Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript


Episode 18

We've purchased
Dong Gu Construction's debts.

It's probably more than their
debt to Shin Heung Bank.

We will sell off Dong Gu Construction,
and collect on that debt.

Dong Gu Construction is currently
looking for a route for revival.

A sale is absolutely out of the question.

That's your opinion.

Not mine.

With my right as Dong Gu
Construction's largest creditor,

I will execute the sale of
Dong Gu Construction.

Judging from Do Hyun's expression,
the situation seemed really bad.

What happens now?

This is no ordinary crisis.

It looks like everything Kim Do Hyun
will attempt will be blocked.

I heard that woman Yu In Hye
was no ordinary woman,

but I had no idea she was this extreme.

What does that mean?

You heard her say that she purchased
Dong Gu Construction's debt, right?


She didn't buy it to make money.

She bought it to crush Kim Do Hyun.

I'm saying she's determined to crush
Kim Do Hyun even if she has to take a loss.

Even if it's a kill or be killed fight,

you went and sliced off our flesh.

What's the reason you're going
to such lengths?

I'm certain I warned you that if you
collaborated with Kim Do Hyun,

that it would be hard for
Shin Heung bank to be revived.

By now, you all must realize how my
warning has become reality.

Regarding the unrecoverable
debts you purchased,

haven't you considered that they
will pose a burden on Han-Young Bank?

I don't believe you're in a position
to be worrying about me right now.

The debts I've purchased have nothing
to do with Han-Young Bank.

During this sensitive
period of bank consolidation,

would I have done something so reckless?

Now the only choice you have…

is realistically to accept our
Han-Young Bank's merger proposal.

Do we really have to just sit and take this?

I'm really gonna go nuts.

Say something, man!

Stop it.

With Yu In Hye making a move like that,
what can he do?

Ay, really…

The Bank President is looking for you.

You said that everything you learned
from me would be your weapon.

But this is probably something
you've never learned.

I'll look forward to seeing how you respond.

After all that big talk, is this the result?

After trusting in you,

it looks like we'll be left with Dong Gu Group's
NPL completely intact and then swallowed up.

How in the world are you going to
take responsibility for this situation?

If you give me a little time…

You're really a frustrating sort of person.

You've pushed us to the end of the cliff,
what do you need time for?

I believe it's unreasonable to hold
Kim Do Hyun responsible for this situation.

No one could have guessed that
Yu In Hye would make a move like this.

Director Lee!

What are you saying right now?

Don't you know that the reason Yu In Hye made
such a reckless move was because of Kim Do Hyun?

The personal warfare between the two of them
has struck a blow to our Shin Heung Bank,

so how could you say he's not responsible?

Kim Do Hyun.


I know you've worked hard on this,

but you are a big burden
to Shin Heung bank right now.

I think it would be difficult…

to depend on you and work
with you any longer.

Hey, Do Hyun.
What did the bank president say?

Do Hyun!

What happened?

The contract between
Shing Heung Bank and Value Asset 21…

has been terminated.

In one part of my heart,

feelings of guilt over you have always
remained like baggage.

It's a huge relief…
that I can let go of that now.

Now that there's absolutely no sympathy,

I think I could step on and crush you.

Chairman Gu is here.

He seems incredibly pissed.

What the hell happened?

Where's Kim Do Hyun?

We can't get a hold of him.

Nice job.

Didn't listen to me and charged forward.

Now look at the mud on your faces.

How can you talk like that?

We did everything we could!

What sort of blockhead remark is that?!

Blathering about the best you can do when there's
no result, don't you know how pathetic that is?

What are you going to do now?

What are you going to do with the
money you poured into Dong Gu Construction?

After winning a few,

does the world look like an easy mark?

Get your heads on straight, guys!

Pass this on clearly to Kim Do Hyun.

I can't work with him any longer,

so tell him to pull out
all of my money immediately!

Damn it.

For now, we've put down the 20 billion you
pulled in to sign the debt purchase contract,

but if we can't make full payment
by the due date,

they can change their position at any time.

I know.

At this time,
we don't have sufficient funds.

What do you plan to do?

I can produce the money
by the agreed deadline date.

