Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 20, Episode 4 - The Lions of Causton - full transcript

Barnaby gets to relive his former sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and Winter into a muddle of rucks, grudges, romance... and artisanal chocolates?

Get that bloody ball out!

That was real close, Jakey.

Another five minutes,
and you would have had me.

What did you say?

I think I said another five minutes,

and you would've had me.

What are you doing?


Not on my time.


Yes, coach.

Yes, coach.

Right, everyone inside now!


How are my boys?

Soft and slow.

We were the same pre-season.

Speak for yourself.

Danny Wickham's got a smart mouth.

He's also got what he takes on the pitch.

For how long?

We need him.

Thank you.

Oh, hello.

Thank you!



This place looks more like a knocking shop

every time I see it.

How was your day?

Neville's got me squeezing rubber balls.

He says it's good for my grip and fine finger control.

Next stop, shoelaces.

One day.

What time will you be home?

Oh, I should have said.

I'm working late.

And, what has Princess Not-So-Bright got you to do now?

It's not Samantha.

A new recipe.

I think you're gonna like it.

Oh, is this you?


Right then, there you come.

Two weeks until the start of the season.

You think they'll be ready?

Training's right on schedule.

Cheers, Debbie.

No problem, Mr. Viner.

What are you doing?

Someone left you a message.

Who's it from?


This can't go on, Mark.

It has to stop.

I've got work to do.

One, two, three, four, one, two!


Mark Adler, businessman.

Owns this place and the Causton Lions.

Who found him?

Debbie Gallagher, she works here.

Sports massage, soft tissue injury, that sort of thing.

What ever happened to the good ole magic sponge?

I hope you brought your thermals.

This is a first.

Usually they're frozen after I examine them.

That was how he died?

No external wounds, no blunt force trauma,

no signs of strangulation, nothing under the fingernails

to suggest a fight, so yes.

I say he died because he got turned into a human lolly.

How about time of death?

Yes, well allowing for the massive fluctuation

in body temperature-


About five past eight last night.

Whenever the chamber is used,

the time's logged automatically.

Once the temperature dropped he'll have had a minute,

maybe less.

Normally in one of these things,

the body is subjected to temperatures

of minus 60 degrees Centigrade for about five minutes.

And, last night?

Minus 150.

So, what was he doing here,

and why didn't he try to get out?


Not my aisle.

I'll know more when I get him to the lab.

Just don't expect anything quickly.

Because of under staffing, budget cuts,

and a ridiculous work load?

'Cause I'll need to defrost him first.

Debbie Gallagher?


I'm DCI Barnaby.

I told him, Mr. Adler, I tell everyone.

You don't go into the chamber like that, not on your own.

It's the first lesson in case something...

Is the chamber used a lot?

It's good for sports injuries.

It's like an ice pack, only better.

Why was Mark Adler in there?

It was dad's idea.

Your dad's?

Neville Gallagher.

He's the Lions' physio.

Besides you, who knows how to operate the control panel?

Anyone who can use a touch pad.

Do we know the next of kin?

Wife Samantha, family liaison are with her now.

And, this is where the Lions train?

Well, let's see what they thought

of the boss then, shall we?

Mark brought him three Kiwis and two Samoans last season.

The Haka was their idea.

I came up with the words and they did the rest.

How swift are your legs?

Swifter than the wind.

How full are your hearts?

Full to the brim.

Today the sun will shine because together

we are stronger than 100, braver than 1,000.

Today we are one.

Stirring stuff.

Well, it does the job.

I'm not really into it today, not after...

But, I can't interrupt the training schedule.

Mark thought I relied too much on schedules.

You used to play together, didn't you?

A long time ago.

He was the best player I knew, after me of course.

Can you think of anyone who might want to hurt him?

Not really, no.

I mean, he upset a few people when he took over the Lions.

I know that.

In what way?

Well, he made it a professional team.

He replaced the staff and most of the players,

and it worked.

Last season we were bottom of the third league.

Now the premier league's in our sights.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's from when I played.

Someone steamed into the rock with their foot up.

A couple of seconds, that's all it took to end my career.

I'm sorry.

It's worse in winter.

I went to Corsica a few weeks ago.

You know, a pre-season break.

Barely noticed it.

Maybe I should emigrate.

You ever find out who did it?


I had my suspicions.

There were some incidents, threats.

A few of the players didn't like what I'd done.

What had you done?

I came out.

I thought cryotherapy might help.

With what, Mr. Gallagher?

Mark came to see me a few weeks ago.

He was worried.

He'd been having mood swings, losing his temper,

memory loss.

At first he said it was stress which didn't surprise me,

but the last couple of weeks it got a lot worse.

Do mind, I really should be at training.

The season starts in a fortnight regardless.

Mark Adler came to you for help?

I suggested he go and see a doctor,

someone that specializes in dementia.

But, he refused?

I think he was scared of what he might find out.

