Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript


Episode 14

This drama is fiction. Please note that scenes in prison differ from reality.
Furthermore, there are many cases of stock price manipulation failures.

Please note that even in the case of success, it is a severely
punishable crime which can result in sentences up to life imprisonment.

That if I can't measure up
to your expectations,

you can throw me away at any time.

I suppose that shouldn't happen, then.

The final selected acquisition bid
comes from IJ Invest.

Lone Asia is definitely behind
IJ Invest, man!

Stop making such reckless accusations!

Then what happens now to poor Kim Do Hyun?

His connection with me has now ended,
I suppose…

Where did they get their financing?

CEO Yu In Hye.

He'll figure out himself what
he'll do with his own life.

Lone Asia.

I'm going to have to become an
even more loathsome monster.

He has a ton of money. The organized
crime syndicate even kneels before him.

I don't know how you plan
to get your revenge,

but I have some interest in it as well.

- Have you been well?
- I obediently prepared everything as you ordered.

This is an acquisition plan. Take a look.

Even if you have to put in all my stock,
pull together the funds.

As expected, a supply of Injin
Construction stock has been pouring out.

Sweep it all up.

Call a stockholders meeting.

- What's the shareholder meeting agenda?
- The removal of a member of the Board of Directors.

- Which member?
- It's you.

What son of a bitch is trying
to have me removed?!

Episode 14

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Regarding the removal of CEO Yu Ki Jun,

the vote has passed.

I make a motion to appoint a new director.

The shareholders recommend a new
Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Gu Sung Man, and his brief profile is in
the documents you all have before you.

This is a con.

That guy's a con.

You bastard, I'm going to kill you!

You punk! You, you…

Let go. Why are you acting this way?

You punk!

What did you just say?

What happened to Injin Construction?

We've lost management control.

Injin Construction is out
of our hands, Father.

You bastard!

Father… we were conned!

The bastards planned this whole
thing and conned us!

Who are they?

You know Gu Sung Chul, right?

Gu Sung Chul, who used to work
for you a long time ago.

Gu… Gu Sung Chul?!

Yes! That bastard… intentionally…

I've been completely wronged, Father!

Oh, geez. Are you making excuses?

Regardless of what they planned or conned,
you got taken.

You pathetically got taken,

and you go on about being wronged?

This is already making me crazy, and you
go and fan the flames! Wanna die?!

The person more likely to bite his tongue
and die right now is you, not me.

You still haven't come to your senses.

Oh! This punk, seriously!

Can't you shut up?!


What are you doing?!

Hyung, are you okay?

Who is Gu Sung Chul?

He was someone who used to manage
the Chairman's slush funds.

He also delivered funds to politicians
for the Chairman.

Then, something happened that exposed the Chairman
and his relationship with the politicians.

The Chairman had no choice but to sacrifice
Gu Sung Chul to resolve the matter.

He and Ki Jun knew each other
well from before,

but Ki Jun probably never imagined
he'd get hit from behind like this.

So, he used Ki Jun to take
revenge on Father.

It appears that way.

But we still have to find a way.

If we lose management control, and can't use the
funds and real estate tied up in Injin Construction,

then it will become a big burden
to Han-Young bank…

as it prepares for bank consolidation.

What's the matter? What happened?

He was hit by Father.

Geez, it had to be his face…

Father is looking for you, so go on in.


In Hye.

I really feel I've been wronged.

I really tried to become a
strong asset for you,

but Gu Sung Chul, that son of a bitch…

I never even dreamed he would
con me like this.

Regardless of the reasons,

Injin Group as a whole suffered
a huge blow from your mistake.

This is clearly professional negligence.

All of the rights you've been
granted will be stripped,

and you'll be held legally responsible
for this, so be prepared.

In Hye. In Hye.

What are you doing? Get to a hospital.

Did you hear that?

She told me, me! That she'd hold
me legally responsible.

In Hye, as vicious as she is,
would be totally capable of it.

See? If you'd just stopped when I told you
to stop you wouldn't be in this mess!

Aigoo, how embarrassing.

Gu Sung Chul, that bastard.

You don't think he has something
else up his sleeve, do you?

Are you talking about the slush fund?

There's no way he can touch that money,
so don't worry about that.

