Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Garden of Death - full transcript

Townspeople of a Midsomer village are up in arms over a wealthy, hated family's decision to turn a once-public memorial garden into a tea room. When one of the family is found murdered, Barnaby and Troy must weed through the townspeople's sordid lives to uncover the culprit.


Paradisea liliastrum.

Eriostachya digitalis.

Penstemon Strictus.

LIgularia dentata.

Platycodon grandifloris.

Oh, for God's sake!

Good morning, Mrs. Inkpen.

I have heard that there are changes
on the roads by

Odious little upstart.

Hey, come on!
Oh, for God's sake.

Hey, come on!

How much time will it be?

This is a plan of the gardens.

We have an absolutely beautiful
collection of euphorbiaceae.

But unfortunately, no
We have video games.

The Inkpen have been here
since the Reformation.

Then they had time
enough to organize
a decent parking lot.

Naomi had to sell does
25 years.

Her husband died, he left her

A stockbroker called
Gerald Bennett bought the place.

Now, the Inkpen, of course
they are back

My God, 11 pounds!
How do you know all this?

Desmond, from the village store,
who offers our organic meat.

I did not know what had happened to

Did not you notice the difference?
Do not

Did not you go to the golf course?
No, I have not been to the golf course.

Oh, euphorbias, is not it?
Yes, very good.

Any possibility of a
cup of t ?

Are you going for a walk, dear?
No, a bathroom.

Daniel just gave me this.

Apparently, he had something to say?

About aging
of mothers?

You know what they say, dear.

"The old varieties,
They smell more sweet "

Take that to the ticket booth, Hilary.
They are almost over.

These are beautiful.

They are very fashionable at the moment.

It's called "White Bedder"

The flowers are very good
until the autumn.

I have not seen them before,
Are they difficult to propagate?

No, not really. Only with
softwood cuttings,
without flowering

Do you live in the area?
Yes, close. Causton.

It will be making these the
next week. Could you?
get some, if you want.

What is the name?
Barnaby, Joyce. but actually ...

It is not a problem. They
they deserve greater recognition.

What is the address?
Parchmore Close, number 6.

Parchmore ... good. Good,
Consider it done, Joyce.

See you next week.
Thank you.

See, a kind guy.

The next time it will be one of
Women, if you help me!

This is not the wild west, sir.

I'm afraid he's under arrest.

I've had enough!

You can hardly blame her for her
behavior to Rodney Widger.

I'm not talking about Widger.

If they have to fornicate so
least have the dignity of not

fight like worried skunks
for the pants!

And for the garden ...
My garden, mother. My garden

and my gardener.

Then, in front of the
consequences of your actions

Yes, well, when it comes to
of greed.

Hilary, bring me my whiskey with
water please.

And I want another gin and tonic.

Mam ?

No thanks.

Hello, dad!

Pap ?

What is the problem?

Hi, Jane.

I just heard about the monument.
What the hell are you doing?

Idea of ​​Elspeth.

Garden Manor is doing
popular and decided that they need
a salt of t .

And that's where you're going to build it.

But he can not. It's going to break the
heart of daddy.

You know there's a meeting

Hi Daniel, give us something.
Come on, you promised.

I said no.
You gave something to my sister.

How did you know about that?
She told me.

She is only 15.
Yes, his sister.

A bottle. And do not mount your
bikes after.

"Memorial Garden closed"

Mam .
S , dear?

What is happening?

Between you and Fliss?

Do not pay attention to your sister,
Dear. It does not matter what he says.


It's just a little cranky.

Sometimes I would like to have given it
in adoption, instead of you.

Oh darling. Are getting closer
the rustic.

Just so you do not forget,
Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas.

Village Hall, at 7:30.

There is no other place where
I'd like to be, Desmond.

I'm happy to be the
cause of so much emotion.

Who said the town
English was dead?

Abad a Deverell

Richard! No driver,
Is there no chaplain?

You could be a seller
commercial instead of a bishop.

Good evening, father.
Are you okay?

Well enough to
give those damn Inkpen a

I'll see you later.

Unless you want to come?

Eh ... exactly where?
Village Hall.

The people of the town
they came to me.

I'm not sorry.

Pleased to be a Deverell
where a Deverell should be,

in the center of events.

You knew that today is
your anniversary?

Two years since you entered
in our life here.

Within your family
a lot of time lost.

Yes. Yes, I knew.

Do you still happy about it?

During all that time and
effort to locate us.

Have we been what you expected?

I'm not complaining.

Very generous of you
I understand, Fliss.

What it must have been for
you when he showed up.

The spoiled unit of
suddenly reveals that it is not just
in the end.

Because there was a bastard

Do you think I'm jealous?


Do you think I hate you?

I do not hate you. I pity you.
Because what you ...

Will you come to the meeting?

Do not you think it's a little ... voyeur?

No, not at all, it's a
public meeting. And I'm interested

I hope you are not thinking
To talk.

No, but I can vote.

If they ask for a vote by show of hands.

Oh, look who's there?

The man with the shotgun.

The uniformed must
have left it free.

You never finished what
You were saying

Inside, before, you told me that
You pity me


Because we have different parents.

But I know that.

If you were a gentleman,
it would move

to leave us, my daughter and me,
sit together

If you were a lady,
I would not doubt it.

There are still places further back,
Mrs. Inkpen.

More back?

I have not sat down further
in my whole life.

The humility of Mrs. Inkpen is
the greatest of the many gifts

what has happened to their descendants.


Ladies and gentlemen!

