Midsomer Murders (1997–…): Season 15, Episode 2 - Murder of Innocence - full transcript

In 1994 teenager Grady Felton was jailed for killing land-owner Ted Denning's son Daniel, who caught him poaching. Ever declaring his innocence Grady is now back in Binwell, swearing vengeance on everybody who had a part in sending him down. However he has alibis for the deaths of the prosecuting and defending barristers in his case and is himself hospitalised after Denning's daughter Deirdre and reckless employee Kyle Gideon torch his house. After another murder Barnaby suspects that Grady has an accomplice, and then pathologist Kate Wilding makes a bizarre discovery, enabling him to solve the murder of innocence.

Did you see that?

Good night.
We must do this again sometime.


It's time.

On the account as usual.

We know why you're here. You scum!

You're not falling us!
Kyle, don't!

Come anywhere near us and you won't
know what's hit you, Felton!

Anywhere near us and you're dead!

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Any chance of a lift to court, John?

Jury service, remember?

And we need to stop at the gym
to book you in.

Oh, I'm going to sort training out
with Jones.

You've been saying that

ever since you failed to turn up
and join Gareth's class with me.

There's one week left before
the Chief Constable's test.

It's time to walk the talk!

I'll fix up a run with Jones
this very morning. Good.

Then, once you've done your session
with Gareth,

you'll know exactly how much running
you need to do.


Just stay calm
and leave all the talking to me.

Well, that's really brilliant.
So I'll bring him at six.

OK, cheers. Bye.

So that's him, is it?
The personal trainer?

It's what we're telling people.

So, he says he can do you alongside
our regular class,

so meet here at six.

Ah, the trouble is
I haven't brought my...


It's a disgrace!
I agree with you, Mr Denning.

Then why let Felton back?

Look, if it were up to me...
You cannot allow him to stay here!

Morning, all. Is there a problem?


In 1994, Ted Denning's
17-year-old son Daniel

was killed by Grady Felton.

He was 16. He lived
on Denning's estate at Binwell,

when he wasn't banged up for fighting
or thieving.

Motive? They'd had a run-in
the night before.

Daniel caught Felton poaching.

Recovery dogs traced him
to Felton's cottage.

Found the body buried nearby
with a murder weapon,

head smashed in,
Felton's prints on everything.

Constable! Get your sergeant.

Now! Go on, lad!

Is that another son?

No. That's Kyle Gideon.

He's lived on the estate
all his life.

Bit of a wild one in his youth,
but he's Denning's gamekeeper now.

How long ago was Felton released?
Four years next week.

Victim Support told them
he was coming,

but there was a cock-up
at probation...

I should have had noticed.

It's not your job
to supervise prisoners on licence.

I did liaison with the family.

I'm just... happier
knowing where he is, sir.

Has Felton got family here?

His mum and her boyfriend died
in a motorway accident

just after the trial.

Denning's been campaigning to have
the cottage pulled down ever since.

But Felton was always bad news.

He was evil.

I'm sorry about this, Mr Denning.

Isn't there anything you can do?

he has been given permission

to return to sell his cottage.

And you believe that?
He's here to kill us.

Tell him.

The local paper published a hit list

and claimed Felton wrote it
after he was convicted.

He wouldn't have been allowed
to return

if he posed any kind of a threat
to you know, Mr Gideon.

It's bad enough having him back
in the cottage,

but letting him profit from it
is indecent.

I hear what you're saying, and we'll
be keeping a close eye on him.

But Mr Felton has served his time,

and he has the same rights
under the law as you do.

Do what you can
to persuade him to go.

Sir. Sudden dead in Midsomer Parva.
They need someone to attend.

What's up, doc?

House attack. Classic presentation.

Late 50s,
overweight, drinker, smoker.

So nothing for us, then.
Oh, disappointed?

Time of death?
Four-hour window.

6:30 to 10:30 last night.

The only weird thing
is the way he's lying.

Most sudden AMI victims I've found
are on their fronts, arms to chest.

Something to do with the way
that pain strikes.

But don't quote me on that,
it's not scientific.

Nice place.

Lived alone.

Name was Giles Harrison.


Are you serious?
I can do funny?

I don't believe it.

Harrison was Felton's brief, sir.

One of the people on his hit list.

Untimely coincidence.
If it is.

I signed off on a post-mortem.

I thought Kate said she was 99 per
cent certain it was natural causes.

Well, there's the one per cent.

And the press will be making
a meal of it with Felton back here.

Might be wise to pay him a visit,
sir - reassure the neighbourhood.

You don't look like estate agents.

DCI Barnaby, Causton CID.

And this is...
Ben Jones.

Mind if we come in?

Your return has caused a stir
in the village, Mr Felton.

You're selling your property.
Mind telling us why now?

The money.

Plot like this'll make me a packet.

Any idea how long you'll be staying?

Well, as soon as I've got
an estate agent, I'm off.

You're old defence brief,
Giles Harrison,

was found dead this morning.

You swore you'd kill him once.

Kiddie talk.

Where were you
between six and 11 last night?

Met my probation officer, half-five,

coach from Victoria, half-six,

bus from Causton,
got here about 10:30.

Anyone see you arrive?
Only half of Binwell.

I had a welcoming party.

Kyle Gideon threatened to...
sort me out.

We'll have a word with him.

You can give him this back.

Found it pinned to my door
this morning.

