Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript


Episode 17

Have you looked at our proposal?

When the Chairman of the Reform Committee

is looking on with eyes wide open,

how can I not look it over?

I suppose you're quite close
with the Chairman, Han Jin Soo.

We're friendly acquaintances,

but you couldn't call us close.

A friendly acquaintance …

wouldn't directly step in
and turn on the pressure.

That's not my intent,

so please don't misunderstand.

Anyhow, our Shin Heung Bank
is targeted for closure,

so we have no choice but to accept
Han-Young Bank's proposal.

If you merge with us,

nothing unfavorable will happen to you
or to Shin Heung's employees.

We've recruited a specialist
to engage in the merger discussions.

Would it be all right
to invite him in here?

Of course.

I'd like to meet him, too.

Send him in.

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Henceforth, representing Shin Heung
Bank in merger discussions,

will be this gentleman, Kim Do Hyun.

Are you aware that Kim Do Hyun
and I have a connection?

Of course.

Working in the financial sector,

how could I possibly not know
about the Lone Korea case?

Then I guess recruiting Kim Do Hyun

was something you did
deliberately with me in mind.

You may as well interpret it that way,

since I needed someone who knew you well.

Kim Do Hyun isn't even a bank expert.

I'm curious what sort
of role he'll hold.

Provoking me in this manner

will not benefit you or
Shin Heung Bank in any way.

Anyhow, I'm in a position where
I have to fight for survival.

I'm of the opinion that there is
no way you'd show us consideration.

Can we talk for a moment?

This is a completely unexpected move.

I told you before.

That everything I learned from you

would become my weapon.

I feel bad for Bank President Choi
and the Shin Heung employees

that you selected them.

For their misjudgement
that you hold a mighty weapon,

they will be made into a cruel sacrifice.

That will never happen.

Because Shin Heung deciding on me

will be divine fate.

In one part of my heart,

feelings of guilt over you
have always remained like baggage.

It's a huge relief that
I can let go of that now.

Now that there's absolutely no sympathy,

I think I can step all over you.

I put my faith in you and flashed
a lot of bravado, but frankly,

what I truly feel is worry.

You must know this too,

but behind Yu In Hye

stands Chairman of the Financial
Reforms Committee, Han Jin Soo.

You too realize how much power
that is, don't you?

I do know.

However, there'll be a limit to how much

Chairman Han Jin Soo will be
able to support Yu In Hye.

Because breaking the rules of
impartiality to propel Han-Young Bank

will hurt him politically.

Trust me and let me manage it.


I've made the decision to trust you,

but getting the Board of Directors'
consent isn't up to me.

You handle that.

If you connect me with them,

I will handle it.

What happened?

Did you meet Yu In Hye?

What was her response like?

What do you think it was like?

If I were her, I'd find you pretty
grotesque for trailing me this far.

Since I met her, I've never seen her
with such a stunned and angry expression.

Do Hyun. I'm curious about something.

How did you know Yu In Hye would select
Shin Heung Bank as an acquisition target?

Shin Heung Bank is undervalued
because of its NPLs (non-performing loans).

Only two years ago,
it was an excellent bank

ready to organize a consortium with
IJ Invest and acquire Han-Young Bank.

That's true.

Since it's been insolvent only a short time,
there's a big opportunity for revitalization.

I made a judgment that Yu In Hye
wouldn't let that opportunity pass,

and it just so happens
that judgment was correct.

Did you meet the Shin Heung Bank President?

I met him.

Did he accept our merger proposal?

Shin Heung Bank hired a partner
to participate in merger discussions,

Kim Do Hyun.

It has become difficult
to execute this smoothly.

If Kim Do Hyun has shown up there,

doesn't that mean he knew we were targeting
Shin Heung and intentionally approached them?


I believe we'll need
some sort of thorough plan.

A thorough plan?

If Kim Do Hyun continues
to come at us like that,

he'll be an obstacle to every
business endeavor we attempt.

