Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript


Episode 15

Is Value Asset 21 the name of
your new investment company?

Yes, that's right.

Please tell us in detail what kind
of work the company will be doing.

Why is that punk on that show?
What is he saying?

Our Value Asset 21 will mostly
focus on Mergers and Acquisitions…

Why is that crazy son of a bitch on TV?!

The first acquisition target
is Injin Capital.

Attempting an over-ambitious takeover,

- What the hell is he saying?!
[Injin Capital has caused its shareholders…]


I am publicly announcing my intent for
a hostile takeover of Injin Capital.

I will acquire CEO Yu Sung Jun's

Injin Capital.

What sort of bullshit is he spewing?!

- I'm not really…
- Bring him in.

- Go and get him now! Quickly!
- Yes, yes.

It's me.

What are you talking about?
Who's spreading that crap?!


The guy is a total nutcase.

He used to run Lone Korea and got
the shaft from my little sister.

He spent some time in the slammer,
and he's gone totally insane.

There is absolutely no problem
at Injin Capital,

so tell them to stop talking nonsense!!

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Clean up the Mokpo office
and shut it down quickly.

I've told them so.

And based on their response,
close the Value office for now.


Yeah, it's me.

Just a second.

It's Jin Woo.

Yeah, how'd it go?

We just barely slipped out.

All right. Have the guys go into hiding,

and you hurry to our meeting location.

All right.

See if they've left any traces!

Don't trust Sung Jun oppa.

He's someone who can use you and
throw you away at any time.

That's why I invested in a rather
reliable insurance plan.

If he throws me away,

it could shake Injin Group in its entirety.

Seeing as how he made a public
announcement on TV,

I think he's already been preparing
for a hostile takeover of Injin Capital.

Find out how much he's done,
and how far he's gotten.


If Injin Capital is taken, then
won't it be absolute devastation?

We have to block it.

We've to block it and absolutely ensure
that sort of thing doesn't happen.

You made quite an impressive
declaration of war.

Hey, aren't you curious what that
bastard Yu Sung Jun is feeling now?

With that dirty temper of his, he's probably
frothing at the mouth and falling over.

You worthless trash!

I sent you to watch those guys!
Did I send you to be one step behind?!

Sons of bitches.

- Hyungnim.
- You're the pathetic one, punk!

These guys are just brutes,

but you live off me
by using your head, punk!

Huh?! Punk.

The first one that should be
killed is you, you moron.

Get up.

Call Go Dong Chun.

From now on, not just Yu Sung Jun, but all
of Injin Group will step in and respond.

Especially Yu In Hye, who is
preparing for the bank consolidation.

She won't just sit back and
let Injin Capital be taken.

Chairman Yu Pil Sang will be the same.

The foundations of Injin Group - Injin Capital
and Injin Construction - are being shaken.

He will definitely not sit back
and let it happen.

I've announced we would
purchase 5 million shares

at 50,000 a share over the next 20 days.

I would like you to continue
purchasing Injin Capital shares.

I understand.

We'll evaluate their response
and move accordingly.

Yu Sung Jun will respond emotionally,
so we have to be particularly careful.

Right, you have to avoid
the passing rain showers.


they may have installed tracking
devices, so change all your phones.

And you use this.

All right.


Did you see the broadcast?

Yeah. Where is Do Hyun right now?

He's probably gone underground.

Those guys that were watching 'em
are going nuts trying to find him.

Do you know we basically shot a movie?

We shook off CEO Kim Do Hyun's
tail at the carwash

and disappeared into thin air!
It was killer.

What's so great that you're
getting so excited?

I'm so stressed it's killing me.

Contact Do Hyun and tell him
I wanna see him.


Hey, are you all right?

Aish, you scared me.

Why'd you come?

Aish, why do you talk like that?

- You…
- Yes, Father?

Get out.


When such a big issue is hitting
the family, as the eldest son…


This is really too much!

Are you still…

What are you doing? Get rid of that.

Tell me what happened.

I was…

attempting to take back Injin Construction
that Ki Jun hyung lost…

Spare me the intro and just
tell me the result.


was conned by Kim Do Hyun.

That son of a bitch conned me and…

How is it that all of my
offspring keep getting taken?

Is that how I raised you guys?

Did I teach you to get fooled?

I'm sorry.

But Father, this is a completely
different case from Ki Jun's.

Issues have not materialized
yet at Injin Capital.