Gu Sung Chul… figure out a way to
put the fear of God in him.

Yes, I understand.

You've put in quite an effort.

I didn't do anything other
than go along for the ride.

You did all the work.

I've been through hell and high water.

This is the first time I've
ever felt such a thrilling victory.

From now all, all of Injin Group
will have their eyes on you.

You should be very careful.

Yes, I'll have to be.

So what's the next phase?

The next phase is to strike a
counter blow to their attack.

What do you mean attack?

Who's attacking?

Yu In Hye and Yu Sung Jun.

Neither will let this pass.

We'll step back and avoid
Yu In Hye's offensive,

and we'll take on Yu Sung Jun.
We just need to take Yu Sung Jun.

Injin Capital?

I'm going to take back Injin Construction.


Why so surprised?

You don't think I can?

Well, what I'm trying to say…

is with In Hye dealing with it,
do you have to get involved?

What if something goes wrong
like it did for Ki Jun?


Are you comparing me to my brother?

Don't worry about that.


If you could possibly take it back,

then your status would change
greatly within Injin Group.

And that slush fund you have your eye on,

it would increase the
possibility of it going to you.

That's exactly it.

That's exactly what I'm after.

But how easy could it be to take back a company,
after you've lost management control?

And you don't know Gu Sung Chul.

He's not your average man.

That's what I'm worried about as well.

In a situation like this, someone like
Kim Do Hyun would come in handy.

Kim Do Hyun?

You know, In Hye used him well.

If you had a guy like him,
this would become a much easier task.

And, if anything went wrong,
you could have him take the fall.

But there's just something about
that guy that puts me off.

You're in a position to shake hands with
the devil, what's to pick and choose?

You don't think you could handle him?

Yeah, it's me.

Yu Sung Jun is going to go
looking for you shortly.



You know his temperament.

He seems simple,
but the guy has a lot of suspicion.

You're going to have to
handle him carefully.

All right.

I did contact you,

but I really didn't think you'd come.

When you called wanting to see me,

I figured you had some reason.

I got the feeling that you were getting
something ready for me.

Is that not the case?

You're right.

I want to make a deal with you.

A deal?

Kim Do Hyun is probably out of prison.

Find out where he is.

Why are you looking for him all of a sudden?

I have a use for him.

It's about time for the cherry
blossoms to bloom.

Do you like cherry blossoms?

I don't care that much for them.

Why not?

When I see them fade, it makes me sad.

How can a flower fade so sadly?

What did you talk to Kim Do Hyun about?

Not much, really.

How frustrating you are.

Why didn't you talk about much,
when your heart is aching for him?

Even if I don't say much,
he knows everything I'm feeling.

Then he's the bad one.

If he knows everything you're feeling,
why doesn't he grab hold of you?


Be careful. Slow down.

It's been a long time.

What are you doing here?

The two of us suckers sitting
here face to face.

It's rather embarrassing.

So, why have you come to see me?

I thought you'd be feeling
the same way I am.

Well, I don't know what you're feeling,

but I'm feeling really…


Because I never ever imagined…

I'd suffer such an affront,
and be made to retire.

I am going to give you…

a chance to recover your reputation.

Have you looked into it,
a way to take Injin Construction back?

I don't think we can approach
it via the law.

We're already crazy busy
preparing for bank consolidation.

I think it's unreasonable to be
thinking of that as well.

I know it's unreasonable,
but there's a reason we absolutely must.

First of all, capital.

If we can't make use of
Injin Construction's capital,

Then we have a problem with the
funding plan I have in mind.

If you're talking about the capital
to prepare for the bank consolidation,

shouldn't we contact James for help?

We're not at that stage yet.

For now, let's move to utilize as much
liquid capital as we can from Lone Asia.

We need to use James as the hidden card.

I am absolutely going to take
back Injin Construction.

Right now, there is only one way.

Hostile takeover.

You were looking for me?


Get some information for me on Gu Sung Chul,

who just became the head
of the board at Injin Construction.

Find out everything about him
and report to me.


And, keep watch over
Sung Jun Oppa's movements.


What are you doing here?

Give me a little break this once, In Hye.

I know I made a mistake.

Please consider how I've been
feeling for so long.

Gu Sung Chul has taken bitterness
against Father out on me.

