Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript


Episode 20

Our Shin Heung Bank…

has secured a new foreign investment.

Kim Do Hyun, CEO of Value Asset 21,
will announce the details.


I'm Kim Do Hyun of Value Asset 21.

I'd like to introduce Loan America's
General Partner, James Jung.

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James has joined with Kim Do Hyun
and invested in Shin Heung Bank.

I just saw that.

If the money is pulled from Lone Asia and
Han-Young Bank and invested in Shin Heung,

isn't it a huge problem?

Kim Do Hyun and Shin Heung Bank
don't know what James is,

and it was a foolish decision
to accept his money,

but right now,
they've secured an investment.

So I suppose it will benefit
them in the credit ratings.

Shouldn't you leak information about James
and Lone America to block this?

Thank you for making a difficult decision.

We based our decision to invest
in Shin Heung Bank

on an objective judgment of
Shin Heung's future value and potential.

The success of a financial
organization is determined by manpower.

While Shin Heung Bank is working
with a brain like Kim Do Hyun,

we feel that having the opportunity
to invest is a stroke of good luck.

I feel the same way.

While we have Mr. Kim, you will definitely
not regret investing in Shin Heung Bank.

Ah, I have something to discuss
with Kim Do Hyun separately.

Do you have some time?

Of course.

Can you tell me the reason you
joined Shin Heung Bank's efforts?

Our Value Asset 21 owns a four
percent share in Shin Heung Bank.

Like you, I made the decision
based on their future potential.

I don't suppose that's all.

Isn't your ultimate objective to
take revenge on Yu In Hye?

At this point,
let's be frank and make a deal.

I will help you meet
your ultimate objective,

so you help me get what it is I want.

What is it you want?

I don't want to be just an investor
in Shin Heung Bank, but the owner.

If we set our minds to it,

I believe we could become
Shin Heung's owners.

What do you think?

Would I be making a deal with you,
or Lone America?

I see you're quick.

If that were Lone America,

there would be no reason for me
to propose this in private.

This is a deal between you and me only.

I ran into Kim Do Hyun on the way in.

Do you think that it will be all right?

There's nothing to worry about.

That guy can't get free from me now.

What happened with Steven?

We cleaned it up with a car accident.
There shouldn't be any problem.

I don't want to be just an investor
in Shin Heung Bank, but the owner.

If we set our minds to it,

I believe we could become
Shin Heung's owners.

What are you thinking about so deeply
that you don't even notice someone's come?

You're here?

It's nothing.

That's good.

I went by Shin Heung Bank earlier and everyone
was excited that you secured an investment.

Do you have a chance now in your
fight with Han-Young Bank?

I don't know.

Why is your response so lukewarm?

It may be that we didn't get an investment.


Where are you right now?

I'm with Jung Yeon.

Is something wrong?

Lone Asia's Steven is dead.

They say it's a car accident,

but the minute I heard,
it gave me goosebumps.

They ruled it a hit and run,

but it's too similar to how
VP Lee Tae Chul died.

Isn't that guy Yu In Hye's assistant?

The one that was at the site of the
Han-Young Bank VP's death?


Do Hyun, are you listening to me?


I'm really uncomfortable with
you dealing with James.

Reconsider it carefully.

All right. I gotta go.

What is it? Why are you so shocked?

Someone I worked with at
Lone Asia just died.


They say it was a car accident,
but it could have been a homicide.

I don't know what you pulled,

but you're mistaken if you
think this releases you from me.

I can discard you,
but you can never discard me.

When is the rest of the money coming in?

I don't know. I've got it all ready,
but In Hye hasn't asked for it yet.

Because Han-Young and Shin Heung
are battling, it should be soon.

These days, I have to take a
sedative to fall asleep.


Is something wrong?

I'm just dying here waiting for that money.

You and your overreacting.


Yu In Hye is here.

All right.

Hey. What do we do?

What do you mean what do we do?
Have we done anything wrong?

What if she's caught on?

That hasn't happened, so calm down.

What are you doing here?

Ah, we just had something
to discuss with Attorney Choi.

