Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript


Episode 16

We're in the middle of a battle.

Why did you want to meet?

I've already completely
fallen for your acting once.

I won't be fooled twice,

so if you're planning to put on an act,
don't even start.

I'm curious about something.

What is it?

Didn't you put on an act in front of me?

Have you ever even once…

been sincere with me?

Every moment I've been with you,
I've been sincere.

Since the moment I made you an
offer you couldn't refuse,

to the moment I abandoned you, too.

Going on about sincerity in the
world of money games…

I see you still have an naive side to you.

Though I suppose that's your charm.

Now then, why did you want to meet?

Let's hear your reason.

Are you going to continue with this fight?

That's something I'd like
to ask you as well.

Are you going to continue?


I'm considering giving it up.

Of course, I won't be giving
it up for nothing.

We will be asking
for greenmail payments.*

*[Repurchase payments at a premium
to avoid corporate takeover.]

What is greenmail?

You know the Injin Capital
stock that we've been collecting?

Yeah, we went through all sorts
of hoops and troubles doing that.

We even made our own spy movie.

Now it's time to make a decision about the
Injin Capital stock we've collected.

Should we really take over Injin Capital,
or should we dump the stock and pocket the money?

Greenmail is basically a term
for taking the money.

We deliver the message to Injin
Capital that we will sell them the stock,

and if they accept,

we no longer pursue the
hostile takeover of Injin Capital.

What? After we went through
all of that madness?!

Does it make any sense at all
to give it up now?

Aish! Giving up during a fight is
totally bad form! Why, all of a sudden?

We're not giving it up,
we're taking the money.

We price the shares at way more
than what we paid for them,

and then we sell it back to them!
Get it?

Ahh. Sounds good!

Do Hyun has put forward
a greenmail proposition.

What do you think his motive is
for doing that at this stage?

What do you think it could be?

Don't you think he could have figured out how much
stock we've secured, including friendly shares?

He's probably concluded they won't
be successful if they continue.

No, this isn't something
we can interpret so simply.

He could be bluffing to gauge our reaction.

How much is he demanding for the shares?

30% over their purchase price.

We have to assume they've accumulated
at least 25% of the shares,

so, we'd have to put in 350 billion won.

Let's initially find out in more detail
what Kim Do Hyun has in mind,

before we figure out how to address it.

All right.

How can you propose such a thing
without discussing it with me?

Are you really intending to
give up the takeover?

I haven't decided yet.

You've already made a greenmail proposition,
so what do you mean you haven't decided yet?

I threw it out there to see
how they would react.

In my opinion, they won't accept
the proposition and fight to the end.

And if they do accept it, what will you do?

- Hand it over.
- Hand it over?

Does it make any sense to
step aside after coming this far?!

We've hit a limit in our capital situation
that makes it difficult to continue.

Well then, we need to make more
and keep pushing!

There's no way we can continue with our
war after we've given up Injin Capital!

I disagree.

My target is Yu In Hye and Injin Group,
not Injin Capital.

I'm just worried that you're unnecessarily
showing Yu In Hye our hand.

Also, I will not accept any more important
decisions like this being made solely on your own.

Keep that in mind.

I'm curious about something.

Didn't you put on an act in front of me?

Have you ever even once
been sincere with me?

If you accept the greenmail proposition,
our capital issue will become more serious.

- You must keep that in mind.
- I know that, too.

I'll handle that issue.

Young Min, you just get us prepared
for the pending bank consolidation.

I understand.

You've been through a lot.

What's going on with Injin Capital.

Kim Do Hyun and Yu In Hye
are fighting it out.

After making a fool out of the homeowner,

a couple of outsiders are
fighting over the home.

Where shall I take you?

We're going to Seongpudong.

He says to go back home.

Father! I made a mistake.
Please forgive me this once.

I don't have a son like you.

Get lost!

Please take a look at the TV.

The administration,

through this round of financial reforms,

is planning to cultivate and focus on
a bank that fits global standards.

Through this decision and focus strategy,
insolvent banks will be eliminated,

and wholehearted support will
be given to healthy banks.

To launch a megabank that will lead the way for
the global financial industry in the 21st century,

to make it possible for this to happen in Korea,
is the aim of this round of reforms.

Wasn't this announced much
earlier than we anticipated?

