Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 16, Episode 4 - The Flying Club - full transcript

Bernard King, owner of Finchmere airfield, is knocked unconscious and dropped to his death from a plane. The wrench used to hit him belongs to elderly mechanic Duggie Wingate, who has long been in a feud with Molly Darnley, whom he claims sent his sister Ellie to her death when both women were in the Air Transport Auxiliary in World War Two so she could marry Ellie's lover Henry. Molly's weak son Perry, Bernard's business partner, is being taken to court by a local protest group, led by Eddie Rayner, who blames the Darnley family for the death of his wife. The Darnleys also have financial problems and Molly is shocked to discover that Perry, goaded by his cynical wife Miranda, hopes to sell Finchmere. Nelson then discovers that the airfield is being used for smuggling and wonders if smugglers killed the two victims to keep them quiet. An air display is held, featuring young pilots Alex, Perry's son, and Duggie's great-nephew Gavin Hopkirk, who are love rivals for Eddie's daughter Jessie, Finchmere's receptionist and Gavin's plane is found to have been tampered with. Both lads admit to smuggling involvement but Barnaby believes the motives for the killings are not business-inspired and go beyond the activities of the flying club.

And how is the next member
of the House of Barnaby?

Still trying to kick his way out? Or

Good. I hope you and your
mum aren't overdoing the whole
baby-buying thing.

It will grow, you know. They're not

OK, love to your lot. Bye.

You know what this is, don't you?

This is going to be the end of life,
as we know it.

No more peace and quiet for us
when the baby arrives.

How many of these things do you have?

You do not. You lying hound!

Nelson, good morning.

Early morning fisherman
called it in.

Any ID, Kate?
Not yet.


Crushing of the thoracic cage,
multiple bilateral fractures of the

and a heavy blow to the back of the

How long has he been in there?

Progression of rigor slowed by the
temperature of the water, but it's
still well set in.

12 hours max.

Severely beaten and then dumped in
the lake?

More like dropped from a
considerable height.

Bunged out of a plane?
Well, he wasn't up a ladder.

How high was the plane?

About 400 feet.
How do you know that?

Went out with a flyer once.
I couldn't resist checking the
impact stats.

Some date.

Nearest airfield, please.

Ready for the loop.

Ready and...cross!

Let's stick together.

Come on, keep up, keep up.

That is incredible.
That is deranged.

He likes them.

Every airfield has one.

Spotting, collecting numbers. I
don't get it.

It's another variation
on obsessive compulsive disorder.

Really? Do you know about that
stuff? Oh, yes. All decent
detectives suffer from OCD.

You were drifting out on the turn.
You were going too fast.

Hey! Well done.

I should take up flying.

Jessie, your man can't fly.

Oh, excuse me. Ace fighter pilot.

Crop duster.


Very Top Gun.

Mr Darnley will be right out,
Inspector. Thank you.

Jessie Rayner. Reception.

And you, sir?

Gavin Hopkirk. Flying instructor.

Things a bit thin?

Oh, you know.
High summer. A lot of people away.

Expensive hobby too.
It's not a hobby.

Erm...Inspector Barnaby?
Perry Darnley, CO here.

Sorry to keep you, I'm a man down
this morning. Jessie, could you...

Maybe we could talk somewhere.

Yes. Yes, of course. Through here.

What's going on?

But I saw him yesterday.
I mean, that's his jacket. He can't
be gone.

We'll have to lock down the airfield
until further notice.

We believe Mr King was murdered.

My God...

But we've got the air show coming up.
Bernard's organising everything. He

Oh, dear.

What happened?
Was Mr King a flyer?

Yes. Yes, very keen. Very good.

We were both commercial pilots before

Now, that's my mother.
She can still fly the pants off all
of us.

Anyone with a grudge against Mr

Well, he did have lots of run-ins
with the local residents round here.

They don't like the noise... Goodness
sakes, I mean, we were here long
before them.

My father actually was CO here
in the Battle of Britain.

Not like we just arrived.

No flights in or out until we say

They need to practise for the show,
And I've got lessons.

Gav! Bernard's been murdered.

You carry on here.

Membership list, plane owners,
who was on the premises.

Murder weapon. If he was whacked
over the head before taking off it
could be here.

And this spotter fellow, have a

I'm going to see the victim's wife.

Can I have a word, please, sir?
I was just going.

If you could wait a second.

What's it about? Were you plane
spotting here yesterday?

So what if I was?

Can I have an answer
rather than another question?

What do you want to know?

See anything out of the ordinary last
night? No. I wasn't here at night.

Where were you?

At work. I'm a security guard. Are
we done?

If I might ask?

Name and address, please, sir?
And the name of your employer.

Hello. Can I see Stephanie King,

Stephanie's busy at the moment
waxing Mrs Philips. She may be a

Can you wait?

Could you ring through?
Ooh! What's this about then?

Bernard's usually here
on the dot at one.

Used to drop me to work
and pick me up every day
until I started running.

Is there someone I can call?

