Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 16, Episode 5 - The Killings of Copenhagen - full transcript

Midsomer biscuit tycoon Eric Calder is poisoned by one of his own biscuits whilst in Copenhagen to seal a contract with businessman Albert Toft. As the goods were sent from Midsomer, detective Birgitte Poulsen asks Barnaby to investigate. He finds that Eric's son Harry had no interest in the family firm but had recently rowed with Eric whilst his wife Penelope has been having an affair with his brother Julian. Also in the frame is chief baker Armand Stone, a man with a good knowledge of chemistry. Julian is also murdered, drowned in whisky, but Barnaby and Nelson fly to Copenhagen from where a floral tribute was sent to Eric's funeral, paid for by a credit card stolen from Pastor Thomas Madsen. They find that Eric has been involved for many years with Ingrid Madsen, by whom he has a daughter. Whilst Barnaby works out the identity of the daughter there are more deaths back at Midsomer and he must link them with the killings of Copenhagen.

Hi. Good morning.

Here's your package, Mr Calder.

Oh. Thank you.
You're welcome.



"Greetings from Badger's Drift."

Eric Calder was a prominent figure.

His family have been making biscuits
in Badger's Drift for over a century.

Any idea who might want him dead?

No, but we'll be talking to his
family this morning,
see what they can tell us.

It's upside down.

Where was the package sent from?

We don't know specifically
but it was franked by a UK mail


Now, we're still waiting
for the full pathology report.

But we believe Calder
absorbed a poison through his skin.

It would have had to be something
pretty lethal to kill him that

Obviously, we need to coordinate our

But as Calder's life was in

we'll be relying on you to do
most of the physical investigation.

Oh, for crying out loud, Nelson!

DCI Barnaby?

Are you all right?

Fine. Thanks.

We'll be in touch.


Right, then. Mobile charged?

Back-up mobile?


Mobile charged, back-up charged,
land line working and bat signal

This is serious. You're a week from
due date. You could go at any minute.

If I feel even so much as a twinge,
I'll call you. I promise. Now
please, go.

Detective Degn is certainly thorough.

According to the file, Eric Calder
has a wife and son, Penelope and

And a younger brother, Julian.

He's been living with Eric for the
last year.

Right, Nelson. Best behaviour.

The Calder family is like royalty
around here.

Julian Calder?

Can I help you?
Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.

This is Detective Sergeant Nelson.
You're here about Eric?

We need to ask a few questions.
Well, Pen's inside.

On a call with the funeral people.
She won't be long.

Your brother was well liked.

Hm? You think?

Most of these are from business

Eric lived for his work.
Very few friends.

But at least one enemy?

So it would seem.

These gentlemen are detectives.

Here to ask questions about Eric.


You don't look Danish.

We're assisting in the investigation.

The undertaker is being difficult.

Well, I'm sure you can talk him

Pen's got big plans for tomorrow.

I mean to give my husband a
dignified send off.

Stop calling me Pen.

Could you take Mr Calder's statement,

I imagine it won't take you too long
to find out who killed him.

Eric barely knew anyone in

Did he visit there often?

A dozen times in the last few

He was negotiating a contract to
supply a product to a company out

Do you have a name for this company?
Toft Biscuits.

Actually, Mrs Calder, we think it
might be someone a little closer to

The package that poisoned your
husband was sent from the UK.


That's impossible.

No one here would want Eric dead.
Everyone loved him.


Calder's Biscuits put this village
on the map.

Eric made it a success.

Sometimes success breeds resentment.

Not in this case.

Can you think of anyone who might
have wanted to kill your brother?


Though I suppose Eric did have
a tendency to lord it over people.

What about your nephew, Harry?
What about him?

Did he get on with his dad?

They weren't terribly close,
but then Harry was always Pen's boy.

Where can we find him?
Probably down at Mrs Trout's.

It's a tea room in the village.

Got a thing for the waitress there.

PENELOPE: Julian! I need you in

Seems you woke the dragon,

Get down to the tea room.
See what Harry Calder has to say for

You don't want to come along?

I think I'll pay a visit to the

If Eric Calder lived for his work,
I want to see where he spent his

Didn't expect to see you today.

Either this or hang around the

Here, take this.
Oh, thanks.

Six months, Summer, and you still
can't make a decent coffee.

Well, it tastes better when you pay
for it.

Isn't my company payment enough?

Not for Clara. She's been checking
the tills. I'm on my last warning.

Thank you.

So, you all ready for tomorrow?

Is anyone ready to bury their dad?

You'll get through it, Harry.

What about you?

Are you gonna be there?

I can't. Your mum's booked us to do
the food. I'll be setting up at the

Harry Calder?

When did you last see your dad?

A few days ago.

And how did he seem?

Um...he seemed disappointed as

Banging on about me getting a job.

