need a solicitor.

Emma. Ben.

We came to thank you.
Preaching Pete, eh?

Could no more cope with the idea of
failure than he could second sight.

You two still planning to baptise
this one?

That church is going
to be full one day.

A baptism's not a bad way to start.

No. Best of luck.


Looks like you'll be needing this.
Be lucky.


I knew you'd be here.

Oh, yes. Of course. You would.

I wanted you to have this.

Oh, that's kind. Thank you.

Thank you.

I figured out where we met before.

Homeless man battered to death
in Mere Woods, storms of '87, yeah?

I got pulled in for murder
by some prat of a DCI.

You said you did me a favour.

We should never have brought you in,
should we? We had no evidence.

DCI said I should charge you.

I told the DCI, "I'm a policeman
and not a psychic."

Instead of kicking me off the force,
he let you go.

Thank you.
You caught the killer?

Mal, of course.


Bye, Mum.

See you soon.


Bye, Dad.

Thank you.

Best of luck, love.
Luck is not going to come into it.

She's going to be just fine.

I wanted to ask you, Mal...


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