So, you recommend cryotherapy?

Some people think that it slows down the progress

of brain disorders.

I think Mark was happy to try anything.

Did you know he was going to the chamber last night?

I had no idea.

You weren't here?

No, I was home all night.

You know, if I hadn't suggested it

he wouldn't have gone anywhere near that chamber.

That makes it my fault, doesn't it?

You said it didn't surprise you

that Mark Adler blamed everything on stress.

Why was that?

Mr. Gallagher?

Talk to Sam.

His wife?

It's not really my business, other people's marriages,

but Mark suspected Sam was seeing someone behind his back.

I used to play a bit, you know?

Oh, yeah.

A fly-half.

Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

That's a while ago now though, isn't it?

Crowd funding?


Could be just what we need.

To do what?

Sit down.

Okay, what if we had our own team?

We already have our own team.

That's not a team.

That's a merchandising opportunity.

I mean like before, properly ours.

Look, I have these printed.

You think you can crowd fund it?

Why not?

Put these up, get a campaign going, raise the money.

Plus, I got a Facebook page.

Oh yeah?

How many likes?


73, but it's early days.

Little acorns.

Hey, maybe you can call the team that.

Still, you win damages and that's half a team right there.

How you doing?

What can I get for you?

I have an idea you might like.

Have you ever thought about gay porn?

Eight years we were married.


He wasn't having an affair if that's what you're asking.

Were you?


Did you husband think that you were?

We were having problems.

The last six months or so it's like I didn't know him.

He tried denying it, but after the dinner he couldn't,

not anymore.

What dinner?

Few weeks ago, a curtain raiser for the new season.

Go Lions, hear us roar, rah, rah, rah.

You didn't approve?

Rugby's not really my thing.

I run my business, Mark ran his.

You have a business?

I make chocolates and cakes

bespoke for weddings, that sort of thing.

Very popular.

Get it right and the profit margins are spectacular.

And, are you?

Getting it right?

We do okay.

Mark was all for it at the start,

but recently he had begun to treat it as a joke.

Not serious like a bunch of men chasing a funny shaped ball.

And, the dinner?

Mark made a speech.

I could tell right away something was wrong.

You know, people said I was mad

to buy this team, impulsive.

They said I'd be the laughing stock.

Well, who's laughing now?

Anyway, there's Bill, still the same,

just as I remember him.

Nobody's perfect, eh Bill?

You know?



That's it.

That's what I...

You've got to trust your...


Sorry, I can't.

I cut it short, and I got Neville to help me

take him home.

Neville Gallagher?

Yeah, we put Mark to bed.

By then he was gabbling, saying it was his fault

he hadn't put the bins out, how he hadn't hurt anyone,

how he'd always wanted a dog, just nonsense.

I left Nev to settle him,

and in the morning it was like nothing had happened.

I tried talking to him, but you can't help someone

who doesn't want to be helped, can you?

Is that everything?

We can arrange for someone to visit, if you like, to help.

Thanks, but I'm fine.

Right now this team

is blessed with two great talents,

each of them vying for a place in the England squad,

but if they're rivals on the pitch

Mark Adler and Bill Viner don't let it get in the way

of their friendship which is something they've built up

over the last few seasons of playing together.

A bit of research.

These two were like Coe and Ovett with studs.


Apparently not everyone's a fan of Mark Adler

saving the Lions.

His name's Guy Bevan.

He was the last coach of the Lions

before Mark Adler sacked him.

So, he's pushing back by trying to start a rival team?

He's been campaigning for a year.

Demonstrations, sit ins.

This team is his latest wheeze.

He said the Lions have been stolen,

and it's all about money.

It usually is.

Hello, I'm interested in the sofa and chairs.

Can you let me know if they're still for sale?

A Rolex at that price.

Please tell me it hasn't gone-

Are you really Danny Wickham?

I mean, seriously.

Your actual underwear?

Oh my god, I can't-

Betty asleep?


Do you think I've let myself go?


I'm wondering whether a little bit of exercise

wouldn't go amiss.

All those strapping rugby players

getting to you, are they?

You know, I wouldn't worry.

You get plenty of exercise

from all the jumping to conclusions.

Well, now...

You know the coach who got sacked?

He posted this three days ago.

Paddy, here boy!

Okay now you're scaring me.

I texted Winter last night.

I've booked us a court for later.

Guess who's going to get fit?

Unless they kill themselves trying.

Someone needs to have a little faith, don't they?

Better than needing a little trust?

Guy Bevan?

DCI Barnaby.

Could I have a word?

I think a local team should be local.

I disagreed with what he was doing, but that's it.

Oh, it was a joke.

I thought it was funny.

Where were you the night before last, Mr. Bevan?

I was here.

Alone, can anyone vouch for you?


How did you get the neck brace?

Adler's heavies.

They hurt you?

Yeah, we were demonstrating outside the ground legally,

and they tried to break it up, and I got knocked down.