You weren't planning to follow him
into the family business?


Cooped up in that factory all day?
No, thanks.

I prefer to breathe.

Did you talk about anything else?
Not really.

Was he anxious or preoccupied?

Look. Even if he was, he wouldn't
confide in me.

Dad and I weren't that close.


DCI Barnaby?
You've been admiring our awards.

Very impressive.

Clara Trout. Product manager.

Trout? As in Mrs Trout's Tea Room?

Not quite. I'm afraid that Mrs
Trout's is no longer with us.

The tea room belonged to Mum.
She left it to me.

That's quite an heirloom.

More of a millstone.

Poor Mr Calder. Such a shock.

Did you know him well?

Mr Calder didn't really mix with the

Even so, everyone is very upset
about his death.

And yet life goes on.

Needs must. We've got a large
shipment going out to Denmark

The Toft contract?
That's right.

Armand is determined to get it out
no matter what.


Armand Stone.

Our master baker and the man
responsible for Golden Clusters.

Armand is a genius.

He's always coming up with new

Always working.

He was Mr Calder's right-hand man.


This way.
Clara Trout. Come here at once.

I need your expert opinion.

Absolutely wonderful, Armand.

Correct answer.

Tell me. Who is this man?

DCI Barnaby, he's come about Mr

Of course. Eric. Terrible shock.

Did you know Eric Calder well?

Eric provided the space and the
resources for me to create my art.

You mean he was your boss?

I prefer to think of us as partners.


Does the factory have a franking

In the mail room, just next door.

Could you bring me a letter, please?

What kind of letter?

A franked one.

Quite a set up you have here.

Well, as I said, Eric went out of
his way to ensure that I had
everything that I needed.

Were you and he close?

We made an excellent team.

DCI Barnaby?

A franked letter.

Is there a problem?

There's no shipment going out

It seems that the contaminated
package came from the mail room in
this factory.

I'm shutting you down.

Oh, dear.


Can we have all the staff together,

We need a list of everyone
who has access to the factory mail

That's gonna be a long list.

Speak to the Personnel Department.

And run a background check on Armand
Stone. I want to know more about him.


No more Calder's biscuits for a

Why, what's wrong with them?

This is what killed Eric Calder.

A tin like this was coated with

I had to close down the factory

A biscuit tin as a murder weapon?

It's hardly conventional, I know.

The tin was symbolic. It means

We just need to find out what.

Well, you better find out before

Don't fret. I will be there for

Even if you haven't solved the case?

Of course, I will have solved the

You'd better.

Now, I need a foot rub.


I had a word with the undertaker.

Well, you said he was being
difficult, so I decided to put him

You didn't have to do that.
I thought you'd be pleased.

It's my duty to handle the funeral.
He was my husband.

Yeah, and he was my brother!

It's just as important to me to see
that Eric gets the funeral he

Look, tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we'll lay Eric to rest.

And then, life, as they say...

..goes on.


JULIAN: You are so strong,
I don't know how you've coped.


PENELOPE: If it hadn't been for

JULIAN: You are an amazing woman.


We shouldn't do this tonight.

JULIAN: Do you want me to go, then?



I want you to stay.



The whole village is buzzing.

Everyone's talking. No one can
believe it.

Eric Calder, eh?


How the mighty fall.


Is that all you can say, "Quite"?

How many times have these been used?


If we get Penelope in the right

..she might let us clear Eric's

I doubt she'll be looking to get rid
so soon after her husband's death.

Grief's a strange thing.

She might see it as a new start.

What we need...is a charm offensive.

And milk. What we really need is

What we need is something bigger
than the scraps from the Calders'

Look at us.

Scouring the obits for some lonely
widow to pop off. What have we got?

I don't know...

a granny flat here, a garage there.

Small potatoes.

We get by.
The bank would disagree with you.

What we need, brother...is a grand

Where are we going to find one of

Maybe...I already have.

Pathology came back on Eric Calder.

Cause of death was asphyxiation
brought on by exposure to

Strychnine isn't easy to come by.

Banned substance
but you can still get hold of it.

Used in agriculture as a way
to deal with pests and vermin.

Can it be synthesised?

Not without a PhD in Chemistry.

Armand Stone didn't quite have that
but he did study Chemistry at uni.

Started at Calder's in early 1995.

Three weeks into the job,
he creates Golden Clusters.

They become an overnight success
and he becomes unbearable.

Who has access to the factory lab?

Officially, Armand and Clara.

But the factory's security isn't
exactly watertight,
so anyone could get in there.

What about Forensics?

They did a sweep of the building
but they found no traces of any

So the factory's back open?
Six o'clock this morning.

What about Armand's relationship with

Testy, apparently.

Feeling is that Armand was getting
frustrated. He felt he should be
running the factory.