But whatever it takes,

I'm not letting that
son of a bitch Kim Do Hyun

and Gu Sung Chul get away with it.

Those bastards that have disgraced
our family, I'm going to…

Get out.

Father, my case is different
from Ki Jun's…

Get out!

Did you get kicked out too?

Why didn't you do better then?

Aigoo, how is it that you too…

What are you saying right now?

I'm different from you.

What's the difference, kid?

Are you really going to piss me off?


Right now, brother or not,
I can't contain my rage.

Hey punk,

sounds like you're ready to hit me. Huh?

You better let go.

I really am going to hit you.

I really could.

Okay, punk.

I'm dying to cry.
Go ahead, hit me. Hit me!

Hit me!

I'm really going to hit you!

What are you doing?

Kim Do Hyun and Gu Sung Chul were
in the same prison at the same time.

Starting from the takeover
of Injin Construction,

to this recent attack on Injin Capital,

the two of them had it all planned.

What condition is Injin Capital in?

Yes, Kim Do Hyun officially announced that
he was going to execute a hostile takeover.

He's likely already amassed
a great number of shares.

I'm going to block it,

so don't worry too much.

I have something to talk to In Hye about,

so please excuse us.

Yes, Sir. I understand.

I will defend management
control over Injin Capital,

so Oppa, take yourself out of it.

Whether it's defense or an attack,
I'll handle it. Huh?!

It's nothing you need to worry about.

Take yourself out of it immediately,

and just give me a report on
the funding situation.

What'd you say?!

It's what the Chairman wants.

Do as In Hye says.

Damn it!

Kim Do Hyun, that son of a bitch!

If I don't kill that punk,
I'm not Yu Sung Jun.

I'm going to kill that punk.


Shouldn't we do something?

The look in his eyes is completely crazed.

It's been a long time.

Seeing as how you're looking for me again,

I guess things aren't
working out very well?

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

What is it you want me to do?

You know Kim Do Hyun, right?

Kim Do Hyun and Hyun Jin Woo,

get me those punks.

I don't care if it's their dead bodies.

Just drag them in front of me.

As long as they haven't taken off
to the US, I'll get them for you.

Before that,

shouldn't we draw up a contract?

Make the deposit.


Do you know what Kim Do Hyun
is doing right now?

He's intending to take revenge
against the Yu family,

waving around a sharp-bladed knife.

I'm really worried that he's going
to end up slitting his own throat.

Team Manager.

Team Manager!

Ah. Yes. I'm sorry.

It looks fine. Good work.

Thank you.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Oh, what is it?

By any chance,
are you in touch with Do Hyun?

His phone continues to be off,
so I thought maybe something was wrong.

Ah, I see. Well that…

There were some circumstances.

What do you mean circumstances?

It's not anything dangerous, is it?

Of course not. Don't worry.

If I see him, I'll tell him to call you.

No, there's no need to do that.

Anyhow, it's a relief to hear
it's not serious.

Then, I'll let you go now.

That was a woman just now, wasn't it?


Who is she?

Nothing that my little chickadee
needs to concern herself over.

Who is she?

It's my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law.

You have a brother?

What does he do?

If you know, you'd get hurt.

It's healthier not to know.


Let's remember where we are!

You pouring me a drink…

I'm so moved.


All right.

I'm dancing to your beat,

but I'm just not sure if
I'm doing the right thing.

Why do you think that?

Well, it's just…

even if I hear that what you're
working on is going well,

for some reason, I'm not overjoyed.

You hated me so much,
you wanted to cut all family ties.

But for some reason,
you're starting to resemble me.

When your kid takes after you,
you're supposed to be happy.

But this strange disturbing feeling…

I really don't know what it is.

If you don't feel comfortable,

you can get out now.

Oh no,

just being able to work with you
for the first time… I like that.

I like it, but…

I'm just saying there's something
that just feels off.

What a nice picture.

Does it look good to you too?


If I sit here and join you too,

I'll be flanked on both sides.

Yeah, Jeong Ja.

Why are you crying?


Where are you right now, kid? Huh?

Sister-in-law was looking for you.

I mean, Lee Jung Yeon.

She was really worried because
she couldn't reach you.

Kim Do Hyun is really a scary person.

Our family has been turned
upside down because of him.

Kim Do Hyun is probably getting
revenge against my sister,

but I'm a little worried.


Because my sister and brother are not
the type to get taken and let it go.