Where was Daniel's body found?
About 50 yards that way.

The Dennings' place
is on the other side of the woods.

Strange seeing him again.

Less charming than you remember?

It's amazing what half a lifetime
in prison can do for people.

About the Chief Constable's
fitness test.

I was thinking we could get
together, do a bit of training.

I'm not bothering with the training.
Aren't you?

No, I'm fit enough to pass now.

Well, as a favour to a friend.

Otherwise I'm stuck with Sarah
and her bloke.

You know, from the gym. She's
training for the school charity run.

I can't. I'm busy all week.

Mr Denning!

Have you talked to him?

This is Miss Denning, sir.

DCI Barnaby.

Mrs Denning?

Mandy Gideon. I manage the shoot.

And you are? Will Gideon,
Assistant Shoot Manager.

If you're here to tell us
about Harrison, we already know.

There's no evidence that he died
in suspicious circumstances.

We can all relax, then!
Is that it?

It's an insult to Dan's memory
even having him here.

All right, all right, Will.

We've just spoken to Mr Felton.

Apparently, he's only staying until
he's found an estate agent.

He shouldn't be allowed to stay
at all.

You've changed your tune.

She's always had a soft spot
for my brother's murderer.


Get up.

Mr Felton told us that
he was threatened last night.

And this... was on his door
this morning.

That's got nothing to do with us.

Best if you all keep it that way.

Well, if you don't mind,
Chief Inspector,

we've got clients waiting
for the next drive.

OK, Terry, let's get them loaded up.

I'm sorry.
Me too.

We've not been at our best
since the letter came.

You understand at least.

Well, we'll make sure he stays away
from you, I promise.

Look, if you're worried,
day or night,

call me.



Interesting bunch.

They went through a lot back then,

What's the story
between the two families?

Well, Mrs
Gideon lives on the estate.

At Home Farm. She was widowed
when the boys were small.

Mr Denning looked after
the whole family.

Made Mrs Gideon Shoot Manger,
and gave Will and Kyle jobs

when they left school.

No Mrs Denning?
No, they divorced years ago.

So all the kids grew up together.
Even when they were teenagers.

The Dennings went off
to private schools,

the Gideons went to Causton Comp.

But out of school,
they still hung out.

There was a whole gang of them.

Daniel was the eldest. Great lad.

Everyone thought a lot of him.

Shall we check in at the mortuary,

Kate might be finished with Harrison.

Ah, your timing's perfect.
I've just confirmed AMI.

There you go.
But not from natural causes.

He's got enough morphine in his body
to stop an elephant.

Any chance it was self-administered?
Accidental overdose?

There's no sign of previous misuse.

The quantity was lethal.
Have a look at the injection site.

I didn't see it
till I got him up on the slab.

Looks like murder to me.

I'll be there as soon as I can.
Any progress?

Local cab firm just called.

Harrison was at a do
at his country club,

they dropped him back around ten-ish
last night.

Signs of forced entry?

Windows and doors
are security-locked,

nothing's been touched.

Harrison let the killer in.

Or the killer was waiting,

attacked Harrison
before he got in the door,

then dragged him inside.

Anything from the bus station?

Mm. CCTV shows Felton
getting off the London coach

and on the Binwell bus,
just as he said.

Arrived 10:22.

So he's out of the picture.

I think we should put extra patrols
on his cottage, sir.

Already done. They'll look him up
every hour

just so he knows we're keeping
an eye on him.

He's been alibied by the people
who hate him most in the world.

And barristers collect grudges
like fee notes.

Felton won't be the only defendant
he's failed to get off.

I'm sure you're right, sir.

You're late!

Lucky it's only three minutes' jog
to the park. Mwah.

The park?!
You've not been listening, have you?

That's where we do
boot camp training.

Boot camp?!

Oh! Are we going for that drink
you're always promising me?

Um, I, er... I just wanted to check
Harrison's TOD.

6:30 to 10:30.

Hasn't changed.

Any chance you could have been wrong
about the timing?

No. That's why we get a window -
earliest to latest.

You know how it works.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, of course.

Er... night, Ben!




So when do you start with Ben?
He said he doesn't need to train.

Ah! Maybe he's revealing
a competitive side.

Can we walk?
I don't want to peak too soon.

And change!

Hi, Sarah.

I'm Gareth. You must be John.
Hi, Gareth.

Are you happy to get started?
Raring to go.

OK, good. So, the assessment is
basically a half-hour stress test.

When you say stress...
You'll be trying for maximum reps

in two-minute slots, doing press-ups,
squats and shuttle sprints.

That'll give you a score, and we can
develop your fitness plan from there.

- Sound OK?
- Groups two and three, change!

Keep it going, guys! And... up!

And breathe.


Thanks for caring.

I didn't do it! I didn't do it!


I will kill you all.

I...will... kill you all.

I will kill you all!

'Leave a message

and I'll get back to you.'
Er, Miss Garret,

it's DS Ben Jones.

We worked together on the
Daniel Denning murder back in 1994.

Something's come up. Could you call
this number as soon as possible?


'I'm afraid we're not available
at the moment.

Please leave a message
after the tone.2'

Yeah, Mr Lambert,

it's Ben Jones, Causton CID.

I need to talk to you
as soon as you get this message.

- Grady Felton's brief has just...
- Hello? Peter? Is that you?