I'm suing his company for all I can get,

so you see it doesn't make sense.

Why would I kill him when I could make him bleed in court?

I found significant amounts

of a brand of benzodiazepine in his stomach.

Sleeping pills?

It explains why he didn't try to get out.

He was half asleep.

Did he take them himself?

There's no bruising around the jaw,

no signs of him being force fed.

He might have taken them without knowing.

While not being in his right mind.

Is that...

His brain?


Mark Adler was suffering from

chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

It's a degenerative brain disease

which results from repeated blows to the head.

Contact sports are especially prone, so boxing, football.


30 hulking been crushing into each other?

That's not sport.

It's a riot with goal posts.

I used to quite enjoy it.

Are you sure?

Mark Adler stopped playing years ago.

CTE usually shows up long after

the sporting career is over.

And, does it involve memory loss,

personality change, and mood swings?

Textbook stuff.

And, he already knew.

It'd explain the pills.


On the night of the dinner Mark Adler said,

"I didn't hurt anyone."

Why do you think he said that?

It was hardly an omission.

He was going on about dogs and the bins.

It was probably gibberish just like his wife said.

I've been having a look at the Lions website.

The forum is quite interesting.

A lot of talk that Danny Wickham is going to be transferred.

Why transfer their star player?

'Cause he's also their wildest.

He's forever being papped outside nightclubs.

The papers are full of stuff about his love life.

Maybe Mark Adler had enough.

Also, that party that Mark Adler

threw for the Lions that Samantha mentioned,

it seems things got a little wild later on.

48 hours afterwards, one of the waitresses

that was hired for the night claimed she'd been assaulted.

Had she?

It was never properly investigated.

Two weeks later she dropped the charges.

A change of heart?

Or, she was got at.

What's her name?

Tracey Horton.

She works in a pub in Midsomer Malham.

I used to waitress in the evenings.

Parties, functions, cash in hand.

You were hired for the Lions party.

Tell me about that evening.

It all started off all right.

Everyone on their best behavior.

Well, almost everyone.

You know, one more.

I always want more.


I'll see you later.

Later on after the guests had gone,

it was just crazy, beer everywhere.

Danny was too drunk for anything really bad,

but his hands went where they shouldn't,

and I wasn't having that.

You know, everyone thought I was trying it on

to get rich quick, but it wasn't like that.

I was telling the truth.

And yet, you withdrew the complaint.

He said I'd never win,

and that life could get very difficult.

Who said?


Mark Adler.

He threatened you?

He said he wasn't gonna let me ruin the Lions name,

and that I didn't have any witnesses,

and he had 15 players who'd all swear nothing happened.

They closed ranks.

What was I meant to do?

So, I dropped it.

How did that make you feel?

How do you think?

Am I sorry that he's dead?

Not really.

Did I have anything to do with it?


You had a good relationship?

Mr. Adler was the boss.

Even though he suspended you last season?

That was a misunderstanding.

Being hungover?

I missed a training session.

You missed three on separate occasions for being hungover

and an actual match because you were in a cell

for hitting a newspaper photographer.

Superstar, oi.

You want to wipe this down?

Was Mark Adler gonna transfer you?

Was I to have heard of it?

He never mentioned it?


Not even as a threat?

Look, you're barking up the wrong tree, mate.

Whatever else I do, when I put on that Lions jersey,

when it matters, I deliver.

The boss knew that.

Anything else or just noise?

He's something, isn't he?



You think he might have something to do

with Mr. Adler's death?

Just asking a few questions.

Maybe you should ask what happened at his previous club.


What do you know?

That he almost got flung out.


No idea.

But, do a bit of digging.

I'm sure you can find out.


I was going mad at home.

I took an order earlier.

Three-tiered Dungeons and Dragons

in white and dark chocolate.

Wait, what?

When for?

Day after tomorrow.

I've already got two orders for tomorrow.

Then I'd say tomorrow night's looking good.

What if I'm busy?

Doing what?

Sitting on the sofa with Belinda,

having something egg-y on a tray?

Sorry, that was-

It's okay.

Tomorrow's fine.

Since you're here, the post arrived.

Everything all right?



I tried, I really did.

Hey, none of that.

We'll get there.

You know he's won, don't you?

Even though he's dead, he still won.

That's not true.

Isn't it?

You can serve, sir.

Thank you.

You ready?


Pretty impressive stuff.

I've still got a few moves.

I'll beat you next time.

That's the spirit.

You all right, sir?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Should we just say this happened on the court, sir?

You're a wise man, Winter.

The fire was reported at 2:45 this morning.

The head groundsman lives locally.

He saw a glow in the sky and then alerted the fire brigade.

Any idea how they got in?

The gates are padlocked, but they cut the chain.

Whoever it was drove here.

Fresh tire marks on the verge by the fence.

Well, let's get impressions.

We might be able to get a make and model from them,

and next look at any cameras nearby.