No. No, I've got Sally out there.

I'm sorry. Please. I want to help.
Ask me questions.

Do you fly, Mrs King?

No. No, I've never even been up with

Three feet off the ground and I feel

I'm afraid I have to ask
where you were last night.

I was at home...alone.

Weren't you worried
when your husband didn't come home?

I'm training for the Causton
marathon. I... I run
to and from work.

I get very tired
and last night I was out
like a light.

I assumed that Bernie had come and
gone without waking me. He does that

Your husband, did he have any

Bernard? No.

Disputes, conflicts, with anyone

Well, Bernard and Perry are always

He came over a few nights ago
and things got a bit heated.

What did he want?
Bernard doesn't bother me with the

No one flies out of here after
seven. Break the curfew and they'd
shut us down.

I suppose with all this going on
Gail's lesson's cancelled? I've got
her on the phone.

Tell her I'll call her back.
And er...where are the aircraft keys

In the reception and on the board,
although some people just leave
their keys in the planes.

Right. Thank you.

OK, everyone, we know what we're
looking for.

No, it was nothing, Inspector.

Bernard and I have always had
heated debates about the airfield.

Flying's dangerous. You can't cover
all eventualities. This is my wife.

Mrs Darnley.
Miranda, the younger Mrs Darnley.

This is Molly, the much older Mrs

It's a honour, Mrs Darnley.
Inspector... this is a terrible

You actually flew Spitfires during
the war?

Not in combat, Inspector.

I was in the ATA - the Air Transport

Most of the male pilots
were in fighter or bomber command,

but the ATA had to deliver the
planes from the factories to the

so we women flyers were much in

We had no radios, no guns, just a
passion for flying and a
determination to do our bit.

Don't bore him to death, dear.

She's absolutely right.
I do bang on.

And you could fly a Lancaster?
Oh, we could fly anything.

I delivered that one here to

The station commander
couldn't believe I had flown it all
by myself.

And then he pinched my spark plugs
so I couldn't leave
for a couple of days.

And, of course, dear reader, she
married him.

I did indeed. Henry Darnley. DFC.

Distinguished Flying Cross.

Do you fly, Mrs Darnley?

Oh, you don't become a Darnley
without being able to fly.

And you, sir, obviously.

Alex has been in Afghanistan. Three
tours. Harriers and Tornadoes.

And at Finchmere? Bit of stunt and
flying display stuff.

Were you there yesterday?
No. I was on my base at Midsomer

My grandson is a true British hero,
Inspector. We're all very
proud of him.

Whose plane is this?
Bernard King's.

Let's get samples to Dr Wilding.


Bag it.

Whose toolbox is it?
It's my great uncle's, Duggie

The toolbox is yours, Mr Wingate?
No, it's just got my name on it for

Anyone could have put something in
it, right?
Yeah, usually they take stuff out.


And er...yesterday evening?

I was at home, on my own, washing my

You're the engineer here, aren't you?

Was - was the engineer.

You see all that? It's the whole of
my life, all packed up in little

70 years service, no pension, no

"Thank you, Bernard." "Goodbye,

Bernard was...restructuring.

Can you still fly, Duggie?

Can I fly?

Can I fly?

Son, I could fly a jumbo jet
sideways through those doors.

OK, thank you.

You haven't asked me who the
murderer is? Duggie!

You want a murderer -
you go up to Darnley Hall.

Molly Darnley. OBE.
She's the murderer round here.

Get off!

And how old's this fellow? 87?
I know it's a bit far fetched.

But I thought as you are there...

Everything all right?

For your wife.
Thank you very much.


How did you feel about Bernard King?

Oh...he said I was far too old to
still be flying.

I know I'm a bit unsteady on the
ground but in the air I'm in

and if you can pass the medical
you can keep flying.

And I've passed it.

Do you know a...Duggie Wingate?

Not very subtle, Inspector.
What's he been saying now?

He called you a murderer.

His sister Ellie and I
served together during the war.

Ellie died in an air crash,
as did many of the ATA pilots,

and for some reason Duggie thinks
her death was my fault.

The blood is a straight match with
the deceased. As are the hair

No prints. The perpetrator was
wearing gloves.

So why didn't the killer wipe the
thing clean?

Why not hide it properly?
Why plant it so blatantly?

Charlie, you haven't forgotten
my parents coming to stay?

Ah, the famous surgeon, yeah.

He's retired, coming for his annual
air show fix. I'm looking forward to
meeting them.

My dad's a bit, er...you know.

It's only a couple of days, you'll
be fine.

Right. What have we got? Airfield

Bernard King, hit with a wrench,
dropped into the lake from his own

The killer has a sense of irony.
Thank you, Nelson.

Killer must be able to fly.

Motives. In no particular order:

Erm...Duggie. Bernard fired Duggie,
so Duggie not a happy man.

Perry Darnley?

He and Bernard always squabbling
over the running of the airfield.

Nothing known but I'll run some

Stephanie. Wife of.