If only I could call the
order to this meeting.

The Vicar sends his apologies
for his absence and blessings
of peace for all.

But we welcome,
particularly this afternoon,
to Mrs. Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas.

and we thank you for having
accepted to take part

in what promises to be
a lively debate.

Although I'm sure that in
the words about the Garden

I will have common sense and tolerance
in our debates.

Who will speak first?

Jane Bennett, Dr. Bennett,
daughter of Gerald Bennett, who
he created the Memorial Garden.

Remove this beautiful place,
that gives pleasure

and a sense of community to many,
to replace it with a commercial
come out of t .

it is an act of unspeakable vandalism.

And I would like to ask
Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas with what

disarm and destroy

what was freely given to
This town for my father.

Ms. Millard, members
from the town committee.

Mrs. Bennett asks
what right?

Well, the simple answer is
with the right of property.

When his father sold us
again Inkpen Manor,
five years ago,

there was no objection.

Legally the Memorial Garden
It is our property.

Everything Mr. Bennett did,
In addition to creating it,

was to grant the right of
access to the villagers.

Everything we are doing
is to withdraw that right.

What the Inkpen choose
do in that sense,

it's nobody's business, in
this place, tonight.

I mean,

if the people really want
a Memorial Garden of
tastelessness ...

..a Memorial Garden of

to build it somewhere else.

I bet you can not wait to
turn this into a room for t .

Always being on the side of
mam in everything.

Your father was nice, then, Fliss?
Is that what you think?

I know that the mine is a mystery,
but yours ... the husband
of mam .

Nice? My God, no!
Escaped and left us centuries ago,

long before we
we launched here.

It is an Inkpen tradition
bad choice of men.

Of course, you probably
end with the Enchanting Prince.

But, it must be provided.

I mean, how could I
afford to keep ...

All this? AraTo recover
our heritage?

Wealth to poverty, to the
wealth again.

It's a fairy tale, dear.

Have you bought this?

Yes, in the store.

We have been negligent with
your education, Hilary.

You want to know what really
I mean?

Order, order.

What are you doing here?

She has the shortest straw, sir.

The uniformed cover their

They ask CID to review the situation

What's Widger anyway?

What is this?

Is it about me?


Possibly not.

What's wrong with you?
Do not you want to know?

No, I do not want to.

I do not like it when you're like that.

Well, you were not very helpful.
I kept silent, did not I?

What does it mean?
I want to say that I think that
you're wrong.

You do not have to antagonize with
a whole town like this.

Now we worry about the
opinion of the people?

Do not be stupid.

Maybe you should just keep
all your options open

What options?

There must be someone in the village
with whom you have not slept yet.

Go back inside.

Try to find out where
those guys were

Do not turn around when you
I'm talking. Where are you going?

Back to the garden.
I'm a gardener, remember?



Lots of trash.


Good Guy. Here



Here is, I got it!

Penstemon Blanca Bedder.

Height 70cm. It is extended to 1.80 m ...

It would look imposing in that corner
... Hello?

I'm going to have to cut
a little grass

It does not bother you, does it?

Good morning, sir.
How is it going?

They secured the crime scene.
They did not have time for much more.

But I would say that a strong
hit on the head with a
blunt object.

She has been dead at night,
Hard as a board and deck
of snails.

And there is some possible detail
of the coroner. Not much.

Oh, I did not touch it.

If you look closely there is a point
small black Ink, maybe.

Is it the writing?

The end point of a signature,
even, since it's in the corner.

Yes, well done, Troy.

There is nothing more.

Who found it?

Crisp n

Crisp n?
It's a black lab

I have been struggling with
my conscience,

like every good Christian should.

And there is something more I must tell you.

Nobody likes telling stories,

especially as a result
of what it does not have

... what to hear without wanting ...

but yesterday afternoon, then
of the meeting ...

Where are you going?

Back to the garden!
I'm a gardener, remember?

I asked "Where do you go?"

and he said "Back to the garden"

Those were his exact words.

Did he follow him?

Follow it?

You know for sure that it was
direct to the garden, then?

I do not follow men.


It's Mr. Bolt, is not it?

Detective Sergeant Troy.

Insecticide ... organic.

Insecticide, sir?

How do you kill them,
intoxication of alcohol?

Can I ask you when you saw
Last time to Miss Felicity
Inkpen, sir?

What? Coartada?

I'm sorry, of course, alibi.

Last night, around

Before going to the meeting
in the village.

Not before the meeting, then?
Do not.

No, definitely not.
I went straight home. By
the street.

No to the Memorial Garden,
Did not I go back to the garden at all?

Do not.

They heard him say "back
to the garden. "

I was upset about the meeting.
I was just dialing
a point.

I'm a gardener. Nothing more.

Only a gardener.
Not a womanizer, sir?

You and your daughter Felicity,

Were they in good terms?

Who says the opposite?

It was a dear and beautiful

She was the daughter of her mother and
I loved her

more than I loved anyone
in this horrible whole world.

It's Hilary, is not it?

I've been waiting for you.

Last night, Fliss "came and the
found. "

Can I ask you why?

Only to torment me.
It was his favorite pastime.

Oh, they did not get along?

Do not.

That must have been a bit difficult,

life and work under
same roof.

Fliss did not work.

I tried to model and act.

Well, it's hard to get,

So I ended up hanging here,
and boring.

You know of someone else who
feel for her the same as you?

I mean, "tormented"
someone else?

Well, to everyone, really.
It was his thing.

A kind of search for
attention, I suppose.

But nobody in particular?