When is your war going to end?

Hyung and I might pass out
waiting for it to end.

It won't be much longer, so just wait.

I have something to discuss
with Attorney Choi.

Yeah, okay. We're all done here.

We're leaving.

Let's go. Aren't you coming?

And another thing.

I understand you've put a suspension
on our admittance into Injin Club.

Remove it.

If you keep treating us like that,
I won't tolerate it.

Right. That's going too far.

I was going to hit balls with friends
and was completely humiliated.

All right.



I've made all the preparations.

Whenever you make the call,
the next round is possible.

Thank you for your work.

Then divide it into three rounds of
three hundred million dollars.

All right. I'll do that.

I heard the news that Shin Heung Bank
also got some foreign investment.

Will you all be all right?

If the slush fund is transferred as planned,
there won't be a problem.

In Hye has made the final order.

Now the slush fund is moving
out of my hands.

Don't worry.

That money will absolutely make
its way back into your hands.

But it won't be easy to shake
Yu Ki Jun and Yu Sung Jun.

They're waiting desperately
for that money to come in.

I'm not sure how to deal with that.

Can you…

I'll figure that out.

But… you've been a big help to me.

What can I do for you?

Of course, I do plan to reward you with
some of that money when it comes in.

Just the fact that the money won't end up
in Han-Young Bank is a big help to me.

The rest of the capital will be
coming into Labuan shortly.

Then transfer it immediately to JR Stanley.


When it gets invested into Han-Young Bank,

make sure it gets press so that the
credit rating agency knows of it.

We're already preparing the press release.

Since the money's gone over to In Hye,
it should go into the X fund soon.

Then you know what to do, right?

Yes. Don't worry.

But how are you going to distribute it?

What do you mean distribute it?

I'm talking about Ki Jun.

Has Ki Jun done anything?

If I give him a reasonable amount,
he'll be fine.

That's what you're thinking, but I don't
know if Ki Jun is thinking the same thing.

If he's not,
what is he going to do about it?

I'll figure it out, so don't worry about it.

What are you talking about?

That kid is really thinking that?!

Yeah. He said, "What has he done?"

And he said you should be grateful that
he's giving you even a portion.

That's what he said.

That son of a…

How can he do that to me?!


Isn't that guy nuts?

It's really not for me to say,

but yes, Sung Jun has had a
tendency to overlook you.

It's not just a tendency.
That's just a part of him now!


That money, at the very least, I absolutely
refuse to let him take that away from me!

If that's the way he's going to go,

I have a plan, too.

What are you doing here at this hour?

What about you?

I came to see Father.

What's going on?
Has the money come in?

No. Not yet.

Attorney Choi said he shot the
money over to In Hye.

But it hasn't come in yet?

I said it hasn't come in
because it hasn't come in.

Are you suspecting me of something?

No, it's nothing like that.

But since it's come up,
let's do it.

Isn't it time to talk about how we're
going to split the money?

- What do you mean split?
- Then you're not going to split it?

I'll give you a reasonable amount,
so just wait.

How much are you going to give me?

I'll give you a reasonable amount.

How much?!

Is that enough?

How much is that?

Fifty million. Is that enough?

Fifty million for me?

and you get 850 million?

Does that make any sense?!

Who's the one that included you
when you knew nothing about it?

If you don't want it, forget it.

Listen to the way you talk!
Does that make any sense?!

What makes sense then? Huh?

If money gets in your hands,
it doesn't last very long anyhow.

I've thought it out and am providing you
with that, so know that's the case, huh?

When you get in trouble in the future, you're going
to hold out your hand to me for more money.

I'm just preparing for that.

Ay, you punk!

You gonna let go?

I'm not letting go, you punk.

If I can't fix your behavior today,
then I'm the little brother, you punk!


If you keep this up, then I have no brother.

Punk, you insist…

Did you hit me?

Yeah, I hit you, you punk.

- Aigoo!
- Aigoo, punk, what the hell?

C'mon, really!

Let go, let go! Let go!

Let go, you better let go!

What the hell are you guys doing?!