We have life insurance on Bernard,
Stephanie being the sole beneficiary.

Motive amounts?
Not really.

And it was taken out some time ago.
We need to go to the house today.

Love's young dream. Jessie, Alex.

Both good flyers.
Gavin also fancies Jessie.

Possible love triangle.
Oh, good.

And Jessie herself?

Well, she didn't like Bernard.
He stopped her free flying lessons.

And her father is Eddie Rayner.

The plane spotter.
Sullen and shifty.

To Bernard.

He really looked after you.
Yes. It's going to be difficult to

Whereas my dear Perry
couldn't look after an olive at a
cocktail party.

You don't have to agree.

Give me something to hang on to.
Perry is a family man.

And you have your flying in common.

Double hurrah.
I didn't realise I was quite so

Oh, come on, let's have a proper
drink. No. No, I shouldn't.

It'll do you good.

Oh. I'm sure one won't hurt.

Good girl.

You know Perry and Bernard
were restructuring the company.

No, I didn't.

I mean, I know you're still a bit

Probably the last thing
you want to think about but erm...

Perry sort of needs you to step into
his shoes.

As it were.

Lockdown's over.

No disrespect to Bernard but...do
you think it's too soon to start my
flying lessons again?

I'm way ahead of you.



We're flying again.
Well, you better get up there.

I have other plans, thanks.
A date? Finally.

Business actually.
Man with a plan.

Alex! Gav, that's great.

Yeah, and if they come off, you can
have all the free flying lessons you

Oh. Thank you.

Think about it, but call me as soon
as possible.

Oh, Inspector Barnaby. Are you
tailing me?

Should I be?
Bye, Steph.

Mrs King, Detective Sergeant Nelson.

Do you mind taking your shoes off?

Do you know the password, Mrs King?
No. I hardly ever came in here.

We'll have to take this in, I'm
afraid. Fine.

"Finchmere: An Airfield At War".

Bernard's latest obsession.

Which would be pretty much
a history of the Darnley family.

Yes. But Molly wasn't keen,
said Bernard was prying.

So did your husband and Perry
work with each other before they

No. No, Bernard was skipper
on long-haul passenger planes. 747

Perry was mainly freight.

The flying club was being taken to
court in a civil action.

I wouldn't know.

The litigants, the Finchmere
Residents Action Group.

Headed up by a Mr Edward Rayner.

So, Mr Rayner, you didn't think it
was worth telling me that you were
the protest leader?

You didn't ask.
What's your gripe?

This area isn't just a playpen for
rich kiddies with expensive toys.

Working people live here
and we don't like the noise.

So what are you doing plane spotting?

Checking to see how many times
they break the noise limit regs.

We want the place closed down.

But your daughter works there.
Do you want Jessie to be out of a

Do her good. Make a bit of sense of
her life. Get away from those
Darnley people.

She being engaged to Alex Darnley.
Never gonna happen.

Right. Here we go.

Mum, Dad.

Come on through.

Hello, darling. How lovely
to see you.

Thank you.

Mum, Dad, this is my lodger Charlie.

Giles and Laura.
Hello. Pleased to meet you.

Oh, lovely to meet you at last.

Oh, and look at the place, it looks
so clean.

That must be you. Katie's room
always looked like a bomb site.

I'll take the bags up.
Oh, no, I'll do that.

Oh, right.

He's driving me insane. I wish he'd
never retired.

I'm so glad to be here with you
and spread the load a bit.


And so we were thinking about
mid-September when Alex has
got some leave due.

I'd really like you to do all the,
you know, traditional,
giving-me-away stuff.

I'd just really like you to
be there, Dad.

Have you totally forgotten your


I have to move on.
I have to make a life for myself.

I can't live in the past.

I want you to call it off, Jess.

For your mum.


This wedding is gonna happen
with or without you.

Well, yes, I'm...I'm managing.

Well...it's tough but, you know,
Sykes and I, we're guys.

We can hack it.

Yeah. Yeah, OK, darling.
Love to the bump. Night.

Right, this could be our last ever
box set night.

We'll eat after three episodes.
Don't bark at the dogs.

Nelson? What's the matter?
Nothing, sir.

I just thought, as you were on your
own, you might want to
go over the case.

I had a couple of thoughts.

And how are things with the parents?
Oh, great, great.

So, Stephanie?

She's thinking about it.
Not for too long, I hope.

Keep the pressure on.

I have done absolutely everything so

Well, it was your idea.

What are you gonna do to move things

Do nothing. Be your usual
ineffectual self.

I've lost my appetite.

This better work, Perry.

If we fail, we lose this place -

Mummy won't be happy.

So... Bernard is here in the control

And then he's here in the plane.

But we've found no traces of blood
or a struggle in the control room.

Only blood in the plane.

So how does he get from A to B?
He walks, I guess.

But why?
He sees something? Someone?

OK, so he goes over to the plane.

And going by the blood splatter
he was clobbered as he was climbing

Yeah, but why was he
getting into his plane at that time
at night?