Well, mam .

Daniel ... Rodney Widger.

Oh, the man with the shotgun?

I'm sorry, Fliss and I do not
We wore well, but ...

It's not nice to talk about
her in this way.


Disc lpeme.

I'm the Chief Detective
Inspector Barnaby.

Your granddaughter has been murdered.

So you will understand that we have
have to ask certain questions.

Can I just ask you when
Was it the last time you saw Felicity?

Before going to the room
meeting or after?

I know it came out of the meeting,
... soon.

I find his form and his insinuations
Extremely offensive.

And I have to say that I'm not
completely overwhelmed by the
Courtesy of your response.

Really imagine that I'm not
devastated by the death of my granddaughter?

Species in extinction as the
ours do not reduce their number
from inside.

You do not have the wit to
look elsewhere?

When there is a madman with a
shotgun on the other side of the

and a young woman with an unhealthy
emotional bond with his father

less than a kilometer away.

The crazy man with the shotgun,
presumably Widger.

Who is the girl with the
Unhealthy addiction?

Get in the car. I will show you

Good morning
Good morning

Disgusting things
last night.

Yes, yes. The murder never
It's nice, is not it?

I was talking about the meeting.

Mr. Cox, he was right to his house,
last night after the meeting?

No, I went for a beer at Mallow's.

With whom?

Charles King.

Live in front of the Village Hall
if you need to corroborate it.

We will do it Mr. Cox, we will do it,
With everyone.

I was being funny, you know,
about the murder.

It's just that there will not be many
at the funeral.

I'm a suspect?

You made a passionate speech,
and left early in the meeting.

I have nothing but contempt
for the entire Inkpen clan,

But why would he kill Fliss?
Elspeth is the destroy the garden
of pap .

Except now it will stop.
I imagine.

For the moment at least.

Jane, I realize that
It is annoying.

Really? Really?

The garden was my life
father for twenty years.

It was he who made it what it is today,
Not the Inkpen.

Now he is very sick
and tired of fighting.

I have to be your champion.

And it will be.

Do you like gardening?

It has become a fashion
with young people, I think.

You do not have to have a botique
like my Jane.

I see it on television, sometimes,
when there is no football.

Oh, I like football.
I watched last night's game.

What, live?

I do not miss a match

Was there anyone with you?

Jane came at part time, but
I prefer to look on my own.

Prevent you from losing control
or I get too excited.

Know a man called
Rodney Widger, Mr. Bennett?

I think they used to be neighbors.


Yes, in my "previous life"
as I call it.

He was an intemperate man.

I never knew when I was going
to lose the stirrups.

We have not had much
what to do with l.

Were you and your daughter?

Oh no. My wife. Cynthia

Jane was in college,

She has done very well,
He has a master's degree in science.

Mm. What was he saying?
about Rodney Widger?

Oh, yes.

I'm afraid Cynthia used to
incite it on purpose.

She could be very bad
Sometimes, you know.

I guess he felt pretty
relieved when she left.

He left ?!

Oh, yes. The report as a person
disappeared, of course.

But I'm sure it was
tired of taking second place
after the Antirruhinums.

Why are you moving to
Daddy for all that again?

I'm sorry, I was just asking
Mr. Bennett about his ex-neighbor,
Rodney Widger

Do you see, today?

Only when he passes with his shotgun.

"Sacrificing bugs", as
He says.

Foxes, rabbits, pigeons ...

Most gardeners
I would do it with some networks.

Rodney's solution
for the pests ...

... is to kill them.

The simple reason why
left early from the meeting
It was that I needed a bath.

Urgently. I have had
a little cystitis


I do not have the prostate.

I arrived home, right home.

Answered the call of nature
and then I saw the second time of football.

He does not deny that he had had a
altercation at the beginning of the day?

I had an altercation with a car
and I'm released on bail
to appear before the judges.

They threatened to take me
my shotgun

I do not like to be disturbed,

when everything I've done
is to preserve my property.

They have some water in the
Village Hall?

If he is desperate.

Oh, for God's sake. She would not open.

The Millard woman. Do not
like the idea of ​​men.

He does not like men,
new paragraph.

Can you tell us something about
Cynthia Bennett?

He used to live in Inkpen Manor.
We know where he used to live, thank you.

Only what we are reviewing
our missing files.

Sorry. I need the bathroom.

What was that all about, sir?

Cynthia Bennett and people

I was waiting for you to take it out,
Troy You said it.

Cynthia Bennett was, apparently,
a thorn in Widger's side.

Same as the Inkpen girl.

Oh, will you stop whining?

She brought it in herself.
Both are entirely to blame.

Retreating with Daniel,
insulting Widger.

Raising the finger to all
town when they have not raised
the skirt, that's it!

Old slut without a heart!

Mam , she did not mean that.
I meant every syllable.

That's how our
500 years?

Like the episode of some
sordid television novel?

You are bound to have so much
nobility as a fishmonger
in a brothel.

I'm leaving!

Mam ...

I just heard.

Elspeth, I'm terribly sorry.

Thanks, Richard.

Thank you.

If someone loves me,

or your grandmother falls dead,
I will be in the vicar a.

Uh, I think we've never met
known. I'm Richard Deverell.

Hilary, I'd like a t .

Susan, I need a room to

No, if you have to change the grass,
you have to change the grass.

A lot or a little, it's fine for me.

Well, now if only really
Flames to say ...
I do not know when I'll be at home.

In agreement. And t .
I'll call you later. Goodbye.

Say it.

Yes, Pumpey.

