Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript


Episode 13

[This drama is fiction. Please note that scenes in prison differ from reality.
Furthermore, there are many cases of stock price manipulation failures.
Please note that even in the case of success, it is a severely
punishable crime which can result in sentences up to life imprisonment.]

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Hurry up, Father!

Hey, hey! Are you sure
he is getting out today?

I'm sure it is today.

He must have already left.

I told you to hurry, kid!

I wonder if he even ate any tofu.

Why don't you worry
about me like that?

You crazy nutjob.

What do you mean removed from office?

What is the meaning of this so suddenly?

Why must I be removed from office?

If I have to give a reason,
I have plenty.

But considering your reputation,
we will position it externally

that you were expecting financial
restructuring and decided to resign.

Can you so easily toss aside
the promise to secure my future?

Kim Do Hyun made me a promise!

I believed that promise was yours
and did my best up to now!

Don't you think it would be best
not to mention Kim Do Hyun?

While we are treating you with respect,

please step aside quietly.

Otherwise, you will be in
for some huge humiliation.

The final accepted acquisition
bid comes from IJ Invest.

Isn't it about time that
Kim Do Hyun comes out of prison?

I believe it's around this time.

Confirm when it is.


[Managing Director, Kim Do Hyun,
Value Asset 21]

What sort of company is this?

We are investment consultants, and
our specialty is Merger and Acquisitions.

And what's your reason
for wanting to meet with me?

Do you know Injin Construction?

Of course.

I wanted to see you to propose
a merger with Injin Construction.

Are you suggesting that
I swallow up LiQ Engineering?

You know that LiQ Engineering has
special excavation technology, right?

Of course! It's quite a solid company.

But, how would I take over that company?

This is an acquisition plan.
Take a look.

This is a golden opportunity for you,
so think about it carefully.


you should get married
before you get too old.

How long are you going to
play around with young girls?


Just the thought of marriage
gives me heartburn.

It wasn't once or twice, but three times.

Thinking about the alimony each time,

it wakes me up in the middle
of the night! Aigoo.

But Hyungnim, this is all confirmed, right?

Of course.

It's a good opportunity
to change your life.

Wow. You got rid of that
prison aura as soon as you got out.

- Have you been well?
- Of course.

I obediently prepared
everything as you ordered.

Now then.

I think LiQ Engineering
will accept our proposal.

Then, it's a done deal.

That Yu Ki Jun,

he's just smelling the meal
and getting excited.

But, how do you know Yu Ki Jun?

Ever since I did money errands
for Chairman Yu,

we've been friends.

And, when he got into trouble with women,

I helped him out a couple of times.

But, why did you pick Injin
Construction as your first target?

Lone Asia is who we have to battle.

We're still not ready to
take on Yu In Hye directly yet.

We'll start chipping at the outer walls,

and look for an opportunity.

Why don't you get an officetel*?
(*furnished apartment in an office building)

No, it's all right. Until this battle
is over, this will be fine.

This is what Lone Asia has been up to.

{\a6}[Lone Asia Business Report]

After Han-Young Bank, there's been no
notable investment in any other business.

CEO Yu In Hye has been meeting Finance
Reform Chairman Han Jin Soo often these days.

He's already been released.

Find out where he is and what he's doing.


People even accused me of
selling my soul as I worked for you.

Why did you abandon me?

When you said you were
going to change my life,

was that all a lie?

How am I supposed to make sense
of this situation?

Please tell me.

There will be a financial
restructuring bill announced shortly.

It will include bank consolidation.

It's something I expected and planned for.

The issue is whether Han-Young Bank will
be a principal agent or a takeover target.

With Han-Young Bank's current valuation,
it could become a target.

Couldn't that change if you
gave us some of your consideration?

That could be, but it's not
an issue to be decided at my will.

Even if I were to help you,
you will have to prepare flawlessly.

Financial restructuring is
happening faster than we'd expected.

From today, check into Han-Young Bank's deposits
to date and report it as a business unit.


Readjust Lone Asia's capital management
with a focus on Han-Young Bank.