And why did he take his keys with

Jessie says that some of the flyers
leave their keys in their planes.

But Bernard would never do that,
he's too "by the book".

So...his keys would have been in the

The killer must have known which
keys were his.

Which locks us back in to the
airfield crowd.

We'll run all this tomorrow.


So...if the body was slumped across
the passenger seat...

Nelson, body.

All right. Come on.

OK, well, anybody could do that.

OK, so Bernard is slumped in the
seat. Anything to stop
you taking off?


Easy. OK. So, fly, fly, fly, out
over the lake.

Then how do you off-load
the unconscious man?

I guess...lock in a slight
circular bank.

Lean over the body, open the door...

Then just push the body out.


So, Gavin, has business been bad for
a while?

Up and down.
I ran a check on you.

Two court orders
for non-payment of debts last year.

Bernard was holding back my wages.

Finchmere's been struggling for
years. I was just the bloke at the
end of the food chain.

Is that all? For now.

Right, get stuck into everyone's
finances. And chase up our tech

Bernard's computer is their top

So you came, eh?
Of course.

My future father-in-law wants a
chat... here I am.

So, let me guess.
You want to come to the wedding,
after all.

I want you to cancel the wedding.

Eddie, I love Jessie.
Why would I do that?

Because I know what you've done,
don't I?

You think about it.


Dad. What are you doing here?

Oh, you know... Mum's gone shopping,
bit of a loose end.

Got time for a coffee?
I'm working.

You need an assistant.

I never did my own paperwork.
Well, you were the maestro.

Still could be.

Look at that hand. Steady as a rock.

Still enjoying it then?
Why wouldn't I be?

Oh, you know. No reason.

Maybe a bit gloomy. On your own, dead

Bit Twilight Zone.

What are you saying?
Nothing. Just observing.

You still don't think I should be a
pathologist, do you?

No. No. Very important job.

Surgeons really need you guys.
Yes, you do.

Let's go for that coffee. Ah.

Ah, he's just flying a kite.

Maybe we should drop him from a
great height.

What are you two gossiping about?

Your lovely dad.

Yeah, he's still not keen on our
marriage plans.

You saw him?
I went round.

I wanted to try one last time to win
him over.

If that man thinks he's
gonna ruin my life he's got
another thing coming!


Still trying to crack it.
Bernard was very security-minded.


Bernard and Stephanie King
were comfortably off

until Bernard bought
half of the airfield off Perry

and then the place
started to get slammed by the

The Darnleys?
Oh, huge debts.

But they've promised to pay back
everything in a few weeks.

How are they doing that?
Selling the airfield.

A failing airfield. Not worth much.

I checked with planning. They'd
applied for change of use to light

Lateral thinking. Very good.

It'll be worth serious money
when that goes through.

So, presumably, widow Stephanie
will now own Bernard's share of the

Go and have a chat with er...Sally,
her receptionist. She's very chirpy.

See if you can get a handle on
Stephanie and her marriage to

There she goes: run, run, run, hours
and hours.

Keeps her fit.
Mm! She comes back glowing.

Do you think maybe she's off to

No. They had a lovely marriage.

Shall we?

Money problems?

Salon's a bit of a hobby,
but they seem to do all right.

And are you a member of Finchmere?

You kidding? They're all a bunch of
bores except for Jessie.

Do you know Jessie?
Yeah, she's a mate from school.

It's a shame she's with the wrong

What's wrong with Alex?

His mother. Old sabre-toothed

She thinks Jessie's far too common
for a Darnley.

Really, Gavin's much more her speed.

Why doesn't she see that?
She's damaged.

Had a hard time with her dad being a
head case and her mum dying.

Her mum? Joan Rayner, used to clean
for the Darnleys.

But then Perry gets the push from his
airline... He said he retired.

He was fired.

So Perry gets fired.

Then as things go south at Darnley
Hall, Joan Rayner, Eddie's wife, has
an aneurism.

Dead before she hits the floor.

Eddie blames the Darnleys for
stressing her out.

Medically unlikely.

I think in the Darnleys he found a
target for his own failings and got
obsessed about it.

We got into Bernard's computer.
Lots of detail on the residents'

The court chucked out their protests
two years ago. Lack of proper

Then...more recently there were some
very threatening, but anonymous

Eddie? He fails the legal route
and graduates to threats?

Tech are still trying to trace the
origin through the IP address, but

Bring him in?

Hello? Yes.

All right, I'm on my way.

Come on. Bloody connect.

Come on.

Come on.

The farmer called it in an hour ago.

He's got complex compound
skull vertex fracture...

multiple intracranial haemorrhages,
blow out fractures of three cervical

Instantly fatal.

No kidding.
Half his head's caved in.

What was it?
It's hard to tell right now.

Some dark substance here.

Compound rubber, I expect.

Aviation fuel, wind-flattened crops
- I think he was chased by a small

Good flyer, then.
Brilliant. That is precision work.

The plane should be easy to find.

Impact like this is going to leave
hair and blood traces on the wheel

and maybe even damage to the plane

Testing. Hello.