You nutcases!

I looked over the hard copy of the travel
agency documents you asked me to analyze.

How'd it look?

There aren't just one or two
strange deals in the breakdown.

The wire transfers from overseas are
extremely high for a travel agency.

Good work.

But what sort of travel agency is it?

It's how Attorney Choi creates
and routes illicit funds.

It's an analysis of
the travel agency's deals.


Was there anything helpful in them?

It's definitely through the travel agency
that Attorney Choi routes illicit funds.

Right! That's totally what it smelled like!

Now what do we do?

Meet with Yu Ki Jun.

Yu Ki Jun?

Yu Ki Jun.

What the hell are you here for?

No need to be afraid.
We're not here to con you.

How dare you show up here?

If you don't get lost immediately,
I'll have you put away!

We have something to talk to you about,
so let's go somewhere quiet.

Tell me what it is you have to say,
and just get to the point.

Do you know why we took
that land from you?

Money, what other reason could there be?

If it were money, we'd have asked for money.

We wouldn't have taken that piece
of land in the mountains.

In that land, there is a huge vein of gold.

The people who know about it
are me and Choi Guk Hwan.

If you check to see who the
owner of that land is right now,

you'll find out whether I'm
telling the truth or not.

Choi Guk Hwan fooled you too,

and swiped that land out from under us.

Do you remember a woman named Kang In Sook?

She was once your mother,
so of course you remember.

Mother? Watch your words, man.

She was younger than me, just a mistress.

In any case, that woman…

is your youngest sister
Yu Mi Ran's mother, right?

Do you know what that woman
is doing or how she's living now?

I have no interest in what she's
doing or how she's living.

If you hear what I have to say,
you'd probably become interested.

Kang In Sook and Choi Guk Hwan
are practically a married couple.

Even now, they sleep under the same
roof two or three times a week.

S&G will complete their assessments
by the end of this week.

If you tell me this now,
what am I supposed to do?

Look over it again immediately
and report to me.

What are you doing here so late?


Sorry, but…

I came to have a drink.
Will you pour me one?

You're already quite drunk, what do
you need a drink for? Go and rest.

What do you mean drunk? I'm fine!

I'm totally fine!

Sit down.

Is there something wrong?

There is.

So much I don't even know where to start.

I really don't know!

In Hye.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to do this.

I'm really sorry.

Tell me what's on your mind.

Our family's been conned by Choi Guk Hwan.

Father, me, you.

He fooled us all!

That guy set me and Sung Jun
up to undermine you.

We've all been fooled!

What are you talking about?!

Tell me in detail.

Check and see whether the
money has come into Labuan.

I've already confirmed that
it's been transferred.

Then, for now, tie it up in Labuan.

You told us to move quickly, so I've already
moved it to JR Stanley's X Fund.

Quickly, contact JR Stanley, and confirm it.

What's the matter?

Confirm it quickly!


What happened.

All right.

The money I transferred to the X fund
hasn't moved over to JR Stanley yet.

What's the reason?

I haven't found the source of the issue yet.

Hey Do Chul, Do Chul!

We'll have to escort the two of you.

Who are you?

Chairman Yu Pil Sang sent us.

I don't want to go.

I don't want to see him again.

Don't make things difficult.
Let's go.

Let go!

Even if we go, we'll go on our own accord.
You guys back off!

We can't avoid this.

Just trust me and come.

Hey. They're getting kidnapped, aren't they?

What are you doing? Go after them.

These are the guidelines we use at our
foundation to assess loan applications.

What we examine most cautiously

is whether or not a peron truly has
the will to start the business,

and if that business has
a possibility to be successful.

Ah, right, what are you doing this evening?

If you have time, the bank president
would like to have dinner together.

I have a previous engagement.

I was invited to Yu Myung Jun's birthday.

You still see him these days?

This may be Myung Jun's last birthday.

What does that mean?

He has terminal cancer.

He's a friend that means a lot to me.

He was my patient,

but he's a friend that was like a doctor
who treated my wounds.

Yeah, what is it?