Then, we'll need to adjust our
target rate of return for this year.

Han-Young Bank is top priority.
Make the adjustment.


Young Min, please see me for a moment.



They're moving all available funds
for usage into Han-Young Bank.

They're also going to rearrange the
figures for this year's year-end profits.

Okay, I'll let you know.

You've probably felt
quite resentful toward me.

No, that's not true.

I'm just grateful you've
given me another opportunity.

I had my reasons for re-hiring you.

If the upcoming bank consolidation
is successfully executed, I'm…

considering parting ways with James.


seems like a dangerous decision.

You're right.

It won't be easy.

However, if you help me,

it's possible.

Oh, you came?

What about In Hye?

She's not here yet.

Why is that girl always
ordering people to come and go?

What's up with the grumbling when
you always come running when she calls?

Listen to you…

Hey, Sung Jun.


You think I could use
some funds from Injin Capital?

What funds? For what?

Yeah, there's this pretty good company.

If Injin Construction swallows it up, then…

Swallow what now?

You haven't even heard me out.

I want to take this chance
to really grow Injin Construction.


Don't get into trouble over nonsense,
and just look after what you've got.

I don't have any wherewithal
to think about any of that.

Why isn't that girl here yet?

I'm sorry I'm late.

What did you call us here for?

I'll tell you when Father comes out.

What is it?

There's going to be a financial restructuring
and some large-scale bank consolidation soon.

And what does that have to do with us?

There's going to be intense
battling between banks for survival.


what is it you want to say?

I think we need to put all Injin Group's
liquid assets into Han-Young Bank.

What the hell are you saying?

Are you asking us to hand
over the entire family fortune?

Han-Young Bank is the family fortune.

What are you talking about?


Listen to her talk.

Have you forgotten what you
said to me when you were so eager

to take over Han-Young Bank?
And now, you want the family assets?

A passing dog would laugh.

Be quiet!

I understand.

Let me think about it.


That wench In Hye…

are you just going to watch
as she ruins us all?

I can't just watch.

I absolutely can't watch that crap happen.

Didn't you hear her say that
Han-Young Bank is the family fortune?

She said that because she was desperate!

You can't fall for that, Father!

Why can't you see that the
family fortune includes your own?

Use your head a little,
will you? That's saying

you're always getting one pulled
over on you by your younger sibling.

I think it's around here somewhere.


- Ah, 37, here it is.
- You're right.


What can I help you with?

Is there an Ahn Bok Soon here?

That's me.

You applied for a loan at
the Wu Geum Ji Foundation, right?

We came here to advise you on the loan.

I never even expected this.

Can you really giving us
a loan without any collateral?

Of course. Granted,
we will do an evaluation,

and if you pass the screening, then yes,
we'll give you the loan without collateral.

But, let me tell you in advance,
our evaluation is a little detailed.

Aigoo, I'm just grateful
to get the opportunity.

Of course we'll comply.

Then, for starters, please tell us
what you plan to use the loan for.

To start, we'd switch
out the antiquated machines,

and if there's money left, we'd fix
the ventilation of the facility.

Please approve the loan for
the full amount she applied for.

All right.

I'll see you on-site tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


I'm a little late, aren't I?

Not a little. A lot.

What are you so busy with these days?

I'm playing with money.

Playing with money? A loan shark?

Have you ever heard of Grameen Bank?

People starving in poverty

have obtained loans from them
and had their lives changed.

Yunus, the founder of the bank,
received the Nobel Peace Prize.

My money play is something
along those lines.

With what money?

I have another wealthy friend besides you.

It's been a long time.

You've been through
a rough time, haven't you?

- No, not too bad.
- Right, I bet you haven't.

I was young once too
and lived a bit, so I know.


I read over the proposal you sent.

Let me think about it a little longer,
and then I'll decide.

I won't make the same mistake again.

I thought you may have learned
a little bit about life in prison,

but it seems you still
have a long way to go.

As long as you're human,
you can always make mistakes.

Guaranteeing you won't make
a mistake is nothing but a con.

I'm sorry. I mis-spoke.