They argued?
Like an old married couple.

Yet Armand claims that he and Calder
had the perfect business partnership.

Come on. Let's go and see him.

If you and Eric Calder
made such an excellent team,

why did you spend so much of your
time arguing with each other?

Tongues been wagging, have they?

The truth of it is that Eric and I
often disagreed.

Don't get me wrong, he was
a solid businessman but he lacked

Unlike you?

I am a creative.

I thrive on new ideas.

Eric liked to live in the past.

So, safe to say, you were frustrated
with his leadership of the company?

I felt that we needed someone

Eric Calder was killed by coming
into contact with a lethal poison.

So I've been told.

You've got a chemistry background.

You know, if you're looking for
someone with a reason to kill Eric,

you might want to have words with
his son.

Why would Harry Calder kill his dad?

All I know is they had quite the row
in the tea room the day before he

Staff were gossiping about it.

By all accounts...Harry was furious.

Now if there's nothing else,
I have quite an important funeral to

(SIGHS) What on earth is keeping

We're gonna be late.

I'm sure they won't start without

There you are.

The car is waiting.

I'll make my own way.


No... No, we go together.


Because we're a family, that's why.

Some family.


The boy's lost his father.

He's upset.

All right, come on.

No, no, it's OK.

Excuse me, I'm looking for Summer

She's inside.
Thank you.

Summer Haleston?

You trying to give me a heart

Sorry. I just wanted a quick word.

What about?

The trouble in the tea room last

What trouble?

Apparently, there was an argument
between Harry Calder and his dad.

Yeah, they had some words.

Any idea what it was about?

Not really. Just a lot of shouting.

And er...who was doing the most

It was hard to say. I was in the
kitchen when it kicked off, so I
didn't see.

Are you friends with Harry Calder?

I know him.

Did he discuss the argument after?

Not really.
He didn't say anything about it?

It was between him and his dad.
Family stuff, private.

So, he didn't need to give me an
explanation, OK?


Wait a moment.

Leave me alone.


I am so sorry. He was a fine man.

I know this must be a difficult time
but rest assured Calder's is in good

Not now, Armand.

Gathering clues, DCI Barnaby?

Just paying my respects.

I was under the impression
that Harry and his mum were close.

They're usually thick as thieves.

Had to be, I suppose.

Mr Calder worked so hard.
Mrs Calder only had Harry.


Good to see you.
You too.

Pity about the circumstances.

Sorry, this is Ernest and Atticus

DCI Barnaby.
How do you do?

The boys do house clearances.

Clara, please. Estate valuations.

We should get back to the house.
Plenty of time.

We'll miss the buffet.

Word of advice.

Never get between my brother
and a plate of sausage rolls.

I'd better get back too.

I left Summer in charge.

Dread to think what kind of a mess
she's made of everything.

The police were asking questions.

About what?
Last week, you and your dad.


So tell me, Armand, what's your

The secret of Golden Clusters?

In a word - me.

I insist upon perfection.

I won't take mediocrity or the

This is my gift. I share it with the

Take the Chinese, for example.

The Chinese?

When they lose a loved one,
the whole family come together,

gather up the deceased's possessions
and just throw them out.

Catharsis, see?

I don't think the Chinese do that.


Well, someone does.

It's a damn healthy way to react, I

Pen darling, it's time.

All the subtlety of a hammer.

At least I'm trying.

I'd like to say a few words.

Eric would have been deeply touched
to see so many friends and family

I know today is about remembering

But Calder's Biscuits is bigger than
one man.

It's part of our community
and we must look to secure its

I've been in negotiation
with the board over a successor.

And we believe we have found
the right man to run the company.

My brother-in-law, Julian Calder.


MAN: Bravo.

Julian will be the sixth member
of the Calder family to run the

JULIAN: Thank you, Pen.

Now, obviously I can't hope to do
as good a job as Eric.

But I will give it my very best

I'm honoured to have
this vote of confidence from the

Armand? Is everything all right?


Egg mayo isn't exactly popular.

This is salad cream!

What's the difference?

Not bad, eh?

Julian? Julian? Julian?

Thank you. Yes, I can't wait to get

Perhaps when you do, I have
something that might be of interest
to you.


Summer Haleston claims she doesn't
know what Harry and Eric were
arguing over.

You think she's lying?
I don't know.

But she got pretty angry
when I tried to press her on it.

Ah, something else came in
from the Danish crime scene.

A thumbprint found on the door
to Calder's hotel room.

Did they find a match?

There wasn't anything on their

But they have a witness who claims
they saw a man hanging around
outside the room.

It could just be a guest who was

I'm not so sure.

I found this on a bouquet
that was sent to the cemetery.


It's Danish.

It means "forever".

Come on, just one drink.