You never know.

Looks like they backed into a bit of railing

as they drove off.

Traces of green paint on it.


Still sore, sir?

I don't know why they have

to make those coat racks so high.

It's not funny.

No, no sir.

Not at all.

No, we agreed this has got to stop.

Somebody's out to get me.

You're being ridiculous.

No, no, no.

First it was the trolling,

and then sending me crap, flobbing my stuff online.

Oh, they've having a joke.

No, not anymore they're not.

Mark Adler changed his will.

That was a solicitor.

He changed it out of the blue about 10 day ago.

What change did he make?

He left the Lions to Bill Viner.

I wonder if Samantha Adler knew about it.

She'll be right out.

One of the ovens is playing up.


Did you make it?

How much would something like that set me back?

That one's not for sale.

It's strictly display only.

Have you known Samantha Adler long?

Right from the start.

I worked here when it was my gran's cake shop.

She owned this place?

It was the overheads that did it.

Just trying to keep her head above water,

so when Sam offered to put money in...

She jumped at it.

It didn't really work out.

Sam wanted to turn it into this.

Gran thought it was a stupid idea.

They fought.

Your gran lost?

Retired hurts.

Must have been hard for you, caught in the middle.

Not really.

Gran was brilliant.

Whatever happened, she thought this would be

a good opportunity for me.

And, it was.

DS Winter, sorry to keep you waiting.

How can I help?

It's news to me.

Can you think why your husband

would do something like that?

No idea.

The Lions must be worth a bit.

If I was going to kill my husband,

don't you think I'd have done it before he changed his will?

Unless you were furious with him for having done it.

I didn't kill my husband, DS Winter,

and certainly not for the Lions.

If Bill Viner wants them, he can have them.

I mean, why would he do something like that?

I was hoping you could tell me.

You know, Mark rescued me after the injury.

All my life, all I've ever wanted to do was play rugby

and suddenly I couldn't.

Must have been hard.

Training's hard.

This was...

Well, this was the end.

I didn't take it very well.

I drank and I kept drinking.

My partner left me.

I was pretty much finished,

and then Mark called with an offer.

To come here and coach?

I don't know why.

Pity perhaps.

An old friend throwing me a lifeline.

Who cares?

It doesn't matter.

The point is, he trusted me.

And, that meant the world.

I started to turn my life around.

You stopped drinking?

Two years sober.

And, that is all down to Mark.

So, you see, Mark didn't need to leave me the club.

It was me who owed him.

Yes, Winter?

Danny Wickham was addicted to pain killers.

One of his teammates tipped me off.

Five years ago, he was nearly sacked from his previous club.

They kept it out of the papers

provided that he went into rehab.

Why am I not surprised?

Well, I think he's on them again.


Yesterday he was on edge.

Sweating and shaking, jumpy as hell.

I thought it was just a training,

but now I'm not so sure.

Have a word.

Let's see how close to the edge he is.

Yes, sir.

Got a minute?

Not really.

Is something the matter?

No, I'm just in a bit of a rush, okay?

Can you spare a minute for me now?

Why did you start again?

Something like last season.

It's lightning in a bottle.

Now all I'm hearing is we can do it again

and everybody's looking to me to do it.

You know what that feels like?

I just needed something to help.

Did you try giving the nightclubs a miss?

They make it so easy.

Everyone's your friend.

Free entry, free booze.

And, in return I get the club Tweeted about

and in the papers.

Everything's ideal.

Who else knows about this?

Look at me.

I'm smarter than I was before.

I know my limits.

I can train, I can play.

Nobody knows except me.

That's not quite true, is it?

One other person knows.

Who gives you these, Danny?

It's 100% oxygen, remember.

So, if you're thinking of having a crafty fag, don't.

You're no fun.

Oh, I'm fine.

Go on, be good.

Another of your magic rooms?

Oh, well this is a hyperbaric chamber.

You breathe increased amounts of oxygen

at twice the normal atmospheric pressure.

The oxygen gets broken up much more quickly that way.

We use it mostly for sports injuries.

But, they sometimes let civilians in.

Apparently it's good for rehabilitating stroke victims.

Do you have a moment, Mr. Gallagher?

Back in an hour.

Thanks, Deb.

How can I help?

Why don't we start with the painkillers

you're supplying Danny Wickham?

Did you know that Danny had

had a problem with painkillers in the past?

He said he was over that.

You were writing him repeat descriptions all summer,

and you weren't concerned?

Do you know what it's like to be an elite rugby player?

The sort of injuries they sustain week in, week out,

constant pain.

It's like being in a car crash every Saturday,

so no, I wasn't concerned.

I saw no reason to be.

Were you looking for one?

I've been with the lions for 15 years.

When she was alive, my wife used to tease me

I was really married to them.

I've seen them at the bottom,

and now Bill and the Lions

have done something extraordinary.

They've brought a sense of community, of passion, of pride.

