Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript


Episode 8

Because you're a lawyer,
you probably haven't experienced this,

but when prosecutors take a case,

intuition kicks in before anything else.

Whether the net I'm casting
is nice and tight or loose,

I can sense it intuitively.

That's especially true in largely
political cases like this one.

What do you think my intuition
is telling me right now?

[Case Investigation]

My net is tight, with absolutely no gaps.

This isn't a case you can slip out of
by continuing to remain silent.

I… came to testify as a witness.

Wouldn't this be an unlawful arrest?

The fact is,

I'm a lawyer who got
far better grades than you did.

I guess you've forgotten.

How could I possibly have forgotten?

In fact, it makes me all the more curious,

how you're going to defend
yourself out of this crisis.

Shall I give you a piece of advice?

You seem to think that Assemblyman
Lee Chang Gook can still save you,

but that guy has no power anymore.

You're now finished.

How's it going?

No progress.

Hey, Kim Do Hyun.

Frankly, we don't have any interest in you.

The man behind the stock manipulation
scam you led 5 years ago,

Assemblymen Lee Chang Gook…

If we can catch him,
you can get off scot-free.

I'm telling you this for your sake as
your senior, so consider it carefully.

You've probably sensed the atmosphere
here from Prosecutor Yoon,

but if you make the wrong judgement call,

your life as a lawyer really is over.

Hey. Why does he want to
see us all of a sudden?

If you don't know, how would I know?

You always have to talk like that…

In Hye. I have something
I'd like to suggest to you.

Lately, Attorney Choi…

seems to have been tending only to Father's
business and completely neglecting us.

Shouldn't we at least have one person
tending to our family's issues?

Having had one and now not,

I find that there are more than
a few headaches to deal with now.

Why, have you gotten into trouble again?

What trouble?

Never mind then. Why get so freaked out?

Attorney Kim just takes care
of your company's business, right?


I think Attorney Kim really
was pretty good at what he did.

In Hye, it sounds like you may
have some headaches of your own.

What are you talking about?

I have some connections at
the Prosecutor's Office and heard

that Kim Do Hyun is currently
being investigated. You didn't know?

For what?

Apparently, that guy
has some incredible audacity.

- Why?
- His past is really messy.

You ought to be careful.

What's that about Attorney Kim?

Is he really being investigated
by the Prosecutor's Office?


Then, what happens between him and you?

You seem to have a lot of interest
in Attorney Kim specifically.

Why are you curious about that?

He's a racehorse you invested a lot into.

I just want to know how you'll
resolve it if any issues were to arise.

When real racehorses incur a serious wound,
I hear they're shot to death.

Is that what you do too?

If he's beyond reviving,

then even for the racehorse's sake,
that would be the best recourse.

Then, what condition is
Attorney Kim in right now?

Is he beyond reviving?

I don't know yet.

Father's come out.

He says to come.

BP is 132 over 90.

Your blood pressure has improved a lot.
Are you uncomfortable anywhere?

I keep feeling dizzy.

Ah, I'll tell Doctor Lee.


Is this an okay time to talk?

Yes, go ahead.

Something unexpected has happened.

What is it?

Because of Kim Do Hyun's past,

it appears he's being investigated
by the Prosecutor's Office.

Are you listening?


I think both my sister and Kim Do Hyun
are in a seriously-critical situation.

Ah, Do Hyun!

What kind of witness testimony
takes all night?

Isn't this illegal?

How'd it go?

It's not good.

See, man? How many times
did I say it felt weird?

Before things get any bigger,
how about telling Yu In Hye everything,

and asking for her help?

CEO Yu cannot know.

Before she does, I've to get out of this.

How, when the Prosecutor's Office
is determined to nail this one?

Let's go.

He's just come out of the Prosecutor's Office.

All right.

No. Leave him be.


If it's Assemblyman Lee Chang Gook
that they want, then just cooperate.

If you can get off that way,
isn't that the solution?

All they've done is throw out some bait…

to open my mouth and get information.

The moment I open my mouth,
we're both finished.

Didn't you say that nothing will change
if you hold out and keep your mouth shut?

This is making me crazy, seriously.

Isn't it difficult?

