Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Episode #1.21 - full transcript


Final Episode 21

Among American favorite movie lines,

is a line from The Godfather.

"I'm going to make him an
offer he can't refuse."

I'm going to make him an
offer he can't refuse.

I'm considering making you
an offer you can't refuse.

If there is something in your past…

that's blocking you from your dream,
can you throw it away?

I'd have to.

Even if…

it was Jung Yeon?

I've occasionally wished you…

might treat… my terrible disease.

Why did you abandon me?

People even accused me of selling
my soul as I worked for you.

Why did you abandon me?

I could see both our imminent destruction,
so what else could I do?

In one part of my heart,

feelings of guilt over you have always
remained like baggage.

It's a huge relief…
that I can let go of that now.

Now that there's absolutely no sympathy,

I think I could step on and crush you.

Isn't it true JR Stanley didn't
make an investment,

but rather acted as a channel for the
slush fund and received a commission?

That's something I'm not aware of.

Yu In Hye.

If you continue to deny it like this,
it will become more of a disadvantage.

Lone Asia is not a subsidiary
of Injin Group.

Han-Young Bank has nothing to
do with Injin Group either.

The one trillion dollars invested
in Han-Young Bank…

even if it came from
Injin Group's slush fund,

that has nothing to do with my will.

I understand Yu In Hye was summoned
to the Public Prosecutor's office.

I didn't expect it to go that far.

Indeed, you have some impressive skills.

Right about now, even Yu In Hye will
find it hard to slip out of this.

I think it won't be difficult now for
Shin Heung Bank to merge with Han-Young.

I think it's time now for you to
reply to my proposition.

If you just set your mind to it,

then you and I could become the actual
owners of Shin Heung Bank.

I poured all my strength into this battle.

So that I have absolutely no energy left.

I was too hasty.

After you have had plenty of rest,
let's speak again.

- Father!
- Father.

Are you all right?

What happened?

Injin Group subsidiaries, of course,
and subcontractors were all searched.

It's all been an absolute mess.

It seems they are completely determined.

If you don't resolve this directly,
it looks like our household will go bust.

What about In Hye?

She's being interrogated right now
at the Prosecutor's Office.

In Hye, too?

That Choi Guk Hwan…

spilled the news that the trillion dollars invested
in Han-Young Bank came from the slush fund.

I don't think it will be easy for In Hye
to get out of this either.



Contact Han Jin Soo.


Are you all determined to kill me?

I'm sorry.

In the last thirty years,

in the Republic of Korea,

if there are any politicians or government
officials that did not go through me,

tell them to step forward.

If I'm chased into a corner like this,

then I only have one choice I can make.

What are you going to do?

Shall we all die together?

The only solution I can offer you
is to resolve it politically.


Give the slush fund money back to society.

If you create a foundation,
and pledge to donate that money,

I will step in and work on resolving this.

That's the only way you can
protect your name,

and the only way Injin Group can survive.

Then, what about In Hye?

What happens to In Hye?

She will have to let go of Han-Young Bank.

I can't do that.

Right now, Han-Young Bank…
is my everything.

Asking me to hand that over…

is asking me to die.

I know well what your feelings are.

However, that's the way that you
and Injin Group can survive.

Han-Young Bank and Injin Group are separate!

Why are they being tied together
in judgment?

If you choose to be stubborn,
I don't have a way to resolve this either.

Chairman Yu has decided to donate
the slush fund back to society.

If you continue to manage Han-Young Bank,

how are you going to dispel the
suspicions of the citizens?

Everything worked out the way you wanted.

How do you feel?

It's not over yet.

Yu In Hye has been summoned and is being
interrogated by the Prosecutor's Office.

But it's not over yet?

Do you remember when I said I might
have taken the hand of the devil?

That investment you got from
that man named James?

For the sake of a final victory,

I made a dangerous choice.

That has be cleaned up,
for it to turn out as I want.

What are you going to do?

I don't really know quite yet.

Yeah, Yi Ji.


What's his condition right now?

Oh, all right.

What, is something the matter?

She says Myung Jun is in critical condition.

The EKG rhythm is strange.


Prepare the defibrillator.

One, two, shock!

Let me see.

200 joules charge.

It's at 200 joules.

One, two, shock!


How'd it go?

He's asking for you.

