Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript


Episode 19

Please sit.

- Would you like a drink?
- No, thank you.

I see you're very tense.

Who are you?

I think it may get rather complicated
to explain who I am right now.

Let's just say that I'm someone
that knows who you are quite well.

What do you want from me?

I would like to help you.

I will make the foreign investment
that you and Shin Heung Bank want.

How can I trust your word when
I don't even know who you are?

I'm James Jung,
General Partner at Lone America.

I'm the largest investor in Lone Asia,

and essentially the largest shareholder
of Han-Young Bank.

What's the reason someone like you
would make such a proposition to me?

You may know this,
but Lone America is a hedge fund.

The fundamental basis of a hedge fund
is to profit in any situation.

You and Yu In Hye - whoever wins -
I need to make money.

Hey, do you think that makes any sense?

If they are the biggest
investor in Lone Asia,

that means he's with Yu In Hye.

What's his motive for wanting
to help us suddenly?

This is definitely a trap
set by Yu In Hye.

We can't fall for it.

For now, I think I'm going to look into
Lone America and James Jung a little more.

It's not too late
to make a decision after that.

JR Stanley has told us they've created
a Han-Young Bank Investment Fund.

Then, we should hurry as well.

Set up a paper company in Labuan, Malaysia.

The channel for the funds cannot be exposed.

We'll have to set up several
and use them separately.

Can I ask where the capital
is coming from?

I will let you know
when the right time comes.

Just get things ready.


I'll go now.

Shortly, I'm going to create
a paper company in Labuan, Malaysia.

Please prepare the slush fund money
so it can be transferred over.

I will let you know later
how the money is to be transferred.

How long do you think it will take?

It won't take long.

Make preparations so that
we don't fall off schedule.

All right, I'll get it ready.

But, you don't think
it will be dangerous?

There won't be any such problem,
so don't worry.

She says they are creating
paper companies in Labuan, Malaysia.

She told me to prepare the
slush fund money to be moved over.

It's an area where she can evade taxes.

That's why she's creating
paper companies there.


It's going as I expected.

I will fill you in on the details
of the strategy when we meet.

Yu Sung Jun has approached me again.

I think he's probably intending to use
me to get his hands on the slush fund.

I suppose you're right. He probably can't
figure out a way to get at it on his own.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to have to pull in
Yu Sung Jun and Yu Ki Jun.

You think that will be okay?
Won't it just become a headache later?

No. If a problem arises, I'll need
to use Yu Sung Jun and Yu Ki Jun.

I'll make the two brothers fight.

Right. That sounds like a good plan.

For now, explain to Yu Sung Jun what's
the channel for moving the slush fund.

I think it would be better
to give him a sense of security first.

I understand.

You asked Kim Do Hyun
to work with you, didn't you?

How did you …

Kim Do Hyun told me.

Are you nuts?

You got burned badly,
and you reach out to him again?

Ah, that punk …

I just can't associate with the guy.

What sort of man has such loose lips?

Hey, man, that's not
what's important right now!

No matter how urgent it is, how
could you think of working with him?!


No, Sung Jun's decision was right.

Excuse me?

What do you mean by that?

To take that money from In Hye,
your heads and mine won't cut it.

I was thinking of Kim Do Hyun as well.

There's no one else who has a head
like his, or knows In Hye so well.

That's exactly it.

That's the reason I had no choice
but to reach out to him.

Listen carefully to what
I'm about to explain.

In Hye

has announced investment firm JR Stanley

is brokering a foreign investment
of 1 billion dollars into Han-Young Bank.

But JR Stanley's investment in
Han-Young Bank is merely foreign trickery.

They are just transporting the slush fund
money for In Hye and taking a commission.

And currently, In Hye is creating
several paper companies in Labuan, Malaysia.

When I send the slush fund money
over to these paper companies,

these paper companies will
send the money to JR Stanley,

and then JR Stanley
will invest in Han-Young Bank.

- You understand, right?
- Yes.

Wow! Incredible.

Then, how are we going to take that money?

That's what Kim Do Hyun has figured out.

I'm going to explain some more,
so listen carefully.

Originally, the money is supposed to move
from these paper companies to JR Stanley.

But in the middle,
it has to pass through here.

This X fund is something that
JR Stanley has set up for its own safety.

But, because this exists,
we can take out the money.