It's just a nickname like Scrumpy.

Best. A subtle apple mix
and potato with a tincture of garlic.

And where is the alembic or
whatever is?

I got rid of him yesterday at
night, after the meeting.

So he was here?
No, in the Memorial Garden.

I did not go near the Garden
Memorial. I saw no one.

But it was not right home.
You minted, Mr. Bolt.

Well, what would you do if you thought
Did you kill someone?

I mean the guys.

They could fall into a coma ... or the
h gado stop working or ...

I'm talking about the guys.

Do not leave town, Mr. Bolt.
And stay away from Pumpey.

What I can not understand, sir,
It is what women see in Him.

It has dirt under the nails.

Mrs. Inkpen. Sorry to bother

I had the hope of
See your daughter

It is not here.
Can I ask ...

In the vicar a.
T and sympathy.

Oh good.
Since I'm here, I wonder ...

Remember if Felicity received
a letter in the last days?

A letter? Felicity?

It seems very unlikely to me. Only
communicated by cell phone.

LaTo the vicar a?

No, I'll leave it, I saw enough
Inkpen for a day.

Anyway, let's see if the
laboratory has something about
that piece of paper.

Now what, then?
I'm checking alibis.

Desmond is absolutely right.
We went directly to the room
of Crooked Billet.

Janet answered us.

That big girl

Are you married, Mr. King?
Oh, without rest.

Miss Inkpen, Fliss, had
Some reputation, s ?

Reputation is like a clue
recorded, I think I'll find everything.

A tease, nothing real.
Or at least that's what I've heard.

So they were not ...
Intimately familiar?

I'm afraid not, I say it with

If you are looking for a crime
passionate, is looking in
the wrong place

Oh, sorry Mrs. Millard,
Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas.

I'm so sorry, I heard about ...
Seriously? Really seriously?

I could have an extra bread if
Do you have on board, Desmond?

Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas will pass the

And a jar of sauce

I must tempt the poor with something
to eat tonight and I know that
It is your favorite.

I'll bring one later.

Cynthia Bennett simply
He took a taxi and left.

The taxi driver confirms he has
picked up at Inkpen Manor

and then have left it in
a hotel in Causton.

She was seen entering the hotel.

But we do not know with whom
saw ah , or where was it when
came out, no?

No, so it's still officially
a missing person

But we know that he left
the house on your own

and that there was no signal
dirty game at the hotel.

So the sensible conclusion, Troy
It's just that I left it.

She was an unfaithful woman and
she left her husband.

Yes. Then, why Rodney
Widger was so restless
about it?

I mean he may or may not have
had something to do with Cynthia
when she lived in Inkpen Manor.

You may even have had the
eyes on her.

But there is no evidence in the
file that make us suspect.

Do not.
Then why go hide
to the bathroom with your prostate?

God knows.
Ah, there's the lab report
on paper.


Waste in the nails
of the victim

match the piece of paper
found in the place.

What suggests that the letter
it was ripped from his hands,
Is not that so, Troy?


What's the matter with you?

Have you seen a ghost?

Not me ...
The dead do not walk, Hilary.

They stay dead.

Yes, of course. I did not know who
I could be there in this
moment of the night.

It was me.

Doing the work that someone
he should have done more.

Did you feed Felicity's horse?
Do not.

Neither your mother or the gardener.

Poor animal, he would die of hunger
if it depended on you.

Other t of chamomile?
No no thanks.

Have not you eaten anything yet?

I really should.

Some paste?
I'm doing for me.

Not seriously.
No, well, it's a bit late.

Maybe it would be better to go to sleep.

Have you been here?


The police, Charles. The police.

Of course.

What did you tell them?
Nothing at all, dear boy.

Nothing at all.

You may think that this is
incredibly insensitive
and inopportune,

but sometimes it is therapeutic
in such moments,

talk about something entirely

The ... York slabs.
York things?

You know they already got up and
They withdrew from the Memorial Garden.

Do you have plans for them?
I can not say that I have them,
Susan, no.

I would like to have a couple of them,
only a few, of course,

of your hands, for use
here in the vicariate.

The Inkpen have always been so
generous benefactors of the

and the slabs would be ...

in a real sense, a
permanent reminder of Fliss.

Pack yourself.
Thank you.

Get comfortable.

You know where they are
the facilities, no?

The smallest room?

Yes, of course. Ser a
possible to take a bath?


I put the stove especially
for you.

I will be in the church.

I find very beneficial
a glass.

I'm going to pray for Fliss.

Thank you.

Dear God.

Keep quiet, dear

There really is nothing of what
to worry.



All yours, Crisp n.

Yes, I think exactly the same.

Oh, God! Oh, God! ... Oh, God! ...


Good morning, Mr. Bennett.

Not Jane?
He went to Causton.

Do you need a hand with these?
Thank you.

I hope you do not mind, but
I wanted to ask him about his wife.

Mr. Bolt.
I'm waiting for Elspeth.

It is still in the vicar a,
what I know.
Thank you.

Any progress?

We are following different
lines of research, Mr. Bolt.

A complete and total surprise.

It was not until the morning that I
I noticed that his clothes had

Jane and I add two more,

Was all his clothes gone?

Cynthia had her own room
in the country house at that stage.

His closet and the ark were
almost empty.

It had been eliminated by
full of my life.

Mr. Barnaby. Mr. Barnaby,
I'm pretty worried.

I can not wake up the
Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas.

Sra. Inkpen-Thomas?



All this will be an explosion of
color in a few weeks.