'Oh, I'm sorry, I thought...'

Hi, Mrs Lambert.
'I'm afraid my husband's not here.

I don't know where he is.
I'm really worried.'

What? 'He said he'd be back,
but there's no sign of him.'

Well, if we're all finished,

I'd like you to raise your glasses...

to Mandy.

A very happy birthday.

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Mum.

Not again!

Shall I go?

Aren't we going to discuss
the elephant in the room?

No. Not tonight.

Discuss what, exactly?

What we're gonna do about Grady.

You're not going to DO anything.

Great. Fine. Let's just leave
the front door open, shall we?

Hold on, Kyle.
He can drop in whenever he likes

and slit all our throats.

Oh, for God's sake!

Look, if we can't talk about this

let's not talk about it at all.
Chance would be a fine thing.

Shut up, Deirdre!
Leave Grady Felton to me!

Do you understand?
What happens when he decides to...

I said enough!

Well, I'm tired.

I'd quite like to go home.

I'll collect the plates.
Leave the plates, Mandy!

Will, take your mother home.

Look, either I get the cash tonight
or everything's off.

'Yeah, I'll tell him.
It'll be fine. Don't worry.'

'Yeah, you do that.

All right, see you then.

Thanks for that.
Just keep me informed, OK?

Still nothing?

Well, try not to worry, Mrs Lambert.

I'll call back in an hour, OK?

He threatened to kill everyone
that was involved in the trial.

To be allowed back into the very
place where he committed...

There is no justice.

Sorry, mate.


Sorry, Mr Denning,
we'll have to do that again.

There is no justice for the victims
of violence or their families.

It makes a mockery
of the whole justice system.

Sir, I think we've got a problem
with DCI Lambert.

He was SIO on the case,
he's on Felton's list.

It's his wife.

- Yes, Mrs...
- 'Hello, is that DS Jones?'

Mr Lambert!

'I gather you've been trying
to get in touch with me.'

Yes, I have.

I know.

Mr Lambert is?

False alarm.

His wife missed a message
and jumped to conclusions.

This is my good news.

They found it in Harrison's safe
first thing.

30 or more letters and emails...

some are just angry,
some are death threats.

It'd be useful to know
if he'd had any trouble recently.

Oh! Apparently,

Mr Felton has left messages.

He wants to see me.

Surprised you bothered.

It's my job, Mr Felton.

Want to tell me what happened?

Had an estate agent round yesterday.

And he agreed to take the sale on.

Phone call this morning,

and he changed his mind.

I go into Causton,

slog round all the rest of them,
and nobody will touch it.

That's not a police matter.

I want that money.

They have got no right
to take it from me.

You murdered a young man here,
Mr Felton.

Did you expect buyers
to be tripping over each other?

Maybe I'll just... stay here.

Do the place up.

Watch their faces
when they realise...

they're never getting rid of me.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it.

Fred called again.
He's threatening to bail.

He's all mouth.

And he needs the money.
Well, are you gonna sort it, or not?

I've said, haven't I?

Haven't you got work to be doing?

Harrison was murdered.
It's official.

Those feeders need stocking.

Yeah, yeah, I'm on it.


You've just got time
to fix your makeup.

For the gentlemen of the press.

Oh, yeah.
How did it go with the CPS?

Yeah, fine.

What did Felton want?

He's claiming the local estate agent
had been warned off.

They hardly need warning.
That's exactly what they said.

Did you know Felton had three appeals
turned down?

He'd have been out a lot earlier
if he'd admitted it

and shown remorse from the start.

Obviously remorse isn't his style,


You didn't mention that Ted Denning
was a suspect.

He wasn't.

Felton made some allegation.

He claimed that Denning used to
beat Daniel black and blue.

Yeah, I know what he claimed.

And that he'd seen Denning
having a go at Daniel

just a few days before the murder.
Well, he's lying, sir.

Denning doesn't seem like the sort
of person who likes to be crossed.

The one being knocked about
was Felton, not Daniel.

His mum's boyfriend
was a drunken thug called Ross.

Used to lay into them regularly.

Tough life.

That doesn't excuse what he did
to Daniel Denning, sir.

Any arrests in the
Harrison case yet, Chief Inspector?

Keep it going, guys!
Lift those knees!

Final push! Push, push, push, push,
push, push, push, push, push, push!

Good pace!

- How are you feeling?
- In need of oxygen.

Maybe an ambulance.

Whatever doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.

You ready for one more?
Come on, breathe it in.

Breathe with it, come on.

Breathe in, go with the breath.
Come on. Come on!

There we go, that's better.

Caroline Garrett?
You're not still on your hit list?!

She was the prosecuting counsel
at Felton's trial.

She didn't call me back, so I was
just trying to find her address.

What, so you can camp outside
on guard?

Because I spent so much time
with the family after it happened,

and I saw what they all
went through...

Oh, I just don't want anyone else
to get hurt, that's all.

I get it.

I just... don't want to play
Murder in the Dark anymore.


So, are we set?

Damn, it's a fire call.

Sorry. Sorry!


Money For Nothing

Get that for me, will you, Sykes?

Oh, all right.


It's Felton, sir.
The cottage is on fire!

Two in and two out.
Yeah, let's go.

Stand back.

Anthony, stand clear.

Watch yourself.

OK, confined space evacuation.

He's in a coma, sir. He wasn't
breathing when they found him.