We watch the route between these two

and just need to intercept the transfer.

I understand what you're saying,
but is that possible?

I'm In Hye's legal specialist,

and you are In Hye's family,

so it becomes possible.

All right, it's done.

It's an amazing strategy.

Wow, that Kim Do Hyun,
he is indeed noteworthy.

It's not even in our hands yet.

Don't get too excited.

Following our announcement that we want
to create a bank that meets global standards,

for this financial reform,

we have decided to make
an assessment that would reflect

an international credit
rating agency's judgment.

The organization selected to make that
international credit rating is S and G,

who will enter the country in a week,

and within 15 days, give a
credit rating to commercial banks.

With no interference by those in power,

for the sake of producing outcomes
without a single point of doubt,

this commercial bank assessment
will become, more than anything else,

an important indicator.

Yes, that is all.

You all saw Chairman Han
Jin Soo's press conference, right?

Yes. I've been told that S and G
is very critical in their ratings.

It looks like it's going to be a headache.


It's a good thing.

The more rigorous the rating
process of commercial banks,

the more beneficial it is to us.

What do we need to prepare
for the assessment?

S and G's credit rating basis
has been changing recently,

so check one more time if
there are any areas we've missed.

And, clean up the assessment areas
where we have a disadvantage,

and improve them.

Young Min, you double check.

Yes, I understand.

If it's S and G,

isn't that the most critical
of credit rating agencies?

Yes, that's right.

They've also even changed the
basis of their credit rating recently,

so it's giving us a headache.

In my judgment, Chairman Han Jin Soo

could have selected S and G
to propel Han-Young Bank.

I suppose that could be.

In any case, this assessment

will become the biggest variable

in whether a bank is a principal
or a target in consolidation.

And this will be our last opportunity
to beat Han-Young Bank.

Finding out how S and G's rating basis
has changed is the top priority,

so that we can move accordingly.

I understand.

I see there aren't many
visitor counters here.

Yes. The private bankers
go directly to meet their clients.

Their sales volume is high
and so is their client loyalty.

It's my view that we need to improve

the entire Han-Young Bank operating
structure with this branch as a model.

Call Han-Young Bank's branch committee
head here and find a way to train him.


Based on an evaluation of branches,

we're closing unqualified branches.

Do you think that closing branches
will truly help the upcoming assessment?

S and G is not simply comparing branches,

but rather, they've a complicated rating system
analyzing product sales and deposit retention.

From now on, I believe the evaluation
of which branches to close

must be the very branches that have
a disadvantage with this rating system.

Before the credit rating team arrives,

we must complete the closing
of those branches.

Is there any problems
in Shin Heung Bank's systems?

In the areas of security and data handling,

we are confident that we can
surpass any bank in the nation.

I suddenly had to do a loan
application evaluation so I was late.

Have you eaten?

Yeah, I made do with something.

What do you mean “made do” ?
Let's go out.

Sit for just a second. Over there.

I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

The microfinance loans you're operating now,

I want to try introducing that
at Shin Heung Bank.

Is that possible?

Most banks are critical when giving
out loans even with security collateral.

They're not doing it because they haven't.
There's no reason they can't if they want to.

And, the most important thing
right now for Shin Heung Bank

is to revive its crumbling foreign credibility.

If you're just looking for results to
display to improve your image, I'm opposed.

For an unsecured loan to be safe,

the loan application evaluation
is very important.

But I think with the current bank system,
it would be difficult to manage.

You have to go into it
with the mindset that in part,

this is not a profit-making enterprise,
but is charitable work.

Do you think that's possible?

I understand what you're saying.

I won't just look for results to display.
Then, it's fine, right?

How can I help?

First of all, meet with the
administrative team at Shin Heung Bank,

and just describe what you learned through
trial and error at the Woo Geum Ji Foundation.

All right. I'll give it a try.

This is Lee Jung Yeon, who handles
microfinance loans at Puris Bank.

I'm Lee Jung Do.

This is our Shin Heung Bank team.

I'm Kim Min Seok.
I look forward to working with you.

You are all probably well aware

that the microfinance loan originated
from Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

But the system that was
successful in the beginning,

has developed problems over time.

If we're not careful, it no longer
becomes a system to help the poor,

but rather, there's a danger
that it transforms into loan-sharking.

If you take a look at the
documents I've prepared …

Did you look into Loan America
and James Jung?