It really has to come and
have a look.

I'm sorry Mr. Bennett, I'm going to
I have to leave now.

Oh, yes, of course you must.
Thank you very much for your help.


If I were not a person

I would think that some kind of
curse has fallen on the Inkpen.

Two ...

Two of them I found
dead in the space of 24 hours.

And suicide.

While I was in my care.

The door was closed.
Key from the inside.

Must be my feelings
trampled instantly?

Now I have lost a daughter, so
as a granddaughter in a period of
24 hours.

I'm not trying to trample
Nobody's feelings,
Mrs. Inkpen.

But nevertheless ...
Suicide is almost impossible.

Unthinkable for an Inkpen.

However, his daughter seemed
deeply disturbed by the
Felicity's murder.

the fact is that she felt the
need to leave the house

A theatrical gesture Elspeth was
all spectacle and no substance.

And you do not have an audience when
you are dead

Grandma ...

Could you please leave us?

I can not bear to be called

You will appreciate, Mrs. Inkpen,
despite what he said of

that until the cause of the
death is established,

Suicide can not be ruled out.

And in the circumstances ...


Well, the murder of his granddaughter
only occurred immediately

He is suggesting that Elspeth
mat to Fliss

and then he took his life
for remorse?

Well, it can be a

No. Especially not suicide.

So, what is your opinion?

Two murders in two days ...

... both Inkpen.

If you are looking for a common

both had been caught with
Daniel Bolt, if you still do not know.

It would be correct to say that you were
ambivalent about the plans of
Elspeth and the money?

No. He was not ambivalent at all.
I thought they were a shame.

Then why did not you stop them?
It was his garden.

Unfortunately not.

Ced Inkpen Manor to Elspeth
some time ago

To avoid the succession tax.

He has made history. He listened
an inkpen admit an error.

With Elspeth and Fliss both dead,
Hilary inherits?

Yes. Depending on the will.

It seems a little drastic, without
However, no?

Kill your own mother when
You know what you will inherit anyway.

Maybe he could not wait
Elspeth will age.

Maybe he needed the inheritance
in a hurry.

But, again, maybe it was Naomi
directing the garden path.

She said it herself, she is not stupid.

Anyway, I get the impression
that there is not much more

in the vaults of the family
so that Hilary has in her hands.

You do not need much more if you just
receive 2.5 million of a

So you go with this, Hilary
Is the main suspect?

No. I'm just saying that if
she will inherit, has a motive.

And if he does or does not do it,
It could be next on the list.

We are only an inkpen and a half,
Troy, and counting ...

She had her own nature.
Where was he when he died?

Yesterday night, after

Above a tree.

Some strange ritual of Midsomer,
Is that it?

Do not.

In agreement. What tree?

In the woods.

Was there anyone with you?

Do not.
Then, exactly, what
Was he doing up the tree?

Waiting for a knit.

There is a group in the forest, near
from the house of Rodney Widger.

If you are lucky, the
mother carries her puppies.

I can see them with glasses at night,
keeping a safe distance.

I do not want Rodney to sniff them out.

otherwise, it will be there with
the shovel and the mustard gas.

And these badgers did
act of presence?

Do not.

But Rodney did it.

That's a damn nonsense.
I was at home all night.
Is not that so, Marie?

No, you were not

Mr. Widger, I have to tell you

that he was seen leaving his
home at 23:25

and return at 00:35.

Why? The condemned
nosy neighbors?

Well, I did not have anything
do with Elspeth Inkpen.

Then, with whom I had
what to see?

We could discuss this
In other site?


I knew it. I knew it.
Did you know, Troy? Good.

I did not tell you where this was
When she called me, sir.

No, you did not.
I went back with Gerald Bennett.

There is a contradiction in the
evidence, well ...
Hey, hey, Troy,

Yes, sir. Sorry.

The declaration of the driver of the
taxi in the person file

says that when he picked up Cynthia
from Inkpen Manor, I just had one

Well, this morning, Gerald Bennett
He told me that when he and his daughter
they looked at the next day

Cynthia had taken the
complete wardrobe.

You can not take all your
Wardrobe in a wallet, no?

No, You can not. But I'm not sure
how far this takes us
About Mr. Windger.

Are you t ?
No sir, not exactly.

Well, you have until this afternoon
to find it.

I was waiting for a visit
long before now.

Yes, I'm sorry, sir.
We were surprised by the

Elspeth ...?

Well, I think, Mr. Barnaby,
that rules out the idea of ​​suicide,
as it should be.

Should we, Mr. Deverell?

An Inkpen would not end with its
life as a Deverell would.

So his opinion is that
Elspeth and Felicity died

for the same simple reason?

Profanaci n of the Inkpen
of the Memorial Garden?

They are giving protection
to the remaining two?

Naomi and the girl?

Violence breeds violence,
as I'm sure it is
Professionally conscious

And if there is a madman in the set,
good ...

If there is a madman in the set,
Mr. Deverell, nobody is safe.


It is not a timely entry,
I assure.

Allow me to introduce you to me
son Richard. Bishop Richard.

Even though it rarely makes me
the honor of dressing as such.

How is it?
How is it?

An Inspector Chief, no less,

Investigating the death
of the Inkpen.

Yes, I feel I must visit them

Only having made a call
id ntica yesterday

one feels totally

Do you know Elspeth Inkpen well?

Since childhood.
I find it impossible to believe that

I could be dead for a few
rose bushes and a sundial.

You underestimate the good people
from Midsomer Deverell, Richard.