What does the fire team think?
By-the-book arson.

Someone poured fuel
through the letterbox and lit it.

Excuse me, is it OK to go inside?

But you'll need to put these on, sir.
Thank you...

Officer Bellingham.

Apparently, this door was closed
when they came in.

It stopped the fire,
but not the smoke.

What are you thinking?

That we should never have
let this happen.

There's nothing more
we could have done, sir.

I hope you're right about that.

So how long have you been seeing
the lovely Officer Bellingham?

How did you know?

I'm a detective, Jones.

It's been a few months.

I met her when she transferred
in the summer.

Going well?

I moved a few things in this week,

so... yeah.

Hm. Trying to keep it quiet?

It's early days - I didn't want
anyone to know about it yet.

You won't say anything, will you?
No, no, course not.


Though, of course, one good turn...
I'm getting all the exercise I need.

But I need a credible alternative

to Gareth's
torture-in-the-park sessions,

and you're it.

It's the smoke inhalation.

His respiratory system
is severely impaired.

And there is a small chance of
damage to his cognitive functions.

Thank you.

What are the chances he'll wake up?

Too soon to say, apparently.
We'd better get a guard organised.

We don't want anyone trying
to finish the job.

I probably shouldn't say this, but

it's a relief to know
he won't be going anywhere.

I'm just gonna take a shower.

I'm not back on till two.
Any chance of lunch later?

I'm in court.

Maybe I'll come and watch you


Regina vs Frederick Burns,
if you're interested. Court one.

Piece of cake.

If you had anything
to do with this...

Of course I didn't!
Or you know anyone who did.

Whoever started that fire
did us all a favour.

How can you say that?
He's probably going to die!

He killed my son!
That was 18 years ago, Ted!

One of these days you're going to
have to let go. Oh, for pity's sake!

I've worked! I've waited!
All that time!

I even put up with that
waste-of-space daughter of yours...

They're here about the fire.

In light of which,
I need to know where everyone was

at midnight last night.

We had supper late,

I heard the engines go by
as Mandy and the boys were leaving.

No-one else was with you at supper
who could confirm that?

Are you doubting my word,
Chief Inspector?

I'm doing my job, Mr Denning.

There was no-one else,
there was just us.

I understand you have
a private fuel supply on the estate.

We need a sample.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Is anyone here stupid enough

to commit arson
with their own fuel, sir?

Well, not stupid.

But angry maybe, or desperate.

You get this sample back to the lab

while I have a quiet word
with Mandy Gideon.

You and Mr Denning are obviously,
um, close.

We've been together
for 20 years now.

But you don't live together?

Daniel's death changed
a lot of things between us.

In a way...

we're still living with
the consequences, even now.

And is that true of the children too?

Will's all right,
he just gets on with it.

But not Kyle and Deirdre?

Daniel's death affected them in ways

we didn't really understand
at the time.

Deirdre said that you always had
a soft spot for Grady Felton.

Well, I felt sorry for him,
that's all.

He and his mother suffered violence
every day of their lives.

I just didn't think he was always
as bad as people made out.

Did you ever doubt
that he'd killed Daniel?


Have you any idea who might have set
the fire at his cottage?

No! No, I don't!

I just wish you'd never let him
come back here, that's all.

You stupid sod. What have you done?
What are you talking about?

You set the fire.
No way!

Why did you do it?
Did Ted tell you to?

No. It wasn't me.

There was a fuel can missing
from the pump shed this morning.

I've just replaced it.
Nothing to do with me.

I heard you leaving last night.
Where else would you be going?

It's none of your business.
It'll be the police's business.

Only if you tell them.

I've never understood you.

Half your life you've had it
on a plate from Mum and Ted,

but all you can do is find trouble

and then use other people
to get you out of it.

You'd better talk to Deirdre!

Yeah. Talk to Daddy's girl
about last night.

And while you're at it,
ask her about Fred Burns.

I don't see why you couldn't have
done this with Sarah
or what's-his-name.

I can't cope with all the smiles
and friendly encouragement.

So, assuming for the moment
that the fire wasn't set by

the Dennings or the Gideons,
who else is there?

Almost anyone in Binwell.

But who else cared enough
about Daniel to kill?

Did he have a girlfriend?

No-one steady.

Anyone else in their gang?

Well, it was Fred Burns,
the guy I've got up in court later.

What's he up for?
Intent to supply Class A's.

Way out of his comfort zone of
five-quid dope deals to school kids.

Doesn't sound like the sort of mate
Ted Denning would approve of

for his children.

Well, he was all right as a teenager.

He just fell in with the wrong crowd
later in life.

Worth a visit?

Yeah. Best leave that one to you,
though, sir,

until I've given evidence
against him.


Fred Burns?

DCI Barnaby, Causton CID.

Make it quick,
I've got somewhere to go.

Mm. Court, I understand.

I'm assuming you know about the fire
at Grady Felton's cottage?

Everyone knows.

You and Daniel Denning
used to be good mates, I hear.


Good enough to want to
even the score for him now?

I was nowhere near his place.

So where were you
at midnight last night?

Home. Turned in early.

Can anyone confirm that?

Look, I've got to go. If you need
to talk to me about anything else,

I'll have my brief with me, OK?

I thought you should see.
SOCO's found it.

Anything from Harrison's
dissatisfied clients?