Yeah. I asked a school friend of mine
who's currently working on Wall Street,

and it's only raised more suspicion.

What do you mean?

There's actual information on the firm,
but only rumors about it being a hedge fund.

What rumors?

There are rumors that the financiers
are oil conglomerates in Dallas,

and also rumors that they are arms brokers.

That's pretty brutal.

But the rumors about James Jung
are even worse.

There are rumors he spent time in jail
when he was younger for running Ponzi schemes.

In any case, I don't understand
how Yu In Hye could be tied to them.

I've said it before,

but I really don't think
we should hook up with them.

I'm only telling you this now,

but I've seen you once before a while ago.

When you were getting trained
by Yu In Hye,

and you came to Wall Street,
I saw you from far away.

Back then, your records
were being reported to me.

Then I suppose you know
quite a lot about me.

Actually, I couldn't say I know.

Pros with skill like yours don't
show their true selves very easily.

At this juncture,
I'd like to know you better.

If we were to get to know one another,

we would definitely provide
strength for each other.

What do you think? Will you accept
my proposition to help Shin Heung Bank?

No. I will respectfully decline.

I can't understand your intentions
for investing in Shin Heung Bank.

I see I haven't provided
you grounds to have faith yet.

Well, there's no choice
if that is how you feel,

but mark my words.

There will definitely come a moment
when you realize you need me,

a moment where you have no
choice but to come looking for me.


- Oh, Mi Ran.
- Yes?

You'll be receiving the funds
you requested for that business venture.

And, you'll be receiving some stock
as we reorganize the TS Mall shares.

Really? Thank you.

It's me. Where are you?

Let's meet right now.

I've got the money for the business.

No, I'll go over there.


Mi Ran.


Is that Kim Do Chul?


Don't see him anymore.

Why not?

You know why not,
even without my telling you.

He's not in a class to be seeing you.

I don't care about those things.

If you keep seeing him,

he'll be in danger.

Are you threatening me right now?

Who are you to say
something like that to me?

Whoever I see, you just keep out of it.

Did you just hit me?

Who are you to hit me?

- Who do you think you are?!
- What's going on?

What are you doing?

She was out of line,
so I chastised her.

But still.

Slapping the kid's face is a little …

Ay, Hyungnim,
you tend to go over the line at times.

It would seem to others that
you were a member of this family.

I've always thought of you all
and treated you like family.

But it wasn't the same for you?

Then, what am I? Your servant?

Ay, Hyungnim, really. A servant? …

I was just joking.

Geez. You're strangely sensitive today.

The JR Stanley paper companies,
what's going on with our operation?

No problems?

It's in the works.
Just wait a little longer.

Are you threatening me?

Who are you to say
something like that to me?

Whoever I see,
you just keep out of it.

But still.

Slapping the kid's face is a little …

Ay, Hyungnim, you tend
to go over the line at times.

It would seem to others that
you were a member of this family.

Those assets of Choi Guk Hwan
that we couldn't find anywhere

were all hidden with Kang In Sook.

A rough estimate looks like
it's tens of billions of won.

One strange thing is that
a woman with so many assets

is directly working at the travel agency.

I looked into it and their
sales volume is really small.

Do Hyun, why do you think
she's running that?

It could be that the travel agency

could be the channel for Attorney
Choi to siphon from the slush fund.

The channel to siphon
from the slush fund …

You know that guy who went to jail
for that political scandal a while ago

also ran a travel agency.

Ah, that friend of the
high-ranking official?

Right. He ran a travel agency, didn't he?

There were rumors that conglomerate tycoons

used that travel agency to create
and manage illicit funds.

But we can't do anything
with just suspicion.

We need to find solid evidence.

Okay, I'll look into it some more.

We have to search that travel
agency that Kang In Sook runs

to find Choi Guk Hwan's
weakness to exploit.

Ah, geez, Hyungnim.

You think we'll find anything
by searching a travel agency?

Man Soo.

If I say that's what we need to, that's
what we need to do. Why all the yapping?

Man Soo, you and Jae Bok
tail Kang In Soo's some more.

And Do Chul,

you …

seduce one of the travel agency employees.

You're a pro at that.

Ay, how embarrassing.

What do you mean pro?

And me?

You and I have something to prepare.


This is totally like Mission Impossible.