This will mean a major snag in our
preparations for the bank consolidation.

On top of that, the Injin Capital issue
hasn't been resolved yet, either.

It's Yu In Hye. Please tell the
Chairman I'd like to see him.

Do Hyun!

Did you see the announcement
about the financial reforms?


But isn't it much earlier than anticipated?

That's true, but anyhow it's
good news for us.

What do you mean?
We haven't prepared at all.

It's not too late to prepare after we've
evaluated Yu In Hye's response.

The issue is Yu In Hye.

Injin Construction, Injin Capital have
created holes for her already.

Now with the sudden financial
reform announcement,

she's probably got some headaches.

How do you think she'll respond?

Do you think she'll accept the
greenmail proposition?

There's no way she can.

If she were to accept, she would have to spend
at least an additional 350 billion won.

But if she's preparing for bank consolidation,
she won't have the wherewithal.

Also, due to the greenmail proposition,

Yu In Hye will think we haven't secured a lot
of stock and will want to push it to the end.

Then, we have the ability to flip
the tables at the last minute,

and secure management control
of Injin Capital.

You are indeed none other than Kim Do Hyun.

I was rather stunned that it happened
so much earlier than I anticipated.

If only I had been given some sort of hint.

Weren't you preparing for this already?

I hurried the announcement
in consideration of you.

Before other banks had an
opportunity to prepare.

Why? Is there a problem?


No, there isn't.

Eh, more than anything,

the start is important.

While everyone's interest is focused,

if a large scale restructuring or major
merger were being prepared,

it would naturally draw the attention of the
people and the support of the administration.

Do you have any advice for me?

You're already a natural born pro.
What advice would you need?

Still, if I were to say one thing…

While Han-Young Bank has a competitive
edge in private banking and foreign exchange,

its weak domestic base is a flaw.

I've mentioned it before,

but you'll have to keep in mind it is
possible that you could be a target subject,

rather than a principal agent
in the bank consolidation.


When did you come?


Why are you just sitting there like that?

Father won't even see me.

That old man…

I've pleaded with him so much about having
made a mistake, but he won't even look at me.

How are things going with Injin Capital?

Can you beat that bastard, Kim Do Hyun?

I know this is pathetic of me
and it drives me crazy,

but don't ever lose the company
to that punk.

I did warn you.

That you can't use Kim Do Hyun.

I dragged him in to come work with
me when he didn't want to.

I didn't know it was all part of the con.

And how did you think of
dragging Kim Do Hyun into it?

While I was talking to Attorney Choi…

That's right.

Attorney Choi asked what I thought
of working with Kim Do Hyun.

Did Attorney Choi really…
say such a thing?

That's right. Why else would
I have pulled in a bastard like him.

Anyhow, I'm the one that got conned.

I'm the jerk.


Please give me just a moment.

Just ten minutes… no, just five minutes.

Father, just hear me out once!

Come in.

I saw Han Jin Soo announce the
finance reforms on the news.


It was announced earlier than
I judged it would be.

But you were preparing for it for a while.

But Injin Construction was taken over,

and the takeover battle for Injin Capital…

required us to put in too much capital.

In order to protect Injin Capital,

as well as prepare for the
bank consolidation…

I need your help.

There's a little money that I
haven't told you about.

The issue is that I can't get
it in cash right away,

but it's quite a big hunk.

It's a slush fund I put together a long time ago
when I was managing political funds.

To keep it from the bastards who
set their eyes on that money,

I kept it hidden very deep.

Now, I'm going to put that
in your hands, In Hye.

You are now the head of our
Yu family household.

It's me.

Have the Knights of the Round
Table convene right now.

Yes, right now. Immediately.

What's going on?

I don't know, either.

I'm sorry for gathering you all
so late at night.

What's going on?

I think we're going to accept
Kim Do Hyun's greenmail proposition.

I'm certain that Kim Do Hyun has not secured
enough Injin Capital stock to be a takeover threat.

- Why don't we fight him till the end?
- The financial reforms have been announced now.

What are you going to do for capital?

In my judgment, we'd even have to
sell our own Injin Capital stock.

It's not necessary to worry
about capital any longer.

Accepting the greenmail
proposition is my decision.

And you all just need to execute
on my decision.

Contact Kim Do Hyun and
schedule a meeting for tomorrow.