Everyone they've traced so far
is in prison, unsurprisingly.

Fred Burns isn't currently employed,
is he?

Not unless you call small-town
dealing a job.

Which made me wonder about
that flash car he's driving.

So I checked with his bank.

He deposited Ј1500 in cash
early this morning.

Blood money?

Well, unless he can tell us
something different, it's a theory.

Well, this is it. There's
a cigarette butt under every marker.

All the same brand, all fresh,
48 hours old at the most.

Which is when Felton arrived.

He doesn't smoke, does he?

No, sir.

Good spot for keeping watch.

Or scoping your target.

Fred Burns smokes.

So does Deirdre Denning.


Inspecting someone else?

No, I just forgot
you were on jury service.

I've just been dismissed without
seeing the inside of a courtroom.

Detective Sergeant Jones
to court number one. Yes.

Come and see how the pros do it.

Come on.

House fire! Persons reported!

Half a mile from Binwell Heath.

And why did you decide to go there?

I recognised the defendant's vehicle.

You were sure it was his?

I've known the defendant
a number of years.

I followed the track
down to an old gamekeeper's hut

and found the defendant with 80 grams
of marijuana and 20 grams of cocaine.

Thank you, DS Jones.
Remain standing.

The victim's believed to be
Caroline Garrett.

Caroline Garrett?
That's G-A-R-R-E-T-T?

That's correct, yeah.


You mentioned to my learned friend
that the defendant was known to you.

Do you like him?
Not particularly.

Why not?
He's not my type.

But his girlfriend IS your type,
is she not, Sergeant Jones?

I don't know his girlfriend.

Susanna Bellingham
of 37 Isabelle Gardens?

The fire fighter. You're sleeping
with her these days, aren't you?

Quiet, please.

Perhaps you need a moment
to reconsider your answer.

Yes, it's true.
We're seeing each other.

But I don't see why that's relevant.
For the reason I just gave,

DS Jones.

You don't like my client.

In fact, as I understand it,
there is a fair degree of rivalry

between you...
If you're trying to insinuate...

I'm trying... that I planted drugs
on the defendant

so I could steal his girlfriend...?!

You need to watch less television.

Quiet in court.

Excuse me.

If I might ask
the court's indulgence...


I can't believe it!
That's what barristers get paid for.

It wasn't the ambush.

So you... you hadn't discussed
prior relationships?


It might be time for that chat.


Why didn't you tell me
you were seeing a known criminal?

I wasn't seeing anyone.
I met him when I first moved here.

I went out with him once.

I didn't even know he'd been arrested
until you said last night.

You should have said last night,
then. You cost me the case!

Ben, I...

I didn't just come to...

Look, we've just attended
a gas explosion, a female fatality.

The dead woman was a barrister.

Caroline Garrett.

She's on your list, isn't she?

FIO's prepared to bet
on a leaking appliance.

The victim was out for the night,
got back lunchtime.

If there was a leak
while she was away,

gas builds up,
she presses the ignition... bang.

Thank you.
No problem.

Are you OK?

She never got back to me.
I should have...

As far as anyone knows,
her death was accidental.

That's two names off Felton's list
dead in three days, sir.

If Garrett's house
was empty last night,

he could have got over there
before the arson attack.

He was being watched at the cottage
every hour.

He slipped out between patrols.
Then what, he phoned for a cab?

His cottage is miles away.
It's not humanly possible

to get over to Garrett's place,
sabotage the gas,

and get back again
in time to be incinerated.

I thought you didn't like
coincidences. I don't.

But the evidence just isn't there

to make Felton a suspect
for either death.

Here he is.

I'm gonna go, or I might hit him.

Mr Burns!
Got five minutes for a chat?

Not with you.

Or we could talk at the station.

Where did the Ј1500 come from?
What was it for?

I'm in business -
I respect client confidentiality.

You need to sell
a lot of ten-quid deals

to make that sort of money
in an evening.

'Ey, I'm no playground dealer.

I'm investigating
an attempted murder, Fred,

and I'm wondering if someone
paid you to take on the job.

It was a debt.

A friend who owed me.

You can't prove otherwise.

So I'm out of here.

Thanks for the drink.
Thanks for the lift.

Pleasure's mine.

Um, I was hoping for a gold star
from my favourite teacher.

I'm a very happily married woman,

Sure, I...

I didn't mean...
Yes, you did.

And I'm flattered, but, um...
the competition's just too tough.

My car wouldn't start, so, er...
Gareth brought me home.

Good for Gareth.

I'm gonna go.

Er... see yous later.

See you.

Guess what?
He just tried it on with you.

How did you...
Unparalleled powers of observation.

You're not jealous?
It's kind of cool if you are.

Hey, Sykesie!

Well, that looks promising.

I knew you'd be late.

How was court?

Oh, I struggled to keep faith in
the perfectibility of humankind.

That's criminals for you.
Actually, I meant the lawyers

in Ben's case.

The defence claimed
they were looking for the truth,

but what they actually did
was rewrite it

to undermine Ben's testimony.

Welcome to my world.

How was your day?
Oh, I've had better.

There's been another death
on Felton's hit-list.

No evidence of foul play,

or any way Felton could have been

What is it?

Jones is also on the list.

I can't afford to make a mistake.

Did you know he had a fit,
fire-fighting girlfriend?

Not till last night.

Ben did well in court.