Nut case.

Yes, Hyungnim.

She goes into the travel agency
for an hour every day.

Yes. No, she doesn't go
directly back home.

She drops by the hotel
health club and salon.


Hyungnim, last night, Choi Guk Hwan
spent the night at that villa.

I understand! Why can't you trust me?

Yes, yes.

Ah, this is fun.


This is a little far,

but these days, a lot of people ask
about the Maldives and New Caledonia.

Particularly new brides.

I'm going by myself.

Ah, alone?

Why? I can't go alone?

No, it's not that …

It's just that there are
a lot of newlyweds these days.

Ah, never mind.

Then, do you want to go with me?

Excuse me?

Ah …

Where are you going to go?

- That guy.
- He's good.

Seriously, he's got a strange look,

but he's got a killer knack
for picking up women.

He's totally got his father's blood.

Was Do Chul's father that good?

That's a total unsolvable
puzzle to me, too.

If you look at Do Chul and his father,
their looks don't stand out against mine.

But the girls go nuts about them.

I just don't get it. I don't get it.

If you look at a mirror just once,
you'd know right away.

You really don't know? You can't see?

You. You take a look at a mirror.

You're not in a position to
say that with your face, Hyungnim.

That's nice. Let's have some coffee.

- She's cute.
- Yeah.

She's got that little face.
Total opposite of yours.

Her face is like half the size of mine.

[Saein Travel. Kang In Sook]

President, you have a guest.


He says his name is Kim Tae Sung.

It's not a name I recognize.

He says he knows you well.

- Send him in.
- Yes.


Ah … We saw each other
when you were with Attorney Choi.

- What brings you here?
- Yes,

I have some business to discuss,

and Attorney Choi told me
to come and see you.

- Please have a seat.
- Yes.

What the hell is this? Bring me your boss!

What sort of rude fellow …

Excuse me for just a moment.


Hey, it's me.

What do I need to do?

Stay calm, and just do as I say.

The computer's on, right?

Hey, it's on, it's on.

Then, plug the thing I gave you
into the computer.

All right.

Wait a second, kid.

Hey! Hey, kid.
There are four holes!

Huh? Yeah.

All right.

This is a trick, a trick, I say!

What? What is the problem here?

Are you the president here?

Ajumma, are you the president?

- Yes, but …
- How are you going to take responsibility?!

Honey! My stomach.

- Honey, don't talk!
- Honey!

Let's not do this here.
Why don't you come inside?

Why the hell should I go in there?!

Am I someone that will come
and go at your beck and call?!

- I went there, I brought this from home and went …
- Oh my stomach …

- Why did I take this and in Hawaii … No one came out!!
- I'm sorry.

My stomach!

Water. Aigoo, please!!

Hey hey hey.

Man, why is this taking so long?

It'll be done soon.

Geez, this …

All right, kid.

We were supposed to meet at 7.
Do you know what time it is?

Oh sorry.

The credit rating is coming up,
and I was working on preparations.

This is the project I presented
at the presentation

with the Shin Heung Bank team.

Oh, you've worked hard.
Thanks a lot, really.

Thanking me just with words?

What then?

You can't knock?


Shall I give you money for a hotel?


Father said if I gave this to you,
you'd know what it was.

All right.

Ah, I'll go out then.

Okay. Shut the door on your way out.

But, what is this?

Ah, this?

Evidence to uncover the
Yoo Pil Sang family's slush fund.

The credit rating agency
has arrived in the country.

When the schedule of bank assessments
gets confirmed, let me know immediately.

And make sure there are
no hitches in our preparations.

I understand.

[Credit Rating Agency S and G
Visit to Korea Press Conference]


The assessment schedule has been finalized.

When is ours scheduled for?

We'll be assessed on site at the same time
as Han-Young Bank for 3 days from tomorrow.

So we're first.

Make sure that no problems arise on site.


- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

The briefing for the operations systems
will be held in the conference room upstairs.

Okay. After the briefing, I would like
to take a look at the business operations.

Will that be possible?

Of course. Anything you need,
just let me know. This way, please.

How's it going?

It's all been prepared.

Do it while the credit rating agency
is at Shin Heung Bank.

I understand.

A problem has surfaced in the systems
at one of the Shin Heung Bank branches.

If the system problem affects the
assessment, then it's a huge issue.