Attorney Choi Guk Hwan and that woman
Kang In Sook have been kidnapped.


We were following them, and some
guys came and kidnapped them.

So we chased them, and they took them to
Chairman Yu Pil Sang's house in Seongbuk-dong.

All right. Pull out for now.

What did that mean, kidnapped? Who?

Nothing, nothing for you to worry about.

Uh, anyhow, since you say
he treated the wounds I gave you,

I'm sorry and grateful.

Tell him I said happy birthday.

It's been a long time.

Occasionally, I've been curious
as to how you were living.

If I had known, I should have asked
Attorney Choi a long time ago.

Since when have you been betraying me?

It wasn't me,
but you, who did the betraying.


What is this foul-mouthed
bastard blathering about?!

You knew that I had feelings for In Sook.

You knew this and wanted her.

What's foul was your greed,
not me or In Sook, who were hurt by it.

You bastard.

You bastard!

In spite of that,
you stayed with Father, why?

How could you stay with him
for thirty years, feeling that way?

Because that was the job I chose.

When I'm certain to be rewarded nicely,

there's no reason not to, is there?

You are quite a scary man.


If you call me scary, what am I to call you?

You're someone who thoroughly
used up and wrecked Kim Do Hyun,

and even stepped on your own siblings
to take over Injin Group.

And you call me scary?

Who in this room has any right
to criticize anyone's greed?!

Other than the degree of greed,
what difference is there?

That's right.

Father and I,

and you, too…

are slaves to greed.


you even set your sights on the slush fund?

Wh-what are you saying?

The slush fund you handed over to me…

Attorney Choi has taken it.

You bastard.

You dare…
to set your sights on that money?

You think you'll be safe after that,
you bastard?!

I was hoping to get compensated for
thirty years of being your faithful dog,

but I have absolutely
no lingering hopes anymore.

The person who took that money wasn't me.

It was Sung Jun and Ki Jun.
Go and check again!

And another thing.

I will claim one last right
from you, Chairman.

You tell him directly.

I will take Mi Ran.

That child's father…

isn't you,

but Attorney Choi.


You bastard!





Many times we met, my heart fluttered

Many times we parted, I shed tears

Because the pain was love

it wouldn't be forever

there would be an end, I always believed

I made you cry with words I didn't mean

Even though I hurt you like a fool

now I realize I can't make it without you

Though I have no right to feel this way

Is it all right for me to love you

Is it all right for me to see only you

I wouldn't hesitate to give
you my everything

I know for the very first time
this thing called love

because it's you, the person I love,
before myself

Isn't this the song you played
for me a long time ago?

There were no lyrics back then.

I put lyrics to it to give you as a gift.

What do you think?

It's not really my taste,

but I think if I heard it a lot,
I'd like it.

But is this your birthday party?

The only person I wanted to invite was you.

It was hard to pick a birthday
present for someone so wealthy.

It's my favorite book of poetry.

My favorite poem is on page ninety-two.

"How to Love".

"Let a person go who wants to depart."

"Let a person sleep who wants to sleep."

"And yet in the time that remains,
keep silent."

"And toward the flowers…"

"And toward the heavens…"

"And toward the grave…"

"Do not rush. Keep silent."

A creepy way to love.

How much did you just say?

Punk, are you deaf?

A trillion, man, a trillion.

Really? That much has really
come into your hands?


It's come into my hands, this Yu Sung Jun.

There's nothing to fear now.

I was so cautious around Father
I couldn't do a thing.

Now it's time to spread my wings,
and fly high!

So you, man…

just need to hold on tight and follow.

Got it?

Even if I have to stake my life,
I will assist you!

That's right. You should stake your life.

[Big Brother]



Father is looking for you.

Come quickly to Seongbuk-dong.

What's it about?

Would I know?!
You'll find out when you get here.

What the hell?

What are you doing? Is something wrong?

Stop talking and just come and kneel, kid.

You… come closer.

- Why do you want me to?
- Now!


How long are you going to be a fool?

How many more pathetic stunts will you
pull before you get your act together?!