All right.

Even if we were to work all day,
the daily wage isn't even 15,000 won.

But if we get a machine that
punches these out,

and we get the raw materials ourselves,
we could make 50,000 won a day.

How much did you say the machine costs?

Hey, Jang So's mom, how much was it?

I heard you can get a used one
for eight million.

Then, eight million won for the machine and
five million for the workspace, right?

Yes. But, is it really true you offer
loans without any collateral?

Yes. We'll look it over and get back to you.


Is there something good happening
in your life these days?

- Why do you ask?
- It just seems that way.

And your loan evaluations
seem to be more liberal.

Is that so?

But I thought I was being quite diligent.

[You haven't forgotten about me, have you?]

Sorry. I've been crazy busy.

I'll come by soon.

It seems you've come to a
decision faster than I expected.

What do you think my decision is?

Your proposition was something
I never expected.

And in trying to figure out
what you were thinking,

I was briefly confused.

You are the enemy in this war
we're currently waging,

but this strategy was quite
an effective one,

and I give you credit for that.

I think you're still thinking of me as
the Kim Do Hyun from before.

How could that be?

I'm already full of hits from your attacks.

Will you accept my greenmail proposition?

I've decided to accept it.

Seeing your flustered reaction,

I guess you didn't expect me to accept it.

I'm the victor,
and you have been defeated,

what reason do I have to be flustered?

You're right.

You're the winner.

I'm taking a big loss.

For someone who's taken a big loss,
you seem much too composed.

The mere fact that we won't lose
management control over Injin Capital…

provides comfort.

Now that I know that you've
made me a target,

I won't just be on the defense.

Do you think… you can handle my attack?

I've already hit rock bottom once.

Once dreams and hopes vanished,

so did greed.

If you don't have greed,
then there's no fear.

Thanks to you,
I have learned a precious life lesson.

That's a frightening statement.

Let me also share some words of warning.

All the things I learned from you…

are now my weapons.

How powerful those weapons are,
you would know better than anyone.

Hey, she really accepted the
greenmail proposition?


Wow, then she really fell for your bluff!

Frankly, we weren't in a situation
where we could guarantee

we'd be able to execute the
takeover if we continued.

And we didn't even have any
more capital to pull it.

Wow, this really worked out well!

I don't know.

For some reason,
I have a bad feeling about this.

What do you mean, man?

In the Lone Asia funding situation
as I understand it,

it would be unreasonable to accept
the greenmail proposition, but…

the fact that they accepted it…
is strange.

C'mon, they probably felt they had no choice.
It just shows Yu In Hye felt it was crucial.

In Hye asked me for assistance.

She's never been the sort to ask for help.

Judging from that,
she must be having quite a hard time.

I think I'm going to hand over
that money to In Hye.

As soon as possible, make preparations
so that the money can be used.

Yes, Chairman.

It's me. We need to meet immediately.

It's urgent.

What happened with Injin Capital?

Yu In Hye accepted my greenmail proposition.

But they should be strapped for capital.

I found it rather suspicious
that she accepted.

There's a reason she did.

What is that reason?

Yu In Hye is going to receive the money from
the Chairman's slush fund, a very large sum.

If that money gets into Yu In Hye's hands,
your plans will all collapse.

And your plans for revenge will
also amount to nothing.

How much money are we talking about here?

Over two trillion.

Do you know why I made a deal with you?

Because of that slush fund.

When I went to visit you and
listened to your business proposition,

I ignored it as utter nonsense.

But after you got out,

and I saw you orchestrate the Injin
Construction takeover, I decided to trust you.

And that's why I helped you.

Now, it's your turn to help me.

Tell me.

When you first came into Dae Jung,
you asked me something.

You asked what I got out of working
thirty years for the chairman.

Doing all sorts of cleaning up after
Yu Pil Sang's family and their dirty affairs,

what do you think I got out of it?


It's an embarassing confession,

but I once lived under a delusion.

That I was a son of that family.

I served him and treated him as a son would.

But ultimately what came back to me,

was solely the realization that I was
the faithful dog of the Yu family.

Just as you were tossed away,

I will be, too.

That's what I fear.

I've decided I must receive remuneration for
those thirty years of selfless dedication.

If that money goes to Yu In Hye,

the thirty years I've lived amounts to nothing.