We need to find out what the problem is.

Let's go.

Our apologies. Apologies.

We will fix the problem
as soon as possible. Sorry.

- Wait just a little bit.
- Time is money!

- How long will it take to restore?
- We don't know exactly at this point

For now, announce that they can deposit,
withdraw, and transfer at a teller window.

The tellers' systems are also incapacitated.

Does it make any sense
that a system problem arises

at the exact time the
credit rating agency visits?!

What in the world did you do
during preparations?

I'm sorry. It was an unexpected failure,

so restoring the system
took a little time.

There's already a story
that's surfaced in the media.

We were humiliated in front of
the credit rating agency team.

I'm sorry.

I'm certain it will affect the rating.

I swear, this is …

So then, what meaning does it have
for us to have crafted

a flawless agenda for the assessment team?

In any case, I'm sorry.

You did your utmost to prepare for this,

and now a system failure is going
to throw a wrench in the works.

Please find out the initial source
of the system failure as soon as possible.


Are you positive that the assessment
team witnessed the system failure?

Yes, good work.

Make sure you clean up,
and leave no traces.

While the credit rating agency assessment
team was visiting Shin Heung Bank branches,

there was a system failure.

Everything has been restored to normal now.

I understand.

What is this? You think
someone's messing with us?

The data processing systems was the
strongest advantage that Shin Heung Bank had.

Now that a problem has popped up there,
aren't we in big trouble?

Did you find the source of the system failure?

It looks like someone broke into the
main server and planted malicious code.

If it was a server hack from the outside,

then are you saying someone
intentionally made the systems fail?

Then, don't you think it's Han-Young Bank?

We're currently trying to
trace the IP and find the culprit.

And we've also solicited aid from
the Cyber Crime investigations unit.

What do you think about telling the assessment
team that the failure was due to a break-in?

That's like admitting ourselves
that we have a security issue.

Even if someone did this intentionally,

there is no way we can tell
the assessment team.

Aigoo, we're really in between
a rock and a hard place.

I'm ashamed to face you.

It's not over yet.

Don't be disappointed.

This is Kim Do Hyun.

I was hoping to meet with you now.

I knew you'd come looking for me again.

Have you changed your mind?

Before we get to that,
there's something I'm curious about.

Go ahead and ask.

I'd like to know the reason for you

severing your relationship
with Yu In Hye.

Under Control.

I really don't like unexpected variables.

I want to be able to control
every situation to go the way I want.

Investors like me who manage
enormous sums of money

probably all feel the same way.

But right now, Yu In Hye is trying
to move out of my control,

and create a new situation.

Does that answer your question?


Now, it's your turn to speak.

Why have you come to see me again?

Will you accept my proposition?

I have a favor to ask before that.

The documents you showed me regarding
Han-Young Bank's NPLs (non-performing loans) …

would it be all right if I used them?

Of course.

I'll give you all the documents.

Hey. Where did you get this?

There's no need to know that.
Leak it to the media.

We could take them out
in one blow with this.

It absolutely can't get out
that the information came from us.

All right. Don't worry.

From the reports leaking out
of the credit rating agency,

it looks like Han-Young Bank
could be in the top 3.

What about the Shin Heung Bank assessment?

They did have that system failure.

The objective assessment will likely be that
they lag behind Han-Young in every aspect.

It will be difficult for them
to escape a low ranking.

- A problem has come up.
- What?

They're saying there's suspicion that
Han-Young Bank has concealed its NPLs.

Reports that top-ranking Han-Young Bank

used phony companies to eliminate
its NPLs has come as a shock.

These Han-Young's actions …

Seeing as how they're reporting the
channels used to get rid of Han-Young's NPLs,

I don't believe it's a speculative report.

Find the source
of the information immediately!


The media is making quite a big deal
about Han-Young Bank's NPL issue.

Even Yu In Hye will not easily
be able to resolve this.

With this, I think that
Han-Young Bank will be hit harder

than we were hit with the system problem.

You could look at it
as returning to square one.

We couldn't find the source
of the information.

If my hunch is correct,

it could have come from James.


Only a small number of people
know how we concealed the NPLs.

And of those people,

James is the only one with whom
our relationship has soured.

James is still the largest investor
in Lone Asia and Han-Young Bank.

There's no way he would
shoot himself in the foot.