I understand that just reflects
how ardently you feel.

So, does Jung Yeon know you're out?

She probably doesn't know.

What do you plan to do about Jung Yeon?

Until my fight is over, I think it will
be hard for me to return to my original place.

The way I see it, you are
an extremely fortunate man.

You were fortunate to inherit
a good mind from your parents,

you are fortunate to have the
capability to handle money well.

But the best fortune of all
is that you met Lee Jung Yeon.

Don't ever throw away that fortune.

Has your pain subsided a little?

Yeah, it has.

Did you run into anyone on your way in?


Oh never mind.


So, are you spending the money well?

Of course, I'm spending loads.

There's something very peculiar about you.


Even without your nurse uniform on,
you're still heaven's nurse.

LiQ Engineering has agreed on the
condition that Injin Construction

let them retain management
control over the company.

And what sort of moves are they
making over at Injin Construction?

Since there's been no contact, I think they
may be having problems securing the capital.

With Yu Ki Jun's skills, it won't be easy.

According to Chairman Gu,
he's climbing out of his skin over this.

I'm sure he'll find some way to get it.

So if they take the bait,
what's the next phase?

If CEO Yu Ki Jun resolves
to go forward with the acquisition,

we're going to raise the
valuation of LiQ Engineering.

Then they'll need additional capital.

That's when we hit and move in.

Nice shot!

Nice shot, my foot.
It went out of bounds.

Is it going well, raising capital?

It's not easy.


Couldn't you help me?

Hey, man. If I had the means,
I would have acquired them myself.

Why do you think I told you about it?

You have a wealthy father
and a string of siblings,

and you can't secure that sort of capital?

Does that make any sense?

This here..

is your last chance to stand upright
as the head of Injin Group.

It's a good opportunity for you
to gain recognition from Chairman Yu

that's befitting an eldest son.

The table is all set,
and you can't eat from it…


what's the matter with you?


Nice shot!

- What brings you here so suddenly?
- I was just passing by.

You've been busy, haven't you?

Yes, it's been pretty busy lately.

Still, even if you're busy,
take care of your health.


Please tell what you came to say.

How'd you know?

Do you think anyone else's
expression is as easy to read?

It's written in big letters on your
face that you have something to say.

I am that way a little, aren't I?


I'm currently working on an acquisition.

Since you don't know a lot about the
construction industry, I won't go into details.

But the company is really cream of the crop.


the issue of capital…

Have you already forgotten
what I said at Sungbokdong?

Right now, all liquid assets in Injin Group
need to be invested in Han-Young Bank.

What capital are you planning
to use to acquire a company?

Well, I really have no intention
of pressuring you.

I was just thinking that
the land owned by Injin Construction

could be used as collateral
for a loan from Han-Young Bank.

Right now we are trying to raise our
capital adequacy ratio to meet BIS requirements,

{\a6}[Bank of International Settlements
requires 8% for international settlements]

so we're collecting on existing loans.

We don't have the resources
to consider new loans.

You've been running Injin
Construction well up to now.

Don't feel any needless pressure
to over-extend yourself.

All right.

I'll go now.

Don't come out.

Don't come out.

It's me.

Please control Ki Jun oppa.

I don't know. It's the first
I've heard of it.

All right, I'll look into it.

That was In Hye, wasn't it?


What did she say?

It sounds like Ki Jun wants
to carry out an acquisition.

She asked me to look into it.

Ah, Hyung, really!

I told him not to do anything pointless,
and he goes and talks to her.

There's no talking sense to him.

Continue with what you were
talking about before.

In this current situation,

Father's slush fund money
could get into In Hye's hands.

We must guard that money.

Well, I don't know
what the Chairman has in mind.

So, I really don't know what to tell you.

What I'm saying

is rather than fret over
Father's intention, we fetch it.

- What do you mean fetch it? Fetch what?
- Oh geez!

Do I have to spell it out?

Let's make a pre-emptive strike.


Yu In Hye is looking for you.

- Why do you think she's looking for you?
- Wouldn't you, if you were her?

She's probably worried what I might do.

Yeoido is an obvious target.