I'm saying the responsibility
doesn't lie entirely on my shoulders.

I heard the story of the
past between him and Father.

But the reason we're in this
situation is because of your greed.

I had previously warned you
and told you to stop,

but it was you who ignored
me and pushed it to the end.

Don't call that greed.

I just wanted to do something, too.

Do you know what it feels like to live your life
always being one-upped by your younger siblings?

I wanted to be recognized as the eldest son!

If someone overheard, they may
actually mistake you as the victim.

Growing up, you enjoyed all the
privileges an eldest son enjoys.

The way you and Sung Jun treated me,

have you already forgotten all of that?


If we dig up the past,
it just puts you at a disadvantage.

I'm not doing this because of the past.

I'm just telling you to take
responsibility for your mistake.

I'm busy so please leave now.

Where is he?

Well, I called him here,

but I don't think you should expect much.

- It's that bad?
- Yes.

He looks all but broken.

He's not the Kim Do Hyun from years ago.

That's good, then.

If I hold out a hand to him, he'll grab it.

- Where is he?
- Let's go.

It's been a long time.

Wow, how did the mighty
Kim Do Hyun become like this?

My heart aches.

What did you want to see me for?

Why are you in such a rush?
Let's take it slowly, eh?

We've been enemies,

but strangely,
we get each other in some way, right?

For starters,

we were both…
taken for a ride by In Hye.

I don't know.

I don't really share that point of view.

You guys share the same blood.

The same blood?

You know, I really hate hearing
that Yu In Hye and I…

have the same blood.

In any case, you two joined forces
and tossed me to the curb.

If you don't share the same blood,
that wouldn't be possible.

Right, well, that…

But I really had no other choice.

The important thing is that
Yu In Hye hit me from behind first.

I was a victim, too.

What is it you want to say?

What do you think of working with me?

My brother did something stupid,

and had Injin Construction
management control taken from him.

Can you get that back?

I'm sorry.

You asking me that when you can clearly
see my state is just plain funny.

I don't have the skills to do such a thing.

Why talk like that between
professionals like us?

Just because your hands and feet
are tied doesn't mean your skills are.

I'll untie your hands and feet.

So work with me, huh?

Are you gonna live the rest
of your life like that?

I don't have the confidence
to stake my life again.

Thanks for the meal.

Damn, he's really got his tail
tucked between his legs.

That's what I'm saying.

What could he possibly
accomplish in that condition?

Then do you want to do it?

Can you?

Well, that…

If we want to win, I have no choice
but to drag that guy in.

Have you looked into it?


I did look into it,

but there isn't much there.

Man, did you do it right?

Hyungnim, don't consider me as such a joke.

When we're putting together
a plan to catch a patsy,

do you know the first thing I do?

I check out in full detail
what his assets are.

So, you can consider me a pro in that area.

But Choi Guk Hwan, no matter
how I dig, there's nothing.

Man Soo is right.

When we're seducing some patsy,
we first look into his assets, too.

But that guy doesn't have much,
to the point that it's strange.

There's no way that could be.

A man who's been chief counsel
to a tycoon for thirty years…

does it make any sense that
he has no assets?

I'm telling you,
something smells fishy here.

Hyun Jin Woo.

You know who I am, right?

Can you give me a moment of your time?

I don't have any business with you.

I have business with you.

Let's not make a scene and
just come quietly.

It's been a long time.

You made one wrong friend and
sure have suffered for it.

What do you want from me anyway?

I have nothing to do with
Kim Do Hyun right now.

I haven't even seen him since
he went to prison!

I know. I know.

Still, you seem like you'd be the most
useful bait to get Kim Do Hyun.

If you just obediently do what I ask,

I'll make it worth your while.

Huh? Huh?

There's apparently around
200,000 visitors a day.

The sales volume is much higher
than we thought.

What about the shareholder makeup?

The largest stockholder is Yu In Hye.

And after that, Yu Myung Jun.

After that, the other siblings
share a small portion.

Analyze the documents we've collected and
figure out a weak spot we can attack and get in.


By the way, I can't get a hold of Jin Woo.
Is something up?

I don't know.

If you connect with him, have him call me.
I'm going.

It's been a long time.


What brings you here?

I came to meet someone here.

Would come to my office for
a moment for some tea?