I suppose it's a sort of warning to me

because I want to part ways
with Lone America.

Yes, Chairman.

It appears a bad problem has emerged
at a very sensitive time.

We're preparing a written explanation that
will be acceptable to the credit rating agency.

In any case, it's a fact that this
situation has given a negative impression.

We'll have to assume that it has put you
on the same footing as Shin Heung Bank.

Now, all that's left for
the judgment to ride on,

is the ability to obtain
foreign investments.

We've completed all the preparations
already for obtaining investments.

If that's the biggest variable,

I'm confident.

How'd it go?

She says she will agree to the merger.


Thanks for your hard work.

Truly, thank you.

All I did was relay Shin Heung's position.

Save your "thank you" for Chairman Wu.

Yes, Chairman.


Thank you very much.


We'll truly work really hard.


It seems like the load on your shoulders
just keeps getting bigger.

I'm feeling the pressure.

Right. These days, even walking feels heavy.

Still, I can get through it
because I have you.

Ah, I was cleaning house yesterday
and found your proposal.

It's on my phone.
Do you want to see it?

Jung Yeon.

A day like this has actually come.

I feel really awkward trying to say this.

After always getting chastised
for earning only 49 points,

I was actually praised for the
first time today by your father

as he told me I've earned 51.

Miss Lee Jung Yeon,

will you marry me? Hmm?

You wanting it to be over soon,
and to live life as if it were a respite,

I hope it works out that way.

Yeah. It will work out that way, soon.

Let's go.

How are the fund preparations going?

For now, I've come up with
100 million dollars for pressing needs.

Please transfer all that money

to the Labuan paper companies
I told you about.

All right.

And please secure the remainder
as soon as possible.


100 million dollars.

I've agreed to deposit it
into the companies in Labuan.


If that money enters Han-Young
Bank without a problem,

there won't be any particular suspicion.


Yes, do so.

I've confirmed that 100 million dollars have
been transferred to the Labuan paper companies.

Contact JR Stanley and let them know
the first portion of the investment's ready,

and ask where we should deposit it.

Yes, I understand.

Yeah. Got it.

It's been transferred.

It's in there, 100 million dollars.

Hey, that means we can grab it, right?

Of course, we can take it immediately.

Shall we take it all out and
see how that wench In Hye reacts?

Take it out, take it out, take it out!

Stop talking nonsense.
We need to hand that over to JR Stanley.

The money's there for the taking right in
front of our eyes and we've to hand it over-

makes me nuts!

Even if it makes you nuts, hold back.

We have to toss this out as bait,
so we can grab the rest!

Thank you so much.

At the JR Stanley company,
we are looking forward to …

With this, Han-Young Bank and JR Stanley

have finalized the 1 billion
dollar investment contract.

100 million dollars has
already been transferred,

and the remaining 900 million
will be deposited

into Han-Young Bank
according to the contract.

Did you see Yu In Hye's press conference?


Those folks are sitting
in front of their feast,

and we haven't even washed our rice yet.

This is truly troublesome.

With every bank out there
frantically searching for deposits,

this is no easy task.

With the bank consolidation looming ahead,

I think the investors
are hesitating as well.

As promised, I will take care
of the investment issue.

Don't worry too much about that.

What were you reading?

The atmosphere here is more comfortable,
and I can focus better.

I haven't taken you away
from a busy schedule, have I?

No. I'm always busily working,
but there's nothing urgent.

What is it?

You always seem exceptional,
but even more so today.

I suppose something good has happened?

No, not really.

How are you doing?

I'm all right.

Since you're busy,
I'll get to my point quickly.

I have a favor to ask of you.

What is it?

I'd like to register you as a director
at the Children's Cancer Foundation,

and the Injin Foundation
for microfinance loans.

I'm hoping you'll allow me.

I don't know if I have the right …

I'm sorry I'm asking this of you knowing
full well it will be a burden to you.

If you're involved in the Foundation,

at least occasionally,
you might think of me.

That's why I'm asking.

Will you allow me?

I don't know if I have the right,

but if that's what you want,
I'll do it.

Thank you.

As long as you're agreeing to that,
I'm going to ask another favor.

The first Monday in May is my birthday.

Since it may be my last,

I'd really like to invite.

You'll come, won't you?

The fight between Han-Young
and Shin Heung banks is worth watching.

Who do you predict will win?