It may be a fight that can only end
when one side is completely destroyed.

But, if Kim Do Hyun is destroyed,

you'll suffer as well.

I don't know whose side I should be on.

Where'd he go?

Find him now!

Over here!

Catch him!

Hey! Stop right there!

Stop right there!


Hey, go down. You guys come with me.

Oh, Do Hyun. We have big trouble, big.

It's Go Dong Chun, Go Dong Chun.

Who's Go Dong Chun?

Last time when we pulled the stock
manipulation scam on Yu Sung Jun,

he's the guy that Yu Sung Jun
sent after me.

I think it's his specialty to
go after guys and torture them.

He's a real violent bastard.

He's probably after you too,

so be careful.

Hey hey hey, what do you think of her?


Should I make my move?

In your state?
What kind of move could you make?

You're really not in a position
to mock someone's looks, are you?

Your state's not so…

Whoa, the scenery is great.
What do you think of her?

- Killer, eh?
- Totally my style, long legs and stacked!

Wow, she's pretty.

Hey, over here!

Hey Chul!

Are you eating while you walk?

Hey Chul…

Huh? Wha-wha-what is this?

Let him go!

Let him go!

- Dong Chul!
- Hey!

Dong Chul!


You're Kim Do Hyun's brother, aren't you?

Who are you?

You don't need to know that.

Where is Kim Do Hyun right now?

I don't know.

I really don't know.



Who's Lee Jung Yeon?

Who is Lee Jung Yeon?

Since I've already become
a tragic love story hero,

I plan on playing the role
with more style.

For the woman he loves,
he betrays his family.

Please don't stress yourself.

Don't you remember what I once said?

That I wished someone
would stop my sister.

I feel that someone is
going to be Kim Do Hyun.

Even if it's for my sister's sake,
I'll look after Kim Do Hyun,

so don't worry too much.

I'm really grateful you're my friend.

I'll go now.

When did you come?

I was a little worried since
I couldn't get in touch with you.

Are you all right?


There's nothing to worry about.

That's fine, then.

Go on in.


Kim Do Hyun!

Go to my car.



Do Hyun!

If you want, I can help.

Please stop now.

I'm already hurting plenty.

I will acquire CEO Yu Sung Jun's
Injin Capital.

Where are we?

It's where we came that one time, Yeounpo.

Yeounpo. That's right.

You go ahead and get some sleep.

What about you?

I'm going over to the owner's
house and use the phone.

I have to call Seoul,

but I think my phone might be tracked,

so I don't think I can use it.

All I need to do is be still,
as though nothing's happened?

I can just trust you at your word,
and really not worry about a thing?

A really terrifying thing happened right
before my eyes, so how can I do that?

It's going to be like a
quick passing rain shower.

We just have to avoid it for a while.

I'm really sorry, but I'm determined
to see this fight through,

and I have to expect at least
this much danger.

Don't worry.

I won't ever

be in a position of being a helpless,
resource-less victim again.

What happened?

Yu Sung Jun is after Do Hyun and me,

and he's hired a fixer to catch us.

A fixer?

I had a run-in with him once before,

and he's one scary son of a bitch.

Where is CEO Kim right now?

I can't get a hold of him.

Do you think something happened?

I can't confirm that it hasn't,

and the anxiety is killing me.

Currently, Injin Group holds 33 percent
of Injin Capital stock.

And on Kim Do Hyun's side?

Including the shares belonging to
friendly parties, about 30 percent.

I'll have to be a white knight*.
(*by buying shares to prevent hostile takeover)

Submit a tender offer and secure
more Injin Capital stock.

With what capital?

The capital we've been gathering to take
over Injin Construction - use all of it.

But we haven't even clearly
figured out Kim Do Hyun's position.

This could be a premature decision.

I just don't get this.

What are you saying?

What does Lone Asia have
to do with Injin Capital?

Why do we have to be a white knight?

I don't understand.

We have to use funds from Injin Group

as our hidden card in preparation
for bank consolidation.

But if Injin Capital falls to Kim Do Hyun,

we can no longer use that hidden card.

Do I have to explain any further?

There is no way that James
would approve of your decision.

The final investment decision-
maker at Lone Asia is me.

If you don't like it,
you can leave immediately.

I designated you as the
successor to head Injin Group,

but inside, I found it hard to accept.


I can no longer hold any expectations
for Sung Jun or Ki Jun.