She's also poking around
your training institute pals.

If we don't come up with a strategy soon,
our current plans may get exposed.

Shouldn't we go underground?

No. That won't resolve anything.

Then, what do you plan to do?

If she wants to find me,
then we help her find me.

For now, float a few rumors
about me around Yeoido.

If you cut your ties with James,

there will be an immediate
issue with funding supply and demand.

For starters, we'll cover
what we can through Injin Group.

After that, we can discuss together
the measures to take.

All right.

We've found Kim Do Hyun's location.

What is he up to and where?

Because of the Lone Korea conviction,
he can't practice as an attorney,

and no securities firm wants to hire him.

With no particular place of residence,
he's sleeping at saunas.

By day, he goes to Internet cafes
and does speculative stock trading.

You're saying he's day-trading?


What about capital?

There's really nothing
you can call capital.

He manages small amounts
of money for his college classmates,

and he earns some commission from that.

A gambling addict who's lost all his
money is panhandling near the casinos.

It's been a long time.

I'd like to speak with you for a moment,

but this doesn't seem
to be an appropriate spot.

I thought when you came out,
you'd contact me,

or come looking for me.

Why would you think that?

Are your feelings toward me all gone?

Feelings, yes I still have them.

When the case first exploded,

I was so confused.

As I was confined in prison,

the confusion changed to rage.

But then, time passed,

and when I came back out into the world,

the reality that I had nothing

was utterly terrifying.

I can't work now as an attorney,

and in Yeoido…

I've been branded so deeply
that I can't do anything.

Even now, suddenly I'll think,

why did she abandon me?

Did she intend to do that
from the beginning?

When I have those thoughts, I feel
so stuffy that my chest could explode.

But, what it is I can possibly do with
my bare hands to you in your armor

that might ease my chest,
I don't quite know.

When I drink until I'm drunk,

I wonder if I should go
and see you, and cause a ruckus,


ask for your help.

I've had all sorts of thoughts, but…

when the alcohol wears off,

I'm just left wondering how
I'll eke out a living going forward.

If you want, I can help.

Those words

sound to me like you
want to rub salt in my wounds.

Please stop now.

I'm already hurting plenty.

Have you ever thought of me as a woman?

I guess not, judging from your expression.

No, it's just…

I've never had…

the confidence to feel that way.

I've occasionally wished you…

might cure… my terrible disease.

When did you get out?

It's been a little while now.

I didn't think we had any reason
to ever see each other again.

What brings you here?

Eh… I was thinking of making a deal…

I mean, I came to make an earnest request.

Please speak.

That land you stole from me…

Ah, ah, let's speak accurately.

I didn't steal that land.

I just took back the land
that you stole, that's all.

In any case,

that land isn't any ordinary land.

You know that and I know that.

But that land,

is only useful when it's in my possession.

In your hands,

it's merely useless abandoned
land in the mountains.

There are many people
who can find veins of gold,

and they're looking as we speak.

Go on and look for hundreds, thousands
of days, and see if you can find it.

If you want to touch a gold nugget,

you will need me, Kim Tae Sung.

He's such a sly old bastard,

it's not easy to read his thoughts.

But, you know, in my life up to now,

I've never seen anyone who hasn't
flipped at the sight of a gold nugget.

He'll come around.

If you mess with him and get caught,
won't he take you down like last time?

What? Why would I be taken down, kid?

This time, we're going
to show them how it's done!

It may not be easy to get into
the head of that sly bastard,

but put your faith
in your old man for once.

Who is it?


All right. I'll go now, so wait.

I gotta go.

You sit.

Talk to me for a minute.

About what?

How far did you get in school?

I got kicked out in high school.


Well, just, I got into a few gang fights.

Why get into gang fights
when you can't even fight?

It's because I can't fight.
If I could fight, I'd do it myself.

- What are you good at?
- Why are you asking me stuff like this?

Do some work here.

What? What kind of work?

And he keeps me standing upright.

That's why you're Man Soo…

Hyungnim! We're over here!


Aigoo aigoo, kid.


How can you be so thoughtless?