I'd like to talk to you.

No, thank you.
It's almost time for my meeting.

Then… I'll say it here.

For the difficult time you went
through because of my sister,

I'd like to apologize in her stead.

I don't know.

That's between Yu In Hye and me.

I don't believe there's a reason for me
to receive an apology from you.

Regardless of what you think of it,

I have been wanting to say I'm sorry.

I'll go on ahead and wait
for you in my office.

Do you have something to say to me?


Then I'll go.

That guy…

Why do you keep seeing him?

What does he mean… to you?

You still get concerned over who I see.

How strange.

I'm really curious…

what emotion it is, exactly.

It couldn't possibly be jealousy.

In any case,

the fact that my existence can still
elicit some feeling from you…

doesn't feel half bad.

I think I've already told you what
Myung Jun means to me.

He's someone who shattered my
prejudice against the wealthy.

Our thoughts and feelings fit well.

And when we're together, I'm comfortable.

It didn't feel like you hadn't
seen him in a long time.

I ran into him by chance a while ago.

You still can't forget him,

so what's the reason you're trying
so hard to keep him at a distance?

Who says I can't forget him?

I bet there isn't anyone who knows
your heart better than I do right now.

I'm completely envious of Kim Do Hyun
and your love-hate relationship.

Would you look this over?

What is it?

With the assets I have remaining,

I'm considering setting up a foundation
like yours that offers unsecured microloans.

After hearing you talk about it,

I did some research on Grameen
Bank and its founder Yunus.

And through that,

it became an opportunity to
rethink the value of money.

And how greed-eliciting money can do
something good in changing the lives of the poor.

When I tell them that I created
this foundation,

I'm curious what sort of reaction I'll
get from my father and siblings.

They will certainly call me crazy.

I wonder what my sister will say.

Do you really think you'll be okay?

You still get concerned over who I see.

How strange.

What is that?

Yu Sung came right after me
and offered me a bribe.

Told me to do whatever it took
to bring you to him.

If you went in with him now at this point,

I don't think he'd suspect anything.

You all right?

Do I seem like I'd be all right?

I think I absolutely have to see that
son of a bitch Yu Sung Jun ruined,

to feel satisfied.

Kim Do Hyun has called.

What did he say?

I think it worked to use
Hyun Jin Woo as bait.

He said he'll meet with you.


Why did you want to meet at a place
like this? Instead of a quiet room.

Should I reserve a room salon?

No, thanks.

I don't know what I'd do after
getting a drink in me.

I guess you're still mad.

Since you've agreed to get in the same boat,
just forget about the past between us.

If I make this happen, what falls my way?

What is it you want?

Give me five percent of the shares
you'll own of Injin Construction.

That's a pretty strong demand.

If something goes wrong
for me again this time,

I'm going to have to head
back to the slammer.

Without that sort of reward,
I can't do this dangerous sort of task.

Five percent, you say.


So how are you gonna take ‘em?

First off, you meet the new head,
Gu Sung Chul.

Why should I meet that bastard?

Why Gu Sung Chul took over
management control…

that's the most important thing to know.

Whether he's actually going to
manage the company,

or sell it off.

We have to know that to
make it easier to plan.

And after that?

We're going to execute a hostile takeover.

Hostile takeover?


And another thing.

Let me select the team members
to make this happen.


Gyu Jin, have you been well?

- You've been well, right?
- Yes. I have.

It's been a long time, Sunbaenim.

Let's give it a go.


First, take their phones.

Jin Woo, fill them in.

I'll get you up to speed on what
you need to do. Follow me.

I've got them corralled in a single room.

He's someone capable of
stabbing me in the back,

so watch over him.

And report to me every day.
Got it?

Go to Dae Jeong Law Firm.

I've brought in Kim Do Hyun
and we've started.

It couldn't have been easy,
but I guess you did it.

He did resist quite a bit.
I had to make an effort.

But, why are you here to see me?

I wanted to consult with you
regarding live ammunition.

Father's money…

Let me know a way I can
get at it and use it.

I told you.

That there's no way yet to touch that money.

Then, well…
With my shares of Injin Capital…

there's no way?

It's strange that I can see it,
but you can't.

What is it?

There's a ton of money in Injin Capital.