I'm saying it again,
but the same goes for you.

If that slush fund gets into
Yu In Hye's hands,

your plans of revenge will
go down the drain.

For someone who's taken a big loss,
you seem much too composed.

The mere fact that we won't lose
management control over Injin Capital…

provides comfort.

I'm saying it again,
but the same goes for you.

If that slush fund gets into
Yu In Hye's hands,

your plans of revenge will
go down the drain.

Slush fund?!

Be quiet, will you?

How… how much is it worth?

I don't know exactly how much for certain,

but anyhow, I know it's an
incredible amount.

Aigoo. How could Father not
say a word about it?

But where is that money right now?

Attorney Choi is managing it.

Guk Hwan Hyung?

But the problem is that money could
be plopped onto In Hye's lap now.

Hey. Does that make any sense?

It should be divided fairly
among the siblings.

There's no way that it would
all fall to In Hye!

So, what I'm saying is…

- You and I…
- Yeah?

need to join forces.

Of course!

Any fondness or sympathy I had for that girl
completely vanished over what happened to me.

If I pleaded in earnest like that,
she should have been understanding.

Ay, seriously.

Hey, but…

we're already no longer in good
standing with Father.

How are we going to get ahold of that money?

There's only one way.

What is it?




Come on in.

Isn't it past closing time?

Is it really, already?

Oh, my my…

Now that you've moved up, you don't
remember your newbie days, do you?

You used to complain so much that
the head nurse worked so late.

Did I?

You should all go home.


Just a second.

I hear you're seeing that
attorney boyfriend of yours.

How did you know that?

Grandmother told me with glee.

That you two went on a honeymoon trip.

Did you enjoy it?

It wasn't like that.

Hey, hey. I don't think it wasn't like that.

Mmm, then are you going to have the
wedding you couldn't before?

I don't know yet.


Well, it's a little hard to explain
for some reason.

I don't really know why, either.

It really is hard.

It's been a long time.


Unnie, I'm gonna get going.

Eat with us.

I'm meeting with someone.


For what?

For getting back together with Kim Do Hyun.

How did you know that?

Didn't you know I was your stalker?

I know all the things that
happened to you two.

I was worried,

but thankfully everything was resolved well.

I do sincerely congratulate you two
on getting back together,

but the time you've allowed for
me is coming to an end,

and I find that a great pity.

Why do you think like that?

Myung Jun, you were my patient,

but you were the one that treated
my hurting heart.

Even if I'm seeing Do Hyun again,

our leaning on each other doesn't change.

Just knowing that's what I meant to you…

brings me some solace.

Now you no longer…

have to make such an effort for my sake.

You've treated me with
thoughtful consideration,

and I've been truly grateful.

You should get home.

What was the scale of the political
funds that Yu Pil Sang managed?

I can only guess myself.

The exact amount only
Yu Pil Sang himself knows.

Why do you ask that all of a sudden?

No reason.

I was just a little curious.

If you think about the political funds each
presidential and general election,

along with the slush funds of
the top men in power,

you can formulate a general answer.

I suppose he probably kept a
separate slush fund.

You think that snake of a man…

would have done something so dangerous,
if there weren't fringe benefits?

I don't know it for a fact,

but I bet it's an incredible
amount of money.

If that slush fund were to be
exposed to the world,

what would happen?

If that were to happen, Yu Pil Sang and the whole
of Injin Group would be shaken from its roots.

What are you going to do now?

Are you really going to target
Han-Young Bank?


No matter how talented you are,

taking on Han-Young Bank compared to
working Injin Construction and Injin Capital,

those endeavors are on a different plane.

Think it over carefully.

If you aren't confident, you can quit now.

However, I…

am intending to go all the way.

You have this strange knack
of stirring up a person.


If you are going to go all the way,

I'll put my bet on you.

Yeah, it's me.

Where are you?

I'm on my way home, waiting for a bus.

Have you been drinking?

Your voice sounds tired.

Mmm, today was a little hard.

Why, did something happen?

Suddenly, the foes I'm fighting
seem enormous,

and I feel so small and insignificant.

And I think,
"Why did I start this reckless fight?"

Since thoughts like that keep
flooding my mind,

I just feel a little frustrated.

No one's forcing you to do this.

If you decide to,
you can quit this fight any time you want.