If you came out, you should
have called and let me know.

Why, did you miss me?

Are you serious?

I thought I would get sick.

Ah, Hyungnim's charm, unchanged
by time, what is your secret?

Please share it with me. Pass it down.

Man Soo, even if I passed it
down to you, it wouldn't work.

- Why not?
- You, my man,

don't have this.

Oh geez, really!

Ah, yeah, yeah.

What have you been up to,
that you didn't even call?

I have been… preparing for business.

What business now?

A one-punch knockout comeback?

Oppa, you'll be going on about that
one punch till you're in your grave.

Hey, kid, it's not like that this time.

You're jumping all over me
without even hearing me out.

This time,

this time…

How much is this?

That's 10,000 won.

That's too expensive.

Couldn't you give me a little discount?

Oh no. This is handmade, so
10,000 won really isn't expensive.

Let me have it for 5,000.

I can't sell it for that.

Then 7,000?

Since you're pretty,
I'll let you have it for 7,000.

Thank you.

- Here.
- Okay.

- Thank you. Wear it well.
- Goodbye.

Why aren't you answering your calls?

My phone broke down.

They say it'll take
a couple of days to fix.

I told you it'll be fixed
in a couple of days.

A short couple of days to you
is a really long time to me.

Hello, is there something you need?

Give me this one.

Here you go.

What do you think?

It's been a long time.

Please eat.

Doctor Kim said that
you've improved a lot.

Thank goodness.

He said that psychological factors
had a major role in your improvement.

I'm truly grateful.

From what I hear from Myung Jun,

you are doing evaluation work on
microfinance loans like Grameen Bank.

If there's an opportunity,
I'd like to invest in the foundation.

Thank you for your interest,
but I'll have to turn you down.

Why is that?

With more capital,
you could make more loans.

Isn't that a good thing?

I hear banks making microfinance loans
are deteriorating into loan sharks.

Because microfinance loans
are becoming successful,

venture capital firms like your
Lone Asia have apparently come in

and ruined the original intent.

The greed for money basically
stripped away the good intentions.

I believe that how the
foundation is operated

is more important than
how much capital it has.

I suppose to you, I'm just
a money-greedy capitalist?

I had fun today.

Seeing you shoot such a
dagger into my sister earlier,

I was really surprised.

I'd like it if it hurt
even just a little…

Go on in.

I'll go.

If you want, I can help.

Those words…

sound to me like you
want to rub salt in my wounds.

The greed for money basically
stripped away the good intentions.


I know I've never lived up
to the role of eldest son,

and have only disappointed you.

That's why this is so urgent to me.

Just once, just once
put your faith in me.

I'd like to talk big for once
around Sung Jun and In Hye.

Don't you know what I'm feeling?

Are you running a business
so you can talk big?

With your pathetic mindset,
you can't succeed,

so don't chase any pointless ideas.
Look after what you have.

I'm really grateful for the
opportunity you've given me,

but I think it will be too difficult.

Securing the capital
is not as easy as I thought.

Ahh, this is really such a waste.

If you're really in a bind
in securing the capital…


Contact these guys.

Who are they?

They do Mergers and Acquisitions
consulting and also financial investing.

If you contact them,

they could probably provide
you with short-term funds.

How'd it go?

We'll get a bite very soon.

Whatever. Don't get into trouble over nonsense,
and just look after what you've got.

With your pathetic mindset,
you can't succeed.

Hyungnim, it's me.

That company you suggested…
I'll meet with them.


[Injin Construction, Yu Ki Jun]

[LiQ Engineering, Shin Il Shik]

Um, is it okay not to report this
to Yu In Hye or the Chairman?


I mean, if you make such a crucial
decision and don't even report…

What is wrong with you?

I'm the CEO of Injin Construction.

I make the judgment call and the decision.
Who do I need to report to?

Injin Construction's status within
Injin Group is going to completely change.

Wait and see.

Hyungnim! You came?

I heard you signed the contract.

Yes, this is all thanks to you.

I will never forget your contribution.

If you realize that, I'm grateful.

Let's go.