What's the problem?

That money…
it's not money I can use however I want.

I'm not saying take it out
illegally to use it.

I'm saying look into a legal and
aboveboard way to use the money.

Okay, stop beating around
the bush and just spit it out.

Aren't loan evaluations at
Injin Capital under your control?

Then, you can set up a paper company,

have that paper company apply,
and get a loan.

Then, you can use the money within
Injin Capital to your heart's content.

So what's the problem?

True. Huh?

Why didn't that occur to me? Huh?

True, right.

It hasn't been very long since Gu Sung Chul
changed his name to Gu Sung Man.

I believe he changed his name to keep
his identity hidden from Yu Ki Jun.

By the way,

take a look at this.

The man next to Gu Sung Chul,
do you remember who he is?

Didn't he work at Lone Korea
with Kim Do Hyun?

That's right.

His name is Han Jang Seok.

He was a law training institute
classmate of Kim Do Hyun.

- Why were the two together?
- I haven't been able to dig that up yet.

Hey. This is tighter than prison.

What's with the 24-hour surveillance?

What do we do?

Connect me with Director Han.

What seems to be the issue?

That's nothing you need to know.
Just connect me.

Yes, it's me.
Kim Do Hyun would like to talk to you.


Are you going to continue watching
over us like this?

Wasn't that something that was
agreed upon from the beginning?

It's CEO Yu's orders,
so there's nothing I can do.

There are people I need to meet outside.

I don't know who it is you have to meet,

but call them to the hotel.

Are you playing with me?!

If you guys keep this up,

I'm going to withdraw immediately.
So you tell that to CEO Yu.

It's me.

Let Kim Do Hyun go out and
have someone tail him.

Yes, sir.

He says you can go out.

Hey! Look here!

These guys have absolutely no manners.

- Seriously…
- Whoa!

I'm hurt here.
You haven't even apologized.

These punks look like they
need a little lesson.



The bus has already passed.

Now words won't be enough.

Get lost, will you?

Hey, bro. What did this guy just say?

He said to get lost.

Get lost?

What do you think we are?!

Ow, I feel like my jaws gonna fall off.

- Man, I'm sore all over.
- What happened?

We got ‘em off your tail.

Good job.
We don't have time, so everyone sit.

After Jin Woo and I secure some
amount of Injin Construction stock,

we're going to go to Yu Sung Jun and have
him officially announce a hostile takeover.

Until then, you guys need to
buy up Injin Capital stock.

Since we have to announce
if it's over five percent,

buy it up in parts using different accounts.

- You know what I'm saying, right?
- Yes.

To secure the amount we need,
we have to hurry.



All right. Don't worry.



It's Kim Do Hyun.

I was followed.

I don't know who it is,

but I think it would be dangerous
to meet now.

I understand.

Before the takeover is announced,
Yu Sung Jun will pay you a visit.

When that happens, just do as I instructed.

All right.

I got it.

I'll call you again.

Listen carefully.

Our operation starts now.

Operation name Ambush at Dawn.

Yu Sung Jun is still suspicious of us,
so never…

never let down your guard.

- You get what I'm saying?
- Yeah.

If there's something important,
contact me through Do Chul.

Got it.

Ambush at Dawn.

It's killer!

- Ambush at Dawn…
- Aigoo, aigoo.

- You punk.
- Just do your work.

It's anticipated that the capital
needed is 250 billion won.

For now, sell the stock,
and for the rest…

we'll need to make a paper
company and get a loan.

Excuse me?

To lessen the burden for loan evaluation,

it will have to be divided into several.

So we'll have to create a lot
of paper companies.

If the FSS find out about it,
it could grow into a huge problem.

Why state the obvious?!

We'll just have to be careful
not to get caught!

If we're going to execute a hostile takeover of Injin
Construction, we'll need a minimum of 300 billion won.

It will be hard with our current situation.

What about the Lone Asia Fund 4?

But the investments for that fund
have already been laid out.

There's still time left in the operation
period, so funnel that for now.

We need to get James' approval for that.

I'll handle this, so don't worry.

Aren't you going a little too far?

James will find this current
situation absolutely unacceptable.

Everything happening now at Lone Asia is
probably being directly reported to James.

And the person reporting it is Steve.

I know that, too.