Go in.


don't know why it's so hard…
to depart and let you go.

Jung Yeon, there's something
I had to say to you.

So I asked them to get you.

Go and and say it.

I would like it if you and Kim Do Hyun…

could forgive my sister.

My sister is just a poor soul
trapped and blinded by greed.

The painful scars she left you,

please forget them all now.

I've forgotten it all.

I'll relay it to Do Hyun.

Thank you.

Truly now,

all I have left to do is let you go,

and slip into silence.

Myung Jun.

I didn't think I'd get to see you.

Thank goodness.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I've… been thinking about it.

Do you know that…

your sickness is loneliness?

I think that loneliness…

is a scarier disease…

than cancer.

Because of loneliness,

you fell into the trap of greed.

Because of loneliness,

you live, obsessed with money.

I'm sorry…

for leaving… like this.


for making you more lonely.

I'm really sorry.

Myung Jun.

Myung Jun?

Myung Jun.

I'm sorry.

Myung Jun, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Myung Jun.

We saw Myung Jun off.

The kid did a lot of good deeds,

so I'm sure he's gone to
a good place, Father.

Then, I'll be going.

Contact Han Jin Soo,

and tell him I will accept what
he proposed to me.

What did he propose?

The entire slush fund…

will be donated back to society.

Excuse me?

What the hell kind of proposition is that?!

That's basically tying our hands
and feet and robbing us!

Father really said he was
going to accept that?

That's right.

Other guys spit up hundreds
of billions and slip out.

That's what he's decided to do.

If he doesn't,

there's no way to get out of this.

Then what does that make us?

What do you think?
We've been reduced to beggars, that's what.

This is impossible.

There is no other way.

- What do you think about this?
- What?

We create a foundation,

we put in the entire amount
of the slush fund into it,

and you and I operate that foundation.

- What do you think?
- Right.

Other conglomerate families
do that all the time.

Wow, how could I not have thought of that?

You've got a good head.

That's it!

I'll negotiate with Chairman Han Jin Soo.



I've been thinking about it.

Do you know that…

your sickness is loneliness?

I think that loneliness…

is a scarier disease…

than cancer.

Seeing Yu In Hye cry, so full of grief,

I felt strange.

The person I know her to be…

didn't strike me as someone
who even had tears.

Like Yu Myung Jun said in his final words,

I wondered if maybe…

Yu In Hye really was the person
to be pitied the most.

Sung Jun.


Are you ready?

What about reporters?

There are quite a lot that came.

You better do well.

Don't muck it up and make a
mess of everything.

Don't worry.

All right. Okay.

[Injin Group's Donation to Society
Formal Announcement and Press Conference]

I am Injin Capital CEO Yu Sung Jun.

First of all,

as a representative of Injin Group,

I'd like to deeply apologize…
to all of the citizens.

For betraying your trust in Injin Group,

your hopes and support,

for causing such great concerns,

please forgive us.

Ladies and gentleman,

if you are willing to forgive us,

our Injin Group…

will repent for our mistakes in the
past through deep reflection,

and promise to transform
into a new enterprise.

Therefore, as a pledge to all citizens,

the entire amount of the illicit funds
that have come to light,

will be donated through a social
welfare foundation.

You know that slush fund that's been
causing problems for Injin Group?

They say they're going to
donate that all back to society.

Apparently, it's at the very least
two trillion won.

Those guys are putting on a show.

What do you mean show?

Man, you know it's an obvious ploy
of wealthy conglomerate families.

When they're stuck with
their backs up against the corner,

they talk about donating to
society and whatnot,

then create some foundation
and operate it themselves.

How is that donating to society?

That's true.

They should have forfeited it to the country,
rather than supposedly ďdonatingĒ it.

In my opinion,

there's some plot there.


what do we do now?

Wait just a little bit.

I have a plan.

Another one of your ďreverse our
fortune in life in a single blowĒ plans?

I'm with you till the end, Hyungnim!


That ďreverse our fortuneĒ
bit makes me want to vomit now.

Drink with us. Not alone.

Jeong Ja, you're right.

We've wasted too much of our lives
to be able to reverse our fortune.

Now, it's time to get our act together.

Now then.

I'm with you till the end, Hyungnim!

Crazy bastard.

Did you hear?