Why would I want to jeopardize that?

If Mark Adler knew about Danny's pill habit,

that would give both Danny Wickham

and Neville Gallagher motive.

They both had access to the chamber and knew how to use it

which gives them means, so that just leaves opportunity.

Oh, sir.

Forensics just emailed through the results

on the tire prints outside the ground.

What are we looking at?

Fourth generation Golf pre '98.

So, nothing too common then.

But, there is this.


2:47, half a mile from the ground driving away,

a few minutes after the fire being started.

A Golf?

Registered to Guy Bevan.


Would you mind telling me

where you were last night, Mr. Bevan?


All night?


Then why was your car seen driving away

from the Lions' ground a few minutes

after someone torched it?

Guy didn't set fire to anything.

I did.

What were you thinking?

I couldn't bear to see you so flat.

It was like all the fight had just gone.

And, you thought this would help?

What they did to you...

He gave his life to that team, everything.

It's how we met, and then Adler comes along,

and suddenly it's, "Oh sorry, not good enough.

"Close the door on your wait out."

Well, you can't do that, not to someone I care about.

I know it didn't change anything,

but for a moment watching the flames I felt...

At least they'll notice, and we won't be ignored.

I'll need to take you down to the station.

You're locking her up?

You'll be charged with trespass and criminal damage

and released on bail, okay?

I understand.

Whose are these?

They're mine.

That's the Corsican flag, isn't it?

Dad gave it to me.

He went there a few weeks ago, pre-season break.


Yeah, why?

Guinea pig time.

Ooh, what have we got?

Guinea pigs.

What are they made with?

Sweet potato and soy sauce.



Of course not, it's disgusting.

Well, give it a minute.

They grow on you.

You know I'm working late tonight.

You'll be okay, won't you?

Well, if I'm not it'll be your fault.

How are the other recipes?

Bubbling away.

I saw Samantha today.

She's looking her age all of a sudden.

Ropey complexion, hollow eyes.

Not a good look.

She's really suffering.

I'm welling up.

You went to Corsica?

That's right.

On a pre-season break?


With Bill Viner?

A fact you hid from your own daughter.

Why would you do that?

Bill and I...

It happened about six months ago.

All through my marriage while my wife was alive

I told myself what I felt wasn't real.

I pretended I was happy,

and well, I did it for so long

I convinced myself it was true.

Bill changed all that.

No more pretending, not anymore.

But, you kept it secret?

I'm a 57 year old man with a daughter,

friends, family.

I have to be careful of who I hurt.

Thank you.

Is that shoulder giving you trouble?

A bit.

Well, you come and see me anytime.

I'll take a look.

Thank you.

About Bill...

You don't need to tell anyone, do you?

I'm afraid that depends

on the investigation, Mr. Gallagher.

It's wonderful material, so it is.

The thing is, my phone was stolen.

I know, disaster.

And, I want to contact the person who arranged the delivery

to thank them, so I was hoping if you had the details...

Oh, that would be lovely.

You have one new message.

Hello, I'm calling

from the bird sanctuary to thank you

for your very generous and most unexpected donation.

We would love to discuss ways in which you could help us

in the future.

Please, do get in touch.

Thank you.

I mean, the timing isn't brilliant, is it?

I'm sorry.

I couldn't deny it.

I've got to tell Debbie.


You'll be okay.

Debbie loves you.

I can't imagine why.

I know what's going on, and I know how to make it stop.



Who's there?

Enrobed, that's how they describe it,

isn't it, on the box?

Mind you, they're usually talking about a hazelnut,

not a head.

Time of death?

I'll know more when I've cracked him open.

I opened up about 8:30.

Everything seemed okay in the front.

I went into the kitchen and I found...

Who would do that?

It's sick.

Did you know Dominic was working late last night?


Is that unusual?

Not when we had a lot on

Dominic was a perfectionist.

What am I gonna do without him?

I won't be able to get stuff out of his windpipe

until I get him back to the lab.

It'll be all the way into his lungs, I shouldn't wonder.

He drowned in it?


Whoever did it just kept pouring until

death by chocolate.

And, he just lay there?

I'd say he was barely conscious.

Look at this.

Someone hit him hard.

No defensive wounds interestingly.

Nothing to his arms or hands.

He never saw it coming.

We found traces of blood on the floor.

I'd say he was struck and either staggered

or was dragged here.

Struck with what?

By the size of the wound and the nature of the injury,

something hefty.

Probably metallic.

Something like these?

He lived with his gran, didn't he?

He took care of her.

Has she been informed?

Not yet.

Go on then.

Thank you.



Every time.


Are you kidding?

Stronger than 100, braver than 1,000,

today we are one.

That's good stuff.

Are you all soft?

No sign of Danny?

Do you want me to give him a call?

Find out if there's a problem?

Yeah, thanks.

How's Debbie?

She was charged last night,

coming in later to pick up her P45.