If you know, you should be careful.

Since I've decided to part ways with James,

we're inevitably going to battle
one of these days.

If I'm afraid of that,
I can't accomplish anything.


You all are working hard.

- Director Han.
- Yes?

Reserve a room tonight and
have them relieve a little stress.


So, things are going well, right?

Now, it's time you step in.

What do I need to do first?

As I mentioned earlier,
without announcing a hostile takeover,

it will be dangerous to try to buy up
any more Injin Construction stock.

Then we should announce it.

There aren't any issues securing the funds?

Don't worry about that.

And you have to meet with Gu Sung
Chul and assess what his intentions are.

Gu Sung Chul.

All right.

Let's go together.

All right.

First we have to figure out
if they have any intentions to sell.

If they intend to sell,

then even without a hostile takeover,
you can get back Injin Construction.

The issue…

is that the man has a deep
grudge against my father.

In the face of money,
the past won't have much of an impact.

That's right.

I think so, too.

I understand that the bad blood between
you and my father in the past…

is what motivated you to
plan the recent course of events.

If that's the case,

you've struck a more than
significant blow to our family.

So why don't you hand over
management control?

If you sell it now,

I will make sure you see
a nice large profit.

I think there's been some sort
of misunderstanding.

The reason for my taking over
Injin Construction…

was that I wanted to properly
run an enterprise.

I'm saying I don't plan to
sell it for a profit.

I understand the aftermath of the
merger with LiQ Engineering…

has been very sour.
Can you hang in there much longer?

Rather than overextending yourself,

I think it would be better if you
came to an agreement,

and ended things now.

Oh, I have absolutely no
intention of doing that.

So then, bring it on.

Just don't end up regretting this,
as a beggar.

Our guests are leaving.

Show them out.

Nothing's going to get through to him.

So now, we just have to announce it as
planned and put in a takeover bid, right?

That's right.

It's me.

Call a press conference right now.

[Injin Capital Official Press Conference]

Injin Capital,

in order to reclaim the
subsidiary of Injin Group,

Injin Construction,
and take over management control,

publically announces it intends
to execute a hostile takeover.

Within forty days,

we will purchase 2.5 million
shares of Injin Construction stock,

at an average of 100,000 won per share.

Did you see the story in the news?

What story?

Injin Capital has publicly announced it
intends a hostile takeover of Injin Construction.

- Are you certain?
- Yes.

It's me.

They say Sung Jun Oppa has announced he
intends a hostile takeover of Injin Construction.

- Did you know about it?
- No.

I just saw the story.

Why do they keep making trouble when they
won't even be able to handle the follow-up?

From Sung Jun's point of view, he probably saw it as
a chance to take back the upper hand he lost to you.

I'm the one preparing to take
back Injin Construction.

Talk him out of it immediately.

You think he'll listen to me?

I think you're going to have to step in.

All right.

I'll meet with him and try to convince him.

What is it?

I believe Kim Do Hyun has
joined forces with Yu Sung Jun.


The hostile takeover of Injin Construction
that Yu Sung Jun is preparing…

I've confirmed that Kim Do Hyun
is carrying it out.

When I drink until I'm drunk,

I wonder if I should go see you
and cause a ruckus,


ask for your help.

I've had all sorts of thoughts.

If you want, I can help.

It just sounds to me like you want
to rub salt in my wounds.

Find out if there's any relationship
between Gu Sung Chul and Kim Do Hyun.


Room service.

Excuse me.

The spaghetti was the pits.

Why was it so salty?

I'm sorry. I'm not the chef.

Listen to this guy.

So since you're not the chef,
I should just bugger off?

You taste it and see how salty it is.

I'm sorry.

So you say you're sorry and that's it?

What the hell are you?

Tastes good to me.

Take it back.

Just leave it.

Yes, this is Han Jang Seok.

We just got word from Kim Do Hyun.

He says to prepare to defend
management control.


There wasn't any other word?

The surveillance is so heavy,
there was no chance to talk.


Penetration through the iron gates of
surveillance and mission accomplished.

Wow. Killer.

That must have been fun!

You think we're shooting some
spy film right now?

What are you doing here?

Why didn't you tell me earlier
about the hostile takeover plan?

Look at you.

Why do I need to tell you that?