It gives me the shivers now,
seeing your pathetic acts.

I have to die or our family has to be
ruined for me not to see that crap.

Father, listen to what I have to say.

Shut up, punk!

Listening to your sorry excuses
makes me want to vomit!

Stop with the unnecessary talk, and just hand
over the money you took from In Hye.

I can't do that!


Have you given any thought why
Hyung and I went this far?

Why are you including me?

This is solely your offense.

How low and cowardly…

You're backpedalling now?

Low and cowardly… did you just
call me low and cowardly?

Who's the real low-life?

Shut up!

I'm sorry I wronged you two.

After the bank consolidation is complete,
I will divide that money fairly,

so for now, please return it
to its original place.

Did you hear In Hye?

If you still don't do as I say now,
I will have both of you put away!

If you change your story when
that time comes,

just know that we die together.

JR Stanley has been
continually contacting us.

They are wondering what the situation is…

The money will be transferred shortly,
so tell them to wait.

Then, it's been resolved?

It will be flawlessly executed,

so just get things prepared.

Yes, I understand.

Aigoo, if it isn't Attorney Choi.

Imagine running into you like this.


Are you, by chance, actress…

A man named Kim Tae Sung
came by the travel agency.


Kim Tae Sung.

He said he came on business,
referred by you.

What is this?

The midway results of the S&G assessments.

How did you…

That much isn't so difficult.

As you can see, Han-Young Bank
is still leading in all facets.

The difference can be sufficiently overcome.

It depends on the remainder of the assessment.

If you wait, you'll see.

Seeing your confidence,
I see you must be preparing a hidden card.

Han-Young Bank will not be able
to get the investment from JR Stanley.

What are you talking about?

The contract has been completed,

and one hundred million dollars has
already been transferred to Han-Young Bank.

The money that Han-Young Bank was
to receive is altogether one billion dollars.

I'm saying the remaining nine hundred
million dollars won't be transferred.

How do you know that?

How'd it go?

As expected, nothing got through to them.

And so?

And so what?

I pushed all the documents we'd been
collecting, and barely convinced them.

Steven's case, Bank VP
Lee Tae Chul's case, and your case,

they've all been opened for a
complete reinvestigation.

All right. You did good.

Yeah, where are you?

When is S&G's announcement
of the credit rating results?

Next Monday.

I bet you're nervous.

It feels like waiting for a windstorm.

But I don't know what it means
for you to win this battle.

If you become the victor,
and Yu In Hye the loser,

would that change Yu In Hye?

When we were apart,

there was a moment…

when I considered who I should take
revenge on for my pain and hurt.

It was probably me, who left you.


The result of my thoughts then…

was to take revenge on Yu In Hye,
who made you leave.

I thought that she had bought your soul.

I think I know when you had those thoughts.

When you were with Yu Myung Jun.


I thought if it would make it
difficult for you and Yu In Hye,

I was even willing to use Myung Jun.

Then why did you decide not to do it?

Because, at the end of the day,
it was just an obssession over the past.

The revenge you're trying to take right now,

could be that sort of thing, too.

It's the past, which you could just forget,

but can't discard because of an obsession.

I don't know if I've taken your spirits
down with my unnecessary remarks.


I think that, too.

But thankfully,

because you're by my side now,

I'm certain I won't become
a vile monster enslaved by revenge.

Remember what I told you.

I didn't start this battle to kill anyone,

but to save.

If you realize that,
then that's good enough for me.

The revenge you're trying to take right now,

could be that sort of thing, too.

It's the past, which you could just forget,

but can't discard because of an obsession.

What's happened?

They've met twice in two days.

Oh, pictures.

Good work.

As you go out,
please call Director Hyun over.


Hey, Do Hyun.

Yu In Hye is continuing to
meet with Chairman Han.

I've got a bad feeling about something.

Then, how about using the card
we've been preparing?

Do you realize what it is you're
doing right now?

Of course.

Then I guess you've calculated
how to deal with the aftermath.


A guy like you can be eliminated
without a trace.

Then your political career will be over.

You impertinent punk.