But then ... underestimate
to all.

As a matter of routine, I'm
forced to ask him his
whereabouts, last night.

Approximately half an hour to
both sides of midnight.

Where I am always at that hour.

Here In this chair.

You are as pretty as a
Flower in the garden, Hilary.

I do not know why I never told you

Even more beautiful now that
you are sad

You only need someone who
help you develop


This neck ...

Like a tender stem.
Do not.

Why did you lie?

To the police. Last night you were not
here at midnight.

I was not?
You did not come home until one o'clock.

I'm an old man, Richard.
I'm allowed an error

Where have you been?

Visiting the detour of the tejon.

Was it really the one? The nail.

Good good.

And where were you?

if the impertinent questions
Are they in the order of the day?

I was taking air

For so long?

I had a lot to think about.

All right, Mr. Widger.

Maybe now he would not care
Tell us where it was last night.

I went to visit a friend

at the other end of the village.
Charles King.

And he'll confirm this, will not he?

It would be the best,
We're in this together.

In what?

I went to warn you about you.
The police.

About your interest in
Cynthia Bennett

It's not like we've done something wrong,
neither to her nor to anyone.

It's just that we did not give ourselves complete
account of everything.

Well, we did not realize in
absolute, in fact. Make
five years

They know something about the disappearance
by Cynthia Bennett?

It had nothing to do with us.

Mr. Widger, please.

Cynthia was a ... woman
very friendly.

We had our highs
and low especially because of the noise.

Cynthia said she liked it
a lot of modern music.

But surely he knew how
get more than one man.

Especially in the latter
years he lived there.

I was a little bored, go.

Like I said, it was ...

She was ... a woman ... friendly.

He invited Charles and me
to meet her

at the Hotel Deverell Arms,
in Causton.

She had reserved one

They do not pay much attention, there.

She arrived in a taxi and we passed
evening and night together.

The three?


When night fell we left
return to Midsomer Deverell,
All three in Charles's car.

We leave Cynthia out of the
mansion and we went to his house
to take a glass.

Then, I walked home.

The next day, Cynthia was
reported as missing.

Charles and I made the decision

that we did not win anything
going forward

I mean, what was the
purpose of overshadowing the case

making our public
That afternoon's entertainment?

You never thought of Mr.King
that his silence

prevented to carry out a
proper search of Ms.

The assumptions that were made
they would not have been done if they had

Shh, shh. Please.

Wives have ears, you know.

even if they have nothing
among them.

It was sport, Sergeant.
Pure sport

Well, not entirely pure.

But nothing more, I assure you.

In fact, I experienced a deep
sense of loss when Cynthia

Something like losing
a favorite golf club.

So, George?

There are no pills, no alcohol.
No needles ... And no wound.

So now you will tell me not to
can you tell me anything, up
the toxicology report, right?


Let me tell you, I do not think that
This was suicide.

The laboratory found traces of
olive oil and herbs in the
bedroom key.

Oh, yes, the pesto sauce.
There's a lot here.

To disguise the taste that
apparently missing.

The taste of what?

Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas ate something
While you were here, Mrs. Millard?

No. No. He did not. He did not want.
I offered him, of course.

However there was a dish.
A cup of the same series as se.

Was he there? I did not realize.

Look, please, why?
dismantle my kitchen?

Ms. Millard, Mrs. Millard,
we are far

to be convinced that the
Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas committed suicide.

He swallowed a toxic substance,

prepared in a kitchen and then
mixed with the usual food.

Do not.

Surely not here, under my roof.

It's possible that I could fill
the bowl with something that would have
cooked here

or with something from your pantry?

Well, it's possible, while
I was in the church.

But I do not have a kitchen
full of poison.

Was there anyone else in the church?
What, at that time of night?

In this country our without God,
we have enough problems

to fill the banks in
One Sunday in the morning.

Close the doors of the vicar a,
Mrs. Millard when you went to church?

After Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas
go upstairs

No. I never close the doors.
It is a matter of principles

So it is possible that someone
that knew the house,

and knew that Mrs. Inkpen-Thomas
I was here,

will win the entrance while
you were somewhere else?

Well ... it's possible.

The dog. Podr a the dog
Have you reacted to an intruder?

Crisp n has a very
positive with all humanity.

And her husband, the vicar, have
How much is absent?
Four days

When do you expect me to come back?
I do not know After tomorrow. Why?

What do you think of the Inkpen and their
commercial exploitation of the people?

He looks for the best in the whole world.
Even in a water heater?

Women ad lteras?

Oh yes. He especially tries
to help them.

And what is your opinion on
These women, Mrs. Millard?

I firmly believe in the sanctity of
marriage, and that adultery
it's a sin.

An old word, Mr. Barnaby.

but maybe the world would be
A better place

if more people were prepared to
fight against sin

when and where you find it

Reconciliation only
You can find so.

Here you are.

Tom, you've come home early.

You have caught me digging
a lot of your lawn.

Actually, I'm still

You have pictures of these
plants in your encyclopedias?

Yes. Why? What are you?

One of acinnito.

What do you think you are doing?
Mrs. Inkpen.

I am conducting an investigation
of murder, Mrs. Inkpen.
That's what I'm doing.

These plants. Has cut some
of them recently?

Of course not. One year
need ac nito in the house
when it is full of roses.

You know your common name.

Then you will also know that
they are among the most toxic
that grow in the country.

Is your interest professional?
No no. It is practical.

So if you do not put them in the
vases in the house, what does
with them?

We leave them alone.