I can't. I've got to get all that

I'll help you.
No. It's all right. I've got it.

Whoah. Easy there!


Look, you've had a tough day.


Well, I just thought you... You

We're friends, Harry.


Look, I like you...

No, it's OK.

I get the picture.

Harry, wait.

JULIAN: If you say so.

I'll be there.

You look tired. You should go to

I can't stop thinking about Harry.

For God's sake, he's a grown man.

Time to cut the apron strings, don't
you think?

Come to bed.

You've just buried your husband.

And so...

..I don't want to be alone.

Sorry. I have to go out.

Go out, where?


What sort of business?
Pen, we're not married.

I don't have to answer your

I think we should take a break,
don't you?

It's all getting a bit...








The flowers were delivered
to the churchyard by a local florist.

But the original booking
came from a company in Copenhagen -

Bine Flowers.

Maybe Toft Biscuits sent them.

Why wouldn't they sign the card?

Plus the message, "forever", it
sounds personal.

OK, we'll look into it.

I just hope this isn't all you have.

Now, come on.
You can't spend all morning in bed.

It's a beautiful day out there.
You're young. You should be out
enjoying yourself.

SARAH: John!


It's OK. Keep breathing!

OK, all set. Let's go.

Let's go where?

You called for me.

There's a spider in the bath.

You sounded like you were in

I am! You should see the size of it.



Thank you for coming. To be honest,
we really don't know what to make of

What exactly is it?

I made sure nobody touched anything.

See what I mean?

Looks like someone's had a party.

BARNABY: This was no party.

Who was in here last night?

No one. The early shift starts at

Did they see anyone around?

I want to know who was in that chair.

Where is he? I'm not having this.

Armand, we have a situation here.

You better believe we do.

He's in my space, my designated
parking space.

Who is?
Julian Calder.

His car is out there, parked in my

Excuse me, we found a broken window
round there, I thought I better let
you know.

Thank you.

One of the downstairs windows is
smashed. Looks like someone broke

The ground underneath's dry.
It's been here all night. Search the

Find him.

And get Kate and her team down here.
I want the factory and the car

I have no idea where Julian is.

When did you last see him?

Last night, before he went out.
What time was this?

About midnight. He got a call.

Did he say where he was going?


Why, is there a problem?
Did he take the call on his mobile?

No, the landline.

I need to see his room.



His clothes are still here.

Of course they are. Now, will you
please tell me what is going on?

Your brother-in-law is missing.

Don't be so absurd.

Julian just probably went for a
drive somewhere.

His car was abandoned at the factory.

A call came in at 12:13.

A mobile registered to Harry Calder.

Where is your son, Mrs Calder?

Mrs Calder?

I don't know.

I haven't seen him.


Ernest, what have you done?

Well, it's nice to be trusted.

It's not that I don't trust you,
Summer, but you can be careless.

What are those doing up there?

Just some posters.
Gives this place a bit of a vibe.

My mother ran a traditional village
tea room. It doesn't need a vibe.

Reckon your mum would've liked them.

Take them down.



Look at the state of you!

How many did you have last night?

Do you... Do you want an exact

Come on, let's get you up.

We need to talk to you, Harry.

BARNABY: Where's Julian?

Look...I don't know where Julian is.

Harry, we know you telephoned
your uncle last night

and he left the house shortly after
that call.

What was so important
you had to call him after midnight?

Was it the same thing you and your
dad argued over in the tea room?

You need to start talking to me
because this isn't looking good.

Two meetings - your dad and your

One ends up dead, the other
disappears. Wait.

You think I killed Dad?

You want to know why I got so angry
with Dad?

Because he was leaving my mum.

He told you this?

"Just giving you the heads up,

Don't worry. You'll understand it

Well, at least he was right on one

It all makes sense now.

What makes sense?

She tried to make out that Dad was
the bad guy.



Your mother and Julian?

So you called your uncle to confront
him about his relationship with your

It's not a relationship.

He's using her.

Just think about it.

He kills Dad...

..he gets Mum, the house, the

So what did he say when you met him?

I dunno.

You arranged to meet him at the tea


But he never showed.

Julian's service provider
says he got a call on his mobile at

That's after Harry called him at the

Do we know who it was from?

Pay-as-you-go mobile.

But we do know the call lasted a

Enough time for someone to arrange a
meeting and then break into the

So now we're saying that two people
wanted to meet Julian after

He was a man in demand last night.

I've been doing some digging.

Julian started at Calder's with Eric
before he went abroad.

About year ago, he lost a lot of
money in a Spanish property deal.

Maybe he figured that killing his
brother was the answer to all his

So where on earth is he now?

He'll turn up.

That's what worries me.




It's here.

Thank you.
Are you sure you're gonna be OK?

It's only for one night.
I know, but it's Denmark.