A day like today,
we have to have a drink.

I've been so stressed lately,
I haven't slept well in days.

I wanna have some good,
stiff drinks tonight, and sleep deeply.

Let's do it.

Let's go.


Yes, all right.

What happened?


Now, spread the M & A connection
rumor throughout Yeoido,

and have LiQ prepare a press release
on their new technology patent.

All right.

What about securing the
Injin Construction shares?

We've been proceeding very carefully,
so we're still really short.

Even if we want to avoid notice, if we
miss the timing, it'll all be in vain.

Strike decisively now.

Okay, got it.


What are you reading so intently that
you didn't even notice someone's come?


I'm so tired it's killing me.


A new patient came in today.
Total nightmare.

A young thing that's completely rude!

If I'm born again,
I'm absolutely going to be born rich,

So I can just let loose all the stress I've
built up nursing the rich in the VIP ward!

Then a nurse like you
would get that stress.

Or not.

Ah. Unnie. Do you think
I could get a loan from there too?

For what?

To pay back some credit card debt.

I bought a brand-name
purse and it looks like

I'm totally going to become
a delinquent borrower.

If you want to cure that brand-name
disease, you need to suffer a little.

Let's go.

I haven't had any coffee yet.

Save your money and
pay your credit card debt.

Hurry up.

Injin Construction…

Isn't that Yu In Hye's family,
the woman who put you in prison?

Yes, that's correct.

If it's that family,
they are no easy mark.

You think things will work out
the way you want?

Things have been going fine so far.

If you secure some Injin Construction
shares, it would be a huge help to us.

All right. I'll look into it.

Thank you.

Grandmother! I'm here…

You're going to run into each other at
some point anyway, so why so surprised?

Yi Ji, you come and see me for a moment.

Excuse me?

Y-yes, Ma'am.

When did you come out?

It's been a little while.

Time is really scary.

Living so busily, I guess
I'd forgotten about you.

That's good.

I heard from the Chairman
how you've been living.

Are you happy?


What I do isn't dangerous.

What you said when I went to visit you,
is that still the case?

I've started.

You're not someone to stop
because I ask you to,

but don't become too hideous a monster.

I think that would be even sadder.

All right.

Who is it?

The thug.

Where have you been?

Hey! Hey hey!

Woo! Nice shot!


What is it?

LiQ stock has gone up too much.

A stock will obviously go up
when there are rumors of a merger.

The problem is it's way beyond that scope!

They are demanding an acquisition price
that reflects the current market value.

If that's the case, I'm going to
need additional capital immediately.

Then that's no ordinary problem.

Do you think that company you suggested
could provide additional capital?

I can't make any guarantees about that.

If they can't, I'm in deep trouble!

I'll be completely ruined!

Wait a second.

Yeah, it's me.

Injin is asking whether additional
capital is a possibility.

Oh, right. Yeah.

I suppose that's so.

All right.

They say it's possible. However,

it seems the terms of
the loan will be tougher.

Tell them I want it. I'm in
no position to negotiate. Hurry!

All right. So…

What about doing a bulk sale and getting
rid of some of the non-performing assets?

Then it will create the impression Han-Young
Bank has a lot of non-performing loans.

Right, that's tricky.

With the financial restructuring, the
external image may be even more important

than the actual non-perfoming loans.

- Have you heard the rumors?
- What rumors?

There are rumors going around that Injin
Construction is acquiring LiQ Engineering.

I'm currently working on an acquisition.

- Look into it in a little more detail.
- Okay.

Using stock that Yu Ki Jun owns as collateral,
we've arranged to make an additional loan.

I've even got a signed agreement that he'll give
up management rights in a worst-case scenario.

In the contract between
Injin Construction and LiQ,

the stock price cap due
to volatility is 25,000 won.

The current price is 21,000,

and if we drag it up to the maximum,

Injin Construction will have to
make an additional payment of 70 billion.

There's no way in hell they could
make up that additional 70 billion.

Okay, this is the end,
so pull it up to the maximum.

Got it.