We couldn't keep her on.

You see that, right?

Are you still gonna tell her?

When she comes in.

At last!

Are you here about the break-in?

What'd you do, stroll?


He came in through the side window.

Last night?

This morning while she was out.

She had a doctor's appointment first thing.

Wasn't she worried Dominic hadn't come home?

He often works through the night

when they've got a big order in.

Cash, credit cards, and a camera.

This wasn't a burglary.

Whoever did this was looking for something.

Question is, what?


Debs, you know I love you.

Will he make you happy, dad?

Then that's all that matters.

Dominic Braun's hard drive.



I'm going to pretend you didn't say that.

Hidden in a folder named "recipes",

Guy Bevan walking around a few days ago

without his brace on,

letter to guy pointing out

how the parties of his injury claim

might find this photo of interest.

Unless he pays how much?

It doesn't say.

It just says that he'll be in touch

with an alternative suggestion.

So, this is what?

Dominic's filing system?

Looks like it.

Then there's this.

Chockfull's tax return

and accounts Samantha submitted to the revenue,

showing a net loss last year.

She said she was doing okay.

She is.

Her real account showing a healthy profit, more than okay.

She diddled the taxman.

For about 50 grand.

Dominic was threatening to go public with it,

but before he did...

He had an alternative suggestion.

Is that all?

There's one other thing.

All of the file names are in sequence.

Dominic kept every picture that he took.


Three are missing from this batch,

all from the night Mark Adler was killed.

I understand this must come as a shock,

but did you know that your grandson was doing this?

Of course.

It was my idea.

I blame that Adler woman.

For what?

Me, the stroke, everything.

She's the reason why we did this.

She cheated me.

That shop was mine.

I'd worked all my life, then she comes along

with her ponsy ideas because she had money

she had par, didn't she?

But, Dominic carried on working.

What's that line?

Keep your friends close...

And, your enemies closer.

So, he worked there, watching her every move,

and when he found out what she was doing,

well it was like a gift from heaven.

And, then you blackmailed her?

Who had the power now?

I couldn't afford another huge tax bill.

It'd wipe me out.

Why not ask your husband for the money?

I did.

When I told him I was in trouble, he laughed.

So, you cooked the books.

What else could I do?

I didn't think anyone would find out.

But, Dominic Braun did.


You didn't know?

It's not like he signed the letters.

Where were you last night?

At home.

All night.


I watched TV for a few hours, then went to bed.

And afterwards,

this didn't stop with Samantha Adler.

It was Dom's idea.

Why stop?

He was my eyes and ears.

You would be amazed at what people get up to.

Where did you put the money?

What money?

Usually there's a money trail, deposits,

but we didn't find any in your account.

That's 'cause there aren't any.

We got them to make a donation.

That was your alternative suggestion.

Places that needed help.

CRASH, occupational therapy for the elderly,

bird sanctuary.

This wasn't about getting rich.

It was about us knowing, and watching them squirm.

It felt good.

Until someone fought back.

All this time, attending to everyone.

Including Debbie?

Even her.

To be honest, it's a relief.

Being blackmailed wasn't.

Did Debbie know?

She didn't have a clue.

And, this is the only contact you'd had?

That's right.

They just said they'd be in touch.

So, the threat was still hanging over you.

I suppose.

Where were you last night?

I didn't know it was Dominic Braun.

I had no idea!

Last night, Mr. Bevan.

I was with Debbie while she was being charged.

Then I brought her back here.

What time was that?

After nine.

You can check.

Oh, I will.

Beats chasing you around a squash court.

A little less chasing, a little more thinking, Winter.

Learn that and we'll make a player of you yet.

The duty sergeant confirmed

that Debbie Gallagher was charged at 9:40

and released soon after.

According to Fleur, Dominic Braun was killed

between 10 and midnight, so Guy and Debbie alibi each other.

You think they're capable of this?

Guy Bevan believes Mark Adler stole his life,

and Debbie's already guilty of arson.

Who knows what they're capable of?

What about Samantha Adler?

The grieving widow?

She doesn't have an alibi for last night either,

just that she was alone watching TV.

But, why kill Dominic and then leave the photos

that you know will lead us straight to you?

'Cause it makes you look innocent.

If I killed someone that was blackmailing me

as well as other people,

then I'd steal one of the other victim's photos

to throw the police off the scent.

You're really quite devious, Winter.

Thank you, sir.

What if Dominic Braun knew the identity

of Mark Adler's killer?

What if he overreached himself

and tried to blackmail them too?

I think we need to find those missing photos.

Well, Dominic didn't backup the cloud, I checked.

I bet there's backup somewhere.

See if you can find-

Miss. Horton.

I know who killed Dominic.

It was Danny Wickham.

Danny came around last night, out of control, crazy,

yelling, breaking stuff.

He kept on and on at how I'd been blackmailing him.

Danny Wickham was being blackmailed?


Over what?

He didn't say.