I'm asking you…
to get us over this crisis.

Those bastards who are smearing
mud on this Yu Pil Sang's life,

get rid of 'em.



There's not much else I can do here.


But I think it might be time for you
to make your presence known.

Of course.

It's me.

Now you're going to interfere in
the investment decisions too?

Of course I plan to take responsibility,
so don't worry about it.

I'm hanging up now.

Are you sure that's Kim Do Hyun's brother?



Where's Kim Do Hyun?

I really don't know.


I guess he hasn't had enough.

No no no no… I really don't know.

I really don't know.

He's a scared little punk.

How's it going?

Kim Do Hyun has run away
with his girlfriend.


Gu Sung Chul, obviously, and everybody
Kim Do Hyun might contact,

have been bugged.

I'm sure a call will come in soon.

Damn it.

He makes a man absolutely crazy,

and then runs away with his girlfriend?

Who did?

Who the hell grabbed Do Chul?

His name is Go Dong Chun.

Injin Capital's Yu Sung Jun hired him
as a fixer to go and get Do Hyun.

Go Dong Chun?

Yes. I looked into him,

and as far as contracted brutes go,
they say he's savage.

You can't get a hold of Do Hyun?

That's right.

You, go and find out some
details about Go Dong Chun.

All right.

What do you plan to do?

What do you mean what do I plan to do?!

No matter who it is, if a
son-of-a-bitch touches my sons,

I'll never forgive it.

I'm telling you, you're no match
for a guy like him!

Whoa there, punk!

Shut up.


go find Garibong Runt.


Min Ji, what should we make to eat today?


Aigoo! It's been too long!

Wait a second.

It's been 3 or 4 years now, I think.


Ah, right. At the time,

I thought you were
just about to be married.

What about kids?

Aigoo. Well, after all,

these days people wait a long time
after they're married to have kids, huh?

You're Min Ji, right?

You don't remember me?

Ay, our Min Ji was young.

She probably doesn't remember a thing.

Could I use your phone?

Oh, yes, sure.

Where is it? Oh here it is. Here.

Thank you.

It's me, Dad.

I'm sorry.

Something came up.

I'm with Do Hyun right now.

I'll explain in more detail
after I get home.

Dad, don't worry, okay?

Where are you right now?

You're really with Kim Do Hyun?

Oh no no no.
Don't worry at all about work.

That's right.

Look, this time, you need to
get a firm grasp on his heart.


Did you sleep together?

Eh? Judging from your slow
response, you must have!

Good for you!

Couples like you who hem
and haw and drag things out

need to just sleep together
to resolve things.


Yes, all right.

- Hello.
- Yes, yes, hello.

Could I use the phone?

Where are you right now?

Nothing's wrong?

No. There's nothing you need
to worry about.

How can I not worry when
Yu Sung Jun has hired a fixer?

You can't run away from him forever.

From what Director Hyun says,

it sounds like the guy Yu Sung Jun hired,
Go Dong Chun, is no ordinary bastard.

Don't you think it's dangerous
to keep going?

What about stopping until
we get this issue resolved?

No, that's not necessary.

Just continue purchasing Injin Capital stock.

And I've figured out a plan
to deal with Yu Sung Jun.

What do you mean a plan?

Director Hyun will give you the details.

All right.

I'm going to be a white knight

and protect management
control in Injin Capital.

What about the capital you'll need?

For now, I'll pull in capital
from Lone Asia and block them.


I understood you were making preparations
for the anticipated bank consolidations.

Is it all right?

If a problem occurs with Injin Capital,

it will be a bigger crisis.

What about releasing it now?

Ah, that…

it's not quite ready, so I'll
need a little time, Chairman.

All right.

What was that about?

Ah, it's nothing much.
Nothing you need to worry about.

You set someone loose on Kim Do Hyun?
What in the world are you doing?

What do you mean what am I doing?

I'm going to catch and kill him.

Don't make an unnecessary ruckus,
and stop immediately.

This is my problem. You butt out!

That bastard drove me crazy,

and I hear he's having a
jolly time with his girlfriend.

How can I leave a punk like that alone?

To me right now,

protecting or losing the company

is secondary.

Catching and beating the
life out of Kim Do Hyun…

is top priority.

Yes, this is Woo Geum Ji Foundation.

Please connect me with Lee Jung Yeon.

Team Manager is on a business trip.

When will she be back?