What I want is extremely simple.

Just put away your partiality to
and interest in Yu In Hye.

And get an objective grasp
on this situation.

Then, I will overlook all of your issues,
going forward.

The bank credit rating announcement by
Chairman of the Finance Reform Committee

scheduled for 10:00 this morning
has been delayed.

S&G Credit Rating Agency has not yet
arrived at the press conference,

but, as the government ruled,
according to the results…

What's happened?

They say the announcement has been delayed,

because the final internal agreement within
the rating agency is taking some time.

The fact that it continues to delay makes
me wonder if Chairman Han Jin Soo…

is thinking of doing something
else with the results.

Don't worry.

That won't happen.

The state of preparations in the
changing financial market

that was included in a portion
has created an anomoly.

The results of the credit rating agency S&G's
assessment over the last fifteen days

is to be reported by Chairman of the
Financial Reforms Committee Han Jin Soo,

and has garnered the focused
attention of every citizen.

Chairman Han Jin Soo has just been
seen arriving at the press conference.

[Commercial Bank Credit Rating Announcement]

First of all, I'd like to thank the banks,

and everyone who cooperated with
S&G's credit ratings assessment.

During the assessment period,

there were many changes in
the commercial banks,

so it took longer than planned
to get final results.

Let me repeat that the ratings
from this assessment will be used

as the standard of determination
in the upcoming consolidation

of high ranking and low ranking banks.

The banks have been assessed with a total
of six grades, ranging from A+ to B-.

Now then, I will announce
the resulting bank credit ratings.

Dae Han Bank, B+.

Guk Jae Bank, B.

Il Shin Bank, A.

Han Shin Bank, B.

Nam Yang Bank, B-.

Shin Heung Bank, A-.

With an A-, we'll be in the
top three rankings.

Sam Young Bank, B.

Dae Young Bank, B-.

Il Han Bank, B+.

Finally, Han-Young Bank…


We did it! We did it!

Madam, we did it!

That is all.

What happened?

In your report,

didn't you estimate that Han-Young Bank
would have a lower credit rating than us?


CEO Kim isn't the credit rating agency.
How could he have made an accurate estimation?

Anyhow, the fact that our rating came out higher
than expected was the result of his efforts.

You all worked very hard.

Now then…

Kim Do Hyun.


What happened?

Didn't you make some bold statements
that Han-Young Bank

wouldn't receive the remaining
nine hundred million dollars?

Are you saying that all one billion
dollars were deposited into Han-Young Bank?

Then do you think they could have received
an A+ rating without that full investment?

I will confirm it directly myself.

[Attorney Choi Guk Hwan]

Thankfully we won, but Shin Heung
Bank's rating was higher than expected.

Shouldn't we find a different
takeover target bank?


The fact that our target is
Shin Heung Bank has not changed.


It will absolutely happen.

We're going to prepare for a
merger immediately, so get ready.

Yes, I understand.

Wow! Bravo!



Wow, that was impressive!


Thank you.

What brings you here?

What do you mean?
We came here to congratulate you.

So, Han-Young Bank received the best rating.

Wow, that's truly impressive. Impressive!

Right. Congratulations are in order.

Now we should talk about what
we need to talk about.

When are you going to keep
your promise to us?

Hey, In Hye will definitely
take care of it in time.

Why press her like that?

Aren't I right?

Of course.

As soon as we organize the deposited funds,
I'll prepare it immediately.

So wait just a little while.

Right, take your time, take your time.

Ah, by the way, did you call Father?

No, not yet.

What are you doing? Do you know how much
he's been waiting to hear those results?

All right. I'll give him a call.


You were looking for me?

It's been a long time.

I called you because there is
something you need to take care of.

What is it?

Did you look into it?

The nine hundred million did
indeed go into Han-Young Bank.

If it's the scenario you had in mind,

right now, that money should have been pulled out
by Choi Guk Hwan, Yu Sung Jun, and Yu Ki Jun.

- What in the world happened?
- I don't know.

I can't get a hold of Attorney Choi, either.