Either we resolve his bitter
feelings towards you,

or find some compromise …

For that, we've both crossed
a river that we cannot cross back.

There is no other choice
but to thoroughly crush him.

We're going to revise the entire
Shin Heung Bank acquisition strategy,

so please have everything prepared.

I understand.

Find out what Shin Heung Bank's
overseas investments look like.

Kim Chi Soo of Ahyundong…
please re-evaluate his loan application.

The intended use needs to be
clarified in more detail.

Also, directly observe his will
and skill to run a business.


Hi. Aren't you on the night shift tonight?


What condition is he in now?

Okay, I understand.

Are you all right?

Why'd you come?

How's his condition?

I got the order for pain killers,
and have just administered them.

It seems like you weren't
taking pain killers for a while.

It's not severe,

so don't worry.

Your color really doesn't look good.

It would be strange if my color
looked good in my current condition.

It's all right.

Please go in.

How did you know?

I spoke to Yi Ji.

Violating patient privacy like that,

I think I'm going to have to
report Yi Ji to the head nurse.

Did you get pain killers?

But my pain …

is the imagined sort rather than
from any physiological source,

so I don't think pain killers
are very useful.

After I heard of the existence
of imagined pain,

I wondered if there really
was such a thing.

But, it's really killer.

But still, after seeing you,

I feel a little better.

Can we speak for a moment?


Please sit.

I should thank you for taking
the time to be with Myung Jun,

but every time I see you,

frankly, I feel rather confused.

I don't really know
what you mean by that.

I know that you've been
seeing Do Hyun again lately.

Being conscious of Kim Do Hyun
when I'm with you

is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I don't particularly want to
stress over your feeling.

I suppose not.

Since our relationship has been
rather conflicted from the beginning,

if you don't want to see Do Hyun
fall into a deeper hell,

please stop him from doing what he's doing.

I'm telling you this out of consideration
for how well you've treated Myung Jun.

As Shin Heung Bank

was working on an expansion plan
the year before last,

a problem arose.

First, including a Malaysian
private equity fund,

overseas investors began to pull out.

And, as your NPLs began to grow,

your insolvency issues
began to get severe.

Therefore, my thoughts on
resuscitating the company

are to regain the foreign
investments that were pulled,

and clean up NPLs.

If the volume of NPLs is reduced,

and a drastic restructuring is implemented,

I'm certain you can shed
the stained insolvent bank label

and become a principal bank,
rather than a target for takeover.

I can't understand the reason
that you approached us.

Isn't it because you've an ulterior motive
as you did in the past at Lone Korea?

I'm a 4 percent stakeholder
in Shin Heung Bank.

My desire to revive Shin Heung Bank
is for my benefit.

I have absolutely no ulterior motive.

If you, the Board of Directors, allow me,

I will, in this spot right now,
tell you with certainty

that Shin Heung Bank will no longer
be a takeover target of Han-Young Bank,

but rather, I will make it so that
Shin Heung can take over Han-Young Bank.

That is my goal …

… and my conviction.

Thankfully, I believe that
the Board will agree.

I'll do everything in my power to live
up to your and the Board's expectations.

Has Department Director Lee Jung Do come in?

This is CEO Kim from Value Asset 21.

This is the man responsible
for our business operations.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

I'm Lee Jung Do.

I look forward to your guidance.

I did my research into Shin Heung Bank,

but there was a limit to what
I could find out from the outside.

To start, please edit the report
on the volume of NPLs.

Are you planning to expose
all our weaknesses?

I don't know what the Board
and the Bank President

were thinking when they made this decision,

but I don't trust you at all.

I understand why you would
make such a comment,

but we have no time to waste
on internal conflict right now.

What do you mean internal?

What makes you all internal?

Isn't this a little severe?

If this is your attitude,
we can't work with you.

Calm down.

Seriously, does it make any sense

to treat as a thief, someone
who has come to save the company?