It's tolerable.

I don't understand why you
keep working in this state.

Are you asking why a guy

with not much time left is
doing something so useless?

It's not that.

If it were me, I'd quit working immediately,

and focus on treatment, or
do something else meaningful.

But seeing you obsessed with making money,

I think to myself that the wealthy must
really have a different sort of blood.

That's because you don't know me very well.

I have no interest in making money.

The reason I'm working right now

is to put things in order.

Have you put any thought
into my proposition?

It's not a feasible deal to begin with,
so what's there to think about?

What makes you think it's not?

And how would you help me, who
wants to take revenge on your sister?

Could you really do that?

I don't know how this will sound to you,

but I've been hoping someone could
stop my sister's disease-like greed.

When I think of my sister's life,
I feel so frustrated, I can't breathe.

If you accept my proposition,

I can do anything.

All right. So take your pick.

Whatever you want, anything.

You mean it, right?

I'm going to pop out for a minute.

I see you've shed the country bumpkin traces.

Wear this.

Hey, so where are you dragging me now?

- To a party.
- A party?

I said I was hanging out with a thug,

and my friends are going nuts
wanting to meet you.

Wait a sec!

Hey, do I look like some
entertaining monkey to you?

If not, what would I see in you
to be hanging out with you?

You have to be entertaining
to my friends, OK?

All right. I'll play your little
friends wild today.

We've met with everyone
we were able to contact.

All the people that may be
possible to lobby are marked.

All that's left are
the high-ranking officials,

but I think it will be a little beyond
our capabilities to approach them.

Okay, good work.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Here, I'm going to copy this.

Yeah, what happened?

All right.

The guy who was digging around
about the case that time

is this guy.

You know who he is, don't you?

Chief Prosecutor Jang Geun Ho and
Yu Sung Jun were classmates in high school.

And there are rumors that Yu Sung Jun
is Chief Jang's sponsor.

Your feelings were right on the money.

This is all Yu Sung Jun intentionally
planning to destroy you.

What are you going to do?

If you don't take some plan of action soon,

you may be called in to give testimony as
a suspect rather than as a witness next time.

So, what's your relationship
with Kim Do Hyun?

You know how I was investigated
by the Prosecutor's Office?

It was because that jerk
stabbed me in the back.

He's definitely not an easy opponent,
so you'll have to deal with him carefully.

And, I'm an easy guy?

Don't worry about that,

but what's going to happen to you?

The rumor that's going around

is that your little sister is going to
be the Injin Group successor, not you.

Ah, that rumor?

I heard that too.

But as you know, my younger siblings…

are basically bastard kids of a concubine.

Unless the old man is overtaken by senility,
there's no way that would happen.

Whatever it takes,

I'm going to make you the Prosecutor General,

so just trust me.

I appreciate even just the sentiment.

These aren't empty words.

I realized when I had my back
up against the wall in crisis,

that even if it's just for my sake,

you have to become Prosecutor General, man.

I'll call you again.

You think it will go well?

You think I'm sponsoring him for no reason?

Now there are no holes for
Kim Do Hyun to escape through.

How did the interrogation go
at the Prosecutor's Office?

- Excuse me?
- I made it absolutely clear to you.

If there is something in your past
that may become a problem,

you must tell me everything.

But, why did you hide this?

Uh, that…

You know well what this Han-Young Bank
acquisition means to me.

Lone Asia and I trusted you,

and made an investment staking the
very existence of this company.

But, because of the past you hid from us,

we're faced with the critical threat
of it all going down the drain.

I will take responsibility.

Whatever it takes,
I will make the acquisition happen.

I truly didn't realize you had
such a poor grasp of reality.

You really don't know
what the current situation is?

How on earth do you plan
to take responsibility?

With your back up against the corner,

how on earth are you going to
make the bank acquisition happen?

Even the President,
when he steps down from power,

can be ripped to shreds and
sent off to prison in this country.

When reality is like this,
how can anyone take your hand right now?

If the investigation continues to progress,

they'll likely discover your counter stock
manipulation plan against Sung Jun oppa.

And not just Lone Korea, but Lone Asia too,

will get hit by the aftermath.