He managed to get the jury
back on his side.

Shame the same can't be said
for Grady Felton.

Everyone keeps telling me

there's no doubt about who killed
Daniel Denning.

The answer's in here somewhere,
it's got to be.

Bonfire night, 1994,
and most of the village is there.

Including the kids from The Hall,
the Gideons from Home Farm,

Fred Burns, and Grady Felton.

You behave yourself.

But Daniel's not staying.
He's soon off, looking for poachers.

That was about 8:30.

Fireworks go off,
beer and burgers are eaten.

Ten o'clock,
and they all set off home.

But later,
Will, Kyle, Deirdre and Fred

all testified that Grady
was no longer around the bonfire.

11:30, and Daniel
still isn't back at The Hall

for the family's Guy Fawkes supper,

so Ted, Will and Kyle
go looking for him.

They call in the police.

His body's found just before dawn
covered in Grady's fingerprints.

So where's the doubt there?

There were no witnesses.

In Grady's version, he said
that he found Daniel already dead

in his kitchen. He assumed that
one of Ted Denning's beatings

had gone too far, and he panicked...

Thinking that he would be blamed.

So, he buried the body
and the murder weapon in the woods.

Are you saying that you believe
Felton's innocent?

You'd really be Mr Popular
in Binwell!

I'm wondering if Grady
might have been telling the truth

about Ted Denning's violence
towards Daniel.

You think the father killed the son?
I don't know.

But if Grady didn't do it,
then it's possible

there's a killer in Binwell

who's been living with the murder
all these years.

And now he's killing again.


You're not taking my calls.

Um... I've been really busy.

Look, um, I'm not chasing you,

I just thought you might want
the heads-up

before the FIO's report went out

The feed pipe to the gas fire
in Caroline Garrett's house

was tampered with.

It's definitely murder.

What are you doing here?

Argh! Argh!

What happened?

He went out to feed the pheasants
and didn't come back.

Will found him just after dawn.

Morning, Ben. Any more of this
and I will be the nation's expert.

He's got a puncture wound to his neck

and I'd put money on his body being
pumped full of morphine.

If you're gonna tell me...
No, Jones.

I read the Garrett report too.

Three murders in five days
and one person linking them...

Grady Felton.

But we know he was in Binwell
when Harrison and Garrett died,

and assuming he can't kill people

from his bed in intensive care...

Someone's taking his revenge
for him.

Someone who sympathised,
who thought the same as Felton...

that he'd been scapegoated.

Mrs Gideon admitted having
a soft spot for him.

Soft enough to kill her own son?

Or Fred Burns.

He's from the right side
of the social tracks.

Maybe the money he banked
was payment from Felton himself.

So while we've been watching Felton,

Fred's been ticking people
off a list for cash?

It's a theory.

Can you give me the dates?

Can you email that?
That's great. Thanks.

OK, let me know.

A red fuel can's been recovered
near Felton's cottage.

It's on its way to the lab.

Guess who visited Felton
at Causton Young Offenders

when he was first banged up?


I knew the bloke. What's illegal
about a couple of visits?

Log records four visits,
seven letters.

You don't seem like
the letter-writing type, Fred.

You must have cared.

Three murders - Giles Harrison,
Caroline Garrett, Kyle Gideon.

I've killed no-one.

You said the money you got
came from a friend.


New friend? Old friend? Grady Felton?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

When Daniel Denning was murdered,
did you believe Felton was guilty?

Or did you think he'd been stitched
up by the people at The Hall,

as he claimed?

Or were you settling
some old scores?


I felt sorry for the scumbag.

It don't mean I killed anyone.

Help us out then, Fred.

Who cares enough about Grady Felton
to commit multiple murder for him?

Inform him of his rights.

We'll take him to the station
when the judge dismisses the court.

What?! But I'm on trial!

Doesn't mean you can't be charged
for something else, Fred.

It wasn't me.

It was his friend.

We've recovered a red fuel can
with a number nine on it

from the back of Felton's cottage.

We also have CCTV of you, Mr Gideon,

buying a similar can at
a petrol station on the Causton Road

early yesterday morning.

I was in the pump shed
and I noticed we'd lost one.

I replaced it.

The fuel
from inside the recovered can

is an exact match to the samples
we recovered from the fire

and to your own supply.

If it's our can,
then it'll have our fuel in it.

We've had theft in the pump yard

It could have been taken
from anywhere...

an estate vehicle, one of the bikes.

We'll need formal statements
from everyone.

This is a warrant for a full search
of your property, house and land.

We'll also need fingerprints
and DNA swabs.

We'll get started right away.
Hold on. Hold on a sec.

Kyle was murdered last night!
Why aren't you after his killer?

All right, boys, let's do it -
house, grounds.

Er, Constable, you come with me.

I don't see why
I have to be corralled in here.

When I was here yesterday, you said
you felt sorry for Grady Felton

because he was the victim
of violent abuse.

Felton insisted that Mr Denning
abused Daniel.

So, if Deirdre grew up in
a similar atmosphere of violence,

how did she feel about Felton?

Grady was making things up
all the time,

nobody every believed him.

I'm sure they didn't,
but I'm asking you now, Mrs Gideon.

Did Felton and Deirdre have
something in common after all?


Time for my grilling?

No smile - must be serious.

We've been talking to Fred Burns.

Was it worth it?
He's not the sharpest knife.