Ultimately, everything went as
Yu In Hye had planned.

No. There is still one card left.

What is it?

The one billion dollars that went
into Han-Young bank.

Exposing to the world that it came
from Injin Group's slush fund.

Jang Seok, the travel agency
business deal reports you analyzed…

that's the evidence.

Do Hyun.


Is there something worrying you?


All the Shin-Heung people are happy,
saying it's a miracle.

The fact that you made all
those people happy,

means that you won.

You're right.

Everyone thought they were
a target for closure,

but they went from consolidation target
to consolidation principal,

so it is a miracle.

But still, it's kind of… you know.

[Unknown number]


It's me.

It's Choi Guk Hwan.

Where are you right now?

Do you want a drink?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

Have a seat.

What happened?

While you were unaware,

a major typhoon hit.

Yu Pil Sang found out about everything,

and ultimately the slush fund
went over to In Hye.

I know.

I saw it ultimately ended up
in Han-Young Bank.

What do you plan to do?

I'm thinking of exposing to the world that the
money came from Injin Group's slush fund.

No. You don't need to do that.

Even if you don't, I will.

I'm being chased by Yu Pil Sang.

Now that he knows I've tried to take
the money from the slush fund,

with his character,
there's no way he'll forgive that.

Right now, I'm thinking of
grabbing hold of Chairman Yu,

and setting off a suicide bomb.

That's the only way I can live.

Before I blow us up,

promise me one thing.

What is it?

You're probably already aware…

that I've siphoned out a considerable amount
from the slush fund through Kang In Sook.

Please don't touch that.

That was money I made to protect that woman.

Can you promise me that?

["Suspected Injin Group Slush Fund"
Indictment Press Conference]

I am Injin Group's General Counsel,
Attorney Choi Guk Hwan.

The reason I'm standing here today is…

to tell you of the illegal slush fund that
Injin Group has created over the years.

The total amount of the illegal funds held
by Injin Group is two trillion won.

Of that, one trillion is concealed
in formal investments in Kazakhstan.

The remaining trillion is hidden in paper
companies in the tax shelter Labuan, Malaysia.

That portion has already come
into the country as investments,

and I will reveal the details of that during
the investigation by the Prosecutor's office.

Father! Father!

What's with all the racket?

Have you seen the news?

What is it?

Choi Guk Hwan, that son of a bitch,
spilled it all!

He exposed everything
about Injin Group's slush fund!



But then he goes down, too.

Would that Hyungnim do that?

Hyungnim, who the hell is your Hyungnim?!

That crazy bastard has pulled a crazy stunt!

In the midst of the emerging
Injin Group slush fund issue,

the Public Prosecutor's office has produced search
and seizure warrants for Injin Group subsidiaries.

Reporter Choi Jung Yeon is at the scene.

At about 10:00 this morning,

the prosecutor's office put out search and seizure
warrants for all of Injin Group's subsidiaries.

A special investigation task force has
been dispatched to Labuan, Malaysia.

The prosecutor's office is
moving quickly in this case,

and intend to summon Yu Pil Sang
with alacrity this afternoon.

Do you admit to the slush fund?!

- Has slush fund money gone to Han-Young Bank?
- Please give us a statement!

- What's the meaning of this?
- We're police officers.

We have a search and seizure warrant.

The rooms are this way, correct?

Injin Group's Chairman Yu Pil Sang has
arrived at the Public Prosecutor's office.

Whether Yu Pil Sang and
whistle-blower Choi Guk Hwan

will confront one another
during the examination

has fixated the public's attention.

What do we do now?

Injin Group and Han-Young Bank
are separate entities.

It's not over yet,

so don't give up.

I think you should come out.

What is it?

They've come with a search and seizure
warrant from the Prosecutor's Office.

Look through all of it. All of it!

Get all the documents!

- What are you doing?
- Rifle through all the desks!

Don't leave out anything!

Just keep still and cooperate!

Leave it!

Where did that foreign investment come from?

Is it true that the slush fund money
has gone into Han-Young Bank?

What's the exact amount?

Please give us a statement!

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