No matter how good I acknowledge
your capabilities to be,

in this current condition,

I can't continue to go forward with you.

Madam CEO,

I'm truly sorry that I didn't
tell you about this sooner.

However, I couldn't have even imagined
this case would ever be dug up again.

I had no ulterior intentions.
It was such a politically-sensitive case,

I thought no one would dare touch it.
That's why I didn't mention it.


the person that dug up
the case again is Yu Sung Jun.

Madam, I cannot let it end like this.

I cannot fall flat like this without shooting

even one bullet at my designated target.

I will sort everything out.

If by chance, I can't sort things out,


I'll step aside by my own will.

- No particular issues, right?
- Yes, right.

- You look well and healthy.
- Yes. Thank you.


What are you?

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Could I have a few moments of your time?

- Move.
- Just a second.

What is this about?

Forgive my rudeness as there
was no other way to meet you.

You said your name was Kim Do Hyun?

What did you want to meet me for?

You may not know who I am,

but we have a deep connection.

Five years ago,
I was working at Myungil Securities.

I invested some funds
put in my hands at the time.

I only found out later that those
funds were connected to you.

My investments were all attacked
as stock price manipulation scams,

and I faced the biggest crisis of my life.

I don't know anything at all about that.

Probably not.

However, as luck would have it,

I was able to get out
of it safely, thanks to you.

Do you realize you're making some
extremely dangerous remarks right now?

Of course I do.

And yet, the reason I have to speak with you

is that I'm currently being investigated by
the Prosecutor's Office for that very case.

In other words,

you may be in danger as well.

I didn't know you 5 years ago,

and I don't want to get
mixed up with you now either!

I'm going to act as if today's
meeting never happened.

Aigoo, welcome, Hyungnim.

- It's been a long time.
- Yes, Hyungnim.

So, are you all ready?

- Yes, let's go.
- All right.

Let's go.

Where to?

I felt like you didn't believe me.

I intend to show you
a gold nugget personally today.

Gold nugget?


- Let's go.
- Yes.

Let's go.

What do you think?

It's no joke, is it?

This is a piece of ore
taken from this gold mine.

How we're going to pull out
the treasure from this rock here,

I will show you once and for all today.

First off, we crack the ore
and break it into pieces.

Then we grind it even finer.

That powder is called "concentrate".

We process this concentrate with chemicals,

and then melt it in a crucible.

We're basically pulling out the impurities.

Whoa, this thing…

Hey man, does gold really come out of here?

Well, actually I've only heard it explained.

This is the first I've seen this.

Whoa, it's fascinating.

Ah! Ah, it's hot!

Hyung, put this on!
And your gloves are all going to burn!

Never mind, man!

Did you see?

Pal, look at this.

We have to melt this again.

This is a pure gold nugget.

Wow, this is real! I can bite right into it.

You punk!

How dare you put your mouth on that?

You saw with your own eyes,
all the work that went into making this,

and you pull that sort of crap, you punk.

I'm sorry, Hyungnim.


Little brother.

You see those transmission
towers there, right?

This vein of gold here connects
through all of those mountains.

Man Soo, open up the map.

Where we're standing is right here. Here.

This here, this huge mountain,

the gold runs through it all. All of it.

Wow, this is a total lump of treasure!

Punk, what are you talking about, a lump?

But this is all not my land,
but someone else's.

Even if I want to mine for gold,

I don't have the money to buy
all that land in the mountains.

That's why I haven't been able to mine it.

So, Pil Do,

you buy that mountain.

And when I mine the gold,
we can hit the jackpot! Huh?

And the value of gold keeps hopping up
these days, you know that too, right?

What do you think?

Don't you want to give it a go with me?

Wow, this is huge!

Man, should I really be
letting you in on it?

No matter how good I acknowledge
your capabilities to be,

in this current condition,

I can't continue to go forward with you.

I don't have a lot of time,
so let's get this over with quickly.

The outcome is obvious anyway.
There's no need to make it any more tiring.

I have nothing to say to you.

Call Prosecutor Jang.

I don't think you get the situation yet,

but you're really not in the position
to tell me what to do right now.

For starters, make a statement about
the stock price manipulation at the time.