I'm sorry, but may I ask
where the funds would come from?

I will be coming into some
capital from a personal source.

In case, for any reason,
I can't get in time,

make preparations to enable us to
pull it from Han-Young Bank.

That's… dangerous.

It's only just in case.

Even if the situation arises where
we must use capital from Han-Young Bank,

it will only be for a brief period of time,
so there shouldn't be any big problems.

Don't worry and just have it prepared.

All right.

The problem is that Yu In Hye is planning to put that
slush fund money into Han-Young Bank, isn't it?

It is.

She wants to pour all of it into
growing Han-Young Bank.

And I'm supposed to just
sit here and suck my thumb.

Then the solution could be very easy.

What is it?

Han-Young Bank is currently trying
to acquire Shin Heung Bank.

But Shin Heung Bank has
Kim Do Hyun trying to shield them.


It's the hawk that catches the pheasant.

Right now the only person that can strike
a blow at Yu In Hye is Kim Do Hyun.

Use one foe to control another.

One foe to control another…


If you play your cards right,
you could get rid of both of them at once.

No matter how urgent,
using Kim Do Hyun makes me feel uneasy.

Ay, can't you be on time?
Why are you so late?

Hey. I'm totally about to lose my mind.

What now?

Ahh! How humiliating!

What's the matter?

I want to Injin Club with some
friends to hit balls,

and was completely humiliated.


That wench In Hye…

had me suspended from the Injin Club!


There's nothing that girl won't do now!

She must see you as some sort of lump,
to treat you like that.

You think it's only me she sees as a lump?

You've been suspended too, Pal.


That little…

Hey. That "one foe to control another",
let's do it.

Find a way to put Kim Do Hyun
up as a front and hit In Hye.


Did you get a hold of Do Hyun?


Where the hell has the guy gone?

What happens now?

Is it really all over?

It's not like that, so don't worry.

Where is CEO Kim?

We can't get a hold of him.

Why are you looking for Do Hyun?

You know very well how hard
he and all of us worked,

and you end it so coldly,
so why are you looking for him?

Jin Woo.

If it continues to be delayed,

I have no other choice but to suspect…

you might have other intentions.

Other intentions… you couldn't possibly be
worried that I'd take that money, could you?

There's a limit to how long I
can trust you and wait,

and my situation is such that
I've reached that limit.

It's time you tell me where and how
that money is being kept.

Half of the slush fund…

is buried in a paper company in
Singapore and Hong Kong.

And the other half is invested in
a copper mine in Kazakhstan.

It's slated to go public in the securities
market in London next year.

I believe it needs to get listed publicly
for us to collect the funds.

Then, it looks like I can use the funds
in Singapore and Hong Kong.

But from reports I've receive,
the National Tax Service

dispatched employees six months ago
to Hong Kong and Singapore,

and is currently investigating
illicit funds sent overseas.

If we make the slightest mistake,

there's a big danger that they'll
be able to track those funds.

Han-Young Bank will acquire
Shin Heung Bank shortly.

If we coordinate the timing,

and bring it in under the
guise of foreign investment,

there shouldn't be any significant problems.

I'll take care of that operation,

so leave it to me.

What the hell does she aim to
do after taking over all those claims?

From my judgment, because of her
personal war with Kim Do Hyun,

she's made an unreasonable decision.

How much capital has been put in?

I believe twenty billion to date.

And the source of that capital?

I understand the capital to be
from her family.

If somebody doesn't get
CEO Yu under control right now,

the additional required funds could be
pulled from Han-Young Bank or Lone Asia.

When in my greed,

I was racing ahead to kill the competition,

I had no fear,
I had no sense of being scared.

But now thinking I need to save
someone with these hands,

I feel fear,

and I'm scared.

So, you can't get a hold of him?


The shock must have been big.

Aigoo, I'm sure nothing bad has happened.
Don't worry too much.

But regarding the Dong Gu Group
debt that Yu In Hye purchased…

I think there's a problem.

What problem?

How could they have incurred so
much debt in such a short period of time?

I was curious and looked into it,

and it looks like there's quite
a bit of false debt.

False debt?