Yu In Hye is pulling out of Han-Young Bank.

Then, a merger with Han-Young
Bank won't be difficult at all.

There's something to resolve before that.

What is it?


What happened with the
re-investigation of Steven's case?

Seeing as how there hasn't been
any particular contact,

I don't think it's been easy.

Thanks to you, nothing happened to In Sook.

Thank you.

They've cleaned up the slush fund
issue by resolving to donate it to society.

And Yu In Hye has agreed
to pull out of Han-Young Bank.

I never expected that Chairman
Yu Pil Sang or Injin Group would collapse.

I knew that it would be resolved like that.

You don't feel bitter?

This is reality, what can I do?

Denying it will just bring on more pain.

What are you going to do now?

There's still one final knot
I have to resolve.

Only after I untie that, can I figure out
what I'm supposed to do next.

Your skill could have been used
in a more glorious setting.

I'm sorry for dragging you into
such a vile game.

Don't be.

Even if it weren't for you,

at least once at some point,

the ambitious desires sleeping
within me would have stirred.

Rather, it's a relief to have
been able to see

the end of my greed and desires earlier.

So, I'm thinking of making an
unprecedented sort of offer.

For starters, I'll commission you with
a blank check annual salary.

If you write down what you're worth,
that's your salary.

When you protect money that
holds a lot of secrets,

the remuneration is appropriately generous.

I'm truly sorry for the loss
of Yu Myung Jun.

I didn't have the wherewithal to thank
Jung Yeon for staying beside him until the end.

I'm sincerely grateful for the consideration
shown by both of you.

You've won it all,
so why did you want to see me?

Hearing you acknowledging your own defeat,

it feels rather empty.

I'm confessing it now after all this time,

when I read that article about you
when you worked on Wall Street,

I felt suddenly stirred.

I idolized you.

I didn't know you were my fan.

Then you appeared before me,

and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Can you imagine how my heart felt back then?

I understand how badly you felt betrayed.

But, even now,

I don't think…

I could make you understand
why I did what I did.

All I had in my head was the thought that I
had to get free of James and Lone America,

and to that end, whether it was
you or someone else,

I would have betrayed anyone.

I so wanted to be free of them,
and struggled in earnest.

And you, in fighting me,

I see that you allied yourself with them.

If you don't let go of James'
hand now, you will…

slip into a bog that you will never
be able to come out of.

I'm telling you this as atonement
for betraying you,

so take my words to heart.

I think I've given you ample time to think.

I think I need an answer now.

I'll try it.

You've made a good decision.

Before that, as General Partner
of Lone America,

how do you plan to become owner
of the consolidated bank?

I feel I must hear your plan first.

If Lone America finds out,
would they leave you alone?

I've put away a separate portion of
Lone America investment profits over time.

I'm intending to pour that money
into Shin Heung Bank.

From Shin Heung Bank's standpoint,
even if they need investments urgently,

they won't accept money whose
origins are uncertain.

And that's why I need you.

I'll say it again,

but the moment you ally yourself with me,

your life changes.

You have all worked so hard.

I'm truly sorry that this is the outcome.

I want to rest a bit for the time being.

Young Min, please take responsibility
for the Lone Asia fund and operate it.

I'm still…

You'll do well.

Support Cha Young Min well.



I stepped beyond the boundaries last time.

Since Han-Young Bank got an A+ rating,
I suppose you still suspect me.


All right, then.
What did you want to see me about this time?

Do you know about Lone America
GP (General Partner) James Jung?

Yes, I do.

I've met him a few times as well.

He is currently eyeing the ownership
position of Shin Heung Bank.

Just get ready to put everything
we saved to Shin Heung Bank.

And be sure to make it secret,
as long as Dallas don't know about this.

Yeah. Just call me when it's ready.

What is it?

They've reopened Steven's case
for investigation.

What are you talking about?

I don't really know what's going on.

I think they are looking back into
Bank VP Lee Tae Chul's case as well.

How the hell are you doing your job?

Find out immediately why they are
suddenly reopening those cases.

Yes, sir.

What are you saying, all of a sudden?

What do you mean you're leaving?

I think what I can do here is complete.

I have to return to my original position.

The merger with Han-Young Bank is right in front
of us. I don't understand why you'd leave now.

Why are you doing this so suddenly?