Kim Do Hyun,

if you keep provoking me like this,
nothing good will come of it.

Prosecutor Yoon.

You've lined up behind the wrong person.

You're no match for me yet,

so go and bring Prosecutor Jang.

I hear you wanted to see me.


What is it you have to say to me?

You were Yu Sung Jun's
classmate, weren't you?

Just as you know about me
through Yu Sung Jun,

I've looked into your
relationship with Yu Sung Jun.

Take a look.

These documents outline your relationship
with the community leaders you were close to

when you were working out in the provinces.

Perhaps, even the details that you've
forgotten have been outlined there.

Are you… taking me head-on?

When you worked in the
Busan District Prosecutor's Office,

I saw you ran the Sae Young Industries case.

Hey, you punk--

It appears you have some really big dreams.

A man with big dreams has a lot to lose.

Yu Sung Jun and I will
have to continue to battle.

If you get involved,

that great career record of yours…

I'm afraid it may get stained.

Jeong Ja.


this is the land
that we got from Yu Ki Jun.

Out of that land, here and here

are not at all connected
with the vein of gold.

We're going to sell this to Pil Do.

If Pil Do just takes the bait,

we take the money and start mining.


according to Man Soo, the vein of gold
even reached above ground in the mountains.

Is it really all right to sell it?

Jeong Ja.

Korea is full of land with
veins of gold running through.

The problem is whether or not it's useful.

This is not at all useful.

But, will Pil Do fall for it?

Well, I've laid out as much bait as I could.

So, we'll just have to
wait and see if he bites.


He called.

What happened?

Pil Do… signed the contract.


So, the guy saw the gold nugget,

and basically flipped.


I flipped when I first saw it too,

and spent my life chasing gold mines.

You think he'd be any different?

Hey, it's Pil Do.


Oh, Pil Do.

What's going on?

Have you made a decision?

Aigoo, Hyungnim!
I've signed a contract for that land.

Oh, so you have made a decision!

Ah, yes, yes. Now what do I need to do?

Ah, well, there's no rush.

Let's meet to talk about the details.

Then I'll come and see you.

All right.

That guy has totally caught on fire.

Jang Mi.

Where'd Do Chul go? I haven't seen
hide nor hair of him today.

I think he's out with a girl.


A girl?

Hyungnim, looks like you might be
getting a well-to-do daughter-in-law.

What are you talking about?

Do Chul is working Yu Pil Sang's
youngest daughter right now.

Crazy punk. What the hell
is he thinking? Aigoo.

That's what I'm saying.
He's just like you.



I'm sorry, Hyungnim.

- Man Soo.
- Stop it.


It's all right. We're just playing.
You know, a gag.

It's all right.

Take care of it so no rumors get started.

Yes, Sir.

Do Hyun!

What happened?

You think you're off the hook?

Uh, I think so.

You scary son of a bitch!
How'd you slip out of a hell like this?

Is it really over?

If he wants to take us both down,
then we'll both have to go down.

But, you think that would ever happen?

Hey Do Hyun, where should we go?

Shouldn't we celebrate or something?

Let's save the party for later,
and let's go to Lone Asia for now.

I tried to contact Lone Korea about
the establishment of a paper company,

but no one answered.

Operations there have been
temporarily suspended.

- Why?
- There was just a need to.

How's the Hong Kong road show
preparations going?

I'm currently discussing it with Frank.

Shouldn't that discussion
have ended a long time ago?

You've been acting strange lately.
Is there a problem?


If there's no problem, and you're
carrying out your work like that,

then take your hands off
the project immediately.

Steven, you take over the
preparations for the road show.


- It's been a while.
- Yes.

I have something to speak with you about.

So have you sorted things out?


I will not cause you any
trouble again over this matter.

How did you resolve it?

Just as they put pressure on me,

I retaliated in the same way.

And that got through to them?

When even you are capable of discarding me,

what do I have to fear?

Now then, can we move forward together?

To make for time lost over this matter,

you'll have to speed things up a bit.


I'll make sure we don't
experience any setbacks.

It's me.

Do Hyun sorted things out.

I was surprised, too.

No, not just surprised…

I was stunned.