I can't just pop back if you need me.
I'm sure I'll muddle through.

Anyway, Kate's gonna call round.

I'll be fine.

Just in case. Take this.

Who's Andrew Copeland?

The best high-speed pursuit driver
in the Midsomer Constabulary.

If you go into labour, call him.
He'll get you to the hospital faster
than any ambulance.

Don't be so ridiculous!

I do not want a pursuit driver
taking me to the hospital. You are
gonna take me.

You made a promise and I'm holding
you to it.

You better get going.

I'll check in every hour.
I can't wait.

Bye, Sarah.

I've been brushing up on my Danish.

When you say "brushing up"...?

I started learning last night.



Spoken like a native.

You forgot one thing, though.

The receipt.

Come on, Detective Poulsen is waiting


Vicepolitikommissaer Birgitte
Poulsen. Nice to meet you.
This is DS Nelson.

Hi. Kriminalassistent Anna Degn.

It's...it's great to be here.
I love your country. It's very

Oh. So you've been to Denmark
before? No.

Then how do you know it's beautiful?

What I've seen of it so far.
I mean, you know, the journey from
the airport.

The um...motorways.

It's very...clean. It's very flat.

Are you done?
Yes. Thank you.

So, let's get started.

Detective Degn will take your
sergeant to the crime scene at the
Toft Factory.

And you and I will go to the morgue.

Actually, I'd like to see the Toft
Factory. Nonsense. You will come to
the morgue.

Come, come.

Shall we?

So now you have two bodies?
So it would seem.

And they keep turning up here.
Yes. That is unfortunate.

Did you get anywhere with the

The bouquet was bought by a credit

belonging to a pastor in Klausted
by the name of Thomas Madsen.

And how does this Madsen know Calder?

Apparently, he doesn't.
He says his card was stolen a few
weeks back.

I hope you're not squeamish?

I have been in a morgue before.

How long have you worked with
Poulsen? We teamed up about four
years ago.

She's quite a personality.
You noticed?

Birgitte's a little eccentric.
She can be blunt but she's a good

Oh, she's certainly blunt.


What about Barnaby? What's he like?

Again, good detective. Gets results.

He can be a little...prickly at

Prickly meets blunt, huh?

I'm not sure how that will work out.

Cause of death. Asphyxiation.

He drowned in alcohol?

The pathologist found his stomach
and lungs were full of malt whiskey.

Unlikely to have been self-inflicted.

Deep markings on both his wrists.

He was restrained. His head was held
back and the bottle was forced down
his throat.

Everything here tallies with the
crime scene at the Calder's factory.

Which means he was killed in

And that makes him your problem.

So...this is...as you can see...

Forensics get anything on it?
Too much.

Numerous fingerprints, hair samples,
lots of cross-contamination.

Half the staff at Calder's came into
contact with this at some point.

DS Nelson, this is Albert Toft.
He's the director of Toft Biscuits.

DS Nelson is over from England.

A terrible tragedy. First, Mister
Calder and now his brother. Very

We understand Calder's had a deal
with you to supply their goods.

That was the plan at first.
But then, Eric Calder made us a
better offer.

A better offer?

To sell Calder's to Toft.

According to Toft, Calder was in
negotiations to sell the business.

We checked with Eric's solicitors.

They were vague but confirmed he was
exploring his options in regards to
the company.

Legal speak for it was happening.

So, not only was Eric Calder leaving
his wife but he was also selling up.

Sounds like he was running away.

Hmm. Question is: where was he
running to?


Kate Wilding.
It's Barnaby. Are you at the


I need to talk to one of the uniform
boys. Is there anybody there?

They've all gone. Can I help?

There's something I need you to

It's only a box.

It's trouble and you know it.
Try not to fret.

Try not to fret?
First Eric and now Julian.

We've got to get rid of it.
Get rid?

Pretend we never saw it.

We could do that of course. Or...
we could use what's inside to our

What are you talking about?

Just leave everything to me,


Kate? What have you got?

There's nothing to prove
conclusively that Calder was
planning to run away,

but his personal box files are all
empty, which is...strange.

And there's a letter in his

Which looks like he was dealing with
a property company in Copenhagen.

Do we have a name?

The Bruun Agency.

Mister Calder bought the property
a few weeks ago. He was very keen.

We went through Calder's financial
records. There was no mention of

It was all a little mysterious but
above board.

And I guess he did it that way
because he didn't want to spoil the

What surprise?
Well, I assume the cabin was a gift.

Why else would he put it in her
name? Whose name?

Ingrid Madsen. She owns the place.

Where can we find her?

If she's not at the cabin,
I assume she'll be at her former

Here we go. Ingrid Madsen.

She lives in Klausted with her

Thomas Madsen?
Yes. How did you know that?

Get out of my factory.
I was only trying to help.