We've never asked you all to save us.

What the hell is that guy?

Let it go.

Look into Director Lee Jung Do.

I'm certain he has some misconception.

How is Yu In Hye doing?

I don't believe the warnings
are having any effect.

She's more aggressively
pursuing the takeovers.

Ultimately, she's going to take it
all the way to the end.

From here on, check and report

on the movements of Yu In Hye and
all the Knights of the Round Table.

Don't miss a single detail.

I understand.

Please bring me the Shin Heung
Bank launch documents.

Hey. Is the Shin Heung Bank
acquisition going well?

Apparently Kim Do Hyun
has joined with Shin Heung.

The guy is relentless.

We're revising the entire Shin Heung
Bank acquisition strategy.

If Kim Do Hyun has intervened,

won't it be more difficult?

I really don't know why we're doing this.

Su Ji, what's going on?

Just focus on fund operations.
We'll worry about this project.


So this is how it is?
Now, you're going to push me out?

Su Ji, Jung Soo.

Talk to me!

It's been our policy
to work on our own duties

and not to touch anyone else's work.

That's always been the way;
what's wrong with you?

If it appears that you are doing this
out of personal greed or family issues,

I'm saying the higher ups
will no longer tolerate it.

Are you saying you're kicking me out?

It won't just end with you
losing your position.

You'll end up losing everything.

It's me.

Has there been any progress?

Not yet.

I've already mentioned this,

but this is urgent.

I know.

I completely understand the situation.
Just wait a little longer.

When you find out how that
slush fund has been concealed,

you'll understand the position I'm in.

Rather than recklessly rushing
to use that money and getting hurt,

it's a hundred times better to wait
a little longer, and use it safely.

All right.

If by any chance a problem arises,
please let me know immediately.

All right.

Was that In Hye?


It appears the pressure
to obtain capital is severe.

She continues to pressure me to allow her
to use the slush fund as soon as possible.

Pressure to obtain capital, my foot.

That's all an excuse.

She's just feeding you crap so that
she can get control over it all herself.

Have you discussed this with In Hye?


We went to her and pleaded our case,

but we were just humiliated.


I swear, it's so humiliating.

She says if we acknowledge her as successor
and kneel, she'll divide it with us.

And that's only after the bank
consolidation has been executed.

I have no problem kneeling,

but Sung Jun and his pride
would rather die.

So, it's over.

Why are you laughing?

Because you guys are funny.

Two grown men crying over a toy
that's been taken away.

We're going nuts already.

Are you mocking us right now?

If the two of you approach it like this,

there's no way you can beat In Hye.

So, if there's some way,
just tell us, will you?

If In Hye were to fall out
of favor with the Chairman,

well, I suppose that could open up
an opportunity for the two of you.

Fall out of favor?


Ah, how frustrating.

In other words, if what In Hye
is working on, goes wrong.


Attorney Choi? Why ask about him
all of a sudden?

Occasionally, I can't read
what he's really thinking.

There are times I can't read
what he's thinking either.

How did you first start
working with Attorney Choi?

He's been a clever guy ever since
his time as a public prosecutor.

Even when I didn't say anything,

he'd know my intent, and got it done.

But at some point,

his cleverness made me feel
a little uncomfortable.

He came to know everything about me,

even things that didn't need to be known.

So I basically put a tight rope
around the fellow.

So I thought we'd have
a symbiotic relationship

like the crocodile and the crocodile bird,
and kept him under me.

Now it's been 30 years.

Time is so …

He's not with you out of
respect for you, then.

What respect?

I've never expected anything
of that sort from the beginning.

We've stayed together
because we needed each other.

Then, your relationship
can break at any time.

I don't know.

30 years is not a short time.

But as long as I'm alive,

that won't happen,
so you don't have to worry about that.

Find out everything you can
about Attorney Choi Guk Hwan.

Watch him to see who
he's meeting with these days.