It occurred to me that as of that moment,
I was no longer in control.


Do you think that makes any sense at all?

As a prosecutor,
aren't you even embarrassed?

Sure, I'm embarrassed,
but let's get something straight.

This isn't something the Prosecutor's
Office started, but a favor you asked.

So, I can't even say anything to anyone.

But that guy is no ordinary chump.

I don't know how he dug it up, but he knew
everything about my career as a prosecutor.

The guys that work for
Kim Do Hyun are pros at that.

They had quite a reputation even in Yeoido.

Do you really intend to end it like this?

I have no choice.

Kim Do Hyun is taking that
approach, and Lee Chang Gook,

who I thought was a has-been,
isn't in his position for nothing.

I pursue it any further, and
I may be the one that falls.

I'm going out of my mind.
Out of my mind.

But, I can't just let them
get away with this.

I'll keep my eye on the guy
and take him down in some way,

so just wait.

I'm going.

I'll look for another way.

Never mind.

We don't have the time or energy to
waste trying to take him down right now.

Check out how the Han-Young Bank
acquisition is going.

Just focus on that.


[Choi Deok Ja]


It's your son.

Have you been well?

I was in the US last year,
so I couldn't come and see you.

I'm sorry.

Mom. Don't I look different somehow?

Hmm? I've changed a lot.

If you only knew, Mom,

you'd be shocked

at how much money I'm making.
So much money.

That makes you happy?

Are you still singing "Money Fuss" these days?

Don't sing it anymore.

Even if you don't sing "Money Fuss",

when I come to see you next year…

that open market, where you
were never able to open a shop,

but just peddled on the street…

I'll be so ridiculously wealthy,
I could buy the market whole

when I come.

Shall we tear that whole market down

and put up a new building?

That was your wish,

that I become a president of some building.


You probably don't even want to see
the likes of me coming around so late.

But, I wanted to relieve you of
some of that bitter resentment

you have built up in your heart…

even though doing this is hardly
likely to relieve any of it.

Uh? Ah, you…

It's been a long time.

What are you doing here?

Ah, well, just…

Ah, that time you saved Do Chul…


What are you talking about?

I just mean you resolving that money issue…

I never did such a thing.

But, then that…

I'll be going now.

Hey, so why didn't you get married?

That Jung Yeon girl.

She was really all right!

And, how do you know Jung Yeon?

That day… the day of the wedding,

the day you had the accident, I saw her.

Now, I have an eye for women.

You breaking up with that girl,
you're going to regret it.


Why am I be shaking like this,
just running into my own kid?

How embarrassing for a thug.

[CEO Yu In Hye - Do you want
to have a glass of wine with me?]

What I said to you the other
day upset you, didn't it?

I was the one that made the mistake,

but seeing you make such a cold decision

did give me a little shock.

I realized that you were
capable of discarding me.

When I invested so much in you
and in training you?

How could I so easily?

The important thing is
that through this experience,

I was able to take another look
at the relationship between us.

And what were your thoughts?

That as extraordinary as
the opportunity you've given me,

the responsibility over the outcome

is as cold and as frightening.

That if I fail to meet your expectations,

you can discard me any time.

Then, I suppose… that better not happen.

Let's talk about something else.

Can I introduce you to a woman friend?

There's a junior of mine that
could help you with your work,

and I think you'd suit each other well.

I don't have any desire to meet anyone yet.

Why not?

Do you still have lingering
feelings for Jung Yeon?


I'm already way over-extended
trying to gain recognition from you.

I don't have the wherewithal
to care about someone right now.

So that's my situation,

but why do you have such a bad disease?

Didn't you say you have a disease
that you can't believe in love?

Father had a big impact on that.

Since you know our family background,
you've probably guessed…

For Father,

as big as his greed for money

was his obsession with women.

I didn't like that my father
had such desire.

And on top of that,

the one and only love I had in my life…

it's such a common story,
it's rather embarrassing to talk about.

But, where love is concerned, however common,

the scars…

are deep and long-lasting.

After that, I never
thought of curing the disease,

and all I did was work.

Ultimately, I'm racing forward
to become wealthy.

But you, who are already there,

what are you working like this for?