Out! Or I'll call security.

You're making a mistake.


Thomas Madsen?

And this is DCI Barnaby from the UK.

We're looking for your sister.

I'm afraid Ingrid has gone away for
a few days. Perhaps I could help.

As I explained on the phone,
my credit card was stolen.

But you didn't report it at the

No. I was too embarrassed.

I left my car unlocked. I deserved
what I got.

A funeral bouquet is an unusual item
for a credit card thief to buy.

Normally, they go for laptops and
clothes. Flowers are bit personal.

I suppose you're right.

So you never met Eric Calder?
No. I'm afraid not.

(CLEARS THROAT) Maybe this will jog
your memory.

Sorry. I don't know that man.

What about Ingrid? Did she know him?

How can you be so sure?

My sister tells me everything.

Did she tell you that Eric Calder
purchased a property in her name?

This is very worrying. Clearly this
Calder was involved in some form of

buying a property in her name.

Isn't it more likely that Ingrid did
know him? But didn't tell you.

No, because my sister tells me

So, now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to prepare for the evening

So, what do you think?

I think you should get your lab
to pull his print off this photo.

I'll bet you breakfast that it
matches the print found on Calder's
hotel door.

You're sneaky. That impresses me.
Well, I'm glad you're impressed.


- There. That should do it.
- Well done. You've put the boys to

- You quite like those, don't you?
- Addicted.

John won't let me eat them
because of the Calder business.

- So I have to binge before he gets
back. - When the cat's away...

The mouse eats her weight in

How's John getting on with the

Fine. He hasn't really said much.

You should hear Nelson.
Apparently Degn and Poulsen are
quite "stunning".

Charlie said that?
John not mention it?

No. No, he didn't.

Well, they're probably quite
ordinary. Nelson has a tendency to


I thought you were addicted to
those. I've lost my taste for them.

Come. Sit. Let's eat.

Eat? Birgette, my wife is a day from
her due date,

I'm on the evening flight -
I don't have time to eat.

But I owe you breakfast. You were

The print on Calder's hotel door
belonged to Thomas Madsen.

Good. Let's go and see him.

Wait. Wait, I have other news.

Tell me on the way.

I looked into Ingrid last night
and I came across a child,

born in Copenhagen in 1989.

OK, so Ingrid has a child.

Not anymore. She gave Alice up for
adoption a month after she was born.

The birth certificate lists the
father as unknown. But take a look
at the child's full name.

Alice...Calder Madsen.



Wow. That is quite a view.

When you said a cabin,
I was thinking of something a little
more rustic.

You know, like log fires, rocking

Bearskin rug?
Yeah. Exactly.

Not like this. This is nicer than my
flat. If I actually had a flat.


Hej. Politi.



Aargh. Aargh!

Thomas Madsen. We caught him
trying to clear the place out when
we arrived.

What was he taking?
He says it was his sister's things.

Let me deal with him.


Ingrid's belongings. Correct?

This is just a misunderstanding.

Let me tell you what we know.

We know Ingrid had a relationship
with Eric Calder.

We know the relationship produced a
child and you had the child adopted.

And finally, we know that you were
outside Eric Calder's door on the
day he died.

I was just trying to protect my

Huh. Hm.

Protect her...from what?

From Calder, of course. He was going
to ruin her life all over again.

And how was he going to do that?

He...filled her head with dreams
of them being together.

So, you went to see him at the hotel?

I went to warn him. To tell him to
stay away from Ingrid for good.

But I was too late.

Somebody had got to him before me.

And now my sister is

And no doubt she will blame me

Where is Ingrid now?


We need to talk about Eric.

It was a concert in Copenhagen.

I was studying at the Music Academy
and Eric was in the city for a trade

He was at the concert to pass the

And when was that?

16th of February, 1989.

We talked during the interval.
Then we went for dinner.

Before I knew it, we'd spent the
week in his hotel room.

I was young. It felt exciting.

A little too reckless?

Oh, no. Eric made it clear
that the week was a one-off.

He'd just taken over the business,
married with a son.

I knew he wouldn't give all that up.

You erm...didn't tell him you were

No... Instead I came back to

How did Thomas feel about the baby?

He wasn't happy. He thought I'd been

And he was right.

And he arranged the adoption?

Through his contacts,
he found her a good home.

It was hard but... after some time I
just got on with my life.

Until Eric contacted you again.

Yeah. He was just standing there.
Out front.

He looked older. But still the same.

Said he was here on business
and that he'd been thinking about me
a lot.

How did the cabin come about?

Eric wanted us to meet again.
But I was worried what Thomas would

So, he...he rented the cabin. Our
secret place.

I'd go there to be with him.
And then he bought it for you.

Oh, no. No, he bought it for us.

He wasn't happy at home.
He'd decided to leave.