What's going on with the
plan to sell off Dong Gu Group?

As of right now, even if we did
our best to clean things up,

I believe we can only collect about
seventy percent of the investment.

If we can get that much, it's fine.

To strike a blow at Kim Do Hyun
and Shin Heung Bank,

we need to resign ourselves
to that extent of casualties.

Madam CEO, Kim Do Hyun is here to see you.

Send him in.

She's waiting inside. Go on in.

What are you doing here?

I have something to say to you briefly.

Please have a seat.

I received word that Shin Heung Bank was
going to end its relationship with you.

In your position, I wonder what
it is you have to say to me.

I'm really curious.

I'm defeated.

No matter how long I deliberated,
I couldn't find a way out.

I was still tense,
expecting your counter-attack.

But hearing you admit defeat so easily,

I'm a little dejected.

You probably didn't come
all the way here to admit defeat.

Let's hear the real reason
you've come to see me.

As you mentioned, my relationship
with Shin Heung Bank has ended.

Since things have turned out as you wanted,

Please stop the collection proceedings
regarding Dong Gu Group's debt.

In light of the fact I've already
admitted defeat,

there's no need for you to suffer
a loss just because of me, is there?

That's true,

but I can't fathom…

your motive in coming all this way to say that.

If because of our conflict,

Dong Gu Group cannot revive
itself and collapses,

25,000 employees will lose
their means of living.

No, if you include their
families and subcontractors,

they say it's over 100,000.

The thought that my rash intervention…

has made a sacrifice of that many
people frightens me.

It's a shame that I'm not naďve
enough to be moved by your words.

When you could take me off
my guard and strike a counter attack,

there's no reason for me to concern myself
with people who have nothing to do with me.

There would absolutely not be any such move.

I can't trust you.

If you…

reject my proposal,

I can only make a last resort move.

Is there still anything left
that you can do in your position?

I'm going to apply for
court-appointed receivership.

So you're saying we both die?

Even if you and I die,

I suppose 25,000 will get to live.

The Do Hyun I remember…

is a man who, at the Sunbong Jungmil
subcontractors' protest,

went so far as to call in armed forces.

This is no dawn of a new civilization.

Why is it you've changed so much?

It's so unfamiliar…

I just can't adapt to it.

Whether you've simply changed,

or you're trying to throw me off,

let's take this to the end.

Do whatever you want.


Oh sir, nothing's happened to you!

Do you know how worried everyone was
when we couldn't get a hold of you?

Director Hyun, CEO Kim is here!

Come out!

Hey, man! What happened to you?


Are you okay?

Of course.

And what brings you here?

Have you given up already?

I still have faith in you.

The contract with Shin Heung Bank
has been terminated,

so what use would it be
to continue working on anything?

Chairman Gu Sung Chul has asked us to return
the capital he's invested in Value Asset 21.

Let's worry about restoring the
relationship with Shin Heung Bank later.

Right now, let's focus solely
on how to revive Dong Gu Group.

What if Yu In Hye liquidates
Dong Gu Group,

and completes the collection proceedings?

The fact that Yu In Hye purchased all that in
such a short period of time indicates weaknesses.

We need to find those weak spots, delay
the collection proceeding as long as possible,

and find an opportunity to counterattack.

And how do you plan to counterattack?

We have to get the Dong Gu Group employees
about to lose their livelihoods on our side,

and move public opion.


Just a moment, huh?

Sister-in-law called and said she needs
to meet with you urgently.


You worried a lot, didn't you?

Are you all right?


I convinced Shin Heung Bank and
Dong Gu Group to trust me,

and when it was all about to become lies,
I was a bit dumbfounded.

I really had no idea Yu In Hye
would attack like that.

Chairman Woo said that, too.
That she was really a scary woman.

That's she's bound and
determined to kill you.

Don't worry.

I don't plan to quit now.

But, what was the urgent thing?

Chairman Woo mentioned that the debt
Yu In Hye purchased seemed too large.

She says it's strange that Dong Gu Group
could default on that much debt,

and that there may be some
false debt in there.

Yeah, it's me.

Compare the debt between the external
audit reports and the debt Yu In Hye purchased.