I don't really know myself.

As I move forward, I suppose
the end will come into view.

And when I stand there at the end,

I suppose I'll know.

Each of you, reconfirm your role,

and make sure you don't run into any snags.


When's the meeting with
Han-Young Bank's Chairman?

We're waiting for a call.

Yeah, Ji Cheon.


Okay, thanks.

Donga Hotel, Chinese restaurant, 12 o'clock.

All right. Get started.


The man I told you about,
Head of Lone Korea.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Thank you for taking the time
to meet with me.

Let's sit.


I know about most notable hedge funds,

but I've never heard of Lone Korea before.

We haven't been in business very long.

I see. So, is there any particular
reason you wanted to meet with me?



Our Lone Korea would like
to acquire Han-Young Bank.

Hey you…

Is that some sort of joke?

How could I dare make
such a joke in front of you?

I truly wish to take over Han-Young Bank.

What the hell are you?

How dare you…

Soon, we'll be meeting again.

Don't talk nonsense.

How dare a young man…

Yeah, Do Hyun.

Go ahead and start.

Hey Min Chan,
I'll meet with the flyer guy Park.

So, you go and meet that two-bit hood.

Even if I just see his face,
I feel like throwing up.


It's been a long time.

Haven't seen you around for a while.
What did you want to see me for?

- I wanted to give you some information.
- What is it?

These are companies that primarily
bank with Han-Young Bank.

Yeoido doesn't know about it yet,
but they're all facing impending bankruptcy.

If this is just a worthless rumor,
it's just more trouble for me.

I told you.

Yeoido doesn't know about it yet,
but it's a fact. A fact.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have something
going on with Han-Young Bank?

That you don't need to know about.
Anyhow, see you later.

Those are all facts.

So, there's no need to over-react.

They all bank with Han-Young Bank.

If this gets aired, it looks like
Han-Young Bank may get a hit.


What is it?

It looks like Sampo Shipping and Hanchang
Jungmil are going to file for bankruptcy!


How much are they in arrears?

Both companies together
amount to 350 billion won.

The problem is that there are
securities flyers and broadcasts

focusing on our relationship
with those companies.

Withdraw all the money
deposited in Han-Young Bank,

and change our primary bank from
Han-Young Bank to Shin-Heung Bank.

Excuse me?

What is the reason you suddenly want
to change your primary bank?

We're just following our CEO's orders.

We wouldn't know.

We'll need to withdraw all the
funds we have deposited here.

What happened to those people?

Did you throw them in jail?

No, not yet.

Why not?

Hyung, if you can't, then I'll
get some people and do it myself.

Kim Tae Sung and I have a connection.

What connection?

Even when I was buying that land,

he was snooping around the fringes.

Considering he demanded that
land from you instead of money,

I'm certain there's some reason.

The guy conned me,

saying he developed oilfields
and gold mines in Kyrgyzstan.

About developing gold mines,

I don't think that's a con.
I think that's real.

Gold mines?

How's the pain?

I think I can live
even without pain killers.

Still, if you don't take medication now--

I don't want medication to
interfere with my good condition.

Let's go out.



Don't you think it would be much better than
being stuck in a room, hooked up to an IV?

So, Jung Yeon, why did you become a nurse?

There's no particular reason.

It was only after I became a nurse,
that I thought my decision wasn't bad.

Occasionally, there are times when
arrogant doctors drive me nuts,

but there's nothing I can do about that.

If your revenge was against arrogant doctors,

we could have taken care of it easily.


Why not? We could have made you

the Executive Director of the
Injin Medical Foundation.

Do you have that capability?

If I had to, I could manage that.

Then, are you saying that taking
revenge on CEO Yu In Hye

is difficult?

Well, it's not easy.

Not because she's my sister,

but because she's not someone
with weak spots.

I thought you said

you wished someone
could stop her disease-like greed.

How do you think we could stop that greed?

For starters, we'd need to make her lose

what she values most right now.


Your sister has come.

Let's go.

- Me?
- Why so startled?

If it's difficult to even face my sister,

how are you going to take revenge?

Jung Yeon, what are you doing here?

We've decided to be friends.

Have a seat.