Have we offended you in some way?

It's nothing like that,
so please don't misunderstand.

And these are the merger
documents I've been preparing.

They include all the analysis
of Han-Young Bank,

so it should help you as you
undertake the merger.

Is it true that there isn't anything wrong?

If you have some grudge against us,

I can find a way to resolve it.

It's not like that, so don't worry.

Then, that's a relief.

Ah, they are currently reinvestigating
your father's accident.

Does that mean new evidence has emerged?

It's currently underway,
so I can't confirm anything,

but this time, they will definitely
clear up any questions.

What is it you have to say?

I've been thinking.

And regarding the position of
Executive Director of the foundation,

what do you think of me in that role?

The actual Executive Director
would likely be you, yes.

But still, I'm the eldest son of
the Injin Group family.

Don't you think that would seem more
natural and look better to the world?


your elder brother is speaking seriously,

and you're mocking me?

You'd need to be saying something that
makes sense for me to respond.

Are you a fool, Hyung?

Why don't you think for a change?

You punk…

I think plenty, kid!

And yet you bring up such an
unbelievable scenario?

Hey, I'm just saying I'd play
the role of eldest son.

Why is that so unbelievable?

If you were the foundation's Executive
Director, what would people say?

They're gonna say we're going
to take it all for ourselves.

For the Executive Director,
we have to bring on someone reputable.

You know, a figurehead.

I've already spoken to Father,
so let's drop the subject.

Who is it?

Chairman Han Jin Soo.

He was once even Deputy Prime Minister,
so he's qualified,

and since he has a history with Father,
he's perfect.

Then, what do I do?

A common soldier. Be a common soldier.

Why are you avoiding me?

Do you have another woman?

I'm not a guy that plays around.


Then, what's the reason?!

Attorney Choi Guk Hwan…

What about that ahjussi?

Said he wouldn't leave me alone
if I kept seeing you.

You don't know how brutal the guy is.
You really don't.

He's an attendant in our household.

In the olden days, he'd have been
no different than a servant.

Why listen to a man that betrayed
his master and went to jail?

If that's the reason,

there's nothing to worry about,

so don't have other thoughts.

If you have something to say, say it.

Do you know what your mother
is doing and how she's living?

I don't know.
And I don't want to know, either.

Why not?

I have no interest in someone
who threw me away.

Aish, why bring up something so irritating?

I'm sorry. I won't.

What happened?

I've already completed all the preparations.

You just need to make a decision.

I understand.

I'll give it a try.

However, there's something
you need to keep in mind.

What is it?

James and Lone America are scarier
than what you can imagine.

How is it that you ended up working
with those kind of people?

Because of my obsession with
success and greed,

I fooled myself.

But that ominous hunch is always right on.

The price for selling my soul was sweet,

but when I came to my senses,

I saw myself stuck in a trap
I couldn't get out of.

In trying to free myself of James' snare,

I lived a really painful life.

Do Hyun,

I hope you will be able to resolve it well.

What brings you here so suddenly?

You're asking what brings me here
when I'm about to invest?

It's a bit puzzling.

We're past the stage to start working discussions,
but I hadn't been contacted yet, so I came.


I'm not certain I know what
you're talking about.

Hasn't the investment contract with
Lone America been completed already?

I've decided to invest in Shin Heung Bank
with no relation to Lone America.

I've already come to an
agreement with Kim Do Hyun.

I don't know what
you discussed with Mr. Kim,

but he's no longer a part of
Shin Heung Bank.

And at this point,

Shin Heung Bank has no plan to
take any further investments.

So, what happened?

There's no way to find his whereabouts.

I think he's gone into hiding.

If he doesn't come out of hiding,

make it so he comes looking for us directly.


Drag her away.

Why are you doing this?!

- Sister-in-law!
- Hey!

Hey, Do Chul. Did you see?

They kidnapped Sister-in-law!

It's the guy that was next to
James in our pictures!

What happened?

James kidnapped Jung Yeon.

The guy who took her is this guy.

Shouldn't we report it to the police?

We can't.

Then Jung Yeon could be in more danger.

Then what are you going to do?

They did this because they
couldn't contact me.

I have to meet with James.

Hey, the guy is determined to kill you,

and you're going to go to him
of your own accord?

Did Yu In Hye order you to do this?