I'd be nice about him if I were you.

He's been able to clear you

of any involvement in the fire
at the cottage. How sweet!

He says you were at his place
when the cottage caught fire,

paying him compensation
for the longer sentence.

He says the Class A's I caught him
with were for you and Kyle.

Nasty little blackmailer.

We'd also like to talk about
Grady Felton, Miss Denning.

This is a post log
from Belmarsh prison,

where Felton was held
between '97 and 2001.

It shows the letters he received.
I've highlighted the ones from you.

I was bored.

Felt bad about poor little Grady
in his awful little cell...

It passed.

So you didn't continue
to have feelings for him, then?

I never had feelings for him.
He was trailer trash - why would I?

Oh, but you wrote to him again
in Wormwood Scrubs

just before his release.
What was that about?

Can't remember.

A good-luck card?

Fred says
that your feelings for Felton

amounted to more than passing pity.

Fred had a crush on me for years.

But you weren't interested in Fred.

Because Grady Felton was the one
who, um,

interested you, wasn't he?

Well, Fred says that...

Fred says! Fred says!

According to
the official kennels log,

there's some morphine missing from
your medical cabinet. What?

Where were you
on the night Harrison died,

the night that Grady Felton
came back?

I was with the others in the village.

No, you weren't.

We checked.

I was in Oxford.

If you must know...
I was buying some weed.

If her alibi checks out,
we're back at square one, sir...

she didn't set fire to Felton's
cottage, she didn't kill anyone.

Well, the friend theory's
still the best one we've got.

Maybe Deirdre just isn't the friend.

What he hell's going on?

Your daughter's been found
in possession of drugs, Mr Denning.


And we need to verify certain things
she's told us

concerning her whereabouts.

I told you she had nothing to do
with the fire!

She's not a suspect for the fire,

I'll let you know what's happening
as soon as I can.

Right. Thanks for that.

That was the hospital, sir. There's
been a change in Felton's condition.

He might be coming out of the coma.

He's got no output.

OK, I'm gonna shock him.

Everyone stand clear.
On to generate.




Oh, hi.

He's what?! How did that happen?
I thought...

No, I'm just in the car park.
I'll be straight up.

I think we should stop.
Does everyone agree?

Yeah, agree.

Time of death - 19:04.

How's the PC?

Woozy, but he'll live.

He didn't see who injected him?
No, sir.

He felt something
on the back of his neck,

then it's a blank.

Are you OK?


What did YOU see?

I saw a grey hatchback coming at me.

Before I realised
what was happening, it was gone.

It just makes no sense.

Why would Felton's avenger
want to kill Felton?

Good question.
At least now we have a lead.

The hatchback.
Let's focus on finding it.

I'll talk to hospital security,
see what the cameras picked up.

Or you could do the sensible thing
and go home

while I organise some protection.
No, thanks.

You're a target, Ben.
The killer's already had one go.

I'll be more careful next time.

Anything from the hospital CCTV?

It caught a grey hatchback,
but side on from 50 yards.

Can't even tell if the driver's
male or female.

There's a camera
at the main entrance.

With hundreds of people
going in and out all day.

This is the lab report
on the DNA from the cigarette stubs

at Felton's cottage.
It's a match to Deirdre's swab.

Well, maybe she's like me, sir -
happier knowing where he is.

I need a word with them.

House call. This can't be good news.

Suck in the guts, guys.
I've got a googly to throw you.

Grady Felton's now a murder victim,
so I took routine prints and DNA

as soon as they brought him down.
Checked them through the database,

and he came back as two people.

How is that possible?

I don't have a clue.

The prints of the guy on the slab
match Grady Felton's print record

on the national database.

But put his DNA
through the same system,

and he comes back
a completely different person.

Keith Mulory. Served 11 years
for murdering his wife.

Released a year before Felton.

They shared a cell
for his last three years at Scrubs.

Here's his probation file.

You were right. I checked the scar
and the tattoo. They're recent.

And he's had laser surgery
on both eyes in the last few months.

Did you check with
the database administrators?

You were right about that, too.

In the past 18 months,

the fingerprints of all convicted
criminals were digitised,

which meant everyone had to go back
and be reprinted.

According to this, Mulory's prints
and Felton's are identical.

And a match to our dead guy.

So Mulory must have gone back in
to be reprinted

posing as Felton.

It's the only logical explanation.

These are Felton's fingerprints
from the original paper case file,

and they don't match
anything we've got.

So this is definitely Keith Mulory.

And Felton's been out there
all along.


Yeah, thank you.

The Wing Manager at the Scrubs
confirmed they both looked alike.

They used to wind new screws up
pretending to be each other.

Maybe that's where they got the idea.

They must have spent months
planning it,

organising the surgery and stuff.

They were in a cell together
for three years.

But why would Mulory agree to do it?

Maybe they agreed
to split the proceeds

from the sale of the cottage.

Do you know,
it didn't even occur to me

the man I saw wasn't Grady Felton.

18 years, Jones.

And, like you say, you had no reason
to question his identity.

I keep thinking
he's out at the pens.

That he'll just walk in the door.

I know, darling.

I know.

If Mulory was impersonating Felton
at the cottage

so the real Felton was free to kill,
why kill Mulory?

When Mulory couldn't sell
the cottage,

he was so angry he threatened to stay
and do the place up.