I told him how I'd never do anything like that.

But, you knew Dominic

had a history of blackmail.

We found evidence on his computer.

Why did Danny think it was you?

What he did to me that night at the party,

like I was meat, and then just got away with it,

I just wanted to get my own back, just a little.

I pranked him.

Pranked him?

It was Dom's idea, so I trolled Danny online.

Had things delivered that he hadn't ordered,

evangelical books, gay porn,

put his belongings up for sale on Gumtree, just kid stuff,

but it made me feel better.

And, then Danny found out?

He said he was gonna kill me.

Don't you see?

I was scared, so I told him to save myself.

Danny killed Dominic, and it's because of me.

Going somewhere, Danny?



After I found out it was Dominic,

my first thoughts there and then to

sort him out, and stay away.

Why didn't you?

I did.

I went to the house, but all the lights were on.

His gran was there, and I wanted him on his own.

You didn't go to the Chockfull kitchen,

confront him there?

Of course not.

Maybe you rowed, it got out of hand, heat of the moment?


He attacked you, you lashed out?

Wait, just hang on a sec.

What's happened?

Dominic Braun was found dead this morning.


And, you think...

No, I wasn't there.

I didn't kill him.

But, you did break into his house?

I waited 'til his gran went out,

and then I found the folder on his computer.

Can we see them, the photos you stole?

They weren't there!

I panicked, I was afraid he had a folder

somewhere else on the computer.

So, you smashed it hoping that would be enough?

Well, I didn't have much time,

so I did what I could and ran.

I swear.

Where's the photo that Dominic sent you now?

I bunked it, sorry.

If you didn't delete the photos on Dominic's computer,

who did?

I don't know.

What about Neville Gallagher?

Why would he do that?

That's what the photos were of, wasn't it?

Him giving you the pills?

No, Dominic didn't know anything about that.

Then what was he blackmailing you over?

My affair with Samantha.

Maybe it was Samantha who deleted the photos.

Maybe, but I can't believe Dominic

didn't have backup somewhere.

Talk to his gran, see if she knows.

I want to follow up on Samantha Adler.

You drive.

I think lover boy finished up what that towel started.

Come on.

Did you know that Dominic was targeting Danny Wickham?

He just said he had a new recipe.

That's what we called our targets.

He said it would make me happy.

I wish we'd never started.

Did Dominic keep hard copies of the photos?

He didn't need to.

It was all on computer.

What about backups?

I don't know.

Memory sticks, anything like that?

If ever I asked him, he'd just smile and say,

"Don't worry.

"It's all under my hat."

His hat?


Thank you.

There you go.

Thank you, mommy.

No squash racket today then?

This is going to run and run, isn't it?

Yeah, I expect so.

That'll be Winter.

As it happens, I've got some physio later.

I will be as good as new.

Or, even worse.

Samantha Adler's alibi for the night Dominic Braun died?

She was watching TV.

Except she couldn't.

There was a power cut in the area all night.

So, if she wasn't watching TV, what was she doing?

I'm not quite sure what it is you're expecting to find.

You lied to us, Mrs. Adler.

I got confused, that's all.

About what?

You had no power for three hours,

no lights, no TV, no nothing.

Hardly confusing, so I'll ask again, where were you?

I was here.

I just wasn't watching TV.

Then why say you were?

Because it sounded better than the truth.

Which is?

I made some brownies.

I didn't mean to, but I ate the lot

and passed out on the sofa.

All night?

Chocolate doesn't usually do that.

Marijuana does.

It relaxes me which is something I've needed recently.

I wasn't about to admit it to the police,

not if I didn't have to.

Sir, the car.

It was in the spare tire well.

Traces of blood on the side.

I don't understand.

How did that get in there?

Perhaps you'd like to tell us.

You were afraid your husband had found out

about your affair.

You couldn't afford to have him divorce you,

not with your current financial problems.

That's nonsense!

You gave him the sleeping pills without him knowing,

waited for him to go into the chamber,

and then you froze him to death.


I loved my husband.

I hated what he had become,

but I still hoped that we could maybe get back together.

By having an affair with Danny Wickham?

I was lonely.

Danny was meant to be a distraction.

That was the plan.

Danny just thought it was a bit more than that.

Things don't always turn out the way they should, do they?

No, Mrs. Adler, they don't.

The trouble was Dominic Braun had photos

of you and Danny outside Stubbington Hall.

They proved that you were there when your husband died.

You knew that Dominic was working late,

you killed him, and then you got Danny to break in

and steal the photos.

That's absurd!

Do you really think I would kill Dominic

and keep the weapon?

I mean, do you honestly believe I would be that stupid?

Why are you asking me this?

Ask Danny.

He was in the photo too.

What if he killed Mark?

He'd have just enough reason to kill Dominic as I do,

and he could have easily planted that weight in my car

to try and frame me.

Maybe Mark found out about us,

maybe he found out about Danny's pills, I don't know.