[LiQ Engineering 25,000]

[LiQ Engineering's New Earthquake Resistant Design
Diamond Excavation Technology Patent Application!]

Under current conditions, we cannot pull
together the acquisition capital any longer.

Hey punk, how can I give up now!

The contract deposit is gone,

and it looks like I'm going
to lose management rights;

would you be able to give up?

Why don't you report everything

to the Chairman and Yu In Hye
and sort things out?

Shut up!

Even if you have to put in all my stock,

pull together the funds.

As expected, a supply of Injin
Construction stock has been pouring out.

- Sweep it all up.
- Okay.

It's true that Injin Construction
is acquiring LiQ Engineering.

This morning, they signed the final contract.

If you look at the recent LiQ stock volatility,

the acquisition price
must have been extremely high.

But I have no idea where
the financing came from.

I understand.

You can step out now.


There were a lot of ups and downs,
but anyhow, we've succeeded.

I'm worried that the honor
will become nothing but a scar.

A scar can be healed.

And we can just suck out more than
we put in, so what's your worry?

CEO Yu In Hye has come to see you.

Send her in.

I was just about to contact you.
I'm glad you came.


What were you going to contact me about?

I did it.

I executed an acquisition that's going to

make the value of our Injin Construction
go up many times its current value.

This is really solid, cream of the crop.

Why didn't you mention this much earlier?

That time I went to Lone Asia…

Didn't you agree not to do it then?

How did you secure the capital?

Judging from LiQ Engineering's
recent stock price,

it looks like you probably needed
additional acquisition funds.

Where did you get all the money?

Wow, why do you ask as though
it were an accusation?

I handled it all,

so there's nothing for you to worry about.

That's the truth.

There won't be any burden
on you or Han-Young Bank,

so don't worry.

I'm going to say this again,

but in anticipation of the bank consolidation,

it is absolutely urgent that
we secure capital for Han-Young Bank.

If a problem arises within Injin Construction,

it's truly a huge problem.


There will absolutely be no problem.


Call a stockholders' meeting.

We have a big problem.

No, we don't. I've run
into so many of those,

most don't even seem big anymore.

What is it?

The stockholders have made a request
for a special stockholders' meeting.

Who do they think they are?

What's the agenda?

The removal of a member
of the Board of Directors.

Which member?

It's you.

What son of a bitch
is trying to have me removed?

Hyung, are you nuts?


What kind of crappy
business management is that?

Crappy business management?
Watch your words, pal.

Hey, In Hye, what do you think?

This is definitely someone
conspiring to take over management.

I'm still alive and kicking;
who the hell is going to take over?

You got rid of your shares
to secure the acquisition funds.

Well that… that's true, that's true, but…

with your shares,
Sung Jun's shares, Myung Jun's shares,

and other friendly shares,
we can easily block it. Don't worry.

Aigoo, this is driving me crazy.

If you weren't my brother, I'd just…

If I weren't your brother, what? You punk!

You put us in this situation.

What makes you think you can
go around barking like that?

Stop it!

Right now, it's most pressing to come up

with a defense plan against
losing management control.

Before the stockholders'
meeting, gather together

as many friendly shareholders as possible.

All right.

If, by any chance, things go wrong,

I will make absolutely sure
you take responsibility.

So keep that in mind.

[Injin Construction Special Stockholders' Meeting]

CEO Yu Ki Jun,

with no regard for shareholder profits,

executed an impractical
acquisition of LiQ Engineering

and has brought about a big loss for
Injin Construction and its shareholders.

Therefore, on the basis that we can no
longer entrust Yu Ki Jun to head the Board,

we propose his removal.

Now then, we'll put the removal
of Yu Ki Jun from the Board to a vote.

We have plenty of friendly shares,
so don't worry.

Regarding the removal of CEO Yu Ki Jun,

the vote has passed.

I make a motion to appoint a new director.

The shareholders recommend a
new Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Gu Sung Man,

and his brief profile is in
the documents you all have before you.

This is a con.

That guy's a con.

You bastard, I'm going to kill you!

You jerk!

You, you…

Let go. Why are you acting this way?

You jerk!

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