I don't really know.

Excuse me, but who should I say called?

Never mind, it's all right.

If there is something
you want to eat, tell me.

I'll make you everything you want.


Then, batter fried squash, and japchae*…
(*clear stir-fried noodles with vegetables)

Japchae is too labor-intensive.
Something else.

Then, kimchi stew.

Kimchi stew?

There isn't even any tasty kimchi,
so why make kimchi stew?

You said you'd make everything I wanted.

Just eat what I make you.

Oh geez.



Yes, welcome.

Give us two live octopi, two sea cucumbers,

and some sea spoon worm.

Aigoo, the new bride knows a thing or two!

What do I know?

Live octopus, spoon worm, and sea cucumbers,

they're all aphrodisiacs!

Stimulating your handsome
husband's sex drive like that,

what if he cheats on you?

You may not know it,
but this guy isn't so great.

What do you mean isn't so great?

How is it?


I really missed your cooking.

I feel like I'm enjoying a respite
for the first time in 3 years.

I feel that way too.

I haven't shaken off all of
my nervous feelings, but…

it feels like I'm on a long-needed
holiday and it's nice.

If you wait until my war is over,

I want to live life with you,

as if every day were a respite.

It's me. Go ahead and let out
what we've been preparing.

I got a call from Go Dong Chun.
He said he found Kim Do Hyun.

Where's he?

At a place called Yeounpo
along the west coast.

Tell him to go and get him immediately.


Yes. I've left.

Of course we should catch him.

There's nothing to worry about.

Call us as soon as you get him.

He's already on his way.

I have to meet In Hye
to discuss management control,

so call me if something happens.


What is it?

We're the police.

Who is Yu Sung Jun?

It's me. What's the issue?

You are under arrest for making
illegal loans through Injin Capital.

Let's go.

Why are you so late?

What's going on?

Sounds like someone reported
me for making illegal loans.

No doubt it's that punk Kim Do Hyun.

How much have they been told?

I don't think the police
have any specific details.

Before things get out of hand,

get me out of here.

All right.

I swear, whatever I have to do,

I will put an end to
that punk Kim Do Hyun.



Thanks for coming, Runt.

Hey, you found where he is, right?

Yes, Hyungnim.

- All right.
- Let's go.

Let's go.


What are you guys?

Punk, who are you calling "you guys"ť ?

Do Chul!

- What is this?
- Hey you punk!

C'mere, c'mere, c'mere, punk!

Do Chul.


Hey kid!


Do Chul. You…
Look at you, look at you.

Those sons of bitches!



It's over, over.

It's okay. It's okay.

Find him.

What are you talking about?

Sung Jun? Why?

As he was working on the
Injin Construction takeover,

I believe he secured funding
through illegal loans.

Is that kid in his right mind?

I believe the police
don't know the details yet.

Before things get out of hand,
I will handle it directly.

A man by the name of Gu Sung Chul
is here to see you.

It's been a long time, Chairman.

What brings you here
without so much as a call?

It's been a long time since
I've seen you too, Attorney Choi.

You're healthy, I presume?

Don't play games, and just get
to the point of why you're here.


wanted to start off by resolving
the past bitterness between us,

but it appears you have
absolutely no desire to do that.

Shut up, man!

How you conned my sons,

and what you're doing to me,
I know all about it.

Now, what sort of crap do you
want to pull here with me today,

tell me.

I see you haven't changed at all
since you so coldly threw me away.

Listen here, Gu Sung Chul.

It appears you're still living
under a delusion.

You weren't coldly thrown
away by our Chairman.

You were merely punished
for the mistake you made!


A prosecutor for the Republic of Korea
who is required to be just,

became a dog for a wealthy tycoon,
and punished me indeed.

Look here! Watch your words. Eh?!


Since you demanded it,
I'll get to the point…

I'll get to the point.

You know that Injin
Capital's CEO is currently

being investigated for
illegal loans, don't you?

Well for a little thing like a police
investigation, money has power,

so if you move fast,
I suppose you'll get him out.


with this, the issue changes.

This is detailed evidence

on how Yu Sung Jun created fake
companies and made the illegal loans

after the loan screening process
should have shown insolvency.

If you don't accept the deal
I'm going to propose right now,

I will distribute these documents

to the police and the media.

You bastard!!


Look here.

What deal are you proposing?

It's really simple.

It's nothing much.

Don't worry.