If it's too hard,
then just let go of everything.

Jung Yeon.

This is one fight I can't stop fighting.

No matter how tough it gets
because of who I'm up against,

it's a fight I absolutely must win.

Because I have you to hear my grumbling,

I'm so happy.

I miss you.

I'll go now.

Kid, have you eaten breakfast?

I don't normally eat breakfast.


how can you eat if you're holed
up here all the time?

Ah, from what Do Chul says,

I hear you're seeing Jung Yeon again.

How about having the wedding now?

What are you doing here so
early in the morning?

Ay, listen to you change the subject.

I've been looking into
Choi Guk Hwan pretty thoroughly,

but nothing's coming up.

It's to the point of being strange,
how little there is on him.

Still, he's got to have a weak point.

And we must find it.

If he was an ordinary guy,
I could set some sort of trap.

But he's so aware of details.

Anyhow, I'll keep digging,

but just don't expect too much.

Let's walk a little.

Have you thought about it?


And your conclusion.

There is no brilliant solution.

That's disappointing. I had high hopes.

I haven't found a way yet,
but I haven't given up.

As you said, if that money gets
into Yu In Hye's hands,

I will lose this war.

All I can do is buy some time.


I won't be able to hold them off for long.

Find a way.

Injin Capital will be absorbed by
Han-Young Bank. Tie up the lose ends.

All right.

Here is a list of commercial banks that could be
targets for takeover in the bank consolidation.

[Bank Consolidation,
Analysis of Takeover Targets]

Jung Soo and Su Ji will perform
due diligence on these banks.

Young Min, please examine the
substantiality of Han-Young bank itself.

All right.

What do I do?

Just focus on managing the Lone Asia Fund.

The primary thrust of these reforms is to
consolidate over ten commercial banks into five.

In the current situation, provincial
banks and secondary financial institutions

are not safe from becoming takeover targets.

Right now the most important thing is to
find out which banks Han-Young is targeting.

Everyone focus on that.

I see that Injin Capital ultimately
ended up in Yu In Hye's hands.

In any case, Han-Young Bank was
my objective in this fight.

And we got what we could get
out of Injin Capital.


So now is when the real battle begins.

If you were Yu In Hye,
which banks would you target?


that's not an easy judgment.

If you consider post-consolidation synergy,

it would be Dae Young or Jo Il Bank.

If you consider the business succession,

I suppose it would be Il Han and Il Shin.

You wouldn't consider Shin Heung Bank?

Shin Heung's volume of bad
loans is too high.

Pick it up and it's only going
to give you headaches.

Kim Do Hyun met with former
Bank President Jang Myeong Guk.

Doesn't that mean that Kim Do Hyun will be
jumping into the bank consolidation wars?

He probably will.

Even for Kim Do Hyun,
that's foolish and reckless.

With their capital and skills,
there's no way they can acquire a bank.

If he can't acquire one,
at the very least, he'll get in our way.

Because his ultimate target is me.

Continue to keep an eye
on Kim Do Hyun's movements.


The money Father mentioned…

I'm in a situation where I must
use it right away.

I understand your situation,
but it's not as easy as you think.

Tell me what the reason is.

I don't know if the Chairman
has told you or not,

but that money came from
managing political funds,

so it's hard to pull out immediately.

If we're not careful, the Chairman as well as I,
who managed the money, could be endangered.

Just tell me where the money is.

I'll find a way.

Just trust me and leave it to me.
I'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.

How did you think of dragging
Kim Do Hyun into it?

While I was talking to Attorney Choi…

That's right.

Attorney Choi asked what I thought
of working with Kim Do Hyun.

What about the Chairman?

He's currently out.

So, why did you want to see me?

As you know, Sung Jun and I are
out of favor with Father.

We don't have anywhere else to lean.

The only thing we can count on
now is Father's slush fund.

Please help us, Attorney Choi.

It's too late.

Too late?

The Chairman has decided to hand
that money over to In Hye.

And In Hye plans to pour that
money into Han-Young Bank.

Impossible. That's impossible!

Even if he gives it to In Hye,
he has to take out our share first!

Without even that,
he and I are like the living dead!

I'm not the Chairman.
What do you expect me to do?

I only move on the Chairman's orders.

So are you going to have a meeting
with Executive Director Yu?

Not now.