And we were going to start all over

Did you tell Eric about Alice?


Um...I was planning to but...
I don't know, I was too scared, I

You never wanted to contact her?

She sent a letter a few years ago.

She wanted to meet and I wanted to,
but... you know, Thomas thought it
was a bad idea.

He's not a bad person. He just
wants to look after me, like all
brothers do.

It was a beautiful letter.
So bright and passionate.

She told me all about her life in

Sounded so exciting.

We're heading for the airport now.
I'll see you in a couple of hours.

OK. Bye.
Let's hope she holds out.

We don't have much time, Nelson.

We've got it. Alice Madsen.
Born on the 4th of December, 1989,
in Klausted.

She was adopted a few months later
by Ella and James...Hailston.


She changed her name.

We need to talk to Summer when we get

Flight leaves in an hour.
Don't worry, you'll make it.

Especially with our flat motorways.

Birgitte. Thank you for everything.

No need. And good luck with the
baby. Yes, good luck.

So, er...I just wanted to say...




It's only cheap supermarket fizz.
But it will do for now.

- So, what are we drinking to?
- Oh!

- Eric Calder.
- Eric!

I may be better-looking,
but you, Ernest, are the brains of
the outfit.

Ah! It was nothing.

Just some creative thinking and...
hard bargaining.


What was that?
Nothing. It's just the wind.

There's no wind tonight.

I'll go and investigate.
Oh, go on then.

Look for clues.


It's just a fox.


Infernal nuisance. Always at the
bins. What we need is a shotgun.

Do you want a sandwich?
I've got cheese.

What's the matter? Are you not

Who's there?


Where's Summer Haleston?

We sent a PC to pick her up last
night but there was no answer at her

- How's Sarah?
- Still pregnant.

Sarge? You might wanna
have a look at these receipts.


You know these two?

Ernest and Atticus Bradley.

As you can see, they've both
sustained a deep penetrating injury
to the heart.

Are they carving forks?
Your killer had a good aim.

How long have they been dead?
About 12 hours, give or take.

I'm guessing the apples are
symbolic. Greedy little pigs.

Sir? I've got a receipt dated three
days before Eric Calder died.

It looks like he hired the Bradleys
to ship some personal items.

To Calder's cabin in Denmark.

But there's no record that it was

So where is it?

There's letters, cards, photographs.

This is basically Eric Calder's

It looks like a recipe book.

Some pages have been torn out.

Right. Thank you.

Summer Haleston just turned up at
the station.

You go and speak to her. Find out
what contact she had with Eric

I'll go and see how much Penelope
knows about her husband's double

I want to know what this is about.


It's about Eric Calder. Your dad.

Or your "biological dad" if you

Let's start with you telling me
what kind of relationship you had
with him.

We didn't have a relationship.
What do you mean?

I never told him who I was.

You've been here six months.
I know.

So, why didn't you tell him?

Maybe I was waiting for the right

Or maybe you saw your chance
to really make him pay for his years
of neglect.

Maybe you got here and saw the big
house and the factory, and all that

I didn't come here for his money.
I came to find out who my real dad

So why didn't you tell him?

Because I was scared, that's why.

Yeah, he had the big house and the
money, and he was an important man.

But what was he going to think
when he found out his daughter was a

I just didn't want to disappoint

(SIGHS) So where were you last

I watched a film and I went to bed.
I was shattered from working in the

Look, as soon as I heard you wanted
to speak to me I came to the station
of my own accord.

I haven't done anything.



You're free to go, for now.

Hey. I heard you were here.

So, what did they want?

Harry, there's something I need to
tell you.

Well, go on then.

Not here. Let's go to the tea room.
No, what's going on?

Why were you with the police?

They wanted to talk about Dad.

What's your dad got to do with this?

Our dad.

I must say, I am disappointed.

Two days in Denmark and all you
found out was that Eric bought a

That's not all we found out.

And the rest may be difficult for you
to hear.

Oh. Let's see if I can guess, shall

A woman, probably my age. Danish no

Someone Eric met a long time ago.
His Copenhagen adventure?


I knew he'd met someone.

He was different when he came back.

Didn't you confront him?

There was no point.
He wasn't going to leave me for her.

So, I just let it be.

Did you know they had a child?

Well, it seems you had a productive
two days after all, DCI Barnaby.


Tell me, did this child have a name?


The waitress?

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't know either.

She never said a word.

Well, I erm... I must say, I never
expected that.

There's something else.

We found this amongst your husband's
things. Have you ever seen it?

It's not Eric's handwriting.
Or Julian's?


What about the recipes?

Well, they're...they're all Calder

According to Penelope,
this book has all the Calder's
Biscuit recipes.

But there's one recipe missing.
The most important recipe Calder's
ever had.

Golden Clusters?