I don't think you remember me,

but I remember you clearly.

I thought you were clever
as a child, and indeed …

you're better than your brothers.

So, why did you want to see me?

Your past with my father
has nothing to do with me.

That's true.

I'm saying that you don't
have to come after me

because of your grudge against my father.

I …

want to do business with you.

Whoa, you're working hard.

Are things going well?


We'll step out for a moment.

Please have a seat.

Is there any real possibility of
Shin Heung Bank swallowing up Han-Young?

Do you think I'm in this fight
without a plan?

In life, there are more instances where

the world's view of a person is more
accurate than that person's judgment.

The world would see your judgment
right now as rash.

My standing up for you
to take revenge for me

was because that revenge meant money.

If revenge was just revenge
and didn't mean money,

I'd have thrown revenge to the dogs.

The important thing is …

… money, not revenge.


you are too bound up in that
revenge against Yu In Hye,

money will be lost.

Heed my words.

Hey man,

what are you saying you found?

Hyungnim, this time,

I dug meticulously like I was
searching for a needle in a haystack,

and wow…

… was it productive.

Geez. So what is it you found?

Choi Guk Hwan is human, after all.

A woman. It's a woman.

Choi Guk Hwan's woman.

Hey man.

The guy isn't married and lives alone.

Where the hell to get a woman?

Oppa, seriously.

Isn't Choi Guk Hwan a man?

I thought that was odd
from the very beginning,

so I kept looking into it,

and it came out.

So you're saying that
Choi Guk Hwan has a woman?

Yes, Hyungnim.

And the woman is no ordinary woman.

Choi Guk Hwan's woman

was once Yu Pil Sang's mistress.

Are you sure?

I've even found out where she is,
and how often they meet!

A man who's in love
with his Boss's mistress.

Don't you think there's a huge
secret in there somewhere?

Hey, what's that mistress's name?

Kang In Soo.

She's not particularly famous,
but she was an actress.

An actress?

Here. Waffles.

What kind of family do you have?

Why do you laugh?

Seeing how you're asking about
my family finally after 2 years,

I guess you've totally fallen for me.

Give me a break.

My father's a grifter.

My mom … I don't really know.

She was gone too early.

She passed away?

No, she ran away.

And I have a half brother,

but he's too much of an achiever,
it's sickening. End.


You don't know my family?

I know. How could I not know about
such a great and mighty family?

But, you've never talked about your mother.

Did she run away too?

Kind of.

What do you mean kind of?
Did she run away or not?

She was used up,
lost her appeal, and thrown out.

That's the sad fate
of my father's mistresses.

Is there anything you want to do?

Why? If there is,
are you going to back me?

What is it?

I've thought about this for a long time,

but I think I'd do really well
running a cafe like this.

The waffles and coffee here are amazing.

Investing in a place like this
and living happily is my dream.

Do you want to do it together?


Shall we kiss?

The files in front of you here

are Shin Heung's NPLs that I've uncovered.

The total volume is 620 billion won.

The yellow files here
and the green ones here

have been found to have potential
for collection in the long term.

But the problem is the NPLs here
in the red files.

Of the 620 billion in NPLs,

the 150 billion in these red files
essentially have no potential to be collected.

Value Asset 21 will purchase
all of these NPLs.

I don't understand why
you would purchase them,

but since you say you'll purchase them,
let me ask you, for what price?

How much will you buy them for?

5 billion.

Look here!

Are you kidding me?

You say you'll buy 150 billion
for a mere 5 billion?

Are you finally showing your true colors?

The reason you approached our
Shin Heung Bank to help us

was to buy our loans for cheap?!

Don't be fooled.

Those people from the outset
were corporate raiders

with no interest in Shin Heung Bank.

Calm down,

and let's hear him out.

Let's hear why we should sell you
loans of 150 billion for a mere 5.

First is Reggie Hotel.