Hello, hello, this is your captain

The emergency exits are located at
the rear of the airfield,

at the middle of the airfield and in

Perhaps we should cancel the air

Bit of luck it'll bring the
perpetrator out of the woodwork.

Please remember to collect
your passes from reception for
tomorrow's air show.

Yeah, I was over that way.
Practising stunts, for the show.

Can anyone vouch for you?
No, I was on my own.

Did you see anybody else flying in
that area?

Big sky.

Jessie, were you flying this

You think I did it?

We need to find out where everybody
was, so that we can eliminate them
from our enquiries.

Yes. Sorry.

Erm...I was just chasing up
a supplier in Causton.

Did anybody have a particular grudge
against your father?

No, not really.

It was usually him against the world
rather than...

Nelson, would you take Jessie back
to her dad's house?
Get her a cup of tea.

I'm sorry to do this
but we need to search your father's

Yes, I was in the air about
then. Where were you going?

Nowhere. Just flying.

Mrs Darnley?

I was searching for bunting.
On the high street, not in the air.

And your son?

I expect he was defending his
country on his base.

And I gather you're selling the

What was that?

I understood... No. No. I don't know
where you got that from.

From your bank manager.

Perry. Is this true?

Not now, Molly.
Be quiet! Perry?

Times are tough, Mum.

You're selling our airfield?
My airfield. Mine and Bernard's.

It's Henry's airfield. It's where he
commanded the pilots who saved this

It's where he met me.
It's where we were married.

Yes, where I was laughed at
and humiliated by my sainted father.

Where I was always being told,
"Oh, you'll never be as good as your

I heard nothing but
"Your father this, your father that".

Yes, Mum, I am selling the bloody

I'm sorry you've had to witness

Thank you, Inspector. Most helpful.

Was it Bernard's idea to sell?
No, actually, it was my idea.

I realised that with a change of use
the place was worth an absolute

All perfectly legal.

Then why all the secrecy?

They already hate us round here.
They'll hate us more when the place
is covered in factories.

So we've decided to keep it quiet
until we get the rubber stamp.

And didn't Bernard object?

No, he was fine.
Really? It doesn't sound like him.

Well, he objected at first.
But I changed his mind.


I am a woman, he was a man.


No moral judgments, please.
Not your job, Mr Policeman.

And does your son know that you're
selling what he might have expected
to inherit?

He'll understand in time.

Oh, we weren't even that

He was your dad.
I know.

Last time I saw him we had a terrible

What was that about?

Oh, about me and Alex getting

Dad hated anything to do with the

And erm...Gavin?

Oh, I don't even know.

This love stuff is so complicated,
isn't it?

What would you do?


My mum always said,
"If you're lost, you should ask a

I think she probably meant...
I know, I know.

What would you do?

Follow your heart.

You can let yourself out
when you're done snooping.

Nothing. Not a trace on any of them.

See what you can get off the body.

Duggie? You OK?

Ellie's letters.

Molly was in charge of the ATA
pilots here and it was Molly that
sent my sister up.


Why would she do that?


It's all here.

They were both in love with Henry
Darnley and Molly made
sure she won him.

Maybe we should put these away, eh?

She never posted half of them, you

Just wrote her little heart out
and then stored them.

That's all history now.

No, it isn't.

You're going exactly the same way as

Your just sitting there
while Darnley steals your girl.

Alex is my mate. Yeah, well, he won't
be there for you.

He's not your wing man!

Flight movements at Finchmere
for the last two years?

Plus a lot of calibrated noise

They were building up quite a case.

OK, cross-reference all these
with the airfield's logs,

then concentrate on the ones
that seem to be breaking the curfew.

What am I looking for?

Anomalies, patterns,
anything out of the ordinary.

I'm going back to the Kings' place

to find out what Stephanie knows
about these threatening e-mails.

Just delay it for a bit.

Because I've got plans.
I wanna get a bit of capital,
modernise it.

Where are you gonna get this bit of

I'm working on it.

No. It's all too late.

Dad, I'm sorry you and Granddad
didn't see eye to eye but we don't
have to be the same.


We're good.

No, you don't think that.

You've tried your best.

It's up to them now.

I'm sorry.

Here I am talking about an airfield,
when you've just lost your father.

Finchmere is our future.

And I will take care of you, I

Ah, Mrs King.
Don't worry about that.

It's fine.

How's the marathon training going?
I've given up.

Hearts not in it any more.

That's a pity.

I think I was only doing it to make
Bernie proud but now he's gone...

Your husband had been receiving
some pretty nasty hate mail recently.

Who from?

I was hoping you might know that.

No. What about?

Selling the airfield.

Are you happy about selling it?

Finchmere was Bernie's life.

I think it would be a betrayal.

Lot of money, though.

I'll manage.

Have you told the Darnleys?

Bringing your work home again, eh,

In this case, yeah.

I always used to say, "When you leave
the hospital, you leave the job."
Have a drink!