There's somewhere I need to go first.

I'll contact her myself.

And also, don't let her know I'm here.

Of course.

It's been a long time.

Thank you for taking the time to see me.

You must be tired from your long trip.

Why did you want to see me?

I have something to discuss with you regarding
Han-Young Bank's future course of action.

Han-Young Bank's future course of action?

Regarding Han-Young bank,
from what I understand, Yu In Hye…

is looking for takeover target
banks for consolidation.

My thoughts differ a bit.

It's me.

Right now?

When did you come?


Do you want one?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

We ate a lot of these when we
worked on Wall Street.

Since none of us had time for a proper meal.

I remember when I first met you.

Duty of due care and loyalty.

A fund manager's sole virtue is that,
outside of making investors profit,

he or she doesn't think of anything else.
Isn't that what you said?

The look in your eyes then…
how should I say it?

was like that of a woman warrior.

In an instant, I was captivated.

What is it you want to say?

The brilliant career you've led up to now,

are you going to just lose it like that?

I'm saying this because I
sincerely value you.

Exactly for whose benefit…

are you making these decisions
regarding Han-Young Bank?

The higher-ups are suspicious.

If it appears that you are doing this
out of personal greed or family issues,

I'm saying the higher-ups will
no longer tolerate it.

Are you saying you're kicking me out?

It won't just end with you
losing your position.

You'll end up losing everything.

This taste isn't like before, either.

I'm sorry for calling you out so late.

Is something wrong?


I just wanted to see you.

Pour me a glass, too.

Is it okay if you drink?

I pour much stronger drugs than
alcohol into my body every day.

How could it be a problem?

I'm sorry.

For what?

The thing I regret the most in my life…

is abandoning you and running
away to the U.S. alone.

That's ancient history.

Why bring that up?

At least once,
I wanted to give you an explanation.

Why I, who most loathed Father's greed,

transformed into a slave to ambitions
and desires worse than Father's.

While I was in school abroad,

I never used one bit of money
from the family.

They all used to call me a scary,
vicious bitch behind my back.

Back then, I thought living like that…

was revenge against Father
and our older brothers.

And… I thought becoming even
wealthier than Father,

was to become free…
from my pain-ridden past.

Enslaved to money as I was, I…

did what I never should have done.

I grabbed onto the black hand.

What is that?

In this world,

there is scary money that you
don't know about.

I must be drunk.

Spewing about useless things.

What I want to say…

is that I'm sorry, Myung Jun.


For a consolidation led by Han-Young Bank,

wouldn't Dae Young or
Il Shin Bank be easy choices?

The Knights of the Round Table, or whatever
they're called, went there the the most.

And the stock price has
been steadily frozen.

They could have already established
an M.O.U. regarding a merger.

What about Shin Heung Bank?

Shin Heung Bank is at the top of the list
to be eliminated in the restructuring.

That's right. After the reforms announcement,
their stock has been steadily falling.

From the analysis to date, we've narrowed down the
merger targets to Dae Young Bank and Il Shin Bank.

If you consider synergy,
Il Shing Bank appears to be the best,

But the bank president is
against consolidation.

Dae Young has indicated that they plan to
review our proposition in a favorable light.

What about Shin Heung Bank?

The move to consolidate is
aimed at survival.

Why would they target that
lump of insolvency?

Because if everyone is shunning them,
they become the easiest to swallow.

Jin Woo, hold a long position
in Shin Heung stock.

Jang Seok, continue to update the
documents we have on Shin Heung bank.

It won't be easy to overcome the
insolvency once we merge.

If we acquire an insolvent bank and
we overcome the insolvency,

it will show the maximal effects
of consolidation.

Just the announcement of the acquisition
could lower the value of Han-Young Bank.

Do you really have Shin Heung Bank in mind?

Shin Heung Bank is the beginning.

Then, Dae Young…

From this moment on,
focus on Shin Heung and be prepared.

Mmm. The pancakes here are all right.

They taste like the ones we had in
San Francisco a long time ago.

At that time, if I said so,

it seemed you would even
travel to hell and back.

Whether it's you that changed,
or my words that have lost power,

I don't really know.

Seeing as how you've come so early in the morning,
I'm guessing you have something to say.

I can't follow the order to
sell Han-Young Bank.