Since when?

When was that?

When I went to visit Mi Ran in the hospital,

I fell for her at first sight.

After that, I kept chasing
after her and bugging her.

It hasn't been very long since
we decided to be friends.

Can I take Myung Jun at his word?


Well, that took me by surprise.
How can that be?

What's the problem?

See me for a minute.

Do you know who Lee Jung Yeon is?

She was almost married to Attorney
Kim Do Hyun, whom you know.

I know that.

So what?

Myung Jun.

Isn't it okay as long as I like her?

Does Jung Yeon like you too?

I don't know about that yet,

but don't you think she feels something
to have agreed to be friends?


She knows full well my relationship with
Attorney Kim, so how could she do that?

What does that have to do with me?

I like her.

My love life is where I draw
the line with your interference.

What's your purpose in doing this?

What do you mean purpose?

Do I have to spell out that purpose?

I can't understand the
relationship between you two.

Let Myung Jun go.

Hearing you say that, I remember
what you said to me once.

When I told you to let Do Hyun go,

this is what you said to me.

"How could I possibly hold
a grown man's feelings?"

You said it was Do Hyun's will,
that you weren't holding him.

It's the same for me.

Myung Jun liking me is his will.
I'm not holding him.

How do you feel?

I don't know.

It does feel like my blocked
chest has cleared a little.

That's a relief.

But what does this have to do with revenge?

What kind of revenge is this?

I don't have the skill to ruin Yu In Hye.

All I'm doing is scratching at her feelings.

It's already happening,

making her lose something
precious in her life.

Because soon, Noona will be losing me.

Jung Yeon!


You're late.

What about you?

Me? I worked some overtime
for the first time in a long time.

Why push yourself so hard?

Working all night isn't even
enough to pay off all my debt.

Having no work is the problem.
Working hard is not a problem at all.

Shall we have a drink?

Wow. All I'm leaving you

is the ability to drink.

I'm grateful for that ability.

It's not an ability anyone can learn.


so many nights,

overcome with the pain…

Have I gone senile? Why did this
no-good song pop into my head?

It's a good song, not a no-good song.

That punk…

Never mind. I shouldn't even bring that up.

The oarsmen's boat songs

fade, while

the Samhak-do waves hide deeply under…


It's out there, but just lightly.
Just lightly.

[Han-Young Bank Crisis Buzz,
Securities Rumors]

Don't we need to go with harder punches?

It's not time to play
the media full-scale yet.


Have you seen the Han-Young Bank stock?

I'm looking at it now.

Price is continuing to fall.
Shouldn't we be buying?

No, this is the beginning.

Wait a little longer.

Oh! Welcome.

Please sit down.

There's been press about

Han-Young Bank's weak connections,
and its stock has been falling.

Looks like they're starting
the operation full-scale now.

Yes. Kim Do Hyun is leading it.

Wow. That guy has some mad skills.

Are you really going to
compete for a takeover bid?

Of course. I'm prepared too.

Just like that punk Kim Do Hyun pulled
one over on me with his counter-operation,

I need to stab him in the back
at least once to repay him, don't I?

Cha Young Min, don't you
feel the same way I do?

The bankruptcy of the trading companies
we deal with, and the sudden withdrawals,

seem to be wreaking havoc
on the stock price.

It's been dropping for 3 days already.

Chairman, Assemblyman Han Jin Su
is on the phone for you.

Yes, Assemblyman.

Is there a problem troubling Han-Young Bank?

I keep hearing bad news about it.

No. It will all be resolved shortly.

Hearing the concerned talk
coming out of the FSS,

I don't think it appears to be a
situation that can be resolved shortly.

If the atmosphere continues like this,
I can't guarantee your term.

Bring your plan for resolution,
and let's meet.

Yes, I understand.

His name was Kim Do Hyun, right?

Call the fellow and set up a meeting.

Yes, Sir.

What the hell are you?

What the hell is it you do?

I'm Lone Korea's CEO, Kim Do Hyun.

You bastard…

I'm asking you what you really are!

Please entrust us with the
acquisition of Han-Young Bank.

If you help us,

then we will absolutely
guarantee your future.

Shut up, you bastard!