Well, you should know Mr. Bolt.
Being the gardener.

You come from this, Troy,
Cooked or raw, and you're lost.

And this was done crudely.

George Bullard could still see
the pieces in the content of the

Someone has tried very hard
make this look like suicide,

but the bedroom key
I had food in it.

My hypothesis is that they fed
to force Elspeth with this,

and then they put
the key in the lock,

before going out the window,
letting her die horribly.

And he would have died horribly.

The little one does not provide
an exit without pain.

So we are looking for someone
that really, really hated her.

But who, Troy, who?

And will they kill again?

We need a breakthrough.

Allow me, sir.


This stone was placed on
June 18, 1996 by
Gerald Bennett

Cynthia Bennett disappeared on
day 11. Just a week before.

Sir, if you have been
very indiscreet,

if you consider the woman with whom
she has been playing like a prostitute,

and he cares more for his position
social than for his life,

and if I had killed her, then
What would be the best place to
bury it?

They are digging a hole.

The police.

Forgive our offenses,
as we forgive
To those who offend us.

Forgive the sins that destroy
our peace on Earth.



Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Millard.
Pap sends this to the church.

What are you looking for?

I really do not know.

But I do not want to see.

I'm going for a walk.

Do you want to come?

But soon, huh?



Troy, ...


You can not tell if it's Cynthia.

We'll know tomorrow, Mr.Widger.
The skull has a set
full of teeth.

So I will tell you what I think.

I think after five years
finally he has told the truth ...

But not the whole truth.

Yes, you and Charles King brought
Back to Cynthia to Inkpen Manor.

But they did not leave it out,
they left it in a hole.

They were afraid that their afternoon with
she would not remain a secret.
Let Cynthia talk.

And being pillars of the community,
They did not want that.

That's why they killed her.

The police will continue the investigation
with its elements.

Thank you for coming, Richard.

One can only hope that it does not
feel obligated to make a
third visit

It does not seem appropriate to mention it,

but I have to go the weekend.

My last pilgrimage to Rome.

I wish you better luck this time.

I'm sure Elspeth
I would have done the same.

I would like to think that I do.

What the hell are you playing at,

Confront Widger, sir.
Yes, y?

Well, he denies the murdered,
of course, but still
There is Charles.

There is still a close relative
to be informed, Troy.

To make an identification,

I'm sorry sir. I was
out of order.

Yes, I'm just wondering if I do not
We are out of order
a dangerous way

We will not be losing what
Blindingly obvious?

What is it?
Gerald Bennett

Gerald Bennett? There could not be
hit Fliss in the head

or skipped through the window.

Of course. But not always
It was as fragile as it is today.

He is the aggrieved husband of

And if he had her killed by someone,
This would have had a better
opportunity to bury her.


I'm sorry, honey.
I needed a nap.

A cup of tea?
Yes, thank you.

I should go.

Adi s, Hilary.

I hope we meet

Srta. Bennett?

Sr. Bennett?

Sr. Bennett?

I'm sorry, you're dead.

And t .

And you were very beautiful.
Rare beauty.

Now you simply bloom
for your death, no?

So much exuberance.

Ah, but small aquilegia ...
as ...

Like sweet old charm.

As beautiful as your showy
and ostentatious sisters.

Nothing. No one seems to have seen it
since yesterday afternoon.

It could have been King, sir,
elsewhere, in the room
of the hotel.

He would have had time later
what did he talk to him about?

Not Troy.

There is a daughter here, who loved
much, much to his father.

A daughter whose face is

A daughter who spoke passionately,

against the excavation of
Memorial Garden.

I have to find Jane Bennett.

I thought you had gone to
Rome without telling me.

Only Causton. To the bank.

There was a phone call.

Father, we need to talk
about money.

How do you consider your possibilities
on this occasion, Richard?

Election to the sacred school?

Well, obviously I'm in the
career, but it's a process
very long.

Certain things that are still

Conduct. Behavior.
These people want to meet
to not be eliminated.

Do you know how much it would mean?
for me to become

T , the last of the Deverell,

being the first in 500 years
in uploading something.

Father, not everything is what
start and finish

No ?!

It's the only thing for the
I'm still alive

Father, the bank.

You saw Hilary, did not you?
When did you pay your respects
in the mansion

Yes, I saw Hilary.
And what do you think?

How do you like it?

I knew where I was going, you see.

I had a good idea of ​​with
Who was going to meet.

It was not so much what was

It was the fact that she and everyone
the others before them,

they had so much pleasure and
Daddy did not realize it.

Laughter and smiles, the
He mocks his back.

I just ...

I just ... I could not take it anymore.

So I waited for her to
came back from Causton and the

with a pair of socks.

She was drunk.

And I am ... very strong.

I had already planned what
do with it.

I liked the idea that when
the Memorial Garden will be finished,

people would walk on it
how they had walked on daddy.

So ... he took his things ...
and hid them in my car.

And ... I took them to the dumpster
the next day.

Did you know that Widger and King
they would not show up

when we denounced his

The drawback was that
Daddy was missing her.

His heart was already deteriorated,

and the house, suddenly, seemed
Too big.

The cabin was fine for him,
but nevertheless.

Until the Inkpen began
to remove the past?

If I had discovered what
my mother was really,

His heart would have been broken.

He did not have much time left,

Better to finish smoothly,
without the truth

He was so innocent.

I could not stand that this
I would lose right at the end.

But it's still a murder,
Miss Bennett.

You have to understand that you have
given a very clear reason

to not want the Garden
Memorial was excavated.