This has nothing to do with Yu In Hye.

Then why in the world are you doing this?

If you stay quiet,
nothing will happen to you.

Yes. It's me.

Yes, I brought her with me.


What do you mean kidnapped?

What are you talking about?

Because he couldn't get a hold of me,
I think he's trying to send me a warning.

I think you will have to hurry.

I understand.
I will move on it immediately.

Think carefully before you act.

If you make a small mistake
and provoke James,

the worst of scenarios could take place.


This is Yu In Hye.

I desperately need to talk to Henry.

This is Kim Do Hyun.

I was waiting for your call.

I had no way of getting a hold of you,

so I had to do something rather
rude to your girlfriend.

Lee Jung Yeon is safe and well,
so don't worry.

I'll go over there.

Of course you should.

Just in case, let me tell you ahead of time.

If you do something foolish,

be warned that your well and safe
girlfriend may fall into danger.


Hey kid, how can you let him go into
that dangerous situation alone?!

He stubbornly insisted on going alone,
so what was I supposed to do?!

Hey, do you know where those guys are?

Do Chul and I have followed
them for a long time,

so there is a place I can guess.

Hey, lead the way!

Where is Jung Yeon?

If you were going to get so worried,

then you shouldn't have done
something so foolish.

Have a seat.

Now then, let's start by hearing the reason.

What's the reason you agreed to form an
alliance with me and then acted like this?

I know very well what kind
of person you are.

After I knew the truth about you,
I couldn't work with you.

Then, you used me and thought
you'd discard me.

Whether you were conscious of it or not,

you had already fallen into my trap.

I'm saying you can't get out
just on your own will.

And another thing. I've currently
embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Taking on this endeavor without
Lone America knowing…

is a life-staking gamble.

So, did you think I would just sit back and
watch while you flipped over the game board?

Just like you killed Bank VP
Lee Tae Chul and Steven,

are you going to kill me, too?

I heard that Lee Tae Chul and Steven's cases were
reopened for investigation at your request.

But that was a useless move.

Getting rid of you without a single
trace isn't even a challenge.

I think we got it.

Now then, let's go back to the beginning.

Don't pull any more stupid stunts,
and listen to me.

As you promised me,

will you execute the takeover
of Shin Heung Bank?

Our discussion about the death of
Lee Tae Chul and Steven has been recorded here.

About now, this file is probably being
put into the hands of the police.

I see you're insisting on pulling
foolish stunts to the very end.

Yeah, what is it?


Yes, sir.


You must have misunderstood, sir.

No, sir. No such thing has happened.


Yes, sir.

I understand.

Everything's been ruined because of you.

Get rid of him.

Since you brought this on yourself,
don't resent me for it.

What are you doing?

Where'd those guys go?

- Sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law!

Do Hyun!

- Do Hyun!
- Do Hyun!

Hey, you punk!

Are you all right?

It's all over.

Is Jung Yeon safe?

Thank goodness.

What happened with James?

He's really dead?


I understand.

[Two Years Later]


It's been a long time.


Shin Heung Bank, once no different from a
dead and withered tree, is now flowering,

and this is all due to you.

You give me too much credit.

Ah, I understand you were promoted
to the board of directors.


Thank you.

How have you been?

As I've been taking a break,
I've been searching for what to do next.

What do you think of coming to work with us?

Shin Heung has completed the merger well,

and if we are going to transform into
a financial holding company,

we desperately need someone like you.

I only intervened as a fighter.

I'm really just a layman when
it comes to banking.

And work that involves
solidifying internal stability,

should really be done by those
that are capable.

Anyhow, as long as you are one of
Shin Heung's shareholders,

you must continue to be interested
and watch over us.

I understand.

Why did you bring her?

Because she said she wanted to see you.

I'm sorry.




You have nothing to be sorry about.

The wrong I have done to you,

I will pay back for the rest of my life.

I enjoyed the food, thank you!

- Goodbye!
- Can you give me some more of this?

Yes, all right!

Oh! Hello!



- Hyungnim, come out here!
- Oppa!

Hey, hey, I'm totally busy, why call me out?


Hey, what brings you here?

I'm supposed to meet Jung Yeon here.

Oh, yeah?

I better show my daughter-in-law
some of my talents today.