Nothing's going to happen.

What are you going to do?

Don't piss me off again,

and come quietly.

All right.

I'll go. Just tell
all of them to back off.

Because you're with your girlfriend,
you don't want to lose your pride?

But, you know…

I'm as irritated as I get,

so I can't do that.

Rough him up a little and take him.

Just a second.



I've got Kim Do Hyun right now.

Let the punk go.

Excuse me?

What are you talking about?

I've caught him and now
you want me to let him go?

If I say let him go, let him go!
Why talk so damn much?!!

Hey, Kim Do Hyun.
You have some good luck.

He said to just let you go.

Do you want me to tell you why?

Yu Sung Jun is being
investigated by the police.

If he captures me on top of that,

it'll be quite a headache.

Above a trembling, crawling Yu Sung Jun
is one puffed-up Kim Do Hyun.

I'll see you again.

The passing rain shower has moved on.

We can go back now.

How are things going with the
purchasing of Injin Capital stock?

It's continuing as planned with no issues.

If we look at all the shares we've
accumulated in various accounts,

the stock we hold in Injin Capital
probably adds up to about 21 percent.

If you include the friendly shares
through Injin Construction,

it's probably around 35 percent.

Yu Sung Jun, with this
recent police investigation,

has probably given up
on defending our attack.

He's probably shriveled and cowering.

If we just push them a little farther now,

it'll probably end.

You called?

Has everything been prepared?


Then publicly announce that
Lone Asia will be the white knight.

All right.

Are you all right?

I look at a mirror ten plus times a day.

But no matter how many times I look,
my face doesn't look all right.

So why'd you get caught?


You think I got caught because
I wanted to get caught?

This is all because of you, Hyung.

If you keep talking like this,

then I'll really…

Did you hear?


Yu In Hye intends to protect
management control over Injin Capital,

and has publicly announced that
she will be the white knight.

What's their tender offer price?

It's 15,000 higher than
our proposed 50,000 won.

65,000 won.

Then put out an offer that
we'll purchase at 70,000.

All right.


What is a white knight,
and why is it so shocking?

Kim Do Hyun has made an offer
to purchase at 70,000.

Add another 10,000 to our offer.

What's the current price
of Injin Capital stock?

It hit an all time high today - 42,000.

What about the volume?

After the white knight
announcement by Yu In Hye,

the volume's gone down.

The stockholders seem to be
watching each other to see

which side will be the most
profitable to support.

Since there's a limit to the deals
you can make through the market,

prepare a forum for business
planning post-takeover.

Invite our large stakeholders who hold
more than 10,000 shares in Injin Capital.

If we don't attack more forcefully,
there's no hope.

It keeps going up.

We have to take as many as we can.

Since the price keeps going up,
people are just watching.

[Lone Asia tender offer
increased to 100,000]

[Value Asset 21 tender offer
increased to 110,000]

There's absolutely no sign
that Yu In Hye will back off.

What are you going to do?

If the offer goes up
to 150,000 won per share,

it'll be hard for us to manage the cost.

Including friendly shares, we have
a total of 45.2 percent of the shares.

What about Kim Do Hyun?

Even including friendly shares,

I don't think it's more than 40 percent.

I think we're going to win.

It's Kim Do Hyun we're up against.

Don't just presume victory.

Find out if there's a way we can
secure the remaining 5 percent.

Exactly how far are you planning to go?

Shouldn't you start worrying about
the capital you're putting into it?

If we back out now,

even Lone Asia will be shaken.

And if Lone Asia is shaken, we'll also
lose in the bank consolidation wars.

We absolutely must win this fight.

There's been contact from
Kim Do Hyun's side.

He'd like to meet you.

We're in the middle of a battle.

Why did you want to meet?

I've already completely fallen
for your acting once.

I won't be fooled twice,

so if you're planning to put on an act,

don't even start.

Since you say that,
I'm curious about something.

What is it?

Didn't you put on an act
in front of me?

Have you ever even once

been sincere with me?

Every moment I've been with you,
I've been sincere,

from the moment I made you
an offer you couldn't refuse,

to the moment I abandoned you.

Going on about sincerity
in the world of money games…

I see you still have a naive side to you.

I suppose that's your charm, though.

Now then, why did you want to meet?

Let's hear your reason.

Are you going to continue with this fight?

That's something I'd like
to ask you as well.

Are you going to continue?


I'm considering giving it up.

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