Now, Eric didn't come up with this.
And I doubt Armand did either.

See? This notebook is dated 1994.

That's a year before Armand started.

So...who else was at Calder's then?

Hold on a minute. Erm...

I found some newspaper cuttings in

These are mostly local press reports
on the factory.

New product launches,
charity events, open days.

But look...

Er... Yeah, here.

This is a photograph of the Calders
on the factory floor.

From June 1994.

A young Eric, a young Julian.

Yes, but look here.

I think that's the recipe book.

We need to find this woman.

Something new for me to try?

Is anything wrong?

Why would anything be wrong?

I don't know.

I saw you arguing yesterday with

Were you spying on me?
No. No, no. I was just passing...

And gathering gossip. Armand, I
would never gossip about...

Have you any idea, even an inkling,
of the kind of pressure I'm under?

I was just trying to help.
Well...I don't need your help.

Go away.





I think its show time.


Her name is Agnes Trout.

She worked at Calder's as a baker
from '75 to '94.

If this is her book, she came up with
the most successful recipe Calder's
ever had.

Well, she left shortly after this
shot was taken and opened the tea

- How did she afford a tea room?
- A pay-off?

So...a small village tea room
in exchange for her Golden Clusters

Then why did Armand claim
that he invented Golden Clusters?

- Has all this been to protect his secret?
- We need to get to the factory.

Did you hear about the Bradleys?

I hope you don't think
I had anything to do with that?

You didn't say what your argument
was about, with Ernest.

It was nothing.

It didn't seem like nothing.
It's not important.

Not important?
Don't worry about it.

Oh... I'm not worried about it.



We need another way in.





Sir? The ovens.


I'm saving you till last, Armand.

Clara. What on earth are you doing?
The question is: how to kill you?

Eric was poisoned. Clean but remote.

Julian was long, hard. I was worn
out by it.

Frankly, the Bradleys were just

Clara, please. I don't understand.

Oh, I think you do, Armand.

I got these pages back from the

"Agnes' Golden Clusters".

That's my mum's recipe,
the one that you stole from her.

I've never seen that before in my
life. I...

You are a fraud.

A small man with no integrity.

I've seen you swan around this
factory. The way you treat people.

Well, no more, Armand. No more.



Clara! This isn't what your mother
would have wanted.

You didn't know her.
Then tell me about her.

She was a good woman.
She took a long time to die.

That tea room killed her.

And that couldn't have been easy for
ARMAND: Get me off this!

You want to know the worst bit?

Finding out on her death bed
that she came up with this...

They took advantage of her.
I made sure they paid.

And the Bradleys? They didn't cheat
her. Why did they have to die?

They tried to sell me my mother's
recipe. As if this was just about
the money.

Then what is it about?

She died unsung, unknown.


whilst he...got all the adulation
and all the praise.

You think this will bring your mother
the recognition she deserves?

I want the world to know how
talented she was.

All the world will know is what
you've done. The lives you've taken.

One more won't make a difference.




It wasn't my idea. Eric and Julian,
they forced me to do it.

Did they force you to accept all
those awards? All that praise? The


I've got him.


I'm a fraud. I was just a front.

I'm just a mediocre man.

Your mother was the real genius.

Yes. Yes, she was.

Easy. Easy.

Your mother, she made a deal.

Yeah. They bought her off with a
poxy tea room.


The tea room was just a sweetener.

You were the main part of that deal.

What are you talking about?

She made Eric promise to employ you
for life.

That's not true.

She insisted that you had talent.

That's why you got the job.

She traded the recipe for your

Why...why would she do that?

She loved you, Clara.

Her legacy isn't Golden Clusters.
It's something far more valuable.




Nelson, can you take this from here?

Come on! Out of the... Copeland, the


Excuse me. Sorry. Police.

Excuse me.

Police. Emergency!


You've reached the voice mail
service for...


What can I get you?

Hello, Alice.

Can I get you anything else?
No, I'm fine. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

She's beautiful.

She is, isn't she?

She's got your eyes.

Your nose and mouth.

All she needs is my irrepressible wit
and she'll be perfect in every way.

She is already.

I thought of a name.


Betty Barnaby. I like that.

There you go, Betty.


A toast! To the prettiest girl in the
world and her beautiful mother.

Thank you.

Time for me to have a hold.

Oh, wow.

Birgette and Anna sent this to the
station. All the way from Denmark.

Oh, that's very kind of them.

They're coming over for the court
case next month.

Be here for a few weeks.

Nelson's planning to show Sergeant
Degn the delights of Midsomer.

Out of professional courtesy.

OK, go back to Mama.

There you go.



So, I promised I'd be there and I

That is very true.
Daddy always keeps his promises.

Yes, he does, but maybe next time,
Daddy won't cut it quite so fine.


Next time?