Maybe that made him a threat
to Felton.

We need to brief Protection
and get a search started.

You get over to Binwell.
And watch your back...

Felton knows we're onto him now.

And Denning must be top of his list.

Well, if you think
that's at all necessary.

Thank you.

The police seem to think
that we need protection.

They'll be here shortly.

I want to now who killed my son.

I need to know if Deirdre...
Deirdre didn't kill Kyle

or anybody else.

Well, Barnaby seems to think
she had feelings for Grady.

Don't be ridiculous.

He thinks she was drawn to him

because of what you were doing
to Daniel.

What are you talking about?
I was there, remember?

You couldn't cope
with him challenging you.

You lost control.

That's got nothing to do
with anything.


We both lost a son.

Don't you think it's time
we faced the truth?

However painful it is.

Damn lights.

I'll go.

Miss Denning?

I'm bailing you
pending further inquiries.

But I need your help.
Office is closed.

Grady Felton is alive and well.

He used a double.

The man you saw at the cottage
wasn't Felton,

it was a former cellmate of his
called Keith Mulory.

The real Felton has already killed
three people

and tried to kill DS Jones.

Now he knows that we're close...

I think your father will be next.


The protection officers
are on their way.

Is Mr Denning here?
He's in the powerhouse.

The lights went out.
Where is the powerhouse?

He'll be back in a minute.
Just tell me the way, Mrs Gideon!

You've got no chance...
whoever you are.

The police are on the way.

When you were kids,
did you have any secret hangouts?

We used the old powerhouse.

Grady hated it.

Wicked old Ross used to lock him up
in there...

and leave him alone all night.


And these.
Teach him a lesson.

Whatever doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.


Where did you hear that?


Ross used to say it to him
whenever he dished out punishment.

Who are you?
I'm Gareth, Causton gym.

What are you doing here?


Come on, Jones.
Pick up, for God's sake.

I'm making... it right.

It's Barnaby. I need backup
at Binwell Hall. Armed response.

How long ago
did Jones go to the powerhouse?

About ten minutes.
And Ted's still not answering.

Neither is Jones.
Stay inside the house, Mrs Gideon.

What are you doing?

Isn't it obvious, Ted?


Stay in the car, OK?

Welcome back, Jonesy.

Nearly got you at the hospital.

But this...

Oh, this... is perfect.

I mean, you should have upgraded
years ago, Ted.

See, "dodgy electrics killed them,"
they'll say.

And that's the beauty of it.

Why are you doing this, Grady?

You killed Daniel. Then you...

I did not... kill... Daniel... Denning!


Do you get it?

Have you got it yet, Jones?


Stop there!

Or we all go up.

Or did you just come for another
training session?

Did you bring the beautiful wife?

So, how long
have you been at the gym?

18 months.

I had a few things to do first.

Lose weight and the tats -
you know, get fit.

A bit of surgery on the scar.

Who's Gareth Dunbar?

That's a clean skin I bought.

You meet a lot of useful people
in prison, John.

No remorse? No pangs of conscience?

You should ask him that question.

You see, there's the man
who murdered his own son

and you lot, you fitted me up for it.

He's lying. He killed my son!

No, Daniel and me, we were all right!

You see, we understood each other.

What can you possibly understand
about my son?

Cos I knew what it was like
to feel the belt... across my back.

Just like Dan, eh, Ted?

Everyone trusts a Scot. I was
a regular, never a moment's doubt.

Get out of here, Miss Denning!

Are you going to kill me too, Grady?

Do what he said.

Get out.

Look, he is the one that I want.
He murdered your brother!

No, he didn't.
Oh, sure he didn't!

Fred Burns remembers that night
very well.

He was keen to spend the evening
with Deirdre.

But she only had eyes for you.

Fred says that Daniel
was happy to chase the girls...

but wasn't so keen on
his little sister having fun.

What are you talking about?

So I was wondering
if you went to find Grady

at the cottage that night.

What are you saying?

He's telling the truth.

What are you doing here?
I'm just...

Just what?

Oh, you and Grady?!
There's no me and Grady.

Liar. You're screwing him,
I can see it in your face.

Look, Dan, I'm not.
You wait till Dad finds out.

Don't you dare tell him.

Watch me.


He was your brother!

It was an accident.

I am so sorry, Grady.

Stop it, Deirdre!

You stole my life.

You've suffered
a terrible injustice...

I was just so scared.

But the killing has to stop.

I just thought they'd let you go
after a while.

You stole... my whole... life.
I just thought it would all just...

I poisoned all our lives.

- Can I get some help in here?
- Coming, sir!

All right!

All right, keep still.

Grady Felton,

you are under arrest
for the murders of Giles Harrison,

Keith Mulory, Caroline Garrett
and Kyle Gideon.

I am so sorry.



Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Listen, er...

I've been thinking about it,
and, um...

maybe you being a copper
and me being...

I just...

I don't know.
Call me.

I'll call you.

That's good. Last stretch.
The final exercise.

Come on, you're nearly there!
Counting down!

15 seconds!

14, 13.

Push! Push!

Well done. Excellent work.

Well done, sir, you're through.

Are you OK?
Oh, I'm feeling sick.

It must be the concussion.

Did I pass?

I feel terrible!
Well done, gentlemen.

I think I've knackered my ankle.

My knee's seizing up.

Well, whatever doesn't kill you...

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