I think there may be false accounts
receivables included in there.

All right.

What did you find?

Of Dong Gu Group's creditors,
a great many of them had false receivables.

And I believe they've passed
them on to Yu In Hye.

What's the amount?

About twenty percent of what Yu In Hye
purchased was probably false debt.

I think this is plenty to use as
pressure with Yu In Hye.

Do Hyun.

I've already transferred the
claim I hold to Lone Asia.

We know.

Then why is it you want to see me?

Please sit for a moment.

Isn't there a problem with the claim
you transferred to Lone Asia?

Problem? What problem?

That claim is a fraud in order to create a
Dong Gu Group slush fund, isn't it?

As you and Dong Gu Group
formed a supplier contract,

I suppose the contract price was increased,

and there was an under-the-table
agreement to have a portion of it returned.

And of course, Dong Gu Group was to
be responsible for the taxes.


If this fact gets out, your company…

will not only get investigated by the National Tax
Service, but also be subject to legal measures.

When Yu In Hye liquidates the firm,

you won't be able to prove it,
even if you wanted to.

I've already secured documented evidence.

I've already transferred it to Yu In Hye;
what do you expect me to do?

That problem… is for you to resolve.


How is Myung Jun doing?

He was in the hospital and
discharged a little while ago.


It seems the kid is taking the punishment
for all the sins I've committed in my life,

and I feel bad about it.

Find out what the boy wants,

and agree to all of it.

I understand.

And, about Mi Ran…

after settling all of
Myung Jun's shares of TS Mall,

distribute some stock to Mi Ran, too.



Next month's promotion will be based
on an amusement park concept.

In the first floor atrium, we're going to
install a merry-go-round and a roller coaster.

And we're even going to
offer a photo service.

It's a good idea.

Director Han.


From now on, there's no need to
make business reports to me.

Discuss them with President Jung
and make the decisions.

I've been grateful for all your help.

No, it was nothing.


- Ah, yes.
- Ah, it's been a long time.

Then, I'll be leaving.

Your color is looking better than before.

These days, it's tolerable.

I'm sorry for making you
come such a distance.

No, it's all right. It's my job.

Regarding TS Mall,
things have been mostly settled,

but could you please take care of the
children's cancer foundation,

and the microfinance loans foundation?

All right. Don't worry.

Let's go and talk over the
details in your office.


Ah, CEO Yu,

I just thought of something urgent suddenly.
Why don't you go on ahead to your office?


Mi Ran, is that you?

Oh, what are you doing here?

I had some work to tend to.


Ah, he's a friend.

Say hello. This is the attorney who
takes care of my father's affairs.

Doctor Kim called.

I hear you're not going in to
the hospital these days.

Drugs are no use either.

My illness will be all better if I
just get to see Mi Ran.

Wait just a little bit.

If you wait just a little bit,
it'll all be over.

The two of them are together.

Aigoo, if it isn't Attorney Choi.

Imagine running into you like this.

I was going to contact you anyway.

This is a good coincidence.

I'll contact you another time.

Ah, yes. Excuse me.


Are you, by chance actress…

Ah, let's speak later.

Ah, yes.

Excuse me.

What do you think? I was right, right?

Yeah, even with one look,
they looked like a couple.

That woman, Kang In Sook, is apparently

the mother of Yu Mi Ran,
the youngest in the Yu family.

No matter how I think about it,

I feel like her father might not
be Chairman Yu Pil Sang,

but Choi Guk Hwan.

Ay, kid. Going overboard again.

I'm telling you,
there's an instinctive intuition.


Man Soo.

Did you look into it?

Choi Guk Hwan's estate,
which was so clean no matter how I dug,

has gone to that woman. This is confirmed.

A top-notch villa in Cheongdamdong,

and a building is under Kang In Sook's name.

And she even runs a travel agency.

Travel agency?

Why a travel agency?

Do Hyun. What are you doing here,
without even calling?

I came to see Chairman Wu,
and I wanted to see you before I left.

Why did you see the Chairman?

About the Dong Gu Group debt.

Have you found a first step to a solution?

Not quite yet.