Actually...I've gotta go out.

Really? At this time of night?

I've gotta see the boss.

Erm...Kate, he'll er...
He'll need your input as well.

Oh... Well...er... Sorry, work.


What was all that about?


Door's open!

Do join us.

Come here.

So, to what do Sykes and I
owe this gross breach of our "us"

I discovered a new thing about

The Icarus Complex.

It refers to people who'd suffer an
internalisation of father-son

Perry Darnley to a T. Good one, Kate.

Working late, working hard.
Parental Avoidance Syndrome?

Oh, is it that obvious?

I can spot it a mile off.

How was Stephanie and her

I'm not sure it's actually her
problem, really.

I think it might have been Bernard's
and she just sort of became a clone
of him.

But now she's carefully picking
her way back to her former self.

She's given up the running
and is asserting herself with the

by refusing to sell the airfield.

Part of the grieving process?

Something I need to show you.

I've found a pattern in Eddie's log

regular flights in and out of
Finchmere at night.

There, see? Twice a month.

"NL"? What does that mean?

I reckon it's "No Lights".

It looks like it.

Into Finchmere?

Drugs, tobacco for a whole year -
we'd have heard something.

Well, there's another no-lights
flight which was outside of the

When was that?

The night that Bernard was killed.

Bernard got wind of the smuggling
and was murdered to keep him quiet.

Same with Eddie.

These regular NL Flights,
when's the next one due?

Tomorrow night.



You nearly gave me a heart attack.

What do you want?

I want you to tell the truth.

What truth?

Ellie and Henry.

There was no Ellie and Henry.

I've read her letters.
Girls have crushes.

Move on, Duggie, please.

It's your last chance.

When you make your speech at the
show, I want you to tell everybody
the true story.

If you don't, I will.

Then we'll see who's the hero,
won't we?

It'll finish the Darnleys.

If you make one move against me or my

I will retaliate in kind.

Are you threatening me?

I'm promising you.

Tyres are made: 50% rubber,
45% fabric and 5% steel.

There are different types
of rubber and nylon compounds.


The point?

The rubber residue on Eddie Rayners'
head did not come from any planes at

So the plane that killed Rayner
came from somewhere else?

Looks like it.
And what sort of plane?

This particular rubber compound is
usually found in the softer tyres of
training planes.

Which have a flight range of?

Of around 250 miles.

250 miles easily takes us onto the

Line up the coast guard for tonight.
Yes, sir.

And locally, let's work outwards,
airfield by airfield.

Message from the Tech guys.

That IP address for the threatening
e-mails received by Bernard

is traced to a computer at Darnley


Miranda Darnley.

Show time.

Just in the back.

A good day, isn't it?

While everyone's distracted,
have a good snoop around.

See if you can get a line on the

What about Stephanie? If she's
trying to block the sale, she could
be in danger.

I'll watch her.

Now, there's good breeding stock.
That's what you need, my girl.

He's got nothing to run any more,
no one to boss around, except me, of

Oh, Mum.

Oh...it's so good to be here with
you, it dilutes him a bit.

Well, maybe we could stay a bit

Oh, excuse me.

And here it comes.

The one and only, Supermarine Mk 2

Yes, without the legendary Spitfire
and the famous few who flew them,

the Battle of Britain might have had
a very different outcome.

What do you think you're doing?
I won't be bullied, Miranda.

Please, for God's sake...

I don't believe you. Bernard would
never give up on a project.
We don't.

..guns and highly-skilled
and dedicated airmen,

the Spitfire saved our bacon.


Everything all right?

My sister brought me here
when I was 14.

She sat me down right here
and told me to behave.

She's still flying...


Ladies and gentlemen, a little hush,
please, for our very own local hero,

my dear mother, Molly Darnley.

Thank you so much, everyone.

It's been a great year for me.
Hear, hear.

But, you know, this honour isn't
just for me. Cos you're a liar.

It's for all the members of the ATA
who flew and some who died for this
great country of ours.

Tell the truth!

So it is with great pride and
humility that I unveil this memorial

dedicated to all those brave pilots
of the Air Transport Auxiliary.

Tell them!

You didn't...

She didn't tell them!

Why didn't you tell them?

..fuel consumption is very low.

Finish the routine with a race to
2,000 feet? Yeah, great.

Keep it tight.

I'll be way ahead of you.

You've got the extra power.

And I can fly!


Let's switch planes.

Let's see who's really the best.

You're on.

And er...a little side bet?

How much?




I win and you stop mooning about her
like a lovesick teenager and find
another airfield.

And if I win?

You won't.

Display team, you are clear for
takeoff. Roger that.

OK, are you ready?


Three, two, one...

Rolling. Rolling,

Yeah, it's smoke on.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

over to the west,
you'll see our headline stunt team
taking off.

And while we wait for our own
to get aloft...

You sent Bernard hate mail.

You didn't get him onside with sex.

You were threatening him.

A criminal offence.

And now I'd like to hand you over
to the Commander of Finchmere

Mr Perry Darnley.