Ah, and she'll be coming with her father.

Hey, kid.

How can you bring the man here when we
haven't even been formally introduced yet?

You can be formally introduced here.

Kid, a thug dressed like this…

When, when?

Oh, here they come.

- Hey, hey, Man Soo.
- Oh yeah, take them off.

Hello, Father.

You came?

This is my father.

And this is my father.

I'm Kim Tae Sung.

I'm Lee Yong Guk.

Ah, yes.

You see…

when I was in the gold mine business,

whatever I touched all turned
out to be gold nuggets.

You've heard of Midas, right?

My hand…

is the very hand of Midas.

Do Hyun.


You know that nugget that was the
size of a kid's frickin' noggin…

I'm sorry.

The gold nugget that was the
size of a child's head.

Did I or did I not show it to you?

When I was young,
he showed me something this size…

this size.

Ah, when my steel business
was doing really well,

I too increased Pohang
Iron and Steel's sales a tad.

Hey, tell your father-in-law.

If I have some hunk of metal,
I can even build a tank.

- Hey, a tank?
- Yes, well…

Wow, a tank.

But has your father always
been such a big talker?

What's up with the hand of Midas?

Your dad was nothing to sneeze at, either.

He runs a small ironworks shop
the size of a corner store.

And what? A steel business?

I guess we're the kids of a
couple of big talkers.

I guess so.

But how long are you going to rest?

Why? Does it make you nervous?

If you're anything like your father,

it's likely you'll be giving
your wife a hard time.

Don't worry. I start working tomorrow.

What kind of work?

Work to become wealthy.

Just hearing the term wealthy
makes my heart drop.

I'm already wealthy.

I'm satisfied with my work and my love.

So don't do anything unnecessary,
as though it were for me.

My father has always said this
since I was young,

so much that it's embedded in my heart.

Losing someone you love
is comitting a crime.

So you're punished forever.

I don't want to lose you again.

Hey, you fool.

Do you know how far I traveled and
returned to be by your side?

Do you think I'd lose you again?

I'm never going to do
anything that stupid again.

Don't worry, Jung Yeon.

While you have all been working so hard,

I've been totally resting,
and you welcome me like this.

I'm rather embarrassed.

Thank you for your diligence
during that time.

This operating period for the
Lone Asia Fund is coming to a close.

What should we work on next?

In the spirit of a new beginning,

I'm thinking of changing the name
Lone Asia, for starters.

What do you think of Co-Rising?

Meaning that we grow and develop together?

That's right.

Henceforth the flagship operation of our
Co-Rising will be a turnaround fund.

So, it's going to be a
corporate restructuring fund.

Instead of buying and selling companies
with capital and realizing profits,

we'll find companies with high
development potential,

aid in actual business management,

and invest in an enterprise that
we can all develop and grow together.

So that Co-Rising may grow
and rise in the future,

I ask for all of your best efforts.

It's truly a relief that you
came back quickly.

Thanks for all your efforts
during this period.

Ah, that's right. Have you heard
the news about Kim Do Hyun?


These days, the Charity Fund that Kim Do Hyun
is operating is the talk of Yeoido.

Charity… is it a charitable gift fund?

Yes, they operate the fund with contributed
funds and donate all of the profits.

It's been a long time.

Have you been well?

Yes. You look like you're doing well, too.

I hear that a lot these days.

I hear you are quite the talk of the town in
Yeoido because of your charity fund.

I hear that your corporate restructuring
fund is also garnering a lot of excitement.

Who could have imagined two years ago
that we'd be having this conversation?

At that time, both you and I
were enslaved by money.

That's right.

It was a crazy time in our lives.

Then have you abandoned your dream of
running an investment bank?

No. I'm just laying low for the moment.

I need to prepare methodically and
do it when it comes time.

What I want is to create is a competitive
investment bank full of financial talent.

One that couldn't be shaken
even by an attack on Wall Street.

When it comes time,

I'd like to do that with you.

I will wait for your call.

Then, I'll see you again.


I hope your long-suffered
disease is cured soon.

It was only after a long period
of being blinded by greed,

that I felt I understood why my mother
called money the devil's cash.

The devil's temptations are very
sweet and enticing.

Could I, returning to the world
of money games,

turn down the devil's enticing temptations?

Synced by Peterlin

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