Isn't the result obvious?

If you're certain of the result,

why don't you put in your bet?

Would you accept?

Of course.

If you join me, you would be
a great strength.

If I put in a bet, I feel my dividend
should be a little different.

My joining your side

means that I will be pulling
money out of Value Asset,

which will greatly damage Kim Do Hyun.

Don't you think my dividend rate
should be a little different?


I will make great allowances.

I see that we communicate well, indeed.


I will bet on you, and go all in.

Do Hyun!

Big problem, big problem!

I think Chairman Gu Sung Chul
has joined forces with Yu In Hye.

He's taking the money he pulled from us
and investing in Han-Young Bank.


Hey! Why aren't you surprised?

It's something I guessed would happen.

Frankly, I didn't have a good feeling
about the man from the beginning.

Something about him felt like
he would stab you in the back.

There's nothing to get excited
or disappointed about.

He's someone who follows the money.

They've secured foreign investments
and Chairman Gu has joined them.

What do we do now?
What can we do with just Puris?


How did things get so
uncomfortable between us?


distanced me from everything.


I definitely limited you.

But that's because between
the two of us, there's James.

You had to report everything
about me and Lone Asia to James.

And I … couldn't help
but be suspicious of you.

You were the one that gave James
the Han-Young NPL documents.

That … that, I …


I want to …

sever my ties with James now.

It won't go as you plan.

It will.

No matter what happens, it will.

I think you feel the same way I do.

No. Not me.

Don't deny it.

You and I both,

out of fear of James,

have lived, fooling ourselves.

Even if we wanted to run away,

we couldn't free ourselves
of the shackles around our ankles.

In a single moment,

the temptation of success

drove us to take James's hand,

and we've been afraid to let it go.

But, now, I'm not going to live like that.

I'm fully prepared
to part ways with James.

If you were to help me,

I will help you too … to escape.

- Did you look into it?
- Of course.

But there wasn't much we could find.

This is all.

Isn't this Yu In Hye's assistant?

The one that was at the site
of the Han-Young Bank VP's death?

How'd it go?

Thank you!

You acted as though you
weren't going to see me again.

What brings you here?

If I'm not to see you again,
there are things that need to be cleaned up.

Cleaned up?

Could that be so easy between us?

It doesn't have to be hard, either.

I will be doing things my way from now on.

Loan America's capital currently invested
in Han-Young Bank and Loan Asia …

it doesn't matter if you take it all out.

As of today,

I'm severing all ties between us.

Have you already forgotten
what contract binds us together?

Have you forgotten the reparations
you'll have to make if you

unilaterally break the contract like this?

I don't know what you're
talking about right now.

Even if you wanted to
free yourself from me,

how can you make such a reckless move?

Someone who knows full well
how scary a contract can be …

why act like this all of a sudden?

What contract are you talking about?

Yeah, it's me.

Just fax me a copy of the contract
with Lone Asia right now.

All right.

Would you like a drink while we wait?


What's the matter?

What is this?

Where the hell did this contract come from?

Fax it to me again.


I guess something's gone wrong?

I don't know what you pulled,

but you're mistaken if you think
this releases you from me.

I can discard you,
but you can never discard me.

I've already discarded you.

Why you continue to speak differently…

I just don't know.

What happened?

I think it was Steven.


He was at Dallas headquarters yesterday.



I really don't like unexpected variables.

I want to be able to control
every situation to go the way I want.

Investors like me who manage enormous sums
of money probably all feel the same way.

But right now,

Yu In Hye is trying to
move out of my control,

and create a new situation.

This is Kim Do Hyun.

I will accept your proposition.

Are there no new reports coming
out of the Shin Heung assessment?

Nothing particular to report yet.

Have you not found out yet what
their new basis for credit ratings are?

No. The other banks are trying
hard to find that out as well,

but nothing definite has been discovered yet.

Steven's been in an accident.

What do you mean accident?

What are you talking about?

On his way back from the US,

he was in a car accident.

What's happened to him?

He's dead.

Our Shin Heung Bank
has secured a new foreign investment.

Kim Do Hyun, CEO of Value Asset 21,
will announce the details.


I'm Kim Do Hyun of Value Asset 21.

The fund that has invested
in Shin Heung Bank is Lone America.

I'd like to introduce James Jung,
Loan America's General Partner.

Synced by Peterlin