There's a 17 billion debenture,

but it's been over 30 years since the hotel's
been built, and due to outdated facilities,

they don't even get 100 guests per month.

It would be difficult for them
to obtain the funds to upgrade.

Collection would be impossible.

Second is Anchang Resort.

Debenture is 21 billion.

However, their bad location and
a very large celebrity accident

left them with no business.

Essentially, collection impossible.

These debts are impossible
to collect, total trash.

Director Lee Jung Do,

do you have any confidence that you can
collect 1 billion, let alone 5 billion?

If you do, then go ahead and try it.

Even if you do purchase those NPLs,

that doesn't change our position.

Is that all you have in mind
in terms of helping us?

In this black file is Shin Heung's
largest volume NPL,

Dong Gu Group.

The total debt is 230 billion.

Right now, Shin Heung Bank's exit from
crisis is precisely through Dong Gu Group.

I will collect Dong Gu Group's
230 billion won debt in its entirety.

Let me be clear on this.

We have no funds to pour into
reviving Dong Gu Group.

If we're not careful,
we'll just increase the NPL volume.

All funds necessary to revive Dong Gu Group,

Value Asset 21 will take on as an investment.


will you believe in my true intention?

What do you think?

If it works out as he describes,
we have nothing to lose.

If Dong Gu Group debt is resolved, our
NPL volume will be drastically reduced.

How does he plan to revive Dong Gu Group?

I still find it hard to believe.

That …

we can just wait and see
what the results are.


for one, am in favor of accepting
Kim Do Hyun's proposal.

Hey. Are you nuts?

How are you going to back that up?
How can you pull something so reckless?

Jin Woo's right.
This is really an unrealistic move.

Without betting at least that much,

there's no way we can win.

Are you certain?

He's really going to take over
that much debt?

Yes. Yes.

I understand. Please let me know
if anything changes.

Kim Do Hyung has made
an incomprehensible decision.

What are you talking about?

It appears that he's going to
take over Shin Heung's NPLs.

He's even said Value Asset 21
will invest in reviving Dong Gu Group.

The group holds Shin Heung's biggest NPL.

Even Kim Do Hyun can't manage
such an unrealistic task.

Still, if he's made that sort of decision,

he must have some reason.

Find out what that reason is.

Yes, I will.


I understand.

I'll be right there.

Are you aware there isn't much time
left in the duration of the bonds

invested in Han-Young Bank?

It seems like it would be difficult to
collect the invested capital on schedule.

I can persuade the investors.

If we successfully acquire Shin Heung Bank

and become a financial holding company,

the return could be
much higher than expected.

Government-led initiatives
like financial reform,

don't you know the higher-ups
don't like that sort of thing?

Regardless of whether or not
they like it, ultimately …

it's money.

I'm saying I'll make money for them.

I know you're in a difficult
position because of me,

but give me a chance.

It's not something
I can decide on my own.

I don't know what order will come down,

but I'll ask them to reconsider.

So, wait.

Good. That's it, buddy!

Ah, geez. Ahhh.

Yeah, so I looked into a few places,

and I think it's better to invest in
an existing one than create a new one.

Well, as far as money is concerned,
the more the better.

I can't go out.
I have to work all night.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Sleep tight and dream of me.

Look at you.

You're a total pro.

Is the girl pretty?

Mind your own business.

Don't be like that.

Introduce me to her friends.

Hey, hey.

Even if I did, you played on different
streets and won't be able to handle it.

This guy's driving me crazy.
He just slammed me.

What about you? What streets
did you play on, man?

Uh? Sister-in-law.

Hello. Is Do Hyun here?

Hyung, Sister-in-law is here.

What brings you here all of a sudden?

Since you said you were going to
work all night, I brought some food.

You're all working so hard.

I was hungry, actually. This is great.

Right, let's eat first.

I've been totally losing weight lately.

You sleep here?


I bet it's uncomfortable.

This is luxury compared to prison.