Ladies and gentlemen, look to
the skies!

We present our very own Finchmere air
aces, Gavin Hopkirk and Alex Darnley!

Alex Darnley is a squadron leader in
the RAF.

OK, Alex, you ready?

Of course I'm ready.

Here we go.


Come on, Alex, keep it tight.
I'm right behind you.

The essence of stunt flying...

..and most important of all...

Ready for the barrel roll?

Ready? Roll!



And out.

What's the matter, can't keep up?
Gavin, I know what I'm doing.

You can't pull off stunts like
that without almost being a born

Just as well these two have been
best mates since childhood.

For the break.
On your command.

Break, Break... Go!

You're getting too close.

Incredible stuff!

Lets hear it for the Finchmere

How are you feeling?
Are you feeling sick?

Don't worry about me.

Lining up for the opposition

Two planes flying towards each other
at 500 miles an hour!

You're on the wrong line!

What the hell are you playing at?

Come on, give me a visual.


OK, reach for the sky.

Last chance to back out.

You wish.

First to 2,000 feet.

Winner takes all.

Alex and Gavin will reach for the

Come on, Alex, is that all you've

I'll still beat you, even in this

I'm out, I'm out!

Wow, that's a bit different
today. Goodness!

Engine failure, engine failure!

What going on? Talk to me, Alex.

I'm gonna sort it! I'm gonna sort
it! Switch fuel tanks.

Negative, there's nothing in the
other tank, I can't recover!

I'm sure they know what they're
doing. Nothing to worry about.

What's that?
Bail out Alex, bail out!

No, I can fix it!

It's not a time for pride, Alex, just

I'm too close to the ground!
Mayday, Finchmere, Mayday!

I'm going in.
Roger that, we have visual.
Standing by.

Don't worry, folks...God!

You are heading for the
crowd, brake right.
I'm trying.

Finchmere, I'm coming into land.
Roger that.

He seems to be down. Yes, great.

Great, yes. All part of the show, of

Wonderful stuff, boys,
nothing to worry about there. Well

You OK?

Yeah, it looks like it.

What happened?
A cut fuel line.

You tried to kill me.
What are you talking about? That's
my plane!

You'll try anything, won't you?

Calm down, calm down!

You really think Gavin would try and
kill you?

You're on your own from now on.

They switched planes, put yourself

Let everyone see
that we're watching them very

Someone just tried to kill Gavin
and I want to know who.

Yes, sir.

Has your mother gone home?

No, I doubt it. When it all gets to
her, she goes and talks to my

A brave man.

An Englishman, quiet and honourable.

Honour is very important in a
family, Mr Barnaby.

Even today.

Allow me.
Oh, thank you.

You still know your aircraft, Molly?

Of course. Well enough to know how
to cut a fuel line?

And why would I do that?

Duggie said that you'd threatened him
and his family.

It was Gavin's plane that was
tampered with.

Gavin is Duggie's great-nephew.

Mr Barnaby. You don't seriously
think I go around trying to kill
people, do you?

No, Molly, not really.

Just a copper's compulsion
to check every angle.

I hate any unsolved mysteries.

You are a terrier.

Can I ask why Duggie was so upset
at the air show?

Bring the can.

Thank you.

Finchmere, 1942.

Very dark days.

I was delivering that Lancaster
you saw in the photo at the hall.

We women of the ATA
were under constant pressure

to keep the frontline RAF supplied
with planes.

It was dangerous work,
but I had the time of my life.

We were a very tight unit, we had to

They called us the glamour girls
and male attention was never in
short supply.

Henry was the CO at Finchmere -

handsome, dashing, charming.

Ellie Wingate was also in the ATA
and she had her eye on him.

Two women, one man - pretty classic,

It was also my job
to allocate the ATA flights in the

I rostered Ellie to return a damaged
Spitfire to the factory at Castle

But the weather closed in
and all flights were cancelled for a
few hours.

Ellie ignored my command
and took off into the storm.

Ellie didn't make it.

And from that day,

Duggie has believed that I ordered
Ellie up...

so that she would be killed
and I would have Henry to myself.

Why did she do it?

The previous day,
Henry had asked me to marry him.

I had accepted and I told Ellie of
our plans.

So she deliberately...

We assumed so.

And you could never tell Duggie the

Better that he should think ill of
me than lose the cherished image of
his beloved sister.

All so long ago, Mr Barnaby.

So long ago.

Not for some, it seems.

Don't you think Duggie
deserves to know the truth?

Have you been to the rose festival
at Ashley House?


I thought we might all go there on

Wednesday? But I'm working, Dad.

Well, they won't miss you for one
day! Oh, Giles, stop!

You're being impossible.

Mum, it's OK.
No, it isn't.

What is all this?

Well, ever since you retired, you've

..a bit difficult.


Yes, darling, I'm afraid so.

Could someone have cut the fuel line
after Gavin and Alex agreed to swap

No. There was no time or

The planes were surrounded by fans,
fully visible.