Now that I've seen your face, I'll go now.

It would be nice if we at least
got to eat together before you left.

I have an important meeting.

Make sure you eat.



I don't know. I don't think we
have any reason to meet.

What is it?

Before I get to the point,

let me ask you something I'm curious about.

Last time you stabbed me in the back,

did you have it planned from the beginning,

or did it just turn out that way?

So, indeed, it was planned.

When you refused after I first
reached out to you,

it was all a ploy to fool me.

I don't have a lot of time,
so please get to the point.

I hear you and Yu In Hye are waging
a bloody battle these days.

I'm in a position where
I have to have it out with her.

Which brings me to the point.

Since both of us are in the same position,

what I'm saying is we need each other.

What do you call this sort of thing?

United by a common enemy.

That's right.

We're in the same boat.

Since we're in the same boat,
I'm sure we can help each other.

What do you think?

A problem has come up.

What problem?

Included in the claims we've acquired,
there is fraudulent debt.

What are you talking about?

Between Dong Gu Group and their creditors,
there were under-the-table agreements,

and those false receivables are
included in the claims.

How much does it amount to?

I haven't found out the exact amount,

but it's presumably quite a lot.

We can't miss the liquidation
schedule because of that.

Move forward as planned.

I understand.

The nation's twenty-third largest
conglomerate, Dong Gu Group,

is undergoing an insolvency crisis.

Reporter Kim Yong Su covers the story.

Tormented by deficit management,

Dong Gu Group was shaken when
subsidiary Dong Gu Construction

failed to get a real estate project
financing loan extended.

The entire group has fallen into a crisis.

Dong Gu Group's creditors are currently in
discussions regarding collection proceedings,

and it has been revealed that in
the worst case, divestiture and

liquidation are being considered.

We anticipate a significant impact.

Now, the media are beginning to have
an interest in Dong Gu Group.

It's time for us to intervene. Get ready.

Without love, nor glory

nor a name to leave behind

A lifetime of saying let's walk out

that heated pledge

There's no place the comrades are going

What are you thinking about?


For starters, I want to meet
with the Union Leader.

What did you want to see me for?

We are a creditor of Dong Gu Group.

Saying you are a creditor of Dong Gu Group

may give you rights and authority
according to the rest of the world,

but here, right now, you're the enemy.

Before things get ugly, leave immediately.

Not all creditors are the same.

We are of the same opinion as all of you.

Please give me an opportuntiy to
speak in front of the protesting employees.

You think I wouldn't know who you are?

You went to jail as the CEO of Lone Korea,
didn't you?

And when you were at Lone Asia, which is
currently pushing for divestiture and liquidation,

weren't you the one that took over
Sunbong Jungmil and ripped it apart?

Someone like you comes to me now and
says he's of the same opinion as us…

you think I'd believe that?

Don't use any of your worthless ploys.
And while I'm still speaking civilly,

get lost!

If you send me away right now,

you will absolutely regret it.

Not being able to trust me
because of my past…

I can understand that for ten minutes.

But the important thing right
now is not my past,

but how to counter those who are
pushing for divestiture and liquidation.

Let me say it once again.

We oppose divestiture and liquidation.

Please give me an opportunity to speak in front
of those people about a method for recovery.

We oppose! We oppose!

Creditors, who want to sell us off, wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

Everyone, please listen up.

A Dong Gu Group creditor has
come here right now.

Why does a creditor who wants to rip us
apart and sell us off come here?!

Now then, hold on a minute.
Calm down.

The creditor here today says
he is against selling.

He says he's here to help us.

So, let's at least listen to
what he has to say.


I'm Kim Do Hyun.

I stand here as a representative
of creditors

that oppose the divestiture and
liquidation of Dong Gu Goup.

I don't want to insult the intensity of
efforts you've put into your protest,

but protesting in this manner…
will resolve nothing.

I say this upfront.

Then, what are you saying we should do?

I will tell you a method of
countering the attack.

I understand everyone here is owed six
months worth of withheld wages.

What that means is that all of you
are Dong Gu Group creditors.

If you delegate your rights
and authority as creditors,

I will, in your place,
fight the hostile creditors.