Even though I've decided to
accept what you're doing,

now that I've seen how you live,

I'm wondering, what is this?

Don't you ever have these thoughts?

How could I not have those thoughts?

Then, why are you living like this?

When President Kennedy died,

some small US TV station broadcast
only the word "SHAME"ť all day.

As I was flipping through a magazine
in prison, I read that passage.

Suddenly, I had tears welling up.

After looking at that single word, shame,

I cried all day.

No matter how much I cried and cried,

I couldn't stop the tears.

Of the things I lost in my life,

I think the biggest was shame.

It may be that

I feel the most shame in facing you.

Jung Yeon,

I don't want to live shamefully ever again.

I'll drive you.

No, go on in and work.

After you spoke earlier,

the word "shame" keeps floating
around in my head.


All people live with shame.

You're not the only person
that's lived shamefully.

The issue is whether or not
people feel it in their hearts.

Go on in.

All right.

What is it you wanted
to talk to me about?

Please give me some money.


How much?

A lot.

For what?

I want to try my hand
at running a business too.

You've already received some money
from In Hye and failed a couple of times.

This time, I want to try for real.

Don't do that. Just get married.

- Dad. Don't be like that.
- Oh? Oh?

Just once.

You little … you, you …

Dad, trust me this once. Yes?


I'll do well, really.

Just once!


Oh, yeah. It's been a long time.

Mi Ran.


Never mind. Drive carefully.


This is the Songin area where
Dong Gu Construction was operating.

So why was the construction interrupted?

Dong Gu Construction
initially got project financing

on a plan to build
large-scale apartments here.

But with the continuing
recession in real estate,

who is going to move into
a 1 to 2 billion won villa?

That's why things got shaken up.

On top of that,
the landowners created problems.

Ultimately, they defaulted on the
first-round project financing loan.

For starters, I think it would be good
to merge Dong Gu Group's electronics and

semiconductor operations, and sell off
the remaining portions running at a loss.

We can't thoroughly revive
the business with that.

If Dong Gu Group's main construction
business isn't normalized,

restructuring other parts of the
enterprise is completely useless.

For now, look into the land
that Dong Gu Group owns,

and check out the scope and process
of what can possibly be sold.

All right, I will.

Ah, it's been a long time.


Hey, sit down.

I don't know if this will be
of help to you,

but I found out that Choi Guk Hwan
has a hidden woman.

But that woman

used to be Yu Pil Sang's woman.

Isn't it entertaining?

It's my guess that

if we dig into that a little,

something might come out.

Eh, when a man has a lot of secrets,

it's because of money or women.

I hope I haven't called you out
when you were busy.


In Hye keeps pressing,
so I have no choice.

I think I'm going to have to hand
over a portion of the slush fund.

When you say a portion,
how much are you talking about?

Attorney Choi met with Kim Do Hyun?


You don't know what it was about?

No. I haven't figured it out yet.

Attorney Choi Guk Hwan
is here to see you.

Bring him in.

Then, I'll be going now.


If you need to, plant a bug,

but definitely find out
why they're meeting.

I understand.

Come in.

It appears you have good news.

I don't know if it will be good news,

but I've been able to get out
a portion of the money.

How much?

About 20 billion.

We won't even be able to
stamp out a spark with that.

I guessed as much, but I've done my best.

I suppose there's no choice. Thank you.

Is the bank acquisition
project going well?


Kim Do Hyun is an obstacle,

but he won't pose a big problem.

Oh, that's right.

Have you met with Kim Do Hyun recently?

Uh, I did.


There was something that he worked on
under me that needed clearing up.

Dong Gu Construction has a lot of
unnecessary land tied up in loans,

and that's how they've become insolvent.

First of all, we will induce Dong Gu
Construction to sell off its real estate.

The creditors have already begun the
process of shutting down Dong Gu Group.

If you are to convince the creditors,
you'll have to hurry.