Do you want me to tell you why you need to?


The successor.

It keeps slipping my mind.

I hear you're working with Do Hyun.

It's a top secret project.

How'd you find out about that?

I swear…
your intelligence data is something else.

If he joined forces with you,

then he's definitely got some
other ulterior motive.

Stop now while you have a chance.

I was barely able to drag
the guy in to work for me.

I'm not a fool to be taken
for a ride by that guy,

so there's nothing to concern yourself over.

Even without your worrying,

I will take back Injin
Construction with no problems.

So, you just sit back and
enjoy the fruits of our labor.


You don't think I can?

I hope you do.

If you can't,

then you'll lose everything
like Ki Jun Oppa.

I'd like to talk to Do Hyun for a moment.

Can you excuse us for a moment?


I never thought you'd work
with Sung Jun Oppa.

I had no other choice.

That's too vague a statement
to ease my doubts.

I have no inclination to ease your doubts.

Don't trust Sung Jun Oppa.

He's someone who can use you and
throw you away at any time.

That's why I invested in a rather
reliable insurance plan.

If he throws me away, it could
shake Injin Group in its entirety.

If you have nothing further to say,
I'll go now.

These are new loans from last week and
applications for additional loans for your approval.

Reject the additional loan application for
Kim Hyung Seok in Sanghamdong,

and give the original loan
a conditional extension.

Yes, all right.

Excuse me.


What brings you here?

I came to pay back the loan.

But I believe the loan period isn't up yet.

Well, business is good these days.

I brought these for you to eat.

What is this?

They're pork hocks from our shop.

Thanks to you, we're surviving now,

and my husband is also making
deliveries and working hard.

We're really grateful.

Don't mention it. I'm glad things
are working out well for you.

I'll enjoy the pork.

Please have some of this.

What is it?

A client who came by to pay back a loan
brought it as a thank you gift.


Why didn't you guys just eat it?
Why bring it to me?

We ate a ton and still had some left.

I'll be going now.

Oh hey, wait.

Do you know what Kim Do Hyun
is doing right now?

He's intending to take revenge
against the Yu family,

waving around a sharp-bladed knife.

I'm really worried that he's going to
end up slitting his own throat.

Did you see this?

[Injin Construction Announces Issuance of New Shares
to Support Expansion of of New Plant Division]

What is this?

If they issue new shares,

it means we have to secure more stock.

Issuing new shares is a standard
strategy to safeguard management control.

From their point of view,
they have no other choice but to do this.

Then, doesn't that mean more
capital is necessary to secure the stock?

That's right.

You're not telling me you didn't foresee…

Then is there a problem securing the funds?

It would be hard to take out any more loans.

Then what the hell am I supposed to do?!

How about asking Lone Asia…

Aish… are you kidding me?

Sell all my stock.

If you're not careful,

the same thing that happened
to Yu Ki Jun could happen to you.

- That's a little…
- There's no other way, is there?!

It's a gamble, anyhow.

Do it.

We've secured plenty of Injin
Capital stock as you ordered.

You've worked hard.

Now then, is the Ambush at Dawn
about to begin?

Ahhh, I'm soaked!

Still, I'm hot.

Come this way.

I think we've been conned by Kim Do Hyun.

What are you talking about?

I've found out that Kim Do Hyun
and Gu Sung Chul

served time in prison during
the same period.

They shared the same cell.

Turn on the TV.

Today's guest is Kim Do Hyun,

who hit the financial industry like a comet
two years ago as CEO of Lone Korea.

It's been a long time.

We understand you've established
a new company.


In the spirit of erasing my past
that incurred public criticism,

I've started a company to protect the small
stockholders from the tyranny of giant capital.

Is Value Asset 21 the name of
your new company?

Yes, that's right.

Please tell us in detail what kind of
work the company will be doing.

Why is that punk on that show?

- What is he saying?
- Our Value Asset 21 will mostly…

Why is that crazy son of a bitch on TV?!

The first acquisition target
is Injin Capital.

Attempting an over-ambitious takeover,
Injin Capital has caused its shareholders…

What the hell is he saying?!

Therefore, I am publicly announcing my intent
for a hostile takeover of Injin Capital.

I will acquire CEO Yu Sung Jun's
Injin Capital.

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