What I do know is that Mark wanted to transfer Danny,

and Danny hated him for it.

She said that?

How could she think I'd actually do something like that?

Did you?

I can do pretty much whatever I want.

Any woman I want, easy.

I'm everybody's friend, but Sam couldn't care less,

didn't know who I was, wasn't interested.

She just liked me.

And, I thought maybe this time things would be different.

My mistake.

I didn't kill Dominic, and I didn't try to frame her.

Do me a favor.

Tell her...

Just tell her.

I spoke to Debs yesterday.


We're okay.

That's good.

I want to tell everyone, Bill.

I don't want to hide.

I'm tired of pretending.

No more secrets.

Are you going back to the station?

Yeah, loads of witness statements to plow through.

I'll see you later.

I'm having some physio.

Oh, yes.

Towel related sports injuries, they can be nasty

You're full of knots.

There's a lot of stress in your life.


Who'd have thought?

Forensics are back on Dominic Braun.

Tell-tale hairs and big, fat fingerprints?

Nothing conclusively linking Samantha Adler

if that's what you're hoping for.

She looks guilty.

But, you don't think he is.

Doesn't quite pass the smell test.

Why kill Dominic at work?

Why hang on to the weapon and then hide it so badly?

And, why make no effort to have a convincing alibi?

'Cause by and large people are stupid?

Or, she's telling the truth,

and someone wants very badly

for us to think that she's guilty.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Thanks for this.

Say hello to Barnaby.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Curiouser and curiouser.


How's that?

You're a miracle worker.

We keep each other on our toes that's for sure.

It's good, it raises the game.

And, Bill Viner feels the same?

Let's ask him.

Oi, Bill!

Nobody, get over here!


Bill's nickname as in nobody's perfect.

Give me that, it's mine isn't it?

I did all the work!

The night you had to help Samantha put Mark Adler to bed.

Well, he had a meltdown.

Samantha said he was talking nonsense.

That's right.

Can you remember what he said?

Not really.

Something about the bins?

Oh yeah, yeah.

"I wish I put the bins out."

I know the feeling.

You always remember when it's too late.

Anything else?

"I hurt nobody," and, "I wish we had a dog."

I hurt nobody?

Yeah, something like that.

I can't really remember.

A bit of a rough night.

Bill Viner's nickname was Nobody.


Where's Neville Gallagher?

I don't know.





Neville, what are you doing?

You can't unlock the door,

and I've disabled all the controls.

You're going to have to come out of there, Neville.


Mark Adler confessed to you

on the night of the dinner, didn't he?

He was the one who broke Bill's ankle.

He's the one who ruined his career,

and you killed him for it.


Just before the match.

He'd learned you were part of the England squad,

and he wasn't.

You, love.

He wanted to teach you a lesson.

Oh my god.

You know I did it all for you, don't you?

All those years, all that hurt.

That's why Mark left Bill the team.

He wanted to make up for the pain he'd caused.

He was going to tell you.

Ease his conscience, who cared if you suffered?

He'd be all right.

And, I just thought that if you found out what he did,

after all these years, your friend, you'd...

I'd what, crack up?

You always push yourself too hard.

I was afraid I'd lose you.

Did you suggest Mark use the chamber that night?

He was worried that the cryotherapy wasn't working

for his CTE, so I suggested that he use the chamber more.

It was easy.

And, then all you had to do

was give him the sleeping pills and wait.

I gave him too many.

He was already half asleep when he went in.

I wanted it to take longer.

I wanted him to know why.

But, Dominic saw you, didn't he?

Where'd you get that?

He didn't delete every photo.

Dominic had a backup.

Did Danny show you this?

He came to me and asked for more painkillers.

I wanted to know why.

He didn't see the significance of the photo, did he?

But, you did.

You knew that if we ever saw it, it'd break your alibi.

This places you at the scene, at the time of Mark's death.

Nev, tell me they're lying.


You went to Dominic's house that night.

What were you gonna do, kill him there?

But, you didn't get the chance, did you?

He'd gone to work.

So, you deleted the photos first, went to the kitchens,

and killed him.

I had to do it.

It was only a matter of time before he knew what he had.

I couldn't risk it.

It's time to go, Neville.


It's time for you to leave.

Put that down, Neville.

Neville, please.

You know I love you, don't you?


How swift are your legs?

No, no, Neville please, don't do this.

Put the lighter down.

How swift are your legs?

They're swifter than the wind.

How full is your heart?

Full to the brim.

Today the sun will shine-


For together we are stronger than 100-


Braver than 1,000!

Today we are one.

I've never lost one before.

He'd made up his mind.

All for love?

All for love.

So, it was in a cake?

Yeah, something Fleur said to me.

She's the one who tipped me off.

Don't tell her, we'll never hear the end of it.

How's that shoulder?


You should have that looked at, sir.

I think I'll stick to the magic sponge.