Yes, I understand.

Kim Do Hyun

has called a meeting with
Dong Gu Group's creditors.

Aren't we meeting too often?

I don't have any intention
of putting pressure on you.


regarding the business proposition
which I made to you last time,

I wanted to hear your thoughts.

You are a step above Chairman
Yu Pil Sung in your people skills.

I understand that Kim Do Hyun has arranged
for Value Asset 21 to take responsibility

for Dong Gu Group's NPL
at Shin Heung Bank.

What are your thoughts on that?

How could that be?

If Kim Do Hyun is in his right mind,

how could he do such a crazy thing?

Find out for yourself.

Kim Do Hyun has also called
a meeting with their creditors.

Wasn't I absolutely clear?

If revenge doesn't turn into
money, throw it to the dogs!

However, does it make any sense at all
for you to take over Shin Heung's NPLs?

Is there anything more ludicrous!


merely thrown down the gauntlet.

I'm telling you that move is
a crazy move blinded by revenge!

If you operate like this,

I can't work with you any longer.

Dong Gu Construction …

quite a bit of my money is in there too.

That's why I'm speaking to you.

I'd like to ask you to defer repayment
beyond the repayment period.

Even if I do, what can you do?

Other creditors will be swarming.

I'm in the process of persuading
the other creditors.

Please give me an opportunity
to revive this business.

All right.

I'll let Executive Director Jang know,

so discuss it with him.

Thank you.

But in any case, have you
been seeing Jung Yeon?

I'm a little busy these days.

I don't know what that girl
sees in such a bumbling oaf.

I don't get it at all.

Go on, get out of here.

Yes. Please rest.

Regarding the revival of Dong Gu Group,
Shin Heung Bank would like your consent

as creditors.

It's already been decided to foreclose,

so what are you saying all of a sudden?

Then preservation of capital
becomes permanently impossible.

Is there anyone here
who doesn't know that?

Since there's no other choice, we're
attempting to fish out what we can.

Are you saying Shin Heung Bank has a way
of bringing a dead company back to life?

The real estate that Dong Gu Construction
holds can be sold to increase cash flow.

And with that capital,

the plan is to take the unsold shopping
mall, specialize it as a brand market,

and operate it directly.

That land is the only asset they
have worth anything as security.

You want us to sit back
and let that be sold?

Dong Gu Group's asset of the highest value
as security is no longer real estate.

It is the high valued future
that is to be built on that land.

The risk we have to bear is too
high to just go on your word.

And as long as Yang Chul Hun
is the Chairman of Dong Gu Group,

our judgment in revival is impossible.

The first and foremost condition
in the revival plan I'm presenting

is the resignation of the owner
from his executive position.

But, is that possible?

If that's possible,

would you accept my proposal?

Is your work style always so reckless?

If you promise the creditors

that you'll force the owner of
Dong Gu Group to step down,

how are you going to back that up?

Do you think the owner will listen
to you, and obediently step down?

I'll have to persuade him.

What owner would be persuaded
to step down from his position?

I believe it's possible
if my sincerity is relayed.

Who the hell are you all to tell me
to step down?! Get out immediately!

If I leave now,

Dong Gu Construction will
have no chance for revival,

and will immediately be foreclosed.

If Dong Gu Construction collapses,

then Dong Gu Group
in its entirety will fall, too.

Whether it collapses or is dissolved,
I will be responsible for my company!

I built it from the ground up
with my own hands.

Who are you to tell me to step down!

When the boat is sinking, is it reasonable
to expect me, the captain, to run away?

The biggest problem with
Dong Gu Group right now

is its Chairman's mindset that
thinks the boat is sinking.

That boat doesn't have to sink.

But you as its captain,
is leading it to sink.

You impertinent punk.

The company you built from the
ground up with your own hands

has come to this point

because you have been
steering it the wrong way.

And 25,000 people have trusted you
and gotten on that boat.