Everyone, did you hear what
the guy just said?!

He's trying to swipe our back pay now!

People, let's not be fooled!

Now, now, now! Calm down!

Do Hyun, let's just leave.

We came to help them and they're
kicking us out. Why continue?

We gain nothing by resorting to violence.

Please calm down!

Everyone, please consider it the last time,

and just listen to what I have to say.

You better get down from there!

I can completely see how you could
misunderstand from where you stand.

But I'm not standing here with my
eye on your withheld wages!

I'm saying my situation is
the same as yours.

Just as you all will survive only
if Dong Gu Group survives,

Our Shin Heung Bank will only
survive if Dong Gu Group survives!

Everyone, please delegate your
rights as creditors to us.

If you sign this power of attorney,

I will…

for your rights…

and for our own rights…

face those creditors…

and fight… till the end!

Give me a break.

The inspection team has come!

The creditors who want to rip us apart and
sell us off are approaching over there!

You do not have the authority
to come in here.

What are you talking about?

We've come as representatives
of Dong Gu Group creditors

to inspect the assets for
divestiture and liquidation.

Step back.

Included in the debts purchased
by Lone Asia,

are you aware that there
are fraudulent debts?


Of the debt purchased by Lone Asia,

the ones from Opo Electric,
Yangil Materials, and Seohyeon Electrics,

are all likely to be fraudulent.

It amounts to twenty percent of the
debt purchased by Lone Asia.

In other words, Lone Asia does not have the
authority to inspect assets for liquidation.

If you try to take legal measures to
proceed in light of the fraudulent debts,

you are likely well aware of what
sort of issues you'll run into.

Why don't you leave now?

Give me the document.

I'll sign the power of attorney over to you.

I will absolutely save the company.

Thank you.

Give me one, too.

Thank you.

I will absolutely save this company.

Thank you.

The liquidation process of
Dong Gu Group has struck a snag.

The collection proceedings that were
headed towards liquidation

are running into a wall with laborer
resistance and public opinion,

and are faced with a new situation.

This is Jin Hyung Jun with MBS News.

Ah, yes.

I saw it as well.

Yes. I will take care of it immediately.

I apologize for troubling you.


Yesterday, I bet $100,000 on the
Yankees/Red Sox game and lost it all.

A long time ago, when I bet on the team
you supported, I had quite a few victories.

Whether it was betting based
on intuition or analysis,

you were the best gambler I knew.

But now, I feel like your
intuition and analysis…

are both a mess.

Betting on Dong Gu Group's debt
was the worst choice.

The game's not over yet.


The game's already been lost.

What in the world has shaken
your betting intuition?

What's the reason you made
such an absurd bet?

Is it because of Kim Do Hyun?

Judging from your expression,
it appears I'm not wrong.

What is it you want to say?

Don't beat around the bush and just say it.

If you have any thoughts of investing Lone Asia
or Han-young Bank funds into that game,

it is absolutely unacceptable.

It means the higher-ups no longer
view your betting instincts favorably,

so take heed.

The moment you touch that money,

it's over.

Yes, Chairman.

Right now?

What strikes the most fear in
politicians is public opinion.

Once public opinion starts to blaze,
it's uncontrollable.

When that happens, rational judgment,
logical persuasion, it's all useless.

Who's going to sit still when their
job is going to be taken away?

What in the world is the reason
you'd go that far?

I'm sorry.

No. This isn't a situation that will
be resolved with "I'm sorry."

End what you're doing with Dong Gu Group.

If the problem gets any bigger,

it will become difficult for
me to support you.

You were looking for me?

Cease the sale proceedings
of Dong Gu Group assets.

Excuse me?

Until we secure the funds
to acquire Shin Heung Bank,

think of it as reorganizing,

and return things back to
the starting point.

All right.


It's me.

I'm going to have to begin the process
of bringing in the slush fund.

Do Hyun!

Did you see the news?

Yu In Hye says she's going to back off
on the sale of Dong Gu Group assets.

We've won.

We've flipped an all but lost game.

Don't get excited.

The real game starts now.

The Bank President wants to meet with you.

I believe he wants to work with you again.