So it was definitely an attempt on
Gavin's life.

Yeah, I think so.

OK, connecting the dots, why would
someone want to murder Bernard, Eddie
and now Gavin?

They all knew about the smuggling.

It's a big leap,
smuggling to possible triple murder.

Coastguard, come in.
It fits.

No. No, there's something missing.

Anything to report?
All clear.

Nothing, then.

No, the coast's quiet.

What do we do now? Cancel?

Over there.

They're smuggling stuff out, not in.

Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!
Get round the back!

Stop, police!


Come here!

Get him back.

Jessie doesn't know anything,
she was just doing me a favour.

How many favours?
This was a one-off.

"FADEC: Full Authority Digital
Engine Control."

This is the computer that controls
a jet engine's entire performance.

This thing must be worth a fortune.

And you were selling this to a
French soldier you met in

This is a very serious offence. Why,

To save our airfield...

have a...future.

OK, so if Jessie is not your usual
smuggling partner, who is?

Alex, this is a murder
investigation. You need to tell me
the truth.

It was Gavin.

Hold on, you don't actually think
Gavin is capable of murder, do you?

No, no. Wait. Please.

on the day that my dad was killed...

Gavin was at Causton airfield on the

He didn't say that in his statement.
He said he was practising for the
flying show.

I know. I know. He told me in

Gavin wanted to take control of his

He was trying to set up
his own flying school at Causton.

Gavin is not a murderer!


Nelson, call the RAF. They can deal
with Alex.

I think my best tactic is not to get
mad with Dad.

It's not his fault, he's just a bit
lost. He's driving Mum up the wall.

When a successful man retires
he feels...emasculated and

So I just need to try
and not make things any worse.



This is about control.

From the start someone has been
trying to anchor this investigation
to Finchmere alone.

Bernard's plane, the easily spotted

Get on to Causton airfield straight

I want to know everyone
who flew out of Causton

on the day that Eddie Rayner was

This has nothing to do with


This is such a mess!

It wasn't you. It was me and Alex.

Alex's career is over.

You're never gonna get another flying
gig again, and for what?

I did it for you, Jessie.

It's always been for you.

I thought I was gonna lose Alex

You're my best friend, Gavin.

It's just not enough.

What have we got?
You're right.

Last Thursday morning, when Eddie
was killed...

In fact, every Tuesday and Thursday
for the last 14 months. There.

Gavin's phone number. Now!

Round the back.

Stay back. Stay back.

Flare pistol!

And from this distance
it will make a very big hole.

Is he dead?
Move the car!

I don't think so.
I will shoot!

I'll risk that.
Back off!

This isn't really you, Stephanie.
Oh, you don't know me.

You know, actually, I think I do.

Bernard controlled every single
aspect of your life, didn't he?

I am not a victim!

When you went to work, when you had
lunch, when you came home.

Everything to be done the Bernard

Because the Stephanie way
was not a good way.

So she had to be controlled
and watched over every minute of the


Is that why you took up running?
It was a chance to breathe.

And to slip off for your flying
lessons. It's freedom up there.

And Eddie Rayner?
He saw you flying Bernard's body out
that night.

He tried to blackmail me. Just
another man trying to control me.

Picking him off like that, that was
great flying.

Brilliant flying, thank you!

Then Gavin turns up at Causton

Better shut him down
before he puts it all together.

His fault.
Oh, come on.

Gavin's not a Bernard or an Eddie.

He doesn't want to control anyone.
He's a young man, his life ahead of

You don't want to hurt him.

Back off! He's alive, but he needs
medical attention.

It's OK. Take it easy.

He's just checking Gavin. Look at me.

Look at me.

This is over, Stephanie.

I couldn't even go to lunch with
friends, without Bernard's

I just wanted my life back!

I know. I know.


I'm sorry.

DS Nelson. I need an ambulance
at Finchmere airfield now.

Sorry if I've been a bit much, Katie.

Oh, don't worry, Dad, I understand
what you're going through.

Well, pretty text book. Power player
one day, nobody the next.

You're somebody and always will be.
And we love you.

I've been thinking of volunteering
for the local hospice.

Get out from underneath your mother's
feet. I think that's a lovely idea,

Maybe I'll come up and visit next
month. Oh, darling, that would be

What about the weekend of the 5th?
You'll see the Red Arrows.

Great. I'll bring Charlie.

It's a date. Bye, guys.

Serves you right for being so nice
to them.

Why can't it be dealt with here?
The courts martial take precedence.

It's all right, Mum. I'll be fine.

Yes. You're a hero.

They owe you.

I...I've let you down.


Well... It happens.

I'm sorry.

We're not selling the airfield now.

We're going to give it to Alex...
One day.

And in the meantime,
I dare say it will be in safe hands.

Mr Barnaby.

Shall we?

We'll wait here.
Thank you, Inspector.

I should have told you before. I'm

There will always be a place for you
at Finchmere, Duggie.

Thank you.

Thank you, Inspector.

What for?

You know very well.

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