What you should be thinking of right now

is not going down to die
with a sinking boat,

but how to save the
25,000 people on that boat!

There is a way.

You can let go of the helm for a bit,

and temporarily entrusting it
to a crewman,

who knows the topography and
can pull you out of the reef.

Then, that boat absolutely won't sink.
And if that boat doesn't sink,

you and the 25,000 crewmen
will absolutely survive.


let me say this one more time.

The only route to persuade the creditors
and revive the company right now,

is for you

to step down.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think he'll step down?

I don't really know.

As that man said as if
he were vomiting blood,

it can't be that easy to step down
when he built the company himself.

Separate from the issue of whether
or not Chairman Yang steps down,

the fact that you're putting
in a lot of effort,

I concede.


I'm not someone who can believe
this is your true motive.

And I have a reason
I can't believe it as well.

What is it?

The name Lee Tae Chul.

Do you remember him?

The Vice President of Han-Young Bank.

Is this what you call sincerity?

That man

was my father.

I have always thought you were
connected with his death.

Even if you didn't kill him yourself,

I suspected he was hit

by a raider like yourself
that sent forward its gladiators.

I …

cannot deny some responsibility
for the death of your father.

I was blinded by greed at that time.



I will put away my suspicions.

I'm sorry for misjudging you.

What happened?

He's continuing to dig his own grave.

On the condition he'd get Dong Gu
Group's Chairman to step down,

he's asked the creditors
for a grace period.

But, in my opinion,
that would be impossible.

There's no way Dong Gu Group's
Chairman Yang would ever just step down.

Kim Do Hyun is digging his own grave.

Please go ahead.

What brings you here?

I just

wanted to see you.

Judging from the empty words,
I guess you've been drinking.

It's true.

All right. I'll believe you.

Jung Yeon.


I'm scared.

Why? Is something wrong?

No, it's just,

standing on the edge of the cliff

scares me.

When in my greed,

I was racing ahead to kill the competition,

I had no fear,
no sense of being scared.

But now thinking I need to save
someone with these hands,

I feel fear,

and I'm scared.

Don't worry. It'll all work out well.

Are you going to continue to
just sit back and observe?

Right now, just observing
will provide the strongest pressure.

There's no need to block someone
who's racing forward in desperation.

There's no need to get tense.

This fellow is originally my person.

This is what I've found out about
Attorney Choi and Kim Do Hyun.

Good work.


You've made a difficult decision.

I will absolutely revive the company.

Chairman Yang has agreed to step down.

- We made it!
- Then we just need to contact the creditors?



Aigoo, really?

I didn't think that would happen.

Good job.

Yeah, all right.

Who was that?

It was Kim Do Hyun.

What did he say that put
you in such a good mood?

Let's go somewhere.


Let's go and see how impressive
your boyfriend is.

I'm sorry.

We're a little late.

We've completed our preparations
for the meeting.

Please have a seat.

Jin Woo.

Don't distribute the documents on the
strategy for reviving the company yet.

I think it would be good to pass
it out at the end of the meeting.

All right.

Jang Seok, it's time, right?

How did you come here?

What do you mean? I rode in a car.

I wanted to get some air,

and I wanted Jung Yeon
to see you in action.

But I guess we're the first to arrive.

Ah. Please sit over there.

I'll show you the way.

Let's go.

What's going on?
Did you contact them all?

Of course. I absolutely contacted them all,
and they were supposed to be here by 2.

You said 2 o'clock.

Why aren't the other creditors here?

They'll be here shortly.

We've purchased Dong Gu Construction's debts.

It's probably more than what
they owe Shin Heung Bank.

We will sell off Dong Gu Construction
and collect on that debt.

Dong Gu Construction is currently
looking for a route for revival.

A sale is absolutely out of the question.

That's your opinion.

Not mine.

With my right as Dong Gu
Construction's largest creditor,

I will execute the sale
of Dong Gu Construction.

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