You are now our
main suspect

for Felicity's deaths
Inkpen and his mother.

What I did ... I did it
for my father.

I'm not a homicidal man aca.

I hated my mother. No to the

Others hated them.

Do not lose hope.

While there are still three
They left.

Bloodhounds without mercy!


It is an old expression

in the context of what was
happening in the Inkpen mansion.

It may be enveloping us, sir.

I was desperate to stop
the excavation.

And the murder of the Inkpen
It was a way of doing it.

In addition she is young, knows
the vicar a and knows plants.

If it were only despair, Troy,

Why kill Elspeth
so, so horribly?

Why not extrangulate it or
hit her on the head?

Elspeth suffered.
There was real hatred ah .

Or delirious madness.
Yes, it is possible.

But hatred, Troy, or the
Greed are more common.

Oh, this is from the lawyer.
The testament of Elspeth.

Oh, do not tell me. Association
of charity for gardeners?

There was no money, but the house is left
jointly with Hilary and Fliss ...

and Daniel Bolt, the gardener.

I understand why you are
Moving away from me, Hilary.

I know what you are thinking.

You think, this man made love
with my sister and my mother

and now both are dead.

But if you're honest,

You will agree that
there is something about death

what makes you want
reaffirm life.

That instinct should not be denied.

Nature does not do it.

Nature does only
what he likes.

Because nature knows
What is better.


The lillium speciosa does not cry.
Only his delicate neck returns
to the sun.

Actually I'm looking for
your father, sir. Are you at home?

No, it is not, but it will come back.

Do you know who I am?

Mr. Richard Deverell,
Bishop Richard Deverell.

I just found out who I am.

I am ... was, the lover
by Elspeth Inkpen.

No. I knew that, of course.

I am the father of your daughter

I did not know that.

Hilary Inkpen is my daughter.

And my father, my detestable father has ...

Where is Mr. Deverell,

He went to see her.

Naomi Inkpen
To offer his last tribute.

You need money, it seems. She
You must have real money in your hands.

And it must be placed there by him.

The price is humiliation, so
like the money ...

The price of what?

Your patience Until I
be elected cardinal.

Rome. The Vatican.

My father has financed the
reacquisition of the Inkpen

from the legitimate family home
that corresponds to them

It may seem like a very small one
indiscretion in the modern world,

have a child.

But my father was convinced
on the contrary,

and he was convinced that the Vatican
share your opinion.

He is right. And he is desperate
so that I have success this time.

If you need proof ...

Read this letter.

"My dear Augustus,
an ecclesiastical bird has told me

that Richard, your Richard,

has high hopes of
finally fulfill the dream Deverell.

We the Inkpen will not listen
nothing that is said against you,

as long as, of course,

that the honor meets the
obligations to friends.

With regard to the recent
Hilary's arrival in our midst,

now we are in possession of what
that could be described as
DNA test on foot.

Yours in advance. "

Sr. Bolt?

Sr. Bolt?


Augusto Deverell addresses
Inkpen Manor, stop him.

Do not let her get close to Naomi.

I'll be with you in a few minutes.

Excuse me?
Not now, Mr. Widger.

I've been robbed.
I'm not interested.

But I will.


Punctuality like the old world.

Mrs. Inkpen.

Sra. Inkpen!

It is not in the garden.

Hilary welcome to hell.

-All right, grandma?

Do you smell the blood?

You like blood, do not you?

A little "DNA test",
as the letter said.

And I was too stupid to
To think that she was wanted here.

No dear, I never expected this,
not you, anyway.

But I was never loved!
Is not that so?

Is not that so ?!

Not loved by my mother!

Not loved by myself.

Only used.
Only to meet advantage.

Oh, yes, look away.
What did you three do?

Remove her and gloat with her
once a week?

Why save a
copy in the house?

Fliss laughed a lot when he told me,

when I read that.

Fliss was a stupid little bitch.

Little bitch dead now.

He opened my eyes, so
He opened his head.

But she is not the only one
that matted with rage.

Enjoy more with mam .

Met his damn garden
right in his throat.

It will make a disaster with you.

Because you do not like disaster.

Everything must be as it is ...


Well, I do not want you to go
to hell looking for the orderly!

Mrs. Millard.

Sergeant Troy.

Chief Inspector Barnaby thought
that we should let him know

that we no longer need your

Poor Hilary.


And poor Jane Bennett.

It is more worrisome to the conscience ...

that some crimes result
fully justified.

Jane's is one of them.

I've always felt it, like
I told Mr. Barnaby,

adultery is one of the most
despicable human activities.

Nice patio New?


I find that hard work
help for prayer.

And I've had a lot so
pray lately.

And ... todav a there is no vicar?

Good afternoon.

Arthur. This is Sergeant Troy.

How is it?

Want to join us for
a t

and a Christian conversation?

Oh, no, thanks.

It's a relief ... that is ...
A pleasure to meet you, vicar.

It would be better if I left.

Adi s Crisp n ..

As well as the white Bedder, it
I brought some Pennington gems.

It's very kind of you, Daniel.

Note that the Bedder
white is vigorous and erect.

So make sure to put it
wherever you want,

otherwise it is likely that
cover with your shadow the others

Yes, I see.

Well, I would be happy
come back and make sure that
everything is fine ...

... with the Bedders?

Oh Mr. Barnaby.

Well ... well, I'm leaving then.

I was going to offer him a drink.

I think there was some propagation
what to do elsewhere

Come on, I'll make you one.
There is some lawn to the left,
To sit down?

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