In accordance with the finance reforms,
I will merge with other banks,

and groom Han-Young Bank
into financial holding company.

If I can't manage you, I get hurt.

Then, I won't be able to forgive you.

That much, I'm prepared for.

Is there some sort of conflict
between you and James?

How did you know?

If you have a problem,

it also becomes a problem for me,
who's supporting you.

My intention to make Han-Young
Bank into a megabank has not changed.

If you are concerned about
the necessary capital,

I have resources,

so please trust me.

What about takeover target banks,
have you decided?


Tell me.

I've decided on Shin Heung Bank.

Of course, what can be seen
isn't everything.

The benefit of consolidation
will be confirmed.

I need your help on the Shin Heung side.

Are you certain Han-Young Bank is
targeting Shin Heung Bank?

In my judgement, Yu In Hye will
definitely select Shin Heung Bank.

Please arrange a meeting with the
Shin Heung Bank President.

I've completed the research into the
amount of Shin Heung's bad loans.

But the more I learned,
the more pessimistic I became.

I just can't understand how a debt-ridden
bank can be a target for Han-Young Bank.

Do Hyun, I think you're so
conscious of Yu In Hye,

that you're approaching this based
too much on intuition.

You'll shortly know the reason I
chose Shin Heung Bank.

Just trust me and follow my lead.

Jin Woo, do a detailed analysis of the
companies on Jang Seok's list,

and sort out the ones with
a chance for revival.

And Jang Seok, perform due diligence
on the ones that have a chance.

All right.

Yes, Bank President.


I understand. Thank you.

I'll leave right now.

Finally, I've got a meeting with the
Shin Heung Bank President.

This is Choi Young Soo,
Shin Heung Bank's President.

Hello. I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Thank you for taking the
time to meet with me.

What is it?

A thirsty guy, just trying to dig a well…

We've got something to talk to you about,

but you're always busy so
we just had to come.

What is it you wanted to talk about?

Since you're busy,
I'll simply get to the point.

I heard Father is going to hand
over the slush fund to you.


We have a problem with Father
handing it over solely to you.

But you, who didn't even breathe
a word of it to us,

and flatly agreed to accept it, don't you
see a problem in what you're doing too?

If you take that all for yourself,
then what are we?

That's right. Us coming to look for
you and saying this is laughable.

We've had our companies taken away,
and we're just in a position to beg.

The humiliation is killing me, too.


think of it as a good deed, and…

Of course I should share it.

I think that of course I should share it.

But right now is not the time.

The trouble you got us into,

and the amount of money I put in
to clean up afterwards,

you should well know.

I don't have the wherewithal right now.

Once the bank consolidation
has been completed,

I will divide the money then,
so please wait.

When will that be?

And what do we do until then?

To stand beside you…
saying, "Yu In Hye, nice!"

and just cheer you on?

Hey Sung Jun.
Can you please keep it comfortable?

That's what she's saying!

She's intending to totally smash
and destroy us! Right?!

You're wanting us to kneel and
acknowledge you as boss!

That's right. That's what I want.

Acknowledge me the Injin Group successor,

and hold out your hand.

Only then can I take your hand.

Yes, Chairman.

Yes. Thank you.

I'm sorry, but I have an
important meeting to attend.

That little…

Ay, calm down.

You won't solve anything by
losing your temper!

Are you really going to kneel?

What else can we do? We have no choice.

Do it alone, then.

There's no way in hell I can do that.

Have you looked at our proposal?

When the Chairman of the Reform
Committee is looking on with eyes wide open,

how can I not look it over?

I suppose you're quite close
with the Chairman Han Jin Soo.

We're friendly acquaintances,
but you couldn't call us close.

I don't know about that.

A friendly acquaintance…

wouldn't directly step in and
turn on the pressure.

That's not my intent,
so please don't misunderstand.

Anyhow, our Shin Heung Bank
is targeted for closure,

so we have no choice but to accept
Han-Young Bank's proposal.

If you merge with us,

nothing unfavorable will happen to
you or Shin Heung's employees.

We've recruited a specialist to
engage in the merger discussions.

Would it be all right to invite him in here?

Of course.
I'd like to meet him too.

Send him in.

Henceforth, representing Shin Heung Bank
in merger discussions,

will be this gentleman, Kim Do Hyun.

Synced by Peterlin