First of all, thank you for giving
me another opportunity.

If you look at the documents
in front of you, you can see

that the battle between our
Shin Heung Bank and Han-Young Bank,

like the fight between David and Goliath,

is going to be a very hard one,
with not a single advantage.

However, I don't think it's
an impossible fight.

As parts of the NPL have been cleared,

the health of the assets have been secured.

And now it is time to bring about a milestone
change through the improvement of our structure.


First of all, we will clean up the
low profitability branches.

I've heard that Han-Young Bank
is expanding its branches.

Can we be competitive if we cut back?

Decisions and focus.

With the curtailment of expenses,

in order to strategically
induce more effective deposits,

I believe our only option is to dissolve
branches to become more efficient.

It will be hard to beat
Han-Young Bank with just that.

That's correct.

The objective we absolutely must
achieve to beat Han-Young Bank,

is an increase of the influx of capital
through attracting investments.

I will absolutely attract more investments,

and in the quest to increase credit ratings,
I will do everything in my power.

[Lone Asia Press Conference]

Our Lone Asia's broker
JR Standley and Han-Young Bank

have secured an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

for a one billion dollar investment.

When the final contract is concluded and
we've successfully attracted the investment,

Han-Young Bank will have
a complete foundation to be reborn

as an international scale
financial holding company.

The details of the opportunity
and method of drawing the investment

will be announced after the
upcoming negotiations are completed.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I'm very sorry, sir.

Yes, I'm going to find out
as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

Find out exactly the source of the one billion
investment Yu In Hye is supposed to get!


Did you see Yu In Hye's press conference?

Is that foreign investment the slush fund?

To get that amount of money
into the country,

there's no other way but to formally go
through a well-known investment firm.

In Hye has already created a paper
company to invest through JR Stanley.

I no longer have any pretext
to hold it back.

What are we going to do now?

Let her have the money.

This will be the only opportunity
for us to get at that money.

Then, do you have some plan?

Han-Young Bank are saying they are
getting one billion in foreign investment.

If that's true, isn't it game over?

Getting new investments into Shin Heung
Bank is not going to be an easy task.

I'll take care of the new investments,
so don't worry about that.

Have you found any of Han-Young
Bank's structural weaknesses?

That's not so easy.

The fact that they have no NPL's
in this day and age is really strange.

It was two years ago that Lone Korea
started preparing to acquire Han-Young Bank.

Clearing up that large volume of NPL's
in a mere two years means…

there's definitely something there.

We have to find that quickly.

Is it really possible for Shin Heung Bank
to absorb Han-Young Bank?

It's not easy,
but if it's not that,

then there's no meaning to this
battle I've waged with Yu In Hye.

I have to win.

Chairman Wu is worried that you
might be overextending yourself again.

Didn't you see me clean up the
Dong Gu Group situation with flair?

I'll do fine, so tell Chairman Wu
not to worry about a thing.

There you go putting on airs again.
I thought you were quiet for a while.

Ah, I'm hungry. What should we eat?

[Unknown Number]

Yes, this is Kim Do Hyun.

Who are you?

What's the matter?

I don't know who it is,

but he wants to meet and let me know
Yu In Hye and Han-Young Bank's weakness.

Time and location.

Don't go.

It's strange.

Is it of some help?

Who are you?

Why are you showing me this?

The document you are looking at is
just to show you I'm not an enemy.

I'm asking you to be open-minded
before meeting with me.

If you have an inclination to meet with me,

then go down to the underground parking lot.

Please sit.

Would you like a drink?

No, thank you.

I see you're very tense.

Who are you?

I think it may get rather complicated
to explain who I am right now.

Let's just say that I'm someone who
knows who you are quite well.

What do you want from me?

I would like to help you.

I will make the investment that you
and Shin Heung Bank want.

Synced by Peterlin

We have to search
Kang In Sook's travel agency

to find Choi Guk Hwan's weakness to exploit.

A problem has come up.

Find the source of the
information immediately!


I saw you with Attorney Choi.

Are you the president?!

Am I someone that will come and
go at your beck and call?!

Only a small number